My Boyfriend is a Werewolf

by Rob Warr

Hi, my name is Frankie, Frankie Stein to be exact. Yeah, I know. Believe me I've heard it all...and it doesn't help that my middle name is Norman. So...Frank N. Stein. Geesh, did my folks mess up or what? And on top of that, kids ask me if I'm kin to R.L. Stein, the guy who writes those creepy Goosebumps stories that have been made into movies and stuff. Well, no...we're not related, or at least I don't think so, but we do have one thing in common, we both have some weird stuff to write about.

It all began a few weeks ago when my best friend David Wolf and I began to plan our costumes for Halloween. We would both be turning 13 in a few days and we figured this would be the last year we could get away with going door to door and begging for candy, so...we decided to go all out. Great costumes meant extra treats, and we wanted ours to be the best. We kicked around a few ideas, but it was David, as usual, who came up with the best idea.

"Well, since everyone already calls you Frankenstein, why not dress up as the monster?" he'd said grinning.

"Oh sure, why not?" I said sarcastically, "and you can go as a wolf," I giggled.

"Hey, that's not a bad idea...only not a wolf, a wolf Lon Chaney Jr, only younger," he chuckled.

We both loved those old horror movies and we'd seen them all, and suddenly the idea of us dressing like our namesakes didn't seem so bad after all. So, that was how the idea was born, and next was getting our folks on board, since they'd be the ones to do most of the work. Our moms were both whizzes at that stuff, and our dad's were good for anything that required a man's touch.

As expected, the parental units were up for the idea, but Davy's folks seemed especially receptive to the idea. I wondered where they'd get all that fur for his costume and stuff, but I'd seen fur material at the place my mom bought her sewing stuff, so I guessed that would be what they used. Boy, was I wrong.

So, with our costumes in the hands of our folks now, Davy and I continued to do the things that kids our age do, namely play video games, shoot hoops in the driveway, and make out every chance we got. Oh, did I mention that Davy and I were BF's, and that doesn't mean Best means Boy Friends, as in Boyfriends.

Yeah, we pretty much figured out that we like each other that way back in grade school, but by the time we reached age12 and our hormones kicked in, well...things got kind of heated. Now, I'm not saying we're sex maniacs or anything, but we do like simple things like holding hands, kissing, snuggling, and well...okay, we've done some messing around too, but that's private stuff. But, I will tell you it involves our hands, and sometimes those hands touch each other's bodies and well...that's as far as I'm willing to go. I will say one last thing, we haven't done the (blush) mouth thing yet, but we've talked about it. There, nuff said about that.

Back to what's important...our joint birthday party. See, Davy and I were both born on the same day, in the same year, though in different hospitals. We met in third grade when Davy and his folks moved to our small town, and that year we started talking about our birthdays, and that's when we discovered we had so much in common. Small world, ain't it? I think that little factoid helped us to grow closer, and the fact that our folks embraced the idea of a joint party made it seem even more special that we shared the same birthday.

Sometimes I thought about Davy and wondered what he was like when he was younger, before we met. If we'd met then, would we have become such good friends, boyfriends even? Or were we not ready for that stage of our lives yet, and meeting later was fate, or karma, or whatever they call it? All I knew for sure was: my life wasn't complete without Davy in it, and I sure was glad I'd found him.

October 14th fell on a Saturday that year, which was perfect since we could have our party on the actual day for a change. We'd invited kids we knew from school, girls and boys, and I had a couple of cousins that had a standing invitation to all my birthdays. I really liked them coming because they always brought such cool gifts, courtesy of my aunt and uncle, who loved me and felt bad cause they didn't come around more.

I guess there were about ten kids there that day, plus Davy, me, my folks, and Davy's mom Beth. Yeah, I get to call her Beth (when I'm not calling her Mom 2) and she is sooo cool. She's almost as cool as my mom, and that's saying a lot, cause my mom is the coolest mom in the whoooole wide world.

Anyway, the weather was perfect for a backyard party and we were playing games for a while, sipping punch, and finally we get to break the Piñata. So, Davy and I are both handed a stick at the same time and we go whacking at that Piñata like we're Luke Skywalker trying to carve Darth Vader up for steaks.

Well, you can pretty much guess what happened, we hit each other more than once, but we finally got a good hit in on the thing, and a little candy fell out on the ground. Just to be fair we let the other kids have a go at it, and by the time everyone was done, the Piñata was just a string and some wisps of paper mache.

We let the other kids pick up the candy and prizes cause we knew that our moms always held back a stash for us boys for later. Though we had alternated houses for our party since discovering that we shared the same birthday, one thing never changed, we always had a sleepover that night, and that night it was my turn to host.

Finally, it was time for gifts, and Davy and I sat side by side opening them, being sure to thank each and everyone for their gift, just like we'd been taught to do. Then it was time for ice cream cake and more punch. There were actually two cakes, one chocolate with vanilla ice cream inside, and one white cake with Rocky Road inside. Both cakes said Happy 13th Birthday, David and Frankie, and there were 13 candles on each.

While Davy blew out the candles on the chocolate cake, I took care of the huff and puff on the other one, and together we made our wishes with our eyes closed. I can't tell you what I wished for, but you can probably guess, and I hoped Davy was making that same wish. I will tell you that it involved a certain dark-haired boy that I liked a lot.

Speaking of dark hair. I guess I should describe the two of us. Me: blond, blue eyed, about 5'6" and 105 pounds. Not skinny, but slim I guess. I'm working on a six pack, but so far it's about a four pack. Oh, and I guess I'm kind of cute, at least everyone says I am, but I'm not stuck on myself. I think Davy is way cuter. Davy is about perfect in my eyes. A little taller than me, a few pounds heavier (all muscle), with a flat tummy and the beginnings of a real six pack. He is athletic and good at every sport, but he can be soft and gentle too, if you know what I mean. Like I said: he has dark hair which he keeps about shoulder length, though he keeps it trimmed and off his forehead. He has the most amazing eyes, deep dark pools of chocolate that seem to glow in just the right light. He has a broad pronounced nose, thick kissable lips, and a handsome face that makes me swoon when I see him. Oh, and the cutest ears that I love to nibble on.

Whew, I got sort of steamed up just writing about my BF so I'll move on to what happened that night. No, not that. You have a dirty mind...he he.

The kids began to leave around 6 that day and the last to go were my cousins Tom and Nicky. Both are younger, Tom a boy, Nicky a girl, but we're close considering we don't see each other as much as we'd like. Davy and I walked them to the van where my aunt Ethel was waiting. When she saw us she hopped out and gave us both a hug and wished us happy birthday. Suddenly, my two cousins, deciding it was okay since their mom had done it, jumped us and hugged us and thanked us for inviting them to he party.

Wow, we hugged them back, and I think I even got a little teary eyed. Later, Davy said he felt the same. So, I suggested that the two come stay over some night and everyone was happy. We waved goodbye as they drove off, then Davy and I went in to see what was for dinner. Despite all that ice cream cake, we were hungry.

Pizza arrived shortly after and we ate in the family room in front of the big screen while some Disney movie played. Lame stuff...right? Nah, not really, Davy and I liked wholesome family movies as much as we liked the action flicks.

Around 8 o'clock, we headed off to my room where we played video games till around ten o'clock. We'd both showered before the party and didn't get too sweaty, so after brushing our teeth and peeing one last time, we headed to bed. Neither of us wore PJs at this stage in our lives, preferring to just sleep in our undies, though sometimes I have to admit I didn't even bother with those when I slept alone.

Once the light was out, that was our signal to snuggle up, and soon we started kissing and stuff. Black screen here, soft whispers, wet noises...etc. Private stuff, but let's just say we had a great birthday and ended it with a bang.

Skip ahead to Halloween:

Halloween was on a Sunday that year, which was a blessing and a curse. A blessing cause there was no school that day, a curse cause I guess some church going folks didn't participate. Of course we had school the next day, so we couldn't stay out too late, but our folks were pretty lenient when it came to things like this. In fact, I was sleeping over at Davy's that night and we'd be going to school together the next day. Not that we didn't do that anyway, after all, we only lived a block apart, and rode the same bus each day.

Though I had seen my Frankenstein costume as it was being made, I had yet to see Davy's costume, and as mom drove me over to his house, I was excited at the prospect of finally seeing it. I was dressed in my costume already, and I had to say mom did a great job, even if I wasn't too happy about having to sit for a half hour while mom applied the makeup and stuff. However, when I finally looked in the mirror I decided it was well worth the wait.

Beth met us at the front door and made a big deal over my costume, but there was no sign of Davy anywhere. I figured he was in his room getting dressed, but instead of directing me up there, Beth suggested I wait for him in the family room. I kind of frowned, but I decided that maybe Davy wanted to make a big entrance or something, so I just went along with it.

Mr. Wolf was reading an outdoors mag in a big recliner in the corner, but he lowered it long enough to say hi.

"Nice costume Frank. Your folks did a bang up job on it," he chuckled, "and it certainly fits your name."

"Yeah, just like Davy's will," I laughed, "David A Wolf," I laughed, Anthony being Davy's middle name.

Mr. Wolf laughed, then he did the weirdest thing, he sort of howled, and I gotta say, he sounded just like a real wolf or something. So much so that I felt goosebumps cover my body and I was anxious for Davy to show so we could scoot outa there.

I didn't have to wait long though, a few minutes later Beth came in grinning from ear to ear and announced that the wolf boy had arrived. Then with a flourish she held out her arms, and in walked the most incredible thing I'd ever seen.

I could tell it was Davy cause there wasn't all that much facial hair, and those dark brooding eyes of his were staring right at me. He smiled a bit, then made a growling noise trying to sound fierce as I looked his body over.

He wore a pair of royal blue gym shorts and a red tank top, and his arms and legs, and every part of him that showed were covered with soft short brown fur that looked as if it grew right out of his skin. Like I said, he didn't have a lot of facial hair, which I was glad for, but his nose looked a little different, and then I noticed something that really stood out, his ears. I'd always thought Davy's ears were so cute, but the wolf boy version of them were even cuter. They were longer and pointed, but not gross like those you see in movies and stuff. I couldn't resist reaching up and touching them and they felt so real it was almost scary.

"Wow, really nice. Love the ears," I said in awe, walking around him to take it all in, then to Beth I added, "You did a great job Beth. looks so real."

"Thank you Frankie, your costume is very genuine as well. You two will make a great pair tonight."

"I can't get over how you look," I said pulling at the fur on my boyfriend's arm.

"Oww," he snarled, and I laughed, boy, he was really playing it up big.

"Sorry, but I have this sudden urge to pet you like my dog Alex," I chuckled.

"Petting is okay, hair pulling is out," Davy said grinning.

As expected, Beth took a bunch of pics of the two of us, posing separately and together, but after what seemed like hours she finally put her phone away.

"Are you boys ready. I'll drive you to the far end of the neighborhood and you can work your way back as we planned. You have your cell phones if you need anything or run into a problem."

"Let's do this!" I said slipping an arm around Davy and feeling the warmth of his fur.

"You look great too," Davy said as we headed out the door, "My pal, Frank N Stein," he chuckled.

"Yeah, David A Wolf," I chuckled, "we're certainly living up to our names tonight."

As we went from door to door that evening, I couldn't help but feel proud each time we were greeted with shock and compliments on our costumes. Though I really thought Davy would win if we went head to head in a contest, we both looked pretty awesome, and it was fun to see the reaction of the adults, and especially the little kids.

Several of the little ones insisted on petting the big doggie, and Davy always complied. He might have been hairy like a wolf, but he was gentle as a dog beneath all that fur. Halfway through our rounds we stopped in a little park to rest. Sitting on a picnic table side by side, I couldn't help but reach over and run my hand over the soft fur of Davy's leg. He seemed to almost purr as I did so and I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth before he knew what was happening. It was then that I realized something was different about his face, or at least his mouth.

"What the...?" I said as I pulled back and caught a glimpse of Davy's teeth.

Gone were the perfect straight white teeth that I was accustomed to, and in their place were long jagged canine teeth that looked menacing and out of place on this cute boy.

"Sorry," Davy said closing his mouth and looking away.

"It's okay, didn't realize you were wearing fake teeth too," I laughed, "boy, you went all the way."

Above us, the moon suddenly emerged from behind a cloud, and Davy suddenly looked up at it and howled in exactly the same way his dad had howled earlier at his house. I'll admit, even though I loved Davy with all my heart and soul, at that moment I was a little frightened.

"Umm...where did you learn that?" I said nervously.

"Frankie..." Davy said dropping his head as if in shame, "I have something to tell you."

"Oh...okay," I said swallowing hard and trying not to show my fear.

"First of all: don't be afraid. I love you, and I would never hurt you. Heck, I would never hurt anyone. Second: there's a reason I chose wolf boy as my costume tonight."

"Oh, umm...what was that?"

"Because tonight is the first full moon of my 13th year, and see, this isn't just a costume. Here, pull my fur like you did back at the house, but not too hard."

I did what Davy asked, and as before, I marveled at how it seemed to grow right out of his skin. did grow out of his skin, I realized as I tugged and pulled all over his arms, legs, and exposed chest and back, "'re all hairy..." I finally said, my heart thumping out of my chest.

"I'm sorry, but it won't last. Tomorrow I'll be back to normal, and I won't change again till the full moon of my 14th year, and then each year after, but only for one night. But...the cool thing is: I can change when I want to...once I get the hang of it. Dad and mom can do it at the drop of a hat, but they've had years of practice."

"Wait, so...your whole family are...are werewolves?"

"Yeah, cool...huh?"

"Yeah, uh cool. Um, have they ever thought know...eating me or anything?"

Davy raised his head to the sky and laughed so loud I'm sure the whole town heard him, "No, sorry... but we don't eat people. Yuck, disgusting. We eat normal stuff just like you. Heck, we even like vegetables. So, got nothing to worry about. My folks love you...and I love you. So...please, please don't quit being my friend just because I'm different."

Davy seemed so genuine and his eyes were filled with tears as he spoke, and I just knew he was telling me the truth. If I was wrong I might wind up as lunch, but sometimes a guy has to take a chance and trust the person you love.

" you too, you big furry wolf boy," I chuckled. Then throwing my arms around him, I hugged him close and we kissed some more. He felt so soft, so huggable, and I decided at that moment that it might be kind of cool to have a boyfriend who could turn furry and keep me warm on those long winter nights.

"I was so afraid that you'd hate me, or stop being my friend," Davy said, sounding both sad and relieved, "and I was gonna keep this a secret and just play it off, but when you asked...well, I just couldn't lie to you anymore."

"I'm glad you told me," I said, ruffling his long dark hair and kissing his cute nose, "You know, I always thought werewolves were kind of ugly, but you're pretty cute."

"Thanks, dad says some boys do get hairy faces and longer noses, but that he never did, and he supposed that he passed that along. I've seen dad that way a hundred times and he's just as handsome as a wolf. In fact, mom goes crazy when she sees him that way," he chuckled.

"TMI," I laughed, "I don't need to know about what two wolf mates do when they're horny, but...I do wonder what it would be like for us...I mean, if you were all furry when we know? Is your...umm...are you different down there."

Davy laughed again, "You mean my wolf dork? Nope, just the same, but there's hair down there now...a lot more than usual. Wanna see?" he offered.

"No! Not here, I mean. Later, in the privacy of your bedroom. In fact, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing, without your shorts and tank top on."

Davy howled again and I laughed. There was definitely something to be said for having a werewolf for a boyfriend, and I couldn't wait to explore all the possibilities.

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