Secret Lives Of Good Little Boys

by Sam the Ham


Tommy looks at himself in the mirror checking his hair one more time. He is dressed up in fancy shoes, pants and a dress shirt. He smiles and dabs a little cologne under his ear. Apparently it contains pheromones. This type is supposed to attract males. It is his fifth anniversary and he wonders how many fourteen-year-olds could brag they have a fifth anniversary. Then again he wonders how many couples count their anniversaries from the day they were caught in the act.

As embarrassing as getting caught was he couldn't argue about the results. Once he got used to the rules it was a lot easier to mess around without worrying about getting caught. He had doubtlessly swallowed a gallon of Wyatt's cum. For a few years now, his boyfriend did his best to catch up to that record on a regular basis.

Their relationship did wonders for Wyatt's social life too. Apparently sex could build confidence. Wyatt never became super popular but he developed a close group of friends of his own age. Only one of those friends actually knows about the exact nature of their relationship. Tommy is fine with that.

The doorbell rings and Tommy quickly leaves the bathroom to open the front door. Wyatt stands there similarly dressed. Tommy pulls him into the house to give him a hug. Just as they are about to break the embrace there is a flash and Tommy turns his head to look at his mother holding a camera.

"That one deserves framing." She says.

The End.

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