Lost in the Dark

by Sam the Ham

Chapter 7

Over the last two weeks, Ryder's life fell into a pattern. Most days he went over to Xander's house immediately after school and then hid out at the convenience store until his parents got home. Some nights he would eat dinner with Xander and his family which had been weird at first. Usually when Ryder ate with his parents there would be little conversation thrown his way and then his parents would get into something. They weren't arguing just talking about things Ryder didn't care about. Xander's parents included him in the conversation along with Ryder when he was there. It was weird but in a good way.

There were times he almost dreaded going home. Now, he never looked forward to it, but that was partly due to Brendan. His text messages had gone from asking where he was too demanding to know where the hell he was. Kevin had even texted to say Brendan was pissed. Those messages had died off over the last week. There was a part of Ryder that missed the two older boys. Having two cocks had been thrilling. He had loved it on some level. It wasn't that he wasn't satisfied with Xander. He liked Xander. It was fun getting Xander excited, Ryder just wished Xander was more forceful sometimes with some things.

"Three points!"

Ryder surfaced from his thoughts and went back to the basketball game in front of him. It was Saturday and his friends were playing a friendly match. He had become part of the group mostly form Xander pulling him along. During their weekend games, it didn't take long for everyone to find out he sucked at basketball. It had actually been Ryder's idea to keep score so he didn't have to play and embarrass himself or Xander.

Adding three points, he called out. "25 to 18 skins."

Looking back up at the game, he spotted Xander shirtless and flushed from exertion. He felt a little twinge of arousal watching. He couldn't wait for the game to be over so he could give Xander a blow job as a victory prize or a consolation prize. Ryder didn't really care.

This game was three on three with Xander, Tony and RJ as the skins and the rest on the other team. Bored, Ryder started to make up a fantasy. They were playing for him, the winning team got him. Ryder smiled thinking about that. He hadn't seen them, but Xander told him what Tony and RJ looked like. Damn, he wished he had gone to that party.

In his head, the fantasy played on, Xander's team won, and they all headed to his place to take a shower. Xander didn't mind sharing his prize. All four of them were cramped in the shower stall. Ryder pictured himself, kneeling in the middle of the circle of athletic legs, starting up at the three boys' cocks, hard and throbbing.

He went for Xander's dick first, taking it in his mouth and sucking it hungrily. Meanwhile, Tony and RJ rubbed his butt and groped his crotch. The next moment he sucked RJ's dick then Tony's. All of them were getting more excited seeing how much he enjoyed pleasuring their hard cocks.

"So which one is your boyfriend?"

Ryder was startled by the familiar voice and twisted around to see Brendan standing behind him a few feet away from the bench. "What? What are you doing here?"

Brendan closed the distance between the two of them casually putting his foot on the bench to look at the game over Ryder's head. "I saw you here. Figured I'd check in on my little cock sucker. You seem to be avoiding me. Knowing how much you enjoyed it, it must mean you got a boyfriend. So which ones is it?"

"Two." Somebody shouted from the far end of the court.

Ryder used that as a distraction to get away from Brendan and change the score again. "Just go away would you."

"Are you going to suck me off?"

"Yeah sure, just go!"

"I don't believe that," Brendan said bending down to get close to his ear. "Monday after school by your place and you better be there or else we're going to tell all your little friends over there all the stuff you did. I'll tell them how much you love sucking cock."

"You wouldn't." Ryder snapped back.

"Why not? I never did anything gay. I just used you."

Those words caused Ryder to flinch. On some level, he had known that. He had been okay with it.

"Ryder," Xander called out. Ryder's head snapped back towards the court. Xander was standing a few feet away the game had come to a stop. "Everything okay?"

He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

Jessie detached herself from the rest of the group. "Brendan, why don't you get lost. Nobody wants any trouble."

"I could take you," Brendan shouted back.

"I'm sure you could beat up a younger girl," Jessie said to a few chuckles.

Brendan made a snorting sound. "Whatever."

As Brendan walked away, he casually bumped into Ryder who winced at the contact. Ryder looked down at the pad of paper with all the numbers written on it.

"Ryder, you okay?" Xander said coming up to him.

He heard the words, but they sounded from very far away. It took a great deal of effort to look up at Xander. He could see some of the other standing behind him all looking at him. "Yeah."

Xander stared down at him. "What did he say?"

"Just some crap," Ryder said looking down at the paper, but he had to add to one of the scores and that was a lot more difficult than it should've been. "25-20 … Skins."

Xander stared at him for a few more seconds before turning back and the game started back again. Ryder tried to watch the game, but his mind was going off on tangents. Would Brendan tell? Ryder had never thought of that possibility. He had thought it was safe. Then again Ryder never thought he would end it. The thing was the more time he spent with Xander, the more he didn't like the stuff he had done. He liked being ordered around. If anything he wished Xander did it more. He like that it was more than physical. With Kevin and Brendan, it had all been about sex and getting high.

As he watched the game, he wondered why Xander liked him? Was it just for the sex stuff too? But then there was this, him sitting on the sidelines being useful. Maybe it was the same. Perhaps he should just do Brendan Monday and forget about it. Just go on like normal. It wasn't like he hadn't sucked Brendan before. He settled on that.

As the game broke up, Jessie came over to him. "Hey, Ryder everything okay?"

Ryder smiled. Jessie was always nice to him. "Yeah. You know Brendan, he is an ass."

She grinned. "Yeah, he is a big ass."

Xander scrambled up next to her. "Hey, good game Jessie."

"Thanks." She said. "You want to get a milkshake at the convenience store? My treat."

Xander grinned. "Thanks, but my dad said we could have pizza for lunch when I got back."

Jessie nodded. "Well, maybe some other time. She turned back to look at Ryder. Your birthday's coming up isn't it?"

Ryder blinked, surprised she remembered. "It's next week. Why do you know that?"

"Remember we did that history project at the beginning of the year? Find something that happened on your birthday. I remember yours because it's like two days after my brother's. Anyways if you have a party this year, I hope I get an invite." She smiled and walked away.

Xander gave him a playful shove. "Your birthday's next week and you haven't told me?"

Ryder stood up and gave him a playful pushback. "It's not a big deal. Come on I'm hungry."

"Well, what do you want?"

"What do you mean?" Ryder asked as they started walking.

"Like what should I get you for a present."

"A blow job would be nice."

Xander bumped into him. "Something I don't already give you."

Ryder shrugged. "I don't care."

"Ack, you sound like my mom." Xander pitched his voice high, "You don't have to get me anything dear."

"So do you get her anything?"

"Jewelry usually. I know she doesn't need that my dad tells me so. I used to be able to get her something from the dollar store though."

"Well, I don't want jewelry."

"So what do you want?"


"Fine. I'll just have to exercise my brain and think of something."

"That would be a first."

"Smartass," Xander muttered. "So did you see that half-court shot?"

Ryder actually had to think back. "I think so."

"Well don't sound so impressed."

"Is it?"

Xander rolled his eyes. "It's like hitting orbit with a homemade rocket."

"Oh," Ryder said impressed by the comparison.

When they got to Xander's place Xander ran off to tell his mom, they were home. She was the home-cook type, and they sat in the kitchen while the oven preheated. Xander gave a rundown of the game to his parents as they set up the dishes.

"And I learned it's Ryder's birthday next week and he didn't tell me." Xander finished.

"Oh, so you're finally turning twelve." Xander's dad said. "Any big plans?"

Ryder shrugged. "No."

"Will you be having a party?" Xander's mom asked.

Ryder shifted a little uncomfortable. "My parents will probably get me something." He kicked himself when he realized he slipped up.

Xander's parents shared a look that lasted only a second but Ryder saw it.

"If it's okay with your parents, maybe we could take you into Denver to see a movie or we could take you to Dave and Busters. Have you ever been there?" Xander's dad said.

"You don't have to," Ryder said.

"See he's just as bad as you mom," Xander jumped in.

"Xander, when I say that I mean I want you to think about what I like and try to get something."

Xander put his head against the counter before quickly popping up. "Why do you people do this to me? Can't you just tell me what you want? I give everyone a list when they ask me!"

Xander's parents chuckled. "Well you don't do that for your friends, do you?" His father asked.

"You better not have." His mother added looking stern.

"Well, no but still it's easier," Xander replied

"So think. If Ryder had a day in Denver what do you think he would want?" Xander's mom asked.

Xander let out a theatrical sigh. "Okay. Well assuming he hasn't already been there, I remember hearing about a Museum. Planes and space stuff. Wings over Rockets or something like that. He would probably like that. Maybe David and Busters for lunch and then maybe a movie before coming back. Oh, you probably like a sleepover too. We haven't done that yet. You want to sleep over?"

Ryder had watched the entire conversation with a growing sense of unease. First, it was just his reluctance to be the center of a discussion. He had grown to like Xander's parents and he suspected what was coming next.

"Well, Ryder how does that sound to you?" Xander's mother said turning her full attention to him.

Ryder tried to swallow, but it got stuck in his throat. He stared at Xander's mother, but she looked a little out of focus. His heart started to feel like it was pounding. He was a slut. He didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve any of this. Even if Xander's parents were just being nice to him because of Xander, he didn't deserve it. His head started to hurt. He had to get out of there.

He stood up on his feet and felt like they weren't touching the floor as he made his way towards the front door. He had to remind himself to put shoes on, but as he did, he fumbled with them. Now that he was moving he was feeling a little better and he just wanted to get out.

"Ryder? What's wrong?" Xander said coming down the hallway after him.

Ryder shoved his feet into his sneakers. He started to open the door when Xander's hand came over to push it shut.

"What's wrong?" Xander demanded.

Ryder just wanted to get out of there. He pushed Xander away. Xander grabbed his arm instead of the door and held onto it. Ryder tried to pull away, but this time he was too strong. "We're not friends anymore!" Ryder snapped.

"What? We're friends." Xander said looking more confused than anything.

Wanting to be alone more than anything else at the moment, Ryder said the first thing that came to his mind. "Where only friends because I suck your cock!"

That made Xander let go. Before he could even think of the consequences, Ryder was out the door. He ran home. When he arrived, his parents weren't back. He stormed into their bedroom and pulled out their little stash. He needed to get high. He needed the world to stop spinning.

He lit up not even thinking they might notice or not. It took about half the joint for him to start calming down and realizing what a complete mess he had made.

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