Righteous Break-In

by Sam the Ham

When the wind whipped Michael away from the ninth story balcony it occurred to him that this may not have been the brightest idea he ever had. As he started to fall, the thirteen-year-old boy flashed back to how he had gotten here.

Michael was not the smallest student in his class, but he was certainly a contender for the title. Puberty had done little to add to his height. It had mostly just made a formerly purely pleasurable activity into one that needed cleanup. Despite his size, he was popular enough and even had a slot on the wrestling team, in one of the lower weight divisions. Most of the time , he did not even have an opponent and won by default. That was half the reason the wrestling team liked him. The other half of the reason was a secret kept on the team.

Middle school and High school wrestlers frequently popped wood during their matches. It was widely accepted and never commented on. There was nothing gay about it , just a biological function. Of course, all wrestlers jumped back and tried to cover up the obvious bulge in their uniform. Michael knew the cure for this and came to the rescue. He did not mind relieving his teammates before the matches of this potential embarrassment. During tournaments , it was not uncommon for three or four teammates to request his help. His record was seven , which was just about the whole team.

Michael was never forced into it. If anything, he made his teammates work for it. They either had to wear a condom or some Saran wrap. The only boy who was exempt from that rule was Rob. Rob was a year older than Michael and his current crush. The older teen had curly shoulder-length hair and the body of an Adonis. His only flaw was his unwavering strictness. He was as straight as a guy can be while getting sucked off by another.

Michael discovered that there was not as much sex going on as some of the boys boasted about. There was one sixteen-year-old on the team who bragged to everyone his girlfriend and him were doing it. Michael had asked, in a sincere attempt to improve his technique, what his girlfriend did to him. The boy stumbled around for a few seconds before confessing that he had not done anything beyond second base. Michael thought it was strange how truthful people became when they had their cock in his mouth. Maybe, it was all that blood loss to the brain.

Without a doubt, Michael was well-liked. This was how he came across another useful tidbit of information. It turned out that at a certain store, if a certain clerk were alone, it was possible to acquire mature rated games for a few extra bucks. Michael's parents were ruthless when it came to age ratings. They had utter faith in the system protecting his innocent little eyes. Of course, that never stopped him from seeing R-rated movies with his friends or playing mature games. But he still got teased about that because of his age and height. That's why he dropped $75 of his hard-earned allowance on the latest big release.

Michael's plan was simple. He would invite friends over to play it and seeing as it was mature, hopefully they would think his parents had relaxed their restrictions

Michael had just opened the door to the apartment when he saw Alexander moseying down the hallway. Michael's eyes immediately started to dart around hoping to find a witness. No one was there of course. It was four o'clock on a Wednesday and most people were still at work.

Alexander was the opposite of Michael in many ways. They did share one thing in common. They were in the five-percentile nearing undergrowth. Alexander was a head taller than Michael and probably had an extra fifty pounds. He was a bully, a petty criminal, a walking advertisement for Juvenile Hall or forced sterilization. His parents did not care what he did, watch or play. For some reason, he had a dislike for Michael who fully returned the feelings.

Maybe Michael should have run when he saw Alexander. However, like a predator in the wild, if he had, Alexander would have chased him. It was hardwired into Alexander's DNA just like a hyena. Michael continued forward hoping that today, Alexander would not want to pick on him. Maybe, he was keeping flies in his pocket so he could pull their wings off. It seemed like something he would do.

Michael kept his eyes fixed on the elevators. He held his breath as Alexander passed. For one glorious half step Michael thought they would be like two passing ships in the fog. Then, much like the Andrea Doria and Stockholm, they collided. Michael felt a hand on the back of his neck. It was strong. With one of his feet in the air, it was absurdly easy for Alexander to introduce his face to the wall. After the initial impact and the shock of pain, Michael felt the hand push against his neck. He tasted blood.

"What have you got there?" Alexander said, grabbing Michael's bag.

Michael tried to move it away, but his head was pinned to the wall.

"Let me go." Michael growled, pushing back.

Alexander chose not to acknowledge the request instead obtained the bag and yanked out the game with his free hand. "Hey, how did you get this? Are your parents finally letting you play something that doesn't have unicorns and rainbows?"

"That's mine!" Michael shouted, his mind inconveniently bringing up a memory of kindergarten where he had drawn a picture of a unicorn and a rainbow. It was for a Mother's Day card.

"You know I was hoping to get this." Alexander said, before pulling Michael back and tripping him.

Michael felt backwards and his head hit the carpeted floor before he rolled over. He froze under Alexander's gaze. Theoretically, his wrestling training should have made up if this escalated into a full-blown fight. The thing was Michael had been down that road. TV shows were grossly uninformative sometimes. If this had been a TV show, Alexander would have crumpled at the first punch. In real life, it was not how things worked. Alexander did not mind a fight, whereas Michael had been mostly trained in wrestling moves where there were rules. Alexander was an experienced bully who did not follow the rules. And he enjoyed hurting others.

It was not just the inevitability of losing the fight that kept Michael where he was. The last time he had gotten into a fight with Alexander, he had been grounded for almost two weeks. The big bully stared him down for a few more seconds before turning and walking away slightly richer.

All Michael could do was glare at him. His eyes started to water up and he wiped at them. Crying was not acceptable. In the back of his mind, he knew Alexander had gone way over the line. This was not just casual bullying but outright theft. Michael knew he could go to his parents with this or even the police. The problem was if his parents found out it was a mature game, he would get in trouble for that and if they found out about the clerk, some of his friends would not be too happy about that.

Feeling like crap, Michael slowly got up and walked towards the elevators. Reaching his apartment, he turned on the TV. His parents had the parental locks activated. Not only did he have parents that cared about the ratings, but they had enough tech savvy to use it to its fullest extent. It was amazing how much of the web could be blocked.

He flipped around but found nothing to his liking. Dejected, he turned the TV off and headed towards the balcony. He was on the seventh floor and it had a view of both a river and a small park. He could pick out the playground equipment where he used to play when he was younger.

Absentmindedly, he kicked at the railing hearing the hollow sound of the inch-thick pipe. The balcony was made up of rows of them, one on top of another with just enough space in between to slip a hand. He kicked one of the lower ones which added to the harmony of the first.

It would be a long time before he could save up another $75. It was not like his birthday or holidays were coming around. He wondered if he could charge for blow jobs, but that felt wrong. He licked his lips with his tongue. He could still taste blood. Giving a blow job might be a bit painful for a while, he thought. He remembered the monster cock that belonged to a seventeen-year-old. It was nearly nine inches and thick too. A real mouthful. Usually the thought of it was arousing, but right now he just thought how painful it would be with the stupid lip cut.

Casually, he looked up seeing more stories of balconies above him. Each was identical. He could do a small optical illusion making them appear and then disappear just by moving his head slightly. Then he stopped and looked at the side as an idea started to form. The balconies all stuck out a little, but they had a wall for privacy. Moving close to the wall, he tried to figure out the distance between the balconies. It was a foot or so.

Like any prey, Michael was familiar with Alexander's predatory habits. The bully visited his father on the weekends. His mother never seemed to be home. She was almost as scary as Alexander was. The one-time Michael's mother attempted to approach her to address the issue between their sons turned into a disaster.

Seeing as the bully's apartment was empty a lot of times, Michael figured he could gain access from the neighboring balconies. How to do it? Well he would cross that bridge when he confirmed his first idea.

Michael searched for rope. He found the remnants of a fifty-foot cord left over from when they had gone on a family trip. It has been two years and had not been used since. Bringing it to the balcony he tied it to the railings, looping it back and forth several times before taking the other end and then repeating the process.

He pulled the rest of the rope in both of his hands, shortening it until his feet were on the railing and pulled back. He kept pulling and the rope did not break. After about thirty seconds, he lowered himself to the ground.

Untying one end of the rope, he wrapped it around himself several times tying different knots, thankful to the Cub Scouts for teaching him that. Then he stepped up on the balcony. It was easy to climb up, but when he looked down, he had a sense of vertigo. Remembering not to do that again, Michael looked towards the other balcony. Slowly he reached over, grabbing the far railing before pulling himself over.

It did not take long for him to realize that would not work. It was the wall and his elbow could not bend that way. Pulling back, he realized what he had to do. Climbing up on the railing, he draped one leg over the side. He slid forward on the railing and was able to reach over to the other railing. With both hands firmly planted on the far railing he went for it and succeeded.

As it turned out, he had found the most difficult way of doing it first. It was at his fourth attempt that he noticed a small ledge and realized it was easier to use it. After a half hour of practice, he packed up the rope and headed inside. His heart was still pumping. It was when he came up with the next brilliant idea and he headed to his computer.

When his parents arrived home, he smiled and greeted them with a flyer.

'Hello residents of Parking View Height. My name is Michael and I'm thirteen-years-old. My desire for physical possessions far outweighs my financial means. As there are child labor laws, I am merely seeking odd jobs. I will consider anything and as I have no pride, there isn't too much I won't do.'

His parents approved the initiative but made him reword the flyer.

Michael printed out about twenty, but he was only interested in two. It was all that was necessary for his cover story. That Thursday after school he slipped the flyers under the doors of the adjacent apartments to Alexander's before heading off to school. The rest found their way into a trash can.

He waited nervously all-day but received no calls. He started to give thoughts to how he might be able to access Alexander's apartment from the floor above or the floor below. He was pondering makeshift grappling hooks when the phone rang.

"Hello." He answered.

"Yes, hello is this Michael?" An unfamiliar female voice asked over the phone.

"Yes, it is. I'm assuming this is about the flyer?"

"It is. We just recently moved into the building two weeks ago. We have an eleven-years-old son. He's fairly mature, but we don't want to leave him alone until he's twelve. He saw your flyer and suggested maybe we could hire you as his babysitter. I guess you would be less embarrassing than a teenage girl. Would you be interested in such a job?"

Michael vaguely remembered seeing the signs of somebody moving in recently but did not remember seeing anyone new around the building just yet. "Yeah, I can do that. What day and what time?"

The woman told him Saturday at seven. That would be well after his tournament was over. She gave him the apartment number even though he could have guessed that with a 50-50 chance of being right.

His parents were happy that he was hired. A job was a job even if it only on paid ten bucks. Michael was happier that it was adjacent to his target.

Murphy having a sense of humor deemed that the tournament would run long. By the time Michael was heading up to the ninth floor his hair was still wet from the shower. He had to wrestle today and won his match. More exhaustingly he had sucked four of his teammates including the lovely Rob. His spirits were extremely high as he stepped off the elevator, a backpack slung over his shoulder.

Walking out the door he knocked. A man opened giving him a strange look. For a second, he wondered if he might have read the number wrong but then the man stepped aside. "You're Michael I take it? Welcome, come inside."

Michael walked in but stopped while still on the entryway tile. "Should I take my shoes off or leave them on?" He asked. His parents were strict about this.

"Whichever would be more comfortable for you." The man answered.

Michael kicked them off and placed them next to another pair of shoes that looked to be the same size as his. He had a sinking feeling.

A woman stood in the kitchen already dressed up and smiled at him. "Right on time." She said.

Michael smiled and nodded before catching movement from the corner of his eye and turned to look down the hallway. His heart momentarily fell, and he cursed his poor genetics.

The boy had wide shoulders and carried a few extra pounds. His hair was brown and disheveled in a carefree way. What was most disconcerting was that, at best, he was an inch shorter than Michael, two years his junior and almost as tall as him?

"This is Cody." The woman said. "He can really take care of himself so no need to worry."

Cody smiled and Michael thought it made him even more good-looking.

"Is there anything I need to know? Like a bedtime?" Michael asked.

"Oh, like I said no worries about that. Both of our cell phone numbers are on the refrigerator. Just in case. Well, we have to get going." Cody's mother said, walking past Michael.

"We'll be back before 11." Cody's father added before closing the door behind them.

The apartment fell silent with the departure of the two adults. That was until Cody ventured a question.

"What's in the bag?"

Michael shrugged the bag off and placed it against the couch. "Just some homework."

"Homework on a Saturday? God you're a geek."

"Am not." Michael said reflectively. "When do you do your homework?"

"On Sunday. Sunday or Friday are acceptable but not Saturday." Cody said.

"Says who?"

"Me." Cody snapped hooking a thumb towards him.

"You know, if you're trying to start to get physical, I should warn you I've been wrestling for almost two years." Michael countered.

"I'm sure I could take you!" Cody said.

Michael walked around the couch into family room. It was carpeted and there was no coffee-table, so it was a good spot. "Come at me, then."

That was a mistake. Most wrestlers who were Cody's shape were on the slower side. He was fast. Cody came in low and fast catching Michael off guard. He tried to slip away but Cody got an arm around his leg and then Michael met Mr. Floor.

"Should I have mentioned I've been taking judo since I was six?" Cody said, placing his weight onto Michael.

"That's interesting. Let's see how good you are." Michael said, slipping his leg under Cody's and then trying to flip him over.

For the next half hour, the two went after each other. It was not a constant fight. When one managed to get the upper hand, they separated and repeated. Neither one of them gave up; they just rolled apart and did not continue.

"You really should go out for the wrestling team." Michael said, catching his breath.

"Maybe. I'm still not used to going to the new school."

"Where did you used to live?"

Cody had to take some more deep breaths before he could answer. "We used to live on the other side of the city. It's closer to my dad's work here. Shorter commute." He finished breathless.

"All right. Why don't we just watch some TV?"

"I pick the station." Cody said, slowly rolling over.

The two of them moved to the couch as Cody flipped through the channels, eventually ending up on South Park. Michael had only seen the show a few times mostly in the background at a sleepover. He did not really care for the show. They watched the end of the episode and then another one. It was creeping around the clock and Michael saw his window of operation closing. He could not figure out a way to get Cody to go to bed.

Then he heard a joke on the television and laughed. Cody glanced over at him. Michael shrugged. "He didn't know what a blow job was. It was funny." Michael said chuckling. Then he frowned. "Do you know what a blow job is?"

Cody did not answer at first. "Sort of."

"Sort of?" Michael repeated. "How do you sort of know?"

Cody looked at him for a long moment before turning his attention back to the TV. Not saying a word.

Michael sensing awkwardness apologized. "Sorry. I wasn't trying to make fun of you."

Cody was silent. As the show came back from commercials, he slowly ventured. "I don't know about sex. Like some of my friends talk about it like they know all this stuff. I just kind of fake it."

"Most of them are to." Michael chimed in. "A lot of people just make stuff up or lie about what they've done. It's just how it is I guess." Michael hesitated before venturing. "I know a lot about blow jobs so if you got any questions about them, I'm your guy."

"And how come you know so much about blow jobs?" Cody asked.

"I'm given more than a few." Michael said casually.

"To whom?"

"Friends." Michael said.


"Yeah. If you want one, I will give you one." Michael suggested, hoping the boy would take the bait.

"What's the catch?" Cody asked.

"No catch. Just offering." Michael said in a friendly tone, then he thought for a second. "No, wait you have to come to the next open mats. We could really use you."

"This some sort of trick?" Cody asked.

Strictly speaking it was a trick. However, it was a different sort of trick then Cody was suggesting. Instead Michael pointed towards the TV. "Yeah, I'm putting myself in a position like Cartman did, but I know what I'm doing. So, if anything you could hold this for me."

Cody considered it. "What would I have to do?"

"Let's do this in your bedroom. We can use your bed."

The two boys stood up and then Cody led the way to his room.

"You can start undressing." Michael suggested.

"Um, ok. Can you turn around?" Cody asked.

Michael thought that was dumb but did as he was asked. He ended up staring at a poster of a dinosaur skeleton. The name of some museum was underneath it.

"Okay." Cody said.

Michael turned around and smiled. He did not think Cody looked too bad naked. He was carrying a few extra pounds and had some small man breasts that were currently being emphasized because he was covering himself with both of his hands.

"Yeah, I'm going to need access to that." Michael said, pointing toward Cody's crotch.

Cody smiled nervously and slowly withdrew his hands. The boy's hairless body made Michael blush. He had not seen young kids naked since he was little and taking swimming classes.

"Michael?" Cody ventured.

Michael shook himself out of his trance. "Yeah, just lay down on the bed there."

Cody did as he was told. Michael approached staring down at the younger boy. His eyes drifted to Cody's crotch. It was not very impressive. Michael had sucked thick seven inchers and this willy was just a small peg. The balls were a little bigger than Michael's thumbnail and were shriveled up tightly against Cody's body. The boy's little penis was uncircumcised and obviously excited. There was something about it. Maybe Michael was just appreciating it from a different angle than usual, but he liked it.

Kneeling to his elbows on the bed, he leaned forward and gave a kiss on the sack. Cody squirmed at the contact but did not say anything. Michael kissed it again but this time with his lips brushing down before moving to the shaft. Using his lips, he slowly stroked the small rod, letting his tongue dart out and lick it. Most of the boys on the team had pubic hair, but a couple shaved it off or at least trimmed it. Michael liked that. He wondered if he could add this to his rule book from now on.

Michael turned his attention back to the task at hand or mouth. Cody's little prick was fully hard. The foreskin was nearly retracted behind the head. Michael let his lips slide over it and gently pushed the foreskin back to expose the glans. He slid up and down, exploring the small cock and swirling the entire thing around his mouth.

When Michael finally pulled back, Cody's dick was wet and very stiff. It was less than three inches, but it was nice. Michael looked up at Cody's cheeks. They were bright red. He smiled a little before diving back onto the little cock. For a while, Michael slowly bobbed up and down keeping his tongue around the tip.Then he started to accelerate progressively. While he sucked faster, he flicked his tongue back and forth under the head. Then it happened. Cody thrashed as his cock began to spasm firing a ghost load. Michael rode it out until the kid's penis started to soften between his lips. Then and only then did he pull back letting it slide out of his mouth.

When he looked up at Cody, he saw the boy smiling. His cheeks were brightly colored. His eyes were out of focus at first but eventually they went back to normal.

"I'm guessing you liked it?" Michael asked.

Cody nodded. "That was great!"

"Well, you were great." Michael replied, watching Cody slowly blink.

"I'm going to go to bed, now. I just need to get my pajamas on."

"Well, I'll get them for you." Michael said.

Cody told him they were at the foot of his bed and Michael dove there, finding the lime green pajamas. He helped Cody change which for some reason aroused him. He did not understand that. Michael had gotten erections while giving blow jobs but never while helping someone get dressed. Then again, he had never done that before. It was usually more of a Wham Bam thing.

Standing up, Michael turned off the light and closed the door. He waited a few minutes before putting the final stages of his plan into action. Retrieving his backpack, he slipped into Cody's parents' bedroom. Their balcony was unlocked. Once outside, he placed the pack down and pulled out the rope.

He tied it off like he had practiced and then wrapped the rope around several times before tying it to himself. He started over the railing. There was a slight chance that Alexander's mother might be home but as he climbed over the railing nine stories up, he did not think so. Just like he had practiced he was able to make it over even though it was dark.

He stared into the apartment. One dim light was left on. Now the biggest problem he faced was the door. There was a chance it might be locked, but he doubted it. Slowly making his way to the door he tried it and it slid without a problem.

It was only at that moment that he experienced a very strange feeling. This was technically entering if not breaking-in. Could two wrongs make a right? No, it was not wrong to retrieve your property. At least that is what he told himself.

The dim light in the kitchen cast crazy shadows in the apartment but fortunately the Xbox 360 had a nice white case which reflected some of the light back, attracting Michael like a moth to a flame. The empty case of his game was resting on top of it. He ejected the tray and found his game inside. Briefly, he wondered how Alexander would react. Surely, the bully would experience the same situation he had been in. The victim of a crime unable to report it to anyone. He would probably just try to kick the crap out of him, but that was not much different than usual.

His game placed carefully back in its case he made his way back to the balcony. Patting himself on the back, Michael reached over to the other balcony. He threw the game on the destination level, not wanting to carry it with him. High on endorphins, he did not notice that his footing was not as good as it should have been. When the gust of wind came, he wasn't ready.

The split second between knowing he had lost his footing and the sensation of falling lasted an eternity. It seemed to last so long in his mind that he was able to reflect on how he had gotten to this point.

He fell about five feet before the rope saved him. A loud twang echoed as the pipes that made up the balcony complained from the sudden force being applied to them. Michael felt the rope tightened around his waist. That hurt as he swung like a pendulum. To make matters worse the apartment below was brightly lit and the TV was on. The teenage couple inside was too busy making out to pay attention to the boy just dangling outside their window.

With his palms on fire from the sudden pulls of the rope, Michael looked down and caught another round of vertigo that almost made him pee himself. From where he was to the next safe foothold was perhaps a half story of distance, not much but still terrifying. He suddenly felt the very sudden urge to start shouting for help despite the awkwardness that would entail.


At the sound of his name, Michael looked up to see Cody leaning over the railing. He opened his mouth but strangely no words came out.

"Pull yourself up." Cody snapped.

Another gust of wind came. Michael started to swing like a pendulum again. He grabbed onto the rope, trying to stop the swaying, and then slowly started to pull himself up. As he neared the balcony, Cody helped him over the side.

"What are you doing?" The boy demanded.

Michael's mind reeled from the near-death experience. He looked around for the game he had thrown over and reached for it. "I was retrieving something."

"Retrieving something?"

Michael held up the game and smiled. "Have you met Alexander? He is your neighbor."

Cody stared at him. "What!"

Michael let out a sigh. "Alexander stole this game from me. So, I retrieved it."

"You broke into his apartment?" Cody said. "That's a crime."

"So is theft. Actually, I'm sure he mugged me so that's assault too."

"You broke into his apartment?" Cody repeated.

"It was a righteous breaking-in. I didn't break anything I just retrieved my property."

Cody stared down at him in the dark. "He really stole it from you?"

Michael nodded. "Yeah. He's a jerk."

"Why didn't you tell your parents or the police?"

Michael thought he should be embarrassed about the breaking and entering. That was not why he looked down. "My parents don't let me play mature games. They didn't know I bought it."

Cody was out for several seconds. He looked at the rope and then back at Michael. "Okay, I can see Alexander doing that. I've heard things about him. I'll believe you for now. What is the game anyways?"

Michael told him and Cody pointed out he had not played it yet but wanted to. After Michael collected his rope, they returned to the family room. Michael finally got a chance to play his game and so did Cody. Cody's parents found them playing when they came home. They sent Cody off to bed and gave Michael his $10. As Michael rode the elevator back down to his floor, he thought it was a good night except for the near-death thing.

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