When Shadows Pass

by Sean English

Chapter 20

And Then They Were Boys Again (Part III)

When the three entered the bathroom an hour later, Elliot closed and locked the door. Jason had already gone upstairs and returned with a set of night clothes for them, while Scott retrieved similar items from his own backpack. Additionally, Elliot had moved a wooden bar stool in from the kitchen, placing it in the center of the room.

Once inside, both boys guided their guest and helped prop him up on the stool, before taking his crutches and setting them aside. Although it wasn't a bad choice by any means, Scott did find the stool to be a little higher than he was used to, and thus itwas more difficult to balance himself. Elliot contemplated finding a chair or something else, but their friend shook his head. "No, this will be fine. I just have to adjust to it, that's all." Jason stepped over to his side, offering support by letting Scott lean against him, which obviously helped considerably because their friend smiled.

Elliot stepped in front of their guest and spoke in a low, serious tone. "Okay, just to be sure, Scott. You know what's going tohappen, right? Jason and I are going to skin you, all the way, and we're all going to get into that shower together. Now is the time to tell us if you want to back out. You know, if you don't want to do it, or if you're having any second thoughts or something."

"I'm not. I mean, unless you guys want to back out, I'm good to go. Promise and cross my heart," came Scott's steadfast reply. He grunted. "Are you sure you want to be skinned with me, though?"

Elliot grinned and, glancing first at Jason, stepped up closer. He began by removing Scott's socks, before advancing to the sweater their friend was wearing. As it came off, the underlying shirt, a simple pullover, crawled halfway up the chest, so Elliot reached and quickly removed it in the same fashion. Although Elliot did it freely and with no hesitation, there was a certain gentleness in his actions that surprised their guest. Scott sat, maintaining his balance with Jason, but raised his arms as each garment was removed. "Whoa, this feels totally wicked, you know?" he mused, causing the three of them to giggle. Then, to Scott's surprise, he watched Elliot turn and repeat the same performance with Jason. "You're going to skin him, too?" Seeing Elliot grin, Scott whistled as Jason suddenly stood by him shirtless. "You two really do trust each other, don't you?"

"More than you know," Jason replied. The two watched Elliot as he stripped himself down before them. Unlike the other two, however, Elliot continued until he arrived at his briefs, stepping out of his jeans completely. Stooping, he gathered up and tossed all the clothes collected thus far into a pile near the door. "We can sort them out later," Elliot mused as he turned back around. "You want in on this part any?" he quietly asked Jason.

"Nah, you're having fun. Besides, I kind of like just holding him up," Jason replied. He re-emphasized that fact by gently putting an arm around Scott's back, which made their friend lean back into him.

"Okay," Elliot replied, then paused to study their guest briefly. There was no hiding the tent that was jutting out inside the front of his briefs. As the other two watched, Elliot didn't really care. "Okay, Jase," he said, coming to a decision. "You, uh, hold him from behind while I work on his trousers, okay?"

Scott looked on for a few seconds, but then gulped a sharp intake of air as he felt Jason move behind and wrap him in his arms. "Oh, wow! That's ... that's awesome!" he whispered. Leaning back against Jason's chest, he felt the warmth envelop him.

Jason leaned in close to the teen's ear and whispered, "Uh, you okay?"

Scott blushed. "Oh yeah, crap, I uh... I just didn't expect it, that's all."

Jason didn't let it go, however, as Elliot paused and looked up. "No way, Scott! You've had people hold you before, you have to!"

Scott nodded. "Well, yeah, okay. But... not like he's doing. Not like, not like this." He tried to look up at Jason. "I mean, you're holding me, against your bare chest and all."

Elliot nodded. "I get it, yeah. But, uh, Scott? You know, right? There's going to be a lot of that. We're going to touch you, hold you, wash you, all that stuff. All over and everything. You're still okay with it, right?"

Scott grinned. "Fuck yeah! Go for it!" he hissed, bringing his arms up on top of Jason's and hugging them there. Jason giggled behind him, but then hugged their friend in return. With a nod from his cousin, Elliot moved forward and slipped between Scott's legs. Skillfully removing the teen's belt, he then unbuttoned the jeans next. Once the flaps were open and loose, Jason lifted in one quick motion, moving Scott off the stool with surprising ease. Elliot pulled both the waistband of Scott's jeans and boxers down behind. As Jason returned him to the stool, Elliot had both garments quickly pulled down the legs and off his feet. Scott blushed as he sat there, effectively naked. "Whoa!" he hissed, surprised again at how quickly it happened. As he lay there, his penis grew fully erect and expanded up onto his belly. When he saw the other two observing him, he grunted. "Uh, s-sorry guys. It kind of, um, has a mind of its own sometimes," he whispered.

Still hugging their friend from behind, Jason leaned forward and peeked over his shoulder. The view from above was not quite what he expected. Glancing at Elliot, Jason saw the surprise on Elliot's face matched his own. Although it appeared their friend was normal in length, compared to themselves, the girth was a very different story. "Nothing wrong from what I can tell," Jason remarked. "Looks pretty, uh, normal to me!" He glanced up at Elliot. "He's cut, like me! See?"

Elliot grinned back, then noticing Scott's obvious confusion, he reached out with a finger and pulled the hardened erection outward and down, before letting it go. As it snapped back into its' rigidity, he explained. "He means you're circumcised, Scott."

Scott's eyes bulged from the deluge of sensations, first at being touched, and second at the carefree way Elliot did it to him. "Oh man... You really aren't afraid, are you?"

Elliot grinned, then shrugged. "Nope!"

Scott stared in awe for a few seconds before he turned to Jason. "So, is that something you didn't expect and all?"

Jason nodded. "Yeah. Not too many of us guys are like that over here, I think," he commented. "I mean, I haven't seen many peeps, but it seems about everyone I've seen so far has been, well, the other way."

While Scott nodded in understanding, Elliot moved up beside Jason and undressed him just as quickly, grinning as Jason's own erection popped out at full mast. Scott watched, glancing down in amusement until he saw Jason's boner was also sticking out. "Yeah, I see, we're a lot alike," he remarked quietly. For some reason, Scott found this interesting, but not as much as when suddenly Elliot stepped up, his own briefs removed and the obvious boner now on full display. Scott grinned as he saw how different Elliot was, and then blushed as he realized the other two were still watching him. Dropping his eyes to the floor, he hesitated, until he felt Jason leaning in close again.

"Don't be embarrassed. It's just us. You can look at us all you want. Right, El?" Elliot nodded in agreement. Their guest looked up and grinned at them both without saying anything more.

Elliot finally stepped back. "Okay, let's get this adventure on the road for you, okay?" Both he and Jason helped Scott to his feet, letting him drape an arm around each of their shoulders. Stepping to the shower door, Elliot moved away briefly to reach out and turn on the flow of water. Upon his return, Jason retrieved the stool and placed it inside the glass cage. With their assistance, Scott settled onto the seat again. It was an experience for the teen, to be flanked on both sides by boys his age, as bare and plain as he was. He had no idea what, or how, they were feeling about this adventure - but he was absolutely loving it.

Elliot adjusted the shower head so it would focus the warm water over their friend. Then he and Jason stood back, watching as a sudden expression crossed Scott's face. The teen was mesmerized, feeling the tiny threads hit him and massage his chest and shoulders. He closed his eyes, relishing it, realizing this part of the adventure was yet another remarkable experience of firsts for him. Leaning forward, he let the stream hit him fully in the face, feeling as if it were falling from a warm summer rain. He could sense the water flowing down his body, down his hips and onto his legs. From that point the feeling diminished, but it mattered little to him now. He could imagine the water dripping onto the floor, finding its way to the drain on its own. The idea of the shower itself was not alien to him, it was only the fact he had never been able to enjoy one- not like this anyway. An hour before, he would have never even thought of this. Then again, an hour before he never realized he would subscribe to such a deep friendship these two offered him. Inside, he was thrilled. Although maybe not completely, it still allowed him an opportunity to relish the feel of independence, unlike anything he could remember. Even with his two friends standing by him for support, he was alone, smiling as the cascade of drops ricocheted off his skin. "I could almost sit here for hours, guys. It's so... different..." he whispered.

Neither of his friends said anything as they grinned at each other. Scott thought about the two standing by him. He knew boys did not normally do this sort of stuff - at least, not like they were doing for him right now. Maybe, in some families, some guys and their little brothers might enjoy it, but this? They stood close, ready to catch him if he swayed too far. He could feel their closeness all over, and even felt one of them breathing on the back of his neck. There was a peace in that simple gesture, a reassurance that all was well. He even felt Elliot's penis rub against him on his side, but Scott honestly didn't care. He understood the level of trust that was being offered, and he accepted it fully in return. When he finally turned and looked at them, he observed the same peaceful expressions that, surprisingly, he felt within himself. If his father, or cousin, or even his mother did anything like this, Scott felt he would have died of embarrassment. Not here, though... not with these two.

Elliot and Jason stood waiting. Both would acknowledge later that neither had any idea what it must be like in their friend's shoes. A shower was something so commonplace, that most people took it for granted. Watching Scott's reactions, however, and seeing his expressions, was worth everything they had put into it. With a sigh, Scott finally relented and attempted to sit up straighter. That was the signal that things needed to move along, as both boys knew their friend's time would be limited. Reaching for a bottle of body wash, Elliot shared it with Jason, and both squeezed out a portion into their hands. Elliot leaned close and whispered into Scott's ear, "Okay Scott, just relax. We won't let you fall, okay?" Seeing their friend nod, both boys began soaping up his chest and back, using their bare hands. Scott opened his eyes again in amazement, and visibly gulped. It was as if he were getting a massage, and he again loved it. They were treating him as they promised, without fear, and he found it mesmerizing feeling four hands crisscross and float simultaneously over his skin. Their hands moved far and wide, under his armpits, around his navel and more. When Elliot started to move further south to the teen's groin, he unexpectedly giggled. "You uh, don't have to do that part, you know. If you don't want to, I mean," he remarked quietly.

Elliot stepped back enough to look him in the eye. "Do you want us to stop? We can, you know."

Scott shook his head. "Want? Hell, no! I mean, if you're willing, f-fuck! Just go for it!"

Elliot and Jason grinned knowingly at each other, and then continued with more vigor. They each grabbed a leg and cleaned, rubbing the teen down to his feet and rinsing away the suds. Scott had to steady himself at times, using a mixture of propping himself against the boys, or grasping the fixtures on the wall beside them. He laughed as they started silly antics around him, such as tickling his feet, or when Elliot tickled him under his scrotum. As he watched his two friends, Scott began to relax even more. They didn't care about touching him, or playing with his privates, and it left him liking it all the better. It was so different from what his cousin had tried to do, which had made him so nervous and uneasy. With these two, he felt the exact opposite. Even as they teased and took a moment to observe him up close, he didn't care. The fact that they were curious, left Scott feeling more at ease with his own curiosity about them.

Elliot and Jason toyed with their guest, but at the same time exercised great care while going about their business. They moved quickly and efficiently, watching closely for signs of fatigue, which Scott eventually began to display. He would quickly shake his head, however, when asked if he wanted them to stop. "Hell no, guys. Keep going, let's finish it," Scott would whisper, so they obeyed.

Finally, there was nothing left except for Scott's butt. Elliot moved in front of the youth and spoke quickly. "Okay, I'm going to, like, hug and lift you up, but you need to hold onto me, too. Jase can finish up behind you. Okay?" Scott nodded, but was again awed at how easily Elliot just threaded his arms underneath his own. Pulling their bodies close, Elliot lifted him to his feet. As he shifted the burden of weight onto himself, they had complete and total contact along their fronts. It made Scott blush as he felt their groins pressed together smartly, sandwiching their still stiffened erections together. He closed his eyes as Elliot grunted. "You like that?" he whispered. Scott, still mesmerized, just nodded, unable to meet Elliot's gaze. "It's okay, honest. I don't care. It's not like I'm raping you or anything, right?" Seeing Scott glance at him gratefully, he hugged the teen, all the while nodding to Jason to get going.

Jason wasted no time. Soaping up Scott's butt quickly, he included that area underneath and between his legs. Scott gasped, but then giggled as he felt his testicles being rubbed and rinsed by strange hands that were not his own. "Shit! That's...that's... oh man..." he hissed, more to himself than anything. He had never been treated with this much attention before! Seeing Elliot's grin, he shook his head. "That felt... feels... ah... yeah, that was good...!" Jason laughed as he rinsed the whole backside one last time.

Again, it was the intimacy, but also the freedom that made a stark impression with Scott. Elliot quickly sat him back onto the stool, and Jason gently threaded his arms again from behind. They were finished now, but Elliot was going to give their friend one last treat. As Jason pulled and hugged the youth into his chest, Elliot lost no time in grasping the throbbing shaft that pointed upward.

"Holy fuck...!" Scott whispered. "Oh... my... God...!"

It was Elliot, however, who's turned up to his cousin. "Hey, Jase? Did you see how huge this thing is?"

Jason peered over Scott's shoulder, then nodded. "Oh yeah, I saw that right away!" Scott blushed, but grabbed Jason's arms and held them tight. Scott didn't know what was about to happen, but he suddenly wanted to feel the American's embrace just then, as much as the teen would let him.

Elliot let go with a grin before standing up and straddling their friend. He reached out and shut the water off, before leaning in close. "Okay, how was all that? Different?"

Scott's eyes widened. "Are you kidding? Oh fuck, yeah!" he exclaimed softly. He was gasping, those last few seconds stimulating him in ways he had not expected. Looking down, he saw his dick throbbing even harder, as Elliot's willy came into close contact. Grinning from ear to ear, he whispered. "Oh shit, that was fucking awesome, man!" Turning his head so he could see Jason, he added. "That goes for you, too!" Leaning back, he commented to Elliot, "Believe it or not, I almost cummed! And I mean, hard!"

Elliot giggled. "If you wanna spooge, we can manage that later."

The remark surprised Scott, his jaw dropping as he looked at them incredulously. "You... your serious? You're not shitting me, right?" he whispered.

In answer, Elliot reached down and grasped the throbbing mass directly again. It filled his hand entirely, radiating with a heat he hadn't expected. Elliot only held it again for a few seconds, however, squeezing it gently before letting go. The effect was not disappointing, as their friend sucked in his gut and gasped once again. Elliot smiled at him. "No, not shitting you, Scott. Only if you want to, though."

Scott looked down and saw the equally erected, uncircumcised willy pointing directly at him, with their scrotums sandwiched together. Before he could react, however, he felt Jason come around to his side. Standing there, he could not help but notice the American, too, was in a similar state. Scott stared for several seconds and gulped, before finally looking up and finding Jason grinning at him. "So, uh, could I like, you know...?" Scott asked sheepishly, his voice faltering. "I mean, can I touch yours...?"

Jason nodded to the teen as he stepped even closer. Scott reached out and grasped Jason's erection directly. It was a first for Scott, and they could tell it was a grip born of curiosity and nervousness. Jason could feel the quiver behind the touch, and the hesitation. In response, he moved his hips forward, thrusting himself into Scott's palm. "It's okay. Like you say, just go for it," he said in a soft voice. "I don't care, really. Just don't make me cum. Not now, anyway!"

Elliot looked on bemusedly. He recognized the natural curiosity that gripped Scott, realizing he had seen this before. It was one of the reasons that caused him to fall in love with Jason early on. There was an innocence in it, and that same guiltless expression was evident on Scott's face. The only difference this time, was the bashful nature Jason had in the beginning, even with his own nakedness. Scott was far more comfortable with that, right from the start. But Scott's history, his impediment, even his own personality at having been living throughout Europe, was probably what made him more receptive to being naked around peeps. At least those of his own age, like this.

Elliot realized something else, too. That night, in the few short hours since they had come together, he and Jason had won a certain freedom and trust from their guest as well. It hadn't been planned, but instead came about in as natural a manner as one might expect. Here, he watched Scott experience new things for a first time, but once beyond that initial hesitation, he was freely exploring. It puzzled Elliot, because much of this was second nature to him and Derek. Did that mean he and Derek were sharing things that brothers, in other families, just didn't do? Elliot shook his head and decided he didn't care. Neither Scott nor Jason ever had a brother, or a relationship like he and Derek shared. He and his older brother had a lot of trust and love for each other, and it was theirs to do with as they saw fit, together. He felt the same way about Jason, too. That was what had him rooted to their relationship, and through all their talks, he felt Jason was bound in the same way.

Elliot turned back again to the monster pointing at him from Scott's groin. Curiously, Elliot had never seen a dick so swelled up like that before. Was it something common for crippled individuals, like Scott? He didn't think so, but he was nevertheless fascinated. Elliot noted the fattened willy was no longer than his or Jason's in length, but the head, exposed without a helmet covering it, was a very deep purple in color. Scott's pubic bush also looked to be quite matured, perhaps bushier, too. Like Derek's, the shaggy mass covered a wide area, beginning where the legs joined with the torso, and then extending above the crotch. The pubes did not, however, trail north toward Scott's naval. This didn't surprise Elliot, though. He had seen several guys, young and old alike, with and without tiger trails. What characteristic defined that fact, he did not know, nor did he care. He just found it... curious. The only other feature he noted different from himself and Jason, was that Scott's scrotum was also darker-skinned, and seemed much bigger, hanging heavily below.

Scott finally let his hand fall, sighing. "I think... I mean, well, it's cool, you know?" He looked up to see Jason open his eyes and look down at him. Blushing again, Scott added, "I'm sorry man, just... thanks. I admit it, I think you're the first. I mean, the only one I've ever, like, seen up close like this. Besides my own, that is. Thanks for, you know, letting me do that and all." His eyes fell to the floor. "I'm - uh, I'm surprised you didn't deck me or something."

Jason laughed. "Why? You didn't see me pulling away, did you? I told you, I didn't care."

"I think that's what was so awesome, too. You know, yours is kind of skinny, I think," Scott remarked quietly. "Isn't it?"

"Not really. I have to say though, yours is really fat!" All three giggled again, before Jason went on, "So, did I pass the test? Do I look okay, to you?"

"Oh yeah," Scott responded. "Fucking fantastic!" Surprisingly, he then turned toward Elliot, looking down at them both. Before he said anything, Elliot just grasped Scott's hand and sunk it right on top of his willy.

Scott laughed and accepted it with a wicked grin as Elliot sighed. "Bout time! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten I was in the room, you know!" he complained good-naturedly.

Scott grinned, but explored Elliot in silence, examining the skin draped over the tip. "Wow, this is really cool, too. You are different!" he exclaimed. He started to pull the skin, but hesitated. Glancing up, he saw Elliot nod to him. "I won't hurt you?" he whispered.

"Nah, it's cool, actually!" Elliot responded. Scott grinned and then pulled the skin back further until the head peeked out. Letting go, he watched the skin slide forward again. Elliot noted it was just as Jason had done to him, countless times. Although it was second nature to him, Elliot was pleased to see that someone else also found it just as intriguing.

While Scott examined his treasure, Jason had Elliot steady the youth. Stepping away, he found a towel and began to dry Scott off as quickly as he could manage. Eventually their friend sighed and reluctantly let go. "Yeah, sorry guys. As much as I,uh... well, kind of like this, I think I'm reaching my limit. My legs are starting to really go numb and all. If we don't get me off them and out of here soon, it may not be a good thing," Scott said sadly.

"It's cool, don't be so down about it," Elliot said, which made Scott blush. Nothing more was exchanged, as the two teens took turns and wiped him down in rapid succession, balancing with a level of cooperation between them that protected the teen. As they were putting on their underwear, Scott thought of something else. "Hey, wait... you two, you didn't get to, like, shower. Right? Not like I just did, anyway!"

Jason turned and smirked. "Yeah, but it's okay, honest. We had our showers earlier, before you got here."

"OOoohhhhhhhh..." Scott said, comprehension setting in. "So, you guys, you really did do this...just for me..."

Jason nodded. "Of course! Just for you, Scott."

Scott eyed them both in wonder as they finished getting dressed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, looking about the room, Scott nodded approvingly. "Not a bad spot at all. And you both share this? You stay in here, I mean?"

Jason plopped down beside their friend and nodded. "Yep. It's pretty nice, I think. We normally keep it cooler, though. I mean, compared to the rest of the place."

Elliot had gone back downstairs on a mission to clean up the bathroom, especially before their parents returned. For the moment, Scott and Jason were both alone, clad in only their underwear and t-shirts. They had decided to forgo the sweatpants, since nobody else was expected to be home for a while. With still a couple of hours to go before midnight, Elliot and Jason had decided to carry the teen upstairs and show him their room.

"Really?" Scott asked. "What do you mean, cooler?"

"We closed everything up for you. You know, so you wouldn't get cold," Jason replied.

Scott smiled. "Thanks, but you know, you didn't have to do that. I happen to like it cool, too. Especially when I sleep at night."

"Really? Are you serious?" Jason remarked in surprise. "That's awesome! Most people I think like it a lot warmer! It's the one thing I was relieved about when I moved over here. Elliot liked having a cool room, too." With that, he rose and walked over, closing the heating vent that opened into their room. He returned, sitting down and smiling at their friend. "We're not totally cut off; there's another vent behind the desk. But with that one closed off, the room won't be so warm and all now."

Scott nodded absently as they sat there in silence. It was only a few seconds later before he started blushing again. Dropping his eyes away, he giggled. "Man..."

"What?" Jason asked, curiously.

"I just... I can't believe you guys did that ... and did it for me, even. You know, downstairs..."Scott shook his head, then laughed. "It was just so awesome, in ways I can't even explain! And I keep thinking, too, you guys don't even know me that well. Yet you still did it, you know?"

Jason put an arm around Scott's waist. "I know you enough, Scott. Elliot does, too. You think we would do that for just anyone? No way! At least, I wouldn't anyway." He laughed. "Now Elliot though, uh, I'm not so sure..."

"Seriously?" Scott laughed.

Jason shrugged. "I have no idea, really. I know he gets all horny and stuff, but underneath? I don't think he's as bad as he wants me to think he is." Jason looked at Scott squarely. "Just relax, it's okay. As long as you don't get wigged out by us, we won't get wigged out by you, either. All we did, really, was have a shower together, right?"

"Seriously?" Scott replied again, incredulously. "It was a lot more than that, though."

"Yeah," Jason shrugged. "Just... don't wig out on us, okay?"

Scott smiled. "There is no way I'm going to wig out, I promise. I- I loved it, every minute of it! Even the other stuff, too!"

Jason looked relieved. "Good, then that makes me feel better. I don't have to feel like we perved on you so much, then." Jason turned sideways to face his guest. "Why do you think it was more, though? Forget us checking each other out for a minute; all we did was let you do something you hadn't done before. Right?"

"It... It was more than that, Jason. Because, I don't know of anyone who would have been free enough to get naked with me like that, and touch and hold me like you guys did. Especially without being afraid. You know?" Scott paused, thinking. "I know we've been in class together and stuff, but - I'm still a stranger to you guys. I mean, you don't know me, not like some would. Does that make sense?"

Jason shook his head. "Listen Scott, I know you enough, especially from what you've told us, and from hanging out with you in school and everything. Honest, it's enough. I know when I needed a friend one day, you didn't push me away. I know when I needed some advice, you gave it to me. I know when I didn't understand some of the things that were happening around us, you were the one who helped me figure it out. Remember?" He leaned in closer. "You don't know how messed up I felt that day, Scott. I was so deep in my own crap, I was ignoring what was going on around me. But that afternoon? You helped me find my way back. People don't do that for each other, not out of the nowhere with strangers. Guys our age, especially. But you did do it, see? Talk about being a stranger - I was the stranger that day. But you didn't treat me that way. So yeah, I know a little more about you now, and it's more than I did yesterday." He wrinkled his nose. "Same for, Elliot, too. We know why you wanted to come over here now. It makes me even more glad you're here, too."

"I am too, Jason," Scott whispered. "I'm really happy I got to come, and that you guys said yes."

"Then, no big deal. You don't have to be afraid of us, I promise."

Scott stared out the window for a moment. "I was scared, I admit it. But not anymore, I promise."

"You know, when I first got over here, I was scared, too." Jason silently followed his gaze out the window for a moment before continuing. "I was really scared. I mean, I wasn't as lucky as you were."

"How do you mean?" Scott asked.

"Just before it all went down, before I came over to live here, well... I didn't get away before- before I was... raped." Jason said it, simply enough that he even surprised himself.

Scott stared at him, open mouthed and in astonishment. "Seriously? I mean, you're not shitting me, right?"

"I wouldn't kid around about something like that, I promise," Jason replied. "That's why I was, like, asking you about all that stuff earlier tonight. I wanted to know about what happened to you. I was hoping you escaped, you know?"

Scott's expression softened. "Oh shit... I'm sorry, man. Honest, I'm sorry." He stared deeply into Jason's eyes. "Was... was it bad? I mean, don't tell me if you don't want to, but- shit!"

"I don't mind telling you. Just - yeah, it was bad. I mean, it's taking me a long time to deal with it, and I'm still not done, you know? I'm doing a lot better about it now, though." Jason nodded toward the empty doorway. "Elliot had a lot to do with that part. Helping me, I mean. Like I told you, he taught me to trust again, and to believe in myself, in a lot of ways you probably wouldn't understand, or imagine."

Scott thought about that. "No, I think I can. Honest, it makes sense. You two are so free around each other, and like you said, for guys our age, well..." He stared off into space for a moment. "Can I ask you something else, then? I mean, I know it's none of my business, so if you want to, just tell me to fuck off, okay?" Jason just smiled and waited patiently. "Well, are you guys, like, gay or anything?" he asked finally.

Shaking his head, Jason didn't hesitate. "No, not really." He did pause, however, to think about how much he should tell their new friend. "I will admit, we're curious about stuff, maybe me a little more than Elliot. And, we've never been afraid to be naked around each other or anything, or to sleep together that way. To me, that says a lot, you know? We've jerked each other some, too, and played around, explored and stuff. That doesn't mean we don't wonder about other stuff, but ... yeah, you get the idea. We've done some things, but that's just because of how much we trust each other." He sighed. "Before, when I lived in America, I doubt I would have ever done anything like that before. Guys over there..."

Scott nodded. "You don't have to tell me about that, I know. Americans are prudes and creeps for the most part, unless its guys trying to get laid with girls."

Jason nodded. "You want to know the weird thing about it all? I think it's a part of why Elliot helps me so much. He helps me feel things again, on the inside, by trusting me the way he does. He helps me not be afraid, and he helps me believe in myself, too." He looked away. "I know, it's weird, right?"

"Weird? No," Scott replied. "I think it's awesome, really."

Jason grunted. "So, answering you, I think it's a part of just being curious. With each other, somethings just kind of fit. I trust him, and he trusts me. I don't think that makes us gay."

"I can see that, yeah," Scott replied softly. "I believe it, too."

Jason pulled his knees up and rested his chin upon them, observing his friend. "I think that's why Elliot perved on you so much downstairs. I've got the only circumcised dick he's ever seen up close, and I think when he saw you, well... He wanted to see you up close, too," Jason commented.

"Is that what you call perving?" Scott laughed. "Hell, he got to see me and then some, I guess. More than you did, anyway." Wrinkling his nose, Scott observed casually. "That's not perving, though, Jason. Perving someone is a lot worse than that. What we did downstairs, hell - it didn't even come close, really. I admit I'm a newbie, but there are some things I do know about. What we did was just, well, fun stuff!" Scott leaned against Jason then. "Seriously though, man. I got nothing any different than you guys got down there."

Jason shook his head. "Wanna bet? Because from what I could tell, you're, uh... pretty big." He blushed as he said it, and Scott smirked.

"Yeah, I think one of you said I was pretty fat in that department, didn't you?" He laughed. "Hell, I thought you guys were pretty skinny down there!" Scott retorted. They both laughed, before Scott got serious again. "I still don't think it's that weird, though. Not to me, anyway. You guys may be the first to ever do anything like that with me, but... It just, it means something. I've heard about stuff, even kind of wondered and everything. Tonight, I kind of got to do more than just wonder, you know?"

Jason grinned at him before nodding. "By the way, are you still feeling numb?" he asked.

Scott shook his head. "Not as bad since sitting down. I can't feel my legs or thighs much, but that's nothing. They'll be that way a couple of hours, probably."

They sat in silence for a bit, before Jason spoke again. "I know what you meant by wondering about stuff. I mean, it's not that different from the way it was with me. I'm curious because yeah, we're the same and everything, but there's also stuff that makes guys different from one another, too. Like you - you have a monster dick and all..." Jason stopped to giggle when he saw Scott roll his eyes. "Okay, okay, we've said it enough already, I know. Seeing you though, it's like it's cool, because I get to see that I'm as normal as other guys are. It's just as cool, too, to see that I'm not exactly the same. I'm kind of interested, like, wanting to see what those things are, that's all."

Scott nodded. "I can understand that, honest. I guess I've never really been that way so much, but it's just because I've got a kind of limited supply of friends who will trust me. Not like you and Elliot have with each other."

"What me and Elliot do, we do just because, well, we trust each other." Jason shook his head. "That still didn't come outright, did it?"

Scott grinned, but shook his head. "I get it, though. Honest. So, they really don't think that way in the States? At all?"

Jason shook his head. "I lived in a part of the country that's not like other areas. Like, I heard that peeps on the west coast, like in California, are more accepting about going naked and showing their junk. They have nude beaches and a lot of gays and people like that out there. I think they have a lot more sex, too. But I grew up mostly in Tennessee, where we were in this bible-belt thingy. A lot of people there are prejudiced pricks, or racists, or other things a lot worse."

"Seriously?" Scott whispered.

"Yeah. It's not just the adults, either. Kids and teens are that way, too. Like in school, when kids dress for gym, we had our locker rooms and stuff like you guys do here. Guys would always cut up or horse around in their underwear, but... there were always the creeps. You know the type, the ones just itching to find anyone looking at them the wrong way. Those guys WANTED to find someone staring too long at their crotch or butt. Or even worse, find someone with a boner while changing. If you got caught, well, your life turned to hell from then on. The ones they caught would never lose the label of being a fag, or a queer or something." Jason visibly shuddered. "I saw it happen a couple of times, Scott. I don't like thinking about it too much, that's all."

"You're right. Sounds like a bunch of prudes and fucking pricks, to me," Scott remarked.

"Yeah, but some were a lot worse, too. Derek called them something like 'homophobic', I think. It's people who mark you, and then mock you, berate you, single you out of the crowd for being gay, whether you are or not. They get gangs together, and they beat the living shit out of you. They made life hell both in and out of school by doing anything they could get away with. It's crazy and stupid at the same time, you know?"

Jason paused, sighing. "Here, it seems a lot different. I mean, forget the sex stuff for a minute. Guys here don't care so much. I've seen some peeps naked, like you, that didn't care. I mean, we went with Derek to his last game. He plays on a soccer team, see? And after the game, Elliot and I got to go down with the team down into their locker room. All of them took butt-naked showers and everything, right in front of me and Elliot being there. They KNEW we were in there - but they didn't care. I mean, back where I was growing up? Shit, you might as well dig your own grave. It would have been murder to do something like that!"

Scott nodded as he listened. "Yeah, I think I can understand that, in a weird sort of way." He returned Jason's gaze. "You're right, blokes here don't care like that. It's always been, uh... well, people here can be modest, but at the same time not wig out about that stuff."

"Yeah, I'm kind of figuring that out," Jason replied.

"I think the point is, if you don't, like, try to feel them up or have sex or something, then meh. Guys mostly don't care if you're around." He grunted. "Unlike what I just did to you and Elliot downstairs," he added sheepishly. "I'm guilty on that one."

"Yeah, that's kind of what Elliot's brother told me." Jason hesitated, before lowering his voice. "And you did fine, Scott. Honest, if I didn't want you to, you would have known it. Same for Elliot, too."

Scott wrinkled his nose before looking thoughtful. "Okay, let me try and explain my side to you, then. I don't think I feel all that different, really. I'm a crip, see, so for me growing up, I already told you guys - I get nothing. I get no privacy, lots of things are just, like, done for me all the time. You can imagine, I get a lot of people who just feel sorry for me or crap, and they - do things, you know?"

Scott let go a hollow laugh. "It annoys the hell out of me, really. I can do a lot of things normal peeps can do, see? But some people don't get that. They look at you and have this expression in their eyes and everything. I know a lot of times people don't even realize they're doing it, so I try to be forgiving and all. But it's still hard to accept." Taking a deep breath, he smiled. "You and Elliot are two of the very few who have never treated me like that, even with me being the way I am. I know, I've got a smart-arse mouth sometimes, but..." That made Jason giggle, and Scott grinned back. "Okay, well, I do sometimes anyway. I'm more careful with the rents and other adults, but meh. I think we all are for the most part. But, you get it, right? I'm trying to tell you, I live a pretty sheltered life, too. Except for when I'm at school - but there are concessions there, too. I mean, I don't get to take gym or shop or anything, just because I'm a crip."

"Really?" Jason asked quietly.

"Uh huh. I really wanted to take the alternative this year, you know? Build things and stuff in woodworking class. Honestly, I think they were afraid I'd get hurt or something. It's kind of frustrating, you know? Sometimes when that happens, it makes me want to pull my willy out and wet them down, you know?" He wrinkled his nose again as he sighed deeply. "Sorry. So yeah, anyway, I don't know so much about the locker room stuff. Like you said, but... I can kind of understand what you're telling me."

"It's a shame, I think. I don't know about gym, but taking woodworking, or something like that, I would think isn't so bad. Elliot says it's hard to get in that class though, because almost everyone wants to take it."

Scott nodded. "That's what I heard, too."

They sat in silence once again, until Jason made a comment. "So, Elliot perving on you wasn't so much a big deal, then?"

"Like I said, call it what you want, but that wasn't perving, Jason. What you both did, I thought it was really cool!" Scott replied, blushing again. "For a lot of reasons, I think. You two stripping me and getting in the shower with me - that was fucking awesome all to itself! And... and checking me out and all? Wow!" He grinned. "And yeah, you let me check you guys out, too. I have to admit though, it was a little scary at first."

"Really? How come?" Jason asked.

"Well, when I asked you if I could, like, feel you up? I almost crapped myself! I couldn't believe I even said it until the words just blurted out! Honest, looking is one thing, but... touching you and stuff? That's different. But then, you guys were doing that to me, and I thought, what the hell, maybe... you know?"

Jason giggled. "Yeah, you got to feel me up for a change. Big deal, really. I didn't care. Elliot does it, too."

"Yeah, but he's your cousin, or brother, or whatever. You two are together all the time. That's not the same as it is with me." Scott scoffed. "At least you didn't tell me to fuck off or something! I was afraid I was crossing a line or..." Scott stopped as he watched Jason shake his head.

"Nah, it was okay, honest. I already told you, if I didn't like it, all I had to do was tell you to stop. Right? And I know Elliot was cool with it, too, so..."

"Don't you get it, though?" Scott interjected. "Jason, you trusted me. Both of you did! And you did it without even asking me to keep my mouth shut or anything." He shook his head. "I think I understand why that means so much to you, now. It's like, this thing you guys put in me and everything. That was, well, it made me feel so awesome inside! Nobody has ever trusted me like that before. Hell, Jason, nobody has ever respected me enough that way. My crappy cousin, he tried to push all of it on me, but I wasn't ready - at least, not ready to deal with him. I know he was just being horny that night, but damn! He was like 12 years older and all, but the fucking prick didn't even care!" He paused, taking a deep breath. "In a way, I wish you two could have been there, just to see it all. He was rough, and just trying to force himself and everything on me, you know?"

"I don't have to be there, Scott. I think I know," Jason replied, softly.

Scott smiled. "You guys tonight, you weren't like that at all. You know that, right?" He suddenly laughed. "That's why I have such a hard time believing any of this stuff even happened! It's why I keep wondering if I dreamed it or something! It was so fucking awesome!"

Jason sat up and placed his arm around Scott's shoulder. "Do you feel this?" he asked softly. When Scott nodded, Jason then put his other hand up inside of Scott's shirt. Placing it over his heart, he asked again. "And this?" A second nod. "Then yeah, it's real. It happened, and I'm totally cool with it. Elliot is, too. I've already told you that, what, two or three times now? So, just believe it." He giggled as he brought his hand away. "I do know that's a hard thing to do, though. Because... well, for me, it was hard for me to learn how to believe in things again. Especially with Elliot, but, I did."

Scott just stared at the youth for a moment. "Really? What was it like, then? Can I ask?"

Jason gazed upon his friend with compassion. "With Elliot? He didn't try anything like having sex with me. He just, just got me to take a shower with him, sort of. And that night, it was... it was like I gave in and trusted him and everything. I let my guard down, and... and... yeah."

Scott whistled softly. "That sounds sssooooo cool, Jason. Bloody - fucking - cool."

"It was, Scott. It was different, too. It wasn't what I expected from someone being so horny as he was all the time and everything. He was really awesome about it all, though. Yeah, we explored some too, but ... it was okay, because I wasn't afraid around him anymore. So yeah, you feeling me up tonight? I would have done you the same way, I think."

Scott reclined back. "Are you kidding? You would? But ... you didn't!"

"Yeah, well, you haven't gone home yet, though. Have you?" Jason teased. They both laughed out loud. "Besides, Elliot perved on you enough instead, so..."

"Hey now," came a familiar voice from the doorway. Elliot quietly entered the room with a grin. "I did NOT perv on him. I was a perfect gentleman! He let me do everything I did, you know, with his permission!"

"Yeah, rriigghhttt," Jason teased. "I saw all that extra time you took, poking and feeling around his plumbing and everything!"

Elliot grinned wickedly. "It was a nice feel, too! Fattest dick I've ever seen or held! A LOT fatter than Derek's, even!"

Scott listened to the exchange and laughed. "You two... wow!" he said, shaking his head as Elliot handed him a soda. Scott opened it and took a long drink, not realizing he was so thirsty. Elliot opened another can and shared it with Jason. The passing between them did not escape Scott's notice. "You two share stuff like that, too? Drinking after each other?"

Jason nodded. "I know what you're thinking, but yeah. I never shared stuff before, either. Not until I came here, anyway."

"What? You mean this?" Elliot asked, taking the can back from Jason and downing another gulp. "We only had two cans left, and I knew he wouldn't mind. We share lots of stuff, really. Clothes, underwear, butt-plugs, condoms..."

As he had just started to take another drink, Scott gagged, spurting the liquid through his nose. "Oh shiiittttt...!" he exclaimed. Elliot was grinning wickedly, but Jason shook his head.

"We share a lot of stuff, Scott... but not that! You don't have to believe EVERYTHING he says, you know!" Jason smirked.

All three of them laughed. Scott placed his drink on the desktop and scooted back to rest against the wall. "I think that's really cool, though, honest." He took a deep breath. Now that Elliot had rejoined them, he was hesitant, wanting to know more, but unsure of himself. "How much did you hear?" he asked shyly.

Elliot blushed. "Well, mostly just your story at the end. I didn't mean to eavesdrop or pry, sorry. I just wasn't wanting to, like, interrupt you two. Things kind of sounded serious and all."

Scott smiled. "It's cool. I got nothing to hide. Jason, he was... he was telling me some deep stuff, yeah, and I guess I was, too." He hesitated again. "You know, I kind of want to ask you guys something else. And yeah, it's personal, but again just tell me to fuck off if you want."

Elliot climbed up on the bed and moved to sit beside their guest. "Well...? What's up?" he asked, waiting. It was a full minute before the Scott finally broke the silence.

"Okay, you guys saw me and everything, up close even. Was I like, do you think, like ...normal? You know... down there? Do you really think I'm... uh..."

Elliot looked at Jason, who then scooted and positioned himself to face Scott. "I thought you looked totally awesome."

Elliot nodded. "Nothing wrong in the plumbing department, dude. One dick, two nuts, nice set of soft pubes. All of it looked rather sexy, I think. Legs are a little scrawny maybe, but meh..."

Scott laughed. "Yeah, I guess they are a little different." He wrinkled his nose again. "My dick though, was... okay?"

Elliot grinned. "OOhh yyeeaahhhhh... other than it being huge, that is!" Scott giggled, but then blushed.

Jason cleared his throat. "Yeah, it is kind of a big one. Not long, but... yeah, big!"

"Really? I always thought everyone's was mostly this way," Scott commented.

Elliot shook his head. "I've seen a LOT of guys Scott, boned up and not. Trust me, you're going to excite the girl you stick that thing into one day!"

Scott laughed, disbelieving. "No way! Come on guys, I'm not THAT big!"

Jason grinned. "I can only say for what few I've seen, but yeah, it is. Like Elliot said, when you go to having sex and stuff? Wow, you're going to really, like, plug them up and everything." He grunted. "I bet you have some good fun jerking it and everything, too. Right?" Watching their friend blush even deeper, he decided to change tactics. "Anything else you want to know? You can trust us, right? We're not going to tell anyone."

Elliot agreed. "Yeah, it's not like we're going to go tell the whole school you got the fattest dick in England, you know!" A thoughtful expression suddenly appeared. "That is, unless you want us to! I mean, seriously, the girls get hold of that little piece of information, and you might get more action than you want!"

Scott started laughing, and it became infectious between the three. If not for Elliot sitting beside him, he would have toppled over onto the bed. "You two are full of it, you know?" When he settled, he grinned at the two. "Thanks, I think, but no... Don't do that, please."

Elliot smiled at him. "I wouldn't Scott, honest. Just messing with you."

Scott blushed, but sat still for another minute. Both boys waited patiently, wondering what their friend was thinking about. They were finally rewarded when he spoke again. "Do you guys, like, ever roll the dough, or pump the sausage, or..."

"Jack off? That's what I was talking about!" Jason added. When Scott blushed again, Jason giggled. "You've GOT to quit doing that! The blushing thing, I mean. It's just us anyway, remember?" When their friend finally looked up, Jason continued in a soft voice. "All the time, Scott. Or at least, a lot of times." Elliot nodded in agreement, which encouraged their guest.

"How much? Can I ask that?"

Elliot took that one. "You can ask anything you want, man. Um, I don't know. Sometimes we go 2or 3 days without, then some days we might do it 2 or 3 times in the same day."

Scott was surprised. "Really? So, do you like, get the white stuff and all the jizz, too?"

"Oh yeah," Elliot replied. "You?" he asked in return, to which their friend nodded.

"Yeah, a lot. Do you two, like, spooge a lot?" Scott asked in a whisper.

Jason glanced at Elliot, his eyebrow raised, before he replied. "You mean cum, right? Well, yeah, I think so. Sometimes anyway."

"Especially when he does it to me," Elliot whispered cautiously.

Scott grinned widely. "Then you do it, really do it, even to each other?" Both boys nodded. Scott closed his eyes and lay his head back. "Shit! That must be fucking awesome!"

Jason spoke next. "Okay, time for you to fess up. Why do you want to know? You planning to out us at school or something?"

"Fuck no! Why would I do that?" was the quick response. With his head against the wall, a pleasant expression crossed Scott's face. "It's a fair question, though. I guess, I don't know, just curious, that's all." He saw a pillow nearby, then reached and grabbed for it. Initially pulling it over his lap, he was surprised when Elliot grabbed and pulled it away.

"Nuh uh, don't hide from us," Elliot declared. "I'm serious. We don't care if you have a boner, okay? Besides, we've already seen your dick and everything. We're being honest with you, so you have to be just as honest with us, too."

Scott grinned again, blushing even redder. "I'm hard, yeah," he whispered, and Jason could easily see the tent that had formed below. Scott made no further attempt to hide himself again, though. He, too, glanced down to see his state. "I want to, like, really spooge sometimes, you know? Crap, guys, do you have any idea how little I get to talk about sex with anyone?"

Jason nodded in understanding. He could see things were changing rapidly, so he decided to take things in yet another direction. "Okay, enough serious stuff then, for now anyway. When do I get a turn to perv on you? Can I see how big you really are, up close?" he whispered.

Scott was surprised at the forwardness of it all, but then remembered how forward he had been earlier. "You two can perv on me all you want. I don't care, honest!" His reply was soft, but there was a bit of something else in it that Jason could not identify. Perhaps it was a desire of sorts, which made Jason grin. Reaching out, he moved their friend's t-shirt out of the way and grabbed onto the front band of his boxers there. With a wicked side glance at Elliot, he pulled them out and down, holding enough open air so that Scott's boner could spring free. It lay heavily, stretching toward the youth's navel at a full mast. Elliot whistled again, then turned around and adjusted their lamp, placing more illumination on the subject. Except for the occasional pulse, it lay totally open and inviting.

Jason tentatively touched it and, after getting an encouraging nod from Scott, grasped it in his hand. "Wow, it really is, like, big!" He lifted, feeling it's weight. "Sheesh, it's got to be the biggest, fattest dick I've seen, too! Super-sized even! And...heavy!" He studied it more. "Umm, it's not really any longer than ours is, though." He lifted the band again to look further underneath, but the material would only stretch so far. Elliot, seeing this, turned around and faced their visitor. With a wicked grin, he grabbed the sides and pulled Scott's boxers down completely to his knees.

Scott smirked, shaking his head. "Hey, I thought you already had your fun tonight!"

"Who, me?" Elliot claimed innocently. "Okay, maybe a little, but this ... this is diff, though...right?" He looked down again and nodded appreciatively. "Man, you ARE gonna make some girls, or someone at least, pretty damn happy when they get in your pants!"

Scott scoffed. "Come on, guys! Haven't you heard me? I'm a crip Elliot, no one is going to want...to, you know... screw with me."

"Scott... don't. Quit putting yourself down so much like that," Jason spoke up, looking up into the teen's eyes. "Sex and love are two different things, but they're also tied together. You KNOW that, right?"

"He's right," Elliot added. "So, maybe you're not the most active person in the world. There are still people out there who will want you for being just you. And I'll bet anything, they would be happy to get in bed with you and mess around."

Scott looked on in silence, contemplating that as Jason continued feeling around. Weighing the boy's scrotum in the palm of his hand, he also pushed his fingers around the pubic hairs cushioning everything underneath. "I think you're just as normal as anyone else, Scott," he stated. "You're different, I mean. Like Elliot said, you're like, you've got the prize. But it's actually pretty cool!" He looked up and smiled at the boy. "Talk about us and what we were doing, I'm kind of glad you're letting me look and feel everything, too."

Scott grinned. "How could I not? Especially after the stuff you told me while ago."

Jason shrugged, then returned to his playing. "Someone is going to love giving you blow jobs and getting that thing stuck in ... you know..." He grinned as he went back to fondling. At times, he gently squeezed as he moved his palm up over the tip. Like himself, Scott had some loose skin that moved forward sparingly. When it was pulled back again, Scott gulped and, ever so softly, moaned out loud. Almost immediately, both Elliot and Jason saw the precursor they were expecting. There at his tip, a drop of precum leaked onto Jason's hand.

"Feels so different, that way," Scott whispered. "Feels... really... good..."

"So, you've never even had anyone jerk you off at all, then?" Elliot asked, to which their guest shook his head no.

"Just my own hand-made job is it, all to myself," he whispered.

That made Elliot sit back for a second. Leaning over, he whispered into Jason's ear. "What do you think? Should we?" he asked, with the barest of audible tones.

Jason thought about it before answering. "If we do, it has to be tonight. It's the only time we'll have totally alone with him, together I mean." He shrugged. "I'm game if you are, as long as you're okay with it."

Elliot sat back and silently mused. "Do you think we can we trust him?" Although he still spoke softly, this time it was loud enough Scott overheard him. The youth opened his eyes and saw the two exchange a look.

"Huh? Trust me for what? Guys, don't do anything you like, wouldn't want to, okay? I know, okay? I'm the new kid here, and-" He was surprisingly shushed as Jason clamped the palm of his free hand over Scott's mouth. He looked at the teen mischievously.

"Scott," Jason said, amused. "For once... just shut up. And while you're at it, close your eyes again. Just relax, or you may have to wait until you're out of high school, or whatever the heck you guys call it over here, to ever have sex again." He then leaned in close. "Or at least, have someone play with your dick like this." To emphasize, he gave the boy two quick tugs, squeezing the erection in his hand more firmly than before. The message was clear, and Scott gulped as he sucked in his gut.

"Ohh sshhhiiittttt....."

Jason and Elliot both giggled. Elliot was surprised at Jason, as it was the first time his cousin had ever outright talked about sex like this with someone else. Jason just grinned back at him, and then continued to slowly stroke their friend, massaging him up and down his shaft. He liked feeling the heavy fullness that pulsed in his hand. He leaned over into Elliot's ear and whispered ever so softly. "Do you think we ought to, like, go down on him? You know, suck him?"

Elliot got a wicked grin on his face, and just nodded. "Yeah," he whispered. "If you want to, I will, too." With that, Jason sat back up, contemplating the groin that was opened and inviting to them while he slowly continued to stroke Scott's willy. He knew Scott had no idea what was coming, and as he glanced up, he saw their friend staring back at them with a silly, lopsided grin. Jason hesitated, uncertain at first, but then took a deep breath and decided to go for it. He had sucked Elliot a few times by now, so he already knew what it was going to be like. This would not be so different he thought, other than looking at that thing, and thinking how big it was going to fit in his mouth.

When Scott closed his eyes again, Jason leaned in quickly, very close to Scott's groin. Holding the massive-sized member upright, Jason encircled it with his lips, suckling him first at just the tip. Gradually however, he drew on the throbbing mass, bringing it inside. There he let his tongue work around as much of what he could get to. To Jason's surprise, it was a totally different experience! Scott had a much stronger scent about him than Elliot did, and the massive size of the shaft he held between his lips left little room for his tongue to play at all.

Feeling the sudden warm and wet change, Scott grabbed the blanket underneath in one hand, and with the other grasped Elliot's leg. "OOhhh sshhhiiittttt...." he moaned, squeezing tightly. As the sensations took over, he repeated it again louder. Elliot was amused as he watched Jason take the plump rod and envelop the end for about 30 seconds before pulling off. As it slipped out, there was a distinct pop and kiss which they all could hear. He sat back grinning, staring at the widened eyes that met his in disbelief. Then he turned to Elliot. "Your turn," he whispered.

Elliot didn't have to be asked twice. Scott's breathing became raspy as Elliot swept down upon his groin, engulfing the mass that waited for him. Scott began to whine, his eyes ready to pop before they closed. Elliot repeated the performance, tasting the precum that continued to ooze out. Its taste and texture really weren't all that different from Jason's, but there was a much stronger scent that met him. It became intoxicating, and it encouraged Elliot to begin moving up and down, swallowing as much of the shaft as he could accept. How much time passed, he wasn't sure, but he felt a change coming from underneath already. Scott was already setting course for the top of the mountain, and he was accelerating fast.

Elliot pulled off with his own audible pop, grinning as Jason moved down to take his place again for a second round. They each took turns like that, listening and watching their friend swing back and forth from feelings of ecstasy to feelings of need. Scott moaned audibly and swore, each time one of the two popped off. "Oh, shit guys, I want to cum, so bbaaaaaddd..." he finally hissed, gritting his teeth. There were times he opened his eyes to look at them, but his state of mind was in another world as his first real experience of something totally new took over.

When Elliot pulled off the last time, Jason glanced up to see Scott almost in tears. His eyes had opened now, watching the two swapping back and forth. He mouthed wordless oaths for a bit while Jason grasped him and started stroking. In heavy breaths, their friend whispered a warning to them both. "S-Sorry guys, but I think ... I'm going to ... erupt. Like, really.... fucking.... cum!" He started to grab his dick to jerk it off, but Elliot swatted his hand away, leaving Scott with a begging expression.

That look made Jason giggle, as he started moving his hand up and down in a faster motion now. "I guess that means we better finish him off then, you guess?" he smirked at Elliot. Both knew they had the teen in a daze, now. Jason held as much of the dick as he could palm, and elevated it with his fingers. His hand became a blur as he leaned in and whispered into Scott's ear, "Let it happen now, go for it." Elliot reached and gently pulled the teen's legs apart, before palming Scott's scrotum. He used his fingers around the base to stimulate, timing it with Jason's pumping as best he could.

That sent Scott over the top, and both Elliot and Jason looked on in astonishment as several thick gobs escaped, the first shooting as far up as Scott's chin. Elliot quickly grabbed Scott's shirt and pulled it up and out of the way as several large white spurts followed, each with slightly less intensity than the previous. Jason slowed down toward the end, just grasping and holding on as the last few ejections dribbled into his fingers. Scott sucked in his gut not once, but twice, as he thrust himself deeper into the hand that held him, muttering under his breath and gasping for air. When it was obvious his attempts to hang onto that climax were futile, however, he relented. Jason eventually stopped and waited, until the teen started to finally relax. Neither he nor Elliot moved, as they watched the myriad of expressions that met them.

Scott eventually opened his eyes and gazed upon them, his breathing still short and ragged, but becoming steadier. He looked exhausted, as he was already slumping heavily. Jason looked around and silently motioned to the pillows nearby, which Elliot pulled over and helped work them underneath. Their friend slid back more comfortably as he watched them both, still mesmerized. Elliot eventually obtained some tissues nearby, and proceeded to clean up the splattered masses on Scott's stomach and torso, making the teen finally grin.

Jason sat there with a pleasant expression, pulling his legs up to his chest. Resting his chin on his knees, he observed Scott with a pleasant expression. "Now, THAT Scott, is me perving on you," he declared with a smile. "How did it feel? Okay?"

Scott watched them both briefly before sighing. "I... I don't know what to say, guys. It was... it was..."

As the teen fell silent, it was Elliot who spoke up. "Then don't say anything. Just consider that a late Christmas present, from us to you. Now you know what it's like, to get a hand job and a blow job, all in the same night, right?" he added, smiling. "Like Jase said, though, was it okay? We're not going to, like, leave you with nightmares or anything, right?"

Scott suddenly found a vein of strength within him to sit up on his elbows. "Come here," he whispered to Elliot. Though the voice was still soft, it carried an unmistakable command of authority in its tone. Elliot moved closer, and then found himself encircled by Scott's arms, clinging warmly and dragging him down onto the covers. Elliot caught him in his arms, holding their friend while he shifted and made the embrace as warm as it was intended to be. He glanced over and saw Jason observing them with a smile. "I guess this means he liked it, you think?" he whispered to his cousin.

Upon hearing that, Scott pulled himself free and grasped Jason before repeating the embrace. Jason warmly returned the hug, already understanding its significance. This moment connected with a feeling of special gratitude ... and something else.

Scott gradually released Jason and lay back. Grinning at them both, he spoke softly. "You really think that would leave me with nightmares?" He shook his head. "It'll leave me with fantasies and... and a lot of hand jobs for months to come, is what I think it will leave me! Shit!" he exclaimed, then laughed before gazing back at them. "You two, I don't know what to even think about tonight. All of it - the shower, this, just everything. It was so awesome, guys. It was so fucking awesome, honest!"

Jason nodded. "I know how you feel. I've been there, too, in this very room. Not in the same way, but with a lot of the same heart, and he-" Jason pointed at Elliot again. "He's the one who gave it to me. With a lot of trust and patience and everything. So, yeah, I know it's pretty awesome."

Elliot shook his head, though. "Don't let Jase fool you like that. He gave me a lot in return, too." When he peered at Scott, he added. "I mean, we gave each other a lot of ourselves. Jase made me not feel alone anymore."

Scott nodded at that. "I DO know how that feels, guys. I really do."

"We all do," Jason responded. "I think we've all been alone, in different ways. That's what makes it all feel so good, you know, when we don't have to feel that way anymore. When we can feel each other, and trust each other, and just be together."

"Hear, hear!" Scott cheered quietly, then moved his hands behind his head. "Let me rest a minute guys, then... I'll do something for you, too. You know, I'll give back, I promise."

Jason, however, shook his head. "Don't, Scott. What we did, we did it for you. We don't expect anything back," he replied, and Elliot nodded in agreement. "Just, don't hate us or anything, okay? I know, we kind of crossed a line, but..."

"Not with me, you didn't," Scott answered promptly. "Not with me, I promise. But guys, if I go home and, you know, then I'll feel guilty about it and everything, not giving back or something. I owe you. I fucking owe both of you, you know?"

"Jase is right," Elliot spoke up. "You don't owe us anything, honest. Like I said, Happy Christmas and all that. We wanted to, Scott. I'm like Jase, I'm happy we did it, too. Besides - looking down at this monstrosity, even soft? I bet we're going to have some wet dreams, too," he added, mischievously.

Scott looked down at himself and noticed he was now completely soft. Jason also reached out and lifted the end gently, causing their friend to giggle. "You know something? You're even big when you're soft!" Jason mused, then reached out and ran his hand down the boys' thigh and back up. "Can you feel that any?"

Scott shook his head. "Honest? Not really. Sorry," he added sheepishly.

Jason nodded, doing it again for good measure before commenting. "Your legs don't look that diff, just... maybe skinnier, I guess." He finally stopped and glanced up. "I think it's really cool though, that you could feel all that we did. That's something to be thankful for, right?" He grunted before looking around. "Want your boxers back on?" he asked.

Before Scott could answer, however, Elliot found them and moved to the youth's feet. Threading first one and then the other through the leg openings, with Jason's help he had them back up in no time. By then, Scott seemed to feel some of his strength returning. "Thanks guys, I... just thanks. I don't care what you say, I owe you. I really do."

Glancing at the clock, the boys saw it was only a little more than half past ten. "So, is anyone sleepy? No? How about a game of Monopoly, then?" Elliot asked.

Scott's eyes lit up at that, and Jason had to giggle. "Ruh roh, Shaggy, here we go..." Seeing the look of confusion in their friend's face, he laughed. "You have NO idea what you're getting into! Ow!" Elliot had pinched him, good-naturedly.

Just like that, they suddenly became regular boys again.

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