First Time Tales

by Smokr

Tristan's Tale

The first time I knew I was gay. - Tristan

He wrote it down, sent it to me, and I polished and puffed it up for him. - Ray

It started with an accident.

Darren and I were really good friends. Best friends. We had known each other since kindergarten. We both had worn Hulk shirts that first day, and that led to talking about the Hulk, and we just became friends. We both had other friends, too, but we were close. There wasn't a lot of guys our age around. We lived in a really small town in Indiana, called Milton. Nothing there and not much to do.

We took karate together. Played on the little league baseball team together, and made bad movies together in my backyard. My house backed on some woods, so we ran around in there, playing war, or one of us being the bad guy and the other the Hulk, or ninjas, or cops and robbers. We made movies there, too.

We'd done all the usual things boys do, and by twelve, we'd started beating-off. By thirteen, we'd shown each other our parts more than once, especially once they started growing bigger. By fourteen, we'd shown our boners to each other. Weeks ago, we had bragged about how we could shoot now, and even jerked-off in front of each other a couple of times lately.

I was noticing something about myself. Darren and I both were noticing the girls. Thing was, I was also noticing the boys. Including Darren.

We both had our red belts in Karate. That meant that we were doing really well. All the karate practice we'd done together through the years, I sort of started noticing his body in a different way when we were thirteen. His legs were interesting, his arms were interesting, his chest, his face, his smile, his eyes, his hair, and of course, his butt and his parts. I started liking grappling more than kicks and punches. I liked touching and wrestling with him. It made me feel sexual. I got erections. I badly wanted to grab his crotch.

Sometimes I wrestled or practiced karate with other guys. I noticed them, too. I started being sure that I was going to be gay. I wasn't nearly as interested in girls as I was the guys. When I jerked-off, I started thinking about doing stuff with guys. At first, I just did it, not thinking much, just liking doing it. But when I found out I could fantasize about doing stuff with guys, it got better. Way better.

At fourteen, I was thinking about Darren a lot. Especially when I masturbated.

The last time we had done something sexual had been weeks ago. I was always trying to lead things that way, but being really careful about it. It didn't always work. But just after school was out for the summer, we'd seen a couple doing it in the park as we walked home one night. We sneaked up and watched from behind bushes. It was really exciting! When they finished, we sneaked away and giggled all the way to my place. He was staying over. We went to my room, and ended up talking about what we had seen, and before long, we were beating-off on the bed next to each other. Not the first time. I loved doing that.

We always kept our pants on, just unzipped and pulled out out dicks and did it. We wiped the stuff off our stomachs with Kleenex and then watched television or listened to music or something.

During school break, before we started high school, Darren and I were messing around, practicing Karate in my back yard. It was really hot, so we were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. That day, he was wearing camouflage shorts that were sort of swimming trunks, and a green t-shirt. They were small, so they were tight, too. And his body showed through. His legs were getting really strong, and his butt was getting really juicy, and his package was getting really nice.

So we were sparring, not very seriously, more messing around. We ended up with him chasing me into the trees, threatening to pin me and make me eat dirt. I got ahead of him and ducked around a huge tree and hid there. He went past me, and I went back the way we had come. I was going to sit on a deck chair and wait for him to give up and come back, and make a big deal about how bad a tracker he was.

I was almost back to the house, and could even see it through the trees, when I heard him yell, "Bonzai!" I turned around really quick, bringing up my right leg and arm in a guarding motion, expecting a blow to my back. He had jumped to land on my back, I guess. He was in the air as I turned. He came down, almost on me, but his groin came down on my upraised knee.

It was hilarious! He had this huge grin as he came down at me, then he hit his junk on my knee, then his grin snapped into an open-mouthed gasp in a split-second. I let my leg and arm drop as he went down on his knees with a loud, long, low groan, holding his crotch.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Oh... no... oh..."

He curled up over his groin, kneeling, his forehead on the ground, holding himself.

"You okay?" I asked again.


I could tell from his voice that he wasn't. I went down on my knee and put my hand on his back and asked again.

"Nailed 'em," he groaned, still curled up tight.


"Fuck, yes."

He could barely talk or breathe. He coughed a couple of times and fell on his side, still curled up. Now I could see his face. I'd never seen him look like he was in so much pain! He sort of panted, but raggedly, groaning and gasping.

I felt awful. I didn't mean to hurt him, and especially not there. His were bigger than mine, I knew. My dick was longer, but he had nice, big nuts. They even hung down further than mine. I hadn't seen them for over a month now. That had been when he had dropped his pants to change into swimming trunks to go swimming. I'd even said how big they were, and he had sort of held them up and smiled. I'd gotten hard, and was glad I'd already had my trunks on and my towel to hold in front of myself.

"Gonna be okay?"

"No," he groaned, still curled up tightly.

"Dude. Serious. It wasn't that hard a hit."

"Was when you're the one coming down."

He had a point. I sat there, feeling bad, hoping he wasn't going to get revenge. It'd been an accident. Finally, he made to get up. He moved really slowly, groaning.

"Bad?" I asked again.

He held his groin and stayed mostly bent over. He nodded.

"I think you busted 'em."

I laughed. He didn't. He looked up. His face was red, darkly red, and I was sure had tears in his eyes.

"Sorry," I said.

He groaned, then started walking to the house. I walked along beside him. He limped and moved really slowly. He was favoring his hands, too.

"Hurt your hands?"

"Yeah, when I hit the dirt. Didn't know to grab my goods or break my fall. Sort of landed bad on 'em. Think I sprained the wrists."

"Need some ice?"

"No." Then, "Yeah. Maybe. Don't know."

We got to the house and went inside.

"Ice?" I asked as I closed the door behind us.


He went to the stools by the snack bar. I got an empty bread sack and put some ice cubes in it When I turned around, he was taking his trunks down. I almost forgot to walk. He dropped his shorts, having a little trouble because he had hurt his wrists. I hadn't seen him that naked for a long time. I felt my dick growing hard as I got close enough to hold out the bread-sack of ice cubes. He was bent over, looking at his junk, poking his nuts with a finger and hissing.

I stood there, not moving, not making a sound, looking at his finger gently poking at his nuts. His other hand was holding his dick to the side. I felt my dick go fully hard. I sort of held the ice-filled bread sack in front of my own groin, hopefully hiding my boner. I kept watching as he really carefully moved his nut, then let go of it, then moved the other one just as gently. He hissed his breath and it caught a couple of times. He let go of his dick and it fell in front of his sack.

"Hands bad?"

"Nah. Nothin' like my nuts!"

He laughed a little. He straightened up. He saw the bread sack, then really carefully, sat down, and took it from me. He had trouble handling it, but placed it on top of his groin and grimaced again.

"Not the right way," I said.


"Put the ice on your sack, not on your dork."


He moved it lower. It obviously hurt some. He adjusted the ice again. He groaned. He kept his wrists on the top of the ice.

"Hurt bad?"

"Man. Sorta numb now."

"Hand or nuts?"

"My nuts. The wrists are sorta sprung, is all."

"Your nuts numb from the ice? Already?"

"No. Before."

I didn't think that was a good sign. I got worried.

"They seem swollen?"



"Fuck, yeah."

I remembered Jared Watkins. He'd gotten kicked in the jewels in karate a while back. He'd had to go to the hospital. They both got swollen, one more than the other, and there'd been worries for a while that he would be sterile.

I saw that he was thinking of that, too.

"He said they went numb right after," he said, now looking worried.

"Yeah," I said.

"Check online?" he asked.


We headed to my room. It was slow going. He could barely walk, and even being as careful as he was, it was obviously painful. I started my computer and we checked online for articles and such about injuries to testicles. There were plenty. Some weren't helpful at all, but a couple of places were medical sites, and a couple were sports sites. They were helpful.

They agreed that swelling was not a good sign, but didn't have to be a bad sign. Discoloration was. He lifted the ice. His sack was reddish-pink, about the same color as I remembered. Not dark, not dark red, not purple. It said to examine the scrotum closely for bruising. He leaned down and moved his balls around.

"Hard to tell. Tris, you gotta do me a favor."

From his expression, I could tell it was a big favor. I suspected.


"You gotta look."

I pretended like it was something I didn't want to do, but I got on my knees and put my face right up near his junk. It was amazing! If it wasn't for his being hurt, I would have loved doing that.

He held his dick to the side, and his other hand held his balls up from below his sack. His sack looked pretty normal to me. Nothing like the images on the site of ruptured testes or bruised scrotums. There were a few sandy-blond hairs growing in places, and it was wrinkled and loose. His nuts were smaller than walnuts, and one looked bigger than the other. I didn't see any bruises or marks. The color was the same as I remembered.

I sat in my chair again, then said, "Looks normal to me."

I looked down quick and saw that my erection was pretty obvious. I put my hands on my lap as casually as I could.

"Fucking weird feeling. Like... numb, but buzzing," he said, putting the ice back over them.

"One looks bigger."

"Is that normal?"

I searched, and found it was perfectly normal. He rocked in the chair a little, grimacing. I could tell it really hurt.

I searched for checking testes for injury and found more sites. Most of them said to 'palpate the testes.' They said to look for changes or unusual shapes, and for excessive tenderness. He did. He said they felt the same, maybe swollen, and they were both sore and tender.

"Excessively tender?"

"What the hell is excessively?"

I shrugged.

More sites and reading. We learned to check them after twenty to thirty minutes for swelling if there was no signs of discoloration or the scrotum filling or swelling like a balloon. He checked, and there didn't seem to be anything filling up his sack. It didn't look to be changing color. I got us something to drink and we waited, reading more about checking for injuries. After twenty minutes, he lifted the ice and felt them again.

I watched his fingers touching and rolling his nuts. I was getting hard again.

"I think one is swollen, for sure."

He held his left one and felt it closely.

"Yeah, man, I'm sure it is."



I read more.

"Squeeze it gently and describe the sensation."

"Sharp pain."

"Does it feel smooth and rounded? Other than the epididymus."

"The what?"

He looked at the image on the site. He felt around his nut. Then the other.

"I don't know." He kept fondling his nuts. He looked up at me. "Dude."

I knew what he was thinking. I knew to pretend that it was a gross thing. I sighed, shook my head a little, then said, "Fine."

I reached out. My hand was shaking. So was my chest. And my guts. I couldn't believe I was going to get to feel his nuts. I carefully put my fingers around the one he thought was swollen, and ran my fingers around it. My whole body felt electric. I wondered if it was bad that I was enjoying touching him.

It felt pretty normal. Like my own, I thought. Just bigger. I let go of it and felt the other one. It was pretty normal too. I got an idea.

"Hang on," I said, then reached into my shorts.

I felt my own nuts closely, making note of their sizes and shapes. Then I reached out to him with my other hand. I compared. They felt the same, other than size.

I was so hard! That made me think about his dick. I saw that his hand was holding it to the side, and that it was hard! He was probably trying to hide that fact, but I could tell. I wondered how I hadn't noticed before.

I thought it was probably just because someone was touching his nuts. I remembered how I had gotten hard when the doctor had checked my nuts for the school physical.

I kept feeling his nuts, and mine. Taking as much time as I thought I could get away with before he thought I might be feeling his balls for more than checking for injury. Then I let go and took my other hand out of my shorts.

"Feels the same, I guess," I said.


He got red in his face. I wondered why.

"Uh, can I, uh, check yours? See if there's any difference?"

My stomach flipped over. The thought of him feeling my balls was really exciting! I didn't want him to know I was hard though. I glanced down and saw he still was.

So, what's his excuse? I thought.

I really wanted him to touch mine. It was just so embarrassing that I was hard. I figured I could say he was, too.

"Well, just remember, you're hard, too," I said.

"You got wood?" he asked.

"Hey, I was grabbing my balls. It happened."

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, I can't say anything, can I?"

He let go of his dick. It bounced up straight. I almost gasped!

"Not like you've never seen it hard. Or me not seen yours. No big deal, right?" he asked.


I yanked down my shorts and underwear. He put the ice one the floor, then slowly reached out and grabbed one of my nuts. He felt it, all around it, then he felt his own. He hissed in pain, and not just from his nuts. He changed back to my nuts, felt them both, then went back to his. He sat back.

"Guess mine feels okay. Just swollen up. This one, anyway."

He held the larger nut.

"So, what's the worst can happen? Should I go to Redi-Med or something?" he asked.

We read the sites. Reduced ejaculate, reduced potency, discolored ejaculate, and possible or partial sterility were the worst. Any sign of pink or red in the semen was blood, and that meant he should see a doctor immediately.

"So, I might cum less, and maybe have a harder time getting a girl pregnant. Or it might change color. So that's why come guys cum is yellow?"

"Maybe. Worst case, though. Probably just gonna be sore a while."


He handled his nuts again. His dick stayed hard. I didn't pull my shorts or underwear up. I was thinking furiously. I had an idea, but it could backfire so easily. But I really wanted to try it out.

"Uh, maybe you should beat-off. Make sure it's working. That you shoot as much as normal. And there's no blood or it's not yellow."

"Yeah. Get some porn on that thing," he said, nodding at the computer.

I did. I was careful. I didn't want him to see the kind of porn I usually looked up. I searched for 'hot pussy' and clicked links. I found a site with videos. I played one he pointed at and said, "Hot!"

Two guys and a blonde chick. They shared her, using both ends of her at the same time.

He sat back and grabbed his dork. He grimaced.

"Man, I can't!"

"What? Why?"

"Fucking wrist is too sore."

"Try the other hand."

He did.

"Hurts," he said.

Then he looked at me, and I knew what he was thinking. I pretended not to.

"Dude, you gotta for me."

I thought I was gonna die! I put on an expression like he was insane, then sighed.

"Lean back," I said.

His dick was sticking straight up, moving a little with his heart beat. I scooted my chair closer to his. He lifted his hand and arm and put it across the back of my chair. With my heart hammering, and my chest and guts swirling, and my muscles trembling, I reached out to his dick.

I grabbed his dick. It felt so warm and smooth. It was a little longer than mine, maybe over five inches. His head was narrower than his shaft, which was the opposite of mine. My head was bulgy and short. His was narrow and long, and smoother. The edges of his were almost too smooth to call edges. They sort of just melted into the shaft. My edges were prominent and stuck out. I had a small patch of dark-brown hair. He had a slightly smaller patch of sandy-blond. His balls hung lower than mine.

I couldn't believe it as I started moving my hand up and down his dick! This was so great! I'd wanted to do that for ages! Now I was!

I watched my hand as it moved his skin up and down. His skin was looser than mine, and moved further along it. I could almost get the skin to cover the end of his head. I never moved my eyes from his dick. I don't know what he watched, or where he looked. I never looked up from what my hand was doing to him. My dick felt harder than it ever had before.

Pretty soon, he leaked.

"White and clear," I said, then rubbed it around on his head.

He gasped and hissed his breath through his teeth. He jerked when I did it the next time. I watched his head get darker. His hole opened up. More pre-cum came out. I rubbed it around on his head. He grunted and jerked.

I kept doing it slow. I wanted it to last. I knew the slower I went, the longer he would take. At least, I know that I lasted longer if I went slower. He stretched his legs out straight and leaned further back in the chair. I kept watching my hand moving up and down his dick.

My body was almost shaking all over! My guts felt like something was gently crawling around in them. My balls tingled more than ever before. I was having the time of my life!

I was jerking-off Darren! Finally! And he was letting me!

He got wet again, and I smeared it around on his head. He gasped.

"Gonna soon," he whispered.


I kept going, slow and even. Head to bush.

"Shit. Gonna."

I stroked slower.

"Man! Gonna be a huge one! Shit!"

Slower. Barely even moving my fist on him.

"Damn! Yeah!"

I could barely keep from groaning. The pressure between my balls and my ass was huge! I was going to shoot off a huge load without even touching myself!

"Oh, shit! Hurts! Ow!"

I felt his dick swell up. His whole body shook! The chair made squeaking noises, he was shaking so much! His dick swelled up and bent in my hand, then his wad shot as high as our heads. It landed on my thigh. It stretched out almost as long as his dick. A bent, twisted, ropey string of pure white with some clear fluid mixed in. And more than he usually shot.

"Oh, shit! Fuck!" He shouted.

He leaned back in the chair convulsively and shoved his hips upward. He shot again. It landed on my arm. White, pearly, clear, normal.

"Holy shit! Fuck!"

His entire dick swelled up and throbbed as he shot again. It landed on the arm of my chair. It was long and twisted. White and pearly.

He grunted, his dick throbbed, he shot again. It landed on my arm, at my wrist, closer to him than the other one that had landed on my arm. It was barely an inch or so long, ending in a rounded drop at both ends, sort of like a barbell. White and pearly, clear as well in places, normal, and lots of it.

He kept grunting as his dick danced in my hand. It was incredible!

I wasn't jerking my own, but it was going to go off.

"Oh, God!" I hissed softly.

It felt like I was shooting quicksand or something. It felt rough and thick.

"Oh, God!"

I closed my eyes and threw my head back. It was the best orgasm of my life! The space behind my balls felt like it was caving in! I pumped my cum into my shorts, feeling his dick moving in my other hand. His sticky, slippery, warm cum felt awesome! I kept cumming. Hard! And a lot!

"You getting off?" he asked.

His voice made me cum even more! He was right there, next to me, and I had his sticky, cummy dick in my hand! I shot even harder! I couldn't stop the grunting moan that came out of me as, "Ohhh, fuck!"

I shook all over. I heard and felt my ankles joints popping as my legs stretched out. My hips jerked a couple of times as the last shots happened. I could feel my cum oozing out of it.

"Wow, Tris!"

I exhaled explosively and opened my eyes. I sighed really loudly. I was looking at the ceiling.

"Man!" I said next. "Wow."

"Nice one! Dude, you shot without touching it!"

"I know!" I laughed. "Yours looked pretty normal. No pink or red. Or yellow."

"Yeah. Guess I'm all right."


I realized I was still holding his dick. I wasn't going to let go it, either. Not until he made me. I squished his cum around on his dick. He gasped and laughed, but didn't pull my hand off. He curled up over his lap, grimacing, but he let me do it.

His cum was on my wrist, my forearm, and my thigh. Not to mention my hand, the arm of the chair, and all over his bush and stomach.

"Dude, thanks," he said, grinning, barely glancing at me. "That kicked ass."

He was still mostly hard. Mine felt about the same. Mine would go down if I let it, but it would stay up and I could go again if I wanted. I wondered if he could.

"You ever go twice?"

"Yeah. You?"


We laughed. I moved my hand along his dick. He grinned wider.

"How's your nuts?" I asked.

"Not bad. Not numb now."

His dick jerked and stayed hard. I stroked it. He hissed. I got an idea. I loosened my grip and used his cum as lube, and stroked him loosely.

"Oh, shit!"

"Like it?"

"Fuck yeah! You still hard, too?"


"So, do yourself, if you wanna."


"Yeah. Let's both go twice."


I jerked my shorts and underwear down and grabbed my own dick too. I was holding both of our dicks at the same time!

The sounds as I stroked our wet dicks was awesome. But how it felt was indescribable. It always felt more sensitive and way better the second time, but doing it with him, to him, that second time, was completely incredible!

I moved from the very tip of our dicks, down to the very base, then back up. Sometimes tight, sometimes loose, but always my skin sliding over his, never moving the skin of our dicks over the core. We both loved it when I concentrated on our heads. The edges, especially. His small head seemed really sensitive. It was so easy to slide over his subtle edges.

His head went purple. Darkly purple. Almost like velvet. His hole was almost wide open.

He kept saying, "Oh, shit!" He jerked in the chair. His cum dried, so I told him to spit on it. He did. I spit on mine.

I rolled my hand over our heads, like I'd seen in those solo masturbation videos. He went nuts!

We had to spit on our own dicks several times before he warned me he was going to cum again.

"Tris, gonna blow again! Fuck! This feels awesome!"

He was almost shaking as much as I was. It was so good! It tickled and tingled almost so much it was unbearable!

I made a circle of my thumbs and one fingers, and I barely moved that across the edges of our heads. He actually squealed!

He yelled, "Fuck!" then tensed up from head to toes, said, "Here goes!" and then shot.

I barely rubbed just the edges of his head with my thumb and one finger as he shot again and again, grunting between his catching breaths. He didn't shoot as far, most of it landing right near his bush. The last half of his orgasm mostly oozed out, running over my thumb and then down his dick.

He held my hand still, almost panting, eyes closed and shivering.

I jerked myself a little faster, then stopped and did the same thing to myself. I shot onto my shirt with the first and second, then the rest mostly just rolled out in a stream over my thumb and into my bush. I shivered all over, barely able to keep from grunting out loud.

We were quiet for a while. I heard his breath slowing, and felt his dick go soft in my hand. He held my hand there, not moving it away. He put his other hand on my thigh. I looked up at his face. He was blushing like mad.

I laughed, mostly out of embarrassment. But also because I was so glad that had happened.

"I saw how you watched my dick, not the computer."

"Huh?" I replied.

"You didn't watch the porno. Just what you were doing. To me."


I didn't want to have to argue with him that I wasn't gay, but I didn't want to lie to him, either. I didn't know how to react.

"I can watch porn anytime," I said.

I wasn't happy with saying that, but it was all I could think of to say.

"You wanna again sometime?"

My guts shifted. I sure did! But I didn't know what to say. I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want to seem too enthusiastic. I settled for a shrug, then, "Sure, I guess."

"Next time, if my wrists are okay, I'll do it," he said.

"You sure?"

"Sure. Okay with you?"

Was it ever! I nodded.

"If my wrists are still sore, will you? Again?"


Would I ever!

We laughed a little, embarrassed. His hand moved from my thigh to my dick. I moved my hand and he played with my soft, ticklish dick for a little bit. I toyed with his. We were both too sensitive and ticklish to do anything, so we just toyed around.

I played with his balls really carefully.

"Still sore?"

He laughed, then said, "Yeah, but not so bad. Just be careful."

I was very careful. I loved playing with them. He played with mine. I liked how it felt when someone else did. We sort of stiffened up, but didn't get actually hard.

I smeared some of his cum around his belly. I could smell it. I wanted to lick it up.

"I'm starved," he said. "Let's clean up and get something to eat."

We did. We talked about it. He said he really liked it, and wanted to do it again. I said I did too.

"You think it's faggy?" he asked.

"I don't know. Don't care."

I shrugged.

"Yeah," he agreed. "I noticed you looked at me, not the porno."

I sighed. I really didn't want to have to tell him I was gay. I was afraid he wouldn't want to jack-off together again if he knew.

"I don't care if you are," he said.

I snapped my head up at him. I tried to think of something to say.

"Just don't fall in love with me or something. Okay?"

I couldn't think of anything to say. I stammered for the first time ever.

"And don't make a big deal of it. As long as nobody knows, it's not their business, I guess."

I still couldn't think of anything to say. I was scared. And worried.

"Are you?" he asked.

I couldn't even talk.

"Don't matter," he said with a shrug, then shoved my shoulder.

We watched television and played games on the computer. He stayed over that night. After my parents were in bed, he asked if I wanted to do it again. We were on my bed watching a movie. I pulled down our shorts and underwear and I did it to both of us at the same time again.

His wrist was better the next day, and he did it to both of us. It was awesome! Then he did it to both of us, twice, but a couple of hours apart.

The next day, I did it to us, then he did it to both of us right away. Fantastic! Then we used some Vaseline. Messy, but really fun!

The next day, we did it again, sort of doing follow-the-leader. What he did to me, I did to him. Really wild! That night, I was the leader.

Friday, we knew we wouldn't be likely to do it with my parents home all day tomorrow and Sunday, so we did it three times, almost in a row. It almost hurt that third time! Fucking awesome! We barely came any, but it felt incredible! We also found a way to do it, sitting across from each other, legs around each other. It was easier to reach each other.

His balls were fine. By the weekend, I could jostle and knock them around a bit and he said it didn't hurt.

We knew we couldn't do it during the day again the next weekend, so I worked up the guts all week, and on Friday I asked if he would like it if I tried giving him a blow-job. It was so hard to ask! But I managed to as we got started jerking each other. He looked me right in the eye.

"You gay? You know I won't care if you are."

I swallowed. I had thought he might think so if I asked that. I inhaled, then told him what I had come up with as an answer.

"I don't know. I know I like messing around with you. It's totally fun. If that makes me gay, I guess I am."

"You wanna give me head?"

I nodded.

"You're gay."

I knew he knew. I hoped he didn't care, like he had said.

I nodded.

"Okay. You can give me head. I'll try to on you, too. But don't be surprised if I suck at it."

Late that night, we did it. It was glorious! It not only felt better than being jerked-off, it was more fun to do, too. Rubbing his head with my tongue was addictive! I wanted to suck him until he came, but made sure I didn't. We jerked each off after sucking each other for a little bit and getting really close to cumming really quickly.

Getting each other off became the first thing we did when we had time and were alone. He stayed over at my place almost every night during the summer. My room was further from my parents' room than his was, and he had a younger brother and sister, so it was safer at my place.

We got each other off as often as possible. I hardly ever jerked myself off alone. I waited to with him. We'd start with our hands, then do a sixty-nine, and then finish with our hands. Until he came in my mouth the first time, mostly by accident. He had gone to his relatives for the weekend with his family, and on Sunday night he slept over, but with his brother, too. He was ten. So we didn't do anything. On Monday, his brother went to play with his friends, then was going home after that. We locked the doors and got busy. We started with our hands, then did a sixty-nine. It was really exciting after two days without. I was sucking on his, he was sucking on mine, and I knew I was going to go off quicker than usual. We barely got started, then I felt his dick swelling up and moving, then he tried to pull away, but I grabbed his butt and held on. Then he was pumping his cum into my mouth. I kept sucking and licking, and now swallowing. He jerked and bucked and gasped like mad. I loved it! I loved the taste! And how it felt. It was so thick and gooey and musky. He pulled my head off and apologized.

"Don't. I didn't mind."

"You're so gay," he laughed.

Then he attacked mine and sucked it until I was ready to cum, then he stroked me off. It was better than ever!

All summer long, we drained each other all day long, and sometimes at night. Then, one day just before school was going to start, and we were going to go to high school for the first time, he asked if he could fuck me.

I'd often thought about asking if he wanted to. I said yes. It was very weird. I'd used fingers and a candle before. We got the Vaseline, did what we saw guys do to girls in pornos to get her ready, and then he started putting it in me. It kind of hurt at first. He was so careful! That made it better. It felt like I could trust him not to hurt me. I knew he wouldn't. He kept asking if it was. He went slow and careful. Soon, he was all the way in, and then he fucked me. I loved it!

I never asked to fuck him. I didn't really want to. He fucked me a couple times a week, but we usually did a sixty-nine, sometimes after using our hands a while. Sometimes we watched pornos with our clothes on for a while first. That made it better when we got busy. We found out about making it last and taking our time.

We did it all through that school year, and into the summer. During our sophomore year, he got a girlfriend. We never did it again, even when he broke up with her later. We did once, but it was on my sixteenth birthday. It was a sort of present. He reached over out of nowhere and groped me. He got me hard, then took down my pants, and sucked me. Then he got me naked, let me take off his clothes, we sixty-nined for a bit, then he fucked me until he came inside me. Then he sucked me off. It was awesome squared!

Near the end of that school year, I suspected that my friend Randy might be gay. He acted girly sometimes when it was just the two of us. I asked him to stay over one weekend while Darren was out with his girl. We talked. I worked up the guts and asked if he was gay. He was shocked and didn't answer, and almost looked like he was going to cry.

On impulse, I reached over and put my arm around him, and we ended up kissing. Then we ended up doing it. We kept doing it. Darren figured us out, and told us he knew. He said he wouldn't tell, and was glad I had someone to do it with. Randy and I both like being fucked, so we used fingers and candles on each other besides jerking and sucking. We usually don't fuck each other, but do from time to time. We bought dildos and sex toys from Amazon once we turned eighteen, and we wear those things out! We're not in love, but we live in a small town, and there's not a lot of other guys our age around, so we keep each other happy and busy. We intend to keep doing it until we both go off to college next year.

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