The Bully and the Bullied

by Sean English

Part 4

Newfound Adventures

The kiss was magical, as if reached by pure instinct. Neither had ever kissed anyone like this before, but both had watched others - both boys and girls mostly - steal kisses in the hallways, between classes, and behind the gym seats, with plenty of tongues and lots of feeling about. Michael had always wished he had someone to do this with, someone to hold and try. Even lately he had thought about this, even with Thomas, as their friendship was growing closer every passing day. He would always grimace though, thinking it was something that would never happen. The last few days, however, had started to change his mind.

Thomas could feel the kiss connect not just through his lips, but throughout his whole body. As if something electrical suddenly zapped and heightened his senses, it astonished him. To explore this was worth something all to itself, but then feeling the intimacy that went with it was awesome. Their chests were bared to each other, but the contact provided each with a new fire to warm inside. There was a tingling sensation, one that came from the top of their heads to their groins and beyond. It was magical, and as the explored each other, first one and then the other, they pushed as deep as their tongues would take them. Neither worried about it being taboo. Instead, both boys felt nothing but pure joy and pleasure from the contact.

They did not break for the longest time, each only drawing away from the other briefly to get little gasps of air as they went along. Each cocked his head in different directions, letting the other cross his mouth with their own and lower their tongue deep inside. They were hungry for each other, first Michael, but then Thomas, too. They traded back and forth, seeking each other out, and loving every minute of it.

Finally, they slowed down, and it was Michael who eventually pulled back with a big sigh, resting his chin on crossed arms only inches away. He grinned, and Thomas mimicked him, as they lay and caught their breaths. Their hearts were beating faster now, and Michael could feel each breath his friend made. Thomas looked up and mouthed a single, voiceless word, "Wow!"

"Fuck, yeah!" Michael whispered, giggling ever so quietly. He could feel it too, feel that his friend had enjoyed it as much as he did. His attention turned to what was happening elsewhere in his groin, feeling his dick stretching with an aching desire. As he did though, he could distinctly make out a separate pressure exerted from underneath, straining and throbbing upwards. He moved his legs then to straddle his friend, relieving some of his weight. Curious, he lifted his midsection up and glanced between them. Though they both still wore their jeans, they happened to be very outlined and tented jeans just then. When Thomas followed the glance, he both grinned and blushed simultaneously.

Michael giggled as he lay back on top, before grinding them both ever so slightly. At first Thomas just stared at him, but then he returned it, warming up to the sensations between them. He saw Michael's eyes filled with understanding. "Now do you believe how much I trust you, bro?" Michael whispered.

Thomas stared. "It's never been about trust, Michael," he whispered back.

Michael shook his head. "I think it has, though. You're afraid I'm going to think you're gay or something, or won't want to do things, because you were afraid I wouldn't trust you." He resettled his chin again and spoke softly. "I've got a secret though, Thomas. I would trust you with anything, too, in a heartbeat. You're my best friend."

Comprehension dawned as Thomas realized that it was exactly what it boiled down to. He also began to realize it wasn't just trust for him, but for them both. He implicitly did trust his friend, but until that moment, he had no idea how much of it would be returned. Michael had just given him the best gift in the whole world right then. He slowly nodded, smiling, visibly relaxing as he moved his hands around the teen and held onto his sides, just short of the small of his back. He slowly lifted his head, leaning in this time and prompting them to kiss again, but this one was much more tender, with more feeling. It lasted only a moment, but instead of the tentative exploration they had just completed, this one was filled with a love all on its own.

When they separated, Michael propped his head up. "What now?" he whispered, his mischievous look returning.

Amused, Thomas raised his hands and placed them behind his head. "I don't know. What are you thinking?"

Michael thought for a minute, looking down into Thomas's armpits and wondering if he really wanted to attack them again. Ultimately, he decided not to, and instead began glancing about his room. Turning to peer at the clock, he was surprised to find it was just after 7:00. Grinning, he turned back and looked at Thomas mischievously. "We've got quite a while before Mom comes home, you know." His best friend nodded, saying nothing, so he continued. "So, I've got an idea, maybe. Umm... let me ask you something though, first." Michael took a deep breath. "Do you dream about stuff, too? I mean, like, fantasy, or pretend and stuff?"

Thomas hesitated only slightly. "Yeah. Why?"

Michael grinned. "Umm, so, have you ever, like, taken a shower with someone?" Thomas moved his head from side to side as a grin began to form, realizing where this was going. Michael's voice fell to a whisper. "Me neither... But, umm, do you want too?"

Thomas's expression and body language did nothing to hide the fact that he wanted to, but there was still a slight streak of hesitancy in him. "D-do you?" he asked.

Michael smirked. "Why do you think I asked? Besides..." He leaned in until he was right on Thomas's lips again, where he whispered still even lower. "You've got to learn how to get me right, you know?" He emphasized his point by grinding their groins together, before he kissed him again.

For all the emotions and anticipation that started to run through him, Thomas looked up when they broke the kiss. "Can we?" he whispered back.

In answer, Michael suddenly scrambled, sitting backwards into his friend's lower lap. "Oh, yeah, you bet we can!" Climbing to his feet he pulled Thomas with him, before crossing over to one of his drawers. Once there, he pulled out a t-shirt and some briefs. Before closing it, however, he turned to Thomas. "Do you, like, need anything...?"

"Umm, well, I only brought some clean jeans and another t-shirt," Thomas replied, slightly embarrassed. Michael just grinned before pulling out an extra set out and tossing them over. Closing the drawer, he then walked over and turned off the TV, before taking Thomas's hand. "Okay, let's go downstairs, where there is a lot more room and everything!" He was whispering excitedly, pulling Thomas behind him as they headed out.

When they reached the living room, Michael let go and stopped, checking quickly on the fire again. It was starting to die down, which prompted him to add more wood before closing it up. Once done, he collected his topless friend again. He didn't know about Thomas, but he could feel a certain level of naughty excitement building through him. As Thomas giggled, however, he glanced back and felt his best friend was just as excited as he was.

Michael pulled Thomas into the bigger bathroom while flipping the light switch. Shutting the door, he moved over to the tub and drew the loose curtain back. Turning on the water, he adjusted the temperature before turning back to Thomas. His friend had stood still, watching him curiously, but using his feet to remove first one sock and then the other while he waited. Michael grinned and placed his glasses on the sink, before stepping in front of the teen. Both boys faced each other, grinning but with an obvious nervousness. Neither, however, wanted to back out now.

It was then Michael spoke up. "Okay, now's the time to stop if you want to. Because if we go on, I'm going to strip you completely and utterly naked, bro."

Thomas, surprised, shook his head and whispered, "Are you kidding? We've already come this far, let's do it!"

Michael grinned. "Any special way you want to do this?" When Thomas shook his head, he then leaned in reached for his friend's belt. Separating the buckle, Thomas sucked in his gut, thus making the already loose jeans even less constricted. He was tempted to laugh and tell Michael he could take his own clothes off, but he stopped, thinking what he had said. This might actually be more fun, Thomas thought, so he stood there silently as the belt came off. When Michael straightened up and waited, Thomas reached out and did the same thing to him, going an additional step and unsnapping the jeans underneath. Then he stood still and gave Michael his turn. They were looking at each other all over, assessing the other up close. Thomas could see the top of his friend's briefs, and the outline of the tented soldier inside. "I'm glad I'm not the only one with a boner," he mused aloud.

Michael glanced at himself and then grinned, before starting to work on the button holding Thomas' jeans together. Unlike his own which simply snapped, Thomas's Jeans were fastened by a button which did not want to give way for him. Thomas laughed, realizing the difficulty of the task, before reaching down to help. Michael batted his hand away at first, though, redoubling his efforts. Finally, he gasped in annoyance. "Okay, you win... How the heck do YOU ever go to the bathroom and crap, with them like that?" he asked, laughing as Thomas easily unbuttoned and pulled the top flaps apart.

"Sorry," he offered, but Michael waved it away. Reaching in, he found it much easier to gently unzip them, feeling the briefs underneath, as well as the hard erection that pushed outward. He stood back and let Thomas do the same to him, who went the extra step of hooking his thumbs on the others waistband. Pushing down, he worked the garment off the hips, then watched as it fell to the floor. Michael stepped out, standing before his friend clad only in his underwear and socks, his groin now fully tented underneath. He didn't seem to mind it or seem embarrassed though, which made Thomas happy. Reaching out, Michael reciprocated to Thomas, until they both stood grinning at the other.

Michael glanced down suddenly and reached out, grasping Thomas's hardness from the outside. His friend gasped, but thrust himself forward which made Michael giggle as he held on. He used it as a playful brace while stepping on one, then the other of his own feet and pulling the socks loose. When they were evenly prepared, he let go and pronounced, "So, your turn now. Go for it."

Thomas grunted, then reached out and hooked his fingers into the band of Michael's underwear, but hesitated, looking up. He was surprised then when Michael reached out and mimicked him. "It's okay, honest. Here, let's do it together." He began to tug ever so slightly, pulling out in front. When he felt Thomas do the same, they both then slowly pulled further and pushed down, freeing the erections waiting to be loosed, and clearing the sides of the garment from each other's hips. When the garments dropped to the floor, both stood completely naked, with hard erections that sprang back, pointing clearly outward and up.

With seemingly no care in the world, Michael took the sight of Thomas in totally, which caused his friend to do the same to him. The bathroom light was faint, not bright like it was in Michael's bedroom, and as such it cast shadows about that revealed few details. Without his glasses, Michael could only make out the basic outline in front of him, but that was good enough, as he could clearly discern a patch of brown, pubic hair at the base, and a set of testicles hanging underneath. He reached out and ran just the tip of his fingers through Thomas's hairs, noticing how silky and soft they felt. He couldn't help but brush across the boner, too. Feeling the hardness and heat, he looked up and grinned.

Thomas was already smiling. Stepping closer, he gave Michael better access if he wanted it. For some reason though, Michael had a different urge just then. Stepping up, he grasped the other in a full body hug, grinding their groins together. At first Thomas giggled, but feeling the sensual play, he relented and began to hug back, as Michael leaned and gave Thomas a quick, open-mouthed kiss again. Thomas returned the kiss, gasping at how good it felt to be pressed so firmly together. The electric-like connection that tingled, from their toes to the end of their cocks, progressed to their bellies and upward to their lips. Thomas felt like he could have stayed that way for hours, but instead they both broke the kiss and backed away. Michael then reached out and, pulling him by the hand, guided Thomas into the shower with him.

Closing the curtain, Michael first stepped under the stream of water, wetting down his hair and body before pulling Thomas underneath with him. The close contact continued, making their erections slap into one another at times, but neither was concerned. They were both simultaneously aroused and comforted without a care in the world. When Michael reached for a bar of soap, he whispered, "Turn around." Thomas obeyed, so lathering his hands, he started rubbing down the firm body in front of him. He started with the shoulders and sides, before progressing to the back and working his way down to Thomas's buttocks. When he arrived, Michael leaned in close. "Do you want me to wash you here," his hand floating right below the waist, "or do you want to do it?"

Thomas shrugged and then spread his legs. When he didn't turn around, Michael lathered up again and inserted his hands inside all around his friend's butt. It was exhilarating, feeling another body besides his own. Especially someone letting him willingly do this. It was cool, and he knew Thomas enjoyed it, too, as the teen moaned in pleasure.

Michael finally squatted on his knees and looked closer, the distance now negligible to the point he didn't need his glasses. In the still diminished lighting of the room, he observed perfectly round, bubble-like globes facing him. In a gentler motion, he rubbed his fingers between the legs, touching the back of the scrotum hanging there. Thomas had closed his eyes, letting his friend have all the access he wanted, so Michael stroked the soft flesh briefly, before rapidly rubbing down onto the legs. Finishing quickly, he stood up and turned the teen around, noting the eyes that were still closed. "You okay?"

Thomas grinned. "Fuck yeah! Don't stop... You still have my front to do, you know?" Michael giggled, then proceeded to rub down the chest and belly similarly as he did before. He didn't use a wash cloth, just his hands to glide and float across the surface. When he reached the last part, he hesitated, but took hold and wrapped his fingers around the waiting erection there for the second time. It wasn't that he was afraid, but all kidding aside, this time he was enjoying something he wanted Thomas to feel, too. He was holding another boy's dick, completely and fully. The expression on Thomas's face was priceless just then, as he started going weak in his knees at the touch. When Michael felt him slipping away, he gently pushed the teen back against the wall. Still holding on, he heard Thomas moan softly as the erection in his hand throbbed.

Once again, Michael lowered himself face-to-face with his Thomas's waist. He thought something felt different, and as he observed closer, he started in surprise. Thomas was, for all intent and purposes, uncircumcised. "Crap! So, that's why you drew me that way!" he mused aloud, looking up in awe. He had heard of such, and he knew that boys fell into one of the two categories. Hearing about it though, and actually seeing it for the first time, however, was totally different! Yet Thomas stood there, right in front of him, letting him kneel close up. Michael was not only looking though, but HOLDING it, too, as it throbbed again!

Michael mentally kicked himself as he realized he had never observed another boys' penis PERIOD - yet alone FELT one like this. Peering closer, he saw that other than for the extra skin that almost covered the end, it wasn't really that different from his own. He and Thomas were about the same size boned up too, which he considered was a good thing. Marveling at how hard it felt, he gulped, watching as it continued throbbing in his hand. It was smooth to his touch, and yet radiated a heat he had never noticed before with himself. The skin made a covering over the helmet, one he wanted to pull back, but was not sure if that was something he should do. Glancing upward again, he saw Thomas looking down at him with that same, goofy grin. As if reading his friend's mind, Thomas reached in and grasped Michaels' hand, and together, they both pulled the skin back completely, exposing the purplish head underneath. Michael was awed, because now it looked almost identical to his own. "That is so - fucking - cool!", he exclaimed, which made Thomas laugh out loud.

"You think so?" Thomas asked, amused but pleased.

Embarrassed, Michael just stood up and whispered, "Hell yeah! You know, you're not really so different. Not when you pull the skin back." Thomas's expression of curiosity prompted him to explain. "You'll understand when you check me out, bro. I'm circumcised, see? I don't have the extra skin and everything, not like you do!" He then stepped back and pointed, pushing his own hardened erection out from his belly.

Thomas noted it and grinned. "Yeah, cool!" he response, which made Michael feel better.

Slapping the bar of soap into Thomas's hand, he grinned. "Okay - now it's your turn. Have at me!"

"Umm, is there like, anything you don't want me to do?" Thomas asked timidly while lathering up his hands.

Michael moved himself under the water stream and closed his eyes. "Are you kidding? Anything you want, Thomas. Anything at all." He felt a tug on his shoulder, so he complied and turned around. Lifting his arms, he leaned forward against the wall. There was a pause, enough so he started to turn and look behind him, but then he felt two hands rubbing him down, beginning under his arm pits and working down the sides.

Like his friend, Thomas felt thrilled at times. He almost forgot to breathe as he made slow, circular motions with both hands, feeling Michael's body completely. He let his hands glide over the various curves, and inside the many crevices of the teen's body, soaping and cleaning as he went. He, too, had never dreamed of doing anything like this, although it had been a secret wish of his on more than one occasion. In his heart, he was falling in love with Michael, something that he knew he would have to sort out later. For the moment though, his best friend shared himself as much as Thomas did with him. As taboo as it might be for some, Thomas wasn't going to back away from it.

As Michael had done earlier, Thomas lathered and caressed the butt cheeks, slipping his fingers inside the crack and across the rosebud hidden within. He thought about playing there briefly, but then decided against it. He finally pushed down and underneath between the legs, and his friend then stepped wide to open the area better. Like Michael, Thomas knelt and rubbed down both legs before stopping. Standing up, he put his arms around from behind, embracing Michael and pulling the teen into himself, spooning and sandwiching his erection between them. He sighed deeply, as did his friend, who pushed back into him and whispered, "Oh yeah, this feels good!"

"Mm hmm," Thomas replied, holding him a moment before starting to soap up the others chest and belly where he could reach. This was the fulfillment of another fantasy, spooning like this, and he wanted to do his best to capture and remember every detail. "It feels, really... awesome... to me..." He didn't really want to let go, but after a moment he stepped and turned Michael around to face him. Thomas blushed and whispered, "Sorry, Mike."

"About what? I didn't say anything and that means it's OK. Just - umm, we're going to lose the hot water if we don't finish up." Thomas then grinned in relief. Standing back, he finished the job properly, quickly examining his work. Michael grinned, but then pointing down to his crotch. "You're not finished, yet," he whispered. Thomas blushed, but then grinned and stepped closer.

As soon as he touched Michael, the teen shut his eyes and moaned loudly, backing himself to the wall. As Thomas grasped him, he slowly started to massage the erection up and down, effectively masturbating his friend. Michael opened his eyes wide. "Crap, you sure you want to do that now? I don't know if I can keep it in much longer as it is! When I cum, it is going to be fucking messy..."

Thomas leaned in and whispered. "Yeah? Me too..."

They grinned at each other before Michael turned around and shut the water off. Leaning close, he whispered. "If you want us to jack each other off, I'm game, but let's go back to my room first, okay?" Opening the curtain, he then grabbed a towel and dried his face and head, before realizing they had both forgotten something. "Umm... hang on a min," he declared, closing the curtain and turning the water back on. He found his shampoo and quickly lathered and rinsed his hair, all the while Thomas washed his own. When they finished, they noticed immediately the room was much cooler, the door now having been shut, restricting heat from the rest of the house. Michael dried off, and then handed the towel to his friend, before opening the door and peering out into the living room. He saw the clock, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Behind him, Thomas stepped back. "Uh, what are you doing?"

Michael looked back and smiled. "Well, it's not quite 8:00, Mom still won't be home for a while."

"What? You mean we've been in here almost an hour??!!" Thomas exclaimed, startled.

Laughing, Michael took the towel from his friend and began drying him off. "Almost. Yeah, I wondered why the water was getting so cold." He finished the job and then reached and grabbed both their sets of clothes. Starting to walk out of the door naked, he slipped his glasses on and called back. "Come on!"

Thomas hesitated, but reached out and flipped off the light switch, before following his friend back upstairs and into his room. Once there, Michael shut the door before turning and walking up in front of the teen. When he spoke, he had a serious look on his face. "My turn bro... Can I ask you something?" When Thomas nodded, he continued. "Have you ever done anything like this before? I mean, you know, right? What we're about to do? Is it going to be okay and everything?"

Thomas shook his head. "Only in my dreams, Mike. I've only done this, like, a thousand times maybe, but just in my dreams. And yeah, you can do whatever you want, it'll be cool with me." Although the fire below was burning well, with the vents closed the room was only lukewarm, something they became painfully aware as their bodies adjusted. Michael thought about that response before finally smiling, evidently satisfied. Still somewhat nervous, he took his friend by the hand and pulled him over to the bed. Turning back the covers, he climbed in, dragging Thomas with him. Neither got under the cover, but instead stretched out on top facing each other. With more light illuminating them now, they could each easily observe each other with no inhibitions.

Michael reached out and gently brushed Thomas's pubic hairs again, causing the teen to giggled and reciprocate. At one point, Michael casually remarked. "So, did you like it? The shower, I mean?"

Thomas almost looked hurt. "Do you have to ask?"

Michael giggled, and then stared back into the eyes that met his own. "What kind of dreams? Do you ever, like, dream stuff and get hard and, you know?" His voice dropped to a whisper. "Hard enough to jack off?"

Thomas nodded, "All the time."

"Umm, this kind of stuff?" Michael continued, this time grabbing Thomas's erection and massaging it.

"Yeah, and other stuff too," came the reply, though rather shyly. He sucked in his gut suddenly as he reacted to the touch.

"Like, what? Give me an example..." Michael asked.

Deciding he had nothing to lose, Thomas sighed. "Like, sucking and fucking and stuff..." There, he said it, now all he had to do was wait and see how his friend felt about it.

Michael, however, didn't have to hesitate. "Really? Me too..." He looked seriously into Thomas's eyes, one last time. "You know I trust you now, right? That I really, really trust you. I'm not afraid to do stuff." It was a statement, but the question hung between them.

Thomas smiled and nodded. "Ditto," he whispered, scooting in closer so they lay within inches of each other. Without hesitating, he leaned in and kissed Michael again, and for the third time that night, they spent a few minutes embracing and pulling into each other, with their legs threading or wrapping around the other. Both had boners already at full mast again, and as the intensity increased, so did they begin to grab each other from behind and pull, humping and grinding together tightly.

At one point, Michael finally broke the kiss and lay his head onto Thomas's shoulder. "God, I want to cum so fucking bbaaaaddddd right now... I think I'm going to bust a nut, you know?"

Thomas heard him, then pushed him back gently until they separated. Guiding Michael to lie back, he hovered above him and looked deep into his eyes. "Then don't weird out on me, okay?" When Michael nodded, Thomas first grabbed his friend's raging boner harder and pumped it briefly, loving the way it felt in his hand.

Michael closed his eyes and gasped, "Don't stop man... it's ... it feels awesome... I'm going to do it..."

Thomas leaned in and whispered, "Don't let go yet, don't cream on me yet." He stopped, long enough so Michael settled back down, and then scooted closer until his head lay on top of his lower belly. He definitely could see how his friend was different, but at the same time thought it was cool how, when he pulled up on the sides and pumped the skin, it never completely extended up over the head. He was used to having to pull all the way back, to expose his slick-coated purple mound; Michael's, though, was not. When he felt his best friend start to relax, he moved his head closer until it was practically on the tip of the rod itself. "Is this okay?" he whispered.

Instead of answering, Michael moaned and went totally limp on the bed, sucking in his gut and feeling Thomas's breath as it blew across his glans. Did he dare think Thomas was going to do what he thought he was going to? He held his breath, waiting to see. There was a magical feel in the air, and the sheer act of being jacked off by his friend was almost too much. In seconds he felt his insides begin to stir again.

Evidently Thomas felt it, too. He stopped, and before Michael could react, there was something warm and wet enclosing around the head of his dick. "Oh my God!" he hissed. Opening his eyes wide, he found his friend slowly, tentatively engulfing his full 5-inches, all the way down to the base. So immersed at the feeling there, and before he could bring himself to say anything, Michael suddenly lost himself. His groin needed no more massaging, no more coaxing. The teen sensed a tongue circling the head of his cock, tasting and licking all around it, making him groan loudly and grabbing Thomas's head. "Oh... my.... fucking... Oh ccrrraaapppp.... oh shit..." he cried out softly.

Thomas giggled, but did not pull away or stop. He started moving up and down, making use of his tongue as he swallowed Michael whole. Within seconds, he detected a change underneath him. His hand was holding his friend's scrotum, and he could feel a shift on the inside. His cheek detected the muscles twitch behind Michael's belly, and a tenseness suddenly took over, engulfing his whole body. Thomas started to bob up and down faster in response, waiting for the inevitable.

Michael felt something like a pull behind his navel, one that tingled and connected down into his nuts, which began to retract firmly up between his legs. Another feeling connected completely throughout as well, as he curled his toes and thrust up from the bed. With eyes tightly shut, he felt himself heave first one, then two and three bursts from the end of his cock. He was having one of the strongest orgasms he had ever experienced, an ecstasy of pure pleasure that put him on sensory overload. All the while, he could feel he was still inside Thomas's mouth, and could still feel the tongue that washed over his sensitive glans. He gasped for breath, while his heart pounded through his chest. His whole groin contracted with each thrust, and he felt himself emptying even more inside. When he finally stopped convulsing, he moaned again as he lay back in shock, coming down from some unimaginable high. Never had he reached an orgasm this strong, or cummed like he did. His dick was still spasming as he looked down. Thomas was still providing him with a warm, licking sensation over the end of his erection, one which was now easing up.

Before long, Thomas backed away, letting the softening member pull from his lips. When he turned to look into the eyes that met his own, he saw a fear building there, which suddenly seemed confusing. Perhaps he had gone too far, or maybe he shouldn't have done the deed quite like it happened. Before he could worry too much, however, Michael interrupted his thoughts. "Oh God, Thomas! I'm so sorry man! I'm so sorry, I - I couldn't tell you... I couldn't tell you fast enough, it just happened! I just cummed so fast, and, and... I'm so sorry, I should have warned you..."

The panic Thomas heard was one thing, but the words made him sigh with relief. "Huh? What are you going on about?" He paused as Michael hushed, then continued. "I mean, I'm not complaining, am I?" Michael relaxed, but continued looking on with awe, so he added, "What?"

Michael finally whispered. "You s-swallowed... I mean... You sucked it down, all my cum and everything?"

Thomas giggled. "Yeah, so? You mean you've never tasted your own cream any?" When Michael shook his head, Thomas shrugged. "It's not so bad, once you kind of just, you know, get beyond the idea of it I guess. I've tasted and swallowed my cream lots of times."

Incredulous, Michael stared at him. "Seriously? What's it like? I mean, I've never done it. I just never got up the nerve to do it, or..."

At those words, Thomas gently grabbed his friends' erection in one hand and, cupping it gently, stretched and approached, bringing their lips together and kissing once again. Opening his mouth wide and pushing his tongue inside, Michael was surprised he could taste what was left of himself. He knew it had to be him, because it had an undeniable scent and texture not found before. He agreed, it wasn't anywhere as gross as he had feared it would be. "Mmm..." he breathed, thinking about it. That remnant wasn't bad at all, having a little bit of nutty saltiness in it.

Thomas remained still for a minute, turning his head slightly so that Michael could reach in with his tongue and get what was left. When they finally broke, he observed his friend's expression. "Well? What do you think?"

Michael giggled. "That... Uh, that wasn't really bad. I think I kind of liked it..." He sank back onto the bed, still recovering.

Thomas then stretched out on his side again, lying up against his friend. He let go of the now semi-soft package, and instead started caressing his friend's belly. "I knew what I was doing Mike, honest," he stated. "I was okay with it, though. I- I wanted to, you know? I wanted to do it, I wanted to know what you would taste like and... and..."

Although Thomas didn't finish, his expression reflected how happy he was, and that made Michael happy. After a moment, he gently pushed his friend onto his back. "Your turn, bro."

Thomas looked up, but stopped him as he started to move. "You don't have to, honest. I c-can jack off, Mike, or s-something..."

"Shut the fuck up!" Michael replied good-naturedly, as he grinned and kissed him full on the lips again. "Don't you think I want to do it, too?" His hand had already reached down and started playing beneath, finding Thomas's raging hard-on waiting for him. The kiss had ignited its hardness again, and as he started giving it attention, there was a low moan and sigh that escaped from Thomas. Michael was telling the truth: he had wanted to do this, too. He had wanted to do it even before they went downstairs and stepped into the shower. He had lost the nerve to take it that far, though, not sure just how to even start, or see if his friend wanted to do it, too.

As he turned, he noted Thomas' body closer. A perfect v-line trailed from his ribs to just above the crotch, along with a tiny hint of a trail of hairs descended from his navel into the bush below. He reached to feel the soft, silky pubes again as he had before. "I like this," he whispered, pinching them gently between his thumb and forefinger. Both had pubic hair, although not necessarily in abundance. Michael liked the way Thomas' hairs were bunched at the base, and how they created a silky bed to his touch. He fingered them briefly, before moving on to the hard erection. Some five inches pointed at him, partially enclosed within its protective skin layer, throbbing and waiting. "Get ready bro, you're in for one heck of a ride!" he whispered.

Thomas giggled, but immediately grabbed the bed sheets and pulled them tightly when he felt lips surround the end of his dick. Having the extra skin still pulled up and over protected the sensitive head underneath. Michael, however, didn't let that stop him. He grabbed the base of the erection and, with Thomas watching, gently tugged the skin back, pulling it from the tip. Fully exposed, Thomas could feel the hot breath cross him, and then practically yelped as his friend's tongue came into contact. Michael made a few gentle sucking sounds, then tentatively let his tongue touch down the sides of the throbbing cock.

Thomas closed his eyes and let out a loud, uncontrollable moan. This was nothing like what he ever imagined it would be. His groin reacted in the only way it knew how, by becoming tougher, stretching further and throbbing harder. The ache in Thomas's balls was unprecedented, and he could feel the electrical sensations flood throughout his nether regions. He watched as Michael didn't hesitate, finding the taste and musky scent in the crotch and pubes to be intoxicating. Michael used his free hand to reach in and fondle Thomas's nuts underneath, which had the unusual effect of causing Thomas to pulse even longer and harder. That was when Michael, his tongue floating over the glans again, found a new target, Thomas' slit. He stopped and lay there quietly then, holding the raging, throbbing flesh inside, and letting his tongue poke back and forth. Thomas began writhing and gasping for air then, and Michael knew it would only be seconds now before the prize would arrive.

Holding Thomas' balls gently in his hand, he pushed one of his fingers underneath them, down until felt the folds that were separating Thomas' bum. Probing a little deeper, a finger touched Thomas's hole inside, causing the teen to clamp down tight and gasp. "It's coming, Mike!" he hissed and gurgled. "I'm gonna... oh shit, I'm ... gonna fucking explode..." And just then, he did. He instinctively thrust upwards, pushing deeper into Michaels' mouth just as he released.

In comparison, Michael discovered just how different it really was, when first one and then more continuous spasms emptied into his mouth. Like his own, it was a salty, creamy-like substance that spurted forth, but the taste was a little different. He had no time to analyze it right away, however, as Thomas reared up. The teen cried out each time he thrust, giving up huge amounts of boy cum to Michael. Having to swallow more than once, Michael licked the tip each step of the way. Thomas had done it for him, there was no way he wasn't going to return the favor.

Thomas finally stopped, and as the throbbing subsided, Michael pulled away. He was certainly impressed as he looked the groin over up close. "Crap man, how much do you normally spurt up? I bet I swallowed a cup full of that stuff!!" Thomas' eyes were screwed tightly shut, and as he lay there panting, his heart raced underneath his chest. Finally, he opened his mouth to say something, then closed and opened it again, before crying out. "Oh shit! Oh man... that was ... Oh crap, the best, the most..."

Michael waited, but when the sentence went unfinished, he leaned in and whispered, "The best fucking cum you've ever had, right?"

"Oh fuck yeah... Oh fuck... Oh fuck, yes! Oohhhh mmmaaaaaannnnnn..." He reached and found Michael's hand, squeezing it tight as if holding on for dear life. "Ohhh shhiiittt mmaaannnn... Was it that - intense - for you?"

Michael grinned. "Couldn't you tell? Way better than my usual hand job, that's for sure!" Michael lay down next to him, before pulling Thomas to roll over and face him. He leaned in and returned the favor - a kiss, for he still had a little of his friends' boy juice still inside, which Thomas found and immediately started sucking away.

They both stopped after a moment, looking at each other with a newfound respect. Thomas broke the silence. "T-thanks, Mike."

"You're welcome, bro."

Thomas looked up in curiosity. "Why do you call me that? You've called me bro a lot tonight, you know?"

Michael smiled before leaning in and kissing his best friend lightly again. "Because that is how much I love you. Ever since we started talking with one another, you're like the brother I've never had."

Thomas's eyes became moist. "You know, you don't have to convince me anymore, I mean..."

A pair of fingers found their way over his lips as Michael replied. "I'm not. I just want you to know you can trust me, honest. That's from my heart, too."

They paused, and then Thomas put both arms around his friend. "I do know it, Mike - I really do." They lay there embracing yet again, taking a few minutes to settle down. As they relaxed, staring at each other finally gave both a fit of giggles. "I can't believe what we just did! We actually sucked each other's dick, and..." Thomas cracked up again.

Michael agreed. "I know! It's cool, but like, whoa!" He glanced at the clock; they still had a long time to go. "What say we kind of break from this for a while, and maybe play some Risk or something?"

Thomas smiled, nodding in agreement. Michael got up and found their clothes, tossing the fresh briefs to his friend before pulling on his own. They both donned t-shirts, and after searching around, Michael pulled out two pair of his sweats for them each to wear. At first Thomas thought about the fact he had his own, but discovered he liked the idea of wearing the ones handed to him.

Michael left the room, going back downstairs to check on the wood stove again, and to bring back more soda cans. As Thomas got the game from the closet, he paused a moment, thinking about how his perfect day had come about. A question began to develop, and as they both set the game up, he peered curiously at his friend. "Mike, I don't want to sound mushy now, honest, not after - that - but ummm, you think I can ask you about something else? One more thing at least?"

Michael grinned. "Sure! What's up?"

"Well, I was kind of wondering about, you know. When did you first decide it was okay for us to, like, go as far as we did. Or even, like, when did you first ever get curious about me, or...?"

"Honest?" Michael thought for a minute. "The first time I came to your house, I sort of got a feeling, I guess."

"Huh?" Thomas asked, confused, trying to think back to that day.

"Yeah," Michael giggled. "That first day, after you came back from church and we went to your bedroom. You closed the door and then like, changed clothes in front of me and everything. Not that it was a big deal, but I mean, you didn't hide from me any, or go to the bathroom and change or anything. Remember? You didn't even ask me to wait outside. That never happened to me before, and even though I was a little embarrassed at first, I was still curious I guess. You didn't have a lot of space in your room, remember? Heck, I was like only a couple of feet from you, but you stood there, and then you practically stripped almost naked and changed clothes, right in front of me."

"Wow... you remember that?" Thomas was impressed, and it showed.

Michael nodded. "Heck yeah! I remember being surprised, because here you were doing it, right in front of me, so close and everything, too." He giggled, then dropped his gaze in shyness.

Thomas noted it. "What?" He asked, curiously.

Michael looked up. "You probably wouldn't remember, but... your underwear. They were kind of like, really thin. I mean, I couldn't see you directly, but it wouldn't take much to kind of, you know, imagine what you looked like and everything."

Thomas laughed. "Really? No, I didn't realize that." He thought for a second. "Um, yeah, some of my clothes, they're kind of worn like that, I admit. Sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out or anything."

Michael shook his head. "You didn't, honest! I just... like I said, you showed a lot of trust doing that in front of me that day."

Thomas shrugged. "I never thought anything about it, though. I mean, I wasn't trying to like, do it on purpose. Like, you know... give you a show or anything. I was just..." He hesitated, laughing again. "...changing clothes! You know?"

Michael laughed too. "I know." He wrinkled his nose. "I don't know, Thomas. It's kind of hard to explain. It's just that, it was a first time anyone ever trusted me enough to do that, I guess. And after you did it, I thought it was so cool. It made me think about that for days, even weeks. I just knew, even though nobody ever did it before, that you doing it, well, it just made me like you even more."

"Nobody? Ever?" Thomas asked.

"No one. I've never had anyone practically strip in front of me, not my cousins or anyone. I just thought, when you did it, it was cool. Then a few weeks or so later, you did it again, and by that time ... does that make any sense? It was just awesome. I mean, think about it, I had just gained a friend, a REAL friend, and heck, you were practically stripping and letting me see you almost naked and everything. And standing so close, it was like wow. It made me feel different inside, like good-different. And I guess I was starting to wonder if you were like me any. You know, wondering what you might really look like all the way and everything, but there was no way in hell I was going to, you know, ask you or anything."

Thomas giggled. "Yeah, I know... Well, I was almost naked I guess. Sorry, I mean it though, I just never thought anything of it, really."

Michael nodded. "Yeah, I could tell." He looked down at the game board. "I didn't really ever think I would like, see you or anything like we did tonight, though. I will admit something though: I've had some dreams, and fantasies a time or two, but ... well... Yeah, I jacked off some to them." He blushed again, but looked up to see his friend smiling. "I could see part of you then, and you were like me. I mean, I wanted to reach out and touch you even before, but I was too scared."

Thomas smiled, whispering back, "I wish you had. You know, touched me. I wouldn't have cared."

Michael nodded. "I didn't know that, though. When you changed clothes that second time, you stripped all the way to just your underwear, and it made me think 'Wow, you must really trust me!' and stuff. I almost did, but I couldn't get up the nerve. The only thing I could do was try to do something like that when you were here, you know? That was the only way I could think to tell you back and show you I trusted you."

Thomas nodded. "I did trust you. I mean, I really wasn't trying to do anything or stuff, but... I just did it. The only time I've ever changed clothes and stuff in front of other people was like in Phys Ed."

"Yeah, I know. But Mike? That doesn't count. I mean, it isn't the same to me. We all get those little cubes and stuff, and the other guys, they just change clothes and get out quick and everything. You can't really like, take the time and 'look' or anything, you know? You're screwed for life if you do. In school, you kind of have to do it, but when we're at home and you were doing it, that's just different, you know? So even though I know everyone checks everyone else out at some time or other, it doesn't mean the same thing..."

Thomas nodded. "It doesn't mean they won't still make your life a living hell, especially if you get a boner. Yeah, I know." Silence fell between them, and then he spoke again. "When you did it for me, too I did watch and notice you. I mean, it was funny, but cool you were doing it for me. I did notice, Mike."

Michael rolled onto his back. "Do you remember that first time? Sheesh, did you know how scared I was that day?" When Thomas shook his head in surprised, Michael smirked. "I actually felt guilty, because here you were doing it for me, and I wanted you to know that I could do it, too, in front of you. Usually, whenever you came over here I was already changed and stuff, remember? That's why I never did it before. But that day, I was like, shaking hard."

"Why?" Thomas asked.

"I don't know. I guess, it took me a while to get up my nerve. I sort of had to do it though, because I was still wearing my good clothes and everything. There was NO WAY I was going to go to the bathroom, after all the times you had done it for me." He looked again at the other and grinned. "Don't you remember how I dropped stuff, and how I couldn't even stand up? It felt like I was shaking like a wet dog! I was so nervous, I could almost have peed my pants!"

Thomas was confused. "B-but why, though? Because of me? I mean," He paused and giggled. "It's just me changing clothes, Mike."

Michael shook his head. "Yeah, it was just you, but I had never done it before, so I guess I was just being weird." He fell silent for a few seconds. "Maybe I was afraid you might see my skinny ass, and laugh at me or something, or ... worse..."

Thomas shook his head. "No way! I think you look great. I think we are kind of alike mostly, except... you know..." He pointed to his crotch and Michael giggled.

"I think I kept telling myself that day not to get a boner! Yeah, we were just two kids changing clothes, that sort of thing, I know." He giggled. "But see, that's why I was so scared. I DID get a boner, in front of you! And I was - just embarrassed."

Thomas giggled. "I don't remember that at all, though. Well, not really, I don't know. Maybe I did notice something once, but..." Seeing his friend's face turning red again, he added, "That's when I started wondering about you, Mike. You know, getting curious and everything." They both laughed. "I think I started to get a boner once, when you were at my house." He paused, looking down at himself. "So, seriously Mike, is that when you started, like, thinking...?"

Michael looked thoughtful. "I think so. I mean, I dreamed about some stuff between us, but I never thought it would happen or anything. You were always so... You hid stuff, you know? Even though we're best friends. I mean, I knew you were MY best friend by then, but I didn't know if I was yours. And then, I knew we could just be two horny teens and everything, but I didn't know if you thought about sex or... you know, guys or girls or whatever."

"I mean, look at me Thomas. I cuss and swear and do stuff - not a lot, but some. Until tonight, I've never heard you swear any much at all! And even though you would change clothes in front of me, you didn't like, really say anything or give me any hints about what you were thinking. You're one of the hardest people to read sometimes, you know? I didn't know what to think for a while anyway. I know you guys take going to church more seriously than we do, and I guess..." Michael realized he was rambling, so he took a deep breath before slowing down. "I'm sorry, man. I'm going off in left field I guess. I just figured my dreams were a bunch of fantasies, stuff like that, because I didn't know. I couldn't tell how you felt about certain things and... you know?"

"Then today..." Thomas started, but stopped, waiting.

"Well, first of all, Sunday night you hugged me, and it took me a while to figure that out - you know, my feelings and stuff. But I got to thinking, you were probably as lonesome as I was, or more. Maybe you needed that hug for some other reason, but when you gave it to me, it was like you gave me something inside. You gave me a reason to feel something too, and it made me feel a lot closer, you know? Like us, it made me feel like we - you and me - were a lot closer."

Thomas whispered. "I know - it did me too."

Michael nodded. "I had no idea it was that bad for you at home, between you and your Gramps. After that happened, I mean today, I don't know. I guess I just didn't care anymore, about hiding it from you. I knew too, that you wouldn't care. I mean think about what you told me, Thomas. Think about what you showed me, us being naked and everything else. When I saw the poem and the pictures and stuff, I just knew. It told me what you were feeling was some of the same stuff inside that I was. So, what the heck, I trusted you and I was going to prove it. I read that one line, something about wondering what a kiss was like, and I thought 'No way!', because that was how I felt, too. I just didn't know if it meant you would want to kiss me, or a girl or what. But, I didn't really care, you know?"

Michael rolled, propping himself up. "Listen Thomas, I'm sorry. I mean, I wish I knew about what you had told me before, about what your Gramps does to you and stuff. I mean, I'm not much of a mushy kid either, but hell, I would have hugged you long before now. I would have hugged you anytime, bro." He saw Thomas smile at that. "You know, you asked me about the bro thing. That's how I kind of see us. We're like brothers, close enough to share stuff without worrying about all the gay or fag crap and everything. I just think of what we did, as being kind of fun stuff. Still personal, still stuff that's connected just between us. Stuff I don't think I could ever share with anybody else, not like that anyway. It's like, sharing something that no one else should have, with someone I know I trust. I know inside that you trust me, too. To me, that's what makes us like brothers." He paused. "Does that make any sense?"

Thomas was smiling wide. "Oh yeah - it makes a lot of sense. More than you know, because that's how I feel too." His voice was husky when he continued. "You know, when I wrote that poem, I did mean I wondered what all the big deal was about kissing girls, but it also meant I wondered what it would be like kissing you, too. It's sort of why I asked this question, about the when and everything. I wouldn't trade it, Mike, not for anything. You surprised me by kissing me first, but it was so cool!"

Michael grinned. "I know. I kind of wondered about it afterwards, but I figured I better not think about it too much, if I was going to try and do it. Besides..." He locked eyes with the other. "I had to prove it to you. I had to do something from inside of me that proved to you how I really felt. Something close and personal enough just between us, so that you would really know." He smiled. "So, that's why I kissed you. I admit, I was scared bro, really scared, like - 'pee-in-your-pants' scared! But I did it, and when you kissed me back, well... I wouldn't take it back either."

When he heard those words, Thomas rose out of the bed and moved around the footboard, before climbing on top of his friend and embracing him tightly. "Man, honest, I don't care if we never do stuff again, as long as I can at least have this. You have no fucking idea, Mike. You have no idea what you and your Mom are doing for me, or what you've made me feel like these last few days. I'm happier than I've really felt for weeks! It's like - I'm not so alone anymore. Like I've got somewhere to go, somewhere I can feel like I belong, everything!" His voice was filled with emotion. "Honest, I don't want to lose this, at least not now. Not now that I've got someone like you to talk to and hang out with and everything. You mean a lot to me, you know?"

Michael hugged and whispered back. "Are you kidding me? We can do all kinds of stuff bro, as long as you want. I don't care - I trust you, remember? Besides, you're my best friend, my 'bro'! And just so you know, you mean just as much to me, too. I love you, remember?"

"Thanks for calling me bro; I never thought of it like that before, but I'm glad you did. Thanks for letting me just be here, too, today - tonight..." The whisper was all Thomas could get out before he sobbed a couple of times, clutching tight before catching himself. He sat up and looked deep into Michael's eyes. "I .. I love you, too. I'm not ashamed to tell you, just...I do. I love you, too." There, he had said it, admitted the words so rarely heard around him. He found a warm smile and equal feeling radiating from behind Michael's eyes. Sniffing, Thomas wiped his eyes on the sleeves of his shirt, and then finally giggled, his voice perking up again. "Sorry, I really didn't mean to cry." He saw not amusement, but acceptance, so he continued. "Okay, I'm done being girlish. You've made my whole fuckin day for me."

Michael laughed. "Uh oh, are my fuckin bad habits rubbing off on you now?" They laughed together as Michael reached up, hugged his friends' neck again briefly, then rolled back. "I've said it once already - you're not being sissy-ish, okay? I'm just glad you talked to me and everything. So, come on, I'm going to pulverize the world tonight!" Thomas moved back across to the other side of the bed, the game now setup and situated between them.

They played long into the evening, losing all track of time, each gaining ground and then losing it. In the game of Risk, there was never a certain outcome to any strategy, only the strategy and luck of the dice rolls to strike fate where it belonged.

Before both knew it, there was a noise downstairs, and glancing at the clock, Michael jumped up. "Mom's home!" They both raced downstairs to greet her, which she laughed upon seeing them.

"You two still up?" she asked, giving each a hug.

"Yeah, playing Risk, and he's beating my pants off me right at the moment," Michael replied good naturedly. She laughed, and after some chatting, both boys returned upstairs to continue the game. Within minutes, she climbed the stairs, carrying hot chocolate for them both. "You boys better not stay up all night, or you'll sleep through your time tomorrow." She was grinning as she said it, handing them their cups.

"We won't Mom," he son replied, taking a sip of the steaming coca. "Is it snowing outside any yet?"

"No, not yet. I heard someone tonight say the forecasters postponed it until tomorrow morning. Something about the front was beginning to move a bit slower. " She sighed. "I have to admit, it would be nice to have a white Christmas this year. " She reached out and ran her fingers through their hair. "Good night boys, I'm beat. I have to get up early in the morning. I'll try and make you a little breakfast before I leave, so check the oven, okay?"

Thomas looked up at her. "That's okay, you don't have to do that. We'll be fine."

Michael nodded, laughing. "I can fix good milk and cereal. Oh, and toast too!"

She laughed at that. "Well, be sure to check the oven anyway, I might fix you a little bacon or something to go with it."

The boys nodded and wished her good night. A few moments after she had left, Thomas yawned, setting his half-empty coca on the nightstand. "You know, if you want, I'll give in and just declare you the winner; I don't think we're ever going to resolve this..."

Michael laughed. "I wondered if you were getting tired yet! Nah, if we quit, it should be based on who has the most, and right now you have about, umm... 2/3's or more of the board, so you can be the winner." A quick look at Thomas' smiling face decided it then, so he started putting the various game pieces away. After they cleared the board and packed it back up into its box, Michael got up and put it away. He came back to the bed and yawned. "You want to turn in, or watch TV or what...?"

Thomas looked thoughtful. "I am kind of tired, but I'll stay up if you want to. I mean... it's up to you..."

Michael nodded, and then took their cups downstairs. When he returned, his friend was already sitting up, a look of uncertainty on his face. "What?" Michael asked as he walked over to the bed.

Looking around, Thomas motioned his friend closer, and said in a low voice. "How do you normally sleep and stuff? I mean, I don't usually wear sweats or pajamas and stuff, because Gramps..." He paused, letting the statement hang a moment, before he finished. "I just usually wear a t-shirt and my underwear."

Michael nodded and whispered, "Same here." They tossed the bean bags into the floor, and then Thomas lay back, stretching his feet into the air as he removed his sweatpants. Michael dropped his to the floor before climbing in under the covers. After placing his glasses on the night stand, Michael turned off the light, then rolled over to face Thomas. Thomas turned as well, and they stared at each other in the darkness.

Finally, Thomas broke the silence. "Can we maybe do one more thing? I promise, it's not really dirty or anything."

"Yeah? I don't care how dirty it is or not, what have you got in mind?" Michael asked in a hushed voice.

Thomas sat up and pushed his pillow next to his best friend, and then scooted over so they lay next to each other. With a gentle push, he coaxed Michael to roll away from him, but then pulled him back into his chest and belly, spooning him from behind. Putting his arm around, he snuggled and cuddled up to the warmth that was there. Michael, loving the feeling and the closeness, pushed back so that they were sharing themselves yet again. "Almost like in the shower, it's awesome!"

Thomas whispered back. "Yeah, but without my boner poking you." They both giggled, but then the boy hugged Michael and lay still.

"Man, this is so awesome," Michael whispered.

"I know," Thomas whispered back. "Mike? Thanks. For everything..." Thomas nuzzled into the teen's neck, and his friend squeezed and nuzzled right back before settling in. That was the last exchange between them for the rest of the night. Throughout the night, when one moved or changed positions, the other moved right with them, spooning and snuggling close under the cover, sharing each other's warmth.

More importantly though, for the first time in his life it seemed, Thomas was finally at peace, feeling safe with his friend. His very best friend.

They slept soundly.

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