Two Brothers

by Rob Warr

Chapter 6


Patrick continued to tease Sean every chance he got during the rest of the week, and by Friday Sean was more mad than worried. If teasing was all he could do, then there wasn't really anything to fear, but it sure was getting old. What he needed was a break from his older brother and his incessant ball-busting teasing. What he needed was a weekend of rest and relaxation, not to mention, some sexy time with Tim.

Friday, Tim's mom picked them up after school and drove them directly to their house. In addition to his school backpack, Sean carried a gym bag which held his clothes and hygiene items, as well as a video game and a few other items for the sleepover.

Once they arrived at The Meadows' house, the boys went up to Tim's room and stowed their backpacks, and Tim insisted on changing clothes before heading back down for a snack.

Sitting on the bed, Sean watched as Tim slowly began to strip, whether consciously or unconsciously, Sean wasn't sure. He began with his shoes, untying and pulling off one, then the other, while sitting on the chair at his desk.

"What?" Tim chuckled, when he noticed Sean watching him with undisguised lust.

"Nothing. Please continue," Sean giggled.

"Pervert," Tim said as he snaked off his shirt and tossed it in Sean's face.

Sean made a big deal of grabbing it and bringing it to his face and sniffing, then pretending to swoon. Coughing twice, he said in a strained voice, "Ever hear of deodorant?"

"Hey, that's my natural manly scent. I thought you liked it."

"I dunno, toss me your underwear and I'll see if I like that scent any better," Sean teased.

"Uh uh, not now. Later you can sniff all you want," Tim laughed as he pulled off his jeans and carefully folded them before standing and laying them on his dresser.

Then bending over to retrieve a pair of navy blue sweat pants from the bottom drawer of the dresser, he paused long enough to let Sean get a good look at his underwear-clad bubble butt.

"Nice," Sean hissed, "shake that thang, baby."

Tim was more than happy to oblige, giggling all the while, but eventually he turned and came over to sit by Sean while he pulled on the sweats.

"Cock teaser," Sean joked.

"Pervert," Tim countered.

"Why does everyone call me a pervert? Just cause I like looking, and..."

"And what?" Tim said squinting up at Sean.

"Nothing, maybe later I'll tell ya."

"Okay, whatever," Tim said, then hopping up he grabbed a tee shirt that was hanging on the back of his desk chair and pulled it on, "come on, I'm starved. Hopefully mom has something besides fruit today."

Indeed, Mrs. Meadows had huge baked cinnamon rolls and the boys washed them down with milk. After thanking her, the two headed outside to enjoy the last few hours of sunshine and to talk in private. Tim was hoping to get Sean to open up about what was on his mind earlier, but he knew not to press him too hard.

"You and butthead getting along okay?"

"Yeah, better, but...lately he's driving me crazy with his teasing."

"Well, teasing is better than calling you names, right?"

"I guess," Sean sighed, "Look, there's something I need to tell you. At first I wasn't sure if I should tell you or if the time was right, but now I think you need to know. Anyway, I don't like keeping secrets from my bestie."

"Aww, how sweet, me either. Now spill it, what's up?"

"Well, it's about Patrick and something that happened Tuesday."

"And you're just now telling me?" Tim said in mock indignation, "Do tell, do tell."

"Well, it was right after you texted know, when I sent you that pic," Sean said looking around, even though there was no one in the yard but the two of them.

"After you spanked the monkey? Hey, I was spanking about that time too..."

"Yeah, aren't the only one," Sean said, hoping Tim took the hint.

"Huh, who? OH, you mean...butthead?" Tim said excitedly.

Sean nodded, then explained in detail about how things had gone down and the encounters afterwards.

"And ever since then he calls me pervert every time we're alone, or he makes the jacking motion when no one else can see. At first it was kind of funny, but now it's just plain annoying."

Tim was laughing so hard by then that Sean actually became a little annoyed with him as well, at least at first. Then seeing what Tim did, that the whole thing was quite humorous, he started laughing as well.

"So, old dick-for-brains likes to spank the monkey too. Oh man, I bet he has a big one. Does he, have you seen it?" Tim asked excitedly.

"What, no, well...I mean, it's been awhile, but he's 14, so it's gotta be bigger than ours."

"We need to measure it. How hard does he sleep?" Tim teased, or was he?

"Shut up. We aren't gonna measure his dick. Not while he's awake, or asleep. He'd kill both of us for just thinking about it."

"Oh, I don't know. He might be proud to know we're thinking about his...umm, manhood."

"Manhood?" Sean laughed, "Patrick is no man, he's a spoiled, egotistical jerk."

"Such harsh words," Tim scolded, "I thought you loved the jerk."

"I do, but I don't like him, if that makes sense."

"Perfect sense, so...what did it sound like exactly? The jerking, I mean."

Sean laughed at Tim's apparent interest and proceeded to tell him about the experience, embellishing a bit to make it sound more exciting. When he'd concluded, he noticed Tim pulling at his crotch and he had to laugh.

"What's going on down there? If I didn't know better I'd say you thought my big bro jerking off was hot?"

"Anyone jerking off is hot," Tim said blushing, " be honest, I've always thought Patrick was kinda sexy...before he became a jerkoid."

"Hmm," Sean said, not wanting to admit that he thought so too, or had a one time, "well, if you want to live to see 12, I'd suggest you don't mention that you know about his fun time," Sean added with a smirk.

"Don't worry, I know better than that, but I can fantasize, can't I?"

"I'm not sure that's healthy, but...I guess it's okay, as long as you don't accidentally call me Patty while we're having sex," Sean laughed.

Tim shoved Sean playfully, then gave him a sweet smile, "No danger of that, you're way sexier than old butthead,'re willing to put out."

Sean laughed, "Yeah, too bad we can't find someplace private to...umm, discuss that further."

"What about the treehouse?" Tim said pointing toward the large oak tree in the corner of the yard.

"We haven't been up there in forever..." Sean said, staring at the treehouse wistfully, "we used to have a lot of fun up there."

"Yeah, how come we stopped going up there, anyway?'

"I dunno, outgrew it, I guess," Sean said, but he had to admit, he didn't really have a good answer to that question.

"Well, it's still there. I go up there sometimes when I'm alone, just to think and get away from my sisters."

"Is that all?" Sean said nudging Tim playfully with his elbow, "it is pretty private. You mean to tell me you never, you know?" Sean said making a jacking motion with his hand.

Tim blushed but didn't refute the accusation, instead he just smiled, "What do you think?"

"I think...yeah, I'd be up there a lot, especially considering how it is with Patrick right now."

"Come on, let's go check it out then," Tim suggested as he rose and offered Sean a hand up.

"Do you still have that ugly green carpet in there?" Sean laughed.

"Yeah, it may be ugly, but it pads the floor nicely. You'll appreciate it when you're buck naked and laying down on it," Tim laughed.

"Oh, already got me naked," Sean chuckled, "we'll see."

Tim led the way up the ten foot ladder that brought them to an opening in the floor of the treehouse that was about three feet square. The ladder stopped just short of the opening, anchored by metal brackets that Mr. Meadows had purchased from a home improvement store, allowing the opening to be closed off with a plywood door if they so chose. Most days they just left the door open for ventilation, but today Tim closed it so they would have more privacy.

"Nope, nothing has changed," Sean said looking around, "remember when we found that skin-mag in the dumpster behind the 7-11?" he added laughing, "we thought that was the greatest thing ever."

"Well, that was our first look at naked people," Tim said grinning, "but looking back on it, it was actually pretty lame. I mean, the quality of porn online is so much better," he added laughing.

"As if you look at that much porn," Sean said rolling his eyes.

"On my phone, not on my laptop," Tim said, "wanna see?"

"Maybe later. Hey, I just thought of something. That day I sent you that pic of me, you said you had some of you...naked, how about showing them to me now?"

"Oh, sure, hold on," Tim said quickly producing his phone from his jeans, then pulling up his File Locker app, "okay, here's the folder...enjoy," he said handing the phone to Sean.

"Wow, did you take these yourself? Oh, I used the mirror for some of them. Nice..." Sean said, squirming a little from the sudden fullness in the front of his pants.

"Want to see the real thing?" Tim said grinning lewdly.

"Sure," Sean said handing the phone back to Tim."

"I ain't shy, you know that," Tim said quickly stripping off his jacket, then his shirt, "Oh look, my nipples are hard," he giggled, "Is it the cold, or cause I'm so horny?"

"Both, I imagine," Sean said as he removed his jacket, then skinned off his shirt as well, "Woo hoo, mine are hard, too."

"Funny how the cold makes your nipples hard, and your dick soft," Tim laughed.

"Yeah, but not now, cause I've got a full on boner for you, baby," Sean said dropping his jeans to reveal an impressive tent in his baby blue boxer briefs.

"I see, how about this one to go with it?" Tim said, revealing his own tent, "And now for the unveiling, ta ta ta ta, here's my penis," he said pushing his briefs down and then stepping out of them.

"Nice," Sean said moving closer and cupping his friend's hard penis in his hand, "hope my hand's not too cold."

"Nah, it's fine," Tim said softly, "here, let me help you off with these..."

When both boys stood naked and proud, they moved together once more, this time kissing and fondling each other, their hands roaming freely from front to back and all over, heightening their senses and driving them along with a frenzied need that only one thing could satisfy.

"Let's suck each other..." Tim whispered softly as if he was afraid someone was nearby to overhear him.

Sean nodded, gave Tim's penis one last squeeze, then fell down on the ugly green rug, thankful for once that it was there. As Tim moved into place, they did some minor adjustments, then began their work. With their eager hands they fondled one another, going from balls, to taint, to ass, even daring to graze that sacred and most secret of places between those twin swells of flesh.

Neither boy thought they were ready for anal sex yet, but rather thought of it as something new and exciting to explore further down the road, further into their relationship. However, that didn't keep them from doing some light experimenting in this area, touching, feeling, teasing, and adding to their already frenzied excitement.

"I'm close..." Sean whispered, coming off Tim's penis only for an instant to inform him of his impending orgasm.

"Go for it," Tim panted back, "I'm close too..."

Then as if by magic, the unlikely happened, and both began to shake and shudder as the first waves of pleasure echoed through them, resulting in as close to a simultaneous orgasm as one could hope for.

When it was over and they lay quivering and panting, their spent cocks resting on their legs, their lover's face so close they could feel the exhalations of their breath, they reflected on this moment, and more importantly, all the moments leading up to this one. They'd been friends a long time, well, in kid years that is, they'd always been close, maybe even closer than some brothers (no pun intended), but only recently had they begun to relate the intimate moments they shared with their tender feelings for one another. Was it love, a crush, or just the intensity of the sex that brought such thoughts? Some might call it puppy love, and that brought to mind the cuteness of warm furry bundles of love, but somehow that didn't seem right to either boy. They were rough and tumble boys by most estimates, witty and confrontational even to one another most times, but in alone they became something else, something deeper, something more adult than their ages might dictate, they became: lovers.

"Ugh, that was good," Tim finally said, his reflections getting him nowhere and eager to move on.

"Just think what it will be like when we start shooting," Sean said, "I've heard it really makes you tired when you do that."

"So, no double comes?" Tim laughed.

"I dunno, we'll see. Why, are you thinking about one right now?"

"Well, maybe...after we rest a minute. Maybe we could wrestle," Tim joked.

"Oh, yeah...that might be fun. I just hope we don't break through the floor and wind up naked and bleeding on your lawn."

"Ha, ha, no worries, the floor is braced with metal studs, that way they don't rot."

"Thank you, Mr. Architect," Sean said giving Tim's cute ass a playful slap.

"Hey, don't bruise the melons if you're not gonna buy em."

"What does that even mean?" Sean laughed, "Hey, roll onto your tummy, I want to get a good look at those melons."

Without question, Tim obeyed, raising his hips slightly to better display his perky butt, "Nothing but the finest melons, perfect in every way," he joked.

"Hmm, they are nice," Sean said running a hand along each of the perky peaches, then down the crack and across Tim's pucker, causing him to moan softly, "You like that?"

"Mmm," Tim agreed, "feels nice, but your tongue would feel so much better," he added with a mischievous and humorous lilt in his voice.

"Maybe later, after you shower," Sean said, surprised that he was actually contemplating such a thing, "for now, I think I might like to wrestle you from the back..."

That night, after an evening of pizza, snacks, video games, and finally a movie, the boys took turns showering, then headed to bed. Sean had taken his shower first and was laying in bed wearing just his boxer briefs when Tim came bouncing in, naked, with a big grin on his face.

"Nice pjs," Sean teased.

"Oh, this old thing," Tim joked, "I got it for my birthday, a long, long time ago."

"I like it. Turn around so I can see the back..."

"What is your obsession with my backside?" Tim smirked.

"Fine, I thought you wanted me to look...and touch," Sean said pretending to pout.

"Oh, I do, I do!" Tim quickly said, "here, look all you want," he added, turning to display his perky butt, the skin still a bit pink from the hot shower, "It's very clean, I scrubbed it inside and out."

"TMI," Sean laughed, "come here, lay down on the bed."

"Up or down?" Tim said, hoping he was reading Sean right.

"Face down," Sean said in a voice filled with obvious lust.

"K," Tim said, obeying willingly.

He'd barely made contact with the bed when Sean's small soft hand sought him out, lightly caressing and fondling his twin pillows, "You do have a nice butt. I wonder if guys who like girls, like their butts as much as guys who like guys?"

"What? Oh, well...yeah, I think so. I think...I think butts are just sexy no matter whether they're on a girl or on a boy."

"So, you like girl butts?" Sean teased.

"What? Oh, well...maybe to look at, but I like dick a lot more than pussy," Tim said chuckling.

"Ah, okay," Sean said, growing silent, but continuing to caress Tim's butt.

"My dick is rock hard now," Tim said into his pillow.

"Really, need to adjust it?"

"Yeah, maybe," Tim said raising his butt and reaching down to push his penis down so it was now visible from the back.

"OH, nice, I can see both," Sean chuckled.

"Yeah, both within reach of your tongue," Tim teased.

"Hmm, I wonder what that's like..." Sean mused.

"Well, only one way to find out."

Without answering, Sean leaned down, and with a cheek in each hand, he parted them so he could see the object of their conversation. Considering it's main purpose, Sean thought a butthole looked amazingly beautiful. Healthy, pretty pink, puckered, but pliant looking, it seemed to wink at him as he gazed down at it.

Cautiously, as if he were approaching a timid animal, Sean brought his right index finger to Tim's pucker, touching it gently and marveling at it's softness and by the heat it radiated.

"Hot," Sean mumbled, then realizing that word could have two meanings, he added, "I mean, it's hot to the touch."

"Mmm," Tim said, not wanting to interrupt Sean's exploration by mucking it up with needless dialog.

Then almost instinctively, Sean lowered his head, sniffing the air hesitantly, only to discover that despite his fears, the scent was quite pleasant and arousing. It was a rich, warm scent, filled with a hint of muskiness, a hint of spice, and the scent of Tim's sex, which was all too familiar to him now. He didn't know exactly what he'd expected, after all, Tim had just showered, so there was no real reason to believe his scent wouldn't be anything other than soap and skin, but what he'd found was much more reassuring. In fact, the scent was downright intriguing and inspiring, and suddenly he'd made his decision.

"I'm gonna try something, don't freak," Sean whispered softly.

"Okay," Tim hissed, hoping for the best.

One more sniff, his senses filled with Tim's essence, Sean leaned lower, his tongue already protruding from his mouth. Like an anteater about to devour a feast, he closed his eyes and moved closer until contact was made.

Tim gasped, but rather than pull away, he thrust his butt higher, forcing more and greater contact between his throbbing hole and Sean's hot tongue. Forcing his tongue a little deeper, Sean could taste a slight bitterness now, but it wasn't unpleasant, just different. Feeling a need to go still further, Sean grabbed Tim's buttocks in his hands again and pried them open even further, allowing his face to mesh into the crack of his ass and his tongue to go deeper.

"OHHHH!" Tim hissed, the pleasure obvious in his voice, " that."

"Nummm...numm," Sean mumbled as his tongue worked it's magic.

Though completely alien to him until this moment, and in fact something he had always thought of as dirty and repulsive, he now found the act not only pleasurable but natural, and viewed it as the next logical step to the final act.

Rimming Tim's ass might be new to Sean, but it didn't take him long to own the act, and to start putting his own spin on it. Between trying to bore into Tim's pucker and licking up and down his ass crack, Sean had Tim moaning and writhing around the bed as if he were possessed. And when Sean finally let his hand drift down to grip Tim's hard cock, the result was inevitable.

"Oh...shiiiit, I'm gonna blow," Tim panted, and as Sean gently squeezed his cock, Tim was overcome by a massive orgasm.

Sean could feel the earthquake of pleasure course through Tim's body, even feel it in the throbbing of his pucker, and he was there for him the whole way, never giving up till he was spent and fell limp.

Raising his head and breaking contact at last, Sean instinctively licked his lips to find the taste there as pleasant as direct contact had been. Then falling down beside Tim, he snuggled in close and offered those lips to his lover.

Tim eagerly moved forward, their lips messing for a passionate, tongue-filled kiss, and only when they'd broken it did Tim speak.

"You taste like ass," he teased.

"Your ass to be exact," Sean giggled, "and I gotta say, it's pretty tasty."

"Yeah, I knew it would be," Tim bragged, "give me a minute and I'll do the same for you."

"No hurry," Sean said smiling, "you know, I was really surprised at how much I liked doing that. I think part of it though was knowing that you were enjoying it so much."

"Oh man, was I ever. I can't even begin to describe it. It's like I almost felt like I could come just from your tongue in my butt. It was sooo good."

"Hmm, makes you wonder about anal sex," Sean said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, like maybe a dick would feel even better back there. But...a dick is a lot bigger and it goes all the way inside."

"Yeah, I still don't think we're ready for that, but this new thing gives me hope."

"Hmm, we should make up a cute name for this new thing, something that only you and I would know. So we could talk about it without anyone knowing what we were talking about."

Sean laughed, "You mean like a pet name, or a nickname?"

"Nah, a code name, like 'going down under' or 'tastin' chocolate'," he roared at his last suggestion, and Sean laughed too, but both thought it was too obvious.

"How about something simple, like 'peaches'?" Sean suggested.

"Hmm...not bad, let's give it some more thought, but right now, let me give you a demonstration of how good it feels to get your peaches licked."

Sean was surprised at how quickly and expertly Tim took to this new task. It was almost as if he was experienced at this particular act, but he decided that was silly, since as far as he knew he was Tim's only sex partner. He forgot about his surprise and his concerns within a few seconds, however, and just lay there moaning and enjoying his first rim job and concentrating on the feelings that were coursing through his body.

With Sean's dick pushed down beneath him Tim had easy access to it and would occasionally let his tongue wander down his crack, across his taint, balls, and then the head of Sean's dick. On these occasions Sean felt like he could come at any moment, but Tim, seemingly sensing Sean's impending release, would return to his pucker and start all over again.

Sean lost all track of time, but he knew one thing for certain, Tim was taking it a lot slower than he had and seemed to be enjoying it even more than he had. That caused him to rehash his earlier thoughts, that Tim seemed to be more skilled at this than logic would allow, but again he got lost in his own feelings of ecstasy and the thoughts quickly melted from his brain.

He was getting almost desperate for release after a while, but fortunately again Tim seemed to be reading him perfectly and took his cock in his hand as he continued to rim him deeply and wetly.

With Tim's hand on his cock and his tongue in his ass, Sean suddenly began to pant louder and moan softly. Then with one final thrust upward with his butt, followed by a thrust downward into Tim's hand, he came, and came, and came. If he had been mature enough to shoot, no doubt Tim's sheets would have been drenched in spunk, but it would be sometime before the two would get to experience that particular pleasure.

"Well?" Tim said, moving up to lay by Sean who was still face down, but had his head tilted to the side to face Tim.

"You seemed a little preoccupied," Sean joked, earning him a playful shove from Tim, "seriously though, it was awesome. I thought I was gonna pass out when I came," he added softly, "thanks."

"You're welcome, the pleasure was all mine," Tim giggled.

Sean was quiet for a moment, then suddenly he lifted a leg and threw it over Tim as if to pin him, then laying his head on Tim's shoulder he said softly, "You're really good at that, almost like you'd done it before."

"Nah, but I've watched videos. I'll have to show them to you. I've been kind obsessed with that sort of thing lately," Tim laughed nervously, "does that make me weird?"

"Nah, I don't think so. I'll admit, I was kinda grossed out about it at first, but once I got a sniff of your butt, I was fine," Sean laughed.

"Like dogs," Tim laughed, "sniffing each other's butts. Hey! Maybe that could be our code word for butt licking, 'Dog'."

"Just 'Dog'?" Sean wondered.

"Sure, why not, that way we don't give too much away. Cause if we said sniff the dog or lick the dog, that would be too obvious."

"Okay, works for me," Sean agreed, "dude, I gotta say, you are good at 'Dog'," he said, and they both fell into a fit of laughter.

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