Two Brothers

by Rob Warr

Chapter 2


Mrs. Lewis checked in twice over the next two hours, but when she called the third time she had good news.

"The doctor seems to think it was just a mild infection and he gave him some antibiotics, however, some of the test results won't be available till early next week. Meanwhile, Sean seems okay and he's begging to go home, so I take that as a good sign. As soon as the doctor okays it, we'll be on our way."

Mr. Lewis woke Tim next and gave him the good news, then went in to find Patrick was also asleep. He considered waking him, but finally decided he'd let the sleeping dog lie and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while longer.

An hour later, the sound of the garage door going up alerted those inside that Sean was home, and Tim led the way as he and Mr. Lewis rushed to greet them. Tim was grinning widely as he stood outside the passenger door of the SUV, and when Sean finally climbed out, his best friend gave him a fierce hug.

"Don't do that to me again," Tim scolded, "I thought you were gonna croak or something."

"Sorry, I didn't plan on it. Umm, I guess you know what's up with me, huh?"

"Yeah, but I still like you," Tim teased, "but...I am kinda mad that you didn't tell me about this yourself."

"You boys can hash this out later," Mr. Lewis said as he hugged his youngest son tightly, "you had us worried," he said kissing the top of his son's shaggy head.

"Sorry, dad," Sean said holding on tight to his dad. He didn't worry so much about how his dying might affect him, but more so about how it would affect his folks and his friends. After all, he'd be in Heaven, and they'd be left down here to morn his loss.

"Where's Patrick?" Mrs. Lewis said looking concerned.

"Oh, crap. I forgot to wake him..." Mr. Lewis began, but just about then Patrick appeared at the door leading inside, still rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Hey, why didn't you wake me? Am I not important enough?" he said angrily, "I guess Tim is more a part of this family than I am," he added before turning and hurrying back into the house.

"Oh dear," Mrs. Lewis said, "someone woke up on the wrong side of their cage."

Sean actually laughed, "Yeah, I wondered if he'd even care if I was sick, or if I died."

"No, I think he does care," Mr. Lewis explained, "he looked very worried when I told him the news. I regret now that we didn't tell him about your condition sooner."

"Let's get inside," Mrs. Lewis said, "Sean, I want you to take it easy the rest of the weekend."

"No problem, mom. I'm still really tired."

"I'll be your slave," Tim joked, "your wish is my command, master."

"How about some water, slave?"

"Sean, how awful. Tim is your friend, not your slave," Mrs. Lewis chuckled, but she knew it was all just in fun.

"I volunteered," Tim insisted, "let me help you to your room and I'll get you a nice glass of ice water..."

Once the two boys were gone, Mr. Lewis walked over and gave his wife a hug, "He had me worried this time. I'll confess, without your calming influence I nearly lost it. I kept it together for the boys' sake though."

"I was worried too, but I'm pretty sure the worst is over. The doctor seemed very optimistic, however, I'll feel better after we see the test results and I plan on making an appointment with Dr. Jarvis." Dr. Jarvis was the specialist who'd been treating Sean since he was an infant.

"It's times like this that make me appreciate what we have, even if it's not always rainbows and sunshine, it's a sweet life," her husband said.

"If only we could sweeten Patrick's disposition a bit," Mrs. Lewis chuckled, "come on, let's find him and see if we can unruffle his feathers."

It didn't take long to find Patrick, he was sitting on the couch in the family room flipping through the channels on the big screen TV and looking sullen, as usual.

Mrs. Lewis sat down beside him while her husband sat down on the coffee table, blocking Patrick's view of the TV.

"Son, we need to talk," his dad said.

"About what?" Patrick said, suddenly worried that there was bad news about his brother. He might not like the little twerp, but he guessed he loved him, and he sure didn't want him to die.

"About a lot of things, but first: I'd like to apologize for not waking you. I was just so wrapped up in my own feelings that I forgot how you might feel. Secondly: I'd like to apologize for not telling you about Sean's condition before today. I guess we just kept putting it off, waiting till you were old enough to understand, and well...time just got away from us."

"Is he...okay?" Patrick managed to say, trying not to sound too interested, but failing miserably.

"Yes, the doctor thinks it was just a mild infection, but we'll know more next week when all the test results are in. Meanwhile, he feels better. He's resting now and he needs to take it easy this weekend and regain his strength. Tim is going to stay over as planned and help take care of him.

Patrick didn't know how to feel about that. Not that he wanted to be the one to do that, but wasn't it really his job to look out for his brother? Was it possible he felt a little jealous of Tim? Nah, he decided. It's good his 'girlfriend' is here because otherwise he might be stuck with taking care of the little twerp.

"Cool," Patrick said then, "I...wish you'd told me though. Sometimes it's like I'm not really a part of this family..." he blurted out before he could stop himself.

"Patty," his mom dared called him. That had been her childhood name for him, but of course he'd outgrown it long ago, "you're our son, and we love you. We don't always understand you or approve of the things you do or say, but our love is unconditional. Do you know what that means?"

"I guess, sort of like the way God loves us..." Patrick said, causing his mom to smile.

"Exactly, nothing you can do or say will ever make us stop loving you, but that doesn't mean we won't try to correct you if you get too far out of control. As for you feeling like an outsider in this family, try looking inside yourself and try to understand that most of the problems may lie there. I don't know what has caused these changes in your personality, whether it's because you're just growing up and finding your way, or if it's something else, but you have to admit, you haven't been the easiest person to get along with lately."

"Sport," his dad said before he could reply, "we used to be really close, you and I, then when Sean got older it was us three guys. We always had a good time, right. But all that changed when you turned 12 or so. Surely you know that as well as we do. Surely you know things aren't how they used to be between us. I miss that, Pat, I really do. I feel like I've lost a son," he finished, looking sad.

Patrick squirmed a bit, but he couldn't think of a good comeback at the moment, instead he just shrugged, not daring to meet his father's eyes. He knew things were different, but just like his folks, he couldn't quite figure out why, or exactly when things had changed. He guessed it might have been when puberty set in early, just about that time. Then there was changing schools and starting Middle School. And his new friends...they weren't anything like his old friends. His new friends were more worldly, rougher, and more mischievous. Sean just didn't fit into all that anymore and he'd moved on, that was all, but he really didn't know why he treated his brother so badly. Maybe it was because he envied him in some ways. Now he had their dad all to himself, and he still led that carefree, fun life that he'd once had with his friends.

"Do you have anything you want to say to us?" his father prompted at last.

"No sir, I guess it's what you said, I'm just growing up or something."

His dad sighed, "Well, growing up doesn't have to mean changing everything about yourself, and it sure doesn't mean you can't still love your family and treat them with respect. We've tried punishing you when your actions are too outrageous to ignore anymore, but it doesn't seem to be working."

"Patrick," his mother said touching his hand then, "we're seriously thinking of getting you some help. Having you talk with a professional about your feelings."

"What, mean...a...a shrink?" Patrick said becoming agitated, "I'm not crazy."

"Honey, no one is saying that, but you obviously have some issues you're going through, and sometimes it helps to talk to someone who can listen without judgement and offer their thoughts."

"No, can't make me go, can you?" he said, sounding scared and unsure of his rights.

"We won't force you, but we want you to think about it, okay?" his mom said, "we love you and we only want the best for you. Honey, we want you to be happy, and you must admit, you are far from being happy these days."

"Can I go to my room now?" Patrick said numbly.

"Sure, sport," his dad said, hoping their talk might cause him to rethink some of his preconceived notions, "we'll call you for dinner. I think we'll order pizza tonight, how does that sound?"

"Uh, good," the confused teen said, nodding as he stood and exited the room.

"Think we got to him?" Mr. Lewis asked with a sigh.

"I don't know. He seemed very upset at the notion of seeing a therapist, maybe that will be enough to cause some changes in his behavior."

"We'll see," her husband said moving over to sit by her. Then placing an arm around her he gave her a kiss, "You're amazing, you know that? So calm and capable when it comes to an emergency. I'll confess, I'm not sure I could have handled things as well."

"You'd be surprised what you can do when you have to, especially when it comes to those you love," she said smiling, "you're a great dad, never doubt that."

"Thanks, mom," he chuckled, "want to watch a movie with me?"

"Absolutely, dad," she chuckled back, "and I'll even let you pick the movie."

Upstairs, Sean lay on his bed resting, Tim sitting next to him as they talked softly.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my kidney," Sean said, "it's silly, really. I mean, it's not like I didn't trust you or anything."

"It's cool, I guess I don't need to know everything about you," Tim chuckled, "I mean, it's not like you only have one nut or something."

Sean laughed, "Well, I think you'd have noticed that by now, as many times as you've handled them."

"Yeah, but I'd still like you even if you were a...a...uniball," he said, and they both cracked up laughing.

"Oh, it feels good to laugh about it. I was kinda worried you'd be upset."

"Nah, no way, but you should've seen Patrick's face. He was totally blown away. I think if anyone is gonna be mad about not knowing, it'll be him."

"Ugh, one more thing..." Sean moaned, "hey, do you mind getting me another bottle of water from the fridge?" This would be Sean's second bottle of water, but it just seemed like he couldn't get enough to drink.

"Your wish is my command," Tim giggled, "be right back, master," he added as he zipped out the door.

When he saw Mr. and Mrs. Lewis in the family room watching TV, Tim quickly explained what he was doing and they both thanked him for being such a good friend.

He was back in a flash, and this time Sean was sitting up, looking more like his old self.

"Ah, thanks, hey...didn't you get something for yourself?"

"Nah, not thirsty right now. You feeling better now?"

"Yeah, still a little tired, but my stomach is better. In fact, I'm starting to feel a little hungry."

"That's cause your breakfast is back there at the park for the ducks to eat," Tim teased.

" ducks and geese eat puke?"

"I don't know, I was kidding, but dogs do. Gross, huh?"

"Shut up, or I might start hurling again," Sean laughed, then taking a drink of the cool bottled water, he sighed, "that's just what I needed, so thirsty," he said taking another mouthful of water.

"Do you feel like playing some video games, or do you still need to rest?" Tim said, growing a little bored, but still concerned about Sean's health.

"Sure, go ahead and get it set up, gonna go pee," Sean said, standing slowly and heading toward the door.

When Sean returned, he grabbed his bottle of water and sat down next to Tim, and for the next hour or so they forgot about everything else and just had fun.

Around six, Mrs. Lewis called in the pizza and alerted the boys that food was on the way. Sean felt much better now and was actually looking forward to some pepperoni pizza and cheesy bread sticks. Tim was relieved to see the improvement in Sean, hoping and praying he'd be back to his old self soon.

The boys ate their pizza in the family room in front of the big screen TV, perched on the floor and using the coffee table to hold their food and drinks. Patrick, however, sat on the couch at the far end, as far away from the two as possible, his plate on his lap and his drink on the end table next to the couch.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis sat at the dining room table, in view of the family room and the TV, but they weren't really watching it. They were just happy to see Sean had an appetite and that he seemed to be recovering nicely. Over the years of dealing with their son's condition they'd had a few false alarms, and they hoped and prayed this was one as well.

"Should we skip church tomorrow?" Paul Lewis asked his wife.

"I think so, we'll let the boys sleep-in, then have a late breakfast," Judy Lewis said.

"Or brunch," her husband, Paul, chuckled, "suits me just fine. I wouldn't mind sleeping late myself."

"We could both use a little extra sleep."

"Pat seems to be quieter than usual," Paul said in an almost whisper.

"I think we gave him a lot to think about earlier," she responded in the same soft voice.

"Well, let's hope he sees the error of his ways," Paul chuckled.

"We can only hope," his wife said smiling.

Long after their plates were empty and their tummies full, the two younger boys stayed glued to the TV to see the finale of the movie they'd been watching. Patrick also seemed in no hurry to leave, and was chewing on the discarded crusts from the slices of pizza he'd devoured earlier, just to have something to do. He didn't want Sean or Tim to think he was enjoying himself or that he wanted to be there, but he had to admit, he kind of missed not hanging out with his little brother and his friends.

After making sure everyone had their fill of the food, Mrs. Lewis began stowing the leftovers and cleaning up what little mess she and her husband had made. Mr. Lewis had moved to his recliner and was watching the movie now, though his mind was elsewhere. Not only did they have Patrick's surly attitude to deal with now, they also had Sean's ongoing condition to worry about. He hoped and prayed that this was just a temporary thing with Sean, but there was always that fear, that dread, that crept in anytime Sean showed any signs of kidney problems. Soon, however, he escaped his worries as he drifted off to sleep, and didn't awake till sometime later.

The boys were gone now, and his wife could be heard down the hall in the mudroom, probably doing laundry. He smiled when he thought about his wife, always there for him and the boys, always taking care of them and the house, and suddenly he felt guilty. I need to do more, he thought in a moment of clarity, we're a team, and we both have to do our share.

"Honey, did you enjoy your nap," Judy chuckled as she came up behind him, leaned down and kissed his cheek.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep, it just happened..."

"Heavens' sake, no need to feel bad about it. You've been through a lot today, we both have."

"Yes, and you're up doing chores, and taking care of us, as always, while I'm snoozing. It's not fair, and I intend to do something about that from now on."

"What brought this on?" his wife chuckled, "you do plenty, dear, you're the man of the house, and you take care of the 'manly stuff', and I take care of my 'womanly duties'."

"That sounds so old fashioned," Paul laughed, "but there's no reason I can't take some of the load off of you."

"Well, I don't feel in the least bit overworked, but I'll accept any help you want to give. Right now, I'm done for the day, so how about another snuggle on the couch, and a movie?"

Sean insisted on showering before bed, saying he felt icky after the day's events, and Tim accompanied him to the bathroom so they could continue to talk as Sean showered.

"You should just take a shower with me," Sean said grinning.

"What about Patrick?" Tim said sounding unsure.

"There isn't room for him," Sean joked, "besides, I don't think he likes naked boys as much as we do."

Tim laughed too, "Oh well, what the hell, the worst he can do is call us faggots. Oh wait, he already does that."

"Yeah, come on, get naked," Sean urged, "I need you to wash my back."

Tim knew he was helpless to resist Sean's request, but he did insist on latching the door before he stripped off his clothes. Naked, both boy's looked similar, though Tim had a few pounds on Sean. His mom called it baby fat, which made Tim blush, but went on to say it made him adorable, which caused even more blushing. However, she wasn't the only one who thought so, Sean agreed with every word and often told him so.

It didn't hurt that Tim was blond and blue-eyed, with a baby face and was cuter than some girls his age. Sean's favorite part of Tim though was his butt, which could truly be called a 'bubble butt'. Just enough fat to make it desirable and smooth as a baby's butt.

Sean, with his brown hair and brown eyes, was equally as cute, but his body was more defined, leaner and with more muscle definition. Though his butt wasn't as pronounced as Tim's, it was nonetheless a cute one, with dimples at the top, and of course just as smooth as his buddy's.

"Mmm," that feels good," Sean said as Tim ran the soapy poof up and down his back, "do my butt," he whispered.

"Okay, but not the crack," Tim teased, "you're on your own there."

"Aww, come on, it's clean," Sean urged.

"Well, spread em then," Tim said easily.

"Oooo...that feels good," Sean teased, "baby, what you do to me..."

Tim laughed. Both boys tended to use humor to hide their true emotions, especially when it came to sex. It was easier to play their messing-around off to experimenting and goofing around than to deal with their true feelings. However, that didn't keep them from occasionally expressing their feelings in a nonverbal way.

For instance, the way they snuggled in bed, or the gentle touches. So far they hadn't kissed properly, however, they had kissed each other on the cheek and other body parts, some below the belt. However, why that felt less threatening, less emasculating than a kiss on the lips, neither could figure out. Their discussions of what went on in bed were limited mostly to jokes and veiled references, as if talking about what they did would make them more gay than just doing those things.

"All done," Tim said, "do me now."

"Oh, you want me to 'do you'?" Sean joked, "I didn't know we were at that stage yet. Should I use shampoo or conditioner for lube?"

"You know what I mean," Tim snickered, "my butthole is one way, baby."

"For now...for now," Sean chuckled.

"Why, you gonna rape me in my sleep?" Tim joked.

"No, of course not. You can't rape the willing," Sean laughed, "turn around so I can get to that fat ass of yours..."

Tim pouted, "Fat ass? I thought you said it was perfect?"

"It is, it is, I'm just kidding," Sean said, grabbing a cheek in each hand and squeezing them like melons, "perfect, and so... squeezable."

"We better hurry," Tim said softly, even though he was enjoying the feel of Sean's soft hands on his backside. In fact, he was enjoying it so much that he was beginning to get a little hard.

Not that Sean hadn't seen him hard before, he was still a little nervous knowing Patrick could come beating on the door any moment.

"All done," Sean said delivering a gentle swat to Sean's plump ass, "must be jelly, cause jam don't shake that way," he giggled.

They rinsed off and dried off, and only then did Tim realize he hadn't brought any clothes to change into.

"Just wear your towel," Sean suggested, "I'll make sure the coast is clear."

"Okay," Tim said gathering up his dirty clothes and holding them tight against his towel-clad body, "go for it."

Cautiously Sean unlatched the door, opened it and peeked out into the hall, "It's clear," he said, but just as the two stepped out into the hall, the worst thing imaginable happened.

Suddenly, Patrick's door flew open and he came stomping into the hall as if he had been trying to catch the two.

"Well, well, well...I see you two lovers took a shower together. What else did you do in there?" he smirked, "I hope you cleaned up the mess, cause I don't wanna step in your slimy boy juice."

"Shut up, Patrick," Sean said angrily, "we just took a shower, no big deal. Just like you and me used to do, before you became a jerk."

"Watch your mouth, bit..." however, before the older teen could get the slur word out of his mouth, Mr. Lewis appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Patrick! Perhaps it's you who needs to watch his mouth. What is wrong with you? Why can't you leave your brother alone? And if I ever hear you call him or anyone else that word, or other words just as nasty, you will be grounded far longer than one week."

"Yes, sir," Patrick said, giving Sean and Tim the stink eye.

"Boys, go on to your room, I want to talk to Pat alone," Mr. Lewis said, giving the two younger boys an apologetic look.

"Oooo, he's gonna get it now," Tim said once they were safely in Sean's room, then realizing that Mr. Lewis had just seen him wearing nothing but a towel, he felt all the air go out of him, "Oh shit, do you think he knew I was naked under here..."

Sean laughed, "No, I'm sure he thinks you take a shower fully clothed, not to mention your clothes were in your hands."

"Oh, shit. Do you think he'll tell my folks?"

"Tell them what, that you showered at my house? They'd probably be happy to know you didn't go around stinking," Sean joked, "seriously, relax, my dad is cool. Besides, he has more important things to deal with, namely: my butthead brother."

"Yeah, yeah...I guess," Tim said digging a pair of sleep shorts and a tee out of his backpack, "he was really mad, I can tell. Your dad, I mean."

"Yeah," Sean said sitting down on his bed and sighing, "why does Patrick have to be such a douche?"

"I dunno," Tim said sitting down by his friend as he finished pulling on his tee, "it doesn't make sense, you're like the perfect brother. I'd be proud to have you as my bro," he added putting an arm around his best friend.

"Thanks, you too, but I was kinda hoping..."

"What?" Tim asked, staring into Sean's dark expressive eyes.

"Nothing," Sean said, not sure he wanted to have this conversation right now.

"What, tell me," Tim nagged, "tell me or I'll tickle you till you do."

"No, please, my kidney..." Sean teased back, then seeing the look of shame and horror on Tim's face he quickly added, "I'm kidding."

"Are you sure? Have I know, hurt you by doing that or wrestling with you?"

"No, my kidney is just like yours, it's not super sensitive or anything. I'm perfectly normal except I only have one and you have two. See, this is why I didn't want to tell anyone to begin with, because I don't want to be treated differently."

"Geesh, don't get mad, dude," Tim said pulling Sean down to the bed and straddling him before he could react.

"Oh...this is nice," Sean giggled as he felt Tim's hardness press against his own, "did you get a little excited, or what?"

"Yeah, how about you, you excited?"

"Yesss," Sean said softly, "but...we should wait..."

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Tim said, realizing Sean's folks might come knocking on his door at any moment to check on him.

Rolling off of Sean, Tim fell down beside Sean and stared up at the ceiling. He'd already forgotten Sean's unfinished statement and was concentrating on his own feelings at the moment. He'd always known Sean had a special place in his life, but lately his feelings for the boy had begun to change, to deepen, and though he'd never been in love before, he was pretty sure that was what was happening to him.

"Hey, you awake?" Sean teased as he rolled over on his side to face his friend.

Tim made an exaggerated snoring noise, then blew out air causing his lips to vibrate.

"Is that what a blow job is?" Sean teased.

"You should know by now," Tim snorted.

"I wonder why it's called that?" Sean said sounding serious.

"I have a theory," Tim said, rolling over to face Sean, "see...guys with foreskin, you can blow their dicks up like a balloon, that's why it was called a blow job."

Sean burst into laughter, "You're crazy," then looking serious, he added, "does that really work?"

"I dunno, obviously I don't have any foreskin and neither do you."

"Hmm, do any of our friends...?" Sean mused.

"Jake does," Tim said, then blushed.

"How do you know?" Sean asked with interest.

Tim blushed, "One time I went swimming with him, and in the changing room I snuck a peek."

"We'll have to ask him if he can blow his dick up like a balloon," Sean joked.

"Careful, he might want you to do the blowing."

"I wouldn't mind, would you?" Sean said, eying Tim for his reaction.

Tim thought about it for a moment before replying, "Well, to be honest, right now...I only like doing that stuff with you."

"Oh, okay. Yeah, I only like, um...doing that stuff with you too, totally," Sean said quickly.

A knock on the door caused both boys to sit up quickly as Sean answered, "Come in."

"How are you feeling, honey?" his mom said as she stepped in the door.

"Fine, mom. Almost perfect. Just a little tired, but I don't hurt anywhere, and my stomach is fine now."

"Good, boys don't stay up too late. Oh, and we're skipping church tomorrow so you boys can sleep late if you want."

"Oh, okay," Sean said, trying not to show how happy that made him, "cool, thanks, mom."

"Well, goodnight boys. If you need anything just let us know."

"Nite, mom."

"Nite, Mrs. Lewis."

"I wonder if dad is done with Patrick yet?" Sean sniggered.

"I didn't hear any banging or gun I guess they didn't get violent," Tim teased.

"I think mom and dad are finally fed up with his BS. Dad especially. I think he's kind of hurt that Patrick has become such a butthead and doesn't want to do stuff with the family anymore."

"Send him to Military School," Tim joked.

"No way, we don't want him trained to use a gun," Sean laughed, "he'd shoot us all."

"Do you, do you really think he'd do something crazy like that?"

"Nah, not really. He's mean, but he's not crazy," Sean said as much to convince himself as Tim. For in this crazy world, he knew things like that happened on a regular basis.

"I'm gonna go brush my teeth," Tim said hopping up and grabbing his backpack, then digging out his toothbrush.

"Yeah, me too," Sean said, gotta pee anyway.

Later, back in Sean's room, the two decided to go to bed and watch a movie rather than play video games. Sean grabbed the remote, then they piled into bed and killed the bedside lamps.

"Cozy," Tim said, snuggling up close to Sean.

"Nice," Sean said, thinking about what he'd almost said earlier.

They'd been watching the movie for about fifteen minutes when Tim made a bold move, as he began to rub Sean's chest and tummy with his soft hand.

"Mmm, that feels nice. I'm getting a boner," Sean moaned.

"I've had one since we got into bed," Tim whispered.

"Actually, me too," Sean admitted, "Want to forget the movie and just fool around?"

"Yesss," Tim hissed, "I thought you'd never ask."

Sean chuckled, "Now your wish is my command..."

At eleven-years-old, the boys' sexual repertoire was limited, but the feelings were no less intense and pleasurable. Though neither boy could come wet yet, lately when they orgasmed something seemed different, as if their bodies were trying to speed up the process.

Their were of course certain advantages to dry orgasms, no muss, no fuss, and no decisions to be made about swallowing or spitting. Which was a good thing at the moment, for neither boy was sure about what they'd do when faced with that dilemma.

In fact, oral sex was relatively new for them and neither were very adept at it yet. Most times one of them would suck and lick the other for a while, then they'd switch off and wind up either jerking themselves off or each other. Butt-play was years away, and though they did enjoy touching each other there, they'd yet to try any type of penetration. In fact, in the shower earlier was the closest they'd ever gotten to that particular part of each other's body.

"Ever wonder what it would be like kiss?" Sean blurted out, then blushed bright red with shame as he waited for Tim to answer.

"Yeah, lots of times," Tim replied softly, "I mean, we kiss each, down there, and we both like that, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, I never thought of it like that. don't think kissing is, gay?"

"What? Gay? How can kissing be more gay than sucking a dick?" Tim laughed.

Sean laughed too, "I guess you're right. I guess sucking dick is gayer than kissing," then suddenly his voice became serious again, "Do you think, I mean, are we gay?"

"I don't know," Tim said softly, "we're pretty young to decide that, don't you think? Maybe we just like the good feelings, and...well, each other. Maybe we'll meet a girl someday and like her better. I don't know, do we really have to decide right now?" he pleaded.

"Nah, I guess not," Sean said perking up, "hey, I heard about something that I'd like to's called a 69..."

"Okay, but first, can we try the kissing thing?" Tim asked blushing.

"Oh, yeah...course we can," Sean said excitedly, "umm, how do we do it?"

"I'm no expert, but I've seen it done in movies and stuff. I know we need to wet our lips, and turn our heads a little so our noses don't bump together, and some point we swap tongues, but only if you want to..."

Sean laughed, "You've been thinking about this, haven't you?"

"A little," Tim said blushing, his smile saying it all.

"Come here then," Sean said pulling Tim into a front to front hug, their hard boy parts pressing together as he did so.

"Oooh, that feels good," Tim whispered, then moments later he and Sean shared their first clumsy but exhilarating kiss.

"Umm, that was pretty good," Sean said pulling back after a minute or so, "want to try again?"

"Yeah, maybe use our tongues this time..."

This time the kiss was more passionate, wetter, and more exciting, and both boys were breathless when they broke for air.

"Wow," Sean gasped, "I almost came just from our kissing."

"Me too," Tim admitted, "I think if we pressed together and sort of moved around as we kissed, we both would come."

"Let's try that. We can do the other thing later, okay?"

"Yess," Tim said eagerly as he leaned in to meet Sean's lips with his own.

At the same time, they tightened their grip on one another, pulling each other closer as their hard cocks meshed together between them. As they kissed, they began to grind into each other, slowly and gently at first, then with desperation as the kiss continued and the feelings in their loins intensified.

Suddenly, crying out into each other's mouth, they felt their orgasm rushing up on them, radiating from their balls and up into their groins till it exploded in their throbbing cocks.

"Ohhhhh," Sean gasped, as wave after wave of pleasure tore through his young body.

"Yessss," Tim whimpered, " good."

Finally, spent and exhausted they broke the kiss at last and fell limp, still clutching one another, but with less urgency now.

"That was definitely the best ever," Sean sighed.

"Yeah, do you think it was the kissing that made it so good?"

"Yeah, I do. That is definitely something we need to do a lot more of."

"Yeah, the more we do it, the better we'll get at it," Tim said leaning in to give Sean a peck on the lips.

Sean smiled, "We might not be gay, but I sure am feeling gay right now," he giggled, "gay, as in...happy, get it?"

"Yeah, gay, really gay," Tim agreed.

"Ugh, I'm wiped out now, maybe we can do the '69' thing in the morning," Sean said suppressing a yawn.

"Oh, sure, that's fine. You rest now, and I'll be right here if you need anything."

"Thanks," Sean said sleepily, "let's spoon, turn those fluffy pillows my way," he teased.

"At least you're not calling my ass fat now," Tim said, obeying Sean's command.

" warm, so soft, so fluffy. No, not fat, perfect. Nite, buddy," Sean sighed.

"Nite," Tim said, and for one moment he was tempted to say more, to express his feelings of love, but in the end he decided that was better left for another time.

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