The Gold Necklace

by Rob Warr

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This work is the property of the author, Rob Warr, and should not be re-posted or reproduced without his permission. Story and photo ©2022 Rob Warr.

The Gold Necklace

Boys, stop being so rough, Mrs. Evans scolded, but she was smiling as the two 12-year-olds rolled around on the grass. She'd brought them here to the river park so they could work off some of the boyish energy they seemed to possess in abundance, and it hadn't taken long for them to start.

Brian, her son, was the bigger of the two, at 5'6" and just over 100 pounds, he was wiry, yet strong, and easily pinned the other boy after a few minutes. The other boy, Greg, at 5'5" and 95 pounds, had a slender, almost feminine physique, and his blond hair and blue eyes made him even more adorable.

Yet despite their differences, the two were very close. Closer than brothers, Mrs. Evans often thought, and almost inseparable. She supposed that was only natural since they'd known each other since day care, way back when they were four or five years old. For some reason they'd gravitated toward each other the first day they'd met, and as they say: the rest was history. Through kindergarten, grade school, and now middle school, they were still together, closer than ever.

Mrs. Evans took a sip from her water bottle and watched the two as Brian continued to hold Greg down, pretending he was going to spit in his face or whatever it was that boys did. She had to smile, a little proud that her boy was much stronger and tougher, but she knew he was a gentle soul when it came to Greg. In fact, Brian was very protective of his buddy, actually having gone to battle for him against an older boy who had called Greg a fag one day at the municipal pool.

Sometimes she wondered if Greg might lean that way, but she loved the boy almost as much as her own son, and she supposed it really didn't matter. She had no doubt in her mind however, that Brian was straight and that he liked girls, for he'd had his first girlfriend when he was in 6th grade. Nancy was her name, a pretty little blond with a slender figure which she didn't mind showing off in her short-shorts and midriff tops.

Sometimes Mrs. Evans worried that Nancy might be a bit too flirtatious, but shortly after the school year ended, the girl moved away, and so far Brian hadn't found another girl he liked that way. Instead, it seemed he spent even more time with Greg, which was both reassuring and troublesome for his mother.

Reassuring, because she didn't have to worry about Nancy or some other girl taking her son's innocence, but troubling because she'd begun to wonder if Greg might be the one to do that instead.

She knew Brian masturbated, and that he could produce sperm, because after all, she did his laundry and had seen the stains. She'd discussed it with her husband, who had laughed it off, and offered to have a talk with Brian and tell him to use a dirty sock or keep a towel handy.

His wife had slapped him playfully on the arm and scolded him for making fun of her, but he swore he was dead serious. His older brother had done the same for him, and he'd always appreciated it, even if he was a little embarrassed at first.

"For now, just let him think we don't know," she'd finally decided, "God knows he'd be so embarrassed he'd probably never do it again, and that might be dangerous," she added with a grin, "I know how his father gets when he doesn't get, release."

Mr. Evans chuckled, "Is that a hint, cause I could use a release right now," he said nuzzling her neck.

"Well...sure...why not," she agreed, "a gal needs release once in a while too."

Brian's dad did eventually have 'the talk' with his son, but he kept it to a minimum since he was pretty sure Brian knew most of it from school and from the internet. He did however gift his son with two things that, once he got over the embarrassment, Brian really appreciated and enjoyed. One was a bottle of lubricant, the other a package of wash cloths, just the right size for cleaning up messes made while using the lubricant.

When Brian had told Greg about the talk and the gifts, the other boy had turned three shades of red and declared that he would die if his dad did anything like that to him. Brian laughed, and offered to share his lube and wash cloths and Greg blushed even deeper, though he didn't say no.

"Boys, come on, let's walk a bit," Mrs. Evans said as she got up from the park bench she'd been occupying.

"K mom," Brian said hopping up and offering Greg a hand up.

"You boys have grass all over you," she said brushing some off her son's back.

"Here, I got yours," Brian said doing the same for Greg, both boys enjoying the momentary contact.

They walked for a while, but of course the boys kept running ahead, giggling as they raced one another, Brian usually in the lead. At the edge of the water the boys stopped and waited for Mrs. Evans as a flock of fat geese swam toward shore, no doubt looking for a handout.

"Honk, honk," Brian mocked, "attack of the killer geese," he said in a creepy voice, "Look out Greg! They're looking for some nuts," he giggled.

Mrs. Evans smiled at her son's joke, but she didn't try to correct him. Boys will be boys, she always said, and she was used to these two by now. They were good boys, and seldom got into trouble, and a little foul language now and then wasn't going to hurt anyone.

"Mom, mom...look, baby geese," Brian said excitedly, "Aww, they're so cute," he cooed.

Her son might be all boy, but he had a soft heart, especially for animals, and she loved that about him.

"Spring has sprung, lots of babies being born," she said gazing at the fuzzy little goslings.

"I wish we could take one home," Brian said wistfully.

"No way, that momma goose would tear you apart," Greg said in horror, "Besides, when they get big they leave poop everywhere," he added, making a face.

"Yeah, I guess," Brian admitted, "but they're just so cute."

"Come on boys, let's keep walking, I'd like to get at least a mile in before we head back."

"K mom, can I have a sip of your water?"

"Sure," she said offering the water bottle to her son, who took a big gulp of water, then offered it to Greg.

Mrs. Evans just smiled, what's a few germs between friends and family, she thought. If these two had anything contagious, she'd have gotten it long ago, she reasoned.

Back at the car an hour later, the two exhausted, sweaty boys climbed into the back seat of Mrs. Evans SUV and buckled up.

"Can we stop for ice cream?" Brian begged.

"I guess, since you both were reasonably good today," she chuckled, "Braums or Sonic?"

"Braums, I want a mix," Brian said happily.

Later, back at the Evan's home, Brian led Greg to his room and they both fell down on his bed. They were tired, but happy, and the exercise had felt good.

"That was fun," Greg said softly from beside Brian, who gave him a tender look.

"Yeah, especially when I had you pinned," Brian chuckled, "I could feel your hard dick against mine."

"Shh...your mom will hear," Greg said in horror.

"Nah, she's showering, then she's gonna take a nap."

"Okay, was fun, but I was worried your mom would notice"

"Nah, mom is clueless. My dad might see stuff like that, but not my mom."

"Do you think he...I mean, do you ever worry that he might figure out what we been doing?"

"Nah, but even if he did, I bet he wouldn't be upset. He sort of told me when we had 'the talk' that he had messed with a few of his friends when he was my age and even younger."

"Wow, really. That's cool. I can't imagine my dad ever telling me stuff like that."

"But I bet he did it too."

"Maybe, I dunno. So...what are we gonna do next?"

"I was thinking, maybe we could take a shower...together, then take a nap too."

"Together, but what if your mom thinks that's weird?"

"She won't know. I have my own bathroom and she's sure not gonna come in there if she hears the water running. Besides, it's not like it's the first time."

"Well, if you think it's okay..."

"Yeah, come on. I'll loan you some clean shorts and stuff. You can even wear a pair of my sexy underwear," Brian laughed.

After digging out clean underwear for them both, Brian led the way to the en suite bathroom and closed the door behind them. Then quickly dropping his shorts, he began stripping off his tee shirt. As the garment cleared his shoulders and came off over his head, his hand went instinctively to his neck to feel nothing.

"My necklace!" Brian suddenly cried.

"Your necklace!" Greg cried at the same instant.

"I must've lost it when we were wrestling. Oh man, we'll have to go back. It's probably on the grass..."

"Yeah, probably...but what if someone already found it?" Greg worried.

The necklace wasn't pure gold, nor was it very expensive, but it had a special meaning because it had been a gift from Greg last year when the two of them had been baptized together at the little church both families attended. Greg wore an identical necklace, a gift from Brian, and they both considered the necklaces to be a sign of not only their salvation, but their friendship.

Greg finally managed to get his shirt off as well, and was relieved to find his necklace was still in place, though he bemoaned Brian's loss.

"Come on, let's get our shower over then take a nap. We can't go back to the river till mom wakes up anyway."

"Yeah, okay," Greg agreed, "man, I hope we find it."

"We gotta, we just gotta," Brian said sounding near tears, "Stupid me. I should have checked before we left. I know it was there when we pulled up, cause I felt it like always before we got out. Hey, maybe it's in the truck..."

"We can check...later. If it is, it's not going anywhere."

"Yeah, right. Man, I'm so bummed, I'm not even horny," Brian groused.

"Me either, let's just get clean and go lay down."

They washed each other's backs, but that was the extent of any physical contact, and soon they were dried off, dressed in clean undies, and in Brian's queen-size bed. Laying side by side, they instinctively entwined their hands and lay looking at the ceiling as they tried to relax.

"I'm sorry," Greg said rolling his head over to look at his friend, "but if we don't find it, we'll get you another one."

"It won't be the same," Brian lamented, "that one was special...and I lost it. What an idiot I am."

"No, you're not an idiot. It was an accident. It could've happened to either of us. We just have to be more careful in the future."

"Yeah, that is if we find it," Brian sighed, "let's snuggle, maybe I can go to sleep that way.

Greg smiled as he rolled onto his side and assumed the little spoon position. He loved having Brian snuggled up to his backside, and when Brian threw his arm around him and held him tight, it was the best feeling in the world. Despite being worried about the necklace, he soon found himself relaxing and was pleased when he heard Brian's breathing become regular, indicating he was asleep.

He envied his friend that ability to fall asleep almost at will, but it wasn't like he didn't take his share of naps as well. In fact, he soon joined Brian in quiet slumber as their bodies powered-down and recharged.

The whirring sound of his skateboard wheels proceeding him, 15 year old Kyle Winters coasted down the hill and quickly came to a stop in the shade of a huge oak tree. Kicking his board up and sticking it under his arm he quickly moved to the grass and fell down on his back. He was tired, and the day was warm, and he needed a break after boarding all day.

He came to the river often mainly because it was close to his house, but the well kept trails kept him coming back when he needed to get away from his less than ideal home life. It was just him and his mom since his dad had left them, but his mom worked two jobs and was seldom around. He'd suggested he get a job too, but his mom had insisted he should wait till he was16, and that was that.

Most days while she was gone to work, Kyle roamed the river trails or walked to Bricktown, an urban development in the downtown area near the park, to check out the shops there.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Kyle listened to the sounds of nature. The insects buzzing, the rushing water from the man-made waterfall across the canal, and the whoosh of traffic on the interstate that ran next to the park.

Suddenly opening his eyes, he turned his head and saw something shiny in the grass. At first he thought it was just a piece of thread or a straw, but upon further examination he saw it was a gold necklace.

Rolling over, he picked the delicate necklace up and saw that a small gold cross hung from it. It probably wasn't real gold, and not very expensive, he thought, but it looked like it was well made and totally untarnished, which caused him to assume it hadn't been there very long.

" who lost you?" he said to the necklace as if it could answer, "I bet they're racking their brains trying to remember when they saw you last."

Then looking around and seeing no one nearby who might have lost the delicate little necklace, he slipped it around his neck and fastened the small clasp. Then tucking it beneath his tee shirt, he lay back down and closed his eyes once more.

"Boys...boys," Mrs. Evans called from outside the bedroom door sometime later.

"Whaaaa?" Brian said struggling up out of sleep, "be right there mom. We were sleeping."

"Well, it's almost four, but if you want to rest a little longer, that's okay."

"Nah, we'll be there in a minute. We need to tell you something," Brian said sitting up then.

Greg too had awakened and was rubbing sleep from his eyes as he stared at Brian's bare upper body with envy. Envy, because he'd always been a little ashamed of his own slender, almost petite body, and he'd always wished he could put on some muscle and look more like his friend.

Dressing quickly, the boys made a quick trip to the bathroom, then hurried out to find Mrs. Evans.

"Mooom," Brian said once she was in sight, "we need to go back to the park. I think I lost my necklace there. It's gone."

"Oh my," Mrs. Evans said frowning, "are you sure? Have you looked everywhere for it?"

"I had it on when we pulled up at the river. I remember touching it with my fingers like I always do. I figure it came off when we were wrestling around on the grass. If we hurry it might still be there."

"All right, let me grab my purse and keys. Oh dear, I hope we find it. I know it's very special to you, son."

"Yeah, we just gotta find it," Brian said as he herded Greg out the door.

The trip to the river was a short one, and neither boy had much to say as they rode along. Once in the SUV, they'd made a thorough search of it, but Brian was already sure it hadn't fallen off there. No, the most likely place was the grass, or...dare he think it? somewhere along the mile or so of jogging trail. He moaned to himself then. If that was the case they might never find it.

Parking in the exact spot as they had before, Mrs. Evans got out first, quickly followed by the boys. All three looked around the area near the SUV, but after finding nothing, they headed to the grassy lawn where the boys had been wrestling.

They covered every square inch of the grassy lawn, then inspected the jogging trail as far as they could walk before growing tired, but still no necklace.

"Maybe you dropped it on the other side of the river...where we saw the geese," Greg suggested.

"Yeah, maybe...but that's sooo far away," Brian whined.

"Yes, but there's a parking lot near there," Mrs. Evans reminded them, "come on, we'll drive over there and have a look see."

The drive to the other lot only took five minutes and the boys nearly broke their necks hopping out and running in the direction of the river where they'd stopped to look at the ducks.

Frantically they searched the grassy bank and trail, and by the time Mrs. Evans joined them they were both looking weary and hopeless.

"Maybe you dropped it along the way..."

"Mooom...that's a mile. Besides, if I did drop it on the trail, someone has probably found it already. Oh, man...I will never get it back now," Brian said plopping down on the grass and burying his head in his hands.

Just then, the familiar sound of skateboard wheels on asphalt caused Brian to look up just in time to see a handsome young teenager flying their way. Even in his current state of despair, he couldn't help but admire the young teens athletic ability, nor could he deny that he found the teenage boy quite attractive.

Seeing the two boys and the woman on the grassy bank, Kyle wondered what they were doing. The boy sitting on the ground looked upset, maybe even sad, and the other boy didn't look very happy either. Both boys were cute, Kyle thought, though a little young for him, he could appreciate their beauty, and thought he wouldn't mind knowing them better.

"What's up? Everything okay?" Kyle said, grinding to a stop next to Mrs. Evans.

"Oh, hello," she said frowning, "my son lost something and we've looked everywhere, but to no avail. I'm afraid he's not a very happy camper right now."

"Oh, lost it here?" Kyle asked, as he absentmindedly fingered the necklace around his neck.

"Well, we're not sure. The two were wrestling around on the lawn over by the canal and we figured it fell off then, but we didn't find it, we remembered stopping here to watch the geese..."

"Wait, you said the lawn by the canal. What was it exactly that you lost?" he said addressing Brian directly.

"One of these," Greg answered for him as he pulled his necklace out to show the teen.

Kyle laughed, "Boy, have I got good news for you," he said pulling an identical necklace from his tee shirt and holding the little cross up for them to see.

"My necklace!!" Brian cried excitedly as he jumped up and brushed the grass off his behind, "uh...I looks like my necklace."

"Little dude, I'm sure it's yours, cause I found it just where you said you lost it," Kyle said, reaching back to undo the clasp, then offering it to Brian.

A huge smile lit up the younger boys face and Kyle felt a warm fuzzy feeling having been the reason for that smile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Brian said dancing around excitedly, then before he could stop himself, he lunged at the older boy and gave him a ferocious hug.

Realizing what he'd done, Brian pulled back suddenly and stared up red-faced at the older boy, who just laughed.

"Whoa, you're welcome dude. When I found it I looked around to see if anyone was nearby who might've lost it, but there was no one. I guess I should've left it there, then you would have found it..."

"No, I think it was meant for you to find it and to bring it to this exact spot at this exact time," Mrs. Evans said smiling, "God works in mysterious ways."

"Yeah, I guess so," Kyle said nervously, he wasn't even sure he believed in God, and he had no use for religion, and he certainly didn't want to get into a discussion about it with these nice folks.

"Greg, will you fasten it for me," Brian said placing the little gold necklace around his slender neck.

"This is awesome," Greg said as he fastened the necklace then patted Brian's neck affectionately.

"What's your name young man?" Mrs. Evans said then, "I'd like to reward you for your honesty and your kindness."

"Kyle ma'am, but you don't have to do that. It was no big deal. The necklace is his, and he should have it, I only took it cause I figured it would lay there and corrode before anyone else found it."

"Well, we're very grateful," Mrs. Evans said smiling, "by the way, this is my son Brian, and his best pal Greg. They have matching necklaces because they were both baptized at the same time. Oh, and I'm Grace Evans," she said offering her hand.

"Nice to meet you, glad I could help," Kyle said sincerely, "the smile on the little dude's face is all the reward I need."

"Oh, you must let us do something, how about I buy you dinner? My husband is working late tonight and we were going to get take out, but if you have no other plans perhaps you could join us. There's this little cafe near here that has just about every kind of food."

"Jimmy's?" Kyle said, his mouth practically watering at the thought of the huge chicken-fried steak they served.

"Yes, you know the place then?" Mrs. Evans chuckled.

"My favorite place, but...are you sure. I mean...that's still a lot of money..."

"Please say yes!" Brian said, grabbing the teen boy's arm and giving him his best puppy dog eyes, "we can talk about boarding and stuff."

"Yeah, come have dinner with us," Greg said, giving Kyle what he thought was a coquettish smile.

"Well, how can I refuse if you all want me to?" Kyle laughed, "my mom is working late anyway, so it would've been Ramen noodles for me."

"Perfect then, we're parked over there..." Mrs. Evans said pointing at the only vehicle in the nearby parking lot.

On the way to the SUV, the three boys discussed boarding, video games, movies, and things that boys liked in general and it seemed they had a lot in common. Kyle had always liked the company of younger boys, finding they were less aggressive and less competitive, not to mention cute. He thought he wouldn't mind knowing these two better and maybe hanging with them, but he doubted that would happen, after all, he was way older than them and their folks would probably think it was weird.

At the cafe, they were seated at a booth with Kyle and Greg on one side and Brian and his mom on the other. The waitress knew Mrs. Evans and the two boys since they were frequent customers, but she wondered who the older teen was.

"Hi guys, who's this cutie?" she asked boldly as she looked Kyle over, causing him to blush.

"Just a friend of the boys," Mrs. Evans said, not wanting to explain further.

"That's nice," the waitress laughed, "I'd begun to wonder if you had another son you'd been hiding."

"No, nothing like that," Mrs. Evan said laughing.

The waitress finally took their orders and was off to the kitchen, leaving Mrs. Evans to apologize.

"That's Trudy, she's a mess," she said chuckling, "she's not a bit shy when it comes to other people's business either. Sorry if she embarrassed you."

"Nah, it's fine," Kyle assured her, "she seems nice."

"She really is, she's a great person, just a bit nosy."

They engaged in small talk after that, Mrs. Evans mostly listening, and in the process learning a bit more about the handsome teenage boy that had saved the day. She learned that it was just him and his mom, that she worked a lot, and that they lived near the river, well...close enough that Kyle traveled there by skateboard on a regular basis. She thought the boy came across as sounding lonely, perhaps because his mother worked so much, or perhaps because he lacked friends.

Well, he seemed to be getting along just fine with Brian and Greg, she thought, so it surely wasn't because he was unsociable. Maybe all his friends lived far away and he only saw them at school, she thought.

The food came and the boys dug into their plates like they were starved. She had ordered a salad for herself, but when Brian offered her a bite of his chicken-fried steak she graciously accepted.

They were too full for dessert, but Mrs. Evans bought fried pies for everyone to take with them, and Kyle confessed he'd never had one before, because he'd thought they were too expensive at $4.95 each.

"Thank you again," Kyle said once they were in the SUV.

"You're very welcome," Mrs. Evans assured him, "and thank you for finding the necklace and returning it."

"Yeah, thanks a lot. Hey, think you could come over sometime and show me some moves on the board, or play some video games...?" Brian said enthusiastically.

"Well...I guess that depends on your folks," Kyle said looking to Mrs. Evans for her reaction.

"I think that would be a great idea," Mrs. Evan said easily, "and if you needed a ride, well, I'm home all day..."


Kyle became a frequent visitor in the Evan's home, and he and the two younger boys became very good friends. So good in fact, that Kyle was the first person to learn that Brian and Greg had become boyfriends. However, it really wasn't much of a surprise to Kyle, since being gay himself, he had figured the two out almost from the start. He congratulated them and assured them that if they ever needed any advice he was there for them. They'd come to think of Kyle as a big brother, and were happy that he'd taken the news so well, although they'd suspected for some time that Kyle might like boys too.

By the time school started in the fall, all three boys had had birthdays and now Brian and Greg were officially teenagers. They'd started puberty half way through their 12th year and by the time they were 13 they were two horny little devils. Taking Kyle up on his offer of advice, they sought him out many times as they contemplated trying new things.

Kyle was glad to help, but a little frustrated as well. That is: until he met Tommy. When he'd turned 16 in November his mom had finally allowed him to get a job at a fast food restaurant, and it was there that he met the blond blue-eyed boy that would change his life forever.

Tommy was from an affluent family, his father a doctor and his mom a lawyer, and he had his own car, but he wasn't stuck up or arrogant like a lot of rich kids were. In fact, it was a while before Kyle found out anything about Tommy's background, and by then he'd already fallen head-over-heels in love with the boy.

They'd met at the drive-thru window where Kyle was working the Friday evening shift, and there had been an immediate attraction on both their parts. So much so in fact that Tommy kept coming back to the restaurant nearly every day in hope that Kyle was working.

After about a week of this, Kyle finally got up enough nerve to say something about it.

"We gotta stop meeting like this," Kyle chuckled, using humor to feel the handsome boy out.

"Sorry, I'm not stalking you, I promise..." the blond boy said blushing bright red.

"Damn, just my luck," Kyle laughed.

"Oh, so you encourage stalkers?" Tommy laughed.

"Only cute ones like you," Kyle said boldly.

"What time do you get off?" Tommy asked then.

"Ten, but I'm off tomorrow night..."

"How about I pick you up at ten, and we talk about our plans for tomorrow night," Tommy said grinning.

"I think that's great," Kyle said grinning back, "but gotta go, you're blocking my other customers," he laughed.

"Oh, sorry...." Tommy said blushing again..."see ya at 10," he added as he drove off.

Hi readers, I hope you enjoyed this little story. I actually found this little gold necklace while sitting in the shade at the river park, and as Kyle had done, I looked around to see if anyone was nearby who might of lost it. I considered leaving it there where I'd found it, in the off chance someone might come looking for it, but in the end I decided to keep it.

All the way home I began to think of various scenarios for the necklace's loss, but it wasn't till a day or so later that I came up with this story. It's short and sweet, and though some may say it ends rather abruptly, I think some things are better left to the reader's imagination. Did Kyle and Tommy become a thing? Did Brian and Greg come out to their parents and friends? You decide.

As always a big thanks to my editor Michael in NY, for his editing skills, help with pics, and most of all: his encouragement in all I do. Love ya Mikey!

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