Two Brothers

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4


By the time Patrick's grounding had come to an end, there had been no further outbursts or major issues. That didn't mean that Patrick wasn't still surly at times, or that he didn't still snarl at his younger brother or insult him when his folks weren't around, but for the most part he seemed to be behaving himself.

However, as perhaps was inevitable, one Friday afternoon after school, there was an incident that erased all the progress he'd made so far. It began as soon as Sean got home from school, his friend Tim with him, since he was spending the night.

"Oh no, if it isn't my faggot brother and his boyfriend," Patrick sneered, but fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, Mrs. Lewis was in the laundry room and out of earshot.

"Don't start, Patrick," Sean growled, having had a bad day at school and in no mood for his brother's theatrics.

"Don't start, don't start," the older boy mocked.

"What's your problem anyway?" Tim snapped before he could stop himself. Ordinarily he felt too intimidated by the older teen to say much, but for some reason his words cut like a knife today, and he couldn't stop himself from speaking up, "You got the best rents in the world, a little brother that loves you and protects you even if you are a butthead, and all you can do is say mean and nasty things and act like a complete douche bag."

By the time Tim had finished his tirade Patrick was shaking and gritting his teeth, his fists balled up as if to strike someone, though he had never done so before.

"Wow, someone must be on their period," Patrick laughed, then suddenly his smile melted and his face became a mask of anger and menace. Through gritted teeth he hissed, "Don't ever talk back to me again, faggot, or I will break my foot off in your ass, got it?"

"Patrick Aaron Lewis!!" his mother almost screamed as she stepped into the room, having heard the commotion and come to see what was going on, "This time you have gone too far, go now...up to your room, and don't come down until we come get you," she said pointing up the stairs.

A red-faced Patrick had all but wilted when he heard his mother's voice, but even as he started upstairs he managed a smirk and gave both Tim and Sean the evil eye, as if to say, 'This ain't over yet'.

"Sean, Tim...I'm sorry you had to go through that. That boy," she sighed, "he's gone too far this time. Why don't you grab a snack and take it to your room, boys?" she said sounding distracted.

"Okay, mom...umm, don't go too hard on him, okay. That's just the usual stuff, nothing new."

"What? He's done this before?" his mother said sounding more agitated than before, "Tim, has he used that word with you before?"

Tim looked at Sean, who seemed to be checking out his shoes at the moment. With no help from his friend, Tim just nodded.

"Thank you, Tim, for being honest. Go on, boys, get your snack, I have a phone call to make," she said heading toward the stairs.

"Sorry," Tim said once she was gone, "I know how you feel about ratting on him, but she asked me, and...I couldn't lie."

"I know, it's cool. Maybe if I had told them everything that's been going on, he'd have gotten some help by now," Sean sighed, "but I just wanted to protect him..."

"Yeah, I know," Tim said patting Sean's arm, "so...what's for snack?"

Although Sean didn't have much of an appetite now, he grabbed some cookies and milk for them and they headed to his room. Sean only ate one cookie, but he did manage to drink all of his milk as he and Tim discussed the situation with Patrick.

"Do you think he (Patrick) knows we're more than friends, or is he just trying to be an ass?" Tim said looking worried.

"Think about it, he said those things about us before we ever know, doing that stuff. That's just his word for everyone. He hates you because you're my friend, that's all. Don't take it personally."

"Ha, why do people always say? 'don't take this personally', but...blah blah blah? How else can I take it? It's personal when someone hates me and calls me names," Tim sighed.

"Sorry, that was a dumb thing to say. What I meant was, he doesn't really hate you, he just hates that I have a friend as cool and loyal as you and he doesn't."

"I think there was a compliment in their somewhere," Tim laughed.

"There was," Sean said grinning, "but let's forget him and have fun this evening. I don't want to waste one more minute thinking about that butthead."

"Yeah, you're right. Okay, okay...let's play some video games then. It's too cold to go outside."

Downstairs, Mrs. Lewis was pacing the floor waiting for her husband to get home, stopping every few minutes to look at the clock, or her phone. Something had to be done, and now, but she wanted her husband by her side, and she'd convinced him to come home early for just that purpose.

Although his office was only a few miles away, with Friday rush hour traffic it took him a bit longer than usual to get home, but eventually he pulled into the driveway, then into the garage.

"Dad's home," Sean said glancing at his phone, "hmm, wonder why he's so early?"

"Maybe your mom called him about Patrick," Tim suggested.

"Oh man, I bet you're right. I just hope they don't do anything crazy..." Sean said frowning.

"Like what, kill him?" Tim teased.

"No, like send him to Military School, or to one of those youth rehabilitation places you hear about."

"Nah, they won't do that. Probably just ground him some more, or take his phone away again."

"It didn't work last time, so why would it work now?" Sean reasoned, "no, I think this time they're gonna have to do something drastic."

"Well, whatever it is, let's hope it works. I'm sick of his shit," Tim said angrily, "I was this close to punching him right in his ugly face," he added, indicating just how close by holding his thumb and forefinger a half inch apart.

Sean laughed, "Yeah, like that could happen. He'd just pick you up by your shirt and hang you on a nail or something, by the underwear."

"I dunno. I've heard when you get jazzed up on that stuff called adrenaline you can do almost anything. I might have got one good punch in before he killed me," Tim added laughing.

"I wouldn't let him kill you, I'd punch him in the nads or something," Sean said seriously, "No one, not even my big brother is gonna hurt my best friend."

"Aww, that's sweet," Tim said bumping shoulders with Sean, then giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hold that thought," Sean said suddenly when he heard the sound of footsteps in the hall.


"Yes dad, come in," Sean said after recognizing his father's voice.

"Oh, hi Tim," Paul Lewis said peeking in the door, "I'd forgotten you were sleeping over. How are your folks?"

"Fine, Mr. Lewis," Tim said casually. He'd long since gotten over any intimidation he might feel dealing with Sean's folks. They'd proved themselves time and time again to be cool and genuinely friendly, and Tim had come to have a great deal of respect and love for both of them, "thanks for having me over."

"Anytime, son, anytime. What I came in for was to tell you that you might hear some loud voices from Patrick's room, but don't worry, I promise there won't be any violence," he chuckled.

"Okay, dad, just...go easy if you can," Sean said frowning, "like I told mom, this isn't really anything new."

"Yes, so she told me. We'll discuss that later, but right now I have other things on my mind. Carry on," he said then, "I'll see you boys later, if I survive," he laughed.

"Your dad is so funny, even when he's marching into the arms of doom," Tim chuckled.

"The arms of doom?" Sean laughed, "Oh boy, where did you get that?"

"I dunno, maybe I made it up. I come up with original stuff sometimes," Tim said defensively.

"You sure do, and I love you for it," Sean said snaking an arm around his friend's waist.

A door closing brought them to silence, and moments later they heard voices, though they couldn't make out what was being said.

"Boy, I wouldn't want to be him for a million bucks," Tim whispered.

"How about ten million?" Sean teased.

"Well, I'd think about it. I could always buy my way out of trouble with that much money."

Next door, a moody teenage boy sat on his bed, his eyes locked defiantly on his parents as they read him the riot act.

"We have discussed this sort of negative and harmful behavior before, and I have made it quite clear that you were not to use that word in this house. I can't control what you say at school or when you are with your buddies, but I would hope that we've brought you up better than that. Know this, young man, if I had been here when this incident occurred, I would have done more than send you to your room. I don't really believe in corporal punishment in general, but sometimes a good swat on the rear does wonders."

"If you hit me I'll call the cops," Patrick said, daring either of them to refute his word.

"At this point, Patrick, I might actually welcome the police here. Maybe they can help me figure out where we went wrong with you, and what to do next," Mr. Lewis said shaking his head.

"Patrick, Tim implied that this isn't the first time you have used that word describing him, is that true?" his mom asked, giving him that look that only moms are capable of. The look that says, 'you better tell the truth mister, because I will know if you are lying'.

"What word?" Patrick said, trying to act innocent.

His father was having no part of that, however, "Do you want to try again? Or shall I assume that playing dumb is your defense, and decide on your punishment now?"

"Okay, okay, so maybe I got mad and used that word by accident a few times," Patrick said quickly, realizing he was skating on thin ice at the moment.

"Mad, what on earth do you mean, mad? What have Sean and Tim ever done that could possibly make you mad? Those two don't start trouble and they treat you with a great deal of respect from what I can see, perhaps more than you deserve," his mom said sounding frustrated.

"Are you angry because Sean is gay and that we've accepted it so easily," his dad said then, racking his brain for any logical explanation to his older son's behavior.

"It's not right, everyone says so..." Patrick muttered then, "and when they're together...ugh, it's disgusting."

"Disgusting?" his mother said looking perplexed, "I have never witnessed them doing anything I would call disgusting. What are you talking about? Do they do things in front of you that they don't do when your father and I are around?"

"Nah, I mean, the way they act around each other, all lovey dovey and stuff, those eyes they give each other, it's disgusting," Patrick seethed, no one should have to see that stuff."

"I don't know what to say," his father said then, "I am literally at a loss for words. Nothing in the way we have brought you up would dictate this kind of behavior in you, or that way of thinking. It sounds like what you're describing is love and caring between two friends, and...not only is there nothing wrong with that, it's the sort of emotions you should strive for as well, both with your brother, your friends and his. Do you feel that way about your mother and me too? Do you think our show of emotions for each other is disgusting, or the love we show both you and your brothers?"

"What? No, that's normal...guys and girls is normal, two guys isn't."

"Not even brothers?" his mom said, looking lost as well, "do you think it is somehow wrong, or at least not masculine to show love and caring for another male?"

"Guys are supposed to be tough, and not all ooey gooey like that," the teen said making a face, "my friends and me we don't go in for that stuff. We like each other, but we don't have to show it. None of us understand that stuff, and it's tough having a brother who is a fa...uh, gay."

"So, part of this is peer pressure," his father stated, rather than asked, "you're afraid of what your supposed friends might think. Well, then maybe you don't have the right friends. I'll admit your mother and I haven't kept as close an eye on you and who you are running with since you entered middle school, but maybe it's time we met a few of those friends and set them straight, or in this case, gay-friendly."

"Nooooo, I'd die if you did that," Patrick wailed, "I'd have to find another school or drop out all together. No one would understand why my parents were defending that sort of thing..."

"That sort of thing? Being tolerant of others, loving your brother, respecting your family, and showing friendship and empathy to others? Well, those are certainly not things you should be ashamed of, nor should your friends. Those are the kinds of things we have been instilling in you since the day you were born. And...the sad thing, the most confusing thing, is that until recently you embraced all those qualities. Then suddenly, you changed. Maybe not overnight, but the change was quick and brutal, and I blame myself for not addressing this issue earlier. that it's out here in the open and we've seen and heard your behavior up close and first hand, it's time to do something about it."

"What do you mean?" Patrick said, looking scared for the first time since the talk had begun, "you're not going to...umm, send me away are you?"

His mom's heart was broken at that moment as she felt his pain, and saw not a surly teenager before her, but rather a little boy, scared and alone and pleading for help.

"No, of course not," his mother said, daring to sit down beside him and pull him into her loving arms. At first she was afraid he might pull away, but when he relaxed into her arms she went a step further and placed a kiss on his cheek, "We love you, Patty, we always will. You are our son, our first born, and you are very special to us. So special that we want you to have the best life possible, and we both feel like we have failed you in some way to bring us to this point. So...your father and I only want to help. If that means being a little tough on you at times, well...that's the way it will be. A lot depends on you and your attitude toward us and our help. may mean prohibiting your contact with some of your friends if we deem them to be part of the problem. I promise you though that we will not do anything to embarrass you in front of them if at all possible. But, we will not let you continue on this course, because experience has shown that it will only get worse, and eventually end badly for everyone involved."

"There will be some new rules for one thing," his dad said jumping in while they had Patrick's full attention, "a curfew, more family time, and less time with these friends of yours. And, I might add, we want to meet these friends as well, one by one. I promise we won't interrogate them, but we will try to determine if they are worthy of your friendship or not. I know we can't pick your friends for you, nor would we try, but we can guide you in those relationships and help you to better understand where their heads are and how that meshes with what we expect of you."

"Ugh, am I grounded, too?" Patrick moaned.

"We probably should consider that, but...if your mother is in agreement I think we may work out something less severe. More chores perhaps, and of course that curfew we discussed. And while I don't want this to sound like punishment, I want you to spend more time with the family. I want to see you and your brother interact more, in a positive way of course, and not an adversarial one."

"I don't know what that one word means, but if you mean we gotta get along, I get it."

"An adversary is someone who attacks you, and from what we've seen that's what you've been doing to your brother, and to Tim, to some degree. Granted they are only verbal attacks, but as I'm sure you know, verbal abuse can be just as devastating as physical abuse. Those verbal attacks have caused your brother to pull into himself, he's sad at times, and perhaps apprehensive, never knowing when the next attack will come, and I know from experience that that can really wear on your nerves. Though so far, and as far as we know, the attacks have been verbal in nature only, I think deep in the back of his mind, Sean must fear that someday those attacks may turn physical. That's a lot for a boy his age to go through. Again, I feel awful for not figuring this out sooner and doing something about it, but we're doing something now, and you need to know that this is one war we are not going to lose."

"War," Patrick grunted, "how come he gets off so easy all the time...?"

"What are you talking about, gets off for what?" his mom asked, looking confused, "What has he done? You know, a lot of brothers wouldn't have put up with what he has all this time. A lot of brothers would have gone to their parents each and every time something like that happened, but not Sean. No, your brother, despite all the mean, hateful words you used against him, never once came to us, and when asked about what went on, he's always covered for you. Why? Because even as much shit as he had to take from you, he was still loyal."

Patrick grinned when he heard his mother use the word shit, but his smile faded as he assimilated the other words she had spewed forth. So, the little squirt really didn't rat him out? That was news, he'd always figured as soon as they had it out, he'd run to them and spill his guts. Then in a sudden moment of clarity, he thought he knew why Sean hadn't ratted him out. It had nothing to do with loyalty, it was a matter of survival, he thought. Sean probably feared that if he did rat him out, that he would pound him into the ground, no matter how unlikely that was. Patrick was pretty sure he would never actually physically harm his younger brother, but he had to admit lately he'd began to get angrier and angrier, and who knew where that might lead? In a way he was glad his folks were coming down hard on him. Deep in the back of his mind he felt bad about his behavior and really did want to change, but he also recognized it wouldn't be easy.

"So...what now?" Patrick said, resigned to his fate, the defense resting as he awaited his sentencing.

"Your mother and I have yet to discuss all the details, but we should have that ironed out by tomorrow evening."

"I suppose you want me to go and apologize to them," he said, his snarky attitude back in force."

"No, not if you don't mean it. I learned a long time ago that unless an apology is sincere and heartfelt, it is worthless. When you can stand before your brother and his friend and do that with humility and true emotion, that will be the time for that to happen, not before."

"Okay," Patrick said simply, glad he didn't have to face his brother and Tim just yet.

"If you want to you can come down later and watch some TV with us, but that's up to you. Mom will be fixing popcorn, but if you don't want to stay you can take yours to your room," his dad said walking over and giving his son a pat on the back, "I know you think you're too old for your old man to hug you, or show any affection for you, but I love you with all my heart, son, and I only want what's best for you."

With that being said, his dad left the room, perhaps before either his wife or his son could see the tears forming in his eyes.

His mom sighed, and gave her oldest son one final squeeze, "We both love you, Patty. I hope we'll see you later," she said, then she too rose and followed her husband out of the door, closing it behind her.

Patrick sat on his bed for a while staring at the floor and thinking. He thought about all that had been said, he thought about the things his friends said, he thought about Sean and how close they'd been when they were younger. He thought about Tim, how he'd been in and out of their house since he and Sean had become friends, and how he'd once thought of him as a second little brother.

Sighing, he fell down on the bed, placed his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling. In a way he envied his brother and Tim, though he would never in a million years tell anyone that. They had something very special, even he could see that, and though he might mock them and call them names, deep down inside he wished he had someone that close in his life. And...the most confusing thing of all was: that he really didn't care one way or the other whether that someone special was a girl...or a boy.

Even though he didn't think of himself as gay, and even though he gave Sean a hard time for being gay, gay sex really didn't freak him out as much as he claimed. In fact, when he and his buds had been younger, Sean's age and even younger, they'd done their share of fooling around, playing show and tell, touching, masturbation, and eventually oral. Of course, they'd outgrown all that, but Patrick had never really felt guilty for having done those things, and sometimes he missed that closeness and sense of adventure that those encounters had brought.

Suddenly Patrick realized that thinking about his past sex life with his buddies had given him a boner. Reaching down, he fondled it through his jeans, enjoying the all too familiar feeling of pleasuring himself, until the pressure built and he knew he had to go all the way.

Grabbing his cum towel from beneath the bed, he unzipped his pants and pushed them and his underwear down to his knees to allow his raging cock to spring up. At 4.5 inches, it was actually about average for a boy his age, but he was still a bit self conscious about it's size. He'd seen other boys' equipment in the locker room at school, and even though he could see that he had nothing to be worried about, some boys being smaller, and only a few larger, he was still shy about displaying his penis.

Both he and Sean were circumcised, but Patrick's penis had a little loose skin which he used to pull up and over the crown of the head, and most times only a little spit was needed to act as lubricant. This time, he didn't even bother with the spit, because he could already feel the beginning of his orgasm, deep within his gut, and he quickly grabbed his dick between thumb and forefinger, worked the skin up and down four or five times, then grunted as his dick shot forth one, two, three, short bursts of boy juice. A fourth dribbled out of his piss slit then, running down the shaft and pooling at the base, coating his sparse patch of light brown pubes.

"Ugh," he moaned as he basked in his afterglow. Then once he'd recovered he began to clean up. When he was finished he tossed the towel back under his bed, pulled up his pants and underwear, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Next door, Tim and Sean had taken a break from the video game they'd been playing and were leaning back against Sean's bed, holding hands, and talking.

"What do you think your folks are going to do to Patrick?"

"Well, I didn't hear any gunshots, so...I'm guessing they didn't kill him," Sean joked.

"Zere are other vays of keeling somevone," Tim said in a creepy German voice.

Sean laughed, "Smothering him with a pillow maybe. Nah, he'd probably be noisy no matter what method they used. But seriously, I think they'll most likely ground him, give him more chores, stuff like that. They're really too nice to do much more," Sean sighed, "sometimes I wish they were tougher, at least on Patrick."

"Well, you never do anything wrong, so..."

"Well, I'm not perfect, you know? Some of the stuff you and me do together is probably against the rules, but what they don't know won't hurt them," Sean laughed.

"Like what, like this?" Tim said grabbing Sean's crotch and feeling his dick up, "Ohh, it's hard."

Sean squealed then pushed Tim's hand away, "Of course it is, you grabbed it."

"It was already hard," Tim insisted.

"Well...sometimes just being near you causes that to happen, and your leg is touching mine..." Sean said blushing.

"Too bad we can't fool around..."

"Later, in bed, I promise, but not here. All I need is for butthead to come barging in and catch us. I'd die, and he'd probably go running to mom and dad."

"And...? Do you think they'd care all that much? I mean, they must know we do more than hold hands or kiss."

"What they know, and what they guess are too different things...and I don't ever want them to see what they don't know."

"Ugh, what? That makes no sense," Tim giggled.

"It's simple, I don't want anyone to see anything you and I do in private, got it?"

"Yeah, I get it. I was just being dense," Tim giggled again, "I read ya loud and clear, sexy time is bedtime."

"Yes, now...what shall we do till it's time to order the pizza?"

Patrick only came out of his room long enough to grab some pizza and a couple sodas, then he barricaded himself in his room, where he'd planned to stay the rest of the evening. His face had been expressionless during his brief foray into the dining room and he spoke not a word, except to say thanks, when his mother handed him a plate.

Sean and Tim watched with baited breath, expecting a flareup at any moment, then let out the breath they weren't aware they'd been holding when he left without any drama having taken place.

"Well, at least he's trying," Mrs. Lewis said to her husband, "I'll give him that."

"Let's hope he knows we mean business this time," her husband said nodding his head.

"Boys, do you want to stay down here and watch a movie with the old folks, or take your pizza to your room."

"Umm, what movie?" Tim said, looking at Sean for his reaction.

"Yeah, if we can choose the movie, we'll stay," Sean chuckled.

"That's blackmail," his father laughed, "but as long as it's not one of those slasher movies I have no objection. What about you, dear?"

"Anything is fine," his wife said smiling, anything to get the boys to spend some time with them, although she wished Patrick would join them as well.

"Shall I go ask Pat if he wants to join us?" Mr. Lewis said, reading his wife's mood exactly.

She sighed, "I think we both know what the answer would be. If he comes down perhaps we'll invite him then, but otherwise I think it's best he has some time to himself."

Sean and Tim remained quiet, both secretly hoping Patrick decided not to join them. Even though it was unlikely he would cause any trouble, his brooding disposition would no doubt spoil the mood for everyone. Sean did feel a little guilty, however, after all, this was supposed to be family time, but lately Patrick rarely participated in this ritual.

Sean and Tim picked an innocuous adventure movie which was actually quite engaging and humorous at times. Even Mrs. Lewis seemed to enjoy it, even if there was no romance involved.

They ate pizza, slurped sodas, and from somewhere, Sean produced a candy stash, probably left over from Halloween, and he and Tim had some of that for dessert. Though Sean offered his parents some of the sweet treats, both declined, a little weary of the candy's origin and freshness. The boys seemed to enjoy it, however, though they only ate a few pieces.

Near the end of the movie, Patrick descended the stairs carrying his plate and soda cup and gave the four a hurt look, which Sean caught before he turned away. Suddenly Sean felt awful, they could have at least asked him to join, even if he refused and acted insulted, he deserved to be invited.

Sean watched as his older brother walked to the kitchen, then grabbing his bag of candy he jumped up and followed him. Tim gave him a curious look, but didn't say anything, thinking perhaps he was going to get more soda or put the candy away, and went back to watching the movie.

"Hey," Sean said once he'd reached the kitchen.

Patrick was digging another soda out of the fridge and seemed shocked to find Sean standing there, the bag of candy in his hands.

"Want some?" Sean said holding the bag open so Patrick could view it's contents.

"Why, is it poison?" Patrick sneered.

"I hope not," Sean said, ignoring Patrick's snotty attitude, "Tim and I ate some."

"I don't need your candy, I got some of my own," Patrick said, trying to keep his voice down so as not to land in more trouble than he was already in.

"Okay," Sean sighed, "just offering, that's all." Then closing the bag he sat it on the counter and turned to go."

"Uh, what were you guys watching?" Patrick said in a civil voice, a voice so unexpected that Sean turned on his heels to make sure it was really his brother who had uttered those words.

"The Lost Medallion," Sean said, "it was pretty good. Kind of funny in some parts."

"Oh, yeah...I already seen it," Patrick lied, trying to cover the hurt he felt at being left out, even if he knew it was his own fault that no one had asked him to join them.

"Cool, well...we might watch another movie. You should come watch with us," Sean said, his heart speeding up a little as he watched Patrick's face, halfway expecting him to erupt in anger at any minute.

For a few moments Patrick looked as if he might be considering accepting the invitation, then suddenly he frowned and began to speak, "Nah, I got some stuff on YouTube I wanna watch. Besides, I don't wanna spoil your 'fun'," he said, emphasizing the word 'fun' in a mocking way."

"Okay, just thought I'd ask," Sean said turning to go once more, "if you change your mind...just come on down..."

With that said, Sean rejoined Tim on the sofa without a word being spoken. Tim gave him a questioning look, but Sean just shrugged and directed his attention back to the TV, though his head really wasn't into the movie now.

Patrick puttered about in the kitchen for a while longer, then headed back upstairs, a soda in one hand, and several cookies in the other. Mrs. Lewis gave him a smile as he passed, but Patrick didn't return it, nor did he make eye contact. He still felt slighted and hurt that he'd been excluded, even if Sean had asked him at the last moment. He didn't need them, he reasoned, I can have fun by myself. Let them watch their stupid movie. Tim can take my place. They like him more than me anyway, he fumed. But deep inside he knew he was overreacting and he had only himself to blame for his situation. Unfortunately, being a moody, hormone driven teenager, his capacity for sound reasoning and making good decisions was less than ideal.

Plopping down on his bed he opened his soda and took a big gulp, then belched. It felt good and he took another big drink and belched even louder this time. He almost smiled at the shear pleasure of being able to do something so rude and not have to apologize.

"You boys can watch another movie if you'd like," Mrs. Lewis said, when the first movie had ended, "but I'm tired, and heading to bed."

"I think I'll join you, dear," Mr. Lewis said yawning slightly, then giving his wife a wink, indicating that sleep wasn't all he had on his mind.

"Gross," Sean giggled, having seen his dad's wink.

"What?" Mr. Lewis asked feigning innocence, "I'm allowed to sleep with my wife, you know," he teased.

"Okay, okay...go on, just keep the noise down, okay?" Sean teased back, as Tim rolled on the couch, doubled over in laughter.

"You...guys...are," he guffawed.

"I could say the same for you two," Mr. Lewis countered, and Sean blushed bright red.

Mr. Lewis laughed then, leaned down to give both boys a hug, then headed upstairs while Mrs. Lewis took her turn. Once they were gone, Sean leaned into Tim and sighed.

"So...what did you say to Patrick?" Tim said as soon as they were alone.

"Oh, I just offered him some of my candy. He asked me if it was poison," Sean sighed, "than he surprised me by asking me what we were watching, and I swear for one minute he sounded almost normal, I mean, like he used to be. I told him the name of the movie and he said he'd already seen it, which I doubt, then I said we might watch another movie and I asked him to join us, but he said he was watching some stuff on YouTube."

"Well, you're a good brother to try. Man, you're like so nice to him. I'm afraid I could never be that nice."

"Aww, yeah you could. You're pretty nice too."

"Don't confuse being nice with being afraid," Tim laughed, "sometimes Patrick scares the crap outta me, but tonight he just...hit my last nerve, I guess, and I got mad, really mad. I was lucky your mom was home or he might have smashed me into the floor."

"Nah, I wouldn't let him, and anyway, he's not violent, I mean, I don't think he'd ever hurt anyone. He's just...angry a lot, and unreasonable, but not really mean...not that way."

"I dunno, I don't wanna find out the hard way though. I'll be careful what I say from now on. And I'm gonna try never to be alone with him."

"Aww, I'm sorry you're scared of him, but don't be. I promise he won't hurt you, at least not very much," Sean said, then a grin crossed his face when Tim's head jerked up to look at him.

"Aww, you're kidding, right, or were you kidding when you said he wasn't violent? Oh man, I'm so confused."

The boys lasted about 30 minutes into the next movie, then gave it up and headed to Sean's room. After taking turns in the bathroom, they stripped down to their underwear and fell down on Sean's queen-sized bed.

"I'm tired, but I'm horny," Sean giggled.

"So, does that mean I gotta do all the work?" Tim teased.

"Nah, I think I can last long enough to rock your world," Sean chuckled.

"How about we rock each other's world at the same time, then we can just snuggle up and fall asleep?"

"Excellent idea, you flip around, I'm too tired," Sean said grinning and earning him a pounding with Tim's pillow.

Tired or not, both boys performed admirably and with great enthusiasm as they brought each other to a spectacular orgasm. While using their mouths to pleasure one another, they alternated between fondling each other's balls and running a finger down the other boy's butt crack and across his pucker. This touching was the furthest they'd gone as far as their butts were concerned, and they were in no big hurry to change that. In fact, both thought it sounded a bit dirty, not to mention painful, and anyway they were perfectly happy with what they were doing now.

Sean came first, emitting a little squeak as he got close, then sounding like a pressure valve releasing steam as his dick began to spasm, trying to pump out the semen which wouldn't be available for several more months to come.

Tim had no trouble keeping up with Sean's orgasm, even as his own crept upon him, a tiger ready to pounce at any moment. Then, just as Sean had, Tim let out the same little squeak and began to quake as his orgasm hit him equally as hard as Sean's had hit him.

For a while they lay there, the other boy's dick still in their mouth as they recovered, then Tim flipped back around and pulled his underwear back on. Sean took a few more minutes to recover before finally pulling his own underwear up from around his ankles and then pulling the covers up over the two.

"That was really a good one," Sean said yawning, "thanks."

"Welcome, dude. The pleasure was all mine," Tim joked, "night."

"Night," Sean said yawning once more, "time to snuggle," he said rolling on to his side once more and coaxing Tim to spoon up in front of him, "Ahh, my favorite pillows," he giggled as he pressed into Tim's soft butt cheeks.

"Not too skinny, not too fat," Tim sighed, "just right."

"Amen," Sean whispered, and seconds later he was asleep, followed quickly by Tim.

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