Pudding Cups

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4

Happily ever after

At school the next day Jason headed to his locker, his stomach full of butterflies and his mind racing a mile a minute. He'd slept fitfully the night before, finally passing out from shear exhaustion, only to be awakened after what seemed like a few minutes by his alarm. He'd stumbled into the bathroom and taken a much needed pee, then hopped in the shower in an attempt to wake up.

He'd picked at his breakfast and finally given up and brushed his teeth and headed to school ten minutes earlier than usual, leaving Jacob to finish his breakfast alone.

"Hey, you're early."

Jason swung around hoping to find Roger there, but the voice belonged to his neighbor Kris.

"Oh hi, I thought you were Roger," Jason blurted out before he could stop himself, "I mean he usually meets me here in the morning."

"I saw you two talking yesterday, everything okay? I mean he's cool with the gay thing, right?"

"Yeah, things are fine. Nothing has changed between us," Jason said, but that wasn't exactly true. A lot had changed, and hopefully for the better.

"That's cool. Glad to hear it. Hey, sorry about not sitting with you at lunch yesterday, but Kenny and I had some...um, things to do and we skipped lunch," Kris said grinning.

"Oh, well...that's cool," Jason said smiling, "You're welcome to sit with us anytime though.

"Yeah, well tell Jacaob we'll be there today. Well gotta zip, Kenny is waiting for me. We have first period together. Later dude."

"Yeah, later," Jason said turning back to his locker.

He was just about to close his door when someone came up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Fearing it was Riley or one of the other haters he spun around quickly to come face to face with Roger.

"Man, you scared me," Jason said, smiling despite his alarm.

"Sorry dude, did I forget to brush my teeth?" He joked.

"No, I mean, I don't know," Jason stammered, "I was just zoned out I guess and wasn't paying attention."

"Relax, it's just little ole' me. How about if we eat lunch outside in the common area and talk at lunch time?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. I brought my lunch, how bout' you?"

"Yeah me too, that's perfect. We won't have to waste time in the cafeteria line."

"Great, well gotta' go, see ya' at lunch," Roger said leaving Jason without any clue as to what they were going to talk about or what he'd decided about them becoming boyfriends.

He stewed and fumed all morning, barely paying attention in any of his classes, earning him a dirty look or two from his teachers. By lunch he was in worse shape than he'd been when he came to school and his stomach was all tied up in knots.

As agreed they met at the far end of the commons, and Roger had already staked out a table and was sitting there with his lunch kit in front of him. When Roger saw him he stood and motioned him over, and Jason's heart skipped a beat and the butterflies swarmed as he headed that way.

"Hey, you must've ran here," Jason chuckled nervously.

"Just wanted to make sure I could get this table, it's far enough from the other tables to give us some privacy."

"Yeah, pretty isolated here," he laughed nervously.

"Well, sit down why don't you? What did you bring?"

"Huh, oh...umm..turkey I think," Jason said as he peeked into his lunch bag. He wasn't the least bit hungry, but he supposed he'd have to eat just to keep up appearances. No way did he want Roger to see how nervous he was.

"I got PBJ, wanna swap half for half?"

"Sure okay," Jason mumbled, food was the last thing on his mind.

"Why you so nervous?" Roger chuckled, "Are you afraid I'm gonna' say no?"

"I'm not," Jason quickly replied, "Uh, well...a little maybe," he added forlornly.

"Dude, all I thought about last night was that kiss, well those kisses, and I don't think saying no ever entered my mind. So...if you still wanna' be with a guy like me, then yeah, I say we give it a try. But...I'm not sure I'm ready to announce it to the world or our rents yet."

"Really? I totally feel the same way too," Jason said happily, "And yeah, we can keep it our secret for now, well except Jake knows, but he's cool."

"Yeah, and I'm sure Teddy knows by now, but that's cool. So...how about you come to my house after school and we'll try that kissing thing again and make it official?" Roger said grinning. Then in a moment of unbridled joy he laid his hand atop Jason's.

The touch was electric and Jason didn't even care if someone saw them. Let them talk, he thought happily, I don't care if the whole world knows.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Jason said turning his hand over and entwining his fingers with those of Roger's, "I like holding hands in case you haven't noticed," he said blushing.

"Me too, and I don't even care if anyone sees us. Let them talk all they want, I don't care."

"Yeah, well...this is nice, but I'm starving," Roger said at last, then giving Jason's hand one last squeeze, he pulled away and began digging out his sandwich.

Suddenly Jason's appetite was back, and as they divvied up the food they were both bubbling over with good cheer.

On the way to Roger's house that afternoon Jason wanted so badly to take Roger's hand, but of course he didn't. Instead he settled for just brushing up against him occasionally as they walked hip to hip, and by the time they got to Roger's, Jason was so worked up he thought he would explode.

As soon as they were in Roger's room they came together in a kiss. Soon they were entwined, pressing together urgently as the kiss built up to inferno proportions. They were both hard almost instantly, and as they pressed their swollen parts together they moaned into each others mouth.

"Ummm...that was nice," Jason panted when they finally broke the kiss, "When will your folks be home?"

"Not for a while, we're safe here anyway. They know better than to come into my room without knocking. Ever since my mom caught me choking the chicken when I was about 12," Roger chuckled.

"Oh My God, dude, she caught you? You must've been horrified. I'd have died right there. What did you do?"

"Well, she said she was sorry for not knocking and closed the door, so...as soon as she was gone I finished," he laughed, "I figured if it was the last time I got to do it I might as well make it a good one."

"No way, you beat off knowing your mom knew you were doing it?"

"Yeah, but let's not talk about that, I'll tell you the whole story sometime. Right now I'd like to do something more fun."

"Like what?" Jason said looking interested.

"Well, how about we lose some of these clothes and just see what happens?"

"Oh...okay," Jason said nervously. Was this really going to happen? Was he finally going to have sex with his best friend, the boy he loved, and know that Roger was as much into it as he was?

"Wait, let me undress you," Roger said stepping closer and tugging at the waistband of Jason's pullover.

Jason raised his arms instinctively to allow Roger to snake his shirt over his head, and he was reminded of how his mom and dad used to help him undress when he was just a little kid. It was a strange thing to think about at that moment, but it reminded him of how much he loved his folks and all the love they had shown him, and that only elevated his feeling of euphoria.

"Nice," Roger said running his hand down Jason's chest and to his flat stomach.

Jason shivered at Roger's touch and let out a low purring sound.

"Are you okay dude, you're shaking like a leaf?" Roger asked with a wry smile parting his lips.

"Uh, yeah...just never really had anyone touch me like that before. It's nice."

"Like what? Like they love you and can't get enough of you?" Roger said softly, "Cause' that's how I feel," he moved closer then and encircled Jason's slender waist with his hands and rubbed his back causing more purring on Jason's part.

"I feel the same way," Jason said pulling back a little, how about letting me take your shirt off so I can admire your body now?"

"Okay, go for it dude," Roger chuckled as he raised his arms and stepped back a little.

Jason made quick work of his shirt and tossed it on top of his own on the bed, and turned his attention to Roger's much more chiseled physique. Running his hands across Roger's baby six pack he sucked in a breath and shivered with desire.

"Damn dude, you are cut. When did you get so buff? It's been a while since I really looked at you up close and I can't believe how hot you are now."

"Why haven't you been looking? I get naked every day in PE. You mean you never snuck a peek?"

"Well, didn't want to be too obvious. I didn't know how you'd feel about me perving on your bod."

"Well, I'm fine with it now, so perv all you want," Roger moaned as Jason's fingers found his nipples and began to rub them, causing them to get hard instantly, "Oh dude, that's wicked," he panted.

Then bending lower, Jason licked at those same hard nipples and took first one then the other between his lips and suckled it causing Roger to cry out in pleasure. "Oh dude, that's so hot. I can't wait to show you how good that feels."

"First let's get the rest of these clothes off," Jason said taking charge now. Then grabbing the top button of Roger's jeans he unfastened them and tugged the zipper down slowly, revealing a tented pair of baby blue Under Armour boxer briefs.

A wet spot marked the spot where the head of his hard cock pressed against the fabric, and Jason brought his finger to the spot and pressed there causing Roger to moan appreciatively.

"Oh..dude, be careful. I'm liable to blow any minute."

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna waste it. I want that in my mouth and my tummy."

Roger moaned again but was able to help Jason finish removing his jeans. They'd shucked their shoes at the door, and now Roger stood in just his socks and baby blue briefs, and Jason thought he had never seen anyone or anything as lovely and exciting or sexy in his whole life.

"Oh gawd, you are so perfect," Jason said sounding very emotional, "I can't believe you're all mine now."

"All yours baby," Roger said turning to expose all sides of him.

"Oh, man...even your butt is perfect," Jason gasped.

"Okay, okay, but now let's get your pants off so I can see what I'm getting out of the deal," he chuckled.

"I'm not as fine as you, but I'll make up for it in devotion to you," Jason assured him.

"Baby, you look fine to me," Roger said helping Jason to remove his jeans, revealing plaid silk boxers with a nice tent in them as well.

"Thanks, I guess I look okay, but I'd like to put on some muscle. Maybe we can start working out together or something."

"The kind of working out I have in mind will actually burn calories, but it might build some leg muscles," Roger teased, "or arm muscles depending on your technique."

Jason blushed, he knew exactly what kind of sex-ercises Roger was talking about, and though he'd never had anal sex, he knew he wanted to with the right boy, and as far as he was concerned Roger was that boy.

"How bout we kiss some more?" Roger suggested, pulling Jason from his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'd like that," Jason reassured him.

This time the kissing was hotter, deeper, with lots of tongue, and as their hardness pressed together both boys moaned their approval.

"We...better...move...this...to...the...bed," Roger said between pecks on Jason's lips, "Before...we...make...a...mess...right...here."

"Good...idea," Jason said allowing Roger to lead him to his unmade bed.

Falling onto the sheets they continued to kiss, Roger on top of Jason, his legs and arms suspending him just inches from his new lover. Then lowering himself, he pressed his crotch against Jason's, and the grinding and kissing continued with the inevitable end.

Jason came first, spewing his teenage seed into his boxers, soaking the material and wetting Roger's briefs, which triggered his own release. Soon they were thoroughly wet from each others discharge, and happy to be so.

"Gawd, that was intense," Roger said giving Jason one last kiss and a loving look, "I want this everyday of my life. I want you everyday of my life. I love you man, I really do."

"And we didn't even get our undies off," Jason chuckled, "imagine how nice it will be when we actually get naked?"

"Yeah, sorry about that. I just couldn't wait. I wanted you so bad."

"It's cool dude. In fact it was perfect. We don't have to rush this thing. That was a great first time. Next time we'll get naked and we'll do something else, and next time something even better. We'll learn as we go, and have fun."

"Yeah, if we had more time maybe we could get to round two, but I think we should get cleaned up and call it good. What do you think?"

"That sounds fine. I'm happy with what we did and I can't wait for the next time, but it will be worth the wait. Hey, how about staying over this weekend? Just like old times."

"Yeah, I was gonna ask you to stay over, but your place is cool. As long as Jake gives us some space."

"He will, or I'll kill him," Jason teased.

They had yet to move their wet crotches which were still pressed together, and their faces were only inches apart, and suddenly Jason moved closer and kissed Jason sweetly, but quickly, and then pulled away and hopped up.

"Dude, those boxers are toast. I'll lend you a pair of my CK's and throw these in the hamper with mine and I'll bring em' back when I come over Friday."

"Sure," Jason said stretching and marveling at how good he felt having just had sex with his boyfriend, "I feel so good right now."

"Me too, but we need to get a shower, come on dude. We can finally see each other naked and who knows what might happen," he said giving Jason a lewd look.

"I'm coming," then they both laughed, "I mean, I'm on my way."

They waited till the shower was running before dropping their underwear, then both stood looking at each other for a few minutes before stepping into the warm spray.

"You're bigger than me," Jason said stating the obvious.

"Not by much, yours is nice too dude. It looks like it will fit in all the right places," he chuckled.

"Um...Roger, would it be okay if I was the one on bottom...when we do that one thing?" Jason asked blushing.

"Dude, whatever you're happy with is great with me. I mean I'm willing to do it all, but I gotta' tell ya' I was a little worried about that part. I want to make you feel good too though. Remember how we used to 69 even before we found out what it was called?" he chuckled. "I loved that, it's weird how natural it felt to have your dick in my mouth. I felt like I was part of you when I did that."

"Yeah, me too. I liked getting sucked a lot, but when it comes to the other, well...I think I'd like to be the one getting...you know? Fucked."

"We'll figure it all out, but I'm easy. Whatever my boyfriend wants, I'm down with that," Roger said wrapping his arms around Jason from behind and pulling him against him.

His semi-hard cock rested between the soft round globes of Jason's fine ass and both boys sighed with contentment. Turning his head slightly Jason kissed Roger's cheek as he reached down and grabbed Roger's hand and pulled his arms tighter around him.

"Wish we had time to do that now," he whispered causing Roger to shiver with anticipation.

"I uh, I don't know dude. Don't you have to like...um...get ready and stuff?" Roger stuttered, not really sure what anal sex entailed.

"Yeah, probably. I'll find out and this weekend I'll be ready, but how about for now you just...um, you know? Rub it back there till you come?"

"Oh, yeah...I can def do that, I'm close now," Roger gasped, "just being near you makes me so fucking horny," he said biting Jason's ear passionately as he began moving up and down, rubbing his now swollen prick up and down the slick crack of Jason's ass. Then reaching around he began masturbating Jason in time to his thrusting, and soon both boys were moaning and squirming as their impending orgasms approached.

Needless to say it didn't take long for Roger to cry out and begin firing off a much smaller, but still substantial load of teenage cum into Jason's crack. Then Jason joined him, firing off his load onto the shower wall. It clung there a moment then the water washed it away where it joined with Roger's on the way down the drain.

"Whew, that was even better than before," Roger said pulling back a little and glancing down at his throbbing cock which had made no attempt to go soft.

"Yeah, me too. I liked having you back there. I can't wait for the real thing," Jason cooed.

"Me either, but right now we better get cleaned up and dried off before mom gets home. I'd hate to explain this one to her," he chuckled.

Dried and dressed and back in Roger's room, Jason sprawled on Roger's bed and watched as his boyfriend brushed his long hair out, occasionally glancing in the mirror and smiling at Jason.

"So, tell me what happened...when your mom caught you squeezing the weasel," Jason laughed.

"Oh, that. Well, like I said I finished up. I wasn't coming then, as you know...so there was no clean up really. I pulled my pants up and went looking for mom expecting at least a lecture, but instead she acted like nothing ever happened. I thought maybe she hadn't seen anything at first, or that she just thought I was changing or something so I sort of forgot about it.

Then that night after supper my dad asked me to go for a drive with him. You know my dad? He's the quiet type and doesn't say much, but that night he had plenty to say. I knew something was up and I figured it was about what mom caught me doing and I was prepared to get a good talking to. Instead I got 'the talk'."

"The talk? Oh, the sex talk," Jason laughed.

"Yeah, and believe me, my dad told me everything. At first I was so embarrassed, then after a while I got interested in what he had to say, and I forgot to be embarrassed. I think I told you about some of it, we had a talk that next day, but you must've forgot."

"Yeah, I sort of remember. It didn't stop you from wanting to mess around though," Jason chuckled.

"Heck no, after the talk I figured out what we were doing was perfectly normal. I remember dad said that masturbation was natural and normal and actually healthy. He also said it was a private thing, but that some boys experimented and that was normal too and didn't mean that a boy was necessarily gay or bi. That it was just easier for boys to experiment with other boys, and safer..." he laughed.

"So, basically your folks gave you the green light for jerking and for messing with me?" Jason laughed, "Remind me to thank them someday."

"Yeah, well...until I told you about mom catching me I'd forgotten all about that talk. I guess even then I sort of knew that I liked you a whole lot better than any girl and I really liked the sexy stuff we did. I mean beating off was fun, but what we did was way better. I just wish..."


"That we'd figured out kissing back then. I feel like we missed something."

"Well, we'll have to make up for lost time I guess. Come lay with me and we'll see if we can't do some making up now."

"Or making out," Roger laughed, as he snuggled in beside Jason.

Their lips met and soon they were totally into one another, and oblivious of anything and anyone. So much so that they didn't hear the soft tap on the door and only when the door opened did they break the kiss and look that way.

Standing in the doorway was Roger's mother, a look of surprise filling her face, but it was soon replaced by a soft smile.

"Sorry boys," she said not offering to leave, "I knocked, but I can see you were too occupied to notice," she chuckled, "I wondered how long it would take for you two to figure things out. I'm happy for you both and if you want to talk about it, I'll be downstairs fixing dinner."

With that she closed the door, leaving the stunned and trembling teens to absorb what had just happened.

"Dude, she saw us kissing," Jason said, stating the obvious, "Thank God we were still dressed and not...you know?"

"Yeah, but she was cool with it. She didn't freak. She said, she said...she wondered how long till we figured things out. Oh My God, dude, she knew before we did," Roger said laughing, "and she heard that you came out, and well...she was expecting this."

"What are we gonna do? I can't go down there and face your mom..."

"Dude, you've known my folks forever, and they love you as much as they love me, maybe more than me," he chuckled, "this is perfect timing. We won't have to hide our love. Think about it, we can hold hands and even kiss, and no one will freak."

"Well, I don't know. I guess we really don't have any choice anyway. She saw us and it won't go away."

"Come on boyfriend, let's go break the news to mom," Roger said jumping up and taking Jason's hand and pulling him up.

They found Mrs. White in the kitchen and when she looked up she was smiling. Wiping her hands on her apron she noticed the boys were holding hands and her smile deepened.

"I must say you make a handsome couple," she said sweetly, "Sit down boys and let's talk."

"Mom," Roger began once they were seated across from her, the two still holding hands, "We're officially boyfriends," he said beaming, "and we love each other," then looking serious he added, "Is that...umm...okay?"

"Very okay. When we heard that Jason had come out, we worried that it might cause problems between the two of you, not because you would have a problem with it, but that maybe Jason might find a boyfriend and leave you behind," she said looking at her son.

"No way," Jason assured her, "even if we weren't boyfriends we'd be friends. Nothing can change that."

"We've always known you two were close, closer than brothers, and though we never suspected either of you might be...um, attracted to other boys, we've certainly kept an open mind. And then when Jason came out I began to think about things I'd observed in the past. I finally came to the conclusion that Jason had always had very strong feelings for you, stronger than just friendship, and I began to slowly put the pieces together. The only question in my mind was how did our son feel? I guess I know now," she added the last with a chuckle.

"Thanks mom," Roger said jumping up and hugging his mom.

"But..." she said pulling away at last, "there has to be certain rules if you two are going to have a relationship beyond friendship."

"Uh, like what?" Roger said looking worried.

"Well, the same kind of rules that would apply if you had a girlfriend."

"Awww mom, does that mean Jas can't sleep over anymore?"

"No, it just means that we need to talk about certain things," suddenly she seemed to be at a loss for words, "I think perhaps your father might be better at explaining this. We'll talk tonight and then he can sit down with the two of you and go over things with you."

"Mom, this is embarrassing," Roger said blushing, "We're not little kids. We're in love and we...well..."

"Want to express that love in a physical way. Yes, I understand, but you are still young and inexperienced, and you need some ground rules to make sure no one gets hurt."

"I guess," Roger said, then perking up he looked over at Jason and said, "I guess we're out to my folks now."

"Yeah, and telling mine will be a piece of cake after the way they accepted my being gay."

"Your parents are wonderful people and I am not surprised that they were so supportive of you Jason. There's just too much hate and judgment in the world, and it has to stop somewhere, and why not with the people who love you the most?" she said sounding very emotional.

"This isn't what I would have chosen for you son, not that I think it's bad or anything, but I know it won't be as easy as, well...being straight. There are still those who don't understand that our sexuality doesn't define us as human beings. There are good and bad people of both kinds, straight or gay, or any of the other variations of human sexuality. Jason, I have loved you like a son for all these years and I will support you now more than ever. After all, now that you and Roger are dating...who knows, someday you might be my son-in-law," she added the last part with a chuckle, but the look the two boys gave each other said they hoped that was the case.

"Can we go now mom, we really do have some homework to do," Roger said, anxious to end the discussion and be alone with Jason so they could talk about all that had happened.

"Yes, I suppose so, but keep the door open," she said grinning.

"Aww...mom," Roger whined, "if you don't trust us then this is going to be really tough."

"I'm teasing, but please use restraint."

"We just wanna talk, and maybe hold hands," Roger assured her.

"All right," she said accepting a kiss on the cheek from both boys, "I'll say it again, you two do make a cute couple," she said smiling.

In Roger's room they sat on his bed and held hands as they talked.

"That was so embarrassing," Jason said, "but in a way I'm glad it happened. Now at least we won't have to pretend we're just friends."

"Yeah, but I wonder what the talk my dad is going to give us is all about. I mean we know about safe sex and all..."

"Oh gawd, I hadn't thought about that. I wonder if they will call my folks first for advice. Oh man, I better tell them tonight before your mom or dad get to them."

"I'll make sure they don't say anything till you get a chance to tell them, how's that?"

"Okay, that works. Man, I can't believe your mom was so cool about this whole thing."

"She might not have been so cool if she'd caught us earlier, so...I was thinking, maybe we should cool the sex stuff for a while, and just let the rents get used to the fact that we're a couple. And then when we do start again, we need to be very careful, and not let them suspect we're doing more than kissing or holding hands."

"Yeah, I agree, but it's gonna be hard to keep my hands off of you now that I've seen that gorgeous bod of yours," Jason said grinning.

"Well, you can touch parts of it, above the belt," Roger said returning the grin, "and when we do get back to the fun stuff it will be so much better."

"Yeah, we're lucky you know, to have such great parents. Not to mention a little bro that totally understands since he's gay too," Jason chuckled.

"Yeah, the four of us should double date," Roger laughed, "Jake and Teddy, now there's a match made in Heaven."

"And we're not?" Jason said making a pouty face.

"Yeah, us too," Roger said squeezing Jason's hand, and then leaning in, he kissed him quickly on the mouth.

"That was nice, if we can't have sex at least we can kiss," Jason said pulling Roger in for another helping of his lips.

That night at dinner Jason picked at his dinner as he waited for just the right moment to break the news to his parents. Both parents noticed his funk, but Jake seemed to be oblivious to his older brother as he scarfed down his dinner.

Suddenly Jake looked up and noticed his parents watching Jason closely and he frowned. What now? He wondered.

"More stew dear?" his mom asked of her oldest son.

"No thanks mom, not very hungry. I had a snack at Roger's house," he mumbled.

"Anything bothering you son?" his dad asked softly.

"Well, there is one thing," he said looking up nervously. Despite how well his folks had taken his coming out, he still had doubts about how they would react to this new bit of news, "I sort of, I mean we sort of...that is...ummm...Roger and I...we umm...we're sort of boyfriends now," he said before he lost his nerve.

Then looking at his parents to see their reaction he relaxed some. They were both looking amused. Amused? He thought, What's so funny? Are they making fun of me?

"Well, I can't say this is a complete surprise," his mom said smiling, "You two boys have been awfully close most of your lives, and I know you have deep feelings for one another. It wasn't hard to see the love in your eyes when you two looked at one another, and when you came out to us I began to wonder if maybe those feelings for your best friend were a bit stronger than most."

"I agree with your mother, but I never had any inkling that Roger might be gay. Is he sure about this son? Are you sure about it?"

"He says, he's not sure if he's gay, but that he does love me and he wants to give this a try. I think it's worth taking a chance and I hope you two will support our decision. Umm...Roger's folks already know, cause well...Roger's mom caught us kissing."

Jake giggled and his dad gave him a stern look, "I see...just kissing?"

"Yes sir," Jason said truthfully. Thanking his lucky stars that she hadn't seen more, "We just got caught up in the moment I guess. We were just so happy and we didn't hear her knock on the door."

"And how did she react to your...kissing and your news?"

"She said she had been wondering when we would figure out that we were more than just friends. She sounded like she expected this. She was really cool about it, but she did say that Roger's dad was going to have a talk with us about...well, you know?"

"Yes, I agree that you two do need some counseling. I think I'll give Stan a call and see what he has in mind. I might have some suggestions of my own."

Jason blushed and nodded, "Yes sir, whatever you decide is fine with us. We...we...just want a chance to see where this will all lead. I mean I know how I feel about Roger. I have loved him for a long time, but I never really thought I'd get a chance to be more than best friends. Then when I came out I was terrified I'd lose him altogether, but he's been great and very supportive. I guess now I know why," he chuckled.

"Roger is awesome," Jake said finally joining in, "and him and Jason will make a great couple. Aww...mom and dad, can't you see, it was meant to be, just like me and Teddy."

Mr. Downing sighed, "Two gay sons, and both in love at such a tender age. Well, I guess if it had to happen we couldn't have asked for you two to find better boyfriends."

"Yes, we love all of you boys and we'll do whatever we can to help you make it work, but I do worry about what others might think. Are you planning on coming out at school?"

"We decided we weren't ready for that. In fact we hadn't even planned on coming out to our parents till we got caught. I guess I'm sort of glad that happened cause now we can be honest with you guys. I don't like keeping secrets from you," Jason said near tears, "and I had to hide my feelings all those years..." he finished choking up, then wiping at his eyes he went on, "You guys are the greatest and I love you so much." Then the tears came and he just let them flow, cleansing his soul.

Jake had moved up beside his brother and was patting him gently as tears filled his eyes as well, and soon their parents joined them, pulling both boys into a group hug.

The talk was a joint effort with both dads talking to the boys about the responsibility that came with entering into a relationship with someone. They both knew the boys well enough to trust them, but they felt it was necessary to make sure they knew the risks and possible pitfalls of a committed relationship.

They went over the safe sex guidelines, but didn't dwell on them, both adults knowing the boys had had sex-ed at school, and hoping that they weren't fully sexually active yet. However they knew from their own experience as boys, that experimenting was typical, and they supposed their boys had done plenty of that over the years, and were probably very comfortable with simple acts such as masturbation and perhaps oral sex, but they hoped that anal sex was down the road a ways. Neither father wanted to know too much about their son's sex life, but they still felt a need to give them all the information they needed to stay healthy and happy.

"Most of all, sex and intimacy aside," Roger's dad said, "there's respect and love, and those are the things that make a relationship work. You boys have a history of friendship and love, and that gives you a leg up, but being this close is a lot different than just being friends. You may sometimes find yourself feeling hurt, or jealous, or ignored, or a dozen other feelings. Remember this however, if a relationship is worth having, there will be rough spots, but in the end things usually work out."

"Mr. White is right," Jason's dad said, "I love my wife with all my heart, but there have been times during our marriage when things didn't always go the way I'd hoped. But in the end our love for one another made all those other things seem unimportant. When we had you, Jason, our lives changed for the better, then Jake came along and things got even better, and now our love is stronger than ever. What I'm saying is...don't give up just because things don't always go your way. Remember this is about the two of you, and both of you are equally important and equally responsible for the success or failure of your relationship."

"Gee dad, we're only kids," Roger said grinning, "we're not getting married, we're just dating."

"Fair enough," Mr. White said grinning back, "We just want you boys to be happy, and if somewhere down the road you decide that you want to be with someone else I hope you can remain friends, because friends are harder to come by than lovers."

After the talk Jason and Roger walked to a nearby ice cream store and had banana splits to celebrate their new relationship and living through "the talk".

"They think we're having sex, don't they?" Jason said.

"I think they're smart enough to know what boys do, but I don't think they want us to go all the way yet. I think that's what all the safe sex stuff was about. I sort of agree with them. I mean, that's pretty serious stuff...right?"

"Yeah, kind of scary really. I mean I'm sure I want to do it...someday, but I'm not really in a big hurry. I mean I really like the other stuff though, and it feels sooo good. Making you feel good makes me happy, and the kissing...oh man, the kissing is so awesome."

"Yeah, well...as far as I'm concerned, I'm in no hurry to do anything else. What we've done so far, and what we used to do as kids is enough for now."

"I feel better now, after talking about this stuff," Jason said smiling, "Think it's too early for one of us to host a sleepover?"

"Naw, the rents are cool with us. Your place or mine?"

"Mine, I guess. I'm still freaked about your mom catching us kissing," Jason admitted.

"Suits, I'll ask when I get home."

"Thanks," Jason said laying his hand atop Roger's. Soon their fingers were entwined and they were holding hands boldly, and none of the other patrons seemed to care or notice the two young teens expressing their love.

"Let's go, it's getting dark out," Roger said when they'd finished their ice cream.

On the way to Roger's house they dared to hold hands. No one was incensed, clocks didn't run backwards, and the world went on as usual. The world seemed to care less that these two young lovers were holding hands, and even when they stopped to kiss before parting at Roger's driveway, nothing changed.

The End

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