No Means No

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4

A new beginning

The Michaels lived only a mile or so from us, with the school and park between our houses, which made it very convenient for Rick and me to hang out. Their house was similar to ours, a two story with siding and brick, but there was no carpet in any of the downstairs rooms.

Rick's bedroom was carpeted, as was the guest room, and I assumed the master bedroom was as well. However, the upstairs hallway, like most of the downstairs, had shiny hardwood floors.

The family room did have a large Oriental rug in the center of the room, with the furniture, fireplace, and huge flat screen TV laid out around it. The dining room had a hardwood floor as well, but the kitchen had what appeared to be stone tile that complimented the counter tops. All their stainless steel appliances looked new, always gleaming as if polished after each use.

Dad drove us the short distance to Rick's house that night in the SUV that I considered to be our family car. Dad also had an extended cab pickup, but he drove it mostly to work, and to haul things for the occasional weekend project, or whatever.

Rick met us at the door, all smiles, and we sort of bumped together like puppies, excited to see one another again, even though we'd only parted a few hours ago after school.

Mr. Michaels greeted us next, and he shook hands with both mom and dad, then invited us in to have a seat in the family room. Mrs. Michaels joined us long enough to say hello, then she was off to the kitchen again, where mom joined her a few minutes later.

"Something smells good," my dad said.

"It's Norma's meatloaf," Mr. Michaels chuckled, "her mom's recipe though. Best I've ever eaten. Mark, can I get you something to drink, beer, soda, tea, or something stronger?" he chuckled.

"A beer would be nice," dad said, "Bud Lite, if you have it."

"Bud Lite it is," Mr. Michaels said jumping up, "Rick, feel free to get you and your guest something to drink."

"Oh goodie," Rick teased, "Bud Lite okay with you, Danny?"

"Yuck, beer is nasty," I said making a face. Dad had actually given me a swallow of his beer once, and I had to go wash my mouth out to get rid of the taste.

My dad laughed, "Danny is more of a root beer kind of guy."

"Two root beers, coming up," Rick said grinning.

We finally sat down to dinner about 6:30, and Mr. Michaels wasn't kidding, his wife's meatloaf was good, really good. Maybe even better than my own mom's, but of course I'd never tell her that.

There was a huge salad with all sorts of things in it, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green peas, and little ears of corn too. Fluffy buttermilk biscuits completed the meal, and I was stuffed by the time we'd finished dinner.

Conversation around the dinner table consisted of mostly the adults getting to know each other better, but one interesting thing did come up involving Rick and me.

"So, Rick tells me he and Danny are...a couple now," Mr. Michaels said, almost causing me to spit out the bite of potatoes I'd just taken.

"Yes," my mom said, taking the lead, "Norma and I have talked about this a little, but I'd welcome any thoughts you have."

"Perhaps we could discuss it later, after dinner. We can send the boys to Rick's room, and gossip behind their backs," Rick's dad teased.

"Dad!" Rick said rolling his eyes, "there's nothing you can say that we haven't already discussed, and I do mean...nothing," he added, looking put out.

"I know, but we parents like to compare notes and make sure we're on the same page," his mom kicked in.

"Fine, I don't wanna hear it anyway," Rick said, giving me a reassuring look.

I must've been beet red, but I just nodded and went back to my plate.

After that, the conversation turned to the weather, politics (which I was happy to hear, both sets of parents agreed on). I won't go into that in detail, but let's just say, there was no red wave at our houses.

We were too stuffed for dessert, so we all agreed to have that later after our dinner settled some. Meanwhile, Rick and I went off to his room to kill some time while our moms did cleanup and our dad's discussed, well, whatever dads discuss.

"I can't believe my dad brought that up," Rick said shaking his head, "I'm really sorry. I didn't know he'd do that."

"It's cool. At least your folks and my folks are cool with us being boyfriends. Can you imagine if one or the other had been against it? They might have tried to keep us apart."

"That's why it was important to be honest from the first. My folks knew I was gay, and so did yours, so I guess it was no big shock when we announced we were a couple."

"Yeah, we're pretty lucky."

"So, want to play some video games, or what?" he said grinning.

"Or what," I laughed, "Now, get over here," I said patting the spot beside me on the bed, and for the next few minutes we swapped some tongue and spit, but otherwise kept our lust under control.

"Later," Rick panted as we pulled apart at last, "boy, I can't wait for bedtime."

I giggled, "Yeah, where am I sleeping anyway?" I teased.

"Shut up," Rick said giving me a playful shove, "right beside me, wrapped in my loving arms."

"That sounds very romantic," I said gazing into his eyes, "you're really special, you know that?"

"You too," he said smiling that smile that I loved so much.

"Well, what shall we do now?"

"Hmm, I know, let's take a walk, and I'll show you around the neighborhood. We can walk off some of this food while we're at it."

"That sounds great," I said jumping up, then taking his hand and pulling him up with me.

We stumbled into each other's arms for a moment, then we kissed briefly, and hand in hand, we headed down the stairs.

"Moms and dads," Rick said as we entered the family room, still holding hands, "My boyfriend and I are going for a walk, okay?"

"Wear a jacket," came from both moms, causing us to laugh, but we already had our hoodies on by then.

"Take your phone," Mr. Michaels added, "the one thing I like about kids having phones is that they have a lifeline if they get into trouble."

"I agree," my dad said, "maybe someday they'll just implant a chip in newborn babies and they won't have to remember to take their phones with them," he teased.

"At least a tracking chip," Rick's mom laughed as we hurried out the door.

"Rents!" Rick laughed, "you gotta love em, but sometimes they are so lame."

" think it's safe holding hands here in your neighborhood?" I said looking around, but that time of night no one seemed to be out and about.

"Sure, I'm not ashamed of being your boyfriend, and if anyone I know has a problem with it, that's on them."

"Oh, tough guy," I teased, "okay, good thing we have our phones to call 911 when the homophobe squad shows up."

"Ha ha, very funny. This is a good neighborhood. I know at least six kids who live nearby, and my folks knows some of the other families."

"Yeah, let's not go by Brian's house though, okay?" I said frowning.

"Oh, I'd forgotten about him," Rick said making a disgusted face.

"Yeah, let's go the other way, maybe we can stop at the park and do some smooching," I said cheering up right away.

"Hey, great idea," Rick said, rebounding as well, "you know, this is so nice, just hanging out with you, and holding hands and stuff. I just enjoy being with you, no matter what we're doing."

"I feel the same, and when we're not together, I think about you a lot," I confessed.

"Like, what do you think about?" Rick said turning to give me that smile again.

"Oh, like...what are you doing? Are you thinking of me? Stuff like that," I said.

"Well, the second part is easy: yes, I think of you a lot too. I wish we could be together all the time. Crazy, I know, but maybe someday. I mean, if we stay together that long..."

"Who knows?" I said shrugging, "we're only 13, we have our whole life ahead of us. But...I can def tell you this, right now, you're the only boy I want to be with."

"Me too," he said sounding happy now, then pointing he added, "that house right there, there's a set of twins who live there, a boy and girl, Amy and Brad Nickles, they're like 10, I think."

"Twins, that's cool. Wouldn't it be cool if both of us were twins and our brothers were boyfriends too," I giggled.

"Talk about confusing," Rick chuckled, "I wonder if we'd pull tricks likes swapping places and stuff."

"I bet I could tell, even if your twin looked just like you," I said.

"Yeah, by my scent," Rick replied sounding serious.

"Well, that, and there's this chemistry between us. I dunno, seems like we're one person sometimes."

"Oh man, I feel that way too," Rick said excitedly.

"I wonder if that's what truly being in love is like?" I offered, "I mean, I know we love each other, but being in love is totally different, don't you think?"

"Yeah, being in love a commitment to someone. Like, you care for them more than your own self, and that's sorta how I feel," he said giving me a soft look.

"Exactly, that's how I feel," I agreed, "so...we might be only 13, but we're in love. Cool!"

"Yeah, cool!"

We walked hand in hand to the park without encountering anyone, and at first we thought we were alone there too.

"Looks like we have the whole place to ourselves," I said nudging Rick in the side.

"Yeah, that someone over there on the swings?"

"Huh," I said, squinting my eyes to see off in the distance. Sure enough, a lone figure was sitting in one of the swings, but he was only swaying a little, his feet dragging the ground as he did so.

"Wonder what he's doing here?" Rick said, staring at the person huddled in the swing.

Even from this distance it was obvious it was a kid, maybe an older teen, but not an adult for sure. There was something familiar about the way the kid looked, but it took me a few minutes to figure it out.

"Oh, shit, that's Brian," I said frowning, "we should go..." I added, starting back the way we'd come.

"Wait, are you sure?" Rick said grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

"Pretty sure, at first I thought it was someone older, but Brian is big for his age, he looks more like 15 than 13. I'm pretty sure that's him."

"I wonder what's up with him?" he looks...sad."

"What? How can you tell? You can't even see his face," I said, a little louder than I'd planned.

"I know, but it's his body posture. He looks like a sad puppy or something. Like he's lost his best friend...oh, sorry," Rick said wincing.

"So, what do you want me to do about it?" I said angrily, "go tell him everything is great, and ask him to join us for a stroll?"

"No, of course not," Rick said sighing, "I just...sometimes I think that until you two get this thing settled between you, you will never be able to heal completely."

"So, what are you, a shrink now?" I asked, growing more agitated by the moment.

"No, sorry. Come on, let's go then," he said, but before we could make our getaway, the lone figure on the swings had stood and was now facing our way.

Even from that distance and in the darkness I could see Brian's face, his eyes seeming to bore right into my soul. For what seemed like forever we stood there, as if frozen in time, staring into each other's eyes, but finally the spell was broken and Brian walked away, toward the woods and the nature trail.

"Where is he going?" Rick mused.

"I don't know," I sighed, "damn, why did he have to be here, tonight, of all nights?"

"Come on, let's go back to my place and forget about him."

"I dunno, maybe you're right, maybe I do need to talk to him, at least one more time."

"What? Are you sure? I might be wrong..."

"Anyway, the mood is ruined, so I might as well go see what he's up to."

"Well, okay, if you're sure," Rick shrugged, "but if he starts anything..."

"I know," I laughed sadly, "you have a can of whoop-ass for him."

"Got that right," Rick managed to chuckle, but I could hear the nervousness in his voice.

It didn't take long to find Brian. There was a narrow foot bridge spanning a small creek just inside the treeline, and Brian was leaning against the railing staring into the water below.

I could tell he wasn't expecting us, because he nearly jumped out of his skin when he finally sensed our presence.

"Hey," I said lamely.

"Hey," he said, not making eye contact this time, then giving Rick a sideways look, he nodded to him.

"Can we talk?" I said, trying to get my thoughts in order.

"About what?" Brian asked dumbly, "I mean, what more is there to say?"

I sighed, "I don't know. I was hoping we could figure that out."

Brian shrugged, "I don't know what you want me to say. I've apologized...and I even told my dad. At first, he was gonna call the cops, but then when I told him about what you and Rick said, he calmed down some."

"He threatened you with the cops?" Rick said sounding surprised, "instead of trying to get you help?"

Brian nodded, "He doesn't much believe in that stuff. He says people should work things out on their own, so I'm trying."

I walked over to where he stood, only inches from him, and leaned on the railing as he had been doing minutes before. I saw what he had seen below us, the black water roiling as it passed over some rocks, courtesy of a recent rain, my reflection looking ominous in the water.

"Rick, could you give us a few minutes?" I said softly, wondering if I was doing the right thing after all.

"Are you sure?" Rick said, his hackles rising, "Okay, but I'll be just down the path, my phone in my hand," he said eying Brian suspiciously.

I nodded, and when he was out of sight I turned to Brian once more. For a while neither of us spoke, but it was Brian who finally broke the silence.

"I miss us being friends," he said softly, "I fucked up so bad. Sorry, poor choice of words, but I really am sorry. If I could take that back, I would. If taking a beating would fix things, even if going to juvie fixed it, I'd do that, but I know nothing can put things back like they used to be."

There were tears in his eyes and sadness in his voice, and I was finding it hard not to cry myself. I thought about what he was saying. We were both so young, so stupid, and we both had made a few mistakes in our short lives. But this was no little indiscretion, this was something much worse, a crime actually. If an adult had done what Brian had done to me, they'd be in prison forever. However, I did not want Brian to go to jail, or juvie, or suffer anymore than he already had. The problem was: I wasn't sure I was ready to completely forgive and forget.

"I saw you with that new girl, how's that going?" I said, trying to normalize things, if only for a moment.

"Huh, oh...not so good. She's nice and all, but we really don't have that much in common. I'm thinking of breaking it off."

My mind was screaming to ask if he'd managed to have sex with her yet, but something about his attitude said sex wasn't a high priority in his life right now. I supposed what had happened between us was nearly as traumatic for him as it had been for me. Still, there was that little bit of anger and humiliation that I held onto, keeping me from letting go completely.

"Can I ask you another question?" I said, hoping I was strong enough to go through with this.

"Huh, sure...not sure how I'll answer, but I'll try to be as honest as possible," he said sounding guarded.

"Have you ever had thoughts know, doing what you did to me to someone else, a girl, or a boy?"

"No!" Brian said, becoming agitated, "I don't even hardly beat off anymore," he said, the embarrassment coming through in his voice, even if I couldn't see the redness of his face in the darkness.

"I know it sounds like I'm picking on you, but when you do beat off, what do you think about?" Is it boys, or girls, do you ever relive what happened between us?" there, I'd said it, now to gauge his reaction.

He was quiet for so long that I was afraid he wasn't going to answer. He just stood there, a slight breeze ruffling his hair as he stared out at the water.

"Are you asking me if I'm gay?" he finally said.

"No, not really. Just trying to get inside your head and see where your thinking is."

"Well, I can tell you I don't think about what I did to you, not that way anyway. When I think about that, I get sick to my stomach. When I beat off, I don't think of anyone. I just do it cause sometimes it's the only way I can relax enough to sleep."

"But you wanted me to...umm, blow you," I said blushing, "doesn't that make you a little gay?"

"I don't know," he mumbled, "right now, sex isn't a big thing in my life. I only dated those girls cause everyone expects me to. I'm this big jock that all the girls are crazy about, and all the boys on the team think I'm scoring points, on and off the field," he laughed bitterly, "truth is: I'm never even gotten past kissing with any of them."

"We're both a little broken, I guess," I said laying a hand on his shoulder, "I've forgiven you for what you did, but it may take a while to forget it. Rick has helped a lot though. He made me see that I wasn't at fault, that I wasn't broken, or ruined."

"Oh, God, did you feel that way?" Brian choked out, sounding near tears again, "You didn't do anything wrong, it was me, all me, and I am so sorry," he sobbed, the tears pouring down like rain now.

I don't know, maybe it was instinct, or maybe some of the old feelings for Brian were coming back, but suddenly I found myself holding him in my arms as he cried. I cried too, and as we held each other, I think we both began to heal a little more. There was still a long way to go for both of us, but that night was a good start on mending both our broken hearts and souls.

When we walked out together a few minutes later, Rick was waiting for us with an anxious look on his face.

"Everything okay?" he said looking at Brian, then at me.

"Yeah, well...not totally, but things are better. I'll tell you all about it later."

Automatically, Rick and I had joined hands, and when Brian noticed he got one of those 'ah ha' looks on his face.

" two are together?" he said, managing a slight smile.

"Yeah, but not officially, not at school anyway. Can we trust you to keep it between us for now?"

"Yeah, no problem. You know I'm not a snitch. Anyway, I think it's cool. You two deserve each other."

"Thanks," I said sighing, " gonna be okay now?"

"I think so," Brian said wiping a few tears away, "I'm gonna go home and think about things some more. Maybe I'll figure out the answer to that one question you asked me. You've given me some things to think about."

"You know that whatever the answer is, it's okay, right?"

"Yeah, I'm not worried about that. Well, I guess I'll see ya guys at school, or whatever," Brian said nervously, "thanks, Danny," he added, laying a hand on my shoulder, then bounding off into the darkness.

"I figured he'd walk with us," Rick said, watching him as he hurried away.

"I guess he wanted some time alone to think. So...that means we are really, truly, and finally alone," I said grinning, "let's go hang out on the bridge. It's dark and cozy there."

We got home around nine, but we'd checked in with our parents twice since we'd left. They weren't crazy about us being out that late, but they knew this was about as safe a neighborhood as anyone could find, and of course we had our phones if we did run into any trouble. If only they knew what, or should I say, who? we had run into.

We were tired, but a quick shower revived us, and since we'd never had our dessert, we went foraging in the kitchen. Rick's mom had made these little lemon tarts, and topped them with strawberries, and they were delicious, so delicious that we each ate two.

Afterwards, we were summoned to the family room for a pow wow, and I was dreading hearing what our folks had to say. Fortunately, they didn't go into any details about what two 13-year-old boys might get into as boyfriends, but they did advise us to be safe, sanitary, and discrete. However, that was enough to make both our faces turn beet red. I think our folks were enjoying seeing us squirm though, and when I saw my dad wink at mom, it only confirmed my suspicions.

Around 10:15, my folks finally said goodnight, and I hugged them goodbye, then Rick and I went to his room. We were relieved that our love life hadn't been dragged out for inspection by our folks, but we knew a lot of what they said made sense.

Even though all we'd done so far was kissing, and what I would come to find out was called frottage, I guess we both assumed that eventually we'd want to do more. We hadn't even done oral yet, which I was keen to try, and I decided tonight might be the night. But first, I wanted to see how Rick felt about it. I wanted everything we did to be our choice, not just mine or his. He'd agreed to let me lead, but I still wanted his input on everything we did. Then, if, and when we decided to go all the way (yes, I still wanted to do that despite having been raped) we would both be in complete agreement.

"Umm, what our folks said down there," I began once we were in bed, the covers pulled up over our underwear clad bodies, "do you think they meant oral when they said we should be sanitary?"

"No, I think that's about the other thing," Rick said, blushing a bit, "I think oral is pretty safe, especially with us, since we haven't done anything with anyone...for a while," he added the last part quickly, no doubt remembering what had happened with Brian.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I said grinning, "so...I was thinking...if you want to, maybe tonight we could, umm, try oral. What do you think?" I was completely tomato red by then, and Rick's complexion was quickly catching up.

"Are you sure?" he said, not quite able to hide the excitement in his voice.

"Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it. Truthfully, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Even though I've never done it, or had it done, it just seems like the perfect way to make each other feel good."

"Well, trust me, I'm no expert, but it's one of the best feelings you will ever get, and personally, I love doing it. I really get excited when I do that," he said, blushing even deeper now, "but it's been awhile, and I didn't have these kind of feelings for that, it's gotta be much better with you."

"Okay, so we're agreed. I'm no expert for sure, since I've never done it, but I've watched enough porn and read enough stories on Nifty, and I feel like I can figure out the rest as I go."

"You read Nifty too," Rick chuckled, "one more thing we have in common."

"Umm, how should we do this? I mean, who goes first?"

"Well, I think we should start like we usually do. You know? Kissing and stuff. Then when one of us feels the mood, they can move down..." he giggled then.

"Oh, okay, that makes sense," I chuckled, "so...let's do this then."

I'd like to say our first time swapping oral was magical and went off with out a hitch, but the truth was: it was a little awkward at first, at least for me. I mean, being a complete oral virgin, I was worried I wouldn't do it right, though I was sure there was no wrong way to receive.

However, Rick was quick to assure me that my technique was solid, and that he was enjoying it immensely. With that vote of confidence I began to really get into it, and suddenly I forgot about my worries and just did what came natural. I found that I really, really loved the feel of Rick's dick in my mouth, and his taste and scent were driving me crazy with lust.

I lost all sense of myself as I explored every available inch of Rick's sex with my tongue and mouth, and soon he was moaning lowly and warning me of his impending orgasm. I attacked his cock then with renewed energy, gently squeezing his balls with my free hand and bobbing up and down like a runaway sewing machine.

My reward was tasty and plentiful as Rick stiffened and cried out, his cock exploding in my mouth as I got my first taste of his cum. I'm not gonna lie and say it was so much that I almost couldn't hold it all in my mouth, cause that's just silly. I've read that the average adult male only produces about a teaspoon of sperm, and I'd say that was about right for Rick. Which was kind of a bummer, because it tasted so good that I wanted more.

I stayed on his cock till it began to go soft, sucking out the last of his sweet creamy nectar, then moved up and kissed him.

"You taste like dick," Rick joked once I broke the kiss.

"Your dick," I said grinning, "but seriously, how did I do for a first timer."

"Oh My God, I can't begin to tell you how good you made me feel. Your rhythm was perfect, just the right amount of suction, and not once did I feel teeth. And your did you know to do that thing with your tongue?"

"I don't know, really. I mean, I've watched a lot of videos, but I really wasn't thinking about those, I just seemed to come naturally. I guess I'm a natural born cocksucker," I giggled.

"Well, if you are, that's not a bad thing. In fact, it's great for me. Now, it's your turn, and I'm gonna show you a few tricks I've learned in my short career as a cocksucker," he said grinning.

I was shaking with desire and anticipation as I fell down on my back, my erection like a flagpole, waving around waiting for Rick's hungry mouth. Rick surprised me by sliding off the bed, and suddenly he lifted one of my feet and began licking the sole.

"What are you doing?" I giggled, barely suppressing my urge to kick him.

"Just relax, baby. I'm going to make love to every part of your body before I finally suck you off."

"Okay, I'll take mental notes," I giggled, "proceed."

When Rick took my big toe in his mouth, I moaned lowly, wondering why I never knew that having someone love on my feet could feel so good. Oh sure, I'd seen a few foot fetish videos, but I thought the sock and shoe love was a bit weird. And...some of the actual foot videos were of guys with hairy toes, which was a real turnoff for me.

But now that Rick had opened this Pandora's box of goodies, there was no going back. Next time, I'd work Rick's feet over and do anything else he taught me in the next few minutes.

He spent a good ten minutes on my feet before he started kissing and licking his way up my legs to my middle. I was expecting his warm wet mouth to surround my cock then, but instead he just nuzzled my nut sack, then moved up to bury his nose in my sparse patch of pubes. From there he moved up to my belly button, running his tongue deep into it and causing little ripples of pleasure to echo through me. Wow, even more new stuff.

Next, he started kissing my tummy, while rubbing my boy nipples till they were hard. I knew my nips were a pleasure point from my own experiences during masturbation, but having someone else manipulate them was a hundred times more exciting. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I felt his warm wet tongue hit my right nipple. Next, using just his lips, he began to suckle it, almost causing me to come unglued.

"Ugh, so good," I gasped as I ran my hands through his hair.

He spent a few minutes there, but I think he could tell I was getting desperate for release, and after a little kissing, he moved back down to my middle. This time he went right for my cock, holding it in his hand as he licked it up and down like a candy cane. I was gripping the bed covers tightly in my hands as I tried not to fire off just from the stimulation of his tongue, but fortunately that only lasted a short time.

He was back at my nuts again, licking my hairless sack, then taking my plums into his mouth, one at a time, and finally both at once. My nuts are very sensitive, but not once did I feel any pain, only pleasure, as Rick taught me about ball love.

When Rick finally took me in his mouth, I lay back and let him have complete control, but after a few minutes my hands moved to his shoulders as I stroked him gently to let him know how much I was enjoying his actions.

Despite fearing I'd fire off too early, I was able to hold back and enjoy what must've been at least five minutes of the best feeling of my life. When I finally felt the rush of my orgasm coming on like a speeding train, I warned him, as he had me, and as I had, he doubled down on his efforts to pleasure me.

When the orgasm hit, I felt as if an electric shock had just entered my body from my middle, radiating to all parts. It was one of those rare orgasms that just keeps on going, or perhaps it was multiple orgasms, as I've heard girls are capable of. All I know is this: I had never had anything close to this feeling in all my years of self pleasure.

"Whoo...that was amazing," I said when Rick had finally abandoned my shrinking cock.

Without replying, Rick moved up and planted a kiss on my lips, only instead of swallowing all of my spunk, he had kept a few drops in his mouth to share.

"Oh, that was me," I marveled, "I wish I'd thought of that..."

"Next time," Rick said falling down beside me, "we'll both learn new things as we figure out how to please each other better and better."

"If you please me any better, I'm afraid I might die," I teased.

"So, you liked my beejay, huh?"

"Liked? I don't think there is a word strong enough for how much I enjoyed it. It was like being born all over again. You did things that I'd never have thought of, and everyone of them was amazing. If I become half as good at this as you are, I'll be a happy boy."

"Don't sell yourself short. For your first time, you did really, really good."

"Are you as tired as I am," I said yawning.

"Yeah, that takes a lot out of a guy, but if it wasn't so late, I'd be ready to go again in about an hour," he chuckled.

"Well, if that happens, be sure to wake me up, cause I wanna do it again real soon."

"Gotcha," he said grinning, "right now...I need to pee, how about you?"

After we peed, and wiped off any spit or spooge on our cocks, we piled back into bed, still naked. We snuggled up, and in no time flat we were both snoring softly.

Saturday was a good day. We'd woke up early that morning and had a repeat of our Friday night oral fest, but this time I took it to the same level Rick had with me. I never knew I liked feet till Rick introduced me to foot play, but I got hard just from touching his cute feet, then sucking his toes. Rick said there was another cool thing we could do with our feet, and that he'd show me later at bedtime.

We spent the day riding our bikes and hanging out. We had a late breakfast so we just had a snack to carry us over to dinner, which was pizza. We ate in the family room with Rick's folks, but we really didn't talk all that much since we were also watching a movie.

After the movie, Rick and I took a shower and came back down to see if his folks wanted to play a board game with us, and they seemed excited about it. Not only was it fun for us, but I felt like we were building up brownie points with his folks by including them in our fun.

Around 10, the old folks headed off to bed, but Rick and I decided to watch another movie in the family room on the big screen TV. Rick even fixed us some popcorn and brought sodas, then dimmed the lights, and it was very romantic.

We sat snuggled up, sharing the popcorn and sipping our sodas, and when we'd finished the snack, Rick pulled a comforter over us and we did some major petting. I was so hard I hurt, and that's when Rick told me about the other foot thing.

"So, the other thing with feet," he said making sure he had my full attention, "it's called a foot job..." he really didn't have to explain after that, but I let him continue, growing harder with each moment.

"And you've done this before?"

"Yeah, when I was younger, before I could even shoot. This younger friend of mine used to come over and we'd wrestle around, and when we got tired we'd lay on the couch with our feet in each other's crotch and push at each other's dick and balls. At first, it was just goofing around, then one day I noticed Joey, the other boy, had a goofy look on his face as I continued to push my foot against his dick."

"You made him come, didn't you?"

"Yeah, and he liked it so well that he wanted to try making me feel good too, and he did. After that, we always got off when we foot-wrestled, as we called it, and a couple times in my room we even did it naked with bare feet. I discovered that using lotion made his feet slippery and I could slide my dick back and forth between them and get off that way. He was uncut though, so he never really needed lotion. I just held the foreskin with my feet and his dick slid up and down inside it."

"Oh man, I am sooo hard right now," I said, pulling at the lump in my shorts.

"Me too, want to go to my room and foot-wrestle?" he giggled.

"Does Yogi Bear steal picnic baskets?"I teased.

"Come on then, I have something even better than lotion to use for lube."

The something else turned out to be Astroglide, a water based lubricant for...well, for sex. When I asked him how he got it, he said that it was right there on the shelf at Walmart, and one day he rode his bike there and bought the biggest bottle they had.

"This is my second bottle," he said grinning, "it makes jacking so much better, but now that I have a boyfriend, I'm hoping I won't need to jack that much."

"No, but it can be used for other things, like our feet, and...eventually, the other thing," I said blushing.

He nodded, "Yeah, so...I was thinking...we can stretch out on my bed and do each other at the same time, but...first, let's kiss and stuff."

We did, kiss and stuff, and fondled each other, and for the first time we even rubbed each other's butt. Man, that felt good too, and I didn't even worry about Rick wanting to do more, or think about what Brian had done. I know this might sound crazy, but the trauma of my rape was beginning to fade more and more with each passing day. I'm not saying I was completely over it yet, but talking with Brian on Friday night had helped a great deal, not to mention having Rick's love and support.

"What are you thinking?" Rick asked when I got that far away look I get when I'm overthinking things.

"About how lucky I am to have a fun and loving boyfriend like you," I said grinning. Well, it wasn't a lie, I did think that...a lot.

"Great, now come over here, boyfriend, and give me those lips..."

The foot-wrestling turned out to be a lot of fun, but we were giggling so hard most of the time that we weren't able to get off. That wasn't a problem though, because after washing the lube off our dicks, we did something else new to us, a 69.

Sure, I knew what a 69 was, but I had never dreamed it would be as exciting or fun as it turned out to be. Again, we fondled each other's nuts and butts, and sucked and licked till we blew a load. Rick came first, but he never let up on me the whole time, and I came in a close second.

We lay there panting for a long time, our heads resting on each other's inner thigh, then we straightened up and did some kissing and cum swapping. Our two flavors mixed together were even better than alone, and we kissed for a long time till every hint of the taste was gone.

As we lay there resting and thinking our separate thoughts, I voiced my concerns over what I'd been thinking earlier.

"No two people heal in quite the same way," Rick said when I'd finished, "that's what my therapist said. Some people are devastated by whatever trauma they suffered, and some put it in the back of their mind and move on. I guess it never goes away completely, but it makes it possible to go on living and not let it ruin their lives. I had a hard time with Matthew's death, but seeing the therapist really helped. I still get sad sometimes, but most times I'm fine, and when I do think of him, it's good thoughts."

"You're amazing," I said smiling as I stroked the side of his face, "I think it's because of you that I've come this far, this fast. You're my therapist," I said grinning, "and I want to thank you for understanding, and making me feel whole again."

"No problem," he said grinning, "I just want you to be happy, that's all."

"I am, very...very...very, happy," I said grabbing his head and pulling him in for a deep wet kiss.

"Wow, that was quite a kiss," he said looking all goofy when I pulled away, "my dick is hard again."

"Mine too," I chuckled, "how about we try that rubbing together while we're kissing thing again? That was super cool."

On Sunday, we attended services at Rick's church, then a fellowship lunch afterwards. There was lots of good food, and Rick and I filled our plates and joined a bunch of the other kids, some of whom we knew from school. There were a lot of younger kids too, but I had always gotten along well with younger kids, especially boys, and I actually enjoyed their company.

Back at Rick's house, we changed out of our church clothes, and when we were down to our underwear, we paused a moment to check each other out again. Needless to say, we got a little aroused, but there really wasn't time or opportunity to do anything about it. We got dressed and decided to hang out in his backyard till time for me to go home. We played with his dog and cat, but mostly we just talked.

"I had a great weekend," I said, reaching over to take his hand, "thanks for inviting me...and for teaching me all the sex stuff," I added with a giggle.

"The pleasure was all mine," he laughed, "it was a great way to begin our new relationship, don't you think?"

"Perfect, almost like a honeymoon," I teased.

"That reminds me, we still need to figure out what to give each other to sort of show we're a couple."

"I've been thinking about that, how about bracelets?"

"I like that, what kind, metal, cloth, or beaded, or what?"

"I dunno, we'll see what they have at the mall, and decide then, okay?"

"Perfect," Rick said growing quiet then.

"I've been thinking about something else too," I said after a few minutes.


"About Brian," I said pausing to put my thoughts in order, "I want to try being friends again, are you okay with that?"

He was quiet once again, and for a moment I thought he was upset.

"Yeah, I'm cool with it," he said calmly, "I can't say I'll ever completely forgive him, or trust him again, and I don't even know him, but if you can make it work, then you have my blessings."

"Thanks. I'm not gonna rush it, but I think I'll start by texting him occasionally, and not avoiding him at school. Then we'll see where that goes."

"You two were very close, weren't you?"

"Yeah, as close as two brothers, maybe even closer. Oh, sorry...didn't mean to imply that you and your brother weren't close."

"Yeah, it's a special bond that bros have, that's for sure. Go on though..."

"Well, close as we were, I never really thought of know, in a sexual way, or a boyfriend way. I guess that's why I was so surprised when he asked me know? blow him. I thought it was sick," I said managing a sad laugh, "but now that I look back, I can totally see why he might have gotten the idea that I would do that for him, just because we were so close."

"No, that's crazy," Rick said sounding agitated, "he had no right..."

"I know, I know, and I'm not saying what he did was right, or in any way my fault, I just...I just think I understand better what he was feeling. What he did was awful, but let's face it, under other circumstances I might have welcomed it, and...enjoyed it," I had tears in my eyes now and Rick pulled me into a hug.

"'s okay. I'm not sure I understand completely, but I trust you to figure it out. Just remember, I'm here for you if you need me."

"Thanks. Oh damn, that's my phone," I said, feeling the vibration in my pocket.

Sure enough, it was good old, right-on-time, mom.

"My mom's here. Walk me to the car," I said standing up and offering him a hand up.

"Of course, don't forget you have to grab your stuff."

"Yeah, all packed and ready to go..."

We didn't linger long in the driveway, and though I was sad to leave Rick behind, I knew we'd see each other tomorrow, and at school Tuesday, and every day after that. Time was on our side, and having parents who accepted us as we were, and embraced our new found love, was more than any gay boy could ask for. All that was left was to pick up the pieces of my broken friendship with Brian and move forward.


It didn't happen overnight, but eventually Brian and I became friends again. Rick offered his friendship to Brian as well, and though Brian was skeptical at first, he soon came around.

Shortly after that first magical weekend together, Rick and I visited the mall again and found just the right thing to signify the love we shared. Matching silver bracelets, each with half a heart. Half a heart while apart, but when we were together we were one. We weighed the risk of kids finding out about us at school by wearing the bracelets, but finally decided it might be a good way to come out. If someone noticed and put two and two together, we knew the news would spread like wildfire. Needless to say, we were right, but fortunately most of the kids accepted us, and the few who didn't just left us alone.

Rick and I finally did the big thing on our four month anniversary of being boyfriends. It wasn't nearly as messy or gross as I'd feared, and wow, oh wow, it was even more awesome than oral sex. Surprisingly enough, I didn't even think about my first time, and I was truly able to enjoy and treasure the feeling of Rick making love to me.

With Rick, I suddenly understood the difference between fucking and making love. I felt as if Rick and I were one person as he entered me that night, and knowing that I was making him feel so good, and giving him something as special as my body was a very moving experience.

When it was my turn to return the love, I understood even better. Tears stung my eyes as our bodies merged, and for the first time I knew what love truly was. The night was magical, and though it wasn't the first time for either of us, it was our first time together, and that was all that mattered.

Six months have passed, Rick and I are even more in love, and finally out at school. Brian is a big part of our lives these days, and though he continues to date girls occasionally, he still hasn't made up his mind which he likes better, boys or girls.

Though Brian's dad knew what had happened that night, I still hadn't told my parents, nor did I ever plan to. As far as I was concerned that was old news, and as Rick said, I'd put what had happened in the back of my mind and moved on. Maybe, like Rick's brother's death, it would never go away completely, but it certainly wasn't something I was going to dwell on. I had my whole life ahead of me, and I intended to live every moment of it, free from worrying about the past.

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