Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 8

That girl again

I'd like to say that the three of us woke up and had another go at it, but the truth is we slept way too late (probably from all the sex last night), and that didn't happen. Instead, about 10:30 dad came knocking on the door, telling us to get up and get downstairs for breakfast. We jumped out of bed and peed, (not on the floor, in the bathroom...he he) and quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

Well, there you guys are, mom said, I was beginning to think you'd slipped out last night and were out partying or something.

Yeah, mom...I said sarcastically, like that's gonna happen.

Well, you're a Grumpy Guss this morning, did you have a rough night, she chuckled.

No ma'am, sorry...just not quite awake yet. If only she knew what I'd been up to, I'm sure she wouldn't be so

Today was scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits. I was surprised that mom went all out, and I didn't know if she had done it for Tommy, or for Ronnie, or just because she loved us all. Ronnie looked a little freaked when he saw all the food, but just like always he hardly ate anything at all. I don't know if he's afraid he's gonna gain some weight, or if he's just used to not eating a lot cause there isn't a lot of food at his house. Well, that thought really bothered me, and I knew I would have to do some investigating and find out the answer to that one.

But I left it alone for the time being 'cause I was way too happy after what happened the last two nights, even if I was a little tired this morning. I was hungry too, and me and Tommy chowed down while Ronnie ate like a bird. Even mom seemed to notice Ronnie's lack of appetite and she kept offering him more of this or that, but she gave up eventually.

It was well after 11 by the time we finished our breakfast, and this time I didn't volunteer our services for cleanup, .instead I led Tommy and Ronnie back to my room. Once we were safely behind the closed door, I sat them down on my bed and had a talk with them.

Okay, I've been thinking about things this morning and I figured we should talk about what happened last night and decide if that was just a one time thing, or if we liked it enough to do it again.

Ronnie seemed reluctant to speak, and Tommy just shrugged and said, Whatever you guys decide is fine by me.

Well, Ronnie finally said, I liked it and all, but...I'd kinda like to see what happens with Scott before I do anything else.

You know what? I said smiling, I think that's a good idea, and me and Tommy will help you guys any way we can. Right Tommy?

Absolutely, then he got a pained look on his face and he said, I almost forgot...I have to break up with Beth now, and it's gonna be hard.

You still want to, right? I said as my heart beat fast in my chest. Had he changed his mind overnight, and now he was back to girls?

Yeah, oh yeah...I didn't mean I didn't want to be your boyfriend, I meant that, I just don't like hurting people, you know.

Hmm...I almost said, Except you didn't mind hurting me when you took Beth away from me, but you know, that's old news, and I won that contest hands down, so time to move on Joshy.

Well, maybe you could just tell her that you thought about it and decided it wasn't worth losing your best friend over. I mean, that way she won't be freaked when she sees us back together and maybe she'll understand, since she has so many friends herself.

Nah, she'll never understand, no matter what I say. She's gonna cry, I just know it. Man, I feel bad already, and I haven't even broke her heart yet.

But you love Josh right? Ronnie said looking upset, So that's gonna make it easier, cause you're gonna go in there thinking about your boyfriend and how much you love him, and how much fun you two are going to have now, he added grinning, and you won't even miss her.

Oh, I'm not really worried about missing her. I'm worried about her missing me, and throwing a big fit or something.

Well, the sooner you do it the better, I insisted, no more dates...okay? I'm surprised you were able to get away from her all weekend.

Yeah, you know...that is kinda weird, Tommy said, I had this story all made up about being grounded two more days for sassing my mom, but I never had to use it...he he.

Well, maybe she was busy with her friends or something. Maybe she was having a sleepover like we did, I said grinning.

Not like that, I bet, Tommy laughed. Can you imagine a bunch of girls naked and doing stuff?

No, please. Not on a full stomach, I said, pretending to barf.

Ronnie and Tommy both cracked up, and then I said, That doesn't turn you on does it Tommy?

Maybe a little, he confessed, hey, we decided I was BI, right? So I can still think about girls, but the important thing is...I love a certain boy, and he's the one that I'm gonna be thinking about when it comes to sexy time.

Aww, you're so sweet, I swooned. I'll forgive you for popping a boner over naked girls then, he he.

I didn't, he said pushing at his crotch, I swear.

I'm kidding. I don't care why you pop wood, as long as I get to take care of it...he he.

My mom called for us then, and Ronnie grabbed his gym bag and we headed downstairs. I was sad to see Ronnie go, but I was happy that he had a new potential boyfriend waiting for him, and I had a confirmed boyfriend waiting for me.

After we dropped Ronnie off, we came back to my house and Tommy and I went out in the backyard and tossed the ball back an forth for a while, then Tommy looks toward the house and says, Let's go check out the treehouse again, he he.

I know what he really means, and I'm the first one on the ladder and he's left to stare at my butt as I climb up there. Now that I think about it, I should had let him go first, so I could stare at his butt. Oh well, I'd probably be seeing it naked in a few minutes anyway..he he.

Sure enough, that's what Tommy had on his mind, and as soon as the trap door was shut behind us he was all over me, kissing me and touching me like he just couldn't get enough. Where was this side of Tommy all those years we were just friends. I think we missed out on a lot, but we were gonna make up for lost time now, every chance we got.

Tommy was like super horny, and he stripped off my shirt, then pulled me to him and kissed my face and my neck, and my chest, and sucked on my nipples as his hand went down to the tent in my jeans. I helped him get them off me, then helped him strip and suddenly we were naked and rolling around on that dusty wooden floor.

I guess I was as horny as Tommy, but he took the lead, and that was just fine by me. He seemed to be desperate for me, licking and sucking and touching, and wow...I exploded in his mouth after only a couple of minutes. All that foreplay had really horned me up and I came really hard and a lot more than usual.

He kissed me after he'd cleaned my cock up and I could taste my cum on his tongue and it made me desperate to taste his. I pushed him onto his back and dived into him, giving him the same treatment he'd given me, but fortunately he lasted a lot longer, cause I really was enjoying the taste and feel of my boyfriend's cock.

When Tommy finally came, it was everything I'd dreamed of, and his cum was delicious and plentiful. I sucked him dry, then cleaned him up and came up to kiss him like he had me, and at first he was holding back a little. I guess he wasn't as sure about tasting his own jizz on my lips and tongue, but once I convinced him to give it a try, he loved it as much as I did.

We lay there recovering from our orgasms for a long time, until it got to be too cool to be naked in a treehouse in October, and we got dressed, but we didn't go in right away. Tommy seemed to have something on his mind, and I waited till he was ready to share.

I'm gonna do it tomorrow, I promise, he said looking at me and frowning.

Do what? Tell Beth?

Yeah, tomorrow. I'm gonna tell her I need to talk to her after school, so...I probably won't be walking home with you, unless she punches me and runs off, he joked, but he looked serious.

I can hang around if you want. I can talk to Ronnie or something, I suggested.

As long as you stay out of sight. I'm gonna take her out to the bleachers by the track, there's never anyone there till later. Then I'm gonna tell her...I just don't know exactly what I'm gonna tell her. Not yet anyway, but I'll figure something out.

Don't worry so much, at least she won't punch you in the eye or anything, I teased.

I dunno, Beth has her mean side too.

Don't I know it, I said, I mean look what she did to me. It's a good thing I didn't love her, it would have broken my heart.

But you can't blame it all on Beth, I had something to do with that too.

Did you? You know, I never really asked, but who made the first move, you or her?

Uh, that I think about it, it was her, he said looking confused. In fact, I remember thinking it was kinda uncomfortable, the stuff she was doing. Oh, man...she totally seduced me dude.

I chuckled, I bet it didn't take much seducing though. You were probably thinking with your little head then.

Yeah, I guess I kinda was, cause if I'd been using my brain, I never would of hurt you, he said kissing the top of my head. Aww..he is so sweet.

Well, it's over with now, and all you have to do is tell her. I'm sure it won't take her long to find another replacement. I'm not even sure if I was her first, I said, Hmmm...seems like last year she was with a boy named Eric for a while.

Yeah, I remember that. Tall red-haired kid. Wow, she's a serial girlfriend...he laughed.

Ha ha ha, you kill me Tommy.

We snuggled and kissed a bit more, but finally we went inside to warm up, and had a cup of hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows. Tommy kept eating the marshmallows out of his cup, and then putting more in, and I had to laugh at him. Dude if you want to eat marshmallows, just eat them.

The hot chocolate makes em' all hot and gooey, besides some of it melts into the cocoa and makes it take awesome.

I smiled at my boyfriend and gave him a loving look just as mom walked in, and there was no way she didn't see that look. I tried to cover it really quick by insulting him, but it was too late. If we weren't careful, we'd be coming out to our rents a lot sooner than we planned.

Tommy honey, what time do you have to be home, are you staying for supper?

If it's okay, my folks won't care as long as I call em.

You know you are always welcome son, Mom said smiling. Was she looking at Tommy differently today, or was it just me?

Eventually we went back to my room, and Tommy called his folks to say he'd be home around 7. As usual they didn't seem bothered by their only son's absence, but I was glad they were so lenient with him, cause I got to spend a lot of time with him, and now that was more important than ever.

Wish you could stay over again, I whined as we snuggled on my bed, this time fully clothed.

I know, me too, but this weekend was awesome. I'm gonna spank it twice when I get home just thinking about you. too, thinking about you, I mean. I sighed and kissed him on the cheek and he attacked my lips, and gave me a real kiss. We didn't get too heavy into making out since my folks were downstairs, but it was nice just being together that way, especially after all the turmoil caused by the Beth thing.

Are you still worrying about tomorrow and having to talk to Beth?

A little, but Ronnie was right, as long as I think about you while I'm doing it, I'll be fine.'re so sweet, I said giving him a peck on the cheek. We were laying there holding hands and all snuggled up when we heard a knock on my door and we nearly broke our necks putting some space between us...he he.

Boys, dinner, Dad said. Be sure you wash up.

Dinner was baked chicken, and even though we'd had a big brunch we were starved. Mom seemed happy about something and she kept giving me and Tommy little looks and smiling like she knew something was up. I hoped we weren't being too obvious, but other than that look I'd given Tommy earlier, I couldn't think of anything that might give us away.

I talked Tommy into helping me clear and load the dishwasher, but mom did the rest while we went in to watch TV in the family room. Standing side by side at the sink, I leaned into Tommy and gave him a smile. He smiled back and if my folks hadn't been just around the corner I would have planted one right on his lips. Instead I just bumped his head with mine to let him know that even when he was right there next to me, I was thinking about him...sigh.

It physically hurt to watch Tommy get out of my Dad's SUV and walk away that night, but I tried not to show it as I stared after him, memorizing every line of him body and counting the minutes till we met again. Okay, so that sounds sappy, but hey, I was young and in love so deal with it...he he.

I had a little homework to finish when I got back so I took care of it first, then took a shower and slipped on clean boxers. After brushing my teeth I went back to my room to find a had two messages on my phone. The first one was just a big smiley face, a heart, and The words I love you...Awww, wonder who that's from...NO...dummy, it was from Tommy.

The second one was from Ronnie and it said call me if you can. Well, of course I could and I did, but not till I was sure the door was shut and no one was stirring.

Well, I could give you a play by play, but that would be boring and take too long, and this is long enough as it is. So I'll give you the condensed version, just add water and First of all Scott came over about 2two-ish and he and Ronnie went to the park and Scott gave Ronnie his first tennis lesson. I guess that involved a lot of Scott standing behind him, holding his arm this way and that to demonstrate the different strokes, and even some grabbing around the waist to, ummm position him (that sound dirty for some, and even some leg grabbing to show him where to put his feet.

So, I guess Ronnie was pretty excited by the whole thing, too excited I guess and he popped a boner. I can just imagine how embarrassed that kid must've been, but...and this is the good part...Scott had wood too, major wood from what Ronnie told me, and his white tennis shorts had quite a tent in them.

I asked him if they ever mentioned their boners, but Ronnie said they just pretended they weren't there and kept on playing or whatever. But they didn't play tennis all afternoon. Ronnie said Scott was really good at it, and he was lousy at it, so it probably wasn't much fun for Scott, so Ronnie suggested they walk over to the 7-11 and grab a Big Gulp or something.

I guess their boners had finally gone down once they were actually playing tennis and not in such close proximity, and Ronnie said it was really nice just walking along and talking to Scott about things. He said he couldn't believe that he'd ever been so nervous about talking to Scott, and he kept thanking me over and over for making him leave his comfort zone and shoot for the stars...he he.

Well, I guess they got their fountain drinks and then walked back to the park and found a picnic table to sit on, and just talked till the sun starting going down. How romantic is that boys and girls? Sigh. And you know what else he told me, He said that he was pretty sure that Scott was gay, and he almost came out to him just to see if he'd come out too.

I said, Whoa, slow down some. Better hold off on that till you're sure, cause once you let that slip you can't take it back.

He said, he agreed, but it sure was tempting for like five minutes. Anyway, they're meeting for lunch tomorrow and walking to that little food place just off campus so they can talk in private some more. In private? That sounds promising. Maybe Scott will declare his undying love for Ronnie and there will be one more happy couple at Thompson Middle

We talked for like a half hour and then it was time for bed, so I crawled into bed and that's when I noticed the spooge stains on my Is it sick that I sniffed them to try to figure out who's spooge it was? Well, it was hard to tell, cause mine and Tommy's got kinda mixed up, but it all smelt really good, and I wasn't about to change them tonight. In fact just knowing my sheets had my baby's DNA on them made me really horny, and so...I did what just about every teenage boy did every night before they drifted off to sleep, I rubbed one out thinking about Tommy's hot bod. Okay, not every teenage boy is thinking about Tommy, but you get what I mean. Sheesh.

Monday at school was interesting. I met Tommy as usual and we walked to school together, but Tommy was really quiet today. At first I was afraid he was having second thoughts about us, but I guess I'm just still a little insecure, and I gotta stop that, and of course that wasn't it at all. He was gut sick about breaking up with Beth, not because he was gonna miss her or wanted to be with her, but because Tommy is just a good guy who hates hurting people.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, wow where was that compassion when he was stomping all over your heart and stealing your girlfriend? You just have to know Tommy like I do for any of it to make sense. I knew Tommy was hurting, but I was too angry to care at the time. If I had just put my stupid pride aside and talked to Tommy, we could have worked things out without all the heartache and bloodshed (well, maybe I didn't actually bleed) but instead I made it harder for both of us. Does any of that make sense? I guess what I'm tryna saying is, that even though it looked like Tommy was a total heartless jerk for taking my girlfriend, it came with an emotional price that would have eventually have to be paid. I didn't help things by being stupid and pigheaded and not giving him a chance to explain. If I had, well...things would never have gotten so bad. But you know what? I have to wonder, would things have worked out the way they did if we'd done things differently. Hmmm...I like to think that Tommy and I would have eventually figured things out, but I guess we'll never know.

Anyway, Tommy told me he was gonna go see Beth first thing and tell her about meeting him after school, and make up some excuse for not setting at her lunch table. I suggested we go off campus and get lunch, and he said that was a great idea.

We split up at my locker and I watched him walk away, smiling like an idiot knowing that now he was my boyfriend. Then suddenly Scott came from behind me and I wondered if he'd caught me staring. There was no hiding that lovesick look on my face and he's seen us together at the mall. What did he know about us, I wondered. Did he know we were best friends to start with? Surely he had to. We were semi-famous for that, so us being together shouldn't be a shock to the kids who knew us.

Hey, I said blushing, did the tennis thing go? I asked to take Scott's mind off my situation.

It was great, Ronnie's a fast learner. Thanks, inviting me along to the movies, I had a really good time.

No problem, we should do it again sometime. I know Ronnie enjoyed your company.

Scott blushed then, Um...what did he say exactly?

I smiled, Well...that he had a good time talking to you at the movies, and that he was looking forward to the tennis thing.

Oh, you haven't talked to him since then?

Well...yeah...we talked on the phone last night for a little while, I said, but I wasn't going to tell him everything we talked about, he'd have to get the good stuff from Ronnie.

Oh, um...did he mention me? he said blushing.

I smiled, God this boy had it bad, but how much could I tell him without sounding like I knew his and Ronnie's business? Yeah, he said he sucked at Tennis, but that you were really patient with him, and a good teacher. This seemed like safe stuff to talk about.

Oh, well...he's a fast learner, but I said that...he he, he said blushing. Well, I better go, uh...thanks again, and um...I'll see ya around, okay?

Sure thing, say hi to Ronnie for me...if you see him first, I said grinning, and watching him blush even deeper.

The morning whizzed by, and the only thing of interest was a pop quiz in third period, but I think I did okay. By lunch time I was starved, and not just for food, I was starved for my Tommy Bear too...he he.

We met up at the front door, and the first thing I asked him was if he'd had a chance to talk to Beth yet. He shook his head, I waited for her at her locker as long as I could, but I guess she got here early or she skipped today.

I'm sure she didn't skip. Maybe she didn't need any books for first period or something.

Yeah, I guess. I just wish this was over.

Relax, what can she do, hit you or something? I teased.

I'd rather she did, cause what she's prolly gonna do is cry, and I can't stand it when girls cry. It's their secret weapon. Just turn on the tears and most females can get whatever they want. Sheeesh, it should be illegal or something.

I laughed, Hey, boys cry too. I seem to remember you and me shedding a few over the years, especially lately.

That's different, we don't use them to get our way. We just cry cause we're hurt or sad.

Okay, let's not talk about her right now, I said as we crossed the street. Let's just enjoy each others company and some chili dogs or something. I'm starved.

We bought our food and found a table in the little picnic area there, and I suddenly remembered what Ronnie had said about him and Scott meeting for lunch. Sure enough, a few minutes later I see the two walking across the street and I tap Tommy and point their way.

I'd told Tommy about the phone call last night, but he just grunted when he saw them and went back to his foot long, ( I waved at them when they got close enough to see us, and Ronnie was all smiles. Scott was smiling too, but he looked really nervous again, and I wondered if those two would ever overcome their shyness enough to get freaky.

Anyway, they disappeared around the corner and I forgot about them for a while, and turned my attention to my boyfriend. In some ways it was like nothing had ever changed between us. I mean, except for that little spell of madness concerning Beth, we'd spent almost every waking hour together and more sleeping hours than I can count. We'd walked to school every morning, ate lunch together, met at our lockers and talked, we even had PE together this year, which meant we basically got to play together at school.

So here we sat doing something so ordinary, something so familiar, and yet...there was something different. Maybe it was the fact that I knew Tommy's body so intimately now, but it was not like I hadn't seen and touched it before, still it was different now. It was like his body was now mine too. Yeah, that was it. We weren't two friends anymore, we were one person, and I existed only because Tommy existed. Wow, looking at that I'm blown away. Where did I get that? But you know? It's how I feel. I love Tommy in a way that makes everything else I've ever felt seem insignificant. Wow, weird that I would think up all this stuff just sitting there gazing at Tommy, but if that's not love, then I don't know what love is.

Ronnie and Scott came back around the corner after a few minutes with their food, but they headed to a table on the other side, away from everyone so they could have some privacy, no doubt. I wasn't hurt, in fact I was glad to have Tommy all to myself.

Ronnie did come over to say hi and explain that he wanted to talk to Scott alone and I told him, You go boy! and he giggled. I could tell he was sooo happy, and that made me smile.

Then we got the biggest shock of our lives. Coming across the street was Beth, and she was not alone, in fact she was holding hands with a boy I'd never seen before.

Uh, Tommy is that....?

What? he said looking up, then he froze like a deer in the headlights. Who is that guy? he managed to spit out. He looks like a senior or something. I bet he shaves already.

I wanted to laugh. He did look older, and call me perverted, but I was wondering how big he was down there, and how much hair he had. Did he have chest hair? Man, that was something to think about.

She...she dumped me, Tommy said sounding hurt, for...for an older guy.

Tommy, you were gonna dump her, remember?

Yeah, this is better, but...still...she dumped me. Man, I should've known, I mean look at what she did to you. She changes boyfriends as often as some guys change underwear.

That made me laugh, Ewww...I hope none of those guys are our friends, smelly.

He laughed too, just a little, but then he went back to brooding. You know what? he said at last, Screw her, I'm glad she's got a new boyfriend. It saves me the trouble of breaking up with her.

So, what are you gonna do?

Nothing, I guess. Wait for her to come break up with me...yeah, that's what I'll do, then it's all on her, and I'll be the one gettin' the sympathy, he said grinning. You know what lover boy? This couldn't have worked out better, he said grinning.

Despite his sudden change in attitude, I think he was still a little hurt, and I could totally relate to that. 'Cause even though I didn't miss Beth all that much, and wasn't really into all the boy girl stuff, for obvious reasons, it still hurt to have her dump me for a newer sexier model (my Tommy).

She had the best boy in the whole world, I said patting his arm, but now that boy is mine, I said giving him a loving smile.

He smiled back, and under the table he squeezed my leg and then copped a feel...he he. Forget her, she had us both, but neither of us belonged with her, we belong to each other. sweet, I said moving my foot to rub against his leg. Man, this was tough wanting to touch him so much or kiss him, but I knew we had to keep it cool. Just two best friends having lunch, just like the old days. No big deal, nothing to get suspicious about. So then why did I feel like every eye was upon us? Then suddenly it dawned on me.

Maybe some of these people already knew about Beth and her new fella. Rumors like that spread like wildfire in middle school, and if Beth's girlfriends knew, then you could bet every girl in school knew, and the ones with boyfriends would tell them, and so forth and so on. OMG, by now the whole student body could know, maybe even the faculty.

We needed to do some major damage control, before Tommy became the laughing stock of the school.

Uh, Tommy, dude. I don't think Beth's new boyfriend is a surprise to most of the kids here.

What do you mean? he said looking around to see what I did, a sea of faces all looking our way. Oh man, they know about us?

No silly, I chuckled, they know about Beth dumping you, and they're either thinking, Oh poor Tommy, or Heh, Tommy is such a loser.

Oh, he said sounding sad. What should I do?

Good question. Nothing for now, let's see what she does next. I can't believe she's so heartless that she just got with this other boy before she broke it off with you.

Well...he said, giving me a nervous look, She kinda did that to you.

Oh, I said blushing, I guess she did. Yeah, she did, I said getting angry, Maybe she's not such a sweet girl after all. Man, what a ho.

Tommy laughed, Yeah, and who needs her? Not me, not you. This new guy can have her.

Yeah, till she's tired of him and she moves on to the next one.

I guess Beth and her new BF must've found a table inside one of the food places, 'cause we didn't see them again during lunch, which was fine with us.

Tommy tried to act normal and not let this whole Beth thing bother him, but I knew that boy better than anyone, and he was still feeling the sting of rejection, even if he didn't have any deep feelings for her. He'd been worried about hurting her feelings, but she'd managed to turn the table, and now it was Tommy who's feelings were being stomped on, and it would take some time for him to get over it.

I didn't see Tommy again till 5th period, and he was waiting for me at the door as I entered the room. I gave him a big smile and he practically dragged me to the far side of the room by the windows to talk.

Guess who I saw last period?

Satan, I guessed.

His wife maybe...he he. No, Beth, and she wants to talk to me after school, but she wants to meet me at the park.

What did you tell her?

I told her that was cool. I guess she doesn't want any witnesses when she formally dumps me, he he.

You gonna be okay? I asked, daring to lay a hand on his arm.

Yeah, sure...I'm fine. This is great, right? She has to be the bad guy now.

I smiled, Look, I know you're trying to be all brave and act like it's no big deal, but I know it hurts. I get that, but just remember this, when it's all over, you got me waiting, and I'm gonna make you feel so good, I said raising my eyebrows comically.

Then he smiled that sweet little smile of his, and I melted like butter in the sunshine. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart was racing, and it was all I could do not to jump that boy right then and there. Fortunately, the teacher came in then, and we went to our seats before we embarrassed ourselves and got outed to the class.

I kept peeking over at Tommy all period, and when our eyes would meet we'd just smile and try not to look too suspicious, but I caught this one boy, Lane, watching us, and decided we'd better cool it. Hmmm...wonder if Lane is one of us? He is kind of cute, but not as cute as my Tommy Bear.

PE was awesome today. We played dodge ball, and Tommy and I were on the same side and we creamed the other team...he he. Only bad thing was, Ronnie was on the other team, but it was another boy who took him out, and he was laughing as he ran off the court. I guess he was too pumped about having lunch with Scott to let a little thing like the sting of a dodge ball hitting him at 40 mph ruin his mood, lol.

After PE, we decided to shower since Tommy was going to meet Beth, and as we were undressing I noticed Ronnie getting ready to shower too. Sure enough, he joined us as we walked into the shower area and we found a place near the end with three shower heads open. We dropped our towels on the bench by the entrance and stood side by side as we let the warm spray wash over us.

You guys don't usually shower, Ronnie commented.

Nah, Tommy has one last date with Beth, I teased.

Oh, Ronnie said, looking confused. I thought she had a new boyfriend.

See, even Ronnie knows, I said to Tommy.

I heard about it from Cassy Miller, she was telling everyone in Homeroom this morning.

That's one of Beth's girls, I said smugly, You know, it really sucks that she told her gal pals before she told you that you were being replaced.

Yeah, I can't wait to hear what she has to say. I bet it's gonna be classic....he he.

You don't seem upset, Ronnie said softly.

Why should I be? I was gonna break up with her anyway, then looking around, he said in a low voice, 'Cause I got a new love in my life, he said grinning.

Oh, yeah, Ronnie giggled, then he blushed bright red, I might have one too.

Way to go dude! Tommy said, I'm happy for you guys.

I told you he was totally into you, I said, so what's next, gonna meet up after school or anything?

Nah, not today, but...we're gonna get together Saturday and play some tennis, and I, invite him over to hang out for a while.

Or...ask him to sleep over, I suggested, if nothing else you can see your boy in his undies.

I don't know if we're ready for that yet.

Oh come on, you seduced me the first time we were in bed together, so don't go acting all shy on me, I laughed.

I know, but that was, sex. Does that make sense?

Sorta, I guess it might be better to take it slow with Scott, but don't wait too long. You don't want him to lose interest...he he.

We finished our shower and dried off before returning to the locker room to get dressed. I had been trying hard to avoid looking at all the naked boys running around the locker room, but it was really hard (no not that...he he) considering there were some real hotties there. One in particular caught my eye right away, a kid named Sammy who had one of those Greek Statue type of bodies, with abs and a flat tummy and the V where his body melted into his legs. Surprisingly, his junk wasn't that impressive, kind of average really, but nice, and he had a lot more hair than most of us.

Tommy seemed to pick up on my quiet reflection and he followed my gaze and gave me a smirk. You checking that kid out?

What? Nah, not really, just admiring his body. I wish I had abs like that.

We could start working out, he suggested.

Maybe, sounds like a lot of work. I've heard sex is good exercise, I giggled.

His eyes flew wide and he mumbled, Stop it or I'll embarrass myself.

He he, you gettin' a boner? Maybe you better go rub one out before you go meet Beth.

Ugh, you reminding me of her will make it go down.

We got dressed, and I walked Tommy within a block of the park, then headed home. It was hard leaving him there, but he'd promised he would come straight to my house when he was done with Beth.

At home I went straight to my room, threw my backpack in the floor, then played my new video game to get my mind off Tommy and what was going on a few blocks away. I couldn't concentrate though, and eventually I gave it up and fell down on my bed and messed with my phone for awhile.

It was almost an hour later that I heard the front door open and I rushed downstairs to meet Tommy just coming into the foyer. I couldn't quite read the look on his face, but he wasn't crying, so that was a good sign.

Hey, how'd it go?

Okay, can we get a snack? I'm hungry. I'll tell you all about it while we eat.

I nuked some French bread pizzas and grabbed a couple of sports drinks and leaned across the breakfast bar, looking into Tommy's eyes where he sat on a bar stool waiting for his snack. Well, tell me what happened.

Oh, well...she was late...of course, she's always late, but she expects everyone else to be on time. Anyway, she said we needed to talk, and she led me to a park bench and we sat there for a few minutes before she said anything.

I thought, This must be hard for her, but I wasn't gonna help her. In fact I decided to make it harder, he he, so I reached over and tried to take her hand. She gave me a terrified look and snatched her hand back, and then stood up and that's when she told me.

Oh man, what did she say?

Something about what a sweet boy I was, but that you know sometimes two people weren't right for each other and someone else might come along that was, and...

Wait, that's almost exactly what she told me when you and her got together. Man, she must have that speech memorized by now.

Yeah, I know. So I say, what do you mean? just to make her suffer some more, but she doesn't seem to be upset at all. She just blurts it out. Her new boyfriend is named Hank something and he's a Junior.

A Junior? How did she happen to meet a junior?

I asked her that, and she said they met at a party, which explains where she was this weekend. Anyway, I pretended to be all broken up and stuff, and she apologized, but inside I was dancing, cause I remembered what you said, about being here waiting for me...he he. Um, what time will your mom be home?

Not for an hour at least. We have time, let's take our snack up to my room.

So, without getting too involved, let's just say we ate our snack really fast and gobbled down something else for dessert. Also this was the first time we did a 69, and it was my brilliant idea, thank you very much, and it was awesome. Definitely something we're going to do again, and again.

By the time mom got home we were dressed and sitting in my floor playing a video game and no one was the wiser. I could def get used to this kind of after school

At school the next day, a few kids came up to express their sympathy for Tommy, and I wondered, where were these kids when it was me that got shafted? but I kept my mouth shut. Tommy just shrugged it off, and he even told a few of his guy buddies, that Beth wasn't all that hot and he was gonna dump her anyway.

A few girls made it known that they had an interest in picking up where Beth left off, but Tommy made it clear that he wasn't in the market for a replacement anytime soon. Never, never...he'd never be in the market as long as I was around, but I didn't press the issue. We knew what was going on, and that was all that mattered.

I ran into Scott again before class and he was smiling. We didn't have time to say much more than hey, but I could tell he was happy, and I figured it was because of my boy Ronnie. I was super happy for the two, and super happy for myself and Tommy, and life just seemed awesome all of a sudden.

The week passed quickly. Tommy and I alternated between houses each day, having our snack, then some sexy fun before our moms got home from work. Once we almost didn't get dressed in time, but it was at Tommy's house, and his mom never bugs him once she's home. We could probably have done it one more time, but we agreed we weren't taking any chances if we could help it.

Friday finally rolled around, and since Tommy had stayed over last week, it was his turn to host. We'd been sleeping over at each other's house, alternating weekends for so long that we didn't even ask after a while. But since we'd kinda gotten out of the habit lately we decided it was best to ask the rents and make sure they were cool with us picking back up where we'd left off. My folks said it was fine, and they acted like they were surprised I even asked, and Tommy said his mom just sort of grunted and went back to whatever she was doing. He didn't bother to ask his dad, since he pretty much let her make decisions like that, and everything was cool again.

Friday, I walked home with Tommy as usual and we went straight to his house. This time though his mom was home. I guess she had the day off or something, but that was cool, cause we'd have time later in bed to mess around once Tommy's folks were asleep.

It was cloudy and looked like rain, so we stayed inside and played video games and watched TV till it was time for dinner. Usually we ordered pizza, but Tommy's dad brought home KFC, and we had chicken and all the fixings. We fixed a plate and sat in the family room watching a movie, but his folks ate in the dining room. They weren't quite as sociable as my folks, but in some ways that was better, cause that pretty much left us free to do whatever we wanted, within reason.

Stuffed with chicken, we thanked his rents for the good dinner and I said. Hey mister S, that was finger licking good, and he laughed and surprised me by saying, We've missed you around here Josh, I'm glad you and Tommy are buds again.

Thanks, I said returning his smile, we never really stopped liking each other, we just needed to work things out, that's all. We're cool now though.

I'm glad, Tommy's mom said, Tommy was a mess for a while, moping around and being a poopy pants.

Moommm, Tommy said blushing, maybe when I was like 5 or 6 that would be appropriate, but I'm gonna be 15 soon.

We all laughed then, and Tommy dragged me to his room, leaving the rents to laugh it off.

In his room, he closed the door behind us and pulled me into a hug and kissed me. His lips were kinda greasy from the chicken and he tasted sweet from the coleslaw, and I ate him up. His lips felt so good on mine, and his tongue was pushing against mine as we kissed and pressed together and ran our hands up and down each others body.

I wanted to rip his clothes off and swallow that hard thing poking me in the leg, but even as cool as his rents were, I didn't want to risk ruining things by being impatient. Kissing would have to do for now, I just hoped I didn't make a mess in my pants in the process.

We should do something, Tommy said when we came up for air.

Like what?

I dunno, go somewhere, do something.

It's kinda late to be deciding that. How about we do something tomorrow instead? We can go to the mall, maybe see a movie. He thought that was a good idea, and we spent a few minutes looking at the movie listings and picking out a movie. I thought about asking Tommy what he thought about inviting Ronnie and Scott, but decided I'd rather have Tommy all to myself this time. There would be plenty of other times for double dates.

Even though we'd had a shower at school, we wanted to be squeaky clean for our love making tonight, so we showered again, together, washing each others body lovingly and of course popping boners. I was tempted to suck Tommy off right there in the shower, but I decided to wait till we got in bed, and I'm kinda glad I did.

We watched TV for awhile when we got back to Tommy's room, laying side by side on his bed, and when we heard Tommy's folks going to bed we looked at each other and grinned. We waited till they were settled in their room then we turned off the TV and began making out.

Our boxers came off pretty quick as we kissed and rolled around on the bed, pressing our hard boy sticks together and enjoying the feel of each other's warm soft flesh beneath our fingers. I still found it hard to believe the Tommy was all mine, and that I could touch him and kiss him like this and my heart swelled up with love and desire for him.

I rolled him onto his back, then began working my way down his body, from his lips to his neck, to his chest, rolling his hard little nipples around between my teeth and tongue, causing him to moan softly, before moving down to his flat stomach and swirling my tongue around in his belly button.

Mmm, he moaned, feels so good.

I licked his dick head, then moved down and began working on that cute little ball sack of his, taking his balls into my mouth and humming around them, causing him to giggle.

God, you make me feel so good. You do that stuff just right.

Mmmphhhh...I said with a mouthful of nuts...he he.

Eventually I turned my attention back to his beautiful boy dick, and I began licking it up and down like a Popsicle. Mmm...he tasted so good, and I lapped up his pre as fast as he produced it. Eventually I put my mouth on it and just worked on the head, using my tongue as I bobbed up and down making wet sucking noises.

Oh man, he gasped, I'm so close...

I sped up a little and increased my suction, eager for my first taste of jizz for the night, and when I reached down and gave his nuts a gentle squeeze he grunted and thrust up as he started to unload. I managed to get all of it in my mouth and not lose a drop this time and once I was sure I had it all, I swallowed it down. I licked him clean, then gave his sweet balls a kiss and just lay there resting my face on his smooth leg while we both rested.

Come up here, he whispered, and I eagerly crawled up there and laid down beside him. Our lips met immediately, and he gave me a sweet kiss, exploring my mouth for his lingering taste. I guess he'd finally decided he liked his own taste and that made me smile

Mmm...that was good. I think it feels better every time you do it.

It's just cause I love you more each time, I said smiling.'re sweet,'s time to take care of this for you, he said grabbing my dick and giving it a gentle squeeze.

No hurry, I said leaning in to kiss his cheek, we have all night.

We wound up getting off like three times that night, including another 69, but the last time we just made out and rubbed on each other till we shot off. It was kind of messy, but not as bad as it could have been since our balls were pretty much empty by then.

We fell asleep naked and snuggled up to each other, and I hadn't slept that good since the last time I was laying in my sweet baby's arms. We slept till around ten, then took a quick shower, but besides some kissing, we didn't do anything romantic or sexy.

Breakfast was French toast and those little sausages, and we ate a whole pack of those. I offered to help mom clean up, but she told me to go on and enjoy my company, and me and Tommy went back upstairs to plan out our day.

I got a text from Ronnie sometime during the night, but didn't find it till that morning, so I sat down to reply to it. was sent at 10:07 last night.

It just said, Talked to Scott on the phone tonight. He asked me to sleep over tomorrow. What should I do?

Do it! I texted back :P

A few seconds later my phone started playing my latest ring tone, and not surprisingly it was Ronnie.

Hey, sup?

I'm so nervous, he said. What if he wants to do stuff tonight?

Uh, I don't get it. Why would that be a problem. Isn't that what you want?

Well, yeah...but...I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.

Then tell him that. He's not gonna rape you dude. He's as shy as you are, but I gotta tell you, he really likes you, and I think you oughta just go with it. Show him what a great beejay you can give, and he's yours...he he.

Oh my God, I'd be sooo embarrassed.

Sheesh, you weren't embarrassed when you were gobbling down my goodies...he he.

That's different, I didn't have a big crush on you...oh well, maybe a little one, he said, and I could tell he was blushing.

Just relax dude. You're gonna stroke out if you don't. Just go with the flow and see what's up, and then deal with. You'll do fine. If he's half as crazy for you as I think he is, he'll do whatever you want and never bat an eye.

I dunno, I'm just so nervous. Were you this nervous with Tommy?

God, yes...I thought my heart was gonna stop or something, but it really helped that I've loved the boy since forever. I figured no matter what, I'd at least have him as a friend, but I gotta whole lot more...he he.

Well, I'm gonna go now. Thanks for the advice, I'll let ya know what happens.

You better, I warned, or I'll be coming over to see what's going on.

What's that all about? Tommy asked, once I'd hung up.

Our little love birds are making a nest together tonight, he he, and Ronnie is nervous that Scott will want to do the deed.

Oh, well, I thought that was what he wanted.

He does, he's just nervous, he'll do fine. Now, love boy what are we gonna do till the movie starts?

We skipped the mall and went to the skate park near downtown, and did a little boarding. Mom drove us and promised to come pick us up when we were done. Neither of us were what you'd call expert boarders, but at least we didn't bust our butts too many times.

There were some hotties there that day, but none of them outshine my Tommy Boy, and I felt so proud to know he was mine, even if I couldn't announce it to the world. There was this one boy that kind of caught my eye, not because I was perving on him, but because he seemed to be watching us really close.

I elbowed Tommy to get his attention, and asked him if he knew the boy, and he just shook his head and grunted, Why? You like him, he joked.

Yeah, I'm madly in love with him, and I'm gonna dump you for him as soon as I figure out how, I teased.

I'm hurt, he pouted, sticking out his lip.

I was cracking up and when I looked across at the skater boy he was smiling like he was in on the joke or something. I started blushing, but I didn't look away. In fact, I smiled back and gave him a nod to acknowledge him.

He was tall, maybe six foot and slender, but you could see plenty of muscle in his arms, legs, and chest. His hair was brown with blond streaks in it and longer than most boys wore it these days. He was cute, not Disney series cute, but I was sure he could attract attention for boys and girls everywhere he went.

He was a good boarder too, much better than most of the boys there that day, and I was curious about him. Obviously he didn't attend our middle school, or we'd have seen him around, but since there were about a half dozen Middle Schools in our city, that wasn't surprising.

As I was thinking all this, and sizing him up, he suddenly jumped on his board and headed our way. We'd been resting for a minute at the top of a slope, and the kid came flying up the ramp and landed neatly at our feet.

Hey, he said.

Hey, I said and Tommy, sort of waved and grinned a goofy grin. Was my Tommy infatuated by this boy, or just being shy.

I'm Brad, the boy said. I haven't seen you guys around here before.

I'm Josh and that's Tommy, I said giving my BF a smile. (I hope that wasn't too obvious) We don't come very often. We're not that good.

Well, the way to get better is to practice. Great day for it too.

He was right about that. The sun was out, it was in the 70's and hardly any wind at all. It was one of those fall days that seemed more like summer, and it made you wish you could pass Winter and just go right to Spring.

So, how long you two been together? Brad suddenly asked, and I almost choked on my own spit.

Uh, what do you mean? I sputtered.

Did I get it wrong? If I did, sorry, but...the way you two look at each other and the smiles and stuff...well...I just thought, maybe you were a couple.

Tommy was no help at all, in fact he was just sort of grinning, like he thought it was funny that I was so uncomfortable, and having to deal with this stuff. Well, I decided, if he won't help me then I'll just tell the truth.

We've been friends since we were little kids, I said, almost as long as I can remember. We live really close together, and we spend a lot of time at each others house. It's like we're one big family...he he.

Oh, well...that might explain it, Brad said, but I don't think he was convinced that was all there was to it.

Josh, why lie? Tommy suddenly said, surprising the heck out of me, it's not like Brad goes to our school and he's gonna out us to anyone, right dude?

Nah, why would I out you? I'm gay, Brad chuckled, and I can usually spot another gay boy ten yards away.

Really, so you, ummm...could tell just by the way we acted? I said, not bothering to pretend anymore.

It's really the little things, especially when it's a couple like you guys. I mean the way you look at each other, the gentle smiles, the eye contact, the way you whisper to each other and your body language. It's obvious you're very comfortable with one another, and um...probably intimate, he said grinning.

Wow, I said, I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified. I mean if we're that obvious, we may not be able to keep this thing a secret at school.

Well, not everyone is as perceptive as me, Brad laughed. It helps that I have a boyfriend and I know what you guys are feeling for each other.

Oh, is he here? Tommy asked, finally jumping in.

Nah, he had to go to a family thing. He actually invited me to go with, but his folks aren't that crazy about me and Jordan being a couple, so I avoid them every chance I get. How about you guys, your rents okay with you being a couple?

Well, let's just say they accept that we're besties and all, but we only became boyfriends a little while ago.

Ah, so you're not out to them, huh? Well, if they're cool with you guys being best friends, it will probably be easier when the truth comes out, but no need to rush it if you guys aren't ready. I mean, you can probably get all the alone time you need just doing what you guys have been doing, right?

Yeah, like sleeping over pretty much every weekend...he he, Tommy said grinning.

Oh man, that's awesome. With me and Jordan it's not that easy. Both our rents know we have sex, and they don't give us as much freedom as we'd like. We have to steal time whenever we can. Fortunately, his folks both work and sometimes we have an hour or two after school to...uh, you know?

That must suck, and not in a good way, I laughed. Yeah, I guess me and Tommy got it lucky, and as long as our rents don't know we're a couple, there's no uncomfortable sex talk or weird looks and stuff.

Yeah, what you have might be the best of both worlds. Jordan and I were fine keeping things on the down low, but unfortunately we got careless and got caught.

Oh man, that must've been super embarrassing.

Yeah, tell me about it, I had Jordan's dick in my mouth when my folks came home early from a party. Stupid us, we were doing it in the dining room on the His mom actually had the table refinished just cause Jordan's butt was on it.

Oh man, what happened, I mean, did they yell and stuff?

His mom cried and ran off to their bedroom leaving just his dad, and he was super pissed. I thought he was gonna beat both of us up at first. He yelled at us for like a half hour, telling us how sick that shit was, and that we were old enough to have got all that messing around that boys do out of our system. He said that we should be dating girls and not doing that fag stuff...blah blah blah.

He finally sent me home and by the time I got there he had already called my dad, and he met me at the door and sat me down and had a long talk with me too. Only my dad was cool about it. In fact he point blank asked if this was just a boy thing or was it serious.

Wow, did you come out to him?

Yeah, I did. I was tired of hiding, and I figured if they were gonna throw me out, might as well get it over with. But you know what? My dad was cool with it, and so was my mom once we got her in on the deal. I gotta tell ya though, I was so scared my butthole was puckered so small you couldn't have stuck a blade of grass in it...he he.

My mom actually said that she'd suspected I might like boys for a while now. Well, I guess that made sense 'cause I'd known since I was like 12. Anyway, they told me they still loved me and that I was still their baby boy...he he, and all that stuff. They helped settle Jordan's folks down and eventually they accepted that Jordan was gay too, but for some reason they still blame me for corrupting their boy.

That's stupid. So, how long have you guys been together?

Two years come December, we were 15 when that happened.

Oh, so you're 17?

Yeah, just turned, and Jordan will be 17 in December. We really love each other, and when we graduate we're both going to the same college and we'll be able to room together. Eventually we hope to get married. I really love that guy a lot.

Aww...that's so sweet, I said...I love Tommy that way too, but we're kinda young to think about marriage. We're only 14, well almost 15 and like I said, we've only been officially boyfriends for about a week.

I envy you guys, having all that to look forward to. I remember when me and Jordan first fell in love, it was so awesome. We couldn't keep our hands and mouths off each other, he he. Before we got caught we'd take turns sleeping over, and man...we hardly slept at all...if you know what I mean. It got tougher though once we were outed. We had an older friend who had his own apartment, and he'd let us use it sometimes to fool around while he was at work. If we hadn't had that, I think we would've gone crazy.

I guess we're lucky then, I said. Anyway, I'm not ready to come out. We have one friend that knows, well...maybe two...they're sort of a couple in the works...he he. I sort of helped them get together. I explained about Ronnie and about his crush on Scott and what had happened with them, and he chuckled.

Well, sounds like they're on the right track. I love hearing about two boys in love, that's why I came over to talk to you guys and I'm glad I did, you guys made my day. Now I don't feel so bad about not being with my baby. I miss him, but I'll survive till I see him tomorrow.

We talked for a while longer, then another boarder called to him and he said goodbye, That's Teagan, he's one of my closest buds. I promised him we'd do some stuff together. You guys have fun, and stay true to yourself, and don't let anyone ever tell you you're not perfect just like you are. See ya guys, he said, then he jumped on his board and he was gone.

Wow, nice guy. I wish we'd got his info and stayed in touch.

Yeah, maybe he has a car, Tommy suggested, and he could be our wheels.

Yeah, you ready to go. I'm really not in the mood to board any more.

Yeah, call your mommy, he he.

It took mom about 30 minutes to show up, and we piled into her SUV and buckled up. Mom asked us if we had fun, and we said yeah, and then she turned her attention to the road and me and Tommy sat back and just chilled out, not really talking all that much the whole way.

It was still early so we messed around in the back yard and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. When we got tired, we sat down on the patio and just talked. We'd always had the kind of friendship where we could talk openly about things, or just say nothing, and both were comfortable. I have to admit I had been holding in some feelings for a while, but then I was sort of keeping those feelings hidden from myself as well. I guess I had been struggling with my sexuality for a while now, but when you're a teenager you struggle with lots of things. Being a teenager is like being blindfolded and spun around ten times and then asked to walk a straight line. You're so confused, and there's no one to ask for help most of the time. Even as cool as my rents are, I didn't feel comfortable going to them with most of my worries, let alone the fact that I might like boys.

What do you think would happen if our folks found out? Tommy said suddenly.

Well, I'm pretty sure mine would be okay with it. They love you a lot, and I think they'd accept both of us, but I'm not sure how they'd feel about the sleeping over and stuff. I mean they'd be sure to figure out we were doing more than holding hands...he he.

Yeah, Tommy sighed, I'm not sure mine would be that cool. I mean...maybe my mom, but my dad...I just don't know how he'd take the news that his baby boy liked dick...he he.

Anyway, I think it's too early to even think about coming out to them, I said, I mean, I'm still adjusting to having a boyfriend and being gay. I'm not sure I'm ready to try to explain that to an adult.

Yeah, I agree. So for now, we're just best buddies, just like before.

Yeah, best buds, I said offering my fist to bump. We bumped fists, then did a bro hug and handshake, but what I really wanted to do was kiss those sweet lips of Tommy's. I managed to control myself, but I couldn't wait till we were alone and in bed again.

Mom dropped us off at the mall around 5, and we ate dinner in the food court, and by the time we finished eating it was time to get our tickets for the movie. We were still full from dinner, so we skipped the popcorn and sodas for now, and just sat in the lobby and waited for time to go into the theater.

This time we sat on the back row of the theater, and amazingly we were the only ones on the whole row in the middle section. There was an older boy and girl on the aisle to the right but no one in the section on the left.

As soon as the lights went down, I took Tommy's hand in mine and we held it all through the movie. We didn't even get up to get snacks, because we were afraid someone would steal our seats...he he. After a while, we started getting bolder, and we rubbed each others boners through our pants, and once when I was sure no one was looking, I kissed Tommy on the cheek. I even laid my head on Tommy's shoulder part of the time, and no one seemed to notice anything weird or sick going on in the back

When the movie was over and the lights came up we broke our hand hold and just sat there waiting for the crowds to thin out before we left. The couple who'd been sitting in the section to the right were holding back too, and we wound up exiting the aisle about the same time.

You guys are so cute together, The girl said softly, so only me and Tommy could hear. I have a little brother who's gay and he has the sweetest boyfriend.

So, I guess we were a little more obvious than we thought, but you know what? I was proud of my boyfriend, and suddenly I took his hand in mine and I smiled at the girl and her boyfriend.

Thanks, I said, you two make a nice couple too. And way to go for your little bro...he he.

Her boyfriend chuckled, then gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek, and he gave me a smile to show he was cool with us too.

I don't know why that one simple little exchange made me feel so good. I mean, it wasn't like we were announcing it to the world, but just being able to confess our love to these two total strangers and have them accept us, was just...I don't know, liberating.

Anyway, I was so hyped up that I held onto Tommy's hand all the way to the lobby, but when we finally got free of the crowd I pulled my hand away.

Hey, why'd you do that? Tommy pouted, I'm not ashamed if you're not.

Are you sure? I said beaming. What if someone from school sees us?

Who cares? I'm not ashamed of you, are you ashamed of me?

You know I'm not, I said taking his hand in mine again, I'm proud of you. Hey look everybody, I laughed, I've got the cutest boyfriend in town. I said it almost in a whisper, but a few people looked our way, or it could've just been cause two teenage boys were holding hands.

We made it to the Mall without being burned at the stake or hung by the angry, and I called my mom to come get us. All the businesses in the mall were closed, but they kept the inside part open for people getting out of the movie till like 10 o'clock. We went out by the fountain and sat down and waited, and again we held hands. There were a few people coming out from the movie, but no one really seemed to pay us much attention. I did notice a few people gave us a smile, and I took that as being acceptance on their part.

Then, suddenly everything went wrong. Four boys emerged from the mall, laughing and talking loudly, and being obnoxious. I felt a little nervous and tried to pull my hand away from Tommy, but Tommy was latched onto me and wouldn't let go.

The boys didn't look much older than us, but they looked like a rough bunch and mean looking. As soon as they saw us, they stopped dead in their tracks, and this one boy that looked to be about 16 snarled to his buddies, Look guys a couple of fairies in the fountain. They joined him in an obnoxious laugh and they began taunting us. Hurling all kinds of anti-gay stuff at us before we could even react.

A few people exiting the mall stopped to see what was going on, but no one said anything to the four, and most quickly moved on.

Tommy, I said nervously, maybe we should go back inside. There's a mall security guy by the theater.

Nah, your mom will be here pretty soon. They're all bark and no bite. They're just homophobic idiots, he said loud enough for the boys to hear.

What? What did you say faggot? The leader yelled, I'll whip your faggot ass, he growled, starting our way with the others right behind him.

Oh shit, I thought. I knew this was too good to be true. They're gonna kill us for being gay, and no one is gonna help us.

Tommy hopped up then, and was prepared for a fight, but he was always tougher than me. Oh sure, I could hold my own in a fair fight, but against four brutes like this I was gonna be the first one to get smashed out.

Pretty tough with your three lackies to back you up, Tommy snarled, let's see how tough you are one on one.

Stand down boys, the brute said to his buddies, I got this little butt pirate. You can have the other one once I get through with him.

Yikes, so Tommy gets to fight one, and I gotta be dismembered by three huge brainless apes? All because Tommy and I dared to hold hands and show the world that we were together. So much for an accepting world...sigh.

And then when things seemed blackest, a group of kids I knew from school came bursting out the doors. There were three boys and two girls, and I knew everyone of them from either having classes with them, or just from seeing them around school. They were all our age, and one of the boys, Kent, was on the football team.

They took one look at the situation, and Kent gathered up the group and came over to where we stood ready to get our asses whipped.

You guys okay? Kent said, staring at the head bully as he spoke to me and Tommy.

Stay out of this dude, I was just about to kick this faggot's ass. Caught em holding hands, then he spit on the ground, Disgusting homos.

Are you jealous? A boy named Billy said then with a smirk. Maybe you're just upset cause no one would hold your hand.

Yeah, fuck you, the other boy Phillip said, go fuck yourself and leave our friends alone.

The girls started in on the four then, and let me tell you, if you think boys are brutal, a girl can make a giant

So, long story short, our friends from school ran the bullies off pretty much just by insulting Only problem was, we'd sort of been outed to these kids.

What was that all about? Kent said, as if he hadn't heard what the head bully had said about us holding hands.

Oh, you know...I said, just picking on us cause we're younger I guess.

And prettier, Tommy joked, causing Kent and the others to laugh.

It's okay if you guys, holding hands, Sarah, one of the girls said.

God, why did we have to be so careless? I'd almost have rather got an ass kicking than have this conversation. Fortunately, my mom pulled up to the curb about then and honked.

Oh, that's my mom, I said with relief, we gotta go. Thanks again guys, we owe ya big time. I said as I grabbed Tommy by the shirt and dragged him to the car. I turned to wave goodbye to our new friends and Kenny blew me a kiss and I knew we were screwed...sigh. And what's worse was, as we drove off I looked back and Kent and Billy were holding hands and waving them high in the air for us to see. Groan.

Back at my house, we went straight to my room to discuss what had happened, and suddenly the phone rang. I picked it up and was relieved to find it was Ronnie and not one of the bunch from the mall.

Hey, sup?

Oh, are you gonna do the nasty?

Oh man, you know you want to...he he. Well, just take it slow, or any way you can get it...ha ha. Okay, call me tomorrow for sure. K, bye.

Scott was taking a shower and Ronnie just called to say that so far things were going good.

Oh man, I bet Scott is gonna get some good lovin' tonight.

I hope so, Ronnie is so nervous though. Well, anyway, back to our problem. What are we gonna do when those guys start asking questions Monday?

Maybe they won't. Maybe they were just teasing. I say we just act like nothing happened. I mean they can't prove anything, right? It's just that idiot homophobe's word against ours. We could say he just made it up cause we were sitting so close together or something.

Yeah, I guess, I said gnawing on a fingernail, I'm just not ready to be out at school...or home...or in public. Oh man, why did we have to hold hands?

Tommy looked hurt then, and I wrapped him up in a hug and kissed his cheek. I didn't mean that I didn't want to, or that I was ashamed or anything, I just don't want us to get into trouble cause of it.

I know, I was just thinking how good it felt when Brad accepted us and actually came out to us, and that couple in the theater. Why can't people just live and let live, and not be so judgmental?

I don't know dude, but at least it's not as bad as it used to be, and in some countries they actually kill gay people.

Oh man, that's sad. I can't imagine. In a way it makes me want to come out and just say, Fuck you, I'm gay, get over it.

I laughed, Not yet, okay...I want to live long enough to make it to High School.

Want a shower? I said when it was obvious worrying about the situation wasn't going to do any good.

Yeah, let's take one together, I'll wash your back and you can wash mine.

Is that all you need washed, I teased.

Well, I'll leave that up to you, he he, I'm all yours.

We washed each other quite thoroughly in the shower, paying special attention to our naughty parts, but other than some deep kissing and rubbing together nothing orgasmic We were saving that for the bedroom, and we didn't waste any time once we were dried off.

We didn't even bother with the boxers this time, but we did keep them handy, just in case we needed them later. I fell onto my back and pulled Tommy on top of me, and we began kissing and rubbing together as our hands explored each others body. I love having Tommy on top of me, pressing me into the mattress, his body conforming to mine as if we fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. I loved having him in control and dominating me, and I realized that was something that carried over from our days of wrestling around as boys. How many times had I let Tommy pin me just so I could feel his hard body against me, pressing me down and controlling me? I shivered when I thought about that, and I wondered if that was how girls felt. Did they like the boy taking control as they climbed on top of them and entered their body.

God that made me hard. Was that what it would be like to have Tommy enter me? I blushed when I thought about what an intimate thing that would be. Giving my body to him completely, having him inside me, filling me up with his very essence, and knowing that he was my first. I was breathless as I thought about it, but a little scared too. This was all still so new for us, and we were still learning how to please one another. Was it too soon to think about performing the ultimate act of boy/boy love? I finally decided that it was something we would figure out, together, and if, and when we were ready, it would be beautiful, and not dirty like some people thought.

God, I love you so much, Tommy said as he attacked my neck and face and ears. I giggled as he planted little kisses all over me, and I closed my eyes as the feeling of being loved so completely washed over me. Maybe I was only 14, and maybe this was my first love, but that didn't mean that it wasn't real love, or that it was temporary. After all, Tommy and I have loved each other for 7 years, that's a long time, and the love we've shared has grown stronger over the years, so if that continued to be true, then our love had the potential to last forever.

I didn't want to waste our first load, so I coaxed Tommy into a 69, and as I lay my head on his soft warm thigh I stared up at the object of my lust before taking it in my mouth and giving it the attention it craved. As I made love to his warm hard boyhood, I rubbed that beautiful ass of his, occasionally running my finger down his crack and grazing his tight pucker, causing him to moan lowly around my own dick.

I was pretty sure that when it came time to express our love completely through the act of real sex, I would want to be the one on bottom, but I was still fascinated by Tommy's perky little rear and that most secret part of him hidden away in the valley of those twin globes.

Put your finger in me, I moaned, pulling off my tasty prize to speak those lust filled words.

At first I was afraid I'd gone too far, and maybe grossed Tommy out, but suddenly he let my dick slide from his mouth and replaced it with his middle finger as he got it wet with spit. I moaned in anticipation, and at the same instant he took my cock back into his mouth, he began working his finger against my pucker.

I moaned lowly as he worked his finger into me, finally making it up to the second knuckle and touching something inside me that made me jerk as if I'd just orgasmed. Ohhhh...I mumbled around his dick and he came off my dick long enough to ask me if I was okay.

I told him I was fine, that it felt really good and begged him to keep doing it. He continued to work his finger in and out of me, faster and faster as he bobbed up and down on my dick, and suddenly I squealed and began to unload.

I came so hard that I was afraid I'd pass out, and for a couple of minutes I just lay there flopping around, Tommy's dick still in my mouth as I experienced an earth shattering orgasm.

I eventually recovered enough to finish Tommy off, but I was exhausted by the time I finished swallowing down his tasty load, and I just lay there with his dick still in my mouth as I rested.

You sure blew a big one, Tommy said then, I almost choked...he he.

God, I don't know what that was inside me that you touched, but it made me come sooo hard. Is that why guys like having know? Getting it up the butt? I said blushing bright red.

Dunno, we could try...he he.

God, I want to, but I'm kinda scared. Can we wait a while before we do that?

Sure, I was only kidding. I'm not ready for that stuff either. Maybe next year.

That long, I thought, Well, maybe not that long, maybe in a few months when we're more comfortable with each other and I learn how to get ready, invasion of the hard

We sucked each other off again later, but not in a 69. I wanted to kiss and lick Tommy's body from head to toe this time and give him all the attention he deserved after that amazing orgasm he gave me. I played with his butt a little, but I didn't finger him cause I wasn't sure if he was as cool with that as I was. If he'd asked me to, I would have, but I wasn't gonna do it without permission.

He didn't seem to mind me touching his butt though, and I held his butt cheeks in my hands as I bobbed up and down on his cock and sucked for all I was worth. He came hard, and gave me a tasty little load that I gobbled down greedily.

He gave me as good as I gave him, and afterwards we slept. We awoke a few hours later, but we didn't get off again, instead we kissed and cuddled and talked. I think it's called pillow talk, it was almost as good as sex.

The weekend was great, but I'm not gonna write any more juicy details here. I mean, after all, that stuff is kinda personal, and anyway, how many ways can I describe a Now when we get to the real sex later, I might give you some more juicy details.

Tommy and I spent a lot of time that weekend just getting used to being boyfriends, and discussing what that meant and what was ahead. I was still worried that the kids from the mall might out us, but the more I thought about it, considering how they came to our defense and how they joked about it, they were probably no danger to us. In fact, I had a feeling that we'd not only made some new friends, but some new allies as well.

Ronnie called me Sunday afternoon after Scott left, but he really didn't give me a lot of details. He did say they kissed, which I thought was really cool, but if they did more than that, Ronnie wasn't sharing that news. Oh, one thing he did say was that he and Scott were going to start studying together after school at Scott's house, and that they'd be alone till his folks got home around 5. So, without really saying it, he was telling me that him and Scott were gonna have some alone time every day. If they hadn't messed around yet, I was sure that would soon. With an opportunity like that staring them in the face, it was only a matter of time till the weasel was out of the hole...he he.

I walked Tommy home Sunday evening just cause I couldn't bear to say goodbye to him at my house. I wanted to spend every moment I could with him, so we walked really slow, brushing hands and arms, but not doing what we both so badly wanted to do. After the incident at the mall, we were a little skittish about PDAs, and we decided to keep our hands to ourselves unless we were in private.

Tommy insisted I come in, and since his folks were in the family room watching TV, he drug me up to his room, closed the door and pushed me up against it as he proceeded to try to shove his tongue all the way down my throat...he he. Man, it was great, except we both got raging boners and there was no time to take care of them.

I finally left after about 15 minutes, and he even kissed me at the door once he made sure his folks were still busy. I had to keep adjusting myself all the way home, cause that boy just makes me sooo horny, but it was so worth it.

I floated home in a cloud, but I missed my Tommy Boy, and although I usually wasn't so eager to get back to school after a weekend of fun, I couldn't wait to be back there just so I could see my baby again. Sigh.

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