First Time Tales

by Smokr

Matthew's Tale

Another guy wrote wanting me to ghostwrite about his first experience. He had written it out several times, but was never happy with it. He contacted me and said I wrote in a way he liked, and he would like it if I gave his story a try.

I did, keeping as much of his style and wording as I could. I wrote it, and got more of the story from him as we talked about what I had written and while asking questions about what I did have already. I thought the rest of the story was well worth adding to the ending. He's happy with it.

I was always interested in girls, even before I entered puberty. Once I started that part of my life, I figured out that I was a little different. My friends and I talked girls all the time, and I loved it. We did all the usual things guys did together, comparing as we grew, showing off if we popped wood and making jokes about it, and telling each other lies about how far we got with girls.

I also liked boys, and I knew it. I didn't see why I had to chose to like one or the other, or why I was supposed to like only girls. I jerked off thinking about whichever I felt like. I knew it wasn't "cool" to be gay, or even bisexual, so that stayed my secret. For a while.

When I was just barely sixteen, and had gotten lucky with my first girlfriend, I told my friends all about it as soon as I could. Vicki was pretty, and we had been going out for weeks before we got that far. We petted and messed around a few times, and she had gotten me off one time and she hadn't even known it. But finally, I got my license and my dad's old pickup. We were out a little later than usual, and we both knew we would be in trouble anyway, so we parked and climbed in back and we did it on the sleeping bag I keep back there.

That was Friday night, and Saturdays were usually for our friends. We sometimes went out with our girls then, too, but not usually. Usually the girls went out together and we guys went camping and fishing. Sometimes we stayed and camped all night, and this weekend, Scott brought a bottle of rum he got from his older brother.

Scott was fifteen, but bigger than me by far. I'd say five foot and ten inches. Tall and skinny, and kind of a nerd. He had black hair and blue eyes, and if he would just act and dress better he'd be killer with the chicks, especially if he'd stop wearing the dragon and elf kinds of t-shirts. Terry was almost seventeen and a little short. He has the blondest hair and huge brown eyes. The girls go crazy for him. Mark is popular, too. Tall and strong, and he has the longest arms and legs, like they were for someone meant to be bigger than the rest of him is. Mark has the most unbelievable blue eyes. I swear, they're the bluest things I've ever seen, even on television. He's the oldest of us friends, already seventeen, and had been driving us around for a long time. He was the first to get a girl and get lucky. He told us all about it, and we all envied him for the longest time.

Sometimes we missed out on our Saturday fishing and camping at the reservoir, but we almost always tried to meet up. Sometimes it was just two or three of us, especially lately.

Tonight it was just me and Scott. I picked him up at his place and I knew something was up by his huge grin. He said his brother had got some rum and didn't like it, then he pulled it out of his pack. He wanted to know if I wanted to try it. I was game. I was almost always up for almost anything new. I was really adventurous.

I drove us to our usual spot, and we decided to make a night of it. I didn't want to drive home if I was trying out rum. I'd drank some beer a few times and I knew I shouldn't try driving on it, so I wasn't even going to think about trying to drive if had rum.

We set up the little tent and started a fire, then chowed on the stuff we brought to eat. We fished, but didn't catch anything. We started sipping the rum. It was awful at first, but got better the more we drank of it. We were laughing and having a great time. We both knew if we drank too much of the stuff we'd end up sick, so we mixed it with the sodas.

The place we camped at was isolated. You had to drive down an old wagon trail for miles, so you needed a 4x4 or a truck to even get close. Then you had to know where to pull off that little path to bounce your way down to the clearing and the little beach on the little bay. You can't see out to the rest of the reservoir, and from out there the little beach was as good as invisible. And there we no public places or houses anywhere nearby. We were never bothered out there.

So we all had skinny dipped and sun-tanned naked a lot of times. And Scott and I were getting pretty drunk, and we ended up arguing about something I don't even remember, all in fun. But we ended up in the muddy area, partly in the water. But that didn't stop us. It was fun, and we were laughing our asses off. And I was really liking the contact with him.

I got to grope him in ways I really liked. His body was so hard and lean, and even if he was taller than me, I was stronger and tougher. Man! I loved wrestling with him. We used to all the time, but about the time I started going out with Vicki, we stopped.

But soon we got tired and noticed the mess we were. Muddy and wet, and it wasn't hot out. The sun was going to set soon, and it was going to be chilly. Hell, it was already chilly, so it was going to be cold. We took off our shirts, then our jeans. We both saw we were both hard and we laughed and made fun of each other.

I always knew he was longer than me, and there was no mistaking that right then. Ever since we were kids and played show-and-tell, he had been.

He wore normal white tighty-whities, and it was poking up and making the waistband curve up. Like I said, he's sort of a geek. But we've been friends for a long time, and I liked him being my friend. I took a little grief at school, even from Terry and Mark, who said he was a fifth-wheel anymore. But Scott is my friend, and I'm his, and I'm probably his only real friend, and I didn't care what Terry and Mark said, so why would I care what others said.

So he was there in his white briefs, hard as hell, laughing, and really cute. I knew I liked boys, too, and right then I saw that I liked Scott. That way, if you know what I mean.

We sat there and washed the mud out of our jeans and shirts, then put them over the side of the bed of my truck to dry. I was pushing out the front of my checkered boxers and really embarrassed. He kind of held his hand over his boner, so I did too.

We went back to the fire and the rum and laughing and having a good time. It was getting colder as it got darker, and the sun was behind the trees. I got goose bumps and shivered, and he was rubbing his arms, too. So we went into the tent. It was barely big enough for the four of us now that we were getting bigger, but with just the two of us, there was more room. We took some sodas and the rum inside and sat down and talked and had a good time.

I told him I had sex with Vicki again last night. He went ballistic and demanded that I tell him everything. He listened without saying a word while I told him about it, second by second, sort of. I didn't leave anything out. I think I told him even more than I would have if Terry and Mark were there, too.

It got dark and we had a little battery-powered lamp. His eyes almost sparkled as I described it all to him, how it happened, what we did, what it was like. I could tell what his hand was doing inside his briefs even in the low light. I was toying with mine almost the whole time, too, so what the hell could I say about it. It was embarrassing, but the three or four of us had done about the same thing in front of each other before.

I should say that the four of us had jerked off in front of each other more than a few times. We even had contests sometimes. That was before we got older. We still jerked it when we camped out, mostly while telling lies or sometimes the truth about sex with girls. But the light was off and we kept our hands to ourselves. Now that Mark and Terry had cars and girls, that had stopped. Now it was rare for us to go that far. We made jokes, or jerked off in the dark later, or caught each other doing it when we camped out, but we didn't have those daring games anymore, or do it in front of each other.

We talked about the little details and he asked a bunch of questions. It was mad fun. I really thought I could get to like him more than I liked Vicki. I'd known him for so long, I wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. If it would be weird because we were friends. I hadn't touched a guy before, only thought about a lot of them. Him, Terry, and Mark, included.

It was getting cold. I mean fucking cold. It was early fall, so no surprise, I guess. He hadn't brought a blanket, though, just his towel and a pillow. I always had my sleeping bag in the back of the truck, in the old cooler, so it stayed dry. It was spread out so we could lay on it, but it was getting too cold not to use it to cover up with. I said so, and we pulled our hands out of our underwear.

I zipped the thing up and climbed in. He acted like he was going to stay outside. I told him to get his scrawny ass inside. I don't know how many times we had shared my sleeping bag. He had one, and brought it when we knew we were going to stay all night, but hadn't tonight. I guess the rum had been so exciting he had forgot his sleeping bag, or he hadn't planned on my not wanting to drive back to town if I had some of it.

Anyway, he got in. It felt so good to have his body heat in there with me. Man, that was nice. We opened another soda and split it and mixed in some rum. We talked and laughed and got warm. Pretty soon we both were scooting up close to keep warm and bitching about the cold. I was glad it was so cold. The colder it got, the more excuse I had to get closer to his warm, interesting body.

Pretty soon we were back to talking about sex stuff. And pretty soon we were getting sleepy. He yawned a lot and that made me yawn. I wanted to stay awake and find some way to play a sexy game. Maybe even find some way to get to touch him and him touch me. The games we used to play never included any of us touching another, only ourselves. I tried to make up some new game, but I couldn't think clear with all the rum in me.

Pretty soon I was falling asleep on my back, next to him, and wishing I had the guts to reach over and put my hand on his groin as if by accident and leave it there all night. I hoped maybe I would wake up in the night and have a hand full of his big, hard one.

I didn't. I fell asleep. I woke up having to pee. I woke him up while I was getting out of the sleeping bag. I was going to jerk off, but it was too fucking cold out there. I came back and he took a turn. I tried to see if I could see anything as he came back in the tent, but it was too dark. He got back in the sleeping bag and bitched about the temperature. I got an idea, and told him not to freak out. I slipped up behind him and spooned up against him. He said that was nice and warm and said thanks. I tried to make sure my dick wasn't against his ass in case it got hard later. It was easy to fall asleep as the rum was still making me feel pretty drunk. I tried not to think how cute or sexy he was and get hard. It did get hard, but I kept it away from his butt.

I woke up again later and thought maybe there was an earthquake. I was tucked up tightly behind him, my face in the hair on the back of his head. I felt his body moving in a repetitive way. I instantly recognized what he was doing. I got so hard, and it was squished between the cheeks of his butt. My arm was over his side and my hand was against his belly and I could feel his fast breathing and the little hairs around his navel. His butt kept squeezing my boner, too, over and over, and he kept pushing back against me. I rolled back a little to give him room to do what he was doing, but he scooted back real slow until he was pushing his butt cheeks against my boner tightly again.

I was so shocked! I could hear him breathing fast and feel his stomach moving with my arm and hand. I really loved how it felt. I loved having my arm over him, and my hand on his belly button, and my erection between his cheeks. My dick jumped all on its own and I knew I was getting wet.

It was insanely hot that he was doing that. Not only in the tent with me, not only in the sleeping bag with me, not only with my arm over him, not only with my hand on his belly, but with my erection tucked tightly between his butt cheeks.

I wanted to reach down that little bit and take over for him. I wanted to push my hips forward and slide my hard-on in and out between his warm, soft, firm cheeks. I wanted to lick and nibble his ear.

He softly gasped and panted, and it was so hot. I was almost exploding with sensations. The sex with Vicki had been really hot and wild, and so good, but this was somehow even better. Maybe it was the rum, or the unexpectedness, or maybe it was a guy, or maybe it was just that it was Scott. Whatever it was, it was even better.

And it was something more than just sexy, too. There was some kind of... more.

I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't pass up the chance. I moved my hand downward and felt how very hot it was just that little distance further down his body. His hand struck mine and it stopped. I moved a little further and felt his pubic hair. My dick jumped between us. My entire body trembled.

It was awkward, but I moved my hand further and managed to move his hand away with my own, and take his hot, hard dick in my hand. I was on fire!

I immediately noticed that it was thicker than mine, and longer, too. His whole body shook, and I worried he was scared or something. He didn't stop me, or say anything. I started stroking him to see what he would do. His hand moved further away, giving me more room.

I felt so glad that he didn't freak out, and instead let me do it. The feeling of his dick in my hand was indescribable. It was so hot and hard, and it felt so... awesome!

There was wetness as I moved his skin up and down his shaft. I scootched up tighter against him, making my dick press in between his warm cheeks. He groaned. He actually groaned! It was so sexy! He asked me if I was really going to do this. I said, please. He kind of laughed.

I started really jerking him off. It was so insanely hot! I wanted it to last for as long as I could make it, so I did it real slow, enjoying every second of it. When I flicked my thumb over his tip, his whole body jerked and he made the cutest little squeak. That made my dick jump between us and I knew my boxers were getting wetter.

He asked me to stop and I felt my guts shrivel. My first thought was that I had just made my best friend hate me. I let go. It was so hard to do. I wanted to feel his dick in my hand forever, but I let it go. I hoped and prayed he would be okay staying friends.

He grabbed my hand and moved it away and back over and behind him, back to me.

He moved forward a little and I knew he was getting out of the sleeping bag and was probably about to get out of my life forever. I thought he was putting his jeans back on, but they were still on the side of the pickup. Then I noticed that he was taking his underwear off! He had them down to his ankles, then pulled one foot out of them.

Then he scooted backward, back against me, and wriggled my erection back between his cheeks while his hand fished around behind him until he found my hand. He pulled my hand back to his dick. I wrapped my fingers around it and sighed into his hair as he sighed into the dark.

I started stroking him again, slow and even, making it last as long as I could. I pushed my dick up between his bare cheeks, almost getting off. I knew he had to be able to feel the wet spot against his bare ass. There was no way he couldn't. He pressed his cheeks against me and squeezed his cheeks around it again and again.

His breathing got faster, so did mine. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done, including making out and having sex with Vicki. Sex with a girl was normal, and expected, but with Scott, a guy, it wasn't. It was secret, and hot, and so much fun! Plus, there wasn't any worry about getting him pregnant.

His long, hard, thick dick felt so good in my hand. And his balls felt so neat against the edge of my hand each time I moved all the way down. I figured it would only make him last longer if I took a break, so I stopped stroking him and played with his balls. Man, that was hot beyond words! They felt so awesome! I loved playing with them like that. They were about the same size as mine, but maybe a little smaller. I loved it!

He did too, because he groaned, and that made me even hotter. He made the cutest noises! I fucking loved it! It was so hot! Insane!

But it got even hotter when he reached back and started pulling my boxers down. I thought I was going to shoot the second I figured out what he was doing. I stopped and pulled my boxers down myself. I rolled back to get back to stroking him off, but he was on his back now, and his hand fumbled around down my front until he found my dick and he wrapped his fingers around it and started going to town.

It was so good! I reached over his arm to do it to him with my left hand. It was so awkward and uncomfortable, but I didn't give a fuck. It was too hot to stop. Man, it was so good!

I could hear his heavy breathing in front of me, and I wondered how close our faces were. We had to move from time to time and adjust over and over, but we kept going. It was the best!

I don't know how long it was, but it wasn't long enough. I felt his breath on my face, and I heard him grunt, and he said he was going to shoot, that I should stop. I said I would if he wanted me to, but I wanted to keep going. He laughed that little embarrassed laugh of his and said it would make a mess. I had to agree with that, so I stopped, but only so we could get my boxers off and use it to catch his cum in, and I told him so.

He laughed that laugh, and we went back to it. It was so much fun! The break while I had gotten my boxers ready had made it last longer, but it still happened too soon. He warned me again and I said to go ahead. I held my boxers with one hand just off the end of his dick and stroked him slow and steady. He kept gasping and then tensed up and stopped stroking me. I felt his cock go harder and thicker and pumping. It was so hot! He held his breath, mostly, kind of grunting a little. His head went against my chest and he curled up a little. It was so insanely hot!

He finally gasped and twitched and asked me to stop. I had a hard time stopping, and he had to let go of my dick to take my hand away from his. I felt great, but a little let down that it was all over. But so great!

When he slid down to pull up his shorts, I rolled onto my back and tossed my boxers toward the front of the tent. I laid back and was just reaching for my dick to jerk off when I felt his hand on it. It felt so good! He moved his face down there as if he were wanting to see what his hand was doing in the dark. Then it was way warm and I wasn't sure what else. Something weird. It felt nice, really different, and really good. Then it felt like nothing before in my life! Then I knew what he was doing down there.

It was beyond anything! I thought I was dead and in heaven! I said, "OH GOD!" and curled up and sat up a little as he sucked my dick. It was just... WOW! I couldn't believe it. It was so much better than even Vicki's pussy. I couldn't breathe right, and my body felt like I had to stretch out a mile long.

I wished it lasted longer, but it didn't. I warned him when I knew I was there, but it happened so fast. And he didn't stop. He kept going. I was so amazed! And it only felt better and better! I didn't think it could have felt better than just seconds before, but now it sure as hell was!

I'm sure I came harder and more than ever before in my life. I just kept unloading! And it felt like each shot was more than any entire orgasm was before. It was so amazing! I had to pull him off me, it felt so... too much!

He asked if it was okay. I said it was way past okay and laughed. He said it was cool, and he hoped I didn't hate him for doing that. I told him I'd never hate him for doing anything, especially not something that felt so awesome!

We were both really quiet for a while. I was so embarrassed. I guess he was too. He asked if it was the rum, or if it was something I thought was fun. I told him I'd do that without the rum anytime. We laughed. He kind of curled up on my chest. I loved that. I put a hand on his shoulder and my other one found his arm and I started kind of stroking along it. It felt like the right thing to do, and it felt good to do that, too. His hand was kind of rubbing my chest and belly, and his other arm he slipped under my head.

It was the most comfortable and warm and wonderful feeling. I wanted to kiss him. I don't know why, but it seemed like the perfect thing to do. It was so awkward, but I found his face, then his lips, then we did. I tasted myself on his lips, but it didn't bother me. He curled up tighter on me and hugged me tight and I did the same to him. It was so awesome!

I think we kissed for hours. It just felt right. We touched and tickled the whole time. And we got hard again. He said he wanted to sixty-nine, if I didn't think it was too gay. I told him I didn't think anything was too gay to do with him. That made him laugh that cute little laugh. That laugh made me feel great.

And that sixty-nine was beyond words. We ended up in each other's arms, face to face, cuddled up tight and completely naked. We slept late the next morning, and thank God, Terry and Mark didn't show up and surprise us before we woke up.

When I woke up, face to face with him like that, I thought at first it was all a dream from the rum. But I tasted his cum still. I got up to pee, and when I came back, he was still asleep. He was so cute. I knew I felt more for him than I did Vicki. She was pretty, and sweet, and nice, and we got along great, and I really liked her, but there was something more about him. Maybe it was that we had been friends for so long, or something else, but as I watched him sleeping, I started falling for him.

I got so hard, and had been hard for a while before I slipped the sleeping bag down to see his naked body. Hot! Lean and skinny, but so hot. He got hard. I hadn't touched him, I guess he was having a sexy dream. I played with it, hoping it wasn't the rum last night, and if he woke up he wouldn't be mad at me for molesting him in his sleep. I stroked it real soft and careful, and played with his balls. He was definitely bigger than me, thicker, and longer. He had less hair, but it was darker.

His eyes opened and he grinned and attacked me. Actually threw his arms around me and attacked me with is mouth. He hugged me so tight and kissed me so hard! We did a sixty-nine again, this time finishing almost at the same time. Fucking unbelievable! We cuddled and kissed and talked. It was awesome! We stayed there all day, being careful in case the guys came out. They never did. And we had a great time!

The next weekend, Vicki didn't want to go as far, so I had blue balls the next day, and Scott took good care of them. He took care of them as often as we could for over a year. We did more than oral, but it took a few weeks before he asked to. We were alone at the camp site and he said he wanted me to fuck him. I was surprised, and turned on. He had brought the stuff we needed, so we talked and figured out how to go about it. It was awkward, and it hurt him, but he told me to keep trying. It took all night, and a lot of lube and trying, but we got it done. And it was fantastic! He couldn't get enough after that. He started preferring that to everything else. He liked me to give it to him hard and rough sometimes, which I wasn't all that into, but we kept doing that and everything else, too.

I kept dating Vicki for a few months, but we broke up after a while. Scott and I kept messing around every chance we got. I told him how I liked both guys and girls one day, and he said he just liked guys. He said he loved me. I wasn't sure I loved him, but I sure cared more about him than anyone else, so I told him that. He said he was glad I didn't lie to him about it. I think the sex that time was as good as the first time.

We messed around for over a year, then he stopped wanting to go to the camp site or be alone anywhere. For days he acted weird and wouldn't talk to me other than normal stuff, and wouldn't be alone with me even at school. I got pissed off and demanded he tell me what was going on. He said he would tell me after school on Friday at my house, before my parents came home from work. He made it clear it was just to talk. I agreed.

He came over after school that Friday and said he had found someone else at school who liked guys, and they had got together. I was hurt when told me, and wouldn't talk to him for days. That next Friday, Scott cornered me alone at home and told me he still loved me, and always would, but he loved Jason even more, and in a different way. I wasn't so hurt after that talk, and I missed him, and was willing to go back to being the friends we were before. We did, but I missed being with him a lot, and ended up whoring around with any girl who'd put out. It wasn't the same at all, and I think it really just made things worse.

Close to graduation, he and Jason got caught together in his car, making out. It was around school the next day. I was almost glad at first, but when I saw how much shit he had to put up with, and his sad, hurt face, it bothered me. I ended up backing him up and defending him and Jason. Mark did too, which surprised me, Scott, and Jason. Terry wouldn't talk to him or Jason, but at least he didn't join in making fun of them.

The two of them had to put up with hell the rest of the year. Mark and I stood by them, backing them up, and we got hell for it. Terry never talked to him again, and one day he asked us if Mark and I were gay together. Mark and I laughed and said it wasn't any of his business, and no, we weren't. Terry wanted to know why we backed up and defended Scott and his faggy boyfriend. I told him I liked Scott, that he was my best friend, and I would stand by Scott, just like I would if he had turned out to like guys instead of Scott. Then I told them that I liked guys as well as girls. Mark was shocked, but cool about it. Terry never talked to me again. Not until we ran into each other after high school, anyway. Terry and Mark stayed best friends. Mark and I stayed good friends, with each other and with Scott, and we became friends with Jason, too. I even went out with Scott and Jason with my girlfriend, Kara, after the prom. She adored them, and it was one of the best nights of my life.

Scott and I stayed best friends. Mark and I still call once in a while, and send emails fairly regularly. Terry and I email from time to time. I married Kara, had two kids, then got divorced. A couple years later, and a couple of guys later, I found and married the most wonderful woman in the world. She's open and adventurous, and we've met other couples with similar desires and needs. I'm still married to her, and as happy as I can be. Scott stayed with Jason for years. After that he had a few guys, not many, and now lives with one who he's as happy with as I am with my wife.

He makes a great living, and takes time off to come visit me and my wife for the holidays. He brings Curt sometimes, and this last visit, Scott and I told them our story. And now you know it, too.

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