Jeremy's Swimming Lessons

by Smokr

Chapter 12

I woke up to Dad knocking on the door. I was lying on my front, but covered by the blanket. I was so hard!

"I'm awake, Dad. Be down in a minute."

"Okay, son."

He hadn't opened the door. I knew why. It was so strange. Mom had always woken me up. And now Dad was, and I knew why he was waking me up now. Humiliating!

I was so hard it was pounding. I reached under the covers and grabbed it. I realized that I hadn't done anything with Chet yesterday. I wondered why. He hadn't even hinted at doing anything together. He'd just driven me home. I wondered if he was tired of me or something. I felt bad about that. I liked doing it with Chet, and I wanted to. But I wanted to with Mitch even more. I knew I couldn't, though.

Then I remembered that Chet was going to scope out my chances with Mitch. I felt panicked and scared. So worried! I mean, what if Chet slipped and Mitch figured out what he was doing? What if Mitch got angry and ended up hating me?

The boner went away quickly. I didn't even want to slap it off now. I was too worried about Chet and Mitchell now.

I got out of bed, got dressed, and went down to the kitchen.

"Morning, hon," Mom said.

"Morning," I said, then, "Morning, Dad."

"Morning, son," he said, as perfectly normal as ever.

I felt trapped. They both knew I got erections. How could they act so normal? And Mom had seen it. How humiliating.

The bus ride was normal, but I felt trapped again. The guys were normal, but I was a homosexual. I was weird. Sick. Perverted.

I sat down in homeroom and waited for Mitchell, sweating and almost shaking. He came in looking like the perfect guy. Perfect hair, perfect face, no acne, great blue shirt and slacks that hinted at how firm and strong his legs were, and showed off how he filled up the crotch. And when he sat down, his butt looked so perfectly round!

I swallowed and tried not to pant. I tried not to sweat. I tried to smile and seem normal. Normal. Hah! How can a homosexual seem normal?

'Tomorrow, try to talk to Mitchell like one of the guys. That's all he is. Just relax. Don't let it bother you. He can't tell. No one can. Especially if you just go along and let it wash off you. It can't hurt you. It won't control you. Not unless you let it. Understand?'

"I hope they don't have us running all day today in practice," Mitch said. "I've had enough running for the rest of my life!"

His smile was so handsome! Striking, as they say. His lips were so full and red, and his teeth were so white and perfect. And his eyes! They were so deep and warm! I'd never seen such brown eyes before in my life!

"Jer? You like the running or something?" he asked.

I realized that I had been staring at his eyes for far too long!

"Oh! Uh... no. I mean, at least it gets you in shape."

I felt myself blushing and sweating even more now. I was such a dope!

He smiled and just let me look at his eyes. I couldn't stop! They were like magnets that drew mine to them. I couldn't look away!

What's wrong with me? I asked, scared and worried and just all messed up.

We talked about baseball until the bell rang, and then we headed to our math class together. I kept remembering Chet's advice, and I forced myself to talk to him as if I were just a normal guy. I was so nervous! He was just so... wow!

As we walked along, the hallway was busy, and we ended up bumping into each other. My whole body felt like I had been hit by lightning! It was just his bare arm against my bare arm, but I swear! Wow!

By the time we got to the classroom, we were touching arms almost the entire way! I was getting so hard I was just sure it was obvious! I glanced down a few times, as if just nodding or something, and didn't see it sticking out in front of me, but it sure felt like it was! And I tingled all over! Not just that, but my balls felt like they were plugged into a battery or something! And like my guts were inside a blender!

We sat down, and I was so glad my lap wasn't out in view anymore. We talked until the class started. Finally I could relax. Almost. I could still see him sitting next to me, though. And every time, it was like looking at him for the first time. He was just... wow!

I ended up wondering what the hell it was all about. What was going on inside me that made me feel that way? What caused me to feel those feelings just from what my eyes saw? There wasn't some signal that told my body to become excited, it was just light and shadow and colors and shapes. But his colors and shapes sure did something inside my brain that became something even more inside the rest of my body!

And there was his smell, too. Some cologne I didn't know the name of. Spicy, a little sweet, too, but not very. And his sounds, too. His voice was smooth and low, and his accent was so cute. It was mild, just barely there, but it was so nice.

Maybe it was all of it together? His colors and shapes, his smell, his sounds? I only knew it was happening, for sure. My body and my brain were addicted to him. I needed to see him, and hear him, and smell him. And, oh God! Touch him!

The other classes no longer mattered. They went by in a blur of thoughts of Mitchell. Not even Katy in history class mattered. Only the ones with him. Only the time with him mattered at all!

And then, finally, gym! Hell! Mitchell Thompson is the devil!

When we started changing, he faced me, talking the whole time. He was wearing tight white briefs, as usual, and they weren't very new. They were plenty white, but they were plenty thin, too! I could see his pubic hair! Not really, but I could see the color of it, like a shadow, and that wasn't all! I could see the tip of his penis! It was pink, or maybe red, but it was so clear! He was almost hard!

I had to swallow and look away and think about baseball statistics. It didn't help. I got fully hard, and I still had to take my jeans off to put on my gym shorts. It was humiliating! He was talking about baseball practice later, and I tried to concentrate on that. I didn't look his way again. My shirt was hanging in the locker, I put on my gym shirt. My shoes were already off. I couldn't put on my gym shoes until I had my shorts on, but my pants were still on. I was still hard.

What was I going to do?

He was tying up his gym shoes, sitting next to me, talking like everything was normal, like I was normal. He was smiling and seemed so normal. I was forcing my smile and trying to get rid of an erection caused by looking at a boy. I was such a freak!

"You're going to be late! What's wrong?" he asked.


"Come on. Get changed. Hurry up."

We were the last two in the row now. He was waiting for me. I wished he would head out ahead of me so I could get changed. I wished my erection would go away. He wasn't, and it wasn't. I felt my face get red and hot. I felt the sweat on my brow and under my arms.

"Come on, Jer. Let's go."

He gestured at my locker. I swallowed.

"Something wrong?"


His eyes got bigger, not much, and he grinned a little. His face got red. He leaned closer, even though there wasn't anyone else in the row with us.

"Got a boner?" he asked quietly, looking right in my eyes.

I swallowed. It was hard to do! I felt the sweat increase, and my guts shift.

He sat back and laughed just a little. I got so mad!

"Yeah, it happens. Don't freak out. I'll see ya in the gym."

He got up and jogged out of the aisle. I watched his soft, round, full butt as he moved away. My erection got harder and started tingling. My breath got faster.

I hung my head and shook it.

I'm such a homosexual freak! I thought sadly.

But at least I could finish changing now. I did. As quickly as I could, then after making sure my boner wasn't obvious, I jogged out to the gym, hoping that Mitchell hadn't told everyone why I was so late. He was with the usual guys, and no one said anything, just, "Hi," as I arrived. I was so relieved!

The class was hell. The coaches change what we do every day, and today they wanted us to do some wrestling. In pairs. Of course, since no one knew Mitchell as well as I did, we ended up partnered.

Wrestling with Mitchell.

Do I even have to say anything more?

Well, I'm going to.

Mitchell is probably ten pounds heavier than me, and probably one, maybe two inches taller. He's built about the same as me. He's strong. So am I. He knows wrestling moves. So do I.

In the first round, we both knew the other one had a boner. I knew it happened. In health class, the teacher had said it was normal for it to happen during exercise and while working hard. He had even mentioned wrestling. It was normal. He already knew I had gotten a boner in the locker room anyway.

And, oh, God! Touching Mitchell! Oh, God!

Smelling Mitchell!

Oh, God!

When he started sweating, he smelled even better! Not clean or soapy or like cologne or something. Musky, and spicy, and... oh, God!

I wanted to lick him! From head to feet! All over! Everywhere!

I was so hard! It actually hurt! And that first time he actually brushed across it, I thought I was going to... well, you know! Right there in my shorts in the gym during class! How embarrassing would that have been?!

And the first time my arm went between his legs and I felt his boner on my arm! Oh, my, God! I felt his boner with my forearm! Oh, dear God in Heaven!

I nearly had an orgasm then, too!

I got so weak I couldn't hold him! He escaped, and had me nearly pinned in seconds. I squirmed out and stayed low, not only to prevent being toppled over, but to hide the erection I had to have poking out the front of my gym shorts, and the possible stain that was probably growing on the front of them!

"Nice escape," he said, grinning.

God, he was so handsome! His body in his gym shorts and shirt, it was just... oh, God!

"Like that? Thanks."

"Yeah. You're pretty fast."

"You're pretty quick yourself."

He proved it then by lunging at me as if he were going to my left to use his right arm to grapple, but stepped across his foot with his other foot and came in with his left. I had started to dodge to my right to avoid him, but ended up right where he wanted me. His arm went around my waist, and his weight pulled me backward and over. I rolled, trying to get on top, but he twisted and pulled me under him. I was on my side now, and his weight was on my ribs and waist, his arm around my belly and his legs trying to lock around one or both of mine.

I felt his boner on my hip. I twisted, got my left arm around and under his left arm, and pulled. I got my other arm around his, and lifted. I slid out of his grasp, and twisted over him and slapped my hands together, locking them. He was face-down on the mat now, and I tightened my arms. Now my boner was pushing up against his buttocks, but I had him in a tight hold. I scrambled my legs for purchase on his. He kept them free and lifted up a bit, almost breaking my arms apart.

"I know you like me, but geeze!" he laughed.

I laughed too, even though it was really embarrassing.

"Natural," I said, "Like they said in health class," panting with the exertion. "Nothing personal."

"Too bad."

I gasped. He took advantage and curled up, pulling his legs to his chest, then exploded out from between my arms.

We stood up facing each other. I was still a bit shocked.

"Never let your opponent in your head," he said, grinning.

I didn't know what to make of that. At first, I was sure he had figured me out, knew I was a homosexual, and had taken advantage of the knowledge. Then I was sure that all he was doing was referring to putting your opponent off his guard. I didn't know which.

We dodged and feinted, and wrestled and fought. He was good. Strong, fast, agile, limber. He was a really good wrestler. I wasn't bad at all, and refused to lose to him. I did, though. He pinned me, his arms around my shoulder and leg, his hands locked behind my back, facing each other.

His face was so close! I could have kissed him with no effort at all!

When he released me, I rolled onto my front and then my knees, so that no one could see my erection. I waited as he got into position above me, one hand on my wrist, the other arm around my middle, his hand on my stomach, his knee against my side. That position is so...

I rolled under him, and wrapped my arm around both of his legs and locked my hands together as I got onto my knees. He rolled over my back, and I flopped over and twisted and pulled his legs up to his chest with my back in his face. The view I got of his butt like that was incredible! Best of all, one of his balls had slipped out of his briefs, and I could see it up the leg of his shorts.

The coach blew his whistle, and I let go.

He got to his knees and adjusted himself, then went to his hands and knees. I got into position over him. I put my hand on his stomach, just as the coach blew the whistle.

He rolled under me and I rolled over him. I tried to grab his leg and pull him into a curl. My hand slid up his sweaty thigh, went between his legs, and right over his boner. He'd tried the same thing, and had the same results. Then both of us were coming to our feet, knees and backs bent, leaning forward.

"You've got fast hands," he said, face red and smiling.

"So do you."

Are we flirting? I thought insanely. Is that what we're doing? No way. It's faking each other out. Trying to make the other guy nervous, or worried, off his game.

We wrestled each other with real vigor. I was enjoying it tons! I got quick feels of his boner, and he got almost as many accidental touches of mine. We kept teasing each other about them, trying to make the other embarrassed and mess up. It was the fastest gym class ever.

On the way to the locker room, I asked, "You ever been on the wrestling team?"

"Yeah. Two years in junior high."

"What was your record?"

"Seventeen and seven."

"Not bad."

"Not great. You wanna do some wrestling on Saturday? I have a mat at home."

"You do?"

"Yeah. My old man is nuts about wrestling. Been wrestling with him since I was a kid. I'd join the team, but I want on the baseball team instead."

"Why not wrestle, too?"

"Too much to do. Has to be on or the other. And I like baseball a lot more." When he glanced at me then, he had a weird expression on his face. Sort of like he wanted to say something more, but couldn't make up his mind. Then he asked, "So, how about it? Want to come over Saturday afternoon?"

"Like to, but I've got a swim thing I have to do."

"Swim? You on the team?"

"No. I, uh, take lessons."

"Lessons? You can't swim?"

"Well, some. I took these lessons through church. Every other Saturday."

"Oh. Oh well. Maybe next weekend?"

"Yeah, maybe. We'll see."

I wanted to spend this Saturday with him, but I really wanted to be with Chet and Howie. I knew I'd have some fun and stuff with them. And I wasn't so sure it would be a good idea for me to wrestle with him alone at his house.

"What's the lessons like?" he asked.

"Just basics. How to do different strokes."

"Where at?"

"The pool. Here."

"Oh. Isn't Saturday open swim, too?"

"Yeah. Half is open, other half is roped off for the lessons."

"Oh. Maybe see ya there, then."

Mitchell? In the pool? In swim trunks? No shirt? All wet? Oh, God!

"Uh, sure!"

We walked in together, the other guys joining us in the aisle. We stripped. My erection went down almost as soon as we started walking to the locker room. I don't know why, but I was so glad of it! Maybe it was just tired of being hard and nothing happening.

I kept my eyes off the guys, especially Mitch, as we showered and got dressed. I tried being as normal as possible. Frank from the poker party waved again on the way out of the locker room. This time, I managed to smile and wave back a little.

The rest of the day was normal, until last period. Mitchell. He was so... just so handsome!

Then we were off to baseball practice. I didn't get hard as we changed, mostly because I did my best to concentrate on baseball statistics. When we got out to the gym, we were told the heavy rain and the thunderstorm outside was too bad, and we were going to stay inside and do calisthenics. I got paired with you-know-who. He wasn't friends with anyone else as much as me, so it was inevitable.

It wasn't too bad until sit-ups. In pairs, one guy kneels on the other's feet as he does them. Mitch went first, and I was kneeling on his feet. That let me see up his shorts. I tried not to look, but...

His legs were nice. Strong and lean, with some hair, but not much. And his shorts were baggy enough that I could see right up the legs of them. I saw his briefs, and the bulges in them, and the skin next to them.

So I ended up with another boner. A really hard one.

When we swapped, I hoped that he couldn't tell that I was hard, but I just knew he could. I knew if he had been hard when I was kneeling on his feet, that I could have told he was. I knew he could tell I was. He didn't say anything or look at me weird or anything. He just counted with me. Every time I sat up, I saw him looking at my face.

Except on number twenty-four. When I sat up, he was looking at it. Right at it. Or, right at where it probably was.

When I sat up on number twenty-five, his face was red and he was smiling really widely, like he was trying not to laugh.

I was so glad that was the last one!

Then it was pull-stretches. That's where you sit with your legs apart and your feet against the other guy's feet, and hold hands and pull each other. One pulls back as the other stretches forward, then you go the other way. You can see a lot. A lot.

Mitchell was serious, too. He pulled hard, stretching me well forward. So I pulled hard, too, leaning way back. We pulled hard! It felt good. I like doing stretches, and exercises, and working out. Mitchell seemed to too.

When we got to crunch-stretches, he worked me hard again. That's when you sit with your legs apart, and lean forward and pull on your feet while your partner pushes down on your back from behind. We pushed each other hard on that one, too.

"You're pretty limber," he said, as he pushed me until my forehead was nearly on the floor between my legs. "And I feel real muscles in your back, too. You're in great shape, Jer."


When we switched, and I was leaning down on his back, I felt his muscles. He was strong, and limber. And I was so hard! I was touching Mitchell! God!

Then it was baseball skills. Movements and actions that helped you be quick fielding a ball and stealing bases. No touching each other, though. Damn. But it did give my erection a chance to go away.

Near the end, Chet came over and asked to talk to Mitch. I knew what he was about to do. I got so nervous I couldn't say anything. I just nodded and walked over to talk to the other guys. I kept an eye on them as much as I could. They seemed to be talking normally. They laughed and nodded, gestured and shrugged. I couldn't tell how Chet was hoping to see if I had any kind of chance with him, from the way they seemed to be talking about baseball.

When it was time to wrap up, Chet walked over with Mitchell, laughing.

"So, Jer, if you want that ride home, just head to my car, okay?"

"Sure, Chet. Thanks."

"See ya then. Good talking to you, Mitch. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, tomorrow, Chet. Later."

Mitch seemed to be in a good mood, and smiled nicely as he waved at Chet. I wondered if Chet had actually got any clues or anything or not. Maybe he would need a few days, like he had said.

"So, what did you guys talk about?" I asked Mitch, as we headed to the locker room.

"Baseball, of course. He knows a lot about a lot of players. I was shocked at some of the stuff he knew."

"Like what?"

"Stats and numbers, and things about their private lives. Jobs, hobbies, other sports they like to play."


I didn't see how that would tell Chet anything about if Mitchell might be like us, but I knew Chet probably knew what he was doing.

"He asked me if I wanted to take any swimming lessons. He said he gives them on alternate weekends. Any chance he's in yours?"

"Oh, yeah. I didn't even think about mentioning that. He's one of my teachers."

"Oh, cool. He says he gives more advanced lessons, too. I'm thinking about maybe taking them. Saturday afternoon."


"Sounds like a plan!" he said, smiling really widely.

I felt great! I knew Chet would learn something on Saturday during the lessons. He would do his thing, and see how Mitchell reacted, and by the time we went home, he'd have something to tell me. I was looking forward to the weekend like never before!

We changed and showered. I didn't look, not until we were dressing. If I got an erection then, I could hide it in my pants and not end up showing it. So, boy, did I look. I watched Mitchell out of the corner of my eye, and saw so much! He was so well built! Muscles all over, but none all bulgy or anything. Smooth skin, nicely tanned except for where his shorts covered. His butt! Geeze! How could a butt be so perfect? And his privates! Big as mine, but nothing like Chet's or Howie's. They were almost four years older than us, so no surprise there. It was great that Mitchell wasn't like some of the guys in our class, still hairless and small. I probably wouldn't be attracted to him if so. He was as far into puberty as me. Some hair around the base of his penis, testicles that hung away from his body some, in a sack that wasn't all tight. Nice nipples, too. And that butt!

He wasn't soft. It got longer and thicker as we talked and dressed, just like mine did. By the time he pulled his pants up and tucked it away, I was sure it was heading for full-blown erectionhood.

By the time I had my pants on, I was fully hard, and it tingled like mad! It felt like I could explode into an orgasm if I just rubbed it through my pants for a second or two. And I felt tingly all over. Looking at Mitchell was just so much fun!

We talked on the way out about the swimming lessons. He wanted to take them, and since Chet did them on his own for the school's extramural activities, he could sign up through the school instead of through my church. He said he was going to sign up tomorrow during lunch.

We said our 'laters' at the doors, and I headed toward the parking lot. Chet's car was where it always was, so I climbed in and waited. I was smiling and felt like laughing. And so hard!

"So, feeling better today?" Chet said, as he got in.

"Yeah. You can tell?"

"Yeah!" he said with a laugh as he started the car. "You were smiling all practice long. And you still have a huge smile."

I laughed, mostly in embarrassment.

"Yeah. Guess I just feel better about..."


I laughed again.

"Yeah. I guess. Oh! So, did you figure out anything?"

I looked over and up at him expectantly.

"Anything about what?" he asked flatly.

"About Mitch!"

"What about Mitch?" he asked, just as flatly.

"If... you know."

"Know what?"

I saw the corner of his mouth quirk up for a split-second.

"Jerk!" I shouted as I hit his shoulder.

He laughed, and looked over at me when he stopped at the street.

"I got some good signs, but nothing definite. Nothing to go on. I mentioned that I gave swimming lessons, and he seemed interested in taking the advanced ones this Saturday, so maybe we'll see him at the pool."

"Yeah! He said he wanted to do that!"

"Good. One thing I teach is how to keep oriented underwater. I spin and turn the guy underwater. He has to find out which way is up, and learn how to tell. I have to hold onto them the whole time. I'll, uh, well, you know. Feel things out."

I snickered. The idea of holding onto a wet Mitchell in swimming trunks was... well, you know!

"I can't wait to see him in trunks and no shirt!" Chet said, as he turned onto the street.

"Oh, wow," I said softly.

"Boner-inspiring, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah," I said, softly again.

About two blocks later, Chet asked, "So, if you're in a better mood today, and if you're not too into Mitchell, wanna head to my place for a while?"

I looked at him and grinned really widely. My boner felt like it had its own heart pounding inside of it. I nodded.

"Great," he said, smiling. "I've got an idea."


"Yeah. Don't ask, no hints."

The grin he had told me it was probably going to be really interesting. I couldn't wait!

When we got to his house, he led me to his room and said to sit on the bed and wait, that he'd be right back. I sat there, almost bouncing on it, so excited I felt like exploding. He came back in with a cloth wrapped around a bottle.

"Close your eyes," he said.

I didn't, just looked at him and that cloth and wondering what was in the bottle hidden by the cloth.

"Close, your, eyes, and, you'll, get, a, big, surprise."

I laughed, then closed them. I felt him tying the cloth over them. He moved it so that I couldn't see at all.

"Now, stand up."

I did.

I felt his hands on my shoulders. Then I felt his lips on mine. I kissed him back. Then he kissed down my neck. His hands slid down my sides, making me want to shiver. Then they slid my shirt up over my head, and then he started kissing my chest. God, how I loved that! And how he kissed and tongued and licked and sucked my nipples. His hands tickled and touched my sides and back and hips. I was so excited! So hard! I ached to reach orgasm! I simply had to!

But he moved so slow! He kissed down my front, then around my navel for what seemed forever. His hands tickled and moved all over my sides, back, chest. Oh, God!

Then, finally, thankfully, he was unfastening my pants. They fell on their own. He took off my shoes, then helped me step out of my pants. His hands slid up my legs, over my knees, up my thighs, and around, but not touching my privates or my butt, but slid up the sides of my hips. Then he was kissing along the waistband of my briefs.


Forever, he just touched me all over, except where my briefs covered. Tickling, lightly touching, rubbing, kissing, tonguing, licking. Oh, God!

I'd never gotten so hard! It felt like it was being stretched. Like a balloon being blown up too far! It almost hurt! Really! And my nuts felt like they were buzzing! Really buzzing! And that spot behind them! So heavy and tight. And tingly. Even my nipples were sensitive, and could feel the air moving over them. My skin seemed to feel even the slightest movement of air as Chet moved nearby.

He didn't say anything as he got me onto the bed on my front. I felt him moving around on the bed next to me, then something wet and slippery on my back. I thought at first that he had jerked off on my back, but it wasn't warm enough. Then he was smearing it around on my back and shoulders. It was slick, oily. And it felt so good!

He was giving me a massage! I was a little sore from the stretching and wrestling. Mitchell had given me a real workout, and now Chet was relaxing and working those muscles. I sighed, and even groaned, as his big, strong hands turned my back and shoulder muscles into mush. I was breathing so deeply and slowly. I was getting so relaxed.

His hands slid over my sides, pulling the tension out of those muscles as well. And it tickled. Then my neck. Then my lower back. Then he was slipping my briefs off, and working my butt, and then thighs, and then calves. I was still so hard!

His hands were working pure bliss into me. I was sexually excited, and so relaxed, and just so comfortable.

My arms were next.

"Roll over."

I did. I didn't care that I was fully hard. He'd seen it. Touched it. He'd even sucked it. It wasn't embarrassing with him at all now.

Being blindfolded, I didn't know if he was even looking at it. Not until, "Nice. You're really built, Jer."

I snickered. I knew what he meant. I thought.

"Not just here."

He grabbed it. I jerked and gasped in shock.

"But all over."

He let go of it. I felt the slippery stuff on my chest. He rubbed my pecs. The oily stuff felt great as his hands ran over my nipples. Then my shoulders. Then arms. Then my sides. Oh, man! Did that feel great! Then my stomach. Then my thighs, and finally my feet. No one had ever touched my feet before, and the way his strong hands worked on them was awesome! He cracked my toes! I laughed and laughed! It felt so great! Then he rubbed the soles and arches. Oh, God! I'd never ever thought of my feet as erotic, but blindfolded and already turned on, it was incredible! And my feet are ticklish. He had to be careful, once he found that out. And he got the bones in my feet to pop! Wow! My whole body felt... different! Weirdly relaxed, and as if I were only partially connected to it. It was almost as if I were a mere passenger in it. My body was so relaxed! So soft. So, just... wow.

"Feeling good?''

I couldn't even say anything. I just moaned and nodded. I knew I was smiling. I felt too good not to be.

Then his hands slid up my legs, slowly, that oil, or whatever it was, lubricating my skin and his hands. They went right up my thighs, then inward, and one around my penis and one around my scrotum.

"Ahhh," sighed out of me, as his slippery hand slid down my erection.

I shivered from head to toe! It was incredibly intense!

He let go. That was like being starved! My body suddenly ached for another touch. One quick touch, at least. Just one!

But nothing. Nothing for long seconds. Then his hand slid down it, just once, down from the very tip to the base. Tight enough I was glad his hand was lubricated. Then up, slow and tight, the oil making squishing sounds. It felt incredible!

Then nothing.

My penis throbbed and danced. It felt like it was overfilled, like that overinflated balloon I mentioned earlier.

His other hand was still cupping my nuts and sack. It held them firmly, gently moving them around very slowly. One of his fingers was against that tender area behind my sack. It was just touching there firmly enough to let me know there was pressure being applied.

"Are you going to or not?" I asked impatiently.

I had to be taken care of. Now!

"Shhh. Don't say anything. Just be patient. Enjoy it. Don't expect what you'd expect. Just don't talk and let it happen. Relax. Enjoy it. Shhh."

He spoke so softly and gently. His hand massaged my nuts slowly, and his finger barely pushed up behind them. Then his hand, well lubricated, slid down my penis again, tip to base, then up and off. Then nothing.

My penis jumped and my guts twanged at the same time.

Nothing for what seemed an entire minute. Then, once, all the way down it, all the way up it, then nothing. Nothing but his hand slowly and gently playing with my nuts and one finger pushing against the tender area behind my scrotum.

Then that hand let go. It was maddening!

"Roll over."

I did.

His hands massaged my buttocks, then between them, well lubricated. Then, one finger slid against my hole. It swirled around it, teasing, making me wiggle. Then, slowly, firmly, without pausing, slid inside.

"Ohhhh, geeze!" I groaned.

Then he touched that place inside.

"Oh! Oh, geeze!"

My penis throbbed and swelled. His finger rubbed that place inside and made me grunt and groan! Oh, geeze! It was almost torture!

Then his finger moved out, then in, then out, then in, then against that place.

"Awww! Chet!"

"Shhh," very softly and gently.

For the longest time, his finger made me quake and shiver! Grunt and groan! It was incredible! My penis was throbbing powerfully, trapped against the bed. Over and over his finger touched, then teased.

Oh, God! It was so good! I started thrusting my hips and erection into the bed in pure pleasure!

"Hold still," he said softly.

I tried, but my body had other ideas!

After what felt like an hour of intense, slow, incredible pleasure, he said, "Now, roll over."

I did. He spread my legs wide, then bent the knees so that my feet were sole-to-sole. He grasped and massaged my nuts again, one finger teasing at my hole. Just teasing. I knew it could slip in at any second. That made it twitch and flinch.

Then his hand moved down from the tip and back up and off my penis before I could react. Then I did react! My whole body jerked so strongly that his hand lost its grip on my nuts.

I shivered, all over.

"Oh, geeze!" I moaned loudly.

"Shhhh," he said, very softly and quietly.

His hand began slowly and gently massaging my nuts again, one finger teasing at my hole, threatening to go in at any second. Long, long pause as his hand rolled and toyed with my nuts, his finger sometimes touching my hole, sometimes nearby, sometimes pressing against the tender area behind my scrotum.

Then down my penis, so slowly, from tip to base, pause, then up and away.

My penis throbbed, and I felt that natural lubrication almost squirt out of it. The tingling was almost unbearable! My sack shrunk up and he had to hold onto my balls to keep them from tucking up inside of me. His finger teased at my hole. I squirmed and shivered all over. It was torture! Pure, sexual torture!

I loved it!

I was laughing now. My body felt as if I were being tickled all over it! Rampant chills, shivers, tingles, electric sparks everywhere! My nuts were almost numb! My prick was so hot, it had to be deeply red and almost glowing!

Then his slippery, warm, tight hand went over the head and down the shaft to the base, and without a pause, back up and over the head and away.

Again, my prick pulsed and throbbed and squirted more lubrication. More tingles shot through it, from my anus to the very tip of it. More muscles twitched and flexed all over my body. More sparks flared all over my skin.

I had no idea when it had started, but I was panting like mad now, and sweating as if I were frying under a hot August sun.

His hand shot down over my head and down the shaft, and then squeezed as it flew upward and over the head and then away.

"Oh, God!" I shouted.

My whole body went into convulsions of some sort. Muscles everywhere were shuddering. My feet were still touching soles as my legs swung wildly, banging my knees together.

"God!" I hissed.

"Shhhh," so softly and quietly.

He got my legs to lay still, and rolled my balls around, and his finger teased my hole. It twitched and pulsed in reaction. My body tensed and then relaxed all over. My prick squeezed tight, then throbbed wildly.

I whimpered like a dog wanting inside on a cold winter night.

Then his slippery hand came down over my head so slowly and tightly. Slowly down, all the way down, and paused, then slipped up rapidly and was gone again, ravaging the edges of my head, making my body jerk from neck to ankles and causing me to nearly scream.

My prick tensed again, throbbed, and I was sure more lubrication sprayed out of it. I could feel it running down over the top side of my head and then down the top of the shaft. It tickled as it ran along the sensitive skin and then into the hairs at the base.

I was panting crazily now! Rapidly. Sweating like a pig. Shivering madly. Laughing and snorting and gasping.

Then slowly, so slowly, his slippery hand slid over the very tip of my prick, then slowly over the head, over the edges, down the shaft. His fingers wiggled all the way. I steeled myself for the rapid slide up and off, but he paused there at the base, then slid up slowly, even more slowly than he had slid down it. It was agony! As his fingers rubbed over the sensitive edges, my dick swelled up, and I knew it was about to happen. I'd reached the point of no return, and things began chugging down behind my scrotum. My body tensed, my breath stopped with a grunt inward, and then his slippery finger slid into my hole.

His finger touched that place inside. His fingers twisted around the edges of my head. I saw stars. Really! The darkness behind that blindfold exploded into red and yellow splotches of light as what felt like molten lead fired out of my prick. I screamed. Really screamed!


He rubbed that place inside, and gently squeezed the edges of my head, and I ejaculated again, more hot lead. My hole clenched down on his finger like a vise! My body tensed up, and I couldn't draw breath. His fingers twisted so slowly around the edges of my head, and I screamed as I shot again again.


"His finger probed against that sensitive spot inside, his fingers twisted slowly around the edges of my head, and a spurt of what felt like hard pellets shot out of my urethra with a pressure that momentarily worried me that it was being damaged."


His finger wiggled in anus, pressing repeatedly against that magic spot, and it clenched so tightly that I worried that I could damage that as well. My legs slammed my knees together loudly, and painfully. All my muscles tensed. I curled upward, grimacing, grunting, shaking as another spurt thickly surged upward through my urethra, nearly splitting it, and splashed across my chin.


His fingers twisted around my head and the edges of it, and his finger kept gently massaging that sensitive place inside, and my prick kept shooting. My thick semen kept his fingers lubricated as they twisted back and forth over the head and its edges.

Squirt after squirt, convulsion after convulsion, his finger inside me, his hand squeezing and turning around my head and those exquisitely sensitive edges.


Then his hand was stationary on my super-sensitive head, and his finger left my anus. With a shudder that sucked air into my lungs with an audible rush, I fell back onto the bed. His hand squeezed my head again, and that caused my body to tense up and make me sit up again.

I shuddered and squirmed and writhed and finally breathed. Laughing. Sweat running down my face. Semen running down both of my sides along my ribs and my flanks.

His hand slid down and then up and off my prick.

"Oh GOD! DON'T! I can't take anymore!"

I slammed my hands over my sore and throbbing prick and shriveled scrotum, and pulled my legs up protectively.

I was still laughing and shaking, now lying on my side.

He removed the blindfold. I had to blink and wait before I could see. He was smiling at me.

"Like it?" he asked.

I had no words. I just laughed and nodded. And groaned softly.

My body was still shuddering from time to time. I was still breathing heavily. I was soaked with sweat.

Finally I could talk.

"Oh, shit. Chet! That was..."

I was smiling and laughing. I didn't know how to describe it.

"Glad you liked it. First time Howie did that to me, I thought I was going to take a week to recover."

"I know what you mean! Geeze!"

We laughed. He stretched out beside me and cuddled me as I shivered and returned to normal. I put my arms around him and snuggled up.

"Chet, that was... I mean..."

"I know. Shut up."

He hugged me tighter, and I sighed so deeply that I shuddered from it.

"Wow," I sighed.

A few minutes later, my mind started working again. I thought of what had just happened and smiled. I realized he hadn't had any fun.

"You want your turn?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Nope. I'm saving it up for Howie later. We're going to meet up after dinner. I'm keeping that head of steam for that."


"Not disappointed, are you?'

"No. Sort of. Maybe. It's just... I'd love to make you feel like that. Pay you back."

"Some other time, Jer. Some other time. Relax for now. We've got to go soon."


We were quiet for a while. Then, it was time to go. I was so weak. All my muscles were tired and worn out. It was work to get dressed.

He laughed at how slowly I moved. The ride home was quiet. I was just too worn out to talk. When I got out of the car, my muscles complained painfully.

"I feel like an old man," I said, as I closed the car door.

"It's the massage first. Makes you all relaxed, then the hard work later makes them really tired. Sorry."

"I'll live. It was worth it."

"See you tomorrow, Jer."

"Night, Chet. Tell Howie I said hi."

"Will do. Later."


He pulled away, and I stood there and waved. I was almost afraid to move. My folks could tell I was sore. I said I had a hard workout in baseball practice today.

"You sure you're going to survive?" Dad asked, as I shambled slowly past the living room door, headed to my room.

"To be honest, Dad, I don't know," I said, smiling.

"You must really like it."

"Dad, I've never had a better time in my life."

He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"Hard work makes for a hard man," he said, still grinning.

"Then I'll be able to chew nails and spit iron spikes."

We laughed. I ate the dinner Mom left in the oven ravenously, then headed upstairs and showered. It was real work to get undressed. The skin behind the head of my penis was puffy and sensitive. That place behind my scrotum was hot and sore. A long, hot, soapy shower felt so good, but was so much work. I fell onto my bed, naked, and barely pulled the blanket over me before I was out.

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