The Apprentice

by Sahypo

Chapter 52

Isaac's graduation took place the Saturday of the week that Timmy and Sean left. It turned out that Isaac had just nosed out Rick for top student of the class, and was asked to speak during the ceremony. Isaac was introduced as the top student in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program, and walked up to the podium and surveyed the assembly. Ron Walsh was sitting a few rows back from the front, and Isaac grinned and nodded when he saw him.

The crowd sat in their chairs expectantly, and Isaac began to speak.

"I didn't prepare a long speech, so let me just congratulate all of my classmates on a job well done. It's been two years of hard work and some long hours at times, but we made it!"

Isaac paused for some clapping and cheering, and went on as it subsided

"It was a lot of fun to go through this experience with a great bunch of guys, but beyond that, I want to thank and express our appreciation for our instructors."

A huge roar and massive applause erupted as Isaac waited again for the crowd to calm down.

"Thank you very much for all you did, and all the knowledge you passed down to all of us. Thank you."

Isaac stepped back from the podium and the Dean of the school stepped forward to the microphone.

"Thank you, Isaac…Oh, don't run off just yet!" the Dean joked.

"It is a tradition at Technical College that the top student in the graduating class of each program announces the names of the first-year students that have the honor of being named to the Dean's list for academic achievement…Isaac?" the Dean said, handing Isaac a card.

Isaac stepped forward and accepted the card from the Dean and moved up to the podium again.

"The following students are recognized for academic excellence in their first year."

Isaac read eight names off the card, and Peter's was one of them. Peter stood when his name was called. He sat with his parents and Pat and Lizabeth. Dennis and Debbie congratulated him as well. He had been invited to this year's graduation ceremony with the other seven first year students to be recognized, and they received a round of applause. Isaac left the podium and joined his classmates as they lined up in alphabetical order in the back of the room.

Two other programs, Diesel Technology and Machine Shop were graduating students and their top students also gave prepared remarks and recognized their own first year achievers. When Machine Shop was done, it was time to convey diplomas on the graduates.

The graduation march began to play on the PA, and the line of students moved up the left side of the room, and when given the cue, the first one walked across the stage and shook hands with the Dean. The Dean handed each student a diploma with a handshake, and the students filed off to the right and walked to the back of the room before returning to their families from the center aisle. In all, there were almost one hundred and fifty students in three programs that received diplomas today.

Lizabeth was pleased that she had gotten the important parts on camera and the video came out pretty good on the playback.

They decided to drive into the city to take the boys out to a very exclusive steak house to celebrate. It was late in the afternoon when they reconvened at Isaac's house, and Peter's parents went home.

Lizabeth broke out a bottle of champaign to celebrate, and they drank it into the evening. No one was terribly hungry after the large meal earlier, so everyone snacked a little on summer sausage and cheese.

Isaac would start his job on Monday; Peter was busy at Atherton's and looking to hire help. Isaac suggested that Peter should see if any of the high school auto shop students was looking for part time work, and Peter thought that might not be a bad idea.

Isaac called Wesley that evening to see if he would be able to cut grass in the morning, and the boy was eager to earn some money. He asked if William could come along, so he wouldn't be bored by himself.

"If your mom is good with that, sure." Isaac replied. "I'll be by to pick you up around 8. Make sure you're ready."

"We will be. Bye, Isaac. See you tomorrow."

"Bye" Isaac replied as Wesley signed off.

It was cloudy and overcast the next day, but hot when Isaac got up and brushed his teeth and jumped in the shower as Peter slept in. He put on some grubbies, and went out to load the mower and trimmer in The Bentley. When he pulled up to the curb in front of Wesley and William's house, the boys were standing in the driveway waiting for him. William was eager to get in and see Isaac again, as Wesley held the passenger seat forward for him to get in the back seat. One side was folded forward for the lawnmower and William was lucky he wasn't any bigger than he is. Wesley got in and buckled up as Isaac pulled away from the curb.

"How are you doing William? We've missed you a lot." Isaac said.

"I'm fine…been missing all you guys, too." William replied. "What's this about you being a Sherriff?"

Isaac chuckled. "I got a job with the county working on the Sherriff's department airplanes and helicopters. I'm not a deputy"

"So, no gun and stuff like that…"

"Nope, sorry. It would be pretty hard to do the job with a gun hanging on me, William. No bad guys hanging around there."

Soon, they arrived at the first yard to cut and trim, and Isaac asked Wesley if he had a preference to mow or trim.

"I'll trim, I guess this time."

"Okay, I'll mow and William can move anything in the way."

Isaac lifted his mower out of The Bentley, then handed the weed trimmer to Wesley, and showed him how to start it.

"I can pull the cord if you don't want to overdo it with your arm."

Wesley nodded and said he would try it the next time the trimmer was started. They began in the front yard and had that part finished in about ten minutes. Wesley and William moved into the back yard, only to return to the front almost instantly and met Isaac at the gate in the fence. Both boys were blushing freely and looked as if they couldn't decide whether to dance or go blind…That and adjusting themselves in their shorts.

Isaac looked at the boys, and Wesley just said

"Isaac should go first" as he looked at William. Both boys waited for Isaac to push the idling mower into the side yard and hung back as they watched him round the corner of the house. Isaac stopped and looked at the boys and asked


Curious, Wesley walked up next to Isaac and looked into the back yard. A chaise lounge stood in the yard, empty.

"Damn it!" Wesley mumbled, and set about his trimming. Isaac began to cut the yard and William moved the lawn furniture as Isaac cut the grass under it. Soon they were done and loading the car.

"Okay, what was all that about?" Isaac asked.

"Well, there was a girl in that lounger, sun tanning." Wesley explained.

"She didn't have clothes on." William added.

"Oh…I see…But, what did you guys see?" Isaac asked, grinning.

"Erm, well, everything" Wesley admitted. William nodded in agreement; his eyes wide.

"So, did she say anything, or get mad?" Isaac wondered.

"Um, no, she got up and just smiled at us, and went in the house. Do you know who she is, Isaac?" Wesley wondered.

"The tenants have a fourteen-year-old daughter…maybe that's who you saw."

"I wouldn't mind seeing that again…and again." Wesley said, a huge grin on his face. William giggled and agreed.

"You two keep your hands out of your pockets until the yards are done!" Isaac joked as they drove to the next house.

There was no one home at this house, and twenty minutes later they were on their way to Melanie's house.

William asked about Sean and Isaac reminded him that he would be gone for two more weeks. They cut and trimmed Melanie and Isaac's yards together, and when they put the equipment back in the garage, they had worked up a sweat as the heat of the day rose.

"Hit the pool, guys, and I'll get us something to drink." Isaac said, and Wesley led his brother out to the pool.

"What are you going to swim in?" William wondered.

"Nothing" Wesley replied as he peeled off his shirt and shorts, and stood in his briefs as he kicked his shoes off and tugged his socks off his feet. William started undressing as his brother slipped his briefs off and climbed the ladder and hopped into the water.

Isaac brought out a pitcher of lemonade and three plastic cups, nude like the brothers. William took one of the cups, and Wesley came over to the side of the pool for his. Isaac poured the last one for himself and put it on the rim of the pool next to William's cup as they went up the ladder and got in the water.

William and Wesley seemed a bit pre-occupied. Isaac jokingly asked if they had been traumatized.

"I still can't believe she was just lying there naked!" Wesley said, cupping himself.

"Maybe Isaac can go back over there and ask her if she wants to swim with us?" William joked.

"I don't think Wesley will get any sleep tonight as it is, William!" Isaac said grinning. William smiled and looked down. He didn't try to hide his erection like his brother. His nail stuck out proudly just under the surface of the water.

"Was that the first time you guys saw a naked girl?" Isaac wondered.

"In real life, yeah" Wesley replied and William nodded. "Well, we've seen boobs and stuff, you know, like on the internet…" Wesley admitted.

"I like boobs…a lot" William stated proudly.

"Hers were so totally nice." Wesley added, and William nodded in agreement.

"So, who's the main porn surfer between the two of you?" Isaac teased. The boys blushed like they were confessing to some high crime.

"Er…we kinda both do…actually." William replied with a huge grin on his face.

"When did you turn into such a little horndoggy?" Isaac teased. "What happened to my sweet, innocent little William?"

Wesley snorted and rolled his eyes and began to howl with laughter, and William put on his best shit eating grin and replied

"I'm still sweet…innocent, well, maybe not so much!"

The brothers roughhoused a bit, with William grabbing his brother from behind, but gently. After months of nursing Wesley until he was able to take care of himself, he was all too aware of the places Wesley was pinned, screwed and plated.

William turned his attention to Isaac, and got dunked every time he tried to tackle him. After twenty minutes William was exhausted, grinning and getting hungry.

"I guess we should get home." Wesley said. "When do we cut the yards again?"

"Next Sunday if it rains this week, but I'll let you know." Isaac replied.

The boys got out of the pool, dried and dressed while Isaac went in the house. He came back out wearing shorts and handed Wesley forty dollars.

"Oh, um, thanks" Wesley said, surprised. He wasn't expecting that much, since it only took an hour and a half to cut and trim the four properties.

Peter was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal when the boys came in the back door. He offered them something to eat, but they said Claire would have lunch on for them at their house.

"You guys want a ride?" Isaac asked.

"Nah, we'll walk" Wesley replied.

"Maybe that girl will attack us on the way home!" William chirped, grinning. Peter looked at him with a confused expression, and Isaac said

"The boys found out one of my renters is a nudist."

"Are they going to need counseling?" Peter joked.

"Maybe I'll go naked next time we mow their yard!" Wesley added.

"Be just your luck only her father would be home." William replied.

"You just have to take the fun out of it, don't you?" Wesley asked, grinning. "Well, we'll see you guys later" Wesley said as he and William headed out the door.

"Bye, Isaac, Peter" William waved and they were gone. Peter finished his cereal and put the bowl in the sink as Isaac came up behind him and tugged his shorts down to his ankles.

"Wanna join me in the pool?" Isaac suggested as Peter turned around and embraced his lover. Their lips came together in a passionate kiss as Isaac slipped his shorts off. They stood in the kitchen feeling their passion rising between them. Peter reached down and made adjustments and they began to rub their hard shafts against each other.

"Should we save this for later?" Peter whispered. Isaac leaned in for a final kiss and nodded.

"I'll hold you to that" he replied as they broke their embrace and stepped out to the pool, both very erect.

Peter hung a sign in the window at Atherton's advertising for help wanted. In fact, it is the very sign that Keith had him remove from the window the day he had been hired. Peter wiped the sign off with a rag before he did so, and thought back to that day. He walked in seeking a part time job, and was now a partner in an established business. Somehow it didn't seem real. It wouldn't be long before Keith retired and moved to the coast, so he and Peter had decided to develop candidates and begin the screening process. Peter had drawn up an application form on the computer, and had met a lawyer friend of Keith's for coffee to get a second opinion.

The attorney had suggestions and pointed out a few things that Peter should consider, which Peter added to his document and showed to Keith.

"Good thing he owed me a favor…bastard charges 250 an hour!" Keith grumbled. Keith always grumbled. Even about people he actually liked.

Peter grinned and put the forms in a stack on the counter. Little by little, they began to leave the store in people's hands as customers noticed them. Several high school boys and girls took forms, filled them out at the counter and handed them to Keith or Peter. Two days later, a man Peter instantly recognized came into the store.

"Hello, Peter!"

"Hey, how're you doing?" Peter asked, as he took Max's fathers hand and shook it.

"Everything is fine, thanks…and you?"

"Same…it's busy here. How is Max doing?"

"Oh, it's incredible how he's come around. A lot has changed, for the better. Um, Max is why I stopped in to see you, actually."

Peter waited for the man to continue.

"Are you hiring full time only, or would you have part time work also?"

"I am going to hire someone full time. Hadn't really thought about part time help. Er, what did you have in mind?"

"Max has been talking about getting a job this summer and making his own money. I thought I would let him know, if you had anything that he could apply for."

"Well…I could use some housekeeping help."

"How many hours were you thinking?"

"Probably two hours a day, three days a week, six or eight hours or so."

"Thank you, Peter. I'll let him know."

"You got it, take care."

Peter shook his hand and turned back to business.

Timmy's eyes slowly opened in the morning, like creaky barn doors on rusty hinges. He felt weight on top of him, and couldn't roll over onto his side or back. As his vision focused, he could hear breathing behind his head and small snorting noises of exertion in his ears. Hands were holding his arms down against the mattress of the guest room bed, and he felt a weight on his hips bouncing up and down.

He strained to crank his head around to see who was on top of him, and found Henry straddling him, grinning and giggling silently. He bounced up and down on Timmy's butt, forcing the wind out of him.

"All right, you little shit! I'm awake!" Timmy protested into his pillow. Of course, Henry had no idea Timmy had said anything. Timmy made a heroic effort and rolled over, capsizing Henry like a poorly loaded container vessel and winding up on top of the child, who giggled through it all. Henry managed a few moves Timmy didn't anticipate and slipped out from under his teenage friend, and hopped back on top of Timmy, facing him this time, planting his crotch squarely onto Timmy's pubes. Timmy was quite erect, having just awoken, and Henry could feel the thick, curved stiffness in Timmy's briefs pressing against his testicles and taint. His eyes widened in surprise as he felt Timmy move to take some of the pressure off of his bladder.

Henry was wearing only the long tee shirt that he had on last night, and when he reached forward to pin Timmy's arms, his own erect boyhood pressed down against Timmy's navel, skin to skin inside the shirt. He blushed awkwardly, realizing that he was enjoying this kind of contact with another person for the first time.

"Did you just get up? I can definitely tell." Timmy teased. Henry nodded and smiled. He got off of Timmy, releasing the pressure bending Timmy's large cock down, and headed for the bathroom with a small tent in the tee shirt. He didn't bother to close the door. Timmy could hear very tentative dripping noises which grew steadier as Henry's erection subsided and he was able to urinate easier. He heard Henry step across the hallway as the toilet flushed.

When the sounds ended, Timmy sat up and swung his feet out of bed and sat up. He stood just as Henry re-entered the room with his little pad and pencil hanging from his neck on the thong. The tent in the shirt was gone now, but Henry had his glasses on and got a clear look at Timmy's stretched briefs. The shape of Timmy's glans and its girth was quite apparent. Henry's eyes widened as he took it in, before looking up. Timmy sleepily moved past Henry in the doorway and entered the bathroom next to the guest room. Henry stood in the hallway as Timmy sat on the toilet, hidden behind the vanity.

Breakfast? Henry wrote and showed the note to Timmy.

Timmy looked over and nodded. "Yes, please." He finished relieving himself twenty seconds later and pulled his briefs back up as he got off the toilet. He followed Henry to the kitchen where the boy began washing his hands at the sink. Timmy stood beside him and washed his hands as he wondered what kind of cereal Henry liked had.

He was surprised when Henry opened the refrigerator and pointed at the egg carton and began holding up fingers.

"Uh, two?" Timmy replied. Henry got the eggs out and put four on the countertop next to the stove, and put the carton back in the refrigerator. He pointed at a cabinet next to the stove and Timmy reached up to open it, to find a box of pancake mix inside. He touched the box and Henry nodded and smiled. Timmy pulled the box down and placed it on the counter, as he watched Henry snag an electric griddle out of the cabinet under the stove, untangling a booby trap of pots and lids. He set it on the stove and plugged it into the wall socket before cranking the temperature to 350.

Timmy stood and watched as his little friend made two cups of pancake batter. He set that aside and pulled a package of bacon out of the refrigerator and gave it to Timmy who asked

"How many?"

Henry held up four fingers and pointed his thumb at himself. He wrote a quick note.

Like mine burned to a crisp.

Timmy smiled and cut the package open and began separating the slimy strips and laying them on the hot griddle. When he finished, Henry pointed to the eggs and made a stirring motion, then held his hand flat and flipped it over and back a couple of times.

"Over easy, please" Timmy replied. He was curious to see if his eggs would end up looking like a train wreck. He remembered the times he had attempted to flip eggs for Isaac before getting it.

Henry began to turn the bacon and smear the grease on the grill so there was some to cook the eggs on, and cracked them open carefully. In a minute the eggs were almost ready to turn, and Timmy grinned at Henry.

Henry had a serious look on his face as he opened a drawer and pulled out a skillet tool. He shook it at Timmy and whipped it around like a sword.

Timmy cracked up laughing and stood back out of the way.

Henry began laughing too, and had to calm down before risking the outcome of this important procedure. One by one, the eggs were successfully turned, and Timmy gave the boy a thumbs up, causing Henry to blush and smile.

Timmy looked around to find plates for the bacon and eggs, and once they were plated, Henry began pouring the batter. They each got three medium sized pancakes out of the batch and brought their plates to the table to eat. Henry turned the griddle off and got the milk out and put it on the table. Timmy found the glasses and got two out of the cabinet.

Henry looked across the table at Timmy, studying him closely as he ate. Timmy looked up and asked

"What, Henry?"

Henry put his fork down and drew the little pad out of his shirt. He slipped the little stub of pencil out of the spring and began to scribble a note

Thanks I never thought I would have a sleepover


Other kids treat me different

"Do you have friends at school?"

I guess. They're nice to me but

Henry looked down and shrugged, then back up at Timmy

"I get it…Did you ever spend the night at Gene and Glen's?"

Henry shook his head

"If you like, I'll ask them if you can"

Henry grinned broadly and nodded.

"Yeah, they got a pretty cool pool too. Hey, you're a good cook. Breakfast is good."

Henry signed his thanks and went back to his food. The boys finished a few minutes later, and rinsed their plates and left them in the sink. The griddle had cooled by then and Henry unplugged it and pulled the cord and thermostat out of its contacts. He put the griddle in the sink and turned to Timmy and motioned for him to follow as he scampered out of the kitchen.

He giggled as he dashed to his room and went inside. Timmy found a pair of shorts and a tee shirt in his bag, and put them on. He couldn't see the red shorts Henry had put on under the long tee shirt, and was surprised when Henry came out of his room with an air rifle and a small container of BB's. He clicked the little button by the trigger over to "safe" and handed the rifle to Timmy.

He found a milk jug and a couple of tin cans in the trash can by the back door, and slipped into the shoes he had left there last night. Timmy put his shoes on and the boys slipped through the door into the morning heat. It was already eleven thirty, as they had slept late.

They began to trot down the road to the tree fort, and when they got there, Henry began to place the cans and the milk jug in various places on the ground about 20 yards from the big tree. The boys climbed to the deck and looked out over the woods. Henry took the air gun from Timmy and began to load some BB's into it, as Timmy watched.

Henry set the container of BB's on the deck at their feet and grabbed the end of the barrel and pulled hard. The gun folded in half and made a click as Henry unfolded it again, and shouldered the rifle. He pushed the safety off and aimed it down at a can on the ground and squeezed off a shot.

The can moved an inch or two with a loud clank, and Henry re-cocked the rifle and shot the next can.






Thwack! As the BB bounced off the plastic milk jug. At this range the BB didn't have the energy to penetrate the tough plastic.

Henry pushed on the safety and handed the BB gun to Timmy. Timmy figured out the cocking and rested his arm on the railing and took aim below. He took a minute to compose his sight picture the same way he aimed Jack's.38 and squeezed the trigger.

"Shit!" he muttered. Henry giggled and began laughing.

"Fucking safety…" Timmy grumbled as he flicked off the forgotten button. He squeezed the trigger, and…


But it was enough to see where the BB hit and adjust his aim. He re-cocked and hit the can on his second try. He looked over to Henry and asked

"You're pretty good. How long have you been shooting?"

Henry flipped the pad out of his shirt and scribbled a note

I got that for my 9 bday

"It's really neat, Henry"

David says its good for my eyes

Clank! Timmy hit one of the cans. He shot the other two, and put the safety on before he handed the gun to Henry.

They shot for quite a while taking turns, until Henry finished his turn and wiped his eyes with his tee shirt. The heat was rising quickly and both boys had sweat in their eyes, even in the shade under the huge tree. Neither of them noticed the sky, or could even see it through the canopy of branches overhead.

Elsewhere, the National Weather Service was keeping an eye on a cluster of developing thunderstorms over north east Texas and southern Oklahoma. Cold dense air at high altitude in the jet stream from Canada was being forced south by a high-pressure zone, sliding over the hot air mass above Texas. The hot air tried to rise, but the heavier layer of cold air above it prevented that.

Timmy and Henry were oblivious to the multi-state physics experiment playing out over them, but the unstable situation would eventually find equilibrium.

Although the summer weather had been hot so far, today was exceptionally so, and the two boys made their way to the ground and Henry grabbed Timmy's hand and pulled him toward the pond. They were sweating heavily feeling the effects of the heat. He stopped at the edge and lay the air rifle on the grass and shed his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Clad only in the red shorts, Henry waded into the water and went out to the middle where the water was about four feet deep.

He turned to look at Timmy, and waved him to come in. Timmy pulled his shirt off and kicked his shoes from his feet leaving them close to Henry's red slip-ons. The water at the surface was warm and not very refreshing, but cooler at the bottom. The mud felt oddly pleasant squeezing between their toes. Timmy thought of the camp out at Sammy and Scotty's pond, and smiled remembering all that went on there.

The air wasn't moving, and even the birds and bugs were still. Timmy waded into the water and made his way out to the middle where Henry was submerged up to his chin. When Timmy got within range, Henry leapt up and grabbed onto Timmy from behind and tried to pull him off balance and dunk him. Timmy reacted almost instantly and it was on, a full-blown wrestling match in the muddy water. Henry shrieked and laughed as Timmy gained the upper hand and lifted the squirming boy out of the water and threw him. Again and again, Timmy lifted Henry and tossed him, and Henry came back for the next launch. The last time Timmy threw him, Henry made his way over to the shallows and grabbed a big handful of oozing black mud from the bottom, and made like he would throw it.

"Nah…don't even think about…"


"Oh, Henry! You little shit!"

Henry shrieked with laughter and grabbed more mud, and began receiving incoming retaliation from Timmy. They quickly had mud all over each other, up and down their chests and backs, and in their hair and on their faces.

They were both laughing hysterically as they stood in ankle deep water throwing wads of mud at each other. They closed and began grappling and trying to force mud into each other's shorts, fairly successfully. Exhausted, they stood looking at each other and laughing while they caught their breath. Henry took his glasses off and rinsed them in the pond water so he could see. They ducked their heads under to get as much mud as possible rinsed out of their hair, and they moved into waist deep water to rinse out their shorts. That was pretty much a hopeless cause as the stains in the fabric were still there when they emerged from the pond.

They sky had darkened considerably, and the boys noticed the wind picking up. Looking up, they could see the clouds far above moving rapidly as the leading edge of the squall line became visible in the distance.

In the National Weather Service command center, radar was indicating strong convective activity, as thunderheads built in size. No one knew that the anvils would eventually reach one hundred and eight y thousand feet in altitude that day, breaking a hundred-year-old record. It was decided to issue a severe storm warning for Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The boys noticed the skies darkening to the west and a hot breeze blowing. They figured that there was time, and decided to walk a lap of the road through the woods. The were not concerned, and had seen storms threaten, but go around before. They grabbed the rifle and the BB's and set off down the road with their shirts over their shoulders.

They had reached the back end of the property when the wind began to pick up in earnest and the trees began to roar occasionally as the breeze gusted. It got darker as the squall moved across the county in their direction. In a matter of minutes, the wind calmed and the temperature dropped from close to one hundred to the mid-seventies.

Timmy looked to make sure he had Henry's attention. The sudden coolness made them shiver slightly.

"We gotta get back to the house right now."

The boys began to hurry down the path. When they looked up at the sky through breaks in the canopy, the clouds were a lot lower now, and a very eerie greenish gray color. The wind was really beginning to move now, the tops of the trees swaying back and forth. It was almost dark as twilight to the west, and the light was coming from the east. It was diminishing fast as the squall moved to the east.

The rain began just as they reached the house. It hit all at once and the drops looked as big as grapes. In less than three minutes it was coming down so hard the boys could see less than fifty feet across the back yard, as they looked out through the sliding glass door. It was now four in the afternoon, but looked like night had fallen. The skies were almost black overhead.

Ten minutes after the rain started, Timmy began hearing thunder and the sound of the rain changed on the roof. Henry's eyes were wide as he watched white marbles begin bouncing in the grass. Timmy saw it too, and pulled Henry back from the glass. Henry was fascinated and wanted to watch the hail, but didn't resist Timmy. Lightning flashes became more visible and the wind seemed to gain strength. Small branches and leaves ripped from the trees began sailing past the house through the back yard.

Henry looked up at Timmy, his eyes wide with fear. Both boys had goosebumps from being in wet shorts in air conditioning, and Henry squeezed Timmy in a tight hug.

"Let's get out of these wet things"

Timmy said as he began to walk Henry toward the bathroom. Once there, Henry pulled two towels out of the cabinet and handed one to Timmy. He turned to face the bathtub, away from Timmy and pulled his filthy wet shorts off and threw them in the bathtub. His butt was still streaked with mud, but smooth and the same color as the rest of him when Timmy checked him out in the mirror. Henry rubbed his hair in the towel with his back turned. There was no sign of hair on his body that Timmy could see, and his slim build looked typical for an eleven-year-old.

Timmy did likewise, shedding his own shorts and drying some of the pond water from his hair. He could see Henry stealing a peek at him in the bathroom mirror, and realized that with his back turned to the boy, his front can be seen in the mirror as well..

Henry quickly averted his eyes, but not quickly enough to avoid getting caught. He was more concerned with the storm outside than being blushed crimson and looked quite embarrassed at getting caught staring at Timmy.. Timmy smiled to himself and hitche d the towel around his waist.

"I hope Alice doesn't kill us for tracking mud in her house…. shit!" Timmy thought to himself.

Henry wrapped his towel around himself and turned around. Timmy threw his shorts into the tub on top of Henry's and said

"I'm going to put on some dry stuff."

Timmy emerged from the guestroom in a pair of clean briefs and a tee shirt, and joined Henry who was watching the storm wearing a nightshirt. There were occasional bright flashes of lightning, and Henry looked around when the thunder crashed overhead. He couldn't hear it, of course, but he was very sensitive to the concussions.

A particularly close hit lit up the outside of the house in a brilliant flash and the blast left Timmy dazed with ringing ears and Henry flinched and screamed. The lights went out a split second later.

"What the hell was that?" Timmy said loudly to no one in particular, and turned to Henry, who was white as a ghost and trembling. His eyes were squeezed shut and he was trying not to cry. Timmy pulled him into a hug, and the boy latched onto him for dear life. He was still trembling, but allowed Timmy to walk him over to the sofa and sit with him. He pushed Henry's face off of his chest and tapped on his shoulder to make him open his eyes.

"Henry, if the storm gets worse, we're going to get in the bathtub, okay?"

Henry gave Timmy a look that asked "why?" and clearly indicated that he didn't understand.

"It's the safest place in the house if things start flying through the walls. Are you okay? I know you're scared…but we're gonna be fine. I mean it."

Henry nodded then, and hugged on to Timmy tighter. The lights came back on a few minutes later. Henry's house must be on a part of the grid with a second connection to a different sub-station. Timmy was pretty sure that whatever got struck had to be on the property. His ears were still ringing from the blast. The hail had come and gone, and stayed about the size of a nickel while it lasted. There were still patches of white crust in the yard, rapidly melting in the cold rain. They couldn't see anything damaged from their view of the back yard, so Timmy went to look out the front door and saw a tree blown into six large pieces laying in the yard. There was still steam rising from the st ump where it once stood. ruined trunk. It was still raining hard, but the winds had eased off and the sky was actually brightening in the west as the storm passed over.

The phone in the kitchen rang.

Timmy went to pick it up as Henry watched.


"Timmy? It's Alice."

"Hello?" Fuck! I can't hear worth a damn! Timmy thought

"Timmy, are you and Henry all right?"

"I can barely hear you….my ears are ringing really bad…lightning hit a tree in your yard."

"Are you and Henry all right? Did that tree hit the house?" Alice shouted into the phone, and Timmy could now make out what she said.

"We're okay, and the house wasn't hit. Everything's fine here."

"Okay…that's good. This is a bad one, lots of tornadoes…Did you get hail?"

"Yes…not very big. Like marbles."

"Timmy, if there's a tornado, get Henry and get in the bathtub and pull a mattress over it. You'll hear the sirens go off."

"I already told Henry about the tub, Alice. But it looks like it might be clearing up soon here."

"Not where we are…it's still pretty bad up here."

"Where are you guys?"

"In the basement at the hotel in a ballroom. They are breaking out a buffet for everyone sheltering so we're okay."

"I can still barely hear you. We're going to make something to eat too."

"Okay, Timmy. Don't take any chances. Tell Henry we love him and we're okay."

"I will, Alice. See you tomorrow."

"Thank you, Timmy…Bye"


Timmy hung up, and looked at Henry staring at the tree through the living room window. He walked up behind Henry and put a hand on his shoulder. Henry looked at Timmy.

"That was your mom. She said she loves you and Her and David are okay. The storm is still bad there but they're in the hotel and getting ready to have dinner."

Henry relaxed a bit and looked visibly relieved. He pointed at the tree and pantomimed an explosion, his eyes wide. Just then, the boys saw headlights approach the house as Gene pulled up and parked. He got out and hurried up the steps to the door, and Timmy pulled it open before he could knock. Gene dashed in out of the rain. Henry's face lit up when he saw Gene, and giggled when Gene poked at his belly.

"Hi, Stinky! Hey, you guys okay here?" he asked.

"Yeah, hard to hear anything right now. Did you see that tree?" Timmy asked.

Gene nodded. "Jeez Looweezy…Must have sounded like the house blew up."

"It was so loud it scared the hell out of Henry and my ears are still ringing."

"No doubt, it's pretty bad out there on the roads…lots of lines and trees down. The crews are starting to work the road blocks now…this was a doozy."

"David and Alice called. They're okay, but she says its bad there right now."

"There's been over twenty tornado sightings in Texas alone today, and there are dead, not sure how many so far."

"Oh my God"

"Yeah. So, you guys okay here? Need anything?"

"Where's the pizza?" Timmy teased.

"Trust me, dude. They ain't delivering nothin' in this shit. Uh, what have you guys' been doing? Your hair's all grotey looking."

"Mud bath…In the pond…It's all his fault!" Timmy grinned, pointing at Henry, who was watching intently. He began to giggle and grin. Gene shook his head and smiled.

"Any damage at your place?" Timmy asked

"We waited out the worst of it at the shop, I just now got off work, haven't been home to check yet. If Dad beats me home, he'll call if there's a problem."

"OK. We're gonna eat and hang out and watch TV or whatever. You wanna stay?"

"No, I'm going to head to the house while it's still light out so I can check on things. I'll pick you up sometime tomorrow."

He stepped out the door as Timmy followed to see what the weather was doing. Still raining, but not anywhere near as hard as it did earlier.

Gene yelled "Bye" and waved as he got into his truck as quickly as he could. Timmy waved and ducked back into the house, almost soaked.

He closed the door and peeled off the now wet tee shirt.

"I need a shower to get this crap out of my hair."

Henry ran his fingers through his own hair and made a face, then followed as Timmy headed for the bathroom. Once there, he grabbed the wet and muddy shorts and briefs in the bathtub and threw them and the wet tee shirt into the wash machine. Returning to the bathroom, he reached into the shower to turn the water on, and was surprised to find Henry behind him, pulling the night shirt off. With only the pad and pencil hanging from his neck, Henry closed the door and smiled at Timmy patiently waiting for him to adjust the water. Timmy now saw that Henry was not circumcised, and that his foreskin lacked the snout or overhang that is typical with uncut boys. The tip of his glans was visible as the sleeve of foreskin covered at most two thirds of it of it. The two-inch long flaccid organ was about as thick as a man's pinky. In contrast to his diminutive penis, his testicles looked a bit out of proportion on his little boy's body, being well past child sized. It was evident that Henry was entering the cusp of puberty, and Timmy could make out a smudge of darkening fuzziness at the base of Henry's boyhood.

Timmy shucked his briefs and put them on the toilet seat with Henry's nightshirt and pad, then stepped into the tub. Henry took notice of the teenagers' much larger penis and made a spreading motion with his hands and pointed to Timmy's groin as if to say "it's big" or "that's huge."

Timmy smiled as Henry stepped in and waited until the boy was looking at him.

"You'll be a lot bigger by the end of summer. You're already starting."

Henry grinned and nodded, and pushed his way into the water and soaked his hair. Timmy watched as Henry poured shampoo into his hand and began to work it into a lather in his hair. Filthy water began running toward the drain as Henry rinsed the residual mud out that they had missed in the pond. When he finished, he poured more shampoo into his hand and reached up to Timmy's head. Timmy bent forward to make it easier for Henry to lather his hair, which put his face at chest level on Henry. It also afforded him an unobstructed close-up view of the boy's penis. Henry didn't seem to be bothered by this, and kept busy with his task.

Henry broke his daydream by tapping him on the shoulder, and trying to move around Timmy to let him have access to the shower spray. Another plume of dirty water appeared briefly as the mud was washed out of the teenager's hair.

When Timmy finished, Henry pointed at his eyes, to ask Timmy to look him over.

"Tick check?" Timmy asked.

Henry nodded, and bent his head down. Timmy began to go through Henry's hair and scalp, and watched as Henry took himself between his thumb and first finger and pulled his foreskin back tightly, exposing tender pink inner shaft skin to view. He pulled himself up to inspect the underside, then drew the foreskin forward again. By this time, Timmy had finished searching Henry's short hairdo, and took his hands away. Henry looked up and Timmy asked.

"Do ticks actually get inside down there?"

Henry nodded and held up two fingers.

"Two times?"

Henry nodded again.

"Guess it's good that I don't have as much foreskin as you, Henry."

Henry smiled and lifted his arms, exposing smooth, hairless well-tanned armpits. He turned side to side and Timmy pronounced them tick free. He turned his back to Timmy and bent over, and reached behind him to point to his butt.

" When in Rome…" Timmy thought as he got on his knees and pulled Henry's cheeks apart and got a close view of Henry's anus and perineum. It was clean, very small and absolutely hairless. Timmy stood up and turned Henry around and said,

"Didn't see any down there, Henry."

The boy nodded and put his hands on Timmy's shoulders and pushed down to get him to crouch, and began going through Timmy's hair slowly and carefully. When that was finished, he gently pushed Timmy to make him turn around. Timmy felt small fingers pulling his butt cheeks apart for a quick second or two, before turning around and getting the all clear from Henry.

Since Henry didn't fly out of the shower screaming, Timmy had to assume that the child hadn't found anything that amiss back there…

Henry began sudsing up with the soap, and covered himself from face to toes, before handing the bar to Timmy.

Timmy worked some lather in his hands and rubbed soap on Henry's back, getting a big smile in return. Timmy finished with the soap and Henry made sure to return the favor. The boys turned the water off and began to dry themselves. Timmy watched Henry's face and eyes for a few minutes until Henry began to get nervous and wonder what Timmy was thinking.

Can I ask you something?" Timmy wondered. Henry nodded.

"Last night…when I checked your hair…you spoke to me." Henry looked down and blushed, then slowly nodded. He looked back up at Timmy.

"You said "please", right?"

Again, henry nodded.

"I didn't know you could talk."

Henry wiped the vanity counter dry with his towel, then let it drop and wrote a note.

I cant really. My mouth don't work right.

"But…you did."

Henry slowly shook his head

I make sounds sometimes but nobody understands them

Timmy gave Henry an exasperated look

"You just proved that I understood you!"

Henry shook his head and looked into Timmy's eyes, then down to his pad and began to write

David took me to a place where they took pictures of my thoughts

"Huh What ?" Timmy asked in disbelief. "What do you mean, Henry?"

I had to lay in this big dough-nut with a cage thing on my head. It made loud noises I could feel. A lady ask me questions and said tell her the answers. I couldn't do it but they said I did good.

"Wait, were these people doctors?"

Henry nodded and kept writing. Timmy stood just behind the naked boy so he could read the notes as Henry wrote them.

The room was cold and I just had a gown on no clothes. They took my glasses too. That was kind of scary.

"Did they say what they were doing?"

Taking pictures of my brain. There were different colors on the pictures. David said they could tell I had dirty thoughts

Henry giggled as Timmy read this.

"So, did you?" Timmy asked with a grin.

Henry rolled his eyes and giggled as he wrote

Come on! I was 6!

That made Timmy laugh too

"What else do you remember, Henry?"

My toes and butt were cold. The lady got me a blanket, feet things with bumps. She was nice.

Timmy had to sort out the feet bump things for a moment until he remembered the hospital slipper socks he had gotten during his appendectomy, with little rubber bumps were printed on them. He smiled. Henry had such a direct way of putting things, calling them as he saw them.

"How long did it take?"

Like 2 hrs?

"Did they find out anything?"

Henry nodded

Got brain damage its why I cant talk or hear.

Henry looked up at Timmy, and found the expression on Timmy's face hard to read.

Timmy didn't know what to say, so he just put his arms around Henry and gave him a hug. Henry didn't hesitate to hug Timmy back. After a moment, Timmy leaned back so Henry could see him speak.

"Thank you…for telling me that. Should we get dressed and make something to eat?"

Henry nodded and they let each other go. Henry picked up the towel and put it on the bar on the wall, and Timmy slipped his briefs on. He went to the guestroom to find clothes. He had only packed a second change, so all he had to wear was in the washer. He asked Henry if he had a shirt he could wear, and Henry went off to find one.

He wanted to tell Timmy that they didn't have to wear anything, but he decided not to bring it up at the moment. He was hungry, and watched Timmy pull the nightshirt on. He had noticed the marks on Timmy's back, and didn't remember ever seeing things like that on David or Alice, or anyone else he knew.

Timmy turned to Henry and asked

"So, what are you hungry for?"

Henry grinned and took Timmy's hand and pulled him toward the kitchen. Once there, he opened the pantry and pulled out a box of spaghetti, and put it on the counter. He went back for mushrooms and a jar of spaghetti sauce, then into the refrigerator for a green pepper. The last item he went for was in the freezer, a bag of frozen shrimp.

Timmy looked in the refrigerator and returned with an onion.

"You do the shrimp and I'll chop up the pepper and onion." He offered, and Henry nodded. He found a pot and filled it with hot water to thaw the shrimp and set it aside. He filled another pot and put it on the stove to boil as Timmy got started dicing the vegetables.

"S o, y ou like to cook?"

Henry nodded and smiled.

"Think you might like to be a chef?"

Henry picked up his pad

Maybe, sure

Timmy had finished dicing and they waited for the noodle water to boil and the shrimp to thaw enough to peel.

"Henry, should I make some garlic bread?"

Henry smiled and nodded, and Timmy looked in the sink for the griddle they had used to cook the pancakes for breakfast. He ran some hot dishwater and cleaned it up enough to use and set it out on the counter. He plugged it in to warm up and approved of Henry's loaf of French bread. He began slicing the bread as Henry tested the shrimp and found them to be thawed enough to begin peeling. Timmy found garlic powder and a stick of butter and began greasing up the griddle. Once the butter melted, he sprinkled garlic powder into it and laid the bread on the buttered griddle. Henry watched as he peeled shrimp. He stopped and wrote

We don't make it that way

"I know…you bake it in the oven with hard butter on top?"

Henry nodded.

"You're gonna really like it this way."

Now the water had begun to boil, and they put the spaghetti in to cook. Timmy's bread was almost ready to turn, and Henry's eyes lit up when he saw the toasting of the bread and began to smell the aroma. Timmy re-buttered the griddle and put down a little more garlic powder for the flip side of the bread and turned the slices over.

Henry had most of the shrimp peeled and Timmy began pulling them out of the pot and putting them in a bowl. When they were done, Henry took the pot out the back door into the yard and threw the peelings out. When he came back in, Timmy rinsed the pot and put the peeled shrimp, pepper, onion and mushroom s in it, and added the sauce. He put this on low heat to simmer until the noodles were ready. The toast was done, and Henry couldn't wait to take a bite of the crunchy treat. He bit off a chunk of bread and as soon as his hands were empty, he wrote a note.

So good! Gotta tell Alice how you do that

"Old family recipe…my ancestors brought it over on the Mayflower."


"No" Timmy grinned and chuckled.

Henry smiled weakly, and looked at Timmy.

"I'm pretty sure my ancestors got here long after the Mayflower landed."

I don't have any I'm adopted

"Um, Henry…you have to have ancestors…Or you wouldn't be here."

Henry blushed and looked exasperated, and shook his head.

I guess I meant…

Timmy put his hand on Henry's writing hand

"I get it, you were never told anything about them?"

Henry shook his head.

"Did you ever ask Alice to tell you what she knows?"

Henry looked down and again shook his head. Timmy rubbed his thumb over Henry's hand, and Henry looked into his eyes.

"Some day you will, Henry. Alice and David know that. It doesn't mean that you don't love them less because you want to know…If …you want to know…I shouldn't assume things, sorry."

I can't decide

"I know. Part of you wants the mystery to be solved. The other part is afraid of what you will find out."

Henry nodded.

It was time to drain the noodles and stir the marinara and shrimp. Timmy pulled the pot off the stove and poured off the boiling water. When the noodles had drained, he poured a bit of olive oil over them, and stirred it in.

"Keeps them from sticking together" he explained as Henry watched. "Do you want the sauce on the side or mixed in with the noodles?"

Henry made hand motions to dump and stir, so Timmy set the pot of pasta on the stove and poured the sauce on top of the noodles. Henry threw a hot pad on the table and Timmy brought the pot to the table. Henry pulled plates and silverware and Timmy brought the garlic bread to the table and sat down.

Henry was deep in thought about something, and finally picked up his pencil. He wrote while Timmy filled a plate with spaghetti and bread and set it in front of Henry. He got up to find parmesan cheese and two cans of soda in the refrigerator. There was only one kind, root beer, so it wasn't hard to choose a flavor. He sat down to eat and Henry showed him the note

Will you watch WFW with me when it comes on?

"When's that?"

7 o'clock

"Sure, why not? Is it on every Saturday night?"

Henry rolled his eyes at Timmy and looked at him like he'd just landed from Mars.

"Oh, sorry, my bad." Timmy acted properly contrite, then winked and grinned at Henry.

Henry giggled and poked at Timmy with an elbow, and took a bite of bread. They ate the whole batch of bread and spaghetti, which wasn't surprising as tasty as it was. They washed the dishes from the day's meals, Henry washing, Timmy rinsing and drying. They still had time to kill before World Forum Wrestling aired, so they decided to go outside and look around the yard. It was pretty obvious that the big tree in front was a complete loss, and they found a good part of it in the back yard. It had stopped raining, and the sky was clear and bright at 6 o'clock in the evening.

They found their muddy shoes on the back patio and slipped into the cold wetness, and headed into the woods toward the tree fort. Henry wanted to see if it was still standing, and he knew David would be displeased if they left the cans and milk jug laying around.

The platform survived the storm just fine, and they managed to find their riflery targets and haul the junk back to the house. They put it in the trash container before going back inside the house barefoot. Henry turned the TV on, and both boys stood in shock at what they saw.

The storm was national news. Over one hundred tornadoes had struck in nine states that day. Eighty-seven people were dead, and hundreds injured. Property damage was in the millions and still counting. Timmy and Henry watched the caption crawler on the bottom of the screen as shots of ruined cities and neighborhoods rolled. Henry looked up at Timmy, fear and apprehension apparent on his face. He tried to hide it, but he was visibly upset and rattled by the images on the TV.

"I'll call them back, okay?" Timmy said, and Henry nodded. Timmy went to the kitchen counter and found the emergency number by the phone that Alice had written down for him. He dialed the number and waited.


"Yes, Alice."

"Is everything okay there?"

"Yes, we're fine. I called because Henry and I saw the news and he got scared and worried. We just had dinner and the news came on while we were waiting for WFW."

"I know you guys are alright then, Henry wouldn't miss WFW unless he was in a coma…. Tell him that we are okay and the recital started late, but it was wonderful. I will show you two the video I took when we get in. Is Henry giving you any trouble?"

"Huh? Oh, no. He's not that kind of kid. Um, he does like mud, though."

Alice cackled on the line.

"I hope you hosed him down in the back yard. It wouldn't be his first time."

"Um, Alice?"


"Would it be okay with you if I asked Gene and Glen if Henry could come there for a sleepover sometime? I'm guessing he doesn't get asked too much. Er…sometime I mean, not like in the next day or two."

"Timmy, I know he would love that. It's up to him, and Gene and Glen, of course, but I would be grateful to you for asking for him."

"Okay, I will. Well, that's all I have. I didn't want him to worry about you and David."

"Thanks, Timmy. Tell him we love him and can't wait to get back."

"Yes, ma'am. I'm gonna do that. Bye!"

"Bye Timmy."

Timmy hung up and turned to Henry who was propped up on his knees in a chair, his elbows on the counter, taking in Timmy's every move.

"Did you get that?" Timmy asked.

Henry shook his head and put his hand in front of his mouth.

"Oh, yeah. The phone, sorry. They are safe and okay, your cousins? thing went well, and they can't wait to see us when they get back. You okay?"

Henry got off the chair and stood next to Timmy and gave him a tight hug. Timmy hugged the child back and felt the boy exhale in a huge sigh. Henry let go of Timmy and signed "thanks", which Timmy returned with "you're welcome" which pleased Henry to no end.

They made their way to the living room and Henry found his favorite channel and kept his eye on the screen as he reached out to grapple with Timmy in front of the couch. Much like last night, the two boys locked fingers and began to rough house and jockey to take each other down. Timmy giggled as he pulled up on Henry's hands, destroying the smaller boy's leverage. Henry began to flip and buck his hips on his tip toes, all the while giving Timmy the most evil evillest stink-eye he could muster. Timmy made a sudden move and instantly had both of Henry's wrists in one hand, the other free to begin tickle torturing the eleven-year old eleven-year- old. Henry screeched like a skinned cat, and it was good thing there were no close neighbors. Once the initial shock passed, Henry began to cackle as Timmy took full possession of both armpits and racks of ribs. Finally, after several exhausting minutes, Henry fell limp and Timmy let his wrists go and Henry collapsed on the floor in front of the TV and panted like a beached whale.

The commercials that had been running faded to black and the screen bloomed with the opening montage of this week's episode of WFW. An obnoxious announcer began to boom out the names of the combatants who paraded into the ring to loud cheers and boos. Over the top costumes were in abundance, including fur coats and feather boas, high heels, leather and sequins. There were cowboy boots, ridiculous hats and of course, glittering prize belts on some of the wrestlers that seemed larger than manhole covers.

Henry hopped up off the floor instantly and began throwing his arms in the air and silently cheering his favorites, and turning thumbs down at the ones he didn't like. Although he didn't vocalize, Timmy could hear Henry grunting and making noises as he exerted himself. He was completely immersed in the spectacle, and Timmy found himself giggling and grinning at Henry's enthusiasm. He sat on the couch next to Henry, who got up and moved about a foot away from Timmy. At first, Timmy didn't get why Henry moved over, until the first match was called. Henry began swinging and flailing and elbowing imaginary opponents as the match got into gear, making Timmy glad there was space between them. Henry was literally beginning to work up a sweat as the bell rang signaling the end of the round. As one of the wrestlers broke off and went to his corner, the crowd went wild and Henry jumped up and screamed and cackled with glee as the other wrestler slammed the first one across the back with a folding chair. Immediately three other wrestlers jumped into the ring and the announcer went apoplectic as all hell broke loose in the ring. Wrestlers were flying off the ropes into the melee, as others were tossed over the ropes into the crowd. The entire audience was screaming and swing ing fists as they cheered their favorites on. Even the referees got in on the action, as the wrestlers threw them around the ring too. Henry looked like he was about to have a heart attack. His face was red and he was gasping for air, laughing his head off.

Timmy could hear the dialog and had his hand over his eyes, and shaking his head. He was laughing at the show as well, and wondering how the hell people watched shit like this. Slowly the commotion died down, and the rest of the segment was taken up with trash talking "interviews" and loudly expressed threats of grave bodily injury against the other wrestlers. Henry was reading the closed captioning, while Timmy broke into laughter at some of the things that were said.

The segment ended, and the quarter hour commercials began to run. Henry scooted over against Timmy and tried to grab the teen, but Timmy ducked to the side and pulled Henry over on top of him and got the little boy in a head lock. He was careful not to apply too much pressure, just enough to control him so he could tickle Henry's belly and ribs. Henry bought his knees up to his chest to fend off Timmy's attack. The only article of clothing Henry had on was the nightshirt, but Timmy was too busy to notice how much of Henry was or wasn't covered as they waged mutual combat. Henry instantly stopped moving and sat up on his side of the couch as the show came back from commercial break.

Timmy realized there w as ere still 37 minutes of thrilling action to come…

It was tag team time. The obnoxious announcer and a female in a bikini with impossibly big breasts were standing in the ring. She was holding a champagne bucket for the announcer, who drew two names from the bucket. Henry looked at Timmy and jiggled his eyebrows up and down and mimed holding up a huge rack against his chest. The female definitely had an effect on Henry, but he wasn't consciously aware that he was brushing his hand against the tent in the nightshirt.

The first wrestler called into the ring swaggered over to the woman and sniffed her hair. She elbowed him hard in the ribs and knocked him on his butt, then squatted down on top of him and began beating him with her fists as the crowd went bad shit crazy and began cheering the female. Henry jumped up and began clapping for her. Instantly, two burly black security guards hopped into the ring and pulled her off, to huge booing from the crowd. The first wrestler got up and made a victory circle in the ring, his arms raised high, as he worked up applause from the crowd.

Things quieted a bit as the announcer pulled the second name to begin the match. Another wrestler entered the ring and the announcer found himself between the two huge wrestlers, and all of sudden it was on. The announcer was being thrown around the ring, and this time it was three police officers that had to rescue the poor guy. It was absolute insanity in the ring. The cops were blowing whistles and holding up night sticks, the cheering fans were matched by the ones who tried to boo them down. Henry was standing and hopping up and down, windmilling his fists in the air. The first two wrestlers were throwing each other against the ropes, desperately trying to tag their partners outside the ring into the fight, but missing by fractions of an inch. The cops were in the thick of it too, one being thrown over the ropes, and the other two diving off the ropes into the fracas. The wrestlers began ripping gear out of the cops ' Sam Browne belts, tossing guns, handcuffs, pepper spray canisters and the nightsticks into the crowd. Fans were scrambling to get one of the souvenirs, and the camera panned over a couple of boys who were jumping up and down, two of the "guns" in their hands.

Moments later, the wrestlers stripped the uniforms off of all three cops to the loud sounds of velcro separating, revealing wrestling costumes.

Timmy was laying on the couch trying to breathe. He was at that point where he had laughed so hard, he was about to pass out and felt lightheaded.

By now, phone books were being torn into shreds in the ring…Wait, phone books? What the hell do phone books have to do with professional wrestling? Timmy thought.

In any event the confetti made a hell of a mess and it was raining down everywhere. The chair was actually in pieces, and the boys could see it being pulled out of the ring by someone in the bottom right corner of the camera range. It was replaced by a new chair, which was immediately pressed into service against the former " cops " by the wrestlers. By now there were at least eight wrestlers in the ring, and two of the " cops " were being windmilled on the shoulders of two of the wrestlers. The other six, and the remaining " cop " are fighting to keep people outside the ring, out, and prevent those inside the ring from going over the ropes.

The cameras are panning the crowd, a good portion of which were pre-teen and adolescent boys, and middle age men in tee shirts with pot bellies. They were jumping up and down and hooting. Some were throwing popcorn at the cameras.

Bottom of the hour, and commercial break. Henry sees Timmy get up from the couch, and dives for his feet. He latches onto Timmy's left leg and foot, so that Timmy has to drag him across the floor in order to get to the bathroom.

He looked down at Henry and said

"I gotta pee, Henry."

Henry just shrugged and looked at him as if to say "so what?"

"Maybe I'll just pee on Henry" Timmy said, pretending to pull his underwear down. Henry recoiled wide eyed and let go, getting up to run behind the couch, giggling.

Timmy came back in time for the show to resume, and the remaining 21 minutes of the "hour" went on pretty much as the first had, with the quarter til the hour commercial break beginning at the 40 minute mark.

Henry was slumped back on the couch cushion next to Timmy, his head bent forward on his chest. The night shirt reached almost to his knees. More boasting and yelling was going on, red faced men spraying spit and grimacing as they huffed and puffed and flexed as Henry read the crawler and giggled and laughed. His eyes got wide and a huge smiled spread across his face as three of the big breasted females came into frame and began bickering and working the crowd up for a female mud wrestling throwdown. The cameras were careful to slowly pan the augmented breasts, and Henry didn't miss a single pixel.

He looked up at Timmy and flipped the hem on the nightshirt back to expose four inches of rigid eleven-year-old boy tool and bounced his hips up and down on the edge of the couch as if the ladies could actually see him. Timmy looked at his display and laughed and shook his head.

"Now I know why you like wrestling!"

Henry laughed and nodded, and didn't cover himself right away. Timmy could see very fine, dark grayish colored wisps at the base of Henry's boyhood, heralding the dawn of puberty. His testicles had grown from almonds to grape sized in the last several months, and his scrotum had become a little darker and the skin thinner. His balls hung lower and he was aware of them now, no longer unobtrusive between his thighs as they had been up to now.

Erections had been just a morning thing for Henry as long as he could remember, and not something he paid any attention to. He certainly never used to have them during the day, and his mind was free from things that seemed to cause them now. Ever since his nuts began to grow, the boners started and he felt confused and strange when looking at girls now. He didn't understand what his penis was doing. It didn't feel any different than it used to, it just got hard a lot lately. It really got hard when he watched the lady wrestlers.

He knew what masturbation was, but nothing seemed to happen when he experimented in his room after school after watching some boys in his class whispering among themselves about it when they thought the teacher couldn't overhear them. Henry caught every word, of course. He would lay in bed in the morning before he got up, and feel the stiffness beneath the silky skin under his tented fingers. He would move the foreskin back and forth over the acorn shaped tip, and squeeze it. It would make a little jump in his fingers, an involuntary twitch that he found interesting, but no matter how he fiddled and played with the hard little rod, nothing interesting happened, and he always lost interest after a few minutes. At the top of the hour, WFW signed off for week and the 8 o'clock commercials began to run. Henry's erection fled as quick as it had appeared, and he had flipped the nightshirt back down and sat up on the couch. He was in a randy mood and got up on his knees and went after Timmy, trying to wrestle him down onto the couch. Timmy was just too strong to overcome and soon had Henry pinned face down, half on the couch and half dangling over the floor, screaming his head off as Timmy tickled him and kept trying to contain his squirming body. When he began making gasping noises and yelling "Aaggggh!" over and over and had stopped resisting and trying to get loose, Timmy stopped and rolled him over on his back.

"You okay?"

Henry shook a finger and his head and gulped air. He tapped a finger on his wrist and raised one finger again.

"Need a minute?" Timmy asked.

Henry nodded.

"I'm sorry, Henry. I was being too rough. Did I hurt you?"

Henry shook his head and pulled out his pad

Bad position couldn breath OK now

Henry grinned and jumped back onto Timmy, obviously there were no hard feelings on his part. Timmy was much more careful to watch what he was doing. Since Henry couldn't tell him he was in distress, it would have been very easy to injure him had he not been paying attention. Timmy found that a bit frightening actually. He pulled Henry up off the couch and challenged him to a grapple contest like the night before. They played and wrestled and pinned each other for more than two hours.

Henry began to flag, and yawn. His eyes were getting heavy, and droopy. Timmy noticed.

"I think its time for bed, Super Boy." Henry grinned and nodded, and got up to check the doors and made sure they were locked. Timmy turned off the lights in the living room and the boys made their way to the bathroom. Timmy began brushing his teeth as Henry lifted the toilet seat and the nightshirt and relieved himself, totally unconcerned that Timmy was present. When he finished, he flushed and took his place next to Timmy and washed his hands. Timmy put his brush down and took his turn relieving himself. Henry watched out of the corner of his eye, even though they could see each other in the large mirror.

Henry blushed red and giggled, making Timmy laugh too. They looked at each other in the mirror for a long moment and Henry pulled out his pad.

Can you tell me why something is?

Timmy pulled his briefs back up and nodded "Sure."

Why do my balls feel tingly sometimes?

"That's part of growing up, Tingling balls, boners…"

Henry nodded. Good, he thought. Timmy was cool with him asking him stuff.

Its normal?

"Yup…next year they'll be the size of oranges and your pee-pee will be a foot long." Timmy said with a straight face holding his hands apart to emphasize a foot.

Henry cackled in laughter and scratched out a note

Your so full of shit Timmy

"Figured that out, did ya?"

Henry nodded and picked up his toothbrush. He squirted bubble gum flavored toothpaste on the brush and made the sure the foam made a mess on his face, to tease Timmy. Timmy wrinkled his nose in disgust and said

"You look like a fruit bat with rabies!"

Henry began flapping his hands like bat wings and dancing around Timmy, feinting left and right, and hopping up and down. It was actually quite athletic, Timmy thought. Henry stopped and looked at Timmy in the mirror as he spit in the sink and rinsed out his brush.

"Can you do that again?" Timmy teased. Henry smacked him playfully in the belly. He gripped the nightshirt over his crotch and shook it like a gangsta rapper, then wrote

Got your fruit y bat hangin!

Timmy lost it and cracked up. Henry finished wiping his mouth and face, and looked up at Timmy for a long minute, before he wrote a note



Talking real to me- not different and getting Gene to let me help make stuff an stayin w/me

He waited until Timmy read the note, then let the pad fall on its lanyard and turned to hug Timmy .

Timmy pulled him in and returned the hug. When they broke the embrace he told Henry,

"We're gonna do more sleepovers, and we'll always talk real, about anything you want…I promise. Well, goodnight, Henry."

Henry nodded and turned off the bathroom light. It took a second for their eyes to adjust to the dim illumination of the nightlights in the bathroom and the hallway. It made sense to Timmy that they would be there, due to Henry's visual limitations.

Timmy started to go to the guest bedroom but Henry caught his hand and pulled him through the door to "The Shrine." Henry's small desk light was on. It sat on the edge of the desk, next to the bed so Henry could reach it without getting up.

He turned the covers back on his bed and motioned Timmy to climb in, as he whipped off the nightshirt and stood naked waiting on his guest.

"So, you sleep naked?" Timmy asked.

Henry nodded, not a bit embarrassed.

"I do too, a lot." Timmy replied as he slipped off his briefs and hopped in Henry's bed. He backed up against the wall to make room and rolled onto his side facing Henry.

Henry sat on the bed, Buddha style and looked at Timmy as he slipped the pad and lanyard from around his neck. He wrote

Why don't we look the same?

He showed the note to Timmy and pointed at his crotch and then at Timmy's.

"Um, you know what a foreskin is?"

Henry waggled his hand to indicate that he wasn't sure.

"The skin on your dick you slid back to check for ticks in the shower…that's your foreskin. Mines shorter than yours and doesn't go all the way around the tip."


"Some boys are born that way. We're all different, Henry."

Can I see it ?

Timmy nodded, and scooted up next to Henry laying on his back. He flipped the sheet aside, but Henry sat watching, not sure what to do.

"It's okay to touch if you want…or I could…"

Henry shook his head and reached for Timmy's penis. He had been curious about this strange piece of Timmy's anatomy since this afternoon. Timmy felt the small fingers lift his organ and gently pull on it, a pleasant sensation, but not one that he found all that erotic. Henry held the organ upright, and looked directly down on the glans. Its shape reminded him of a lily pad, round with a notch. He bent it against Timmy's belly and his eyes widened a little when he spread the "wings" of Timmy's glans open underneath. It did not look anything like his own penis, which had an extremely sensitive little band of tissue there. He didn't touch it that much in the past since he only exposed his glans occasionally when he cleaned his foreskin, but lately he noticed much more sensation there than it had before.

Timmy's glans was cleft underneath, and Henry could see moist pink mucous membrane in the cleft, and the "tunnel entrance" of Timmy's urethra just where the glans and shaft met. He could feel the weight and girth of the older boy's organ, easily three times the width of his erect shaft. It impressed him, and he wondered how big it got when Timmy had an erection as he gripped it and gently squeezed. His attention was drawn downward now to Timmy's testicle, and the teen moved his thigh over a bit to give Henry's hand more access. The boy handled the gland gently, rolling it around a bit and feeling its shape. It felt like one of his own, only much bigger. Henry didn't seem to notice that one was missing; maybe they took turns hiding or something, as far as he knew.

After seeing as much of the testicle as he wanted, his attention turned to the top side of Timmy's tool and the small flap of foreskin that is typical of males with hypospadias. It covered about half the rim of the corona, and roughly a third of the glans. Henry pinched it gently and tugged on it, while watching Timmy's reaction. After a few minutes of exploration, Henry stopped and wrote

U can touch m in e too if you want

Timmy looked at Henry's expression, serious and clearly wanting to follow Timmy's lead.

"If you want me to stop, just put your hand up, okay?"

Henry nodded, and watched as Timmy reached over into his lap and covered his genitals, and began caressing the sides of Henry's scrotum with the lightest of touches. Henry sighed and closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he savored the feel of another person's erotic touch on his private parts for the first time. His penis stiffened and rose up inside Timmy's hand, which was tenderly feeling each testicle. Timmy gave Henry's scrotum little pulls and pokes causing the grape-sized testicles to jerk upward, but they were now large enough that they could not escape entirely like they used to.

Judging that his little companion was as erect as he was going to get, Timmy switched his attention to the cigar thick four-inch stiffness pushing up against his hand.

Wrapping his thumb and fingers around Henry's little cock, he gripped it a bit tightly and began working the small glans in and out of the short foreskin, causing henry to make little gasping noises in time with Timmy's manipulation.

Without stopping, he sat up in the bed and repositioned himself behind Henry so he could lay back and stroke Henry's member with a natural grip. Henry's hands were grasping Timmy's knees, and Timmy could tell what was working for Henry by the changing firmness of Henry's grip. Timmy began to concentrate on the things Henry apparently liked, and sped up the tempo a bit. He kept his other hand busy on Henry's sensitive little nutsack. Mindful that Henry's climax might take a while, Timmy settled into a comfortable rhythm, listening to the boy's breathing and body clues that told him Henry was totally into this.

Timmy slowly and steadily increased the speed of his strokes, and Henry's knees would spread farther and his penis would stiffen and pull up against Timmy's hand as Timmy moved from the base and worked the tip a bit before moving down to stroke closer to Henry's pubes. Timmy wanted this experience to last for his little friend so Henry didn't cum too quickly. Unfortunately, Henry's sexual endurance only went so far at present, and after about ten minutes he felt more heat and friction than pleasure and his stiffness began to wane. He, and put his hand up to make Timmy stop. Henry would didn't know that he was capable of eventually be able to reach ing that magical tipping point, but had never been able to last long enough to find it. that time w as still a bit in the future. Henry lay back against Timmy, exhausted, and Timmy just held him. After a while, Henry sat up and scooted into position to lay next to Timmy.

"You'll get there soon, Henry" Timmy said.

Henry nodded and smiled and signed "thanks," before reaching up to turn the desk light off. He snuggled into Timmy as he pulled the covers over them. He was too tired to ask the questions filling his mind.

Timmy felt the heat Henry was casting off, and his silky-smooth skin against his chest and thighs. He was aware that Henry's butt was tight up against his lap, but he was too afraid of scaring Henry to even think about taking advantage of the situation. He waited until Henry was fast asleep before rolling away and falling asleep himself.

Timmy became aware that he was of walking on the beach under a hot sun. Someone was talking, but Timmy couldn't make out the words.

He looked to his right, and saw Isaac walking next to him. The pair left no prints in the sand. They were naked. Everyone on the beach was naked. When he looked down, the person who looked like Isaac wasn't…It couldn't be. This Isaac was different. Different like Timmy. Timmy saw his penis on Isaac's penis looked exactly like his body … And every other person they passed as they walked, looked the same.

It seemed to go on forever, the line of boys and men walking past in the opposite direction, all of them with genitals exactly like Timmy's.

A small boy Timmy knew was sitting on the sand, watching Timmy and Isaac approach. It was Donny. He stood up, and Timmy knew that this boy he wasn't really his little brother. This Donny had only one testicle, and Timmy couldn't figure out why that was at the moment. He turned to look at Isaac, but Sean stood next to him…" What the fuck?" he wondered. "Where did Isaac go?" He craned his neck around to see where Isaac went, but the beach was completely empty.

At that moment, he could feel the boy's hand felt the boy take his penis in his tiny hand an d beg i a n to gently squeeze and pull on his penis it. Sean was gone now too, and One-Nutted Donny said nothing as he stroked Timmy's growing erection.

The sunlight began to fade, and the sounds disappeared. The little boy with one nut vanished, but Timmy could still feel his penis being handled. He became aware now of sheets covering his body and the smell of Henry's pillow in his nostrils. Gradually he began to remember that he was at Henry's house, and in the boy's bed; he was waking from the strange dream.

Timmy continued to lay there with his eyes closed as he realized Henry was taking advantage of his morning erection, and continuing his explorations from last night. Henry was trying out what Timmy had taught him, and doing a pretty good job for a beginner. His hand didn't quite reach around Timmy's girth, but his strokes were following the curv ature of the seven-inch erection like an expert.

Timmy had two choices, and time was growing short. He had to ejaculate o r urinate, which wasn't optional, or ejaculate if Henry didn't stop, which was, so he stretched and opened his eyes, and yawned. Henry blushed purple and tore his hands away, putting them up as if to say "sorry!"

Timmy smiled and pulled the child to him in a hug, as he laughed at Henry's reaction. He began to tickle Henry, and the boy began to smile and laugh, no longer embarrassed at being caught. Timmy's bladder was getting very urgent, and seeing that Henry was in the same state made him stop and get out of bed. They crossed the hall and entered the bathroom together. Henry wasn't sure what was going on when Timmy stepped into the tub and pointed his penis at the shower controls on the wall. His eyes went wide when he watched Timmy's stream begin to spray straight down onto the tub drain. He grinned and moved over to the side of the tub, and pointed his own organ at the tub drain and watched the angle of Timmy's stream change as the teens teen's erection faded. It took a bit before Henry was able to start his flow, but he grinned and giggled as he made circles around Timmy's splatter in the bo ttom of the tub. When they were finished, Timmy ran water in the tub to rinse it, while Henry wrote a note.

Is it s ' posed to get hot and feel raw when its rubbed?

"No, i s that why you wanted me to stop?"

Henry nodded.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Henry. Is it okay now?" Timmy asked as he kneeled to get a better look at He nry's flaccid boyhood. It didn't appear to be any worse for wear

Henry nodded.

"There's a way to keep it from doing that." Timmy replied. "Got any Vaseline?"

Henry grinned as he caught on, and found a container i n the vanity drawer. It had never crossed his mind that this was a use fo r the slippery stuff.

S h o w me how this works?

"Um, now? Sure. "

Henry nodded and smiled. He led Timmy out to the living room and pointed at the couch. Timmy turned back to the bathroom to get a towel. When he returned to the living room, Henry was sitting on the couch, off to the right side. Timmy sat down in the middle and put the towel on the floor and scooted over to the left side. He pulled Henry 's legs over his lap and waited until he was com fortable laying down on the couch with his knees up over Timmy's thighs. He wadded two of the couch pillows under his head, giving Timmy a view of his smooth armpits. Timmy gently rubbed Henry's smooth tanned belly, and tested his nipples to see if they were sensitive. The small penis began to twit ch and roll slightly on Henry's scrotum. Timmy could see the testicles in Henry's sack move up and down a little as Timmy gently touched the boy's ribs and armpits. Henry's eyes were closed as he lay there, and Timmy took his time touching Henry above the waist with his right hand, and gently running his finger in and out between the small toes with his left. He worked his way up Henry' s calves to his knees, as his right hand settled on Henry's stomach, which was still childlike, but begi nning to show signs of developing abdominal muscles. He was almost brushing the dusting of fuzz on the base of Henry's penis, causing the boy to jerk and squirm as Timmy's fingers tickled. With his left hand, he eased Henry's right knee over a bit, and flicked his fingers between the smooth thighs. The touches caused Henry's testicles to jump by re flex, and the semi-hard little organ began to lengthen visibly. Timmy kept h is advances toward Henry's groin frustratingly slow, and Henry began to buck and squirm a bit, His body demanding that Timmy "get there." As Timmy's hands got closer together, Henry's anticipation built. His penis was now fully erect, and Timmy popped the c ap on the Vaseline and dipped out a blob. Up til this point, he had not touched Henry's stiffness, and the child gasped when he felt his foreskin being gently pushed down. The glans was moist and pink, a contrast to the shaft which was as tanned as the rest of him. Ti mm y surrounded the sensitive acorn with his lubricant laden fingers and Henry arched his back and audibly sucked in air. Gently and slowly, Timmy spread the slippery goo over every inch Henry had. Going back to the little container of goodness, Timmy took another glob and slicked up Henry's scrotum and inner thighs. Timmy could feel the heat between Henry's thighs melting the petrolatum, and caressed the little testicles, so recently begun to grow. Henry had his arms behin d his head under the pillows, and began to grind his hips as Timmy continued to warm him up. He had never felt anything like the sensations he was experiencing, and had no clue that things were only getting started.

Timmy worked slowly and deliberately, and watched Henry react to his touches. He was getting a good idea what Henry responded to, and felt his Kegel muscles contract, causing the erection in his fingers to stiffen strongly, then relax as Henry held it as long as he could. H enry began to whimper and make little noises as he held his breath and stiffened, then gasped to breath e o v er and over as Timmy kept tripping some unseen trigger along the sides of the boys' scrotum. Timmy sped up slightly and Henry let his right leg slide over Timmy's knee. He put his foot on the floor between Timmy's feet to allow Timmy more access to his testicles. He had never thoug ht of it, but having his sack played with was more stimulating than h e could have imagine d.

He could feel the fingers on his warm, greasy slick shaft, gently squeezing his maleness, then the delicious tickle as the palm of Timmy's hand rubbed his glans and the opening of his uret hra. Oh, God, if Timmy would just keep that up…

Dimly, Henry became aware of a new sensation building in the tip of his penis, and his breathing got heavier. Timmy heard this, and began to concentrate his efforts on the underside of Henry's glans and the boy's urethral opening. Henry whimpered and mo aned and began to buck his hips, sawing his boyhood into Timmy's hand, faster and faster as the sensation built. Henry had never been this far, ever, but only one thing was on his mind now, I have to pee! That made no sense, he had just emptied his bladder. S o, what was this? He t hought to get Timmy to stop, but he couldn't make his hand respond at that moment. There was no way Timmy woul d have stopped at this point anyway. The tip of his penis was tingling, tickling, felt huge and about to explode, all at once.

Go faster Timmy, faster! w as now al l he could concentrate on, and he bucked his hips to urge Timmy on as a moan escaped his throat

Ahhh ! Uhhh ! Uhhh ! Uhhh ! Uhhh ! Timmy heard as Henry lost control and slipped past the point of no return for the first time in hi s life.

Suddenly, the pent up feeling of tension in the end of his penis became an overwhelming ly pleasant explosion in his groin as spasms shot through his pelvic floor and he immediately felt lightheaded and euphoric. The rhythmic pulsing filled his entire consciousness as his penis throbbed in Timmy's hand, and he had no control over anything for tha t brief moment. He couldn't believe that his penis could get even more sensi tive, but he was helpless as Timmy teased him. All too soon, the spasms faded, and he felt only fatigue when Timmy finally stopped. Timmy put his hand on Henry's belly and lay back waiting for the child to regain his senses. Henry's climax had been dry, of course, and like many boys his age, his erection did not dissipate afterward. Neither of them said anything as they watched Hen ry's penis bob slightly to the tempo of his hea rtbeat. Slowly, the little organ began to flag and shorten as Henry became flaccid again.

"First time?" Timmy whispered

Henry nodded and gave a thumbs up.

After he recovered, he s tood up, his dick shiny with lube. He motioned for Timmy to trade places with him, and sat down in Timmy's place when the older boy got up.

Timmy lay over Henry now, giving the boy easy access to him with his right hand. Henry ran his fingers through Timmy 's bush and caressed his cock and testicle using both hands. Timmy closed his eyes and let the boy have his way…

For Henry, his first orgasm was an eye opener to say the least. Other than the physical pleasure, the helplessness and being in Timmy's complete control in those few delicious moments excited him even more. Now he had Timmy in his hands, and had the control. He began to run his finger lightly over each and every little feature of Timmy's phallus, while watching his face for reaction.

Timmy was fully tumescent at this point and felt Henry explore the strange but sensitive anatomy under his glans, and groaned as the boy kept working those places with his left hand, a s he gripped Timmy's ample girth with his right and began to slide up and down the curved shaft. There was a lot of lube on Timmy's cock and Henry's hands m a de obscene noises as Henry worked. T immy shifted on the couch and Henry sped up his strokes.

"UH…ffff! ! " Timmy moaned, and Henry felt rather than heard the air leave Timmy's lungs. Timmy began bucking his hips now….urging Hen ry to go faster.

"Oh G-uuuhhhhh….yeah!...Don't….st op….now" Timmy panted. He k new it was all but over.

"Go n….nuhh…cum!"

Timmy exploded. Semen began to flood down across Henry's fingers, and soaked the boy's hand as it oozed over Timmy's scrotum. Instantly, every confusing thing Henry had "overheard" other boys talk about made sense ! Henry kept stroking, driving Timmy to protest weakly as Henry grinned and giggled. He knew exactly what he was doing, and loved every second of it. Feeling that big cock respond to his hand was intoxicating. He wa nted to relive th is experience often from now on. He looked at the cum on his hand closely and wondered how much longer he would wait until his first seed arrived. He smelled Timm y's semen. He wasn 't too sure about tasting it, so he picked up the towel and began wiping his hand off and cleaning up Timmy a bit.

Several long minutes later, they were sitting next t o each other on the couch. Henry found his pad.

Why d id it feel like I had to pee?

"It's your first time. I t did for me too."


"Y up"

Did sperm happen your first time?

"Oh, no, that was later. "

What did it look like the first time?

"Real thin and watery…and clear looking at first like pee but more slippery."

Henry digested this for a moment before writing

Want to stay naked?

"But wh en D avid and Alice get ba ck … "

They won't care I go naked sometimes unless people come

"Well, they've seen you naked, but not sure what they would think of me doing it"

Henry nodded and wrote,

They said ask if it okay with you

"Well, I guess we' re past that point "

I was kinda afraid to ask

Timmy waited until Henry met his eyes.

"You don't have to be afraid to ask me anything. We always talk real, right?"

Henry grinned and made sign for "speak" and "truth". Timmy returned the gestures and they fist bumped on it.

Henry nodded and smiled. After a moment, the smile faded and Henry's face looked more serious. He hesitated to let Timmy read his next note

What happened, Timmy?

"What do you mean ?"

Henry reached behind Timmy and ran his hand over the teen's back. It had been so long that T immy had put most of his past out of his mind that it took him a second to get what Henry was asking.

"They still show, huh?"

Henry looked down and nodded. Timmy lifted his chin with a finger to make eye contact.

"It was …a long time ago. I'm safe. "

Henry studied Timmy's face for a long moment.

Did they do this?

Henry asked, and touched Timmy's scrotum gently.

"No. I was born like that, Henry. It's part of why we don't look the same."

And this? Henry wrote, and ran his finger under Timmy's glans.

"Yes, that too."

Henry nodded and accepted that answer. He was getting restless and jumped up off the couch, and pulled Timmy up and started for the front door.

Timmy stopped and held Henry in place as he was too strong and heavy to be moved.

"Hold up, all my stuff is wet in your wash machine. Let me start it while you get our shoes."

A minute later, two boys wearing only sneakers, and one of them with a thong and pad around his n eck came out of the front door to survey the storm damage in the hot morning sun. They walked around the huge fallen tree, amazed that it had not hit anything when the lightning bolt blew it apart. When they had seen all there was to see of the tree, Henry urged Timmy around the back of the house alon g the truck path, because he wanted to see how much the pond had come up with the rain.

When they got to the pond, the water was noticeably colder from the storm. Henry put his pad on the bank and waded in followed by Timmy. They make their wa y to the middle, and crouched down until only their heads were above the surface and enjoyed soaking in the coolness. They enjoyed the pond for another twenty minutes until Henry got out and lay down on the grass to dry a bit. Timmy got out and sat next to him. When Henry's hands dried enough to write a note, he passed it to Timmy.

If we cut through the woods can see if more tree crashed

They took off on a hike that lasted about two hours. Timmy now had a good idea how much sixty acres was. They were now hungry, having skipped breakfast. They made it back to the house around lunch time and decided on sandwiches. Timmy moved the clothes to the dryer and they went back outside after they ate.

They wound up at the sky fort, and climbed the stairs. Henry busied himself throwing tree debris that got blown onto the platform off into a pile on the ground. Once the big stuff was gone, he swept the deck with the broom that he kept tied to the tree trunk.

They sat on the edge of the deck next to each other and dangled their feet. Henry flipped his pad open and wrote

Wish you could stay over all the time

"Me, too, Henry. It went by too fast"

Henry nodded.

"That just means we have to do another one real soon."

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