Jeremy's Swimming Lessons

by Smokr

Chapter 8

The drive to Carl's house was even longer this time than the first. I was literally shaking again. I seemed to be even more nervous this time. But at least I didn't have to be talked out of the car. Carl answered the door, and he remembered my name. He even gave me a smile and said, "Welcome back, Jer. Really glad you came back."

I hid the grin, I hope, at least some of it.

Downstairs, the same guys were almost all there, and there were some new ones. I knew two of them, sort of. Dennis was in my history class, and Frank was in my gym class. Dennis was a year ahead of me, Frank was in my grade. I wasn't friends with either of them. Dennis was a wrestler, I knew from his letter jacket. Frank I knew as a complete doofus at school. He had no friends that I knew of, was totally shy, and seemed to like being left alone. I'd noticed him, but hadn't suspected he was like us.

Dennis was another redhead, like Carl, our host. He was pretty tall and strong, also like Carl. They could almost have been brothers. Broad-chested, and big, strong arms with big muscles that moved under his pale skin as he waved. His red hair was all curly, and he had a lot of freckles. I really wasn't drawn to him much at all. Frank was sort of cute. I'd thought so before at school when I'd noticed him. Small but not really short, thin but not skinny at all. He had the blackest, straightest hair, dark eyes, really thin, black eyebrows, and a long, thin nose. Round head, pale complexion, and slightly soft cheeks. And lips that were so red he almost had to be wearing lipstick. And his mouth was so small. He seemed almost girly when he waved and smiled at me. It was almost like he was the girl and Dennis, being taller and bigger, was the man. They were talking and laughing together when we came downstairs, and went right back to it.

Herbert was another guy I hadn't met yet, and had been part of the group for a while. He was loud and rambunctious and cut jokes constantly. He had hair that was the same color as a walnut shell. And the strangest hazel eyes, almost golden. They were mesmerizing. His eyebrows were so faint. They were the same color as his hair, but were so fine, like he plucked them or something. They were irregular or I would have sworn he did. He hadn't been there last week, and I quickly learned that he had been out of state for a family funeral.

This time I sat across from Terry at the poker table, and David was next to me. And Terry was obviously being really close with Mark. They bumped shoulders and made googly-eyes at each other. That kind of bothered me, and I realized that I had secretly, even from myself, hoped to somehow get together with Terry. But now that was dashed. But I still had a good time.

David and Jack were still sticking together. I was shocked when they went to that other room and Jack turned around and said, "Hey, Carl, you wannna?" I goggled when he folded his hand and went with them.

"Gosh," escaped before I could stop it.

The guys laughed.

"Carl used to be with David. They still are, sort of. The three of them been friends since before they knew about each other. David and Carl were together when, I forget which one of 'em, messed around with Jack first. Then David got serious with Jack for a while, now they're sometimes all together," Chet explained.

"Gosh," escaped again.

They laughed at me again.

"Me and Chet and Carl been all together a few times," Howie said.

He didn't seem to be bragging or anything, just stating a fact that backed up Chet.

Chet nodded, then said, "But How and I pretty much stay just with each other now."

"Except that team trip to Indy last month. I think you guys slept through the whole team that weekend," Terry said with a laugh.

"That was an exception. And it was just Darrin and Rich. I mean, opportunities popped up," Chet said with a shrug.

"Lots of things popped up that weekend," Terry laughed.

"Shove it, and kitty up or fold 'em," Chet said with a laugh. "They got some beers, and then we saw the coaches heading into a bar across the street, so we knew they'd be a while. We all got pretty sloshed, and, well, things happened."

"A lot of things!" Terry added.

"Kittie-up or fold," Chet demanded.

"Fine. I'm in."

"You were that weekend," Howie snickered. "That was his first time, Jer. He didn't know he liked guys yet. Well, he knew, he just hadn't found out for sure. Hasn't left the guys alone since. Looks like tonight, Mark is the target."

"And I've got a bull's-eye all painted around my ass tonight," Mark snickered, eying Terry.

Terry turned red and gave him a shove on his shoulder.

"I hope you know what you're getting into. Terry is, well..."

"Nothing like me," Rob bragged.

I hadn't forgotten how last weekend they had commented on Rob's size.

"Nobody is like you, you mutant," Terry said.

"I know what Ter has," Mark said. "And I can't wait to sit on it."

Terry got even redder.

It was so amazing to be there with so many other boys that were homosexual, too. Hearing them talk about things like that made it seem so... almost normal. It was like my friends and me, but without talking about girls.

I didn't have to worry if I looked at someone's lap when they stood up, or their butt as they walked away. I caught a lot of the guys looking. And looking at me. That made me feel both embarrassed and great.

Chet didn't shoot down all the comments made at me this time. He just grinned and looked at me, I guess to see how I handled them. They were jokes and teases, and I blushed and tried not to grin too widely. It was fun.

After a while, Terry asked, "So, you figure out which way you're gonna go yet?"


Looking into his eyes, I wanted to say, 'I decided to sweep you off your feet and take you into that other room and..."

I really wished I had the guts. And in the next instant, I felt guilty about Mitch. I ended up shrugging at him, feeling myself blush deeply and grinning like a dolt.

"Take your time. It'll come to you. Both isn't bad at all. Best of both worlds."

"Yeah," David said. "You go out with a hot chick, get some pussy, and then get some hot ass, too."

"Or a decent blow-job," Terry added. "No girls give blow-jobs as good as a guy. None I've heard of, anyway."

The other guys who had said they liked both, the older ones, anyway, all nodded and grunted agreement.

"Guys know what feels good. When to do it, too. Girls have to be taught, and then they really don't understand it, not like a guy can, anyway," David explained.

I was pretty sure I understood. How could a girl know what a guy could? It made a lot of sense.

I learned a lot by listening to them talk about those kinds of things. And they seemed to want to share their knowledge.

A while later, Terry and Mark were next to use the room when Carl, David, and Jack came out, all sweaty and grinning. I got so hard. I wondered what they had done together. I stayed so hard, thinking about what was probably going on in that room, behind that door. I tried not to think about it, but... I'm sure you know how it is.

A couple of hands later, Herb got four queens. When he laid them down, he grinned at Rob. Everyone at the table shouted, "QUEENS!"

"You sure?" Rob asked him.

He nodded.

"When Ter and Mark are done, okay," Rob said.

I had to ask, "If Jacks means you pick someone to use hands on you-"

That was as far as I got before they all started explaining at once.

"Queens mean you pick who fucks you."

"Some don't like it, though, so they pass," Chet explained. "You can always pass any four-of-a-kind hand," he reminded me.

"So, what's kings? You pick who you want to... uh, do it to?"



"Your pick."

"What if you pick something someone don't want to?"

"Nobody has to do anything, ever," Chet said.

"If Rob drew the kings and looked at me, I'd pass," Terry said with a laugh.

"Who wouldn't?" some said.

"I wouldn't," others said.

"Some of us fear the day Rob has the kings," Dan laughed.

"I'm looking forward to having those four kings, a lot," Brian said, looking at me.

I probably got redder than the Coca-Cola symbol.

"Or aces," he added, grinning even wider at me.

Chet cleared his throat at him. He shrugged at Chet then dealt.

"I think we better get him out of here soon," Chet said. "Last hand for us."

I was almost willing to stay longer, but I was looking forward to what was ahead too much. I tried not to grin back at Brian, but it was hard. And I was hard, too.

When I got up to leave with Chet and Howie, I didn't bother to hide it. My slacks did nothing to hide it, either. No one said anything, and I'm sure it was noticed. No doubts. The expressions on some of their faces were proof positive.

"Show-off," Chet said as we got into his car.

"What?" I asked as innocently as I could.

They laughed.

"Created a monster, I tell ya," Howie laughed.

"Nah, he already had that monster," Chet laughed back. "Come sit up here, I got an idea," he told me.

Just over half an hour later we were pulling into the hotel. I was so excited and filled with rampant tingles and shaking all over. From the moment Chet had me sit in front between them, they never took their hands off my lap. And I didn't take my hands off of theirs. It was incredible! It didn't matter that my pants were never opened. I didn't know you could be so hard and so tingly and it played with so much without it going off. We sang to the songs on the radio, made jokes, and had a great time!

Chet went into the office, then came out with a room key.

"Got a great room," he said with a huge smile. "Told the guy we were bringing cheerleaders for the night. He gave us the room on the end so we wouldn't have neighbors."

The room was the last one on the end of the building, and there was no one parked near our room at all. As we entered the room, Chet picked me up easily and slung me over his shoulder. He held me by my thighs, up really high, as far as his hands and fingers could go with my slacks on. He spanked my butt and laughed, and told Howie to take his turn before I got away. I fought to get away, but not very hard. Howie's smacks turned into caresses and squeezes, and I stopped struggling at all.

"His butt is so firm," Howie said, exploring it.

"His body is, too. All over. I can feel a certain firmness against my shoulder."

I snickered. I started feeling down Chet's back. His muscles were hard and defined, and they moved as he turned and walked. It was fascinating. His sides were hard too, and I loved feeling his muscles moving under the shirt and his skin. I wished I could reach down far enough to grab his buttocks, but the view of them from that angle was amazing. And seeing them work as he walked was fascinating.

He threw me onto the bed on my back hard enough that I bounced. They were looking down at me, grinning.


"You're..." Chet said, then shrugged.

"Adorable," Howie finished.

"Stop it," I said, feeling as embarrassed as I ever had. "You know you guys are really... uh... good looking, too, ya know."

They really were. Fit, slightly muscular, tall, broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, strong arms, strong legs, bulges in front, round bulges in back, and nice features. Both tanned. One's hair a blond so light it was almost white, with blazing green eyes and a few freckles, the other with hair so deeply brown it was almost black, and brown eyes so dark they were nearly black, and an even darker skin tone that wasn't all from a tan.

"Can I see?" I asked, not even knowing I was going to ask.

"See what?" Chet asked, hiding a laugh.

I laughed, and Howie took off his shirt. His chest was hairy and firm, with a line of hair that went down the middle of his stomach and past his oval navel to the waist of his jeans. His big, dark nipples were at least as big as a silver dollar. He threw his shirt at me. I laughed and actually pulled it on over my own shirt. Chet took his off. His chest was as chiseled and muscular as Howie's, but his light hair hardly showed. His pink nipples were about the size of a dime, and his outtie bellybutton was so cute. Chet tossed his shirt at me and I put it on, too. I didn't know why or even think about it; I just did.

They kicked off their shoes, and then unfastened their jeans. They took them off and threw them on the dresser. They both wore white briefs, like I did, and they were hard and had wet spots, like I knew that I did. I watched as they pulled down their shorts, and then threw them at me at the same time. I caught them both. Their smells were all around me, and, gawd, how that made me so hard and excited! But the sight of them there all naked and hard was... wow!

"Now we wanna see," Chet said, grinning at me, his hands on his hips.

It was so embarrassing!

"Come on, handsome, show time!" Howie said.

He sat down on one side of me, Chet on the other, and they kissed me at the same time! I never ever thought of such a thing! It was... incredible! Oh, gawd! And their hands moved up and down my thighs and my back under the shirts. I felt as if I were nearly ready to have an orgasm. Things were twitching and throbbing down there just like that. And my stomach was rolling over inside of me, and tingles ran up and down my spine and all along my skin.

Then they stopped and pushed me to my feet.

"Off with the clothes," Chet said.

I kicked off my shoes. This was so embarrassing! And so... sensual? Sexual? Something! I took off all three shirts at once, together, and threw them over their heads to land on the floor on the other side of the bed. Then I unfastened my slacks. When I straightened up from taking them down, I saw the huge wet spot. That was so embarrassing too! I tossed my slacks over their heads, and then hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs. I sighed, then pushed them down, then stepped out of them. My erection bounced up and stood out like a flagpole. It was darker red than usual, and bounced with every beat of my racing heart.

Gawd, how I tingled all over! There was just something about having someone see me naked! And they were naked, too. And hard. And homosexuals. And we were going to... well, do something.

I tossed my briefs over their heads, but they snatched at them, grabbing them, and they both held onto them. They laughed, then shrugged, then tossed them behind them with the rest of my clothes. Then they looked at me. They reached out and each took one of my hands and pulled me to stand between them.

I was looking down at two naked, hard, homosexual boys who were looking up at me, holding my hands, and smiling at me. It was like time stood still. I shivered all over. They put my hand on their erections, and they reached out and Chet took my dick and Howie took my balls, and then there was no time, no space, no world; just the three of us.

"Turn around," Chet said softly as he let go of my painfully hard erection.

"What? Why?"

He gave me that look that said, 'Just do it, dummy.'

So I did. I stood there, wondering what they were going to do, and wondering what my butt looked like. I knew it was kind of rounded, and a little more fleshy than some, but I hadn't gotten very good looks at it in the mirror at home. I wondered how they liked it. When their hands landed on it, I flinched at first, but they were gentle, and caressed it in a way that had me shivering right away.

"Real nice, Jer," Chet said softly.

"Do you work out or anything?" Howie asked.


"You ride your bike a lot?"

"Every day, to go play ball. And around town."

"Must be it. Your butt is really nice," Chet said, still feeling it with his hands.

Or maybe one of his hands and one of Howie's.

A finger went between my cheeks, startling me.

"Ever put a finger in?" Chet asked.


"Yeah, Jer. Inside."


"Guess not, huh?" Howie asked.

"Well, uh, no."

His finger was right up against it now. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. It was hugely exciting, in a way, certainly, but seemed... messy? Dirty? Weird, for sure. It wiggled there, or something, and strange tingles exploded all over me. Suddenly I was nearly panting and almost shaking. His finger pushed, just enough that I knew what he intended to do. I still wasn't sure how I felt about that, but I liked them both, and trusted them, at least somewhat. I knew they wouldn't hurt me. I just didn't know if they knew it was kind of painful.

"Uh, don't, please," I said, afraid of what they would think of me.

"It's okay," Chet said really softly.

His finger left, and he pulled me back until I fell onto the bed. They rolled over me and their hands roamed across my tummy and chest. They were so handsome up close like that. We kissed, all together again, all at the same time, and their hands were all over me, except on my privates. It was like they were avoiding touching my dick or my balls. But they went everywhere else! And it felt really, really great! I loved how it felt when they played with my nipples. I never thought of boys' nipples being erotic, but mine sure were! At least they were when these two boys were tickling and pinching and playing with them. Wow! It was almost like a nerve ran direct from each nipple to my groin.

I suddenly remembered that I had hands, too. I reached out, still kissing and my eyes closed, until I found their bodies and began exploring. It was awkward, as I couldn't move my arms much with theirs in the way, so all I could reach was their hips, lower bellies, and their privates. But that was enough. I had a huge penis in each hand, and big balls to play with at times, and patches of hair to run my fingers through, and that was more than enough!

One of them stopped kissing me and started kissing down my neck. That was awesome! When he got to my chest, his lips and tongue played with my nipple, a hand with the inside of my thigh. Gawd! I squirmed all over between them! I almost couldn't breathe! Every nerve in my body was alive and tingling, every muscle was tense and trembling, and I was so filled with energy and emotion and pleasure.

His hot breath mixed with mine. His lips were so warm and soft, and they moved over mine in gentle caresses. I loved it. There was something so wonderful about touching lips together! A hand went under my head, sort of cradling it, and I knew it was Chet, as it came from his side of me. So now I knew that I was kissing Chet, and that Howie was moving down my body with his lips. I didn't know whose hand was on my chest or whose on my thigh, and it really didn't matter.

That hand between my thighs slid all the way up, and the fingers went behind my balls. They tickled and touched, and that was so nice! Then they pressed into the soft flesh behind there, softly and slowly, massaging and rubbing. Oh, gawd! It was as good as jerking off!

I felt my dick throb powerfully, and I knew I had leaked that sticky, slippery, clear stuff. Probably a lot of it, too. The sensation down under me where he was fingering was so awesome. Pretty soon, it was nearly as good as when I had an orgasm, but it was different, and was so good. I couldn't stop squirming! And the squeals and noises forced from me around Chet's lips kissing mine were odd, like nothing I had ever made before.

The fingers moved away, and then the entire arm went under my legs and lifted them until my feet were flat on the bed and my knees high and apart. Then the fingers returned to that place and massaged it again. The thumb was curled around my sack and almost over the base of my dick, but the fingers were behind my sack and between my thighs, and what they were touching was deep and sensitive. And in seconds I jerked up right, breaking those wonderful kisses. I couldn't help myself! I had to sit up! I had to curl up over myself and fight the heavy shivers and shudders. I wasn't close to an orgasm, it wasn't that, it was just... so much! So intense!

"You okay?" Chet asked softly.

"Oh... gawd!" I panted.

Howie stopped what he was doing between my thighs, behind my sack. He looked at me too, also a bit worried.

"Oh... gawd!" I panted again.

I was heaving for air. Those shivers and the tingling all over my body was just too much to take!

"What's wrong?" Howie asked, taking his hand away from that wonderful place and coming to sit beside me again, putting his arm over my shoulders.

Chet turned a bit to face me fully, and brushed my hair off my forehead.

"He's hot, burning up. You okay?"

I nodded, and barely managed to swallow between huge gasps for air. I was panting as if I'd raced my bike all the way around town on a very hot day. I was coated with sweat. The deep shudders in my chest and gut almost hurt. My jaw trembled when I spoke.

"I... I just... oh, gawd!"

"I think we're going too fast," Chet said.

"No!" I barked. "No, I mean, I..."

"Yeah, we are, don't put up a front. Calm down and breathe, Jer. Lay back."

I fell back. I panted. Howie got up. Chet stretched out next to me, not touching me anywhere. He smiled at me really nicely, though. It made me smile back.

"Don't worry. You're just overloading, I guess. The first time, when I was with... well, I'll be honest. I've only told Howie this. My cousin, Albert, he's five years older than me. When I was thirteen, and, well, we were having beers on the beach at the lake near where he lived, well, I'd never had a beer before, and didn't even finish the one, but I was feeling it. And we were talking about girls, and how to kiss, and how to touch, and what to do to have sex. He seemed to know everything. And, well, he sort of showed me. I... I think I had the same thing happen you are. It was just... too much! It was almost like a panic attack or something. I... I had to stop! I couldn't breathe! My whole body was... just... all over I tingled and shivered, and... wow. Then, uh..."

Howie came back with a wet rag that he put on my forehead. It felt really good.

"Well, I didn't know I should stop, he didn't either, and, I, uh... had my first orgasm."

Chet was blushing so darkly. It was really cute. He was grinning, too. It made me grin.

"Poor guy. Had his first one and didn't even know what was going on," Howie said.

Then he moved the wet rag over my face and neck. It was pure bliss. I was calming down, and breathing better, but my body was still filled with tingles and shivers and wild charges of pure sex. God, I was so... charged up! Howie washed my face, neck, chest, and under my arms. He was gentle and quick, and then left with the rag.


"Oh, hell, yes," I said emphatically.

"You're still nice and hard. You still want to, uh-"

I leaned up and pulled his head down and started kissing him again. His hands went back to my chest and the back of my head as he let me fall onto my back.

"So he's still ready to go, huh?" Howie said.

I felt the bed move as he sat down again, and I felt his hands on my stomach and hip. Chet pulled away from me, and had to force me to stop kissing him.

"Oh, wow, is he ever!" Chet said, grinning widely.

"We're just going to have to take this a lot slower," Howie said.

"No!" I complained.

"Yes," Chet said firmly. "I don't want your first real time to be quick and dirty, like the pool. That was too far. Sorry we went so far."

"Why? I loved it!" I exclaimed.

It was confusing. They were saying it had been too much? How? It had been grand!

"It was your first, and it should have been... just better."

"Better? How could it have been better? It was great!"

"It was too fast, and too clumsy, and too... not enough... no fun."

"No fun! It was tons of fun! I loved it!"

Chet smiled at me, then looked at Howie. They smiled at each other.

"You don't mind? The way it was?" Chet asked.

"Hell no!"

"I told you, Chet. You're too much of a romantic."

Chet shrugged, then said, "Maybe I am. I just wish it had been... better."

"Better, how?"

"Like this. Not under a towel at the pool."

"If it was like this it would be over by now!" I said, meaning it.

I knew it would have. I couldn't have borne what we were doing if it was the first time. I would have finished at the first touches of what Howie had been doing under my scrotum. Or before. No doubts.

They laughed. I did too.

"You really that close?" Chet asked.

I nodded. I felt embarrassed to admit it, but it was simply the truth.

"Then we better slow way down. Don't want you worn out right away."

"I can do it more than once," I offered.

"I'm sure. But why make it so fast and quick? Let me and Howie show you how it is when you take your time. Okay?"

I nodded. I'd do anything they wanted.

"First, get dressed."

He got up, his erection seemingly less than full. Howie patted my shoulder and got up as well.

"What?" I asked, shocked.

I hadn't meant not to do anything. I'd meant it was okay to slow down some, not to stop!

Howie started throwing clothes at Chet and me.

"Wait! I didn't mean to stop!" I said, worried that maybe they didn't like me anymore, or didn't want me anymore, that maybe I was too much of a wimp for them now.

"You probably didn't. We are, though. For now. We're gonna take a break, get some food, and come back to it later. Get dressed."


"Yeah, I can't wait, but we're gonna wait. You need a breather, and I'm starving."

"And I need something to drink. I'm so thirsty I'd drink piss."

"Gross!" I barked.

I reluctantly got dressed. My erection wasn't going to away, not a chance. By the time theirs disappeared into their shorts, they were still large and filled, but no longer stood out away from their bodies. Mine was throbbing and dripping as I stood up.

"Hey, wait a second," Howie said.

He got in front of me, knelt, and held my dick. He looked at it, squeezed it, pulled it, and a long string of that stuff came out. I shivered all over! He leaned forward and licked it away, then sucked the very end of it. It felt like... no words fit. Beyond incredible! I jerked all over and a high whine escaped from me. He licked it again then stood up.

"It's really... light. Almost sweet," Howie said, looking at my dark-red dick as he said it. "That's nice. I can't wait for more!" He looked up at me and was smiling really wide.

My face probably turned as darkly red as the end of my dick. I snickered. Chet laughed a little.

"I bet he makes a lot when he orgasms," Chet said, grinning at me.

I snickered again.

"Get dressed. I'd love to parade you around town all naked, but I don't think we'd get away with it."

"Especially not as hard as he is. Or as big as it is. We'd have to fight off a hundred girls to get him back here."

I snickered again. I pulled my shorts on, my slacks, then my shirt, and sat down to tie up my shoes. They were dressed and ready by then. I tried to arrange my erection so that it wasn't so obvious, but it was, no matter how I placed it. They laughed.

"Leave it alone and it'll go soft," Howie said.

"No, it won't," I told him.

"Sure it will."

"No, it won't."

"It won't?"

"Not for a while. Not unless... uh..."

They laughed.

We found a restaurant just down the road. I wished my erection would go down, because it felt like everyone in there could tell I had one. It wasn't fully hard by then, but it was far from soft. Even a quick thought about what we had done, or what I wondered we were going to, and it was back at full hardness in a heartbeat. If I had those swimming trunks on, I would have done it in them.

We ate, laughed, talked baseball, and had a good time. We stopped at a market on the way back and picked up some sodas for later. They paid for everything, telling me to keep my money for tomorrow.

"What's tomorrow?"

They smiled at me and each other, but they wouldn't give me a hint.

My erection returned with a vengeance as we pulled in at the hotel. I knew it wouldn't go down. The whole idea of doing something with them was far too exciting for it to go down. I hoped that Chet would heft me onto his shoulder again as we entered the room. I expected him to, but he didn't.

Howie closed the door behind us. Chet sat down at one of the chairs at the little table. He pointed to the other one for me to sit down. It felt like being in the principal's office at school. Howie sat down on the bed, looking our way.

"Jer? Can I ask a favor of you?"


"I want you to sit in that chair, and don't move from it. Just watch. Don't touch yourself, and don't say or do anything. Okay?"

"Uh, okay?" I almost stated, but more asked.

"Good. Just enjoy the show. And don't worry. You will have your turn. But first, I'd like to show you something. What you've probably wondered before. Okay?"

"Uh, okay?"

He nodded, smiled at me, then stood up, walked over to the bed, sat down next to Howie, and put his arm over his shoulder. Without looking at me at all, they both leaned closer to each other and kissed. My dick jumped in my pants. My breaths became quicker and my heart began to beat faster. I watched, enthralled.

They pressed up together, kissing, their hands moving over each others' bodies. They kicked off their shoes. They took each others' shirts off. Their hands roamed over each others' chests, toying with nipples and tracing lines over skin. They hugged at times, pressed tightly together, always kissing and touching.

Chet turned Howie so that he could lie on his back, then straddled him on hands and knees, still kissing. Howie reached under Chet and unfastened his jeans. Chet slipped out of them as Howie helped, then Chet kicked them off and onto the floor. Howie grabbed Chet's large, rounded cheeks and massaged and kneaded them. I could hear soft moans and groans and rapid breaths.

They rolled so that Howie was on top now, still kissing, hands still roaming all over each other, but now Chet unfastened Howie's jeans, and helped Howie out of them until they were on the floor with Chet's. Chet played with Howie's rounded, firm butt cheeks, kneading and massaging them. More groans and moans, names being whispered between them.

They rolled onto their sides, Chet's back to me, and kissed, hands roaming all over each other. Howie rolled Chet onto his back and began kissing down his chest, lingering at his nipples, his tummy, his navel, then using his teeth to pull the white shorts down until Chet's penis was exposed. Then Howie removed the shorts as Chet worked his legs out of them.

Seeing Chet's freed penis, and Howie's hand cradling it, slowly moving through the thick hair, under the large balls, around the sensitive upper thighs, all of it made my erection throb powerfully. I knew I had started another wet spot.

Howie kissed Chet's navel, licked downward, then took the long, smooth head of Chet's cock into his mouth, closing his lips over it. Chet sighed deeply and rested his hand on the back of Howie's head. Chet moved his hips up and down, moving his dick in and out of Howie's mouth. I heard squeaking sucking sounds. Chet gasped and sighed and groaned, and his hips thrust and withdrew his penis between Howie's red lips.

I couldn't so much as blink.

Howie swung around and put one leg over Chet, now straddling his head with his knees. They were diagonally across the bed, so I could see as Chet put his lips around Howie's penis and took it into his mouth.

I leaned forward, elbows on knees, chin on my hands. The dancing in my pants was constant and felt incredible. I wondered if I was going to have an orgasm without it being touched.

They rolled over, Chet now on top, and now his ass was spread wide and I saw places that I had never seen on anyone before. It was beyond fascinating! The way his cheeks opened and exposed the hole there made my penis leap! I saw the area that Howie had massaged on me earlier. I wondered what was there that was the source of that wonderful sensation. His balls hung low, nearly lying on Howie's face. I could only see a short length of Chet's penis as it moved in and out of Howie's mouth. The way Chet moved his hips, from that view, was like some kind of active art display.

"Let me know when you're ready," Chet said softly.


The sight was almost enough to finish me. And I wasn't far from that finish. The contact of their hands on me earlier had been wonderful, but watching them, it was doing what that contact hadn't quite gotten to, yet. I leaned back and stretched my legs out in front of me, feeling my dick pressed against myself and my underwear. I saw it outlined clearly by the slacks. I could even see it throbbing. The tingles in my gut and the electrical charge all over my body was intense and incredible. Gawd, how wonderful that felt! My legs ached as I stretched them even further, my ankles popping. That sensation of impending orgasm grew. I shivered, and tightened the muscles inside my thighs. My penis throbbed and pulsated, but didn't reach orgasm. I managed to breathe, and my body seemed to relax a fraction, and I returned my eyes to watching Chet and Howie.

Howie put his hands on Chet's buttocks, with his fingers deep in the crack. I saw him fingering Chet's anus, like Chet had done to me earlier. I was shocked when I saw one of Howie's fingers enter and disappear into the hole there. Chet groaned loudly, and I thought that I saw his entire body shudder. I wondered if it hurt as much as I thought it was going to when Chet had pushed against mine. It hadn't actually hurt, it was just so weird, and strange. There hadn't been pain, just discomfort. But Chet seemed to like it very much. And now Howie had his entire finger inside of him. Howie seemed to twist it inside of Chet. Then Chet growled and grunted, and seemed to almost writhe on Howie's finger.

Chet's buttocks worked as he moved his penis through Howie's lips, and I saw Howie's hips thrusting himself through Chet's lips. They groaned and moaned, and I loved the sounds. Chet groaned, "How!" and his hand reached down to pull his penis from out of Howie's mouth. I heard Chet grunting. It was a beautiful sound! His gasps and grunts made my body again prepare to reach orgasm. I saw the fleshy area behind Chet's balls, between his legs, under his anus, pulsating. I had no idea there was a muscle there. Chet grunted repeatedly, deeply, and I suddenly knew that he was in orgasm. I suddenly knew that the movements I saw there between his anus and scrotum were the actual, physical workings of Chet's orgasm.

I gasped. I came. I managed to keep my eyes open and watch Chet's orgasm occur from an angle I had never once considered possible. I heard Chet's grunts and groans, and I saw the actual functioning workings of his body as it expelled his semen onto Howie's chest. And I felt my own body as it did exactly the same thing. And for the first time, I knew what was happening deep below my own scrotum. The pulsating sensations that were so exquisite now made sense. I saw Chet's body do what my own was doing. I felt it, I saw it. Seeing it happen as I felt it happen, made it happen all that more powerfully.

I grunted and then held my breath. I stared at Chet's anus as it pulsated, as the flesh below it pulsated, and the testes rose and fell. I felt my own parts doing exactly the same things, almost in time with Chet's. It was so intensely incredible! My breath stopped, even my heart stopped. Only the repeated pulsations between my thighs, behind my scrotum, near my anus, only those existed. And the image of Chet's similar functions. In a way, we were tied together.

They rolled over so that Howie was on top. He went upright on his knees, pulled his penis from Chet's mouth, and I saw his penis squirting white streamers. Again and again, with his eyes squeezed shut, Howie expelled his semen onto Chet's chest. I could hear the splat as it landed. He grunted with each expulsion, his head now thrown back.

My body continued convulsing around my groin. I wasn't sure, but I thought that I was still squirting semen into my shorts. The powerful contractions were still occurring. My body seemed stretched to some limit or another. The muscles doing that work between my thighs seemed on the verge of cramps. I grunted loudly, hardly able to breathe, shocked that I was able to keep my eyes open and observe the sights before me.

Howie shuddered and grunted, then fell forward onto the bed, releasing his penis so that he could use both hands to prevent falling onto Chet. Then Howie fell over onto his side and then rolled onto his back, gasping for air.

I was shuddering and shivering, gasping. I hadn't noticed until then, but I was grasping at my groin with both hands and my legs were still out straight in front of me, my ass actually out of the chair. With that realization, I seemed to return to myself, and I collapsed into the chair with a deep, loud, shuddering sigh. My breath returned in loud heaves.

"Oh gawd!"

They looked at me.

"Well, I think we missed it," Howie said.

"Yeah, looks like it," Chet agreed.

They waved me over to them. I wanted to go, but my muscles wouldn't obey me. I only shivered and shuddered. They laughed. They got up, streaks of semen all over their chests, came to me, picked me up, took me to the bed, and undressed me. They removed my shorts, sticky and wet. It was so embarrassing!

"Should we clean him up?" Howie asked.

"Why not? Jer? We could use being cleaned, too, if you're willing."

I could smell their semen, and without hesitating, I began licking Chet's chest. It was warm and thick, sticky, slippery, musky. Like my own, but stronger and so much more of it! I sucked his nipples once his was clean, just to have done it. Then I turned to Howie's hairier chest, and Chet's semen there. I cleaned him just as well, licking and sucking his nipples too. Chet's semen was less musky, more nutty. I went back and forth, making sure I had them clean. The whole time, they were both cleaning me up, very thoroughly, too. It tickled insanely! My erection came back in full force almost right away.

"Good job, Jer," Chet said. "How, shall we?"

Chet was the first to do more than lick me clean. He kissed the tip of my head softly, looking up at me, then slid his soft, warm, wet lips down over it. I shivered. Gawd, it was nice! His lips passed over my head, then the edges of it. I gasped. Then there was something... beyond my expectations, beyond my experiences, beyond merely good. I knew he was sucking me. I had never imagined such a sensation!

"Oh, gawd!" I said around sudden giggles. "Gawd!"

My legs slammed together and my stomach muscles pulled me upright. Heavy, powerful shudders wracked me. It was... no words can describe it!

He stopped. I missed the sensations instantly. He had done it for only a few seconds, but it also felt like a thousand years.

Howie replaced him. I fell back and stared at the ceiling. The feeling as he sucked me was just... I don't even know how to explain it. The most wonderful tugging, tingling, pulsing... just... oh, gawd! I began drifting out of my body. Or deeply into it. The feeling was so incredible. It was amazing that my body could make such feelings and sensations. I wondered how sucking on the penis could possibly cause it. It made no sense. It was supposed to function due to friction, releasing semen to impregnate the female. But why did suction cause such an incredible and pleasurable sensation? Why? How? And why was it so... strong? Powerful. Intense. Why and how could it be so mind-blowingly, spine-shatteringly, muscle-shudderingly, soul-fulfillingly, breath-takingly wonderful?


Chet kissed me, then said, "Hold up, Howie, hold up."

Howie released my penis with a loud squeak and pop. It felt as if my testes were halfway through my penis and on their way out the end. It had only been a few seconds, but I was so close to another orgasm! It was just... fantastic!

"Nothing like it, is there?" Chet asked.

"Oh, gawd, no!"

"Is that the best, or what?" Howie asked, crawling up to lay next to me, grinning at me.

"Oh, wow!" was all I could say about it. "Wow! More, please!"

They laughed.

"Oh, you'll get more. Don't worry. But like we said, it's even better taking your time. So, let's have one of those sodas, and see if there's anything on television, and unwind before we blow your mind."


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