Nightmare on Oak Street

by Rob Warr

Chapter 2

The next house was similar to the others, however, this one looked more weathered and rundown. Weeds grew up around the porch and beneath the lawn displays of the usual ghosts, ghouls, and monsters. The graveyard in this yard took up half the yard, a rusty iron gate hanging open just off the sidewalk.

Inside, what looked like actual marble tombstones spelled out, not the names of monsters, but of regular people, whether fictitious or real, the boys had no idea. At first they hadn't planned on entering the graveyard, but suddenly Dewayne noticed a name on a nearby tombstone and he slapped Petey on the arm and motioned him to follow him.

"What?" Petey said, whispering as if he feared the dead might hear him.

"Look," he said pointing at the tombstone in front of them, "Jacob Miller, born August 10, 2010, died, October 31, 2023," he read in a low somber voice.

"Holy shit, you don't think..." Petey asked with a gasp.

"Dunno, he's a douche, but I never wanted him dead," then recovering quickly, he added, "No, no, this can't be real. Whoever is doing this must've picked Jacob's name out of our heads, knowing he was a real pain in the ass for us and put his name on a tombstone. It doesn't mean he's really dead, just like that robot back there wasn't really about to disintegrate us if you said the wrong words."

"Yeah, I guess, let's look around though. I want to see if there are any other names we recognize."

There were, in fact, almost every tombstone marked the final resting place of those who had placed obstacles in the boys' way or who had denied or mocked their love for one another.

"Wow, this is getting personal, Coach Deavers is here too. And all he did was call us 'girls' that one time when we couldn't finish the two mile run..." Dewayne noted.

Petey laughed nervously, "Seems like in this world it doesn't pay to cross us. Come on, let's get out of here and see what else this house has to offer."

Fortunately, there was a back gate out of the graveyard, which led out onto a stone path nearly overgrown with weeds, just like the rest of the place. On a stone bench, sat what looked like a gargoyle, and when the boys approached it, it flapped it's wings, causing a foul stench to permeate the air.

"Ugh, shower much?" Dewayne mocked the creature, somehow knowing there would be no retribution, but even if there was: that it would be fun and not dangerous.

The creature made a hissing sound, then let out a loud cackle that sounded like something between a chicken and pterodactyl. Even though the only pterodactyls they'd ever seen or heard were in movies like Jurassic Park.

"Wow, noisy mo-fo, ain't he," Petey laughed, "uh oh, what's that, up there on the roof.

Speaking of pterodactyls, sitting atop a stone chimney, a lone creature stared down at them, it's eyes glowing red, as it worked it's bill, exposing razor sharp teeth.

"Uh, Petey, are you sure we're safe?"

"I...I think so, I don't really feel any danger here, but I think whoever or whatever is causing all this wants us to be a little afraid. As if he feeds on our fear, but doesn't want to harm us. There's something else I feel...I don't think we're the only kids experiencing this right now."

"What? You mean there are others here, that we can't see?"

"Maybe, or maybe they've come and gone, but I don't think just us two is enough to satisfy his appetite for fear."

"You're kinda freaking me out," Dewayne admitted, "you sound more like a zombie than I do sometimes."

"Huh, oh. Sorry, if it's any help, I'm a little freaked out too. I'm scared, but at the same time, not worried. Does that make sense? It's sort of like when we rode the corkscrew roller coaster that time. I was so scared I thought I'd pee myself, but I didn't really think I'd get hurt or anything. Especially with you right there by my side."'

"Aww, that's sweet...I think," Dewayne sighed, "Okay, but if that thing starts swooping down, running is not off the table."

"I don't think he will attack, I think he's just...special effects to keep us on edge," Petey said, then suddenly he raised his hand and pointed, "just like that."

"Oh shit," Dewayne said as he spun around to face what looked like a house-sized version of T-Rex," I hope he prefers pterodactyl meat over boy flesh."

"We'd be just a snack for him, I bet what he'd really like is something a bit bigger," Petey mused, "Like that," he said pointing to another large creature, this one with spikes on it's body and a horn like a rhinoceros.

Then as the boys watched, the two behemoths battled it out, destroying part of the front porch in the process, the noise and quaking causing the pterodactyl to take flight, though it didn't seem to want any part of the melee below.

Eventually, T-Rex won, the rhino-like creature panting and bleeding out on the lawn as the two boys backed away, eager to get away, lest T-Rex decide he wanted to wrestle with them as well.

"That was some ways," Petey said when they'd made it to the next yard.

"Yeah, what kid our age can say they saw two dinosaurs battle it out? You know, for an illusion, that was pretty darn graphic. Blood and guts, and gore," I'll have nightmares for weeks," Dewayne shivered.

"Sorry, I think I caused that one. You know dinosaurs are one of my favorite things."

"Yeah, I kinda knew that, since you have every Jurassic Park movie and every one of the action figures," Dwayne chuckled.

"So far it's been mostly my fears this person has been drawing on, I wonder what's next..."

"Hey, he must've been reading my mind too, he brought the classic monsters out, only they didn't scare me, they were"

"Yeah, what about the spider though? I kinda remember you being afraid of spiders, and..."

But before Petey could finish, Dewayne stopped him, "Don't say it," he yelped, "don't give him any ideas."

"I don't think I can stop it," Petey said staring at the front porch of the next house. This one had a rock garden, a fountain, long since dried up, and several trees and bushes around the front of the house. There were some rather fake looking ghosts hung on the front porch, and several jack-o-lanterns sitting on the steps, their eyes aglow, apparently from candles or some ghostly source within them.

"Looks like the low budget version of Halloween," Dewayne chuckled, "I think we can skip this one."

"Dewayne..." Petey said urgently as he grabbed onto Dewayne's arm, "is that what I think it is, over there in the rock garden?"

"Huh, oh shit...shit, shit, shit. It's heading this way. We gotta run, come on..."

"We can't outrun it, we have to stay and face it. It won't hurt us, but it's one of your fears and whoever is doing all this wants to feel your emotions as you are confronted with one of your worst fears."

"He might wind up with more than my emotions, like my underwear full of fudge if that thing comes any closer."

That thing was a boa constrictor, at least twenty feet long, and as big around as a man's head. In fact, the first thing Dewayne thought was: that thing could easily swallow my head in one gulp. It's slithering tongue looked as thick as a man's hand, and at least two feet long, and it's razor sharp fangs seemed to glow in the reflected light of the jack-o-lanterns.

"Oh shit, oh shit," I hate snakes," Dewayne said, his body now trembling as if he were freezing.

"I'm not really fond of them either," Petey said taking Dewayne's hand and squeezing it reassuringly.

"If it touches me, I'll pass out, I just know it," Dewayne gasped.

The snake was within a few feet of the boys now, its glowing red eyes locked on Dewayne's as if it were trying to hypnotize him. The fear emanated from the boy's body so thickly that it was almost visible, and from somewhere a loud sigh of relief echoed through the night.

"It was him," Petey said nodding, "he's happy with how you're reacting."

"Good for him," Dewayne said, unable to keep his eyes off the huge snake as it came even closer now, a damp musky smell proceeding it's arrival.

"It stinks," Dewayne said wrinkling his nose.

As if taking personal offense to Dewayne's statement, the snake hissed and postured, making striking postures with it's head, causing both boys to back up a bit.

"Go, save yourself," Dewayne whispered, "no need for both of us to die."

"Aww, that's sweet, Dewayne, but no one is gonna die. Just wait, you'll see."

"Oh yeah, what about of a heart attack? I can't stand much more of this..." Dewayne squeaked.

"Your heart is strong, and it belongs to me. So, be brave and it will soon be over."

"For you," Dewayne said giving Petey a smile, even if it was somewhat distorted beneath all the zombie makeup.

Suddenly, a huge rat like creature appeared from behind the house and began ambling toward the snake and the two boys who cowered before it.

"It's a mongoose," Petey said happily, "a dam big one, but a mongoose."

"So, now we have a giant rat to deal with too," Dewayne said, not understanding the importance of this new development.

"No, no, a mongoose can kill a snake several times it's size. They're vicious when it comes to snakes, but they won't harm a human."

"Oh, you think he's here to help?"

But suddenly the mongoose made his move and the question needed no answer. Almost as if his movements had been choreographed, the sleek creature danced around the huge snake, wearing it out until it finally pounced on it, severing its head from its body and leaving it twitching and writhing on the ground.

Mongoose, one. Snake, zero," Dewayne said pumping his fist in the air, "I guess he showed you, Mr. Mean and Nasty."

Petey laughed, "Come on, we're almost done here."

"Lead on," Dewayne said happily, his fears overcome for the moment, and the way home getting closer by the minute.

The next house proved to be more of the same, same ghosts, same ghouls, same monsters and assorted aliens, but this time a new feature had been added, a human.

At first the two boys didn't see the lone figure sitting on the porch steps, a trick of light and shadow making him, her, or it nearly invisible. Then suddenly the figure rose and both boys' attention focused on it as he headed their way.

"It's a kid, or a small demon," Dewayne chuckled nervously.

"Looks like a boy, about our age, but it's hard to tell," Petey whispered.

"Hey," Dewayne said as the boy got closer, but the boy kept his head low, avoiding eye contact, and seemingly oblivious of their existence.

"Hello, I'm Petey, that's Dewayne..." Petey tried.

Suddenly the boy raised his head, his hollow sunken eyes, dark with despair, seeming to bore into them, "I am want, and hunger, and pain, and there is no rest for me, only suffering," he said in a voice so icy, so full of despair that both boys shivered as if cold.

"Do you have a name, I mean besides what you just said?" Dewayne asked softly, his arms wrapped around him in an attempt to keep warm.

"I was once called Mikal, but that was a long time ago, far from here."

"What happened to you, Mikal?" Petey dared to ask.

"I was born, then I died. But between those times I saw much pain, much suffering at the hands of those who were supposed to care for me. I was starved, beaten, abused, and worst of all...denied love. I have never known that simple emotion, and I am doomed to roam the earth forever in search of it."

Petey realized there were tears in his eyes now. Whether this particular boy existed or not, he knew there were children treated as such and denied love, even in this wonderful country of theirs. But if this boy was telling the truth, he lived long ago, God only knows where, and has been suffering all that time since his death.

"That sucks," Dewayne said, "no kid should be unloved. Kids need love, heck, even kids my age need love," he said looking fondly at Petey, who smiled beneath his mask.

"I have know no love, no intimacy, except that of those who would abuse me. They took of my body and gave nothing in return," the boy said in a voice filled with such pain that both boys before him were ready to break down and cry at any moment.

"It's not too late," Petey suddenly said, rushing forward and pulling the boy into a hug.

For one moment he feared he had gone too far, that touching the boy would only make matters worse, but it was too late to stop now. At first the boy stiffened, his emaciated body beneath his worn clothes feeling cold and lifeless, but suddenly all that changed. A warmth seemed to emanate from the boy now, and his once frail and fragile body seemed to expand and renew itself with each passing moment.

Looking down at the boy, Petey now saw a glimmer of light in those once dark eyes, and the most amazing thing of all, a small smile began to form on the boy's face.

"Hey, don't hog the kid," Dewayne said, stepping in and joining the two in a three-way hug.

As if Dewayne's presence added to the healing power of the hug, the boy began to change even faster, and even his clothes began to renew themselves. After only a few minutes, the boy had transformed from a sad, frail and forlorn looking boy to a bright-eyed robust lad with blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and the cutest smile that the boys had ever seen.

"You're beautiful now," Petey said in amazement.

"I am as I once was, before the horrors of my life began. Because of you I am now free, no longer forced to roam the earth in desperation. Now I can now go on to the other side, where I can be happy, . You have saved me and I thank you."

"You're welcome," both boys muttered, though they still had plenty of questions for the lad, they fell dead on their lips as they watched the golden boy begin to shimmer and finally fade out completely. However, not before the boy gave them one last smile and blew them a kiss.

"Wow, did that really just happen?" Petey said in awe.

"I dunno, it sure seemed real, but...what does this have to do with scaring us?" Dewayne wondered.

"I don't know, I get the feeling that this was important though. Maybe part of all this, maybe even the most important part of it. Maybe..."

"What?" Dewayne said still staring at the spot where the boy had once stood.

"Maybe that was him,"


"The person who started all this. Maybe he needed to feel our emotions to see what kind of boys we were and if we could help him...go over to the other side, or whatever..."

"That's crazy, but if it's so, then why hasn't all this...disappeared?"

"I don't know..." Petey said, but even as the words left his mouth, things began to change.

The real ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and aliens were replaced by the store-bought kind. Graveyards and tombstones were of the home decor version now, weeds withered into nothingness in most places, and weathered or vacant houses returned to their former, pristine forms. Cars suddenly appeared in the driveways, and all along the sidewalks on both sides of the street, groups of costumed children went about the business of Halloween Night.

"OH MY GOD, was this all a dream, or an illusion? Nothing is the same as it was before," Dewayne gasped.

"I think I was right, I think freeing Mikal was the whole purpose of this...this whatever it was."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Dewayne said looking thoughtful, "but you know what? despite all the scares, and despite almost peeing myself and fudging my fruits, I sorta had fun tonight. And...well, seeing Mikal reminded me that there are things in this world that need fixing, and though I might not be able to do much right now, while I'm a kid, someday I'll be an adult and I can make a difference."

"We did make a difference, to Mikal," Petey reminded him, "and that alone is worth all the scares in the world. So, what now, do we go home or stay and see what the real houses here are giving out?"

"If it's all the same to you, I think I'd rather go on home. I think we've had enough fun for one night, and...we have enough candy. No need to be greedy."

"That's fine with me," Petey said staring in the direction of Hill Street just to make sure it was really there.

As he did so a black car was just passing by, followed by a white one, and Petey sighed with relief. Though he was pretty sure their nightmare on Oak Street was over, it was good to see something normal for a change.

Perhaps the boys were a little apprehensive as the walked the rest of the way up the block and to Hill Street, but when nothing out of the ordinary occurred, they finally began to relax. Crossing Oak Street, they headed down the sidewalk to the divided street which separated them from more familiar territory.

Again crossing at the light, the boys were pleased to find they weren't the only ones stirring. Waiting to cross on the other side was a group of trick-or-treaters in various costumes, their bags of candy at their sides.

As they passed the group in the middle of the street, one of the boys, who was dressed as a Ninja, spoke.

"How was the candy on Oak Street?"

Dewayne burst into laughter, forcing Petey to answer for them, "Out of this world," he said, and he and Dewayne were still laughing as they reached the other side.

It was a short walk to Dewayne's house, and though it seemed much later, it was barely 9 o'clock when the boys stumbled in the front door, exhausted both mentally and physically.

"Oh, hi guys, did you have a good time?" Dewayne's mom asked.

"Yeah, did you make a big haul this year?" his dad chuckled.

"We did okay," Dewayne said, knowing the truth of what had gone on that night was something they could never share with their folks, "but next year I think we'll skip the trick-or-treating and go to the Halloween Party at school instead."

"Oh," Dewayne's mom said, surprised at his answer, "did something happen?"

"Nah, not much," Dewayne said quickly, "we're just getting older, you know? Halloween is for little kids.

Later, in Dewayne's room, the two began to undress as they discussed what had happened that night.

"We can never tell our folks," Dewayne said frowning, "I know it's tempting, but there are just so many reasons why we can't. First of all: we'd be grounded for life for even going across the divided street, and secondly: they wouldn't believe a word of it."

"I know, I've been thinking that myself. I'm not even sure I could tell our other friends..." Petey sighed, "they'd think we were just making it up, or that we were crazy."

"Yeah, so...for now, it's our little secret."

"Not so little, but yeah. Anyway, Halloween is over in about...umm, a hour and a half, so hopefully no one else will have to go through what we did. Most kids are probably home by now, except the trickers," Petey chuckled.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want to be one of those if they wander onto Oak Street tonight," Dewayne laughed, "come on, let's shower. We both stink."

"You more than me, you smell like rotting flesh," Petey joked.

"Ooooo...brains, and penises," Dewayne moaned in is Zombie voice, must have green penises...aaaaa."

Petey laughed, "It's all yours once it's clean. Shall we shower together and save water?"

"Of course," Dwayne reaching out to grab Petey's hand and lead him to his ensuite bath.

After a shower, the boys felt much better, but other than washing each other and a little fondling nothing overtly sexual occurred. They were saving that for later, for bedtime, and now there were more urgent matters to attend to.

"Are you as hungry as I am?" Dewayne said slapping his flat tummy.

"Yeah, I could eat," Petey said, "I wonder if there is any pizza left?"

"If not I'll fix us a sandwich. Come on."

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Mrs. Barnes was just closing the front door after having given out more candy.

"I swear, it seems like every year the kids stay out later," she clucked, "the older ones anyway. Those two looked old enough to drive," she added with a chuckle.

"That would be sweet," Dewayne commented, "if I was old enough to drive I could take us to the best neighborhoods," he joked.

"What happened to being too old to trick-or-treat?" Mrs. Barnes laughed, "When you're old enough to drive, young man, you can buy your own candy."

"Yes mom. Hey, we're hungry, any pizza left?"

"Yes the fridge. Feel free to eat it cold or nuke it."

They found half a pepperoni pizza in the fridge, and both preferred it warm, even if they didn't like the way the microwave made the crust get soggy. Still, when you're a hungry almost teen, any kind of pizza is good pizza.

Sitting at the breakfast bar, their bare feet swinging from their perches on their bar stools, the boys talked about anything and everything except the night's events. There would be time for that later, but now both needed a break from all that ghoulish stuff.

"Mom, we're heading to bed," Dewayne said after they'd finished off the pizza and a soda each, "Nite, love ya, nite dad, love ya too."

"Goodnight son," Mrs. Barnes said, looking up from the movie her and her husband were watching.

"Nite boys," Mr. Barnes chuckled, "hope you can sleep well after seeing all those ghosts and ghouls tonight."

Upstairs, Dewayne seemed troubled, "What do you think my dad meant by that. How did he know we saw ghosts and ghouls?"

"Well, it's Halloween night. Duh, of course we would see those things, even if we hadn't gone to Oak Street."

"I guess. Man, for once I'll be glad when Halloween night is over."

"Well, we could maybe find something to do to keep our minds off the scares and stuff..." Petey said, giving Dewayne a coquettish look.

"Like what?" Dewayne said moving closer and taking both of Petey's hands in his.

"Well, remember earlier you said if I wasn't wearing that silly mask, you'd kiss me? Well, I'm not wearing it now."

"Yeah, I said that. And as I remember you said, 'I'd kiss you back', right?"

"Yeah," Petey all but whispered, his green eyes staring into Dewayne's blue ones.

Then licking his lips to moisten them, Petey tilted his head and closed his eyes.

Dewayne smiled as he leaned in, pulling Petey into a full body hug as their lips met. Electricity shot through their bodies as the kiss continued and every part of them hummed with joy. At their centers, the excitement built till they were hard as steel, both leaking a little precum as the kiss continued.

Kissing was actually fairly new to the boys. They'd done their share of messing around, but until their feelings for one another had progressed to the crush stage, the intimacy had just been about fun and getting off. Now, intimacy meant more to them than the sex did. Funny how that worked. In their case they had gone backwards. Rather than start slow and build up to sex and intimacy, they had started with sex and intimacy, even if it was only about the feeling of their bodies and not their hearts.

"Have a told you lately that you're a really good kisser?" Petey sighed as they broke for air.

"Maybe, but I always love hearing that. You know I learned from Susan Stafford though?" Dewayne chuckled, "that's the one good thing about girls, they sure know how to kiss."

"I don't own you," Petey said almost defensively, "even if you'd porked her, it would be none of my business.

"I don't know whether that's good or bad. I was kinda hoping you'd be a little jealous and possessive of me," Dewayne pouted, "If you were off kissing some girl, I'd be upset."

"Does she mean anything to you?"

"No, of course not. It was at Church camp and all the kids were doing it. I didn't even get a boner."

Petey laughed, "You were what, 8 or 9, you probably weren't getting boners back then."

"I was ten, and I been jerking it since I was 9. And thank you very much, I been getting boners since the day I was born."

Petey laughed, "Calm down. That's kind of exciting to hear. I wish we'd met back then."

The two had met in 6th grade when they were both 11 and took an instant liking to one another. After the first day, you never saw one without the other, and of course eventually they discovered their friendship was more intense than most. Neither boy had thought of themselves as gay, however, neither was bothered by the fact that they enjoyed each other's company, and eventually the sex play that most boys engage in. However, it soon became apparent that they liked the sex play a bit more perhaps than most boys, and it had progressed to the point that they'd pretty much tried everything except the one big thing, anal.

"Let's get in bed," Dewayne suggested, pulling away and stripping off his tee shirt and shorts.

"Wow, quick to get naked," Petey chuckled, but he too wasted no time stripping.

"I'm horny," Dewayne laughed, "all that terror made me realize how good it felt to be alive, and to have fun...preferably, fun in bed with you."

"Aww, that's sweet, I think," Petey chuckled, "Kiss me you big sweetheart."

Dewayne rolled over and threw a leg over Petey, then kissed his cheek, "Do you think that kid, Mikal is really free and happy now?"

Though the question might have seemed to have come from out of left field, Petey didn't bat an eye before answering, "Yeah, I really do. That kinda makes going through all that stuff worthwhile."

"Yeah, I think so too. So, want me to do you first, or do you want to do me first?" Dwayne chuckled.

"Well, you're already there, on top, so have at it," Petey chuckled, "my dick ain't gonna suck itself."

"Dwayne laughed, but only for a minute as he scooted lower on the bed and took matters in hand, or mouth, as the case might be.

The next day at school the boys soon forgot about the previous night's events as they went about their day. By lunch time both boys were hungry and eager to see one another again, for even though they shared several classes, there was little time to visit once the teachers got started.

"Hey," Petey said as they met in the lunch line.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Oil prices," Petey joked.

"Huh? Oh, smartass," Dewayne laughed.

"Yes, smart and cute," Petey threw back, "or so I've been told."

"By who? Who besides me has been looking at your ass?" Dewayne joked back.

"You know, all the cute boys," Petey teased.

"And some of the girls, I'd bet," Dewayne added, unfazed by Petey's attempt to make him jealous. In fact, Dewayne did not have a jealous bone in his body, not even the one that hung between his legs.

"Hey, you guys," Timmy Miller said coming up behind Dwayne in the line, "Have you seen the new kid, he's weird looking. I think he came from Sweden or Denmark, or some place like that."

"Weird how?" Petey frowned, "just cause he's from another country doesn't make him weird."

"I dunno, I guess he's kinda cute," Timmy said, then blushed, "All blond and blue-eyed, and his name is spelled weird..."

"Weird how...." Dewayne began, then suddenly a blond haired boy with sparkling blue eyes appeared at the entrance to the lunch room. At first he seemed unsure of what to do and was scanning the room till at last his eyes fell upon Dewayne and Petey in line. Both boys recognized that smile, that blond hair, those blue eyes, that slender sculpted body, and collectively they let out a small gasp.

"His name is Michael, but it's spelled weird, like M...i...k...a...l," Timmy explained as the other two boys looked on in shock and wonder...

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