Christmas with Colt

by Rob Warr

Chapter 5

I didn't know whether to be worried or happy hearing those words from dad, but from the look on my mom and dad's faces, I decided it couldn't be anything too bad and took my usual place at the table, Sammy right across from me. Sammy was as much in the dark as I was, but the twinkle in his eye told me that he suspected something good was about to happen, and of course, he was right.

"I'm sorry to be so dramatic about this, and to have waited till now to tell you this, but we wanted to make sure before we got your hopes up," dad began.

"What do you mean?" I said as my heart sped up and my stomach began to do flip flops. Was it possible this was about Colt? No, I couldn't get my hopes up, not now, I was suffering enough without imagining there really could be a happy ending for us.

"Well, without making this a long and drawn out narrative, let me begin by saying, we've found Colt."

Just like that. So simple. No drum roll, no easing me into it, no details, least not yet. But I wasn't going to let him get off that easily. I had to know everything.

"Before you speak," dad chuckled as he held up a hand to cut me off, "Let me fill in all the blanks and then if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them."

I nodded and eased back into my chair, barely aware that I was now gripping the table top with my hands as if in danger of falling over.

"As you know, since we are licensed foster parents, we have many contacts in the system, including your aunt Helen, however, no matter how many times we inquired, there was no sign of Colt having entered the system. Of course, there was no guarantee that he would, but it was just one of the many places we looked.

I also have several contacts within the police department and county sheriff's department, but again, no one matching Colt's description showed up on their radar. I was beginning to get really frustrated with myself and thinking I had overlooked something, when it suddenly occurred to me that I was assuming Colt was still in this state.

So, even though I had no contacts outside of the state, I took a chance on my contacts here having some influence or some connections in neighboring states. I figured that if he and his mom had left the state, that they probably hadn't gone far, and as it turned out, I was right.

In fact, Colt is less than a two-hour drive from here even as we speak. Wait, let me finish," dad said holding up a hand, "here's the story as it was told to me. Colt's mother, in all her infinite wisdom decided she and Colt had had enough of this city, and this state, and were headed to God-only-knows-where when their van broke down.

Fortunately, they were at a truck stop when it happened, and weren't stranded on the highway, but with little money and no transportation they were stuck. Here's where it gets a bit sticky, and I don't really have all the details, but for some reason only she knows, Colt's mom took off with a truck driver, leaving Colt alone at the truck stop to fend for himself.

Being as resourceful as he is, he'd begged enough money to get something to eat and hung around the truck stop for several days before someone called the local sheriff, and...well, you can imagine what happened next.

Colt was taken into DHS custody there and placed in a group home, where he has remained since his mother abandoned him. I only know all this because one of my contacts in the sheriff's department happens to have a brother-in-law on the force there. A few days ago, the two got together for a pre-holiday party and were talking about various cases they'd worked on, and bingo, Colt's situation came to light, and the local deputy picked up on it right away. After making some inquiries, he called my friend at DHS, who in turn called me. At first I was skeptical and I wanted to make sure they had the right boy, and that he was still there. I wanted to drive there and see for myself, but my friend at DHS said they knew someone who worked at the group home where Colt was staying, and she suggested she have them call me and put Colt on the line.

That was Thursday, and I have to tell you, we both cried when we heard each other's voices. Since then we've been working on getting Colt released into our custody, and only yesterday did we finally get word that the motion had been approved at the last minute by a saint of a judge who put his Christmas vacation on hold long enough to do so."

"You mean?" I finally managed to squeak out.

Mom patted my hand, "We're going to go pick him up as soon as we finish breakfast."

"I'm not hungry, can't we go now?" I said, standing up and pushing my chair back in.

"Sit down, son," dad said gently, "there's plenty of time, and I want you to let all this sink in before we head that way. Remember, he's been through a lot, and probably had a rough time of it in the group home."

"What do you mean? Did someone hurt him?" I asked, my voice finally giving way.

"He's a strong boy and can take care of himself, I just know how those places usually are."

"Why didn't he call us?" I said, finally voicing the question that had been nagging me ever since his disappearance.

"I don't know, son. Of course he didn't have a cell phone, and I don't know if he knew our number or not. There might have been a pay phone at the truck stop, but I'm not sure of that. What with everyone having cell phones these days, pay phones and land lines have gone the way of the dinosaur."

"Yeah, I guess so, but what about once he got to the group home? Aren't they allowed to make calls?"

"Yes, I'm sure they are, but again...I'm not sure if he had our number or yours memorized."

I guessed dad was right. I'd written it down for him, but did he memorize it? And once he was taken into DHS custody, maybe he'd lost our numbers. Anyway, it didn't matter, we knew where he was now and we were going to go get him and bring him home.

Of course that brought on a lot of questions. If mom and dad were fostering Colt, would that mean an end to our relationship? And what if they decided to adopt him? We'd be brothers, and technically that would be incest. Oh well, I thought, we'll figure that out when the time comes. Right now, all that mattered was getting Colt back here where he'd be safe, and just in time for Christmas.

Despite having protested about taking time for breakfast, I was glad I did. Not only did I need fuel, I needed some time to think about all that dad had told me and to prepare myself for my reunion with my love.

We left shortly after ten that morning, driving slowly through the still snowy side streets, but finding the main roads clear and easily passable. Once we left the state there was little snow and eventually none, though the clouds were overcast and threatening, and a light rain had begun to fall.

Dad used the GPS to find the group home and we were pulling up in the parking lot shortly after noon. I'd begun to regret my decision to eat breakfast, however, as my stomach began to do flip-flops again, and I felt in danger of spewing it's contents. Somehow, however, I managed to keep my stomach at bay as we headed toward the entrance of the facility.

Kid Prison, that's what Colt had called group homes, but this one looked more like a school than a prison. There were no bars on the windows, no razor wire, or even any fences that I could see, and the trees and bushes out front were neatly trimmed.

However, when we got to the front door we saw the first sign that this was a secure facility. The door was locked, of course, and dad had to press a button and speak into an intercom. After stating his name and why he was there, a disembodied voice said someone would be there in a moment.

Well, it was more like ten moments, but eventually the door opened and there stood a man in a uniform holding a clipboard.

"Mr. Caldwell?" the man asked stiffly, "may I see some ID, please?"

"Yes, of course," Dad said, apparently ready for this as he promptly handed his Driver's License and DHS identification card to the man.

The guard clipped the IDs to the clipboard and stepped aside so we could enter, then directed us to a little waiting area with a worn vinyl couch and two chairs. We sat, we waited, and pretty soon a lady dressed in slacks and a floral print blouse appeared, all smiles.

"Mr. Caldwell," she said approaching and offering her hand, "I'm Anita Standford, we talked on the phone."

Dad stood and shook her hand, then the woman shook mom's hand, and finally gave Sammy and me a smile, "These must be your boys. Hello boys, I promise we won't be long," she said looking at mom and dad now, "we just have some paperwork to attend to, but if you'd like, I can have Colt brought up here and he can visit with your sons while we take care of that."

"Yes, please," I begged, then flushed red, "I mean, I'm sure he's been missing us and all..."

The woman laughed, "I'm sure he has. Colt is a good boy, I'm happy to see he is being placed in such a loving home. If you'll follow me, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, we'll get the paperwork attended to and you can be on your way..."

The woman led mom and dad to a door where she swiped a card on a lanyard, causing the door to pop open. They disappeared inside then, but my attention was suddenly pulled from that door as another door at the end of the hall buzzed open, and the same guard who'd met us at the door came through with Colt right behind him.

My first instinct was to jump up and run to Colt and hug him, but this was Kid Prison and I didn't know what the rules were. Maybe the guard would leave and we could sort out the greetings then.

"Hey," Colt said, more casually than I felt the situation called for, then to the guard, "thanks, Sargent Hale, it's been fun, but I hope I never see you again," he laughed.

The guard chuckled, "The feeling is mutual, Colt, you stay out of trouble now, okay?"

"Will do, Sarge. You too," Colt laughed, then the Sargent walked away and disappeared through the same door they'd emerged from.

As soon as the door closed behind him, Colt spun around, all smiles and held out his arms, "Well, don't I get a hug?"

"Yeah!" I said jumping up and nearly knocking him down as I hugged him tight. I wanted to kiss him too, but I'd seen a camera pointing our way and I was hesitant to go that far.

"You too, Sammy," Colt said, holding out his arms for my little bro, and we joined in a three-way hug.

"Where's your folks?" Colt asked with a smile, "did you drive yourselves here?"

"They're interrogating them in the dungeon," I teased, "but I think we might be able to escape if you can bribe that guard."

"Ha, Sarge is okay. He saved my bacon a few times. I'll actually miss him. We used to shoot the bull when he was on duty. He has two sons of his own and he treats the kids here with respect."

"Cool, look good," I said pulling back to look him over, "they feeding you regularly?"

"Yeah, three times a day and snacks in between. Not the best food in town, but it's decent."

"That's good," I said, then suddenly I was at a loss for words. There was so much I wanted to say, so much I wanted to ask, but this didn't seem like the time or place for that.

"Sorry I had you worried," Colt said softly, "I wanted to call you like a hundred times, but I lost your number, and anyway, I didn't have a phone..."

"It's cool, I understand. Come on, sit with us and tell us about this place," I suggested, hoping to ease away from the hard questions, including why his mom left him, and where she'd gone.

"It's okay, like I said, they feed you pretty good. There's a rec room, a big TV, we go to school, you know, the usual good stuff," he chuckled.

"Are the other boys here cool, or jerks?" Sammy said looking concerned.

Colt laughed, "Some are okay, some are cool, and some are real asswipes. You just have to figure out who is who, and avoid the bad ones, and make friends with the good ones. That way someone's got your back if things go down."

"You make it sound like a prison movie," I joked.

"Don't kid yourself, Blake, it is prison, Kid Prison, but still prison. I don't recommend it for anyone."

Thankfully we were interrupted by the door opening and mom and dad spilling out, the DHS lady right behind them.

"All done, boys," dad said with a smile, " then to Colt, "Colt, good to see you again, son."

We'd hopped up when the three had appeared and mom headed straight for Colt, "Oh, Colt, honey, we were so worried. It's so good to see you're okay," she said hugging him tightly.

"Thanks," Colt said, blushing deeply at all the attention, "thanks for coming to get me and all..."

"You're welcome, son," Dad said snaking an arm around Colt's shoulders and giving him a manly hug.

"Colt, do you have all your things?" Ms. Stanford asked with a smile.

"Yes, Anita, thanks again..." Colt said, then slowly walking over to the woman and giving her a hug, he added softly, "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," the woman said, holding on to Colt as she spoke, "But...I am very happy to know you have found a real home."

"Well, shall we go?" dad said once the two had broken the hug, "we have a long drive back home, but before we start back, we'll have some lunch. Ms. Stanford, do you know of a good family friendly restaurant nearby?"

So, we wound up at a Cracker Barrel restaurant that Christmas Eve, eating, talking, laughing, and playing that silly golf tee game they have on every table. Sammy was the only one who came close to winning, with only one peg left, while the rest of us wound up with two or three.

After lunch, we loaded up in the SUV again, this time with us three boys in the far back bench seat so we could all sit side by side. It was very cozy with Colt's hip and leg pressed into mine, and instinctively we joined hands and stayed that way the whole trip. Sammy drifted off to sleep after about ten minutes and Colt and I sat in companionable silence as we soaked in each other's warmth and fragrance. God, he smelled so good, it was all I could do not to grab him and kiss him all over.

The miles slipped by, and eventually we neared our city, the snow reappearing as gradually as it had disappeared, and Colt came alive when he saw the blanket of white.

"Oh, cool, a white Christmas," he said softly so as not to wake Sammy.

"Yeah, just for you," I teased.

Colt frowned then, "I...didn't get you anything...umm, for Christmas. I didn't have any money, and anyway, I didn't know if I'd ever see you again..." he said sadly.

"Hey, you gave me the best present of all, yourself," I said leaning in to kiss his cheek.

"That's sweet," he said softly, then leaning in he whispered, "but I want to give you something even better, bed."

I grinned back at him and nodded, "I think we can arrange that, as long as it's mutual."

Colt nodded and we both giggled like little kids.

Back at home, ah, what a wonderful word, I led Colt upstairs to my room, but Sammy elected to remain downstairs with mom and dad.

"For now you'll be bunking with me," I said, smiling lewdly, "but I suppose eventually you'll be moving to the basement dungeon or the attic loft with all the spiderwebs and junk, I teased."

"Hey, I'd sleep outside in a box just to be near you," Colt said, moving against me and pressing his lips to mine.

"Aww, that's sweet, but seriously, we have a bedroom we use when DHS brings us a foster kid. It's been awhile though and it needs cleaning and stuff, and anyway, we all thought it would be better if you bunked with me for a while, just till you got used to us...again."

"As far as I'm concerned, I'd bunk with you forever, now that I'm back, I never want to lose sight of you again," he said as tears formed in his lovely emerald eyes.

That did it, the damn burst forth and my hands and lips and all parts of my body went crazy for him. I pulled him against me, feeling his hardness and pressing my own into his as we feverishly kissed and fondled one another.

When we finally broke the kiss, we were both trembling and out of breath.

"Wow," he gushed, "I've missed that. None of the boys at the home could kiss that well," he teased.

"You better not have been kissing other boys," I warned in mock anger.

"I'm kidding, we didn't kiss, we just had sex," he laughed.

"If you did, I'd understand," I pouted, "but now, you're all mine."

"I'm kidding. All I thought about was you the whole time I was there. I'll confess I did jerk off a lot, but always alone, and I was thinking of you every time I did it."

"Same," I said smiling, "I'd decided no one could ever take your place. So, I guess if dad hadn't found you I'd have become a monk, or a catlick priest," I laughed.

"Not a priest, they have more boy sex than we ever will," Colt joked.

"Yeah, well...I'm just glad we're together again, especially at Christmas."

"Oh, about that gift I promised you. Do we have time right now?" Colt said raising an eyebrow.

"No, don't even think about it, mister," I protested, albeit weakly, "later, in bed, we'll have plenty of alone time."

"Okay, but I hope you're not too loud," he teased, "cause it's really gonna feel great."

"Uhhh, stop, you're killing me," I said, adjusting my stiffening rod, which had grown uncomfortable in the confines of my jeans.

Colt laughed, "So, where should I put my stuff?" he said, ignoring my dilemma.

"Oh, heck, just anywhere, there's room in the closet and I'll clean out a drawer for you."

"I don't have much," Colt said sadly, "the home gave me a few things, and I had some stuff, but there's not much..."

"Don't worry, mom and dad will buy you some new stuff once we get you settled and the Holiday is over. By the time school starts again you'll be all fixed up."

"Thanks, but I don't want your folks spending a lot of money on me. Thrift store stuff is fine."

"No way," I said, "and don't argue. You're ours now, and you gotta do what we say."

"Bossy much?" Colt laughed.

"Come on, let's go see what everyone is up to. I can't risk being alone up here with you much longer," I teased, "You're too tempting."

"I'll consider that a compliment," Colt said grinning, then hand in hand we walked downstairs.

Christmas Eve at our house was always special and just as memorable as the actual holiday since we had our traditions that we observed every year. For instance, opening one gift while sitting around the living room watching our favorite Christmas movies. I'm sure we're not the only family to enjoy this tradition, but for us it was one of those things that bound us together as a family, and now that Colt was to be part of our family, I wanted him to participate in the tradition as well. Taking mom aside while Dad and Sammy and Colt decided on a movie, I told her what was on my mind.

"Oh honey, don't worry. You know when you and Sammy went sledding the other day and dad decided not to join you? Well, he and I went shopping that afternoon and we bought some things for Colt. They're under the tree right now. I know you got him a gift as well, even before we found him, but if you want to save that gift for tomorrow he can open one of the gifts your father and I bought now."

"Thanks, mom, you're the greatest. How did I get so lucky as to be born into this family?" I chuckled.

"Hmm...well, I can't imagine you belonging anywhere else," mom laughed, "you're pretty special too, you know?"

"I know," I laughed, "we all are."

Over a light dinner we got reacquainted with Colt, and he told us a little about his stay at the group home, but noticeably missing was any talk of his mom. I couldn't imagine what that might feel like, abandoned by your own mother, the hurt, the humiliation, and resentment must have been eating at him something fierce. When and if he was ready to talk about it, I would be there for him, but for the time we weren't going to push him.

"Sargent Hale was pretty cool. He brought me magazines and sometimes he'd slip me an extra tray of food after everyone had been fed. He said he had two sons at home, and I guess that was why he was so nice to the boys there. Of course, some of the kids were real jerks and resented him just because he was 'the man'," Colt chuckled, "but the smart ones got along with him just fine. But...not all the guards were as cool as Sargent Hale. A couple were real jerks who took themselves way too seriously. They thought they were tough, and wanted us kids to be afraid of them, but mostly we just laughed at them behind their backs. Fortunately, Sargent Hale was senior officer there and kept them pretty much in line."

"How was the food?" mom asked, thinking as I had that it was a safe subject for now.

"Not bad, a lot like school food, except they served a lot of beans," he laughed, "and sleeping in a dorm with four or five other boys who're all gassed up wasn't very much fun."

Sammy had a case of the giggles over that, and laughed even harder when I made a loud farting noise as I blew air against my forearm.

"Boys!" mom scolded and Colt quit laughing immediately as if he'd been slapped, "not at the table," she finished, but she too was laughing and Colt smiled once he realized we weren't really in trouble.

Dad had been quiet up till then, but I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he digested what he was hearing and tried to think of what to say next.

"Colt, there are some things we need to discuss at some point, but for now, I just want you to enjoy yourself and get to know us better. I know you and Blake are already quite close, and from what I've seen you treat Sammy like a little brother. We just want you to know that you're welcome here and that we're happy to have you."

"Thanks," Colt said giving first dad, then mom a smile.

Was that a tear in his eye? Yes, it was, and I couldn't stand the thought of my Colt being sad for even one moment. Leaning over to him, I kissed the tear away, oblivious to the fact that three sets of eyes were focused on us.

"It's okay," I whispered, "everything is gonna be fine, you're with us now," I said patting his hand.

"I know," he choked out, "I just...I didn't think I'd ever see any of you again, and that really hurt. Worse than...than, even not seeing...well, you know...her," he said, then he broke down completely.

Thankfully, we'd already finished eating, and I helped Colt up and led him to the living room and sat him on the couch. Settling in next to him, I hugged him tight and comforted him till most of the crying was over.

"Why, why did she leave me?" he wailed to no one in particular.

Mom was there then, and Sammy, but dad had wisely stepped back, no doubt feeling that he was to blame for Colt's sudden break down. He wasn't though, we all knew this was gonna happen eventually, and as far as I was concerned the sooner the better, so we could help him get through it and start a new life.

"Oh honey," Mom said sitting down and pulling Colt into her as well, "I won't lie to you, the thought of what your mother did to you angers and saddens me. As a mother I can't imagine any situation where I would choose my own needs over my children or my family. But...I think we both know that this wasn't the first time your mother let you down, was it?"

"Nnnnooo," Colt sobbed, "she never really loved me. She just kept me around because I took care of stuff that she couldn't or wouldn't. She just used me, going off with her boyfriends and leaving me alone in the trailer. Then we lost the trailer and we lived in our van...that was where I was living when you met me," he said turning to me, "and then she got this crazy idea about trying to find her sister and live with her, but all she knew was what city and didn't have the address or anything. Then we stopped at the truck stop, and she disappeared for a while, and when she came back she had some money and we ate lunch. But when we tried to start the van it was a no go.

She even got a guy there to look at it, but he said it was fried, and would need a lot of work if it was ever gonna run again. That was when she went back inside and a few minutes later she came out with this guy, a truck driver, then she handed me five bucks and said...good luck, kid, then she walked away with the truck driver and just left me standing there.

I guess I was in a trance or something for a minute, but when I finally got moving and went after her, to ask her what was going on, I saw her get into a truck with the guy and they drove off before I could get to them.

I stood there for a while, then it all came crashing down on me. I'd been abandoned, miles from my friends, with five lousy bucks and a bag full of stuff in the van. At least I still had the van, I thought, but I guess you know how that turned out."

"So, it was the van that tipped the employees off that something was wrong?" dad asked from behind us.

"Yeah, I was sleeping in it when this cop came knocking on the window and that was that. I couldn't do anything but tell them the truth at that point. In a way I was relieved. At least I wouldn't have to beg for food or sleep in a van with no heat," Colt said sadly, then once again he lashed out, his sadness tinged with anger now, "Why, why, why, I wasn't a bad kid," he sobbed as he collapsed into mom.

I was right there too, hugging him and soothing him, and suddenly Sammy knelt at his feet and laid his head in Colt's lap. Colt reached down and stroked his hair, still crying, but soaking in all the loving we were giving him. Dad eventually moved up behind the couch and laid his hands on Colt's shoulders, and there we were: the four of us, comforting him and sharing Colt's grief, just like families do.

Eventually, Colt's tears dried up and mom suggested us boys take our showers and get ready for our Christmas Eve festivities. I took Colt by the hand and led him back upstairs, but Sammy remained behind to help mom and dad clean up the dinner mess, but it didn't take him long.

"Hey, want to shower together and save time?" I said evenly, not wanting it to sound like I was hinting at anything sexual.

"Okay, I'm cool with that. Umm, do you think your folks would mind?"

"Nope, Sammy and I sometimes do that," I said, though to be honest we'd only done it once.

"Okay, umm, okay then," he said sounding nervous now, "are we just gonna shower, or what?"

"Just shower, if we can keep our hands off each other," I chuckled, "but seriously, I wasn't suggesting anything more than getting clean...for now."

"Oh, okay...sure, I just need to grab some clean stuff. Is sweats all right?"

"Perfect, that's what I'm gonna wear. And..." I chuckled, "I'm going commando."

"Aren't you afraid of popping a boner and being embarrassed?"

"Well, until you came back there was nothing to cause that, so...I guess we'll see. But you can wear undies if you want, I'm not trying to influence you in any way."

I heard Sammy go into his room just about the time we got into the bathroom, so I poked my head in his door to tell him what we were up to.

"Have fun," he giggled.

"We're just gonna shower, bro," I laughed, "if there's any fun, it will be bed," I said winking.

I didn't bother locking either door. I knew Sammy wouldn't disturb us, no matter how curious he was about our naked bodies, and of course mom and dad never entered our bathroom if it was occupied.

I was a little nervous as Colt and I undressed, and I tried not to stare, but after all this was the first time I'd seen him naked, and I was curious to see if he was as perfect naked as he was clothed. And...yes he was.

"Oh my God," I gasped as Colt dropped his underwear and stood before me naked at last, "your body is so perfect,"

"Aww, thanks," he said blushing. Then giving me a sly smile, he added, "Well, don't I get to see you too?"

"Oh, sorry," I said quickly undressing as well, then presenting myself to him, even spinning around so he could see my backside.

"Hmm, I was right about your butt, it is cute, very cute...and the rest ain't so bad either," he teased.

"Thanks," I said blushing, "I'll umm, just start the water. It takes it few minutes to warm up, but no worries about hot water, cause we have our own hot water tank up here."

"Cool, I mean, hot," Colt laughed and I joined in.

Soon we were in the tub, the curtain drawn, and I let Colt later up first. Of course that meant I'd get to wash his back first, which was a plus. His skin was flawless, silky smooth, and a shade darker than mine. I tanned well in summer, but tended to lose a lot of color come winter, but Colt seemed to have retained most of his tan, or he was just naturally that color.

His shoulder and back muscles seemed taught at first but I soon had him moaning with pleasure as I kneaded them before finally taking the soap lathering up his back and butt. I hesitated only a moment before reaching down and parting his sweet perfect cheeks so I could run my soapy hand up his crack, and he moaned even louder when I did so.

I laughed, "If Sammy is listening out there, I'm sure he thinks we're having sex, what with all the moaning."

"Sorry," Colt said softly, "your hands just feel so good, and...that was the first time anyone ever touched me...umm, you know? there."

"Oh,'re a virgin too?" I said, realizing we'd never really discussed our experience.

"Yeah, except for messing around a few times with my buds when I was younger, I haven't done much."

"Me either, mostly jerking off. You know, I'm kinda glad though. I mean, if you want...maybe we can figure things out together," I said nervously.

"I'm glad too. I really wanted my first real sex to be with someone I really, really liked...and now, there's you," he said turning his head so we could kiss under the spray.

"Mmm, you taste good," I said once we'd broken the kiss.

"You're actually the first and only boy I've ever kissed," Colt admitted, "I've kissed a few girls, but it was never as good as with you."

"Thanks, I think it's cause we both like each other so much. I remember when dad gave me the talk, he said something about sex and kissing being an expression of love, and even though you could do those things without loving someone, that it was best when you did, or something like that."

"I guess he's right," Colt said leaning back into me and bumping my hardness.

"Oh," he giggled, "something is knocking at my back door."

"Sorry, just seeing you naked was enough to start it, and when I actually started touching your skin, was instant boner," I laughed.

"Yeah, I feel ya, ha ha, I mean...I'm hard too," he said, "you have magic hands. But, I can't let you have all the fun. My turn to do you now."

"Oh, do me, do me," I giggled.

Colt rinsed off and we swapped places and I soon discovered that he had magic hands as well. Although I stayed hard the whole time, his massage was more soothing than exciting, and soon all my pent up tension was drained away.

"That was amazing," I said as we were drying off, boldly checking each other out now that the newness had worn off.

"Really, it was," he agreed, "I think I understand now why adults are always getting massages, "I feel like my whole body is humming now and my neck and back feel great."

"They felt great to me too," I chuckled, "especially that cute ass of yours."

"Aww, yours is cuter," he said winking.

"I guess they're both cute. Now that I think of it, most boys have cute asses, even Sammy," I blurted out, suddenly feeling the need to explain further. Though I'd already confessed to Colt that Sammy and I had showered together, I wanted to make it clear that getting clean was all we had done, even if we did admire each other's bodies in the process.

"That's cool," Colt said, "I think if I had a bro, I'd be cool about getting naked around him. It just seems, natural, I guess. I mean, I bet some bros even mess around. You know, just seems like they'd be tempted anyway, being so close and having the opportunity."

"Yeah, I'm sure there are, especially when they're pretty close in age."

We dressed in sweat pants and tees and I laughed when I saw that Colt was going commando too, but I didn't say anything. We cleaned up our mess and I hollered at Sammy to tell him the bathroom was all his, then Colt and I went downstairs to see what mom and dad were up to.

On festive holiday trays, mom had laid out snacks for us, everything from chips and dip to veggies and fruit and whipped cream, to cookies and homemade candy. The look on Colt's face was priceless, like a little kid gazing in a toy story window, and I had to smile.

"We always have snacks while we watch the Christmas movies. That's why we had such a light dinner."

"Ah, okay, looks good," Colt said smiling, then his smile faded and I could tell something was on his mind.

"What's wrong?" I said sitting beside him on the couch and taking his hand."

"I just, I wish I could've gotten you something..."

"Hey, it's cool. I understand, but don't worry about it. Christmas isn't about giving or getting gifts, it's about family and friends, and having fun and sharing your love. Just share some of that love with me, and we're good," I said grinning.

"Yeah, okay...that, I got plenty of."

Sammy joined us in record time, no doubt taking a no nonsense shower and dressing quickly. This time he had on a pair of plaid flannel pajama bottoms and a Harry Potter tee shirt, the one I had bought him for his birthday. He looked very cute, his dark eyes sparkling with joy and just a bit of mischief.

"Good, you didn't start without me," he teased.

"Never, bro," I assured him, "Hey, want to help me pass out the gifts?"

"Yeah, I know which one I want you to open..." he said excitedly.

Soon, we all had a gift in our hands and on the count of three we began unwrapping them. For Sammy, it was a new plastic model kit, for mom a nice set of earrings, for dad a new wallet, and for me, a new wireless mouse for my computer to replace the one that had died recently.

For Colt, I decided to let him open the gift I had bought for him with my own money, even before dad had found him. It wasn't the usual kind of gift a boy gives another boy, but I thought it would go well with his emerald eyes and tanned skin, and I'd bought it on impulse, perhaps hoping that by doing so I could bring Colt back.

"It's beautiful," Colt said, a slight catch in his voice, " did you know I'd always wanted one...?"

"I didn't," I said, "but I took one look at it and I said, that would look so good on Colt, and well...I bought it. Here, let me put it on you."

My hands were trembling as I took the shiny gold chain and fastened it around Colt's neck. I was right, it did look good on him, even from the back, and I couldn't help but kiss his neck and the chain before pulling away. I felt Colt give a slight shudder, then he reached down and took the chain in his hand and lifted it high enough to look closely at it.

"Wow, it's really nice. Thank you, Blake, so much," he said, his voice cracking, "but you shouldn't have..."

"Shhh," I said before he could finish, "that gold chain kept me hoping the whole time you were away from me. Somehow, I just knew if I bought it, if I held it for you, you'd come back to me so I could give it to you, and...I was right. it a good luck charm, call it an omen, call it magic. You were meant to have it. Now, shut up and let's start the movie," I said hugging his neck tightly from behind.

Having Colt there with us that Christmas Eve just seemed so right, so perfect to me, and I was pretty sure Sammy and my folks felt the same way. As for Colt, occasionally I would glance his way and watch him watching my family, a huge smile on his face and tears in his eyes. Times like that I would squeeze his hand gently to let him know I was there, and that now that I'd found him again I would never let him go.

We boldly held hands as we watched the movie that night, causing my family to smile, Sammy's smile the biggest of all. Sweet Sammy, who could have just as easily felt jealous that Colt had come into my life and would be taking up part of my time, but who instead welcomed him into our family with open arms, and his warm hugs and butterfly kisses.

At bedtime, we said our goodnights, exchanged hugs and kisses, then my folks headed upstairs, while we lingered just a bit longer under the twinkling lights of the tree.

"This was the best Christmas Eve ever," I said hugging Colt from behind as he stood staring at the tree almost in awe.

"I can't believe I'm here," Colt said softly, "but...I can't help but think about...her," he added sadly.

"I can't imagine what that must feel like," I said rubbing his flat tummy lovingly, "but we're here to help you get through this, and to give you a new home, a new chance."

"I know, and I'm happy about that. Happier than you could ever know," he said turning around in my arms and pulling me into a tight hug. Then suddenly our lips met, and for a few seconds we were totally lost in passion, our bodies responding accordingly.

"Gosh," Sammy giggled, "get a room you two."

And that was what we did.

I won't bore you with the mechanics of what we did that night. After all, lovemaking is a very personal and private matter, but...I will say this: by the time the night was over, I knew every inch of Colt's sweet, sexy body, and he knew mine.

The amazing thing is, despite our lack of experience, everything seemed to come natural to us without any hesitation or clumsiness. No, we didn't go all the way, but there are so many other ways to derive pleasure, and though we may not have found them all, the ones we found were pretty amazing.

We finally fell asleep sometime after midnight, but hopefully Santa didn't pass up the house just because two naughty boys were playing something other than reindeer games. I like to think Santa was pleased, maybe even that he helped bring Colt back to me.

Laying there in the final few minutes before I fell asleep that night, I glanced at the clock, 12:02. It was Christmas Day now, Christmas with Colt, I thought to myself, the most wonderful gift of all.

Colt and I became lovers, but we did not become brothers. Mom and dad did not adopt him, though he did live with us for six months. In the end, all of us decided what happened was for the best, that the two of us living under the same roof would be risky, and or frustrating.'re probably wondering, what happened to Colt.? Well, I am proud to say that my aunt Helen and my uncle Jack are now the proud parents of a fifteen year old teenage boy, named Colt. After meeting Colt and getting to know him during his time with us, my aunt and uncle came to love him as much as we did and what came next just seemed natural.

Of course, they knew about Colt and me, how we loved each other, but that it was both awkward and risky for us to be in a relationship and live under the same roof, and they wanted to help. So, after giving it a lot of thought, they decided they would adopt Colt, if he would allow it. They had two girls, ages 6 and 9, and had always wanted a son, but my aunt was unable to have any more kids after Sally, the last girl was born. So, it was a win/win situation for everyone, and the great thing is: my aunt and uncle live only a few blocks from us and Colt and I are still able to attend the same school.

What about Colt's mom? You may ask. Well, the authorities finally found her in Vegas, living with a man (not the same one she ran away with) and working in a casino. At first she denied being Colt's mom, but once the authorities threatened to press charges for child abandonment, she finally fessed up. She said she had never wanted a child, that Colt had always held her back, and that she felt he was finally old enough to take care of himself. The irony of the whole thing was: if she had decided that sooner, say when Colt and I first met, she could have saved everyone a lot of grief and we could have taken him in sooner. Needless to say, to avoid charges, his mom was eager and willing to sign away her parental rights, making it possible for him to be adopted.

Colt took the news better than I'd feared he would, but by then he'd been living with us for a couple months and had gotten used to having three meals a day, a warm safe place to live, and most importantly: a family that loved him, not to mention a boyfriend who idolized him.

It took a while to get all the paperwork done, but eventually Colt became Colt Allen Randal (C.A.R.). I guess technically you could say he was now my cousin, but kissin' cousins are a lot more accepted than kissin' brothers. Anyway, it all worked out for the best, Colt has a new home, I have a new boyfriend, and hopefully...we'll all live happily ever after...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my wonderful readers.

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