Adult Fiction

by Solsticeman

A tale of the 1950s

If you went to our secondary school in a mining valley of South Wales in the 1950s, then you read, or you played rugby.

The best of us did both!

I just read.

I joined the lending library in the village's Workmen's Institute when I was 8 and was given the run of the adult-section when I was 12. It wasn't much of a risk for the librarian. In those days, libraries didn't carry much of what you would call "Adult Fiction".

Did I say? Those days were the years immediately after WW2.

Everything was in short supply, especially money. The library broadened my horizons and was free. Best of all, I didn't need anyone to help.

I had largely given up on friends at the end of primary school.

I had disappeared into a world of books and closed bathroom doors. On average I could manage one book and two wanks a day. OK, I skimmed, maybe I speed-read. Either way I got through a hell of a lot of books and by twelve I produced a lot of spunk.

Relaxation was blood and thunder regency novels, Dornford Yates's Black-Bartlemy's Treasure sort of thing. They annoyed my father who would have preferred something a little more butch, more manly, like his cowboy books.

I also enjoyed more serious historical novels... until I got to Harrison Ainsworth's "Old Saint Paul's". Set among the plague-pits of the Great Plague 1665... it was the only book I failed to finish... because it scared me shitless! In fairness I was only twelve and the librarian had raised a warning finger… that I had chosen to ignore.

At twelve I graduated to the bigger library in the local town.

The librarian asked me why I wasn't using the village library and I told her that I had read everything there that was worth reading. She looked sad and signed me up saying that she had been thirty-five before that problem had overtaken her.

We hit it off and I would spend early evening Friday and most of Saturday afternoon in her library. She was very good about getting external-loan books for me. The Complete Works of H.G.Wells was an autographed set from a library in London! I took them home on the bus in my shopping bag.

Like I say, she was a friend, and she trusted me... but there was still no adult fiction... nothing to fill the growing gaps in my knowledge.

During the school vacation of the summer that I turned thirteen the daily trips to town took on a greater urgency. I had discovered the graffiti in the public toilets. Adult-fiction at last! The urgency of guys desperately seeking companionship was incredible!

"Cock fun wanted, meet me here Friday 8.30. Genuine!"

A wank there was an overwhelming thing... not a leisurely bedtime wank or a quickie in the school bogs. This was an adult wank, the sort that came from a desperate need rather than casual exploration.

They generally followed my visit to the library... though sometimes I left my books and went to the toilets, just to get it done.

Someone had drilled a hole through the wall between the two cubicles. Looking through at the other toilet was exciting, and... one day... soon... there would be someone sitting there, well... wow! It got me so hard, and the inevitable wank was... wow, just wow!

I was the only kid at my school that lived in our village, so once school broke-up for the summer I was pretty much alone. I smiled at people in the library in the hope that they would chat, but it just seemed to make them nervous.

It was in late July that life took one of those right-turns that head you off in an unexpected direction. A boy walked in who went up to the shelves took down a book and sat down to read in the corner. After an hour or so he stood up, returned the book to the shelf and left.

That happened every afternoon that week.

When I went to the desk on Saturday I asked the librarian about his strange behaviour... always the same book, but he never booked it out... why didn't he just borrow it?

She smiled... "He's only just moved into the area... the local council records don't show him as a resident, and because it's the holidays his school can't sign for him either."

By Monday I had a plan... I took the book off the shelf and added it to the top of my pile. The librarian saw what I had done and went off into her backroom stifling a fit of giggles... so much for me being subtle!

He came in, went to the shelf, found the book gone, and went over to the desk. The librarian made a show of checking her card-index, then looked round... pointed to my pile of books and made a sort of shoo-ing gesture at him.

He rather reluctantly came across to me...

"Are you reading that at the moment?" Slightly posh, not from our area!

"No, that's OK... be my guest... I've lots of other stuff to be getting on with."

"Thanks, you can have it back before, you go... I haven't got a ticket yet, so I can't take it home."

"That's a shame... just moved into the area?"

"Yes, my dad works here now. I've been away at school" Well! there's posh then!

"So, you don't know anyone around here?"

"No, I'm not much good at youth clubs and things..."

Then he laughed...

"I don't think I quite sound right!"

Now, I seriously liked him, another outsider!

"I know what you mean!... Same problem but different... in our village I go to the wrong grammar school."

I told him where I went, and to my surprise he knew of it.

"Actually, its twinned with our school, something about the charities. Yours is older but we got part of our funding from the same family, I think."

"Wow, almost related then!" and we collapsed in giggles..

It's a tradition in Wales that if you chat to a stranger for ten minutes you can always work out how you are related... it's known as "Welsh-relations"!

The librarian cleared her throat suggestively.

"Time we weren't here! Fancy a break?"

"There's a cafe up the road, but I'm skint!"

"No problem, be my guest."


This was the nearest I had come to having someone to chat to for nearly three weeks. I was not about to stand on ceremony! We got on famously... his school was a boarding school down on the coast overlooking the Bristol Channel. They manned a lifeboat of some sort as a public-service thing. Apparently my school had beaten theirs at rugby earlier in the year.

He seemed just a little disappointed that I wasn't more interested in sport, but brightened up when I told him I knew of a pond that had Volvox in it (wee beasties out of a sci-fi film.). His hobby was grubbing about in rock-pools, so we had the same hobby, he took salt on his… Sea-water is salty… do try to keep up!

He was about the same height as me, but a bit more muscled. His hair was dark brown, almost black. I speculated on the colour of his pubes. Mine are snow-white even though my head is a darkish blond.

I said my name was Jeff, I had no intention of telling him that I was called Snow-White at school because my pubes disappeared once they got wet in the showers.

We had a fruit-juice and some railway-cake (a famous English delicacy, stiff with dried fruit and sold in railway waiting rooms because it never admits its age. It doesn't matter how long it takes to sell!).

"That'll keep me going till tea-time!"

"Me too!"

"Time for the loo and then back to the library again."

When we got to the public toilets, he went into the cubicles and I went for a pee. The thought of him just through the wall with his pants down rather spoilt my aim.

I waited for him outside, and we returned together to the library.

"The locals can write!" he said.

"Yes, I call that my adult-fiction."

He laughed...

"I wonder if those adverts work."

"It's not worked for me yet!" I said.

It was my turn to laugh, nervously... that had been a bit too close to the truth!

The librarian smiled at me as we went in. When he went off to his corner she came across and said quietly...

"Well that worked well... he's nice isn't he? I told him you didn't bite!"

"Thanks... he's got no mates around here either!"

"That's what I thought... I thought you'd get on."

She smiled, clearly pleased with herself and went back to her desk. I did say I liked her didn't I?

The library closed for an hour at 4.30 so that she could go home for her tea.

That was when I would go for my wank. I was bit worried about John (did I say his name was John?). I didn't want him following me and wondering what I was up to. I certainly didn't want him thinking I was waiting for a perve!

John hurried out with a quick wave. I was a bit disappointed, but there was always Monday, and anyway... I still needed my wank. I went into the loos and to my delight the other cubicle was at last occupied!

I went into the remaining, one, luckily the left hand one, because I'm right-handed!

Oh, go on, think about it... if you are leaning to your left to look through a hole...

I dropped my pants and sat down. I leaned forward cautiously, so as not to be seen, and looked through the hole. There was a large expanse of white skin. It was surprisingly difficult to work out what I was seeing. Then they moved. Some auburn brown hair came into sight, almost a red-head! I could now work out that my view was the top of someone's thigh and the top of their hair. Wow, hair!

I sensed that their shadow was moving and straightened up just as they looked through at me. I went to push my erection out of sight, and then changed my mind and left it sticking up... if you look through toilet walls... what else should you expect to see!

They stayed there for a short while and then the hole brightened again as they straightened up.

Now it was my turn. This time his hair had acquired a nearby erection... a nice uncircumcised one like mine. It was so like mine that I guessed it must be about the same age, but then I suppose most thirteen year old hard-ons look much the same.

I was a little disappointed that it wasn't adult... I had been looking forward to seeing a big one, but to be honest, anything was welcome!

I straightened up, and started to wank... I didn't stop when his shadow fell across the hole again... it was rather exciting, knowing that there was a stranger watching me.

When I next had a chance to look, he was wanking too, his hand running smoothly up and down, his foreskin stretching and rumpling alternately.

We went on doing that, a look and then a wank, a look and then a wank for about ten minutes.

Then, when I looked, he had picked up the pace and made no attempt to stop... on and on... I saw his thigh muscles jerk and his tummy muscles spasm and... there was spunk all over his hand. He seemed to stop with his skin pushed up, so that instead of shooting like I did, his spunk had to push its way through and then dribbled back down over his hand.

Wow, that had been something!

He quickly stood up with his bum to me, and started to pull his pants up. I straightened up again... now it was my turn... I like to bring myself off steadily, not rushing the last bit... and after I've shot up my tummy I need loo paper or my hanky to clean it off.

All that took time, and by the time I had finished and washed my hands... washing your hands after a wank is only good manners after all... the place was silent again. I wondered if he would be waiting outside... that made me nervous... I wasn't a very physical child and the thought of someone taking exception to me watching them wank was a bit alarming.

I needn't have worried, there was no-one outside, the street was empty. I wandered along the shops, looking in the windows, until it was time for the library to open again.

John was already back

"Adult-fiction?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

"Nah, went round the shops... already had my twice for today"... giggle...

I was living dangerously!

"Better be careful, you can't read if you go blind, and there's not much else to do around here"... I suppose the old ones are best... I bet someone at the Library of Alexandria cracked that one!"

We went back to our books for another half hour and then he stood up to leave and I did the same.


"Yes, same here... see you Monday?"

"Yes, great... see you Monday."

Things went on like that for a fortnight or so...we met for a chat, a juice and some railway cake.

At 4.30 I went for a wank. John said his mum wanted him home earlier than last week, so he went off for the bus at 4.30.

Most days I had some luck with adult-fiction... either there was someone there already or someone came in while I was there. A lot of the time it was the smooth skinned, dark-haired uncircumcised somebody of about my age... as far as I could tell. It was hard to tell, there wasn't much to go on, it wasn't a very big hole after all. Some days it was an adult. Only once was it an adult having a wank... but that was impressive... and alarming!

Then we went on holiday.

He went with his parents to France for a fortnight and I went with mine to the Gower for a week in a caravan (loads of wanks in the toilet block!).

When I got back I took up my trips to the library again... and adult fiction?... two old farts tried to pick me up that week... I stopped going in there quite so much... a wank in the woods on the way home instead.

It was great when John re-appeared the following week... orange juice and fruit-cake had never been so good. We chatted about our holidays... he seemed appalled by French loos!

After we had finished our snack, he said... "adult-fiction time"... and shot out the door.

When I caught up with him one of the cubicle doors was closed so I went in the other, hoping to see his cock at last... no luck... he had stuck a piece of loo-paper over his side of the hole!

Disappointed, and a bit cheated, I had a quick pee and waited for him outside.

He re-appeared... "No long stories then?"

"Nah, nothing I hadn't read before... you'll have to write something new!"

That night when we left I went into the right-hand cubicle (I hoped he was a creature of habit like me.) I sat down and took out a pencil, and carefully wrote in an empty space...

"Invite him for a walk in the woods... you know he wants you to!"

The next day he wasn't around and the following day he rushed in full of explanation.

By lunchtime we were hungry but John said he needed the loo. I said I'd go the cafe and get our lunches ordered. He took a little while to re-appear, and looked flushed when he did...

"An old fart just asked me if I wanted some extra pocket-money" He said, apparently shocked!

"It's your own fault for being so cute! That happened to me twice last week, so I reckon I must be cute too!"

The next day at lunchtime he said he had got his mother to organise him a picnic, and did I fancy going with him to share it in the woods by the Fair-Field.


Everything went exactly to plan... we sat on the grass and ate our lunch then we leaned back against a tree side-by-side.

"Do the boys, you know... play, at lunchtime at your school?"

"Football you mean?"

"No... I mean... you know... play with..." he tailed off.

"You mean do we go into the bogs or the woods for a wank? Yes, of course we do!"

He looked relieved.

"Oh, thank goodness, I didn't know how to ask."

"I know, me too... last week adult-fiction was all old-farts... once the novelty wore off I was left..."

"Yeah, was that that younger guy there? He's OK."

"Nah, not last week, only old farts!"

"Mm, when I got back and had the chance to watch you I bottled. I covered the hole with paper..."

"I couldn't do it with someone I knew watching."

"No, nor me, that'd be... weird!"

"Yeah, me too, strangers is OK but not someone you know!"

He loosened his trousers and I did the same, we seemed to have lost our shyness! I could see by his bulge that talk of wanking and adult-fiction had got him excited.

I put my hand over my bulge and gave it a gentle stroke, and he did the same. Matching move for move, we progressed from little strokes to more obvious strokes, to clearly wanking through our trousers!

The inevitable happened, though it waited until I couldn't wait any longer.

I reached across and said, "Do you mind?"

He didn't reply but took his hand away... I replaced it and I could feel the warm stiffness of his organ...

"You're on the horn already!" I said.

He checked mine...

"You are too!"

"Time for adult fiction ?"

He laughed...

"There were these two boys, they had finished lunch and were lying under a tree together..."

I picked up the story...

"One of them wanted to wank off with the other so he reached over and groped him..."

"He was on the horn and obviously up for it..."

"So, he unzipped him and took out his cock"... and he fucking did too!

I followed suit and got him out... we forgot about the story... it had served its turn.

We sat there wanking each other off... We were getting pretty excited by the feel and warmth of the cock in our hands. I think I was getting the better deal, though he was getting the better wank... I use my whole hand, not just my finger-tips like him... I think it feels better, more like a girl's... you know...

Anyway... it meant I was copping a feel over the whole of my hand, not just my finger-tips.

We were getting towards the short-strokes bit, when he leaned across suddenly and put his lips by my ear! Shit, for a moment I thought he was gonna kiss me... I didn't know about that, boys at schools famous for their rugby don't go about kissing!

But he just wanted to whisper... he couldn't say it aloud... he'd only ever whispered it to friends in bed in their boarding-school...

"Do you... would you to... you know..."


"Suck your cock..."

Oh fuck, did I? I had never even got close before... we just wanked... we wanked ourselves, we wanked each other if we were really horny (and lucky)... but a suck... rumours mate... only rumours...

"If you like... that would be nice..."

Nice... was I kidding!

He was beyond thought... he leaned down and my cock disappeared into the warmest wettest sweetest feeling ever!

After a moment or two he looked up... "Please..."

He looked so sweet... his lips wet with the spit from my cock.

I grinned, and just for a lark, honest, just a lark... I quickly kissed his wet lips, and then before he could react swallowed his cock, my first cock and his cock! Wow!

I bobbed up and down on it, trying to keep time with his lips on mine.

Eventually he said...

"Do you want to finish like this, or with a wank... I mean can I...?"

"Come in my mouth like... yeah, OK... let's do that."

As if I always did it like that!

"It's messy though... best get our clothes out of the way..."

He scooted up so that I could pull his underwear off, down and away.

It was as we took each other's now entirely naked cock in our mouths and felt the pulsing throb and exquisite relief as the spunk flooded over our tongues... that we made an astonishing discovery... very close and out of focus...

I asked through a mouth slightly slurred by his lovely spunk.

"The boy in the loos, you know... adult-fiction..."

"Is he auburn-brown haired?" I asked.

"Fuck no, he's a snow-white blond!"

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