A White Christmas Rescue

by Rob Warr

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author, Rob Warr and should not be re-posted or reproduced for the purpose of monetary gain. ©Rob Warr 2022

Snow had begun to fall as I drove home from work that day, tired but invigorated by the Holiday and now the snow. I loved snow, had since I was a kid, and this year it looked like we'd get a long awaited White Christmas. I was stopped at a light downtown when I first saw them, a man pushing what looked like two sacks of something in a shopping cart.

This area was frequented by homeless people, and seeing one pushing a shopping cart loaded with their belongings was not unusual, but something about this one made me give him a second look. With surprise I finally realized the two sacks were actually two small boys huddled low to keep warm. It was one thing to see an adult facing such adversity, but seeing two little ones in that situation tugged at my heartstrings.

But what could I do? I wondered. I'd been taught to mind my own business, but as the ghost of Christmas Past had said to Scrooge, "Mankind is your business." A soft toot of the horn of the driver behind me pulled me out of my revelry, and I proceeded through that intersection, but instead of heading home I pulled up in the first empty parking space.

I was shaking as I thought about what I was about to do. What if the guy reacted badly to my interference? What if he was just using the shopping cart to transport the boys home? What if his car had broken down or something and he was just trying to get home before he and the boys froze to death? Well, even if that was true I could help, I decided, but I was still unsure as I stepped out of the car that day and watched the man coming up the sidewalk.

I'd timed it just right, for we came together almost at the exact moment on the sidewalk, which was covered by an awning for the most part in this block of business. Now, how to begin, I thought as I stopped and waited for him to reach me.

"Hello," I said to the man, trying not to appear threatening in any way. I'd heard that some homeless people were mentally ill, but of course I still didn't even know if this guy and his two boys were homeless or just using the shopping cart for some other reason.

"Hey," the man said looking at me suspiciously, despite my attempt to look friendly.

"I'm sorry," I began, still not sure what to say or do at this point, "but I couldn't help but notice that you and your boys were out here in this weather and..."

"I didn't steal this cart, I found it," the man said quickly, as if I might attempt to snatch the cart away from him at any moment.

The two boys were now peering at me with frightened looks, and I took a moment to give them a looking over. The youngest was maybe 5, the older one a couple years older, both very cute, big brown eyes, long dark hair that stuck out from under the hoods of their dirty coats, dirty jeans and worn tennis shoes completing their outfits.

"That wasn't why I stopped," I said taking a breath, "I just worried that maybe you needed some help or something. I mean, it's snowing pretty hard and the boys look very cold."

For the first time since I'd confronted him the man seemed to relax a little, but the look of sadness and despair on his face broke my heart.

"We...we were looking...for...for cans to sell...but then...it began to snow and I thought we should go home."

"Do you live far?" I asked, finally feeling like I was getting somewhere, and hoping the situation wasn't as bad as I'd first thought.

"By the rodeo grounds...in a tent," he said, "my wife is there now. We have no food, no money..." he said wiping at his eyes.

While he attempted to compose himself, I looked him over and I could immediately see the resemblance between him and the two boys. His skin was a little darker however, and I decided he was of Hispanic descent, even if the boys looked more white. Perhaps the mother was white, I decided, not that it mattered, but that was the thought that ran through my mind at that moment.

"A tent?" I said once he'd managed to get his emotions under control, "In this weather?"

"Yes, it is cold, but it is all we have. Tomorrow we will go to the mission and they will give us food, but today we have none."

Well, by now of course my heart was breaking. We lived in a land of plenty and there were still people going hungry. It was a crying shame. We threw away more food than we ate, and instead of channeling it to those who needed it most, it wound up in the trash. Well, I couldn't fix the world, but I could make sure this man and his family didn't go hungry, at least for today.

"If you don't mind leaving the cart I could take you and your boys home, then we'll see about getting you some food."

"I have no money..." he began.

I smiled, "I just got my Christmas bonus at work, so I do," I said winking, "What do you say, want to help me spend it?"

"Why would you do this thing...we are no one..." he said trailing off.

"Oh, yes...yes you are. You and your family are just as important as anyone else. The fact that you're having a hard time making it, isn't your fault...is it?"

"No...I cannot find a job..."

"Well, maybe I can help with that too. Where I work we are desperate for workers. Can you do warehouse work?"

"Yes, I can do anything. I am strong and I work hard...but I am not smart in some things...like computers and numbers."

"That's no biggy, we can teach you what you need to know, but right now what we need to do is get you and your family fixed up for the Holiday, and for this weather. Will you let me help you?"

"Please papa," the youngest boy said, tears in his eyes, "I am so hungry."

Well, if that wouldn't make a grown man cry, at least it gave his papa a reason to accept my offer, and with a shake of his head he let any stubborn pride he had slip away. We left the cart on the sidewalk, and the father, whose name I learned was Miguel, sat up front while we buckled the two boys in behind us. All three smelled a little ripe, but I supposed what with living in a tent, that showers were a luxury they didn't have.

I knew where the rodeo grounds were, but I'd never known there was a tent city there until that night. There must've been a dozen or so tents there, and I wondered if the outreach programs offered any help to these people.

The tent the family shared was small, maybe 8 foot by 10 foot and looked as if it had seen better days. There was a tarp on the ground beneath it, I supposed to keep the moisture away from the tent floor, and inside there were old quilts thrown on the floor to pad it.

Mary, the mother, was a plain looking woman, small in stature and thin, no doubt from their sparse and sporadic diet, but she seemed cheerful as we were introduced. I knew women like this one were the glue that held families in crisis together, and I wondered if Miguel knew how lucky he was to have her. But, soon I would find out that Miguel was just as strong and determined to make a better life for his family as his wife was.

Once I explained what I had in mind, Mary nodded her approval and we loaded up in the car once more, the boys' mother in the back with them. I drove us to a diner I frequented where the prices were reasonable, the food good, and the portions above average.

The family seemed unsure what to order, but with my help, they finally decided on the chicken friend steak dinner, the boys chicken strips, and I had meatloaf. The boys chicken was served with fries and applesauce, and our dinner had mashed potatoes and gravy, and a vegetable. A basket of rolls completed the meal and the boys had milk while we oldsters had tea.

As we ate, I talked about the company where I worked, and in the process managed to get a few more details out of the couple about their situation. As I listened I thought about how easily a person could slip into the kind of situation this family was in. Once it started, it was like a domino effect, tile after tile clattering to the floor as your life unraveled.

Through no fault of their own, as far as I could see, they'd gone from having a roof over there heads, three squares a day, and some hope for the future...to living in a tent.

"You can't stay in that tent tonight," I said when we'd finished our food, then before they could answer I suggested we order dessert.

"You have done so much..." Miguel said shaking his head.

"Suit yourself, I'm having a piece of coconut cream pie. It's excellent," I said, then to the the boys, "Boys, you want some ice cream, or maybe a piece of cake?"

I wasn't trying to be bossy, but I'm pretty hard to refuse when I get started, and the boys wound up with cake and ice cream, Mary a piece of apple pie, and Miguel reluctantly allowed me to order him a piece of coconut cream pie as well.

"So, I'm thinking..." I said licking my fork, "I live in a duplex, and at present the other side is not rented out. My last tenant just moved out a few days ago, and the utilities are connected to mine, so they are still on. I find it's easier to just charge more and not make my renters mess with that stuff."

"But...we have no money..." Miguel said once again.

"Well, since I'm the landlord, that's not really a big deal right now. Once you get a job and get on your feet...then we'll figure out a reasonable rent."

"But...why are you doing this?" Mary asked looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"I can't explain it, it just seems right. Does that make sense?" I sighed, "let me ask you a question, if you had a chance to help someone else, what would you do? Would you just walk away, or would you do whatever you could to help?"

"I would help," she said smiling, "but most people just turn their heads and walk away when they see people like us."

"Well, I won't lie to you, I've been guilty of that myself at times, but when I saw your two boys, I knew I just had to do something to help."

"I still don't understand," Miguel said, "but for my family I will do what you say."

"Good, now that that's settled, if everyone is done with their dessert, we can be on our way. Are there things you need to collect from the tent?'

"Yes, a few things," Mary said looking at her husband, "some clothes and things, all that we own."

I paid the check, including a nice tip, then we loaded back in the car and headed back to their tent. There wasn't much, a few trash bags of things which we stowed in the trunk, then I asked about the tent.

"We will leave it for someone else to use," Miguel said, "it was given to us, and we will pass it along."

We drove to my duplex in silence, the boys, Pablo and Carl, napping in the back now that they were warm and their little tummies full, but soon we arrived and the boys were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. Both duplexes had three bedrooms with a two car garage, laundry room, large living room, and a nicely equipped kitchen. The backyards were enclosed in a 6 foot privacy fence, except down the center where there was only a 4 foot high chain-link fence, with a gate located halfway down it's length.

"It is very nice," Miguel said when he saw the place. Much nicer than our old house."

"It's fully furnished too," I said leading them inside, "There are three bedrooms, but I'm guessing these two probably prefer to share a room," I said laying a hand on each of the boy's head.

"Yes, they are very close," Mary said smiling at the two.

"Well, tomorrow we will go get a few things that you folks will need to get by till Monday. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and most places close early, so I think we should go tomorrow morning before it gets too busy. How does ten o'clock sound?"

"That is fine, but you have done so much already..." Mary protested again.

"Let me worry about that, okay?" I said smiling, "right now, I'm going to let you guys get settled and head on home. I'll see you folks in the morning, okay?"

"Yes, thank you," Mary said, "boys, thank Rob," she said to her sons.

"Thank you Mr. Rob, they said together in their sweet little boy voices.

"You're welcome guys. Can I have a hug?" I said bending down and opening my arms wide.

Both boys swarmed into my arms and I hugged them to me, oblivious of their ripe odor, and enjoying the warmth of these two little angels. I finally released them, and after shaking their parents' hands, I headed home.

I had a ball at Walmart the next day, especially buying things for the boys, but it was like pulling teeth to get the adults to let me buy them anything. I finally convinced Miguel that he'd need proper clothing to wear to his new job and he reluctantly agreed to let me buy two outfits, some boots and a warm coat.

Mary was even more stubborn, but I finally managed to get her to let me buy her a new dress, some shoes and a coat. For the boys I bought new underwear, socks, pants, shirts, coats, new shoes, and a few other things they needed.

In the grocery section, I bought all the basics for them, then with some prodding from me and suggestions from them, we filled in the rest. I added candy and cookies and a few other treats for the kids, then we headed to checkouts.

While the two adults loaded the bagged items in the cart, I watched the total grow and grow, but I didn't care. My bonus more than covered the amount, and I considered it an investment in mankind. Not only was I helping Miguel and his family, I'd found my new next door neighbors, and my hope was that they'd stay there a long time.

We finally made it back to the duplex, and after unloading the bags in their house, I left them to put it all away and went to do some shopping of my own. I hit several stores then, buying toys for the boys and gifts for their folks, then took them home and wrapped them and put them under my tree. I knew there was no time to get a tree or trimmings for the family, but my plan was for them to spend Christmas day with me where they could enjoy my decorations.

I felt really good about what I'd done, and I was looking forward to seeing the boys' faces when they saw what Santa had left for them at my house the next day. I fixed myself a light dinner and decided to pay a visit to my new neighbors to deliver my invitation to join me for Christmas.

Mary opened the door and the boys swarmed me, freshly bathed and wearing some of their new clothes. Carlos, the smaller boy, held out his arms and I picked him up and sat him on my hip and carried him into the living room, Pablo close at my side.

"Are you settling in okay?" I asked the couple as Mary took her seat beside here husband. They too looked much better than when I'd first met them, and I could smell the soap and shampoo they'd used.

"This is a very nice place," Mary said, "I love having a washer and dryer. I have been washing our clothes all afternoon. I am almost done though."

"Good, well...what I came over for was to invite you folks over to my house tomorrow for Christmas dinner. I have turkey and all the trimmings and it would be nice to have some company."

"Well, are you sure?" Mary said looking at her husband.

"Yes, please. It's no fun celebrating alone. Besides, Santa stopped by earlier and left some things for the boys," I said winking.

"Oh, well..." Mary said grinning, "I guess we should say yes then."

"Good, come early if you'd like, but I'm planning on serving dinner around one o'clock."

"We will come early and I'll help you, if that's all right?" Mary said.

"Sounds good, well...I guess I'll get on back home then."

"Please...stay a while," Miguel said, "I would like to talk more about the job..."

I wound up staying till almost ten, but around nine the boys began to yawn and look sleepy and Mary put them to bed. When she returned, she fixed us a cup of coffee and we sat sipping it and talking some more. I learned a lot about the family, and in turn shared my life with them.

I was barely 40 and still single, but not for trying. However, it wasn't a wife I was looking for, it was a husband. Unfortunately, it seemed like most gay guys were only interested in one thing, sex, and the idea of a committed relationship scared most of them off. So, I took what I could get, and while I was never starved for sex, what I really wanted was to find that one guy that I could spend the rest of my life with. Of course, I didn't share my sexual persuasion with Miguel and Mary then, but little did I know, they would soon figure me out.

Miguel and Mary's story was not unusual as far as married couples went. They'd me in high school, fell in love, and got married shortly after graduating. Then along came Pablo and two years later Carlos. Miguel had been lucky to find a job, working for his cousin who did remodeling, roofing, and the like. He'd managed to save enough money to buy a car, and eventually they moved out of their small apartment and into a house that he remodeled in his spare time.

All was going well, until Miguel's cousin was killed in a car accident, and without him the company went under. Miguel wasn't the only one to lose his job, but most of the other workers had found work rather quickly. Not so with Miguel, who struggled with math and modern technology. He'd even tried to find a job in retail, but no one seemed willing to give him a chance. That had been six months ago, and once what little savings they had was used up, they'd lost the house. They were finally forced to sell the car because they could no longer afford insurance or gas for it, and that was how they wound up living in a tent city.

"Do either of you have any folks nearby?" I wondered.

"No, my people are in Mexico and Mary's moved far away when we were married. My cousin was my only relative here, and when he died I had no family."

"Well, starting Monday you'll get a chance to start over," I said nodding, "I think you'll like your new boss, he's a pretty good guy," I added grinning.

"It's you, isn't it?" Mary said, getting the joke.

"Well, let's just say I pretty much run the warehouse end of our operation. We furnish building materials to contractors, as well as retailers all over the state. I only answer to one man, and that's the man who owns the company. He pretty much lets me run things and he trusts my judgement."

"I will like that kind of work," Miguel said, "I know lumber and roofing and materials like that."

"That's why I thought you'd be a perfect match. I had a guy quit just before Christmas, but I can always use a good hand. Monday, we'll do the paperwork and you can start Tuesday morning, how does that sound?"

"Wonderful, thank you Rob," Miguel said looking ready to cry.

It was then that I realized just how good looking Miguel was. He was only in his late 20s and still had a youthful face, and his body was lean and well muscled, despite his poor diet of late. His big brown eyes sparkled with mischief at times, and the resemblance his sons bore to him was uncanny. If Miguel was single, well...I might have asked if he played for the other team as well. But Mary was a lovely woman and very nice, and I could see that they loved each other very much, and I certainly didn't want to complicate their lives anymore than they were.

I finally excused myself when the ten o'clock news came on, and after a handshake from Miguel, and an unexpected hug from Mary, I headed home. The snow had stopped, but there was at least a foot or more on the ground, and my outside decorations looked even more festive reflected off the snow.

I have always loved Christmas, and even as a single adult I still put up a tree and decorated to the nines. The kids in the neighborhood loved it, and I suspect so did many of the adults, because I wasn't the only one who strung lights and such on my house. Since I lived in a duplex, I decorated both sides of the unit and whoever was living there reaped the benefits as well. This time it was the Garcia family, Miguel, Mary, Pablo, and Carlos, my new next door neighbors, and I hoped: friends for life.

Christmas morning brought gray billowy clouds and the temps were in the 30s. I was glad the little family next door had a warm place to spend the night, but I couldn't help but think about those left behind who weren't quite as lucky. It was then that I made up my mind to contact one of the organizations that helped the homeless and see what I could do to help. I kept the promise the following Monday.

I'd gotten up early to put the turkey in the oven, and the Heavenly smell had my mouth watering. I basted it and then began preparing some of the other dishes I'd need to cook. It was only 10 by then, so I had an Eggo and a glass of milk to tide me over till dinner.

Around 11, there was a knock on the door and I rushed to greet my expected guests, the two little ones bouncing in looking all excited. They took one look at the tree and the packages beneath it and I knew immediately what we should do next.

"I suggest we open gifts and then Pablo and Carlos will have something to keep them busy while we prepare dinner. How does that sound?"

"Fine," Mary said, "thank you so much for doing this," she added with tears in her eyes, "the boys would have gotten nothing this year if not for you."

"Oh, it wasn't me, it was Santa, right guys?" I said going to the tree and pulling out a package for each boy.

While the boys were unwrapping their first gift, I dug out one for Mary and one for Miguel, both simple items I knew they could use. A hair dryer for Mary and a nice shaver with extra blades for Miguel. They both thanked me profusely, and it was obvious the gifts were greatly appreciated. Despite their reluctance at accepting my help at first, they slowly seemed to be coming around.

Meanwhile, the boys had freed their toys from their wrappings and were proudly holding them up for us to see. I am quite sure that the boys would have been happy with just that one toy, but when I do something, I do it right, and there were four more packages for each of them.

The boys looked stunned as they sat on the floor surrounded by wrapping paper, bows, and their new toys, then suddenly both boys jumped up and ran to me and threw themselves against me, hugging me for dear life.

"Gracias," they both said, looking up at me with those big brown eyes that could melt the coldest heart

"You're welcome guys. Now, why don't you guys play with your toys while your momma and I fix us a delicious dinner?"

The boys went back to their toys then, and Mary followed me into the kitchen. Miguel stayed behind for a while, cleaning up the mess, then eventually joined us, leaving the boys to their play. I offered Miguel a cup of coffee, but he declined, and eventually he offered to help, and I put him on potato peeling duty.

With the three of us working, and using the double oven in my kitchen, we were able to get everything ready in record time. The boys had wandered in after a while still clutching a toy, sniffing the succulent air and looking hungry.

"Almost ready guys," I said rubbing my hands together, "Mary, why don't you go ahead and get them seated and I'll start putting the food on the table.

The turkey had turned out perfect, golden brown, moist and delicious, and I let Miguel have the honor of carving it. There was mashed potatoes and gravy, yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, and for dessert: I had pecan and pumpkin pies, as well as a German chocolate cake. In case you're wondering, no, I hadn't planned on cooking all this for myself. Only after meeting Miguel and his family did I decide to do a spread this big.

We ate, and we talked, and we got to know each other better, and after awhile it was as if I'd known this little family all my life. The boys were a constant source of good cheer and humor and I found myself falling more in love with the two little imps by the minute.

Having never had much experience with kids, I soon realized what I'd been missing, and it was a little sad to think I might never know the joy of fatherhood. Still, if I could find the right guy and get married, we could adopt, I reasoned. These days it was no big deal for a same sex couple to adopt, or even have a kid by surrogate.

We ate our dessert in the living room and I opened a few of the gifts from friends and family, then handed Mary and Miguel an envelope. Inside was a colorful Christmas card and when they opened it to read the message they discovered a crisp new one hundred dollar bill.

"No, this is too much," Miguel said staring at the money.

"Relax, think of it as a sign-on bonus," I joked, "I need an employee, and you'll need some money to get things started, so...please accept it in the same spirit it was given."

Mary touched Miguel's arm and there was some unspoken message that passed between them. I'd seen that look before and knew it was something that couples who were very close often did. There was a connection that defied logic, and at times like that words were unnecessary.

We spent a pleasant afternoon chatting while the boys played quietly in the floor, but eventually they ran out of energy and needed a nap. Carlos, without hesitation climbed into my lap, and within minutes he was sound asleep. Pablo found a spot on the sofa between his parents, his feet in Miguel's lap and his head in his mother's.

As I gazed down at the sleeping angel in my arms, I had such a sense of peace and happiness that would stay with me for a long time to come. I might not be a Saint, but I was a good person, and I had been made better because of this little family.

Miguel thrived at his new job, and eventually he and Mary became paying renters. Not that I charged that much, just enough to cover my expenses. It was worth the loss of a little income just to have good neighbors, and if there were ever any things that needed fixing, Miguel was quick to lend a hand.

The boys started school again right after Christmas, Carlos in preschool, Pablo in first grade, and they loved it. Surrounded by other kids, many of whom were also Hispanic, they thrived. Mary eventually took a part time job at a cafe, working the morning shift while the boys were in school, then picking them up in the car she and Miguel had bought with me as co-signer.

Miguel rode to work with me each day, and we often had lunch together, either in the break room or at a fast food restaurant nearby. In fact, Miguel and I had become very close in the short period of time since we'd met one another, and once again I began to wonder if Miguel would be open to more than friendship. Of course, since he was married, I knew I would never in any way attempt to find out, but it's strange sometimes how things work out.

That year Miguel and his family thrived, they paid off the car in record time, and Miguel bought a pickup, this time on his own credit worthiness. In the summer, Miguel helped me do the yard work around the duplex and we often spent the whole day together on our days off. Mary didn't seem to mind, in fact, she seemed happy to have some time to herself, and often took the boys shopping or to the park. In short, Miguel and I became best friends.

I knew I loved Miguel and his family, but what I felt for Miguel was more than that. I finally realized that I was in love with Miguel, and as hopeless a situation as that was, I was unable to stop myself from falling even more deeply in love with him with each passing day.

Eventually however, it began to wear on me, and it must've showed in the way I behaved and treated Miguel. I was often moody, and sometimes avoided him altogether, the pain of seeing him almost too much to bare. Fortunately, I didn't see him that often at work, and since he drove himself now, I was saved having him next to me in my car twice a day.

"What is wrong?" Miguel asked me one day at lunch. We'd brought our lunches that day and were sitting beneath a shade tree behind the warehouse. There was also a covered picnic table back there, but the grass seemed more inviting to us that day, and that was where we settled.

"Nothing," I lied, "just thinking about some stuff."

"You do not seem the same lately. Have I done something to anger you?" Miguel pleaded.

"No, buddy...no," I said, instantly feeling bad, "it's nothing you have done," I said placing my hand on his arm before I could stop myself.

The effect was immediate. I felt as if thousands of little electrical charges were coursing through my body, my heart was beating faster, and my stomach was turning flip flops.

"Good, I am glad. I like you very much," Miguel said, his eyes moist now.

"I like you too," I admitted, then before I could stop myself, I added, "maybe too much for my own good."

Miguel's eyes locked on me and he smiled, "You too?"

"What?" I said confused.

"I thought it was just me, but now I see that you feel it too."

"Uh, well...that depends on what you're talking about," I stammered.

"There is no need to hide your feelings. Feelings are important, and it is never wrong to share them with those you love."

"Love?" I muttered lowly, my hand now caressing his arm.

"Yes, do you love me as much as I love you?"

I was dumbfounded, but what could I say? I could no more deny my feelings than I could fly, but instead of replying, I took the easy way out and just nodded.

"I thought so, but why are you unhappy then. Love is a good thing, is it not?"

"But you don't understand, I'm not like you. You're married to a woman, and I..."

"You like men, yes?"

Again I nodded, "I'm sorry, I know you aren't that way. You have a wife..."

"Shh..." Miguel said, "I have been with men before, I like it just fine. I married my wife because I fell in love with her, but she knows I also like men. Do you not wonder why she is always pushing us together?"

"I just thought that she liked time alone with the boys. You mean...?"

"Si, she is giving me time to do what I want to do, but so far...nothing," he said grinning.

"I don't know..." I said, finally realizing what he was saying, "I've never knowingly been with someone who was...was married. I mean, I may have accidentally, since some guys don't tell you everything, but it just seems wrong. Cheating on your wife..."

"It is not cheating if she does not care, si?"

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, we have discussed it many times. She says you are a good man, and she would be happy to share me with you."

"Wait, you're not talking about...a three-way, are you? Because as pretty as Mary is, I'm not into women at all."

"No, she does not like you that way," Miguel assured me, "but she sees that I do, and that is fine with her."

"I don't know, it still seems wrong, but I guess as long as everyone involved agrees..."

"Then think about it. I will come over tonight and we can talk some more. Mary is going to take the boys shopping for shoes."

We finished our lunch without much else being said, and when I returned to work I could barely do my job for thinking about what Miguel had suggested. Could I be intimate with Miguel and still look Mary and the boys in the eyes? As I said, I'm no saint, and I supposed I'd done worse, possibly without even knowing it. Still, I'd need to do some deep soul searching before I made up my mind one way or the other.

I was just finishing the dishes when the knock came on my door and I quickly dried my hands and went to let Miguel in. He was smiling, dressed in jeans, a button up shirt, and athletic shoes. He'd filled out some once he'd started working and eating regularly, but all of it was muscle, and he was one good looking guy. Though a little shorter than I was, maybe 5'8", we weighed almost the same, 175, though he was more buff than I was.

"Hi," I said, come on in, "wanna beer?"

"Yes, that would be good," he said grinning.

"Mary and the kids get off okay?"

"Yes, they will be gone for hours. Mary loves to shop, even if she doesn't always buy something."

"Women are like that, I guess..." I said blushing. What did I know about women?

"Yes, I think so, but not us men," he laughed, "we just go and buy what we need and go home."

"Yes, unless it's tools or something that attracts our interest," I chuckled, handing Miguel a bottle of Bud Lite and opening my own.

"So, have you thought about what we talked about?" Miguel said after taking a swig of his beer.

"Yes, but I'm still not sure. Maybe I need some convincing," I said softly, not sure what I was implying, but hoping Miguel would take the lead.

"It is very hot in here," Miguel said suddenly, then sitting his beer down, he stripped off his shirt to reveal a well developed chest, pointy little nipples, and a washboard stomach.

I sucked in a breath as I gazed at his chiseled form. I'd seen him shirtless a few times when we did yard work, but he'd put on some muscle since then.

"Oh, you been working out?" I said numbly, staring boldly at his sexy body.

"Take off your shirt, Rob," Miguel said, ignoring my comment, "I want to see you."

Without thinking, I obeyed Miguel's command, and when I'd thrown my shirt aside, I was aware of his intense stare as his eyes traveled over my upper body. He seemed to like what he saw, for he licked his lips and was smiling as he finally brought his eyes to mine.

"We should go to your bedroom now, don't you think?"

"I...I, well..." I began, but Miguel wasn't about to accept any answer except, yes.

"Come," he said tugging at my hand, "show me your bedroom. I want to see where you jerk off and think of me," he laughed.

He had me there. How many times had I done just that since I'd first met him that December day? More than I could count, that was for sure, and now he was offering me a chance to be with him for real, up close and personal. How could I turn that offer down?

I couldn't. As noble and ethical as I liked to think I was, when Miguel began to take off the rest of his clothes, I knew I was lost. When his jeans hit the floor and he stood there in just his tighty whities I once again sucked in a deep breath of air as I stared at this magnificent figure of manhood.

He was hard, and through the thin fabric of those tight briefs I could see that he was uncut, exciting me even further. I too was uncut and loved uncut cock, and I couldn't wait to see his, up close and personal. He looked at me expectantly, but when I didn't make a move, he came over to where I stood and began fumbling with my top button. Once he had my jeans unbuttoned, he slowly lowered the zipped and let them fall to my feet. I stepped out of them and stood before him, my bright red boxer briefs tented with my arousal.

"You are ready," he said fondling my erection through my briefs, "it has been a while since I have been with a man, but I still remember how good it can be."

We were naked and in bed seconds later, our lips finding each other's, our hands roaming every inch of each other's bodies. Once we'd satisfied our lust for kissing, Miguel took the lead, starting at my neck and kissing and licking every inch of my body before finally coming back to my hard throbbing cock. He teased it at first, nibbling and licking it from the base to the tip, then working my balls with equal lust, before finally taking me into his hot wet mouth and giving me what I can only describe as, the best blow job I have ever received.

I lay there sated and exhausted for only a minute before I rose and returned the favor, greedily licking and sucking and worshiping his sexy young body with unbridled lust. When I finally turned my attention to his throbbing member, I worked the loose skin, releasing his musky aroma before licking the sweet precum from it and shivering at the taste.

I spent a long time between his legs, licking every inch of him as far back as I could reach before finally plunging down on his manhood and giving him as good as he'd given me. His cum was sweet with a slight saltiness to it, and was without a doubt the most delicious cum I'd ever had the privilege to ingest.

Afterwards, we lay in each other's arm, kissing and cuddling, and all my worries and inhibitions about entering into this sort of relationship disappeared. If Mary was all right with what we were doing, who was I to doubt it? It might be a little weird facing her tomorrow, but once that first time was out of the way, I was sure it would get easier.

We lay there till we heard Mary's car pull up next door, and even then Miguel seemed in no hurry to get dressed. I suggested we take a shower together and he eagerly agreed, and though I hadn't planned it, we wound up bringing each other off by hand in the shower.

I lay naked on my bed as I watched Miguel slip on his briefs and jeans, then followed him into the living room so he could retrieve his shirt. We kissed again at the door, and he surprised me by giving my ass a good squeeze.

"Next time we make love," he said smiling, then he was out the door.

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