Trick or Treat - Smell my Feet

by Rob Warr

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including foot play. If reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk.

Just in time for Halloween. Remember that little song we used to sing, Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet? Yeah, you know the one. Well, here's one for the kid still inside us all.

This work is the property of the author, Rob Warr, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission. Copyright ©2020 Rob Warr.

A Halloween Story

Twelve year old Eric King stared at himself in the mirror and squinted his eyes, trying to see himself as others did. He supposed he wasn't ugly, but he always thought other boys were cuter, well, most of them, especially his best friend Rogie. His real name was Roger White, but everyone called him Rogie, and he seemed to prefer that name. Even his folks used his nickname, and the only time he used his real name was on his school papers or to sign some important document. Not that he had to sign that many of those, but while officially he was Roger, to everyone who knew him he was just Rogie.

Rogie, Eric thought, now there's a cute boy. Golden hair, and eyes as blue as the ocean...sigh, and a bod that should be in a teen magazine, even if he wasn't quite a teen yet.

And...sigh, his feet. For you see Eric had a thing for feet, but most especially Rogie's feet. It had all begun when they were about 10 and were wrestling around in Eric's room. Wrestling was nothing new, I mean what boys didn't wrestle? It was just a way of asserting their masculinity, and if they were honest, a way to touch without looking gay. Because after all, we all need a little human contact now and then.

So, while the wrestling was nothing new, what happened that particular day was. It began simply enough. They'd just had a shower and were playing a video game in Eric's floor, when Rogie suddenly threw down his controller and attacked his best friend, pushing him on his back, and the battle was on.

Between giggles and grunts the two struggled to assert their superiority, but the truth was, neither boy was trying very hard. Eric actually enjoyed being pinned, and was only making token attempts to free himself.

Eric could feel Rogie's hot bottom resting on his chest, and raising his head slightly, he could just see the front of his friend's undies and the little tent there. He was keenly aware that he had a little tent going on in his own undies, but at 10, it wasn't much of a problem. He knew all about boners and jerking off, his older brother Cole had made sure he got all that info after Eric had caught him in the act one evening, but Eric wasn't obsessed with that part of his body like his brother was, not yet anyway.

He and Rogie had even compared boners a few times, but they'd yet to do any messing around, although Eric thought about that a lot, especially lately. Ever since he'd turned 12 he'd begun to have thoughts that sort of troubled him, about other boys, about Rogie, and he wished he had someone to talk to about those feelings.

But that day, back when the two were ten, struggling there on the floor, something different happened that gave Eric one more thing to think about.

They'd broke apart and were laying on their backs, their heads at opposite ends, when suddenly Rogie put his bare foot into Eric's crotch and rubbed it across Eric's stiff 3 inch boner.

"Ugh...what are you doing," Eric giggled, not that he wanted Rogie to stop, but he felt the need to protest anyway, just as he felt the need to struggle when they wrestled.

"Smashing your nards," Rogie giggled, but it wasn't Eric's nards that were getting a work out, it was his dick.

"Oh yeah, two can play that game," Eric said, planting his own bare foot in Eric's crotch and immediately feeling his hard dick against it. He knew Rogie was a little bigger down there, but that day Rogie's dick felt huge beneath his soft foot.

He knew something was different about this little game they were playing, and he felt the need to be careful and not act like he was enjoying it too much, but dang it felt good. But the thing was, he wasn't sure which thing felt better, Rogie's foot on his dick, or his own foot on Rogie's.

It was definitely fun though, and he hoped they could keep it up for a long time. It was then that Eric looked down at his crotch, and when he saw Rogie's naked foot there, he felt goosebumps begin to form all over his body.

He couldn't understand it. He'd seen Rogie's feet a million times before, bare, in socks, in shoes, but suddenly it was if they were the most interesting thing in the world. And what was even weirder, looking at them seemed to cause his dick to get harder and throb a little. How could that be? he wondered.

They lay like that a long time, the pretense of harming one another having evaporated as they gently rubbed their foot against the other boy's hardness, enjoying the feel at both ends.

It was during this process that Eric suddenly experienced his first dry orgasm. At first he didn't know what it was, what was happening, but the feeling was so good, so intense, that he just rode it out and didn't try to comprehend what was happening at that moment.

Seconds later Rogie actually cried out and began to shiver beneath Eric's foot, which had never stopped it's gentle massage the whole time, then he too experienced an intense orgasm.

Neither boy spoke of what had happened that night, not even later when they lay in bed side by side talking quietly into the night, but foot play became a staple of their physical play from that night on.

After that night, Eric began to take notice of not only Rogie's feet, but other boys' feet as well. In the pool, when he had sleepovers, anytime he could catch a glimpse of a small pink foot and ten toes, he was up for it.

Rogie was due to arrive in about fifteen minutes and Eric still wasn't dressed. He considered just greeting Rogie in his undies, but his mom was home, and he thought that might be too much to get away with, even as cool as his mom was.

Instead he donned a pair of loose nylon basketball shorts and a jersey, but kept his feet bare as always. He had found that if he went barefoot it encouraged Rogie to do the same, and he could indulge in his foot watching fetish.

Of course, Eric didn't know he had a foot fetish. In fact he didn't give it much thought one way or the other. It was just something he liked, like video games and pepperoni pizza, and nothing to get all bent out of shape about.

Oh sure, sometimes he wondered if he was the only one who liked feet as much as he did, but Rogie seemed to like the foot play, so he assumed it was something most boys liked. Maybe even adults like it, though that did sound weird.

"Eric honey, Rogie is here," his mom yelled up the stairs.

"Coming mom," Eric said, taking the stairs two at a time and arriving at the bottom to find Rogie standing there, backpack in hand and a huge smile on his face.

"Hey loser," he said offering his fist to bump."

"Dork," Eric said, returning the bump and the smile.

"Mom, you can order the pizza now," Eric yelled, but his mom was already way ahead of him and was ordering the pizza as he spoke, "We'll be in my room."

Once in Eric's room, Rogie tossed his backpack in the corner and toed off his Nikes, then stripped off his socks and stuffed them inside his shoes. He'd showered just a hour ago and put on clean everything, so he was good to go.

Eric watched lustfully as Rogie stripped off his socks, and he was already beginning to feel a stiffening in his pants. God, Rogie's feet were cute. So soft, so pink, so perfect. Even his toenails were perfectly trimmed, his toes so straight, and clean, and healthy looking.

"Pervert," Rogie giggled noticing where Eric's eyes were, "how come you like my feet so much?"

"What? I...what are you talking about?" Eric said, wondering why suddenly Rogie was bringing this up. He'd never seemed to mind his looking, or touching before, so why now?"

"Dude, your eyes are glued to my piggies," he giggled. Then seeing the look of devastation and shame on his best friend's face he softened, "Aww...dude, I was only kidding. It's cool. I like your feet too, especially when we play footsie, he he he."

Eric relaxed a little, but he was still flustered by his friend's comment. Sitting on the bed heavily, he looked down at his own feet as Rogie sat down beside him, so close they were touching at the hips and shoulders.

Eric could smell Rogie's scent, shampoo and soap, and his own underlying musk, and he breathed it in as if he were desperate for him.

"I...I don't know. Is it weird?" Eric said after a bit. Best to get this over with, he thought. If Rogie is weirded out by it, then maybe it's best to get it out in the open now.

"Nah, not weird I guess. It's just...funny," he said smiling warmly, "like it makes me smile and laugh when I see you staring at them. Dude, I don't mind, you can look all you want. Heck, you can feel em too," he chuckled.

"Really?" Eric said brightening some.

"Sure, but not in front of other people, he he he, that might look weird, but when we're alone, sure."

"Oh...okay, thanks, maybe later," Eric said, his heart swelling with love for his best friend for being so cool about things.

The sound of the doorbell brought the boys up off the bed and scampering down the stairs, and by the time they got to the bottom their mom had the pizza in hand, along with the cheesy bread sticks and a two liter of Pepsi.

"Yummm...pepperoni pizza," Eric said grabbing the box from his mom.

"Oh dear, I thought you wanted anchovy and mushrooms," she teased.

"Mom, I do not eat little fishies on my pizza, or those crappy things that grow on the lawn, yuck."

"Mushrooms are okay, sometimes," Rogie said, "but anchovies, no way Jose."

"We're gonna take ours upstairs," Eric said as she poured them big tumblers of soda on ice. The tumblers had lids and straws to protect from spills, and kept the sodas cool to boot.

"All right, take all but two pieces, and all but two bread sticks, you boys can have the rest."

"What about Cole and your Dad?" Rogie wondered.

"They're having a father/son night out," Eric giggled, "probably gonna get drunk and pick up some girls, right mom?"

"I'm sure," his mom said rolling her eyes, "They were going to some classic car show at the fair grounds. Probably eat hot dogs and nachos for supper."

"Ah, cool...that sounds awesome...NOT!" Eric laughed, "Come on Rogie, I got the pizza, you grab the bread sticks."

In Eric's room, the two spread out the food on the floor and sat in front of the TV watching a movie on Netflix as they ate. It was a movie about a cute teenage boy who was born on mars, and Eric couldn't help but stare at the boy and wonder what his feet looked like.

Rogie seemed to be enjoying the movie, but Eric didn't think it was for the same reason he was. He'd known Rogie a long time, well since third grade anyway, and he thought he knew him pretty well, but he still wasn't sure how he felt about the one important thing that had been on Eric's mind lately.

He was 12 now, not quite a teen, but close, and already he'd begun to notice some changes in his body. His dick was bigger now, a proud 4.5 inches, and he even had a few scraggly hairs just above it, but the most noticeable change was, his orgasms were no longer dry. Oh sure, he didn't shoot more than a few drops, and it was thin and watery, but the pleasure derived from masturbation seemed to have increased with the appearance of his immature goo.

He wanted to talk to Rogie about it, to ask if he'd been noticing any changes too, but he just wasn't exactly sure how to bring it up, no matter how many times he rehearsed it in his head.

"Hey, cheese head," Rogie giggled, "I'm talking to you."

"Huh, what? Oh, sorry...I was spacing. This pizza is sooo good."

"I said, so what did you decide about Halloween, wanna go trick or treating, or go to the school carnival?"

"This may be our last year to dress up and go trick or treating, so...I say that's what we do. Is that cool with you?"

"Hells yeah," he chuckled, "I even know what I want to dress up as."

"What? So I can kind of make my costume go along with it."

"I'm going as a zombie,"

"Real original," Eric said, rolling his eyes, "what are you gonna do, just not bathe for a week?" he teased.

"No, but I've got some fake blood and fake flesh stuff, and my mom said she could rip up some of my clothes and pour fake blood on them and stuff."

"I dunno, sounds okay I guess. But I'm gonna think of something more original."

"Aw, come on, just dress up like a zombie too, that way we'll match."

"Well, I guess it would make sense. All right, but you gotta help me make my costume."

So that was settled, and they had just about a week to put their costumes together and prepare for the big day. They even pulled up a street map of the area and carefully mapped out their route to travel, hitting the best neighborhoods for maximum candy gathering.

Once the pizza was gone, their drinks drained, and they'd washed up a bit, they reconvened in front of the TV and played video games for a while.

Around 9:30, Eric's dad and his brother Cole made it home, and after stopping by to say goodnight, they left the two alone. Cole gave the two an envious look, but he knew better than to try to insinuate himself into their fun. He had his own friends, and he understood the need to back off when Eric had a friend over, and Eric always returned the favor. However, when there were no friends over, the two spent lots of time together, so it was no big deal.

Eventually, they tired of video games and Eric grabbed his laptop and they pulled up some Google images of Zombies to try to get some ideas for their costumes.

Rogie had the brilliant idea to actually Google kid's Zombie costumes and they got a ton of ideas. They saved a number of pictures and put them in a file to print out later, then Rogie suggested they browse for some porn.

"What kind of porn?" Eric blurted out without thinking. Of course he meant straight porn, Eric thought, then trying to redeem himself, he added, "I mean, boobs, asses, what kind?"

"Uh, I don't know, it's not like I look at porn all the time like you do," he teased.

"Very funny," Eric said, pulling up a relatively safe website, one with out popups and viruses.

"Twinks, what's that?" Rogie asked noticing some young looking girls and guys in one picture.

"I think that means young or something. Want me to click that?"

"Yeah, don't wanna see any saggy tits or saggy balls," he laughed.

Eric clicked on the link and they were bombarded by images of couples, three ways, and orgies. While most of the players were young, there was the occasional older man in the videos and neither boy cared much for that.

"Try this one," Rogie said pointing to a thumbnail showing two hot guys and a shaved blond girl that looked more like a guy than a girl.

"Wow, they're um, going at it from both ends," Rogie said blushing.

"I think that's called spit-roasting," Eric said, actually having read the term in a story on Nifty.

"Wow, she looks like she likes it. Do you think there are really girls that like doing that stuff? Then he cried out, "Oh my God, that's not pussy he's in, it's her butthole."

"What, oh're right," Eric said blushing as he absent-mindedly pushed at his boner. The boner that had suddenly filled his shorts.

"Oh man, I knew gay guys did that, but chicks, who knew?"

"I guess it must feel good or something," Eric reasoned, as he watched with wide eyes. He'd seen some gay porn, and of course anal sex, but like Rogie, he'd never thought about girls doing that.

What happened next caused Eric to get even harder, and Rogie to look at his best friend with a knowing smile. The boy who was fucking, flipped the girl over on her back and pushed her legs up high, exposing her small pink feet with blue nail polish. He actually stuck her big toe in his mouth and began to suck on it as he re-entered her and picked up where he'd left off.

The other guy, who's dick looked to be huge, was jerking off now and suddenly he began to come all over her face, her boobs, and her stomach. Then the guy fucking pulled out, pumped his cock a few times and added his load to the mess the other guy had made.

"Wow, Rogie said, "I guess you're not the only one who likes feet."

Eric wanted to tell him that he knew that for a fact, that he'd seen videos of foot worship, foot sex, and even guys coming on other guys' feet, but he kept quiet about that fact.

"Yeah, I guess. Love her nail polish, you should paint your toenails purple," he teased.

"Nah, then you might get poisoned when you suck on my toes later," Rogie smirked, then he gave Eric a look that left him wondering if he was serious or just teasing.

"Hey, check this out," Rogie chuckled, "look at the categories, there's one for feet. Let's see what's on that one."

Eric had a pretty good idea, but he would have liked it better if it had been foot fetish on the gay site he usually visited. He clicked on it anyway, and there were a lot of silk stocking covered ladies' feet, but a few bare ones that were pretty nice looking. Eric's boner hadn't gone down any the whole time, and a quick peek at Rogie's crotch told him he had the same problem.

"This is your thing," Rogie said finally, "but you like my feet better, dontcha?" he said poking Eric in the side.

"I dunno," Eric said blushing, "I just...I like how they look, okay?"

"Yeah, that's fine," Rogie said, letting it go for now. There was so much more he wanted to say, but it could wait till later.

"This is boring, can we watch something else?'

So, they wound up watching another three-way, this one what they called Vintage, and the guys looked very, very young.

"It's Russian," Rogie said, "they made tons of these back in the 70's and I bet some of the actors weren't even 18. They get away with it, cause they probably had fake records back then. Look at that chick, she's hot. Man, she sure has a big bush," he laughed.

Eric liked this video, not only were the guys young and hot, they showed their feet a lot, even if they weren't playing with them or anything. Then the unexpected happened. It had been labeled as bisexual, and now the two boys were making out.

"Oh my God, they're gonna...fuck," Rogie said, his eyes wide open.

"Want me to stop it?" Eric said, hoping Rogie would say no.

"Nah, let's see what the chick does, ah...she's sucking the guy that's getting fucked. Wow, they sure are flexible," he joked.

"Yeah, I guess they got lots of practice," Eric chuckled, relieved that Rogie seemed comfortable watching what was technically gay sex.

Then, as if things couldn't get better, the boy on bottom raised his feet high, then the boy fucking him grabbed onto his ankles and pushed his legs high as his cute pink feet wiggled around in the air.

"There's you some more feet," Rogie chuckled, "I bet you've got a rager by now. Let me see, he said poking at Eric's crotch.

"Stop asswipe, you're hard too."

"Yeah, and I'm about to bust. Oh man, I'm gonna have to squeeze the weasel before too much longer, unless you can do it for me dude," he joked.

"I ain't touching that thing. I don't know where it's been," Eric teased, while his own cock throbbed at the very thought of it.

"Aw, come on, I'll let you play with my feet if you'll jerk me off," Rogie laughed.

"Okay," Eric said, then seeing the look on Rogie's face he cracked up laughing, "NOT! Had ya dude."

"Oh man, don't tease me like that. I could die of a heart attack, cause I bet your hand is so soft," he said dissolving into laughter.

"Not as soft as your feet," Eric teased back.

"You can find out later," Rogie said jumping up, "Gotta go pee, back in a mo."

While Rogie was gone, Eric repositioned his hard dick so it was pointing upwards, held down by the band of his undies, and he noticed it was wet on the end.

Oh great, he thought, just what I need, to soak through to my shorts. So, when Rogie came back Eric took his turn in the bathroom and wiped up the pre on his dick before returning.

Rogie was staring at a decidedly gay video when Eric sat back down beside him, this one with two cute Asian boys who were rubbing each others crotch with their foot.

"Oh My God, where did you find that?" Eric squeaked out.

"Um, under gay foot fetish," Rogie said sounding as if it were the most logical thing in the world. I thought you might like this."

"Rogie, that', gay porn."

"Yeah, didn't I just say that? What's the big deal?"

"Uh, none I guess," Eric mumbled, staring at the cute boy feet before him and feeling the wetness seeping from his dick once again.

"Is that what you want to do to me?" Rogie said nonchalantly.

"What? No!" Eric said blushing.

"Come on, admit it, you'd like to suck my toes and rub em on your dick, wouldn't ya?"

"I...can't talk to you about this," Eric pouted, moving away and turning his back to Rogie.

"Dude, it's cool. I'm cool with it. What are friends for if they can't help each other out?"

Rogie closed the laptop and sat it down on the nightstand, then turned to stare at his friend. "I'm pretty tired, want to go to bed now?"

"Uh, sure," Eric said, completely taken off guard.

They brushed their teeth, peed one last time and stripped down to their underwear and climbed into bed. Eric turned off the bedside lamp and pulled the covers up over them both, and for a while they lay there in total darkness and quiet.

"I been thinking," Rogie suddenly said, almost causing Eric to jump out of his skin.

"Uh, what?" Eric said, feeling a little shaky.

"About our costumes, what if I went as a Zombie, and you went as my victim?"

"What you mean?"

"Well, you could be dressed like, well...a regular dude and when the door opens, I attack you and bite out a pretend piece of flesh or something and some fake blood comes out."

"But you could only do it once, then I'd be a bloody mess and a Zombie myself."

"Yeah, I guess. Okay, well...I guess we'll both be Zombies then."

Suddenly Eric felt Rogie's warm soft foot against his and he almost fainted. Was Rogie going to start some foot play, or was it an accident?

"I'm still hard," Rogie sighed, "I can't believe you won't help me out," he teased.

"Whip it out," Eric teased back.

"Really!?" Eric asked excitedly, "Oh, you ass, you're just bustin' my balls, aren't ya?"

"You never know," Eric said. He was liking this game. He felt like he had some control, and it gave him an opportunity to say things he might not ordinarily say, hiding behind the idea that it was all a big joke.

Rogie sighed, "I'm really hurtin' here, man...come on, help a bro out," he said, but Eric couldn't tell if he was being real or teasing again.

"Is it wet?" Eric laughed.

"Uh huh, it's been dripping all night. My undies are ruined."

"Gross, TMI," Eric said, pretending to be offended, when in fact he was harder than ever just from hearing about Rogie's state of horniness.

"Aw, don't be that way. Hey, I know. What if, did each others?"

"Dude, are you serious?" Eric asked, his voice squeaking a little.

"Well, yeah...I will, if you will."

Eric lay there in the dark for a long time. Wasn't this what he'd been dreaming about, another boy to play around with? And what better boy than his best friend? Still, he had to wonder, would it be too weird afterwards? Tomorrow would they regret it, and ruin their friendship?

"Seriously?" Eric asked again, just to be sure.

"Forget it," Rogie sighed.

"No, I'm just making sure," Eric said quickly, "You really want to?"

"Well, sure. Why not? I mean, you're not Pam Hargraves, but you're sort of cute," he chuckled.

"Pam Hargraves? Man, she is way out of your league."

"So, I guess that's why you look so good," he teased.

"Thanks, I guess. So, you want, do each other's dick?" Eric said, barely able to get the words out as his dick jumped in anticipation.

"Yeah, I figured we could lay side by side, and since I'm left handed it should work out just right."

"Wow, you been thinking about this for a while or something?"

"Nah," Rogie said, but Eric could hear the blush in his voice, "just makes sense."

"You're sure?" Eric asked once more. Just to make certain Rogie wasn't teasing.

"Yeah, and dude, if we don't do it quick I am gonna spooge all over the place without touching it."

Eric chuckled, "I doubt that. Um, hold on, I'll be right back."

Eric ran off to the adjoining bathroom and when he returned he had two towels in his hand. He threw one to Rogie, then slipped back into bed.

"Okay, um...we need to throw the covers back. I don't want to get spooge on the quilt."

"Yeah, totally...yeah, that's cool. I need room to work my magic," Rogie laughed nervously. Am I really going to do this? he wondered, touch another boy's dick, and my best friend's dick at that. But his little head pushed all doubts aside as it throbbed with each heart beat and demanded attention.

"Okay," Eric said throwing back the covers, "um...we should probably lose our undies too, don't want to spooge on them either."

"Yeah, of course. I usually sleep naked at home, to make it easy to jerk."

"You do? Um, but not when I'm over, right?"

"No, course not. But we can from now on if you want," Rogie teased.

"No way, I don't want your dick flopping around and hitting me in the eye," Eric teased back.

"It's not that big dude," Rogie laughed, "see!" he said pushing his underwear down to allow his boner to pop up.

Eric noticed two things right away, first: that Rogie's dick was a little bigger and thicker, and second: he had more hair above it. Maybe it only looked thicker since it was darker, Eric reasoned, since his own pubic hair was so light in color it was hard to see.

"You're right, it's not big at all," Eric laughed nervously, then he pushed his own underwear down to reveal a sleeker, slightly smaller dick that stuck straight up from his crotch, unlike Rogie's which was more at an angle.

"Not bad," Rogie said, reaching over to grab hold of his friend's hard dick.

"Uhhh," Eric said, not ready for such an assault so soon. It took a moment for him to recover from the sheer sensory overload, but when he did he managed to return the favor, "Oh, it's hot and wet."

"Yeah, so's yours. Uh, do you have any lube or lotion or anything?"

"What? Oh, yeah...on the nightstand, there's a bottle of lotion. Can you reach it?"

"Yeah, got it," Rogie said releasing Eric's dick long enough to retrieve it.

Eric felt an immediate sense of loss when Rogie pulled his hand away, then he had to remove his own hand from Rogie's dick as they both slicked up their hands. Eventually they got back to it though, and this time it felt even better.

This was two firsts for both boys, first time being touched down there, and first time touching anyone else, and the feeling was almost too much to process. They had instinctively scooted closer together as they continued to work each other's throbbing member, and now the warmth and softness of their bodies pressing together was adding to the thrill of their first sex with someone other than their own hand.

Suddenly Eric moved his foot and it found Rogie's immediately. Rogie didn't seem to mind, and instead he pushed his own foot into Eric's then grinned at him in the semi-darkness.

"You like that don't ya?" Rogie giggled.

"Yeah, is that okay?"

Rogie laughed, "Dude, we got each others dicks in our hand, why would playing footsie not be okay?"

"Okay, cool," Eric said smiling, "anyway, you said I could...earlier, you said I could touch em in bed," he added blushing.

"Yeah, well...maybe if we flipped head to toe we could do both things at once. Wanna try?"

"What do you mean?"

So, Rogie showed Eric exactly what he had in mind, and when they were head to toe on the bed, Eric could barely contain his excitement. Right there, only inches away were Rogie's cute soft feet and he'd even been given permission to touch them.

Tentatively, Eric reached out with his free hand once he'd reclaimed his hold on Rogie's dick with the other, and he gently touched Rogie's foot.

"Careful, I'm ticklish," Rogie warned, "no soft touches, okay... you can rub it, but don't tickle it."

"Oh, okay," Eric said in a shaky voice as he retreated for a moment.

"Dude, you can touch em, like just grab it and stuff, don't tickle em though," Rogie said sounding desperate.

"Gotcha," Eric said getting a firm grip on Eric's left foot this time, squeezing the toes together, exciting him and causing his dick to jump a little in Rogie's hand.

"You like that dude?" Rogie said in a dreamy voice.

"Do you?"

"Yeah, pull my toes, I like that shit," Rogie said in a husky voice.

Eric giggled, but did as Rogie suggested, eliciting a soft moan from his friend. One by one Eric pulled the long pink toes on Rogie's left foot, all the while trying to maintain a rhythm a he worked his best friend's cock with the other hand.

Rogie was doing an exemplary job of working over Eric's cock, and soon he felt the tingles he associated with orgasm beginning in his balls and guts.

"I'm getting close," Eric panted as he began working on Rogie's other foot.

"Me too, just let it go, grab a towel, I already have one."

"Okay," Eric said softly, as he continued to work Rogie's toes, even as his own toes began to curl as his orgasm came rushing up on him. Then suddenly, all hell broke loose as both boys chose that moment to erupt in a rare simultaneous orgasm.

"Oh...shit shit shit," Rogie cried out breathlessly as his entire body shook and spasmed from the most intense orgasm of his young life.

"Uhhhh," Eric moaned as he tried to deal with his own orgasm as well as the eruption from Rogie's dick. It wasn't a geyser by any means, one small spurt then some dribbling, and Eric didn't mind one little bit that most of it was on his hand. In fact, he had this almost irresistible urge to bring his hand to his mouth and taste Rogie's cream. He'd tasted his own many time since first starting to come wet, and he was curious if Rogie's cum would taste the same.

He's forgotten about Rogie's feet in the seconds after his orgasm hit, but he was suddenly aware that he had a tight grip on one of Rogie's feet and was holding on for dear life.

"Wow, that was intense dude. I never came that hard before. I don't know if it was cause of your hand on my dick, or your hand on feet, or both," Rogie giggled.

"I came hard too," Eric said, barely able to raise his head to look at Rogie, "and you didn't even touch my feet."

It wasn't an accusation, but Rogie seemed to take it that way at first, "Okay, next time I'll touch your feet too."

"Oh, you don't have to," Eric said blushing brightly.

"No, it's okay. I'm not afraid of a little toe jam," Rogie teased.

"Want me to clean you up, or you wanna do your own," Eric said dismissing the foot thing for the moment.

"You made the mess, you clean it up," Rogie chuckled, and Eric laughed too.

It didn't take much to clean up, and once they'd slipped their undies back on, Eric joined Rogie at the head of the bed and they lay side by side staring upward into the darkness.

"That was totally bitchin'," Rogie said, "how come we never done that before?"

"Well, I just never thought you'd want to," Eric confessed.

"So, you've thought about it before?" Rogie said, picking up on Eric's inference.

"No, maybe...okay, yeah, but I just thought, you know? that it would be kinda weird since we're best buds and all."

"Nah, I'd rather do it with my best bud than some strange boy with rough hands and hangnails," Rogie joked,

"Like Fred Castrol?" Eric laughed, "that kid's hands look like he's been chopping wood all day.

"Yeah," Rogie laughed, then he lay there a moment before continuing, "So, the foot thing, that turns you on, right?"

"Uh, I can't talk about that."

"Sure you can. You're my best bud, and after all, it's my feet," he chuckled.

"Well, promise you won't laugh?"

"I swear to God, cross my heart and hope to die," Rogie said seriously.

"Okay," Eric sighed, "remember when we used to wrestle and push our feet into each others crotch?"

Rogie blushed then, "Yeah, we rubbed each other off a few times."

"Yes, exactly!" Eric said excitedly, "Well, after that it was like my eyes were opened or something. I just couldn't get enough of feet, your feet mostly. Is that weird?"

"I don't know. Who gets to decide what's weird and what's not? I say if it works for you, then it's okay, not weird at all. And if it's any help, I liked the hell out of what you did tonight. Man, I came so hard just from you feeling up my toes and my dick at the same time. One time I looked down and your face was so close to my foot...I, um, thought you were gonna suck my toes or something."

"Would you have liked that?" Eric asked curiously.

"How could I not like it? Dude you can suck any part of me you want, hint hint," he joked, or was he?

"Dude, I'm not that kind of boy," Eric giggled, "not yet anyway."

"So, how about next time you just do whatever you want, with my feet, and we'll see what you like and what I like?"

"Okay, yeah. This is so cool. Thanks for being so cool about this. Some guys would probably give me hell about it."

"Yeah, so I don't suggest you go around sniffing guys' shoes or socks," he giggled, "but you're safe with me dude."

They talked a bit longer, but soon the exhausting day and the intense orgasm had them struggling to stay awake. The last thing Eric remembered as he drifted off to sleep was Rogie's soft foot cradled beneath his own, and a smile crossed his lips as sleep overtook him.


Halloween fell on Saturday that year, perfect for kids trick or treating or partying since there was no school the next day. Rogie was sleeping over again, and both boys were looking forward not only to trick or treating, but to the sleepover. This would be their first time being together since the night they had jerked each other off in Eric's bed, and they were both excited and nervous about what might happen tonight.

Their costumes had been ready for almost a week now, and with a little help from Eric's mom they had their makeup, fake blood and scars in place and were ready to go as soon as darkness fell.

Cole, Eric's older brother, was spending the night at a friend's house and going to a party since he was too old to trick our treat now. Eric was glad he was out of the house for the night, especially since he was hoping he and Rogie could pick up where they left off last sleepover.

"Let me get some pictures of you two," Eric's mom said grabbing her phone.

"Okay, mom...get one of me biting Rogie's neck or something," he giggled.

"Hey, I'm the head Zombie here," Rogie protested, but he didn't resist when Eric grabbed him and pretended to bite his neck.

They posed for several pictures, then previewed them on their mother's phone before she sent them to their phones. Both boys had smart phones, but neither abused them, using them mostly to communicate with each other and their parents. A smart phone could be a very valuable thing to have for a kid, just in case they got into trouble, and both sets of parents understood that. There were rules that went along with them, but so far both boys had behaved responsibly and neither had lost any phone privileges since they'd acquired them.

"You boys be careful, and keep your phone where you can get to it fast. Stay on the lighted streets, and if a house is dark, don't go there."

"Mom, we know the rules," Eric chuckled, "we'll be careful and bring back lots of candy. And if you're good you can have all the Snicker Bars," he chuckled.

Snickers were his mom's one weakness, and she had a habit of raiding his candy stash for them each year.

"Well, maybe one or two," she said grinning.

Both boys were laughing as they headed out the door, and Mrs. King smiled and thought to herself, what good kids those two are. If only she knew what they'd been up to the other night, and what was going to happen that night, she might think differently.

The boys covered the first block quickly, they knew the folks on this block and who had the best stuff, and their costumes were a big success which brought them extra candy at some houses.

On the next block they knew a few of the people, especially the ones that housed kids from school, but they made quick work of it, ready to move on to the better neighborhoods.

They had been out about 30 minutes when they ran across a fellow Zombie, and they stopped for a moment to growl and mumble at one another before breaking up in a fit of laughter.

"Hey, I know you guys," the other zombie, "Eric and Roger, right?

"Rogie," Roger said, "everyone calls me Rogie."

"Oh, yeah. I'm Mike, I sit behind you in Biology class."

"Mike, Mike, that's you? OMG, I didn't recognize you at all."

"Yeah, good makeup Mike," Eric added, "Hey, want to join us, three zombies might do better than two," Eric joked.

"Yeah,, yeah...definitely," the boy said grinning, and beneath the makeup he was blushing a little.

He'd had a sort of crush on Rogie since 6th grade, but he was too shy to even talk to the boy, let alone try to be friends with him. Mike was a little smaller than Eric and Roger, but years of playing baseball and soccer had turned his body into a little powerhouse. His older brother David was 16, and sometimes Mike worked out with him and lifted weights in their garage using their dad's equipment. All the men in Mike's family were fit and healthy and Mike worked hard to keep up with his brother and father. Mike's mom had died when he was 9 and David 13, but their dad had been a rock for them, and somehow they'd managed to work through the pain, and now were as close as any family could be.

The cute black boy was positively beaming as he joined the two other boys, and soon they were laughing and playing around as if they had known each other forever.

"Hey, Mike, do you live around here?" Eric asked, "I don't remember seeing you in the neighborhood before."

"In Pine Grove, by the tennis courts."

"Wow, yeah...that's a nice neighborhood. We should def hit that one, but you've probably already been there, right?"

"Actually, my bro dropped me off over here and I'm supposed to work my way back home."

"Cool, we'll go with you and then we can see where you live and pillage your neighborhood...he he."

"Oh, okay," Mike said blushing once more. Why were these two being so friendly, he wondered, are they for real or just playing me?

But the more he interacted with the two, the less he worried, and the more he enjoyed himself, and by the time they'd made it to his street, he was on top of the world.

"That's my house, the yellow one on the corner. Hey, there's my brother David," he said waving at a tall handsome boy who was dressed only in sweat shorts and a tank top despite the weather. He was standing in the open door of a three car garage which held an SUV and an older Honda Civic, as well as a selection of exercise equipment.

David had been working-out and had stepped out for a breath of fresh air and to watch the kids as they rambled up the street. His dad was inside to pass out candy, and as always he was enjoying himself immensely. His dad even went so far as to dress up too, but nothing scary. This year he was dressed as a Roman Soldier, plastic sword and all, and the kids loved it.

"Hey bro," David said when he saw his brother, "I see you found more zombies."

"Yeah, this is Eric and Roger...I mean Rogie," Mike said beaming, "Rogie is in my Biology class."

"Hey guys," David said offering a fist bump, "nice costumes, why don't you guys go hit my dad up for some candy? I wanna talk to my bro a minute."

Eric and Roger took the hint and left Mike to talk to his brother while they walked up to the door. It was open, with only a full-view storm door between them and the Roman Soldier on the other side. He gave the two a big toothy smile and opened the door before they could even ring the doorbell.

"Trick or Treat," the two boys said at once.

"Cool costume," Eric said to the man.

"Thanks, you guys look good too. My son went as a Zombie too, maybe you seen him around."

Rogie giggled, "Maybe, is his name Mike?"

"Yes, you know him?"

"Hi dad," Mike said suddenly appearing from around the corner, "these are my friends, Eric and Rogie, we met over on Maple street and decided to join up."

"Well, you're not getting any candy from me," his dad teased.

"That's okay, I get whatever is left over every year anyway," Mike chuckled.

"So, are you done trick or treating son?"

"Well, we thought we'd hit the rest of the neighborhood. Then I'll be back," Mike said almost sadly.

Suddenly, Eric and Rogie had the exact same idea, at the exact same time, and as if some silent message had been passed between them, they both started to speak at once.

Both boys stopped and laughed, then Eric said, "You go first."

"No, you go first."

"Uh, can we talk a minute?" Eric said, pulling Rogie aside, while Mike just shrugged and moved out of the way to make room for the next group of trick or treaters.

"What were you gonna say?" Eric asked when they were alone.

"Well, I know it's your house and all, but I was thinking, what if Mike came and spent the night too?"

"No way!" Eric said, and at first Rogie thought he was against the idea, "I was thinking the same thing," he chuckled. "We could have a blast, the three of us, and we could get to know Mike better."

"Yeah, it would be cool. I know Mike from class and he seems like a nice kid. Think his dad will let him?"

"Only one way to find out."

The other trick or treaters were gone now, and Mike and his dad were chatting as the two approached.

"Sorry about that, me and Rogie just needed to talk a minute. We been thinking, both of us, and if it's okay with you sir, and with you Mike, we wondered if Mike would like to spend the night at my house. Rogie is already staying over and we could play video games or watch a movie or something. My mom is ordering pizza once we get home, and well...I know we don't know each other very well, but we could fix that tonight."

Mike's dad chuckled, "Mike, what do you think?"

"Well, I think...YES!!!" Mike yelped, practically jumping for joy, "If it's okay with you dad."

"I might need to talk to Eric's mom, but I don't see why not."

Okay, but I better call her first," Eric giggled.

"I tell you what, just have her call me. Mike knows the number, and son...better grab some clothes for tomorrow. You can't run around like that."

While Mike ran in to grab his stuff, the boys wandered back to the garage and watched David as he lifted weights. His body was ripped and bulged with muscles, but it was the bulge about midway that attracted both boys' eyes. It was obvious that David was well endowed, and that made them wonder if Mike was also blessed that way. They'd both heard that black boys were better hung than white boys, but until now they'd never had the opportunity to judge for themselves if the rumor was true. Of course David was older, and that might account for his bigger penis, but to two 12 year old boys it looked gigantic.

"Ready," Mike said interrupting their thoughts.

"Where you going bro?" David said, sitting up and wiping his sweaty brow with a towel.

It was then that Eric and Rogie noticed something else about the cute hunky black boy. He was barefooted, and suddenly he crossed his legs and the sole of one foot came into view, and it was pink.

Both boys eyes were drawn to David's foot, and though they tried not to stare, they couldn't help it. The pink of his sole was such a contrast to his dark skin that it was mesmerizing. Beautiful, Eric thought, then blushed, but he couldn't help but wonder if Mike's feet would look the same. He couldn't wait to find out.

"I'm spending the night at Eric's house, and Rogie's sleeping over too," Mike said, grinning widely.

"Cool bro, have fun you guys," David said fist bumping his little bro.

"We will, hey can I leave my backpack here? We're gonna go up the block then back down and I'll pick it up when we come back by."

"Sure bro, I'll be out here a while. Hey, got any Tootsie Roll Pops in that bag?"

"I do," Eric volunteered, digging around till he found two and handing them to David, all the while staring at the bulge in his shorts.

David chuckled as he thanked Eric. He knew exactly where Eric's eyes were and he knew it was natural. This wasn't the first of Mike's friends that had been interested in the bulge in his shorts. He didn't think he was really any better endowed than most of the boys his age that he knew, but to a younger boy he knew he must look enormous.

Finally the boys managed to pull away, and Mike led the way since this was his street. They made quite a haul, and by the time they retrieved Mike's backpack they were ready to head to Eric's house.

David was resting now, sitting on the weight bench sipping water, and when the three approached he gave them a warm smile.

"Looks like you did pretty good," he said eying their sacks of candy.

"Yeah, here's some more Tootsie Roll Pops," Mike said handing his brother a handful of suckers that the three had dug from their sacks.

"Hey thanks. My only weakness, that and women," David chuckled.

Mike rolled his eyes, "Well, at least you got the suckers, cause you sure ain't got the women." He managed to just dodge the towel his brother launched his way, then he quickly gathered up Eric and Rogie and they were off.

They were still giggling as they headed up the street, but it was Eric who spoke first.

"Your bro seems really cool. I bet he has lots of girlfriends, right?"

"Not exactly," Mike giggled.

"Whats so funny?" Rogie wanted to know.

"Nothing, can't say," Mike said sobering some.

"Okay, if you say so. Your dad seems nice too. Where's your mom?"

Mike's laughter died on his lips and Rogie wished he'd kept his mouth shut.

"She died, when I was 9. It's just been us three guys ever since, but my dad and my bro are awesome," Mike said fondly.

"Sorry man," Rogie said patting Mike's shoulder, "that must be tough."

"I still miss her, but I know she's up there watching me from Heaven, and that's cool."

"Yeah," Eric said placing an arm around his new friend's neck, "you gotta great family."

"Yeah, I do, and good friends," he said looking at the two.

"Well, you got two new ones now," Rogie said, throwing his arm around Mike's neck as well. And that's how they arrived at Eric's house.

The phone call to Mike's dad was merely a formality, since both adults accepted the sleepover without question. The boys were actually famished after walking the streets for several hours and ready for some pizza.

Eric's mom ordered the pizza, then took one look at the boys and pointed to the stairs, "You boys go take a shower and get out of those disgusting rags. And wash off that fake blood. You look like accident victims."

"You can use my shower, and Rogie and I will use my folks' shower," Eric said once they were upstairs. Then after showing Mike the bathroom and where everything was, he and Rogie grabbed their clothes and headed to the master bath.

The shower in there was huge, and both boys fit in it easily, and they took turns washing each others back to speed things up. Of course the inevitable happened before too long, and Rogie was the first to bring up what had come up.

"Dude, you're hard."

"So? So are you."

"Yeah, should we...?"

"Nah, let's save it for later, in bed."

"What about Mike?"

"We'll see. He might wanna play too," Eric said grinning, "if not, we'll put him on the air mattress on the floor and wait till he's asleep."

"Okay, sounds good. Anyway, I'm starved. We better hurry, the pizza should be here soon.

They returned to Eric's room fully dressed and found Mike was dressed as well, in sweats and a tee shirt. The baggy sweats concealed much of his muscular lower body, but the tee was tight and showed off his baby six pack and flat stomach nicely.

And even though the sweats were loose fitting, there was a prominent bulge in his crotch that they hadn't noticed in his baggy zombie costume. Maybe it was true, they both decided, maybe black boys were better hung. They both hoped to find out for sure that night.

Eric's dad was away on one his frequent overnight business trips, and Cole at his friend's house, and Mrs. King was actually glad to have the noisy boys around. She'd come from a big family and missed the noise and chaos at times. Well tonight there would be plenty of both, but to her it was music to her ears.

"You boys want to watch a scary movie with me. I think most of the trick or treaters are home by now, but we may get a few older stragglers."

"Sure mom," Eric said and the other two nodded their agreement.

There were several scary movies on Netflix to choose from and Eric's mom let the boys pic one while she answered the door. Two older teens, dressed as Emos, or maybe they were Emos, she wasn't sure, dutifully said the magic phrase and she blessed them with a handful of treats.

"Thanks," the two said in unison, pleased with the haul.

Eric started the movie as soon as his mom returned, and for awhile there were no interruptions as they watched the movie and chowed down on the pizza, followed by slurps of soda.

Ding dong, went the door bell. "I'll get it mom," Eric volunteered.

"All right dear, want me to pause the movie?"

"Nah, this is a slow part. Be right back."

Opening the door, Eric was confronted by two teens who looked to be at least 16, and they weren't even in costume."

"Hey little man, got any candy left?"

"You look kinda old to be trick or treating," Eric frowned, "and you didn't even say the words."

"That right?" one of the boys smirked, "you the Halloween Police or something?"

"Nope, but at least I know the rules. One: you gotta dress up, Two: you need to be a kid, and three: you gotta say, Trick or Treat."

"Okay, okay. Trick or Treat," the other boy said rolling his eyes, "now give us the goodies."

"You didn't follow the other two rules, so no treats," Eric laughed, "Get a job." and with that he slammed the door in the two teens' faces.

"What took you so long?" Rogie asked, "and what was all the shouting?"

"Just two dead-beats, I didn't give em any candy."

"Uh oh, remember, trick or treat. No treat, then you get a trick. I wouldn't want to clean the TP and eggs off your house tomorrow," Rogie laughed.

"Eric, what did you do?" his mom scolded, "if those kids make a mess you're gonna clean it up."

"Sorry mom, but they were like...old, and not even dressed up. And...they sucked. They were rude and obnoxious."

Mike laughed, "I bet it was Brian and Kelly. Was one of em red haired?"

"Yeah, you know them?"

"I know Brian's little brother. He's okay, but Brian is a pain in the..a...uh, you know what. He's always with Kelly, so I bet that was who it was. They're harmless though. No worries, they're obnoxious, but they just run their mouths and never do anything."

"Cool, now I won't have to change my name and go into the witness protection program," Eric joked.

Once the movie was over, the boys excused themselves to Eric's room, and after locking up downstairs, Eric's mom went to her room as well. It was after 11, and it had been an hour since the last trick or treater had showed up, and looking out now she could see the porch lights on all the nearby houses were extinguished, leaving only the solar yard lights or motion activated security lights to scare off intruders.

"Video games or another movie?"

"Both," Rogie suggested, "First we play some games, then we get in bed and start a scary movie."

"Uh, will we all fit, in Eric's bed?" Mike wondered.

"Sure, it's a queen size, and we're not that big. But if you want we can blow up an air mattress and you can sleep in the floor."

"What's the matter?" Rogie teased, "afraid we're sex fiends and that we might molest you," he said giving Mike a leering look.

"Nooo," Mike said quickly, "You aren't, are you?" he teased back.

"Well, you just never know, right Eric? Who's to say who's a sex fiend. I guess you'll just have to take your chances. Cause once you're in bed with us, you're at our mercy...moo wah ha ha ha."

"Very funny," Mike giggled, "You can't handle what I got."

"OH, is that a challenge?"

"Yeah, sounds like a challenge, or he's bragging," Eric put in.

"Guess you'll have to wait and see," Mike said grinning.

Both of the other boys were surprised at this turn of events. They suddenly went from thinking they'd have to hide their sex play, to wondering if Mike was game to join in. Neither boy was 100 percent sure yet if Mike was being serious, but they hoped they'd soon find out.

They sat in the floor in front of Eric's 32" flat screen TV playing Xbox for about a half hour, but none of the boys were really into it. It was pushing midnight by then, the witching hour, and Eric suggested they strip down for bed and start the movie.

"Uh, what do you guys sleep in?" Mike asked, sounding less sure of himself than he had earlier.

"We both sleep naked," Rogie teased, "is that a problem?"

"Yeah, naked as the day we were born," Eric said grinning.

"Right," Mike said rolling his eyes, then seeing the look on both boys' faces he added, "You're kidding, right?"

"Guess you'll have to wait and see, right Eric?"

"Yeah, but feel free to dress however you like."

"I um, usually just wear my underwear," Mike managed to croak out.

"That's cool. No problem, we want you to be comfortable," Eric said calmly.

Suddenly Rogie pulled off his tee shirt and threw it on Eric's desk chair. Eric immediately followed his lead, leaving two half naked boys standing in front of Mike.

Swallowing hard, Mike pulled off his own tee shirt revealing his cut upper body, and both the other boys let out a soft whistle.

"Dude, you are cut," Rogie said staring boldly at Mike's chest and stomach.

"I work out with my bro David, and sometimes with my dad. I also play a lot of sports."

"Awesome," Eric said, admiring the athletic young black boy before him.

"Ugh, I feel fat," Rogie said making a face. Though far from fat, he wasn't as developed as Mike by any means, but he still had a nice body for a tween.

"You're not fat dude," Mike said, "you both look good. If you want to put some muscle on though, you should come over and work out with me and David. It's really pretty fun. We listen to music and talk and stuff."

"We should do that," Eric said to Rogie, "I'd love to look like Mike."

"Yeah, maybe you could find a girlfriend then," Rogie teased.

"Yeah yeah yeah, you too, penis wrinkle," Eric teased back.

"Penis wrinkle?" Mike laughed, "that's a good one."

"Yeah, I call him cum drop, get it?" Rogie laughed.

"Oh man, you two are hilarious," Mike said, unable to contain his laughter and his good mood.

"Well, enough admiring Atlas here," Rogie said, "time to lose the bottoms," he said pushing down his jeans to reveal bright red silk boxers.

"Nice undies," Mike said, still feeling good.

"Thanks, enjoy em while you can," Rogie teased.

"You really going to? Uh...never mind."

"Me next," Eric said, pushing down his pants to reveal baby blue boxer briefs with a decided bulge in them.

"Oh, me too," Mike said, trying not to stare at Eric's obvious excitement.

"Here goes," Mike said pushing his sweat pants down to his feet, stepping out of them, then straightening up to reveal he too was wearing boxers. They were dark blue ones, filled out nicely in front, though not as revealing as Eric's boxer briefs.

Tossing the sweats on top of his tee shirt, he waited for the other two boys to either put up or shut up.

Eric and Rogie could feel Mike's eyes on them, and they squirmed before his stare as they decided what to do next. Should they call the bluff they'd posed, or just admit it was a joke?

"Well?" Mike said staring at both boys expectantly.

"Let's get under the covers," Eric suggested.

"Oh, is that how you do it?"

"Uh, the dark," Rogie said.

"Oh, that case, I'm cool doing it too."

"You are?" Rogie said, almost choking on the words.

"Sure, why not? We're all guys, all got the same stuff, right?" Mike said, taking control now.

"Uh, yeah...though some of us seem to have a little more stuff than others," Eric laughed nervously.

"Oh, that...pffft, no big deal. It runs in my family," Mike said, "besides, you'll grow. Might even catch up to me before too long."

"Dude, you're not making me feel better," Rogie said, "first I see you're cut like a Greek Athlete, then I find out you're like, hung bettern' me."

Mike cracked up laughing then, "Dude, I'm not that big. 5 inches man, is that all that big?'

"Huh, five?" Rogie said perking up, "Really? Cause I'm close to that, I'm 4 and three quarters." he added excitedly, then blushed for being so candid.

"I'm almost that big, 4 and a half," Eric said, not wanting to be left out.

"See, it's no big deal," Mike said trying to make the two boys feel better. In truth he was closer to 5 and a half inches and his cock was uncut and very thick. Furthermore, against his slender muscled body it actually looked much bigger.

"We were joking," Rogie finally admitted, "we don't sleep naked, we sleep in our undies."

"Well, okay, that's cool too," Mike said, trying not to sound disappointed, "Who gets the middle?"

"You do," Eric said grinning, "that way we can both molest you," he added laughing, and the other two joined in.

Once they were settled in, Eric started the movie they'd decided on, and for a while they're attention was focused on that. It was a scary haunted house movie, that none of the boys had seen, and the opening set up had them enraptured.

"Hey, how bout we play a game?" Rogie said suddenly, "first one to get scared has to take off their undies."

"How will we know if they're scared?" Mike wanted to know. He was sure he wouldn't lose, but he just wanted to know the rules.

"Well, if they scream or grab one of the other guys, or hide their eyes or something," Rogie suggested.

"Or wet themselves," Eric kicked in, causing the three to laugh.

"I'm in," Mike said with confidence. He loved scary movies, and even his dad watched them with him and his brother.

"Me too, I ain't afraid a no ghost," Eric laughed.

"Okay, stop the movie," Rogie said then, "I gotta go pee, don't want to accidentally lose by having a full bladder," he joked.

As it turned out, all three boys needed to pee, and while they were at it they brushed their teeth, and when they returned to bed, they excitedly started the movie and the fun began.

There were some parts that even Mike had to admit had him on the edge, but he toughed it out and hope that at least one of his companions would fold before too long.

"Ewww...those look like real guts," Rogie said, as the ghost ripped apart a hapless teenage boy.

"Aww, too bad, he was cute," Eric teased, then thinking how gay that sounded he added, "I mean,, I mean, oh shit."

"Dude," Rogie laughed, "It's cool, we get it, right Mike?"

"Yeah, he must work out," Mike said, causing all three boys to crack up.

Then, the unthinkable happened. A scene that was so hideous, so unexpected, that all three pre-teens cried out at once and grabbed for each other. When it was over, the three stared at each other in disbelief, then started laughing hysterically.

"We...all...lose," Rogie guffawed.

"Oh, man, that was so...fricking graphic. I felt like puking when I saw that shit," Eric said.

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen anything that scary in my life, and I watch horror movies all the time," Mike added.

"Well, we all lost, so we all gotta do it," Eric reminded them.

"Yeah, we know," Rogie admitted, "Mike, you okay with this?"

"Sure, I agreed to the game, I'm not gonna wimp out now. On the count of three?" he suggested.

"Okay, one, two, three," Eric counted off, and from beneath the covers there was movement, then three pair of underwear being produced by three grinning and blushing boys.

Well, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Rogie said.

"No, not till you get molested," Mike giggled.

"Me, you're the one with the biggest dick."

"Yeah, Big-Dickasaurus," Eric giggled as he attacked Mike, tickling him and pushing him against Rogie, who immediately joined in the melee.

The wrestling soon turned into grab ass, and no part of their bodies went untouched, including the hardness between their legs.

"Wow, he does have a big one," Rogie giggled after getting a handful of hard dick.

"Let me feel," Eric said leaning in to get closer, his hand already probing beneath the covers.

"Hey, you guys..." Mike protested weakly.

"Just a feel, you can feel mine if you want," Eric offered.

"Why don't we just throw the covers back and all get a good look at each other?" Mike suggested.

"Hey, good idea," Rogie said, "looks like a tent anyway, with three tent poles," he joked.

As soon as Eric was back on his side he helped Rogie throw the covers back to reveal all three boys were sporting major wood. There were really no surprises as far as size went, since they'd pretty much felt each other up already, but feeling and seeing were indeed too different things.

"Wow, nice," Eric said once he'd gotten a good look at Mike's dick, "Can I feel it?"

"Sure, if I can feel yours," Mike said easily.

"Hey, what about me?" Rogie pouted.

"I have two hands," Mike chuckled, "I can feel yours too."

None of the three boys spoke for a moment as they felt each other up, taking turns till everyone had a good feel of everyone else's dick and balls. Mike's larger balls were very impressive to the other two boys, and both were curious to see how much spunk he could produce.

"Do you guys jerk off a lot?" Mike asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah, I do," Rogie confessed, "so does numb nuts here."

"Cool, um, you ever do it together?"

Eric laughed, "Sometimes."

"Okay, I was wondering. You guys want to do it now?"

"Oh, I don't know," Rogie said, feigning disinterest.

"Rogie," Eric scolded, "Of course we do," he added for Mike's benefit.

"Cool, uh, how do we do it?"

"Well, I guess we can just lay side by side and do it, or...we could sit in a circle and that way we could watch each other..."

"And maybe help each other out?" Rogie added.

"Okay," Mike agreed, sitting up suddenly.

The bed moved beneath them as they shifted into position, sitting Indian style in a circle. Mike was to Eric's left, and Rogie to his right, so close their knees touched and they were within easy reach of each other.

At first they just worked on their own cocks, but eventually hands began to wander as they took over for each other.

"This is a circle jerk, right?" Mike said grinning.

"Yeah, good old circle jerk," Rogie agreed.

It was about then that Eric remembered the thing with Mike's brother's feet. They'd been the same color on top as the rest of his body, but when he'd exposed the bottom, Eric was shocked to see that it was bright pink.

The contrast in color was so sharp that it was mesmerizing, and the word beautiful had come to mind as Eric stared at it. Now he had Mike here, and he was anxious to see if Mike's foot looked the same.

In the semi-darkness he could just make out his two companions, but it was too dark to really see exactly what Mike's foot looked like. He could feel Mike's warm leg against him, and shifting a bit he was able to rub his own foot against Mike's.

There was an almost electric tingle that passed through him as their feet touched, and Eric's cock jumped in Mike's hand.

"Whoa, nice," Mike chuckled, "your dick just jumped."

"Yeah, your hand feels really good," Eric said blushing.

Mike seemed to accept Eric's explanation, but he too was aware of the added stimulation as Eric's foot pressed against his. He liked the feeling, but he'd never really thought about feet specifically, and assumed it was just because more of their flesh was pressing together.

On the other side of him, Eric noticed the two rubbing feet and he felt a pang of jealousy. After all, wasn't that his and Eric's thing? Scooting a bit closer, Rogie managed to press his foot against Eric's other foot, causing Eric's cock to throb once again.

Mike looked across at Rogie, and noticed his foot was now resting against Eric's and he smiled to himself. Putting two and two together, he figured out that Eric's cock throbbing was caused by his excitement from having his feet touched.

"We should turn on the lamp," Eric suggested after a few more minutes, "Uh, so we can see better."

"Yeah, sure, that's fine," Rogie said, "you okay with that Mike?"

"Uh,'s fine."

Eric was closest to the bedside lamp, but even so he had to break his foot contact with both boys to reach it. As soon as the lamp was on, and his eyes had adjusted, Eric directed his gaze toward Mike and his feet, and he was not disappointed.

Contrasting greatly to the dark skin of his legs and upper foot, the soul of Mike's foot was carnation pink. Eric actually felt his pulse race a little as he stared at the boy's beautiful foot, and suddenly he was aware that both Rogie and Mike were staring at him with big grins on their faces.

"What?" Eric said blushing.

"Dude, what are you staring at?" Rogie laughed.

"I think he was looking at this," Mike offered, waving his foot around and showing it to Rogie who cracked up laughing. Then on impulse, Mike began to sing, "Trick or Treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear."

This caused all three boys to crack up laughing, but for Eric it only added fuel to the fire that was burning inside him.

"Too late," Eric laughed, grabbing Mike's foot and sniffing it like a hound dog, "our underwear are already down."

"Oh, I forgot to warn you, Eric has a thing for feet," Rogie said as soon as the laughter died away. and yours are pretty cool looking."

"Here, look all you want," Mike said raising his foot up for Eric's inspection, "you can touch it if you want, just don't tickle it."

Tentatively, Eric reached out and touched Mike's foot, then a big smile filled his face. "It's, pretty," he said admiring the smooth pink sole.

"Thanks," Mike chuckled, "it's just a foot."

"But it's so, down there, not what I expected."

"Oh that, is kinda weird I guess."

"No, not weird...beautiful," Eric insisted.

"Okay, if you say so," Mike chuckled.

"Can I try something?" Eric said, looking first at Mike, then Rogie.

Rogie shrugged and Mike gave Eric a sly look before giving his okay.

"Okay, I want both of you to lay down side by side. Yeah, like that," Eric said as the two followed his directions.

Hopping to the floor, Eric walked to the end of the bed and lifted one of Mike's feet, then one of Rogie's, and moved them closer together so they were touching.

"There, now I want you two to jerk each other while I do something. Don't mind me," Eric said, his heart beating nearly out of his chest.

"Sounds freaky," Rogie chuckled.

"How bad could it be?" Mike reasoned.

"Oh, it's not bad...not at all," Eric assured them, a wide grin filling his face as his heart sped up, in danger of breaking out of his chest at any moment.

While the two boys on the bed turned their attention to each other's throbbing member, Eric was steeling himself for what came next. Did he dare do what he wanted so badly to do? Would his buddies be grossed out, or angered if he did what he had in mind? He supposed he'd never know if he didn't try, and he was aching to try, and his ache won out in the end.

Grabbing a bottle of lotion from the bedside table, he saw Rogie give him a dreamy look as he continued to work Mike's somewhat larger dick while enjoying Mike's hand on his own.

"You guys, don't freak out," Eric said with a quiver to his voice.

"Why? What are you going to..." Rogie started before being cut off by a strange sensation on his feet, "OMG, are you?" he added, raising his head to look down at his friend, "You are," he giggled, "Cool, a foot job?" he laughed.

Mike didn't speak as he felt Eric's cock slide between his foot and Rogie's. Rogie's hand on his cock felt so good, and what Eric was doing was actually pretty exciting. It was Kinky really, and not at all gross or disgusting. He didn't know how he'd feel when Eric inevitably squirted on their feet, but he supposed it was no worse than having cum on your chest and stomach, as he often did.

"You guys okay with this?" Eric said in a breathless voice, tinged with lust.

"Sure, go for it," Rogie said in a husky voice, the feeling in his cock growing more intense with the addition of the new stimulus at his feet.

"It's fine, nice really," Mike panted, "oh, I'm really close Rogie, back off a little, play with my nuts, okay?"

"Sure, uh, me too, so...maybe play with my nuts too."

So, while Rogie and Mike rubbed each other's nuts, Eric began sliding his dick faster, in and out between the two boys' soft feet. He was mesmerized by the contrast of upper part of the foot, and even Mike's sole was pinker than Rogie's. He was fascinated by the sight of his dick sliding in and out between them, and he was in Heaven as the feelings washed over him.

"Oh, man...this feels good," Eric moaned lowly, "you guys...I'm gonna come pretty soon, want to try to come with me?"

"Okay," Rogie said, grabbing Mike's dick again, prompting Mike to follow suit.

"Okay, I'm gonna grab the towels," Eric said, breaking contact long enough to dig out the two towels where he'd strategically placed them earlier. Lifting Rogie and Mike's feet, he placed one towel beneath them and the other he tossed to Rogie for the two to share.

It didn't take Eric long to get back into his rhythm, and soon he was sliding his dick in and out between the two boys' feet with urgency. Urgency was the order of the day for Rogie and Mike as well, as they pumped each other's cock for all it was worth, their bodies pressed together tightly from shoulder to foot.

"I can feel your dick, it's hot," Rogie noted, "are you close? 'cause I sure am."

"Uh huh," Eric grunted, "are you Mike?"

"Yesss," Mike hissed, "gonna it comes."

Eric looked up then to watch the first squirt of cum erupt from Mike's cock and he was not disappointed. Apparently his large nuts produced ample sperm, and his bigger cock shot it out almost violently.

That was all it took to push Rogie over the edge, and as Eric watched Rogie's cock launched a sperm missile that rivaled Mike's. All the cum had a profound effect on Eric, and suddenly with a grunt and a last forward thrust he began to launch his own sperm missiles.

He pulled back a little, rubbing his cock head on the two boys' feet, coating them with his sticky goo, while occasionally stealing glances at their cum fountains.

When he was spent, he rubbed his dick in the sticky residue and contemplated his next move. Should he do what he had planned out in his head, or would both boys be so freaked out they might ban him from his own room? No, they'd been cool so far, and now that they were spent, surely they wouldn't mind a little clean up, he reasoned.

So, pulling his dick back and wrapping his hand around it, he wiped up as much spooge as he could and licked his hand clean. Neither of the other boys had recovered enough to pay him much attention, but they soon would. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Eric grabbed Mike's foot in a strong grip and began licking the cum from it like a cat licking up cream.

"Oh man," Mike said, raising to look down at Eric, prompting Rogie to do so as well, "that kind of tickles, but it feels good too. Do you like doing that?"

"Yeah, he does," Rogie chuckled, "hey foot boy, lick some of that spooge off my foot, it's gettin' cold."

Eric looked up and smiled at his two friends, and began alternating between the two until he had every drop of his cum licked up and swallowed down.

"What about this mess on my chest and stomach?" Rogie said, pushing things a bit.

"Okay, in a minute," Eric said finishing off Mike's foot by sucking each toe clean.

"Ugh, that's wicked," Mike said, "I never thought I'd ever like anyone messing with my feet, but you know what? Next time I think I wanna try that."

"Yeah, me too," Rogie confessed, "leave it to good old Eric to show us the way," he chuckled.

Eric made quick work of cleaning up Mike and Rogie's cum from their bodies, and even though it was cold by then, it still tasted good. In fact, he thought Mike's tasted best of all, sweet like chocolate, he thought with a chuckle, and Rogie was good old vanilla.

The three boys lay side by side for a long time talking quietly about this and that as they came down from their sexual rush, but eventually the subject of sex came up again; feet being the main topic of discussion.

"So, what's it like...uh, you know? Fucking our feet?" Rogie said blushing in the darkness.

"Well, it's sort of like jacking off, only better, cause you're in control and you can go fast or slow. It feels so good rubbing against that soft skin on your foot and the lotion makes it slick. It's definitely fun and sexy. Was it okay for you guys? I mean, I don't wanna do it if it's too weird for you guys."

"Nah, I liked it. It made me come really hard just feeling your dick on my foot," Rogie confessed.

"Yeah, I agree," Mike added, "I, um, I think I'd like to try that sometime. With both of you or just one. I don't know, whatever..."

"Anyone horny again?" Eric chuckled, knowing full well they were.

"I got the boner from Hell," Rogie admitted with a giggle.

"Me too," Eric agreed, "Mike?"

"Hard as a steel rod, and big as a girder," Mike joked.

"Well, what say we try some foot stuff then?" Eric suggested.

"I'm game."

"Me too."

This time Eric had something different in mind however. Drawing on the experiences he and Rogie had growing up, putting their feet in each other's laps and rubbing each other to orgasm, he expanded that to bare feet and bare crotches.

As he and Rogie lay on the bed, their feet at each others sides, they lifted their feet, cupped the other's dick between the soles, and began giving each other a foot job.

"Bitchin'," Rogie said, "You gotta try this Mike," he insisted, "Eric don't come. Make me come then you and Mike can do it while I watch."

"Okay, just rub mine slow then, that will keep it hard, but not make me come."

"Eric's soft talented feet brought Rogie to orgasm about five minutes later, and as his cum washed over Eric's feet it was all he could do not to orgasm himself.

However, he wanted to save himself for Mike's small pink soles, and he held on as Rogie rolled away and Mike took his place.

"Eww, your feet are sticky," Mike joked.

"That's natural lube," Rogie giggled.

"Ugh, whatever it is, it feels good," Mike admitted as Eric began working his hard cock with his cum slick feet.

"That's nice," Eric cooed as Mike's feet began moving with urgency now. Up and down, and sometimes with a little twist. Then he'd bring his foot down till his toes wrapped around Eric's shaft and head, and Eric would moan out in pleasure.

"You're pretty good at this," Eric grunted.

"Really? I guess I'm just a fast learner," Mike said softly, "just doing what you're doing, which by the way, is amazing."

"Thanks, want to cum now?"

"Yeah, I need to."

So, the two began to concentrate, not only on their own hard throbbing cocks, but on the cock between the soles of their feet, and soon the two were nearing the point of no return.

Rogie was sitting on the edge of the bed watching the two, a towel in hand for cleanup, and enjoying the live sex show immensely. His jealousy of Mike had turned to lust, and now he was just happy to be part of the fun, and looking forward to more of it in the future.

"Coming..." Eric gasped, "Oh man..."


Rogie watched as both boys squirted almost as one, their jizz shooting high before splashing down on their chest, stomach, and eventually the other boy's feet.

"Nice," Rogie said, "you both came a lot. I guess you both like feet," he observed.

"," Eric panted.

"Me...too," Mike echoed, then raising up a little, he said, "what does that taste like?" he said referring to the cum splattered all over their bodies.

"Sort of salty, sort of sweet. Yours is way sweet. Try it, just scoop some up and give it a lick," Eric suggested, demonstrating with his own cum.

Following Eric's lead, Mike was surprised to find that he was right, his own cum did taste sweet, and now he wondered what Eric's tasted like.

"Swap ya, some of mine, for some of yours?"

"Yeah, scoot around so we can reach each other, Rogie, you want a taste?"

"Might as well," Rogie laughed, "This is one crazy night, might as well try it all."

The boys made quick work of the cum on their upper bodies, but when it came time to clean their feet up, Mike and Rogie were a little reluctant to help Eric out.

Eric ignored them at first, licking Mike's cute feet clean, sucking his toes and finishing by kissing each one. Mike felt a little guilty after Eric's foot worship, so he steeled himself and began to return the favor.

He found it wasn't as disgusting as he'd feared, and in fact after a few licks he found himself enjoying it. Not to be left out, Rogie grabbed the other foot and began cleaning it up, giving Eric a wide grin as he made cat like sounds.

Eric cracked up at Rogie's high jinx, and he felt a warm glow inside as he realized that not only had he been able to satisfy his foot fetish, but he'd discovered that his two friends were up for some foot play too.

"Wow, that was fun," Rogie said, summing it up for all three boys.

"Yeah, this was the best Halloween ever," Eric sighed.

"Yeah, too bad it's our last one to trick or treat," Mike sighed.

"Well, maybe not, next year we can dress up and every door we come to we can sing...Trick or Treat..." then the other two joined in as if they were reading Eric's mind, "Smell my feet, give us something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear."

"Yeah, and if they don't give us treats, or smell our feet, at least we'll get to pull down their underwear," Rogie giggled, and soon the other two joined in.

The End

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