First Time Tales

by Smokr

Liam's Tale

How it happened to me my first time. I wrote it down in my diary so I know it's right. I scanned it and sent it to Ray and he turned it into this great story!

I was staying over at my friend Martin's house on the weekend. I was going to stay all weekend, and his tenth birthday party was on Saturday. I went over on Friday night. We were alone that night and had a good time.

On Saturday, his guests arrived around noon and the party was at one. There were tons of guests. Boys and girls from our neighborhood and from school. It was a good party and he got some good gifts. I gave him a red Ferrari model. He liked building models, so did I. We sometimes built them together, and sometimes built the same one at the same time together.

After the party, some of our friends stayed over Saturday night. It was fun. We stayed up late and watched movies. Good times!

On Sunday, the guys had gone home by two or so, and it was just Martin and me. And his parents, who left us alone for the most part. They went outside in the back and had drinks on the patio, and me and Martin kept playing inside.

There was something different about Martin. I noticed because he sat in the window and looked outside and stopped talking or wanting to play. I asked him if something was wrong.

"Miss my brother," he said really sadly.

His brother was away at school. He'd been gone almost a year now, just coming home for holidays. He was seventeen, maybe eighteen. Mark was pretty neat. Always nice and a lot of fun. I sort of missed him too, so I said so. Martin turned his head to me and looked at me for a minute.

"He likes you," he said after a few seconds.

"I like him. He's neat."

"We used to..."

I saw something important was on his mind. I didn't know how, but I could tell.

I asked, "What?"

"He just, for my last birthday..."


"I want to show you something."


"Can you keep a secret?"

"Sure. You know I can. How many do I know and never told?"

"Yeah. But this is a big one. Top secret."

I sat up, getting really interested.

"You have to promise to keep it. Never tell anyone. Promise."

"I do."

He got up and sat down on the floor in front of me. He sort of stared at me for a little while. I felt sort of nervous.

"There's something really big I want to tell you. About Mark. About something we like to do."


"It's totally secret."

"You said that. I promise to keep it secret."

He got up and looked out the window. I could tell he was checking that his parents were still outside on the patio. He came back and sat down in front of me again. He leaned up close to me. He sort of whispered.

"Mark is a queer-boy."

He looked so serious. I thought maybe he was joking, but not when I saw his expression. I was shocked.

"Mark don't like girls?" I asked.

"Nope. He likes..." he looked around like someone might hear him, then said, "he likes to do it with boys."


It was shocking. I had never suspected. I had no idea. But then, I wasn't totally sure if I knew what a queer was, other than a boy who didn't like girls.

"Liam, you got to keep it secret."

"Okay. I will. Promise."

"I know. But, you wanna know something even more secret?"

What boy doesn't like secrets? Or doesn't want to know one? Especially one even bigger than your best friend's brother being a queer? I nodded.

"We did it together. We did stuff."

"What stuff?" I asked, whispering as softly as he was.

"Sex stuff. With our peckers."

"No way!" I hissed. "You're a queer-boy too?"

"No. I just... I only did some things. To see what it was like."

"What's it like?"

He smiled then, for the first time since he had gotten so moody that afternoon.

"What?" I asked.

I recognized his grin. It usually meant we were doing something that would get us in trouble.

"Liam, it's bloody brilliant!" he said, his whole face going red, and his smile getting even wider.

"Is it?"

"Fucking best!"

"What is?"

"Doing it!"

"Doing what?"

He bit his lip and kept grinning.

"Can I show you?"

"Show me? What?"

"How fun it is!"


He sighed, like I was being obstinate or silly. He rolled his eyes at me.

"Let me show you."


I had to find out what was so brilliant.

He waved me to stand up, then he looked out the window at his parents. They would stay out there until it started getting dark. They always did, sipping drinks and reading. He jumped on his bed and waved me there. I sat down with him in the middle, facing him. He was smiling really big and almost laughing. It was far better than the sadness that was there just a minute ago.

"You promise to keep it secret? Just between you and me?"

"Sure. Promise."

"Lay down on your back."

I did. He scooted so he was sitting about halfway down me on the side, facing my side. I watched him reach out and start to undo my slacks. I stopped him right off. He looked up at me.

"Don't worry. It won't hurt. It's bloody fantastic!"

"What is?"

"Just let me show you!"

I wasn't sure, but he said it was fun, even bloody fantastic. It had to be something. But if it meant doing something to my privates, I wasn't so sure.

"Please. I promise you'll love it, Lee."

"Okay. But stop if I say so."

"I will. Promise. If you don't like it."


I moved my hand away. He unfastened my slacks and pulled them down a little. Then he touched it. I had my underwear on still, and he started touching it through them. It tickled. I sort of laughed. He laughed, too. It started tingling and feeling funny. I sat up on my elbows to see what he was doing.

He was using his fingers to grab my pecker and tickle it. Then he let go of it and tickled my balls. That tickled a lot too. He went back to feeling my dick. It really tingled and tickled. I was giggling. It started tingling a lot! I watched, amazed, as it grew. It tingled more and more.

He pulled my underwear down. My dick was hard! I was amazed! The skin that usually hung off the end was shorter, too. I didn't know my pecker could get so long and fat. Or tingle and tickle so much.

Then he pulled the skin back. That tickled so much I squirmed and laughed out loud. Then he moved his finger and thumb up and down on it, moving the skin on it. I'd never felt something that felt so great! It was brilliant! My legs sort of twisted, bringing my toes together.

He moved his hand up and down faster. It was terrific!

"Like it?"


He bent down and put his mouth on it. I almost pulled him away. It seemed so gross! Then it felt really nice. And then it felt even better. Bloody brilliant! Magnificent! I sat up and bent over his head and held onto it. It tickled so much that I almost couldn't stand it!

After a little while, I fell onto my back and started feeling like I was drifting out of my body. I still felt how incredibly wonderful what he was doing felt, but I felt sort of disconnected, too. And warm all over, with delicious tingles everywhere. But the feelings in my pecker were simply amazing!

He played with my bollocks, too. That was sort of nice. But what his mouth was doing was just stunning!

I let him do that for as long as he wanted. When he stopped, I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling at me.

"Like it?" he asked.

"Fuck yes!"

"Will you do it for me?"

Gross! But it feels so great! But gross! But, wow! What's it like to do that to someone? I want to know!

"What's it taste like?" I asked.

"Nothing. Skin. That's all."


"Yeah. Unless you cum. But we aren't old enough to do that. You can just try it for a bit, okay?"

I nodded. He laid out flat and I sat up, my slacks and underwear still down. I pulled them up some and sat there, not sure what to do.

"Open my trousers and do what I did."

I did. I was shaking a little. I got his slacks down and then saw his pecker was hard. I pulled his underwear down. It stuck up, pointed almost up toward his face and nearly lying on his belly. It looked a little bigger than mine.

"Just grab it with thumb and finger and move the skin. Like this."

He showed me on himself. He pulled the skin back and his knob showed up. I was amazed at seeing another boy's knob. His was pretty. I don't know what else to say about it. Pretty. Smooth and pointed and rounded off behind.

He stopped, and I took over. It was really warm, and so hard. Doing that to him made me feel tingly all over. I kept doing that for a while, sort of mesmerized.

"Will you suck on it?"

Gross! But if it feels that well good.

I bent down and touched it with the tip of my tongue. Then I licked it a few times. Then I put my lips around it. I sucked on it. It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, just sort of salty, and like a finger or skin.

"Suck it real hard."

I did.

"That's it. Now go up and down on it, too."

I did.

"Pull the skin back and rub your lips over the knob each time."

I did.

"Use your tongue on it, too."

I did.

I tingled all over. This was so much fun!

"Lay out on your back."

I did. He lowered his slacks and underwear further then got on his hands and knees over me, upside down, and put his pecker in my mouth and mine in his mouth. We did it to each other at the same time.

Fucking brill!

I had no idea anything could feel like that before! Nothing.

We heard the back screen slam shut. He rolled off me and we yanked our slacks up and sat down and acted like we had been playing with his new toys the whole time. He was grinning and red-faced. I probably was too. I know I felt like I was. And I felt magnificent, too.

"Like it," he asked when it was obvious his parents weren't coming straight up to his room or such.

"Bloody hell, yeah!"

"You won't tell, will you?"

"No way!"

"Want to again?"

"Bloody hell, yeah!"

He laughed. I did too.

"You really do that with Mark?"

"Used to," he said, looking sad again.

"Sorry he's off at school."

"It's okay."

"I'll do it with you."

He smiled a little then.

"There's other stuff, too," he said.


"Show you next time."



I couldn't bloody wait!

I don't know how he turned my awful notes into this story! It's almost like he was there or something! Great job, Ray! Thank you!

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