Projects and Improvements

by Robert Cooper

Chapter 7

Time passes; Harvest is almost complete now. The crop yields look good and the weather stayed fair so we did not have to use the driers. Sheldon tells me that some fields are showing some signs of nutrient loss so he is intending to bring forward and alter his plans for crop rotation, manuring and resting. He came and spoke with Geoff. and I and we told him to go ahead. He did warn us that next years return might be slightly down but he did not expect it to affect our bottom line as he intended to introduce new crops that might make up the balance. He had good feelings about his plans. He also recommended certain text books that he found helpful in his studies and also agreed to be mentor for some of the University students if the Dean thought it useful.

Mrs. Lane has her Harvest Supper planned. Standish has his first 'Music at the Manor' planned. Edward is helping with advertising and such.

Miss Lacy is on track for her Grand Opening of the Leisure Centre in the New Year.

Steven was very excited about being in charge of the Market Garden extension of the Manor activities.

Freddy and Patches earned a 'Third' at his first Pony Club Show.

Mr. Lang has a total of 30 riders for his School.

Mr. Betts has a nice list of piano students.

Anthony (Geoff.'s brother) is working with Edward when not in school.

Braebourne Manor School is almost fully subscribed with pupils.

Geoff. and I seem to have a good grip on Manor affairs.

I think I can say that for a green 16¾ schoolboy I have not done badly.

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