Big Bro, Little Bro

by Rob Warr

Chapter 9

Jake took the news well when they finally got around to having the discussion about him and Zak that night. Zak was worried that Jake would take it hard if his folks decided not to adopt him, but Jake had already made peace with that, and decided that having Zak's love was worth the sacrifice.

As predicted the Masons suggested that one of the two move into the attic room, but stressed there was no hurry, since it would have to be cleaned up and furnished first. Zak was reluctant to leave the room he'd had for so long, so it was decided that Jake would move into the attic room as soon as he and their dad had it ready for occupancy.

There were rules, as Zak had predicted, but none of them were too restrictive, and the overall message seemed to be, don't ask, don't tell, when it came to their physical relationship. There were no silly rules, like keeping the bedroom door open if they were both in there, but their folks made it clear that they were depending upon them to be discrete and sensible with their intimacy.

Both boys slept well that night, and though they were tempted to mess around, they were determined to live up to their end of the bargain and use good judgment when it came to sex. Kissing, hugging, and hand holding however were okay, and they did a lot of that as they sat around counting their lucky stars that they had such reasonable and loving parents.

At Zak's insistence Carlos had called Carol the next day and they talked for a long time and got to know each other better. Carlos wasn't quite ready to ask her out on a real date yet, but he was getting there. Since there was really nothing concrete to tell his folks, he decided not to mention Carol for the time being, despite Zak and Jake's urging.

The following weekend Mr. Reynolds borrowed Carlos' pickup and he and Zak and Jake went to Home Depot to get a few things they needed to fix up the attic room. There was one area that needed some new drywall, and Jake decided that he wanted wall shelves instead of freestanding shelves so they bought brackets, screws, and shelves for that. In addition they bought paint and a new area rug for the middle of the hardwood floor.

They set to work that afternoon, and by Sunday night they had everything finished except the painting, which Zak, Jake, and Carlos promised to do while Mr. Mason was at work on Monday. Allowing a day for the paint to dry, Jake expected to be able to move in on Wednesday.

Tuesday night as they sat in their room the two talked about the move and what it would mean for them.

"I'm gonna miss you being right here next to me," Zak sighed.

"I know, I'll miss you too, but it's not like we won't see each other anymore. We can hang out till bedtime, and we'll be going to the same school. It might be best in the long run. I mean if we were just regular boyfriends, we would live in completely different places."

"Yeah, I know," Zak sighed, "It will be fine, but I'll still miss your stinky feet and snoring," he teased.

"I don't snore," Jake protested as he jumped Zak and wrestled him to the floor.

They were still wrestling around, giggling like little kids when Carlos knocked on the open door, and he laughed when he saw them like that.

"Is that a mating ritual, or are you just two brothers engaged in horseplay?"

"Both," Jake laughed, "it's the mating ritual of the American Buffalo. See, Zak has a Buffalo Butt," he giggled.

"Can I talk to you guys for a minute," Carlos said looking serious.

"Sure bro, come on in," Zak said, pulling away from Jake and returning to the bed.

Jake sat down beside him and Carlos grabbed the desk chair and pulled it up close. Zak could tell there was something important on Carlos' mind as he waited for him to speak.

"I talked to Carol again today and I sort of asked her out on a date," he said nervously.

"Wow, that's great," Zak said leaning in to pound his older brother on the shoulder, "Where you two going?"

"Well, I thought we'd go out and eat, maybe pizza, then to a movie again. Is that too lame?"

"No man, that's great," Jake said quickly, "the movie theater is always a good place to take a date. I used to take Becky there all the time, not that anything ever happened there," he chuckled.

"Grr...don't bring up her name," Zak said pretending to be offended.

"Sorry, my point is, chicks love the movies cause they can hold your hand and stuff."

"Yeah, it was a lot easier when it was six of us though," Carlos said sighing.

"Well, why don't you see if John and Sarah want to go with you guys? Might take some of the pressure off of you."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Carlos said, "I'll call him later. I bet he would, he and Sarah have been talking a lot lately, but so far they haven't gone on a date either. This would be good for both of us."

"Yeah, I bet the girls will go for it," Zak chuckled, "they like being together almost as much as me and Jake. I used to wonder if they were into each other that way, till they started hitting on boys."

"Oh, I think girls are just more comfortable with being intimate like that. They don't have the peer pressure to be all macho like boys do."

"Well, I hope not," Zak laughed.

"You know what I mean," Carlos said blushing, "It's just that boys are expected to be all hard and macho and not touch each other, but girls can do all the touching and stuff they want, and no one thinks it's weird or anything."

"Yeah, some guys think it's hot," Jake laughed.

"Do you?" Zak said accusingly.

"No, well..maybe, but don't worry, I don't like girls anymore, you cured me of that," he teased.

"It's not a disease," Zak laughed, "but I understand that you might like girls that way. It's cool as long as you stay faithful to this boy here."

"You know I will," Jake said smiling.

"Well, thanks guys. I guess I'll go call John and see if I can get things set up."

When he was gone Jake put his arm around Zak and kissed his cheek, "You know I was only teasing about the girls, right?"

"It's cool. I understand that you might still be confused about some things, but as long as you're sure about us it's cool."

"I am. I mean, yeah I might still be a little confused, but if there is one thing I'm sure of, it's that I love you and I want to be with you."

"Good, now let's go see if that paint is dry?"

The next day the three brothers moved Jake's clothing, bed, and other furniture to the attic room. They'd bought Jake a used desk and chair at a thrift shop and with the wall shelves he had plenty of space for his stuff.

Jake was busy hanging some wall posters when Mrs. Mason popped in to see how the work was going, "Oh, it looks nice in here. I love the rug and it goes well with your bedspread."

The one window now sported mini-blinds, and though Mrs. Mason had offered to buy or make curtains for it, Jake insisted that the blinds were all he needed.

"It seems a little hot up here," Jake said, "is there a vent up here?"

"Over here," Carlos said, "I bet it's closed off. Yeah, that's the problem," he said moving the lever to allow the cool air to rush in.

"Great, it could get pretty warm up here without A/C, not to mention cold in the winter. The only bad thing is, no bathroom. I'll have to go down to Zak and Carlos' bathroom."

"Well, being a hearty teenager, the trek up and down the stairs won't harm you," Mrs. Mason chuckled, "but I suppose if you need to pee at night you could pee in a bottle."

"Gross mom," Zak laughed.

"Hey, I might. Can you get me one of those things like they use in the hospital," Jake said looking serious.

"I was kidding," their mom said, "just make sure you pee before you come up for the night."

"Well, I think that's everything," Jake said as he placed the last push pin in his poster, "it looks good, I like it. Thanks guys for helping me move and all."

"You're welcome bro," Carlos said, "but if you're done with me I need to go shower and get ready for my date."

"Date?" Mrs. Mason said picking up on that word quickly.

"Yes ma'am. John and I are double dating to Pizza World and then a movie."

"Oh, do I know the girls?"

Zak giggled, "I think so."

Mrs. Mason looked at Zak curiously. "What's so funny?"

"Well, John is taking Sarah," Carlos stammered, "and know one never goes anywhere without the other..."

"Oh? mean?..."

"It's Carol mom," Zak blurted out, "Carol and Carlos. Their names are even almost the same."

"Your Carol?" Mrs. Mason said sounding surprised.

"Yeah, my Carol. Don't you think her and Carlos make a nice match?" he asked, suddenly wondering if she had a problem with the two dating.

"Actually, I think that's wonderful. I've known Carol almost as long as I've known Jake, and she's a wonderful girl and very pretty. But...I can't help but wonder, when did all this come about?"

"Maybe Zak and Jake can tell you," Carlos said looking at his watch, "I really need to go shower and get ready."

"Okay honey, go on," Mrs. Mason said smiling, "and give Carol a hug for me."

"I will," Carlos said blushing, then he made his escape.

"So? What's the story?"

Between the two they managed to fill their mom in on their date at the movies, leaving out the touching parts, and Mrs. Mason seemed to be listening with rapt attention.

"Of course Carol has been crushing on Carlos for a while now, but when I talked to him about it, he said she was too young."

"She is younger, but not that much," Mrs. Mason said looking thoughtful, "I remember when I was her age I had a crush on a senior boy named Greg. He was so tall and manly...."

"Mom," Zak giggled, "Does dad know?"

"What,, but that was way before I ever met your father. My point is, girls tend to like older boys and sometimes older boys like younger girls."

"It's not that Carlos doesn't like her, I guess he just doesn't want to do anything that will cause trouble for anyone."

"I know the Gibsons quite well, and I think, no, I know they will have no problem with Carlos dating their daughter."

"Yeah, I think so too. They're cool people, but I bet Carlos will be nervous till he finally hears it from them."

"Carlos and Carol," she said, letting the words roll across her tongue, "I like the sound of that."

"Mom, don't start planning the wedding yet," Zak teased, "It's just a date."

"Two dates," she said grinning, "I'm just so happy for Carlos. Sometimes I worry that he's lonely."

"He has us," Jake insisted, "and his friends at school."

"Oh, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I guess. Well, just don't get too excited yet."

"Well, I'm going to go downstairs and lay something out for dinner. It looks like you have everything under control here."

"Thanks mom, yeah we're good," Jake said giving his new mom a hug.

"You're welcome sweetie, I'm glad you like your new room."

"I love it actually," he said pulling back, "and I don't have to share it with Buffalo Butt over there," he teased.

"Buffalo Butt?" Zak squealed, "Oh, you are so dead," he said charging Jake.

Mrs. Mason shook her head and exited quickly, leaving the boys to their horseplay, but she wondered how long before the horseplay turned to hanky panky.

One date led to two, and on the third date Carol invited Carlos to her house for dinner and to meet her parents. Carlos was nervous, but it wasn't like the Gibson's were strangers. He'd met them several times at family get-togethers and they seemed like nice people, but that was before they knew he was dating their daughter. He knew some fathers could be very tough on boyfriends, but he hope his reputation preceded him and that they would accept him.

"I'm so nervous," Carlos said changing his shirt for the third time, "does this one look to nerdish?"

"No, Carlos, bro, relax. You look fine. Carol's folks are nice, and they already know you, so everything will be cool."

"I know, I know, but this is all new to me."

"Well, trust me, they are gonna love you as much as we do. You're a great guy, and they know you would never do anything to hurt Carol."

"I never would," he said looking starry eyed, "I...I can't believe how we've hit it off and I really like her, a lot."

"I hear wedding bells," Jake teased.

"Shut it," Zak scolded, "You sound like mom."

"It's not like that, besides in a year I'll be going off to college and Carol will only be a junior in high school. Not really much future in that," he said sounding sad.

"Why?" Zak said softly, "If it's real it can last, and she'll wait for you. Look at me and Jake, look how long we waited, and we are."

"I guess, but first things first. First I gotta live through meeting her parents."

"You'll do fine. What time do you need to be there?"

"Seven, what time is it?" he said looking panicky, "Oh, it's only six. I have another hour of torture to go through."

Somehow Carlos made it till time to go and he pulled up in Carol's driveway at five minutes till. He sat in the truck for two minutes then headed to the door, but before he could knock the door opened slowly and he was greeted by Carol who was her usual energetic self.

"Come in, are those for me?" she said eying the flowers Mrs. Mason had picked out for him to give her.

"Yeah, I hope you like them," he said handing them to her.

"They're beautiful, come on in to the kitchen, I'll put these in water and you can say hi to my folks."

Mrs. Gibson was a short, slightly overweight woman with a round face and an infectious smile, "Oh Carlos, you look so handsome tonight. It's been a while since we've seen you, you certainly have matured nicely," she said offering her hand.

Carlos shook her hand and wondered where Mr. Gibson was, but he suddenly appeared in the dining room, and the smile on his face said things would be okay after all.

"Carlos, long time no see," he said offering his hand, "Oh, quite a grip," he joked.

Mr. Gibson was the exact opposite of his wife, tall and slender with a serious look most times, but actually a very easy going and jolly man when you got to know him.

"Sit down son, and let's talk," he said motioning to a seat across from him.

"Look at the pretty flowers Carlos brought me," Carol said, sitting a crystal vase on the table and gently rearranging the bouquet to suit her.

"That was very nice of you Carlos. Please, relax son. You look like you're going to an execution," he teased.

"I'm fine sir, just a little nervous. This is all new to me," he admitted.

"Us too, Carol has never brought a boy home before, except your brothers Jake and Zak," he chuckled, "and that was purely as friends."

"I've known Carol a long time," Carlos said softly, "but until just recently I never knew just special she was."

"Aww...thank you Carlos," Carol said leaning down to kiss Carlos on the cheek, causing him to blush.

"So you like our daughter? But I sense that something is wrong. What is it?"

"Well, I guess it's the age thing sir. I know it wouldn't be a big deal if we were older, but I'm 17 and Carol is only 15, doesn't that bother you?"

"Well, it might if you were asking for her hand in marriage, but you're just dating, correct?"

"Yes sir, we like spending time together, and I promise I will never do anything to hurt her or make you think badly of me."

Mrs. Gibson smiled, "Carlos, we've known you since you were adopted. You were a handsome boy even then, a little shy, but considering what had happened with your parents and all, that was to be expected. But you blossomed and grew and became a happy, kind, and respectful boy, and now a fine young man. What I'm trying to say is, we trust you with our daughter and couldn't be happier to see the two of you together."

"Yes, I agree. I've stressed over this moment for a long time, wondering what kind of boy Carol would eventually bring home, and I have to tell you son, her bringing you to us is a great relief," he chuckled.

"Thank you sir. I promise you won't be sorry you trusted me," he said, finally relaxing.

"Now, who's hungry," Mrs. Gibson said, pulling a roast out of the oven, and soon they were busy enjoying a delicious meal as they all got to know each other better.

"So, how did the date go?" Zak asked as Carlos came into their bathroom as he was brushing his teeth.

"Great, I have their blessings," he chuckled, "I guess being a nice person does pay off."

"I told you things would be okay."

"I know, thanks bro. You've been great."

"No problemo," Zak said, then rinsing and spitting he left Carlos to take care of his business.

Around ten o'clock Jake came down to pee and brush his teeth and he stopped by to visit with Carlos before saying goodnight to Zak.

"Date go okay?"

"Great, it's like everyone is behind us on this thing."

"We are, but why is that a surprise? You're a great guy, and Carol is a sweet girl, you belong together."

"I really like her," Carlos confessed, "I can't believe I've known her all this time and never realized just how special she is."

"Aww...sounds like love is brewing," Jake teased, "but seriously, just take it slow and if it's meant to be, then go for it. Don't worry about the age thing, look at me and Zak, I'm older and we fit together just right."

"Yeah, but that's only a year and you're guys."

"Okay, look at it like this, if you were 22 and she was 20, would that be a big deal to you?"

"No, not really, but when I'm 18 and an adult, she will only be 16 and still a minor, that worries me."

"The age of consent in this state is 16, so there's no worries there."

"Yeah, I guess...besides who knows, she might dump me for another guy by then."

"Don't go thinking like that before you even get started. Just relax and enjoy her company and forget all that stuff."

"I'll try, thanks bro. You been in to see Zak yet?"

"Nope, on my way. I need a goodnight kiss," he said grinning.

"And a goodnight grope?" Carlos suggested with a laugh.

"That too," Jake said sighing, "I know mom and dad are cool with us, but sometimes I feel kind of weird about them knowing that Zak and I know? Intimate."

"They will never make you feel bad about it though. I mean dad's already had THE TALK with Zak so you're saved that little bit of parental guidance," Carlos chuckled, "Just be cool about it, and don't rub it in anyone's face and you'll be fine."

"Yeah, I guess...but so far, we haven't done much."

"Then mom and dad's work is done," Carlos laughed, "Sorry bro, just had to gig you on that one."

"Very funny," Jake grumbled, "just wait till you and Carol start getting romantic," he added grinning.

"Who says we will?"

"Carol for one, that girl won't let up till you give in to her feminine charms."

"I can handle myself bro."

"I'm sure, well while you're handling yourself, will you be thinking of her?" Jake said bursting out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Zak said peeking in from the bathroom he and Carlos shared.

"Look, it's Buffalo Butt," Zak said falling on the floor as his fit of laughter continued.

"Is he okay?" Zak said looking at Jake and grinning.

"Too much sun," Carlos suggested, "better get him to bed."

"I wish," Zak sighed.

"You can walk me up at least and tuck me in," Jake said as he finally managed to get his laughter under control.

"Okay, no harm in that," Zak said looking happy.

"Night you guys," Carlos said grinning, "and don't worry about mom and dad, they're probably both asleep by now."

"Yeah, he's right," Zak said, "Come on, let's go. I'll tuck you in real good," he added raising an eyebrow comically.

When they were gone, Carlos crawled into bed and thought about how quickly things had changed, not only for Zak and Jake, but for himself as well. Never in his wildest dreams would he have ever thought he and Carol would be dating, or that he'd be dating anyone for that matter. It was weird how things worked out sometimes, but he was glad that for once things had worked out in everyone's favor.

He thought of Carol as he snuggled beneath the covers, but it seemed tawdry and wrong to think of her as he did what most teenage boys did at night, so he decided to skip his usual nightly ritual and try to go to sleep. His last thoughts before succumbing to slumber were of Carol and the kiss on the cheek she had given him at her house in front of her parents. It was sweet, and Carlos smiled as he relived that moment, touching his cheek just before falling asleep.

"Buffalo Butt, won't you come out tonight, come out tonight, Buffalo Butt won't you come out tonight," Jake sang in a silly voice, "and dance by the light of the mooooooonnnnnn.."

"Very funny," Zak said rolling his eyes, "If I've got a buffalo butt, maybe I should just go on back to my room."

"Don't get mad, I'm only teasing," Jake said putting his arms around Zak from behind and pulling him against him.

Is that? Are you....hard?"

"Yep, just looking at ya' makes me horny baby," he said in his best Austin Powers imitation, which wasn't saying much.

"Shall we shag now or shag later, baby," Zak giggled, doing his own somewhat better impersonation of Mr. Powers.

"Now baby, oh behave."

"Sorry, I don't shag on the first date," Zak scoffed.

"It's not our first date silly, but shagging is a little serious. Maybe just some oral lubrication of our lower chassis."

"Very funny, but still maybe a bit too much. How about we kiss and just see where that leads?"

"Always up for some kisses baby," Jake said turning Zak in his arms till they were face to face. Then puckering up he gave Zak a toe curling kiss that lasted so long they were both breathless when it ended.

"Wow, oh wow. That's the kind of kiss that could make a girl pregnant," Zak teased.

"Will you have my baby?" Jake teased back.

"Oh yes, yes, a hundred times yes," Zak laughed.

"Seriously though. I was talking to Carlos about how I felt about mom and dad knowing we were intimate, does that bother you at all?"

"A little, but it's not like we have to talk about it with them. They know, but they don't ask. As long as they know we're being safe that's all they care about."

"What does that even mean?" Jake wondered, "We're both pretty much virgins, except for what you and Joey did, and what me and Shaun did."

"Uh, while we're on the subject, exactly what did you and Shaun do?" Zak asked looking worried.

"Just swapped beejays, that's all. We didn't do the nasty, if that's what you're wondering."

"Oh, okay...yeah, me and Joey too. That other stuff is way too serious. So, we should be...umm, you know clean, no STD's or anything, right?"

"Yeah, pretty sure, unless Joey or Shaun infected us."

"Should we, um...get tested?"

"Mom and dad would probably say yes, but I don't know. I mean that would be ten times more embarrassing than what we've already gone through."

"Yeah, we should be okay. Besides we're not doing the big thing yet anyway, right?"

"Naw, that can wait till we feel better about things. Oral and the other stuff is great right now, plus the kissing, I really like the kissing."

"Me too, let's do that some more, but let's lay down on your bed."

Well, the kissing led to other things, and pretty soon the two boys were totally naked and pressing against one another as they kissed and rubbed against one another. Soon they were desperately pressing their hard boy parts together, and with a final grunt they began to coat each other with their sticky seed.

When it was over and they had cooled down some, Jake produced a towel and wiped them both as clean as he could manage.

"That was bitchin'," Zak said panting.

"Yeah, nice. Imagine what the real thing will be like," Jake said looking thoughtful.

"Are you okay with waiting?"

"Yeah, of course. We both agreed. Waiting is good. We don't have to do everything all at once. We can take our time, and when the time is right, we'll know it."

"Yeah, I think so too. Well, I really should get back to my room."

"I know, but I wish you could sleep with me tonight. I love having you next to me."

"Aww...don't make it harder for me to leave. I like being with you too, but no need to press our luck."

"Yeah, I know," Jake sighed, "Well, goodnight and thanks for tucking me in," he chuckled, "and I do love you, buffalo butt and all."

"Okay dork, keep it up and this buffalo butt will be off limits for a long time."

"Aww..sowry," Jake pouted, "I wuv you Zacky."

"I love you too, even if you are a mess," Zak said leaning in to kiss him wetly, "'ve got such soft lips."

A short distance away Joey Green lay in his bed toying with the stuffed monkey he had managed to hang onto since he was 6, and had been gifted Zippy by his mom and dad. Zippy had seen better days, but he was still a comfort to Joey when he was sick or troubled, as he was tonight. He knew he was too old to still be playing with stuffed animals, but Zippy seemed more like a friend than a toy, and as long as no one else knew...well, what was the harm in taking comfort from something so familiar?

The funny thing was, while he and Zak had been together he had all but forgotten about Zippy. He hadn't needed the stuffed animal because he had a real life boy to comfort him, but now he was alone again. He was all cried out, but there was still that sadness inside, and the loneliness seemed to press in on him from every side. He knew his folks, especially his mom, was worried about him, but he just couldn't shake the depression that losing Zak had caused.

He supposed when he went back to school things would get better. He'd be busy with homework and classes and maybe even make some new friends, but for now all he could do was try to cope with things as they were. He wondered if Jake and Zak were fooling around at the moment. He couldn't know of course about the boys coming out to their parents, or that they were sleeping in different rooms, so in his mind's eye he imagined them wrestling around in the same bed kissing and God only knew what.

Surprisingly that caused Joey to become aroused, and as he reached down to reposition his stiffening member, he remembered how wonderful it had felt to have Zak touch him there. Tears came again, and he hugged Zippy tightly to him and just let them fall. Eventually he'd get over Zak, but for now, he wasn't quite ready to let go of his memories.

The first day of school brought even more changes to the Mason household. This year all three boys would be attending the same High School and Zak and Jake were riding to school with Carlos. As soon as Jake got his license he would be getting a car of his own, but for now Carlos would be their wheel man.

The three were bubbling over with excitement as they rode to school that day and though they were a little nervous, they were actually happy to be going back to school. As soon as they were inside they split up to find their lockers and then their first class, and as Zak was opening his locker he was suddenly aware of someone standing beside him. Looking up he came face to face with Joey who had a nervous grin on his cute face.

"Hi, Joey. How are you?" Zak asked, glad to see a familiar, and he hoped friendly face.

"Great, how are you? Everything okay with, two?" he said not speaking Jake's name on purpose.

"I'm great, so is Jake. So, your locker is next to mine, huh?"

"Yeah, looks like it," he said shutting his locker door, "Did you mean it when you said we should stay friends?" he asked softly.

"Of course I did. Did you?"

"Yeah, I meant it, just checking. Well, I gotta go and find my homeroom," he said checking his printed schedule, "Hmmm, 201 Mr. Little, that's down there right?" he said pointing.

"You have Little?" Zak chuckled, "Me too, come on we can find it together."

As it turned out the two boys had two other classes together, as well as sharing the same lunch period. Joey had mixed feelings about that, but Zak seemed happy and Joey hoped for the best. It might be hard seeing so much of Zak, but if they were really going to stay friends, then he supposed that was going to happen anyway.

By lunch time both boys were tired and hungry, and after meeting at the door leading into the cafeteria, they lined up with the others to receive their slop of the day.

"Tomorrow I'm gonna bring my lunch," Zak said staring at the offering on the serving line.

"Yeah, me too," Joey said, "I just didn't want to have to deal with it my first day."

"Yeah, me either. Oh, in case you're wondering Jake has second lunch period so he won't be joining us."

"Oh, okay," Joey said, somewhat relieved by that factoid.

"Hey Zak," someone called out from a table by the window, "Come sit with us, you too Joey."

The voice belonged to Kirk Mitchell, an acquaintance of Zak's, but how he knew Joey's name neither boy knew.

"Hi Kirk," Zak said bumping knuckles. This is Joey..."

"Yeah, I know Joey, we have third period Algebra together. We sit next to each other."

"Hi Kirk," Joey said blushing as they bumped knuckles.

Was there something going on here that Zak didn't know about? he wondered.

"So, how's it going dude?" Kirk asked excitedly, "I heard you got a new bro. Sorry about Jake's mom and all though."

"Things are great," Zak said sniffing at one of the chicken nuggets on his plate, "it was really sad about his mom, but he's adjusting, and we love him just like our own bro."

"Yeah, two were always close. Hey, I thought you two sort of had a falling out..."

"We did, but that's old news. We're good now," Zak said, not elaborating.

"So Joey, you're from Cally huh, what's that like?" Kirk said dismissing Zak quickly and turning his attention to Joey, who seemed to be eating it up.

The two talked for the rest of the lunch period and after a while Zak began to feel like a third wheel. He was happy that Joey had made a new friend, but there was still this feeling deep inside that said he wasn't ready for Joey to move on. It was stupid and selfish, but it was there, and he was powerless to resist it.

"So, you guys....I need to use the bathroom," Zak said when he'd eaten as much of his lunch as he could stomach, "I'll see you fifth hour Joey. Hey, Kirk...good seein' you again. You should come by sometime."

"Yeah, dude...I'll text ya'," Kirk said, then turned his attention back to Joey as Zak made his escape.

Joey was confused by his feelings toward Kirk. As far as he could tell the boy was just being friendly, but he sure did ask a lot questions, and he seemed more attentive than your average teenage boy. He liked Kirk, and you could never use too many friends, but he wondered if there was more here than just friendship. Was Kirk gay like he was, or just a very friendly boy, perhaps one who was hungry to make a new friend?

He liked what he'd seen so far of the boy. He wasn't movie star handsome, but he was cute, with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a spattering of freckles across his nose, sort of like Zak. His body was slim, without being skinny, more of a swimmer's body, and Joey couldn't help but wonder what was beneath those stylish jeans. Designer underwear perhaps? And beyond that, well that caused a little stirring between Joey's legs. He was definitely turning into a sex fiend, he giggled to himself. Maybe he'd see where this thing with Kirk led. Even if they didn't become boyfriends, maybe they could fool around some. He knew from experience that most teenage boys were eager to get off and that girls weren't as eager to help as other boys were.

He was smiling as he headed off to class and the rest of his day was, in his own words, super yay. When classes let out for the day Joey was headed to the pickup spot when suddenly someone called to him from behind. Turning, he saw Kirk sprinting toward him, and his day got even better.

"," Kirk panted, "Was wondering...want to...come my house and work on that homework together? No one is home till like six, and I get bored so easy when I'm home alone."

"Where do you live?"

Kirk rattled off his address, and after some clarification Joey figured out that Kirk lived a couple of blocks from him, actually very near Zak. Then after some negotiating with his mom, she agreed to drop both off at Kirks for their study date. This allowed Joey's mom to see exactly where Kirk lived, as well as to meet this new boy, that seemed to be pulling Joey out of his funk.

"You boys have fun," she said as she dropped them off. Just call me when you're ready to come home."

Joey kissed his mom on the cheek and bounced off with his new friend, the smile filling his face a welcome relief for Mrs. Green.

"Come on, let's get a snack," Kirk said leading Joey into a neat and tidy living room and beyond to a well equipped and spotless kitchen.

Pulling out sodas and a bag of chips and some cookies, Kirk suggested they take it to his room.

Kirk's room was a typical teenage boy's room, with car posters, and sports equipment, a few dirty clothes here and there, and an unmade bed with a plain blue checked bedspread. His laptop lay closed on a scratched desk and a black leather desk chair was piled up with books before it.

"I was sort of in a hurry this morning," Kirk apologized as he sat down their snacks and quickly pulled the bedspread and sheet up, "Sit down, here's your soda," he said handing Joey a can of Coke.

"Thanks, I like your room," Joey said looking around.

"Thanks, it's usually not this messy. I didn't sleep too good last night and I woke up late and had to rush to get to school. Mom and dad go to work really early so I'm on my own."

"Oh, what do they do?"

"They own their own real estate company. Mom's the secretary, plus she sells houses too, and dad does full time selling and stuff."

"Oh, that's cool."

"Yeah, I guess, but they're gone a lot. Sometimes they have to show houses in the evening and we eat a lot of take out."

"So, no brothers or sisters?"

"An older brother, he's in college. He's pretty cool. He'll be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't wait to see him again. Me and him are tight."

"Cool, sometimes I wish I had a brother, or even a sister."

"Yeah, well...Greg and me are five years apart in age, so we didn't always get along so well, but as I got older I began to see just how cool he was, and well...we got closer."

"That's cool. So...can I ask you a question? Promise you won't get mad."

"Sure, shoot. I'm an open book," he chuckled, "do I talk too much? If I do...sorry."

"No, not at all. I was just wondering, well...we only just met and treat me like I'm an old friend. Not that I don't like that, I think that's cool, but it's sort of surprising, since we really don't know each other all that well..."

Kirk sighed and sat down heavily, "Sorry. I tend to come on way too strong when I meet someone I like. Just ask Zak. We played baseball together one year and I thought he was the neatest person I ever met. I could tell he was just being polite though and I didn't press him, but we're sort of friends I guess."

"Zak is cool," Joey said, "but so are you. I'm glad we met, and I don't think you come on too strong at all. I'm pretty shy and I don't make friends easy, so I needed someone like you, someone who's not afraid to get things going."

"Really, you mean it? Cool," Kirk said seeming to relax, "I really like you, and I'm not just saying that. Is that too weird?" he said frowning.

Joey smiled and Kirk relaxed further, "No, I like you too, and I could use a good friend right now, but I have some issues I'm dealing with and it wouldn't be fair not to let you know what's going on with me."

"Oh?" Kirk said, not quite knowing how to take that.

"I guess...there's no easy way to say this, but to just say it. I'm gay," Joey blurted out, "and if you don't want to be my friend now, I'll just call my mom to come get me."

"Is that all?" Kirk said looking relieved, "I don't care about that."

"You don't?"

"Naw, my bro Greg is gay and has a boyfriend. He's the coolest guy ever, and I love him like a second bro."

"Wow, really. So it won't freak you out knowing I like dudes?"

"No, no way. And I won't even get mad if you hit on me," he giggled.

"I promise I won't do anything to make you uncomfortable," Joey said sincerely.

"Okay, but a little flirting is okay. After all, a guy likes to know he's attractive enough to get hit on once in a while."

Joey laughed, "No problem there. You're a real fox."

"You think so?" Kirk said brightening, "Cool. Hey, let's finish our snack and get after that homework, then I'll show ya' my treehouse."

The treehouse was located in the back corner of Kirk's back yard and nestled in the thick branches of a mature oak tree. It had been originally built by Greg and their dad when the boy was around ten, but after Greg had outgrown it, it had become Kirk's special place.

Growing up, Kirk had always been outgoing and friendly, but despite that he had few friends. Some kids thought he came on too strong and shied away from him, thinking he was too weird or too needy. In fact the only person that he thought of as a true friend was his brother Greg, but that hadn't always been the case.

When the two brothers were younger, Greg had thought of Kirk more as a pest than a friend, but as the two had grown up and matured they became closer, until the bond between them became more than just brotherly love, and now they were best friends. In fact Kirk had been the first person that Greg had come out to when he finally realized he was gay at age 16. Kirk was ten at the time, and though he didn't completely understand what being gay meant, he knew it was important to his brother and serious stuff, and he felt very proud to be the one he'd confided in first. He never once considered violating his brother's confidence, and when Greg had finally came out to his parents a year later, Kirk was right there by his side, ready to support him should things go bad.

As it turned out his parents were very accepting of Greg's sexuality, and in fact welcomed his new boyfriend Peter into the family with open arms. That was two years ago and Greg and Peter were still together, sharing an apartment and attending the same college nearby.

"My bro and my dad built it when Greg was like 10. Back then dad was working construction and he had time for stuff like this. Plus he's really smart when it comes to building stuff. See the windows? They were left over from some construction job dad was on and he got them for free. Kind of neat, huh?"

"Oh my gosh," Joey exclaimed, "it's the neatest thing I ever saw. God, I can't imagine having a cool place like this to play in or just hang out in."

"Yeah, it's sort of my secret place," Kirk said looking serious, "and I don't bring too many people here. In fact, you're the first, well...since Zak."

"So Zak has been here?"

"Yeah, him and Jake. We were like 12 then, and we played war and stuff up there, " Kirk said smiling as he remembered that day, "this was our fort."

"Cool, so cool. Can we go up there?"

"Oh sure, come on," Kirk said grabbing the ladder and pulling it down, "be careful, just push the trap door up when you get to the top. I'll be right behind you."

When Joey was inside he waited for Kirk then helped him to his feet, noticing how soft and warm his hand felt in his.

"Thanks, well...this is it."

"OH, man, it's even cooler inside. Wow, you could live in here. It's so big and you even have a couch..."

"It's a futon, and it folds out to a bed. I've slept up here a few times. It's nice in the summer, but kind of cold in the winter."

"Nice view too," Joey said gazing out the window, "Hey, is that Zak's house over there?"

"Yeah, I can see his bedroom window from here. Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, you been spying on him?" Joey joked.

"Naw, but I bet if I had binoculars I could," Kirk joked.

"I was kidding, I know you're not like that."

"Like what? Gay?" Kirk said frowning.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"No, it's cool. Truth is, I don't know what I am. I mean I sort of like girls, but I've never even dated one. Most girls think I'm too loud and too pushy," he sighed, "heck, most everyone thinks that."

"I don't," Joey said tenderly, "I think you're about the nicest person I've ever met."

"Even nicer than Zak?"

"Well, I can't really talk about that, but let's just say that Zak and I had some problems. I mean, it's not that I don't like him, cause I do, and I think he's nice and all, but there's more to him than meets the eye."

"Like he's gay too?" Kirk asked calmly.

"I can't say," Joey said, hoping he hadn't already said too much.

"He is though, isn't he? No, don't answer, and I bet he's in love with Jake too."

"What? That's silly," Joey said, without much conviction.

"It's cool. I sort of figured those two out a long time ago, but what I can't figure out is how you fit in to this. Did you like one of them that way? Oh, wow...wait. I remember something now. You were at a couple of Zak's ball games. I know cause I was there to cheer the team on, even if I wasn't playing ball this year, I still wanted the guys to win. You hung around the dugout with Zak, and I think you even rode with is brother Carlos and, oh wow, it was Zak that you had the hots for."

"I should go," Joey said feeling sick all of a sudden.

"No, please. I'm sorry. I've done it again," the boy said, sounding ready to cry, "I'm just no good at being a friend. I talk too much and I'm too nosy."

"No, it's my fault. I said too much," Joey sighed, "we've just met and I don't know if I should be telling you all this so soon. Can you give me a little while? If you really want to be my friend, it can wait, right?"

"Absolutely, sorry again. You don't have to tell me anything, just don't go...not yet. It's just so lonely here," he said sadly.

"I won't," Joey said, feeling very sorry for the boy. He could relate to the loneliness, but maybe the two of them could help each other out. Right now he was more interested in making a friend than finding a boyfriend, but who knew? Maybe he'd find both with Kirk.

The rest of their visit was a happy one, and when it was finally time for Joey to go home, the two had become friends, and were looking forward to what the future might hold for them. Neither boy had any unreasonable expectations, but both were open for whatever might happen between them.

The next day when Zak met Joey at his locker he couldn't keep from noticing that he seemed happy for a change.

"Good morning," Joey said, practically singing the words.

"You're in a good mood," Zak chuckled.

"Yeah, does it show?" Joey said looking around to see if he could spot Kirk anywhere.

"A little, what's up?"

"Oh, not much. Just had a nice time at Kirk's yesterday, that's all," Joey said almost smugly. He knew it was wrong to try to rub his new friendship in Zak's face, but he just couldn't help himself.

"Kirk, Kirk Mitchell," Zak muttered, "I didn't know you two knew each other before lunch yesterday."

"We didn't. I guess we just sort of hit it off, sort of like you and me did," Joey said, then letting the words just hang there a moment he went on, "Oh not exactly, we aren't holding hands or anything, but we're friends now."

"That's great Joey, really...I'm glad for you," Zak said, trying to sound as sincere as possible despite his misgivings.

"Thanks, Kirk is so cool. He even showed me his treehouse."

"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that," Jake said fondly remembering his and Jake's visit there, "was his brother Greg there? He's a really cool dude."

"Naw, he's at college. With his boyfriend," Joey said, letting that soak in, "He's gay you know?"

"I uh, yeah...I mean I think Kirk mentioned that before. That's cool."

"Well, we better get to class," Joey said closing his locker door, "I hope it's okay if we sit with Kirk again today."

"Oh, sure," Zak said, thinking he would rather gnaw off his own foot than to watch the two making goo goo eyes at each other or something. Then he chastised himself for being so judgemental and unreasonable. Why shouldn't Joey be able to make a new friend? Kirk was a nice guy, a little too needy for Zak's taste, but a solid guy that would no doubt treat Joey right. But was Kirk gay, or was Joey reaching on that one?

The morning passed without event, and come lunch time Zak was actually eager to see what would happen with Joey and Kirk today. He'd brought his lunch but went through the line to get a cold Gatorade and soon Joey joined him.

"Hey, how was your morning?" Zak asked, trying to be the kind of friend Joey deserved.

"Great, no homework so far, how bout you?"

"Good, really good. A little homework in English Lit, but not much, just gotta do some reading."

"That's cool," Joey said looking around for Kirk, then seeing him at the table they'd shared yesterday he smiled and waved.

Kirk waved back and returned the smile, and Joey was on cloud nine again. Zak followed Joey's gaze and smiled to himself. Joey was showing all the first signs of a crush, and for that matter, so was Kirk. Was it possible Kirk was gay like his brother, or...was he just desperate for a friend?

He'd known Kirk for a while, but they'd never been what you would call close friends. Kirk always seemed needy, and always tried too hard, in Zak's opinion, but he liked him as a person. Then again, he was so into Jake that he didn't really make a lot of friends back then. Maybe he'd missed out with Kirk, maybe Kirk could have been a good friend if he'd tried harder.

"Hi Kirk," Zak said bumping fists and vowing to get to know him better, especially since he and Joey were getting close.

"Hey Zak, hi Joey," he said giving Joey a shy smile.

"Hi Kirk," Joey said returning the smile and bumping fists as well.

"Yesterday was fun," Kirk said, bubbling over with joy.

"Yeah, thanks for inviting me," Joey said, then opening his lunch bag he began to paw through it to see what it held.

"Yummy, pizza Lunchable and cookies. Want a cookie Kirk?"

"Yeah, have some of my chips."

Again Zak felt like a third wheel, as the two practically ignored him as they swapped goodies and talked about everything from school to video games. Zak ate his sandwich in gloomy silence and wondered if it would be too rude for him to get up and find a more accepting table, one where he could become part of the conversation and not a casual observer?

It was Kirk who seemed to finally notice Zak's funk and try to pull him into their conversation, "So Zak, I heard Jake was gonna get a car. Has he picked one out yet?"

"Huh, oh yeah, no not yet, but I think he wants a Honda, maybe a Civic or something like that."

"Cool, Greg has a Civic and he loves it."

"Cool, so...the treehouse is still standing, huh?"

"Yeah, in fact I ran an extension cord out there and now I have electricity. I have lights and a fan and stuff."

"Cool, we sure did have some fun up there, didn't we?" Zak said, quickly jumping into the scheme of things.

"Yeah, it was fun. Too bad you guys didn't come over more often," Kirk said sounding sad.

"Yeah, well...I guess me and Jake were sort of in our own world back then. We didnt have too many other friends."

"Yeah, I remember how close you guys were. I guess you're even closer now...since you're brothers."

"Yeah, you know how it is?" Zak said not wanting to get into that after seeing the look on Joey's face.

"You guys are welcome to come over any time," Kirk said smiling, "Carlos too, but I bet he has better things to do since he's older now."

"Yeah, case you haven't heard, he's dating Carol now," Zak chuckled.

"No way! Your Carol?" Kirk said looking amazed.

"Yeah, crazy huh?" Zak said, then he went on to explain how it had all come about.

"That's cool," Joey said, "Carlos is a cool dude, he deserves someone like Carol."

"Yeah, everyone is super happy about it, but Carlos is tripping over the age thing. We keep telling him it's not a big deal, but you know how he is?"

"Wow, Carol and Carlos, super cool."

"Yeah, we're really happy for him."

At home that night Zak filled Jake in on the day's activities and the subject of Kirk and Joey soon came up.

"Kirk is a nice guy," Jake said simply, "and if he and Joey become friends that could take the pressure off you."

"Yeah, I just hope Joey's not expecting more of Kirk than he can give. I wonder what Kirk would say if he knew Joey was gay?"

"I wonder what he would say if he knew we were a couple," Jake chuckled.

"Well, let's hope he never finds out," Zak said frowning, "or anyone else for that matter."

"So, you're thinking that we need to keep this thing a secret from everyone?" Jake said looking thoughtful.

"Yes, no, I don't know," Zak said falling down on his bed, "I just don't want all the hassle of trying to explain to our friends that we're more than brothers or best friends."

"You know, they might figure things out on their own," Jake said sitting down next to him and rubbing his thigh gently, "I think we have to be prepared for the shit storm if that happens," he chuckled.

"Most of our buds will be cool with us, it's the haters I worry about. Guys like Slater, who I might add, has been harassing Carlos. Did you know about that crap?"

"I'd heard some rumors, but I never witnessed anything. Slater is a slug, and he's helpless without his posse. That crap won't happen this year, I can promise you that. I'll take it personally if Slater messes with my big bro."

"Yeah, that's what I told John and the girls. No one better mess with the Mason Brothers," Zak growled.

Suddenly Carlos knocked on the open bedroom door and Zak sat up, "Oh hi bro, we were just talking about you."

"OH, was it good or bad?"

"Seriously bro, what could we ever say about you that would be bad?" Zak chuckled.

"What's up then?"

"We were talking about Slater and his goons. Bro, I am still hurt that you didn't tell me about that crap. I mean, I tell you everything," Zak lamented.

"I'm sorry bro, I know I should have, but you had so much going on with Jake and all..."

"I know. I forgive you," Zak said standing to give his big bro a hug, "Just don't do it again," he scolded.

"I promise. Now, what I came to talk to you two about was this, what do you think about the four of us going bowling on Friday night?"

"Sure bro, that sounds fun. And I seem to remember that Carol is actually a pretty good bowler."

"Yeah, Carol is good at everything," Jake chuckled, "I'm in, I want to watch Carol whip your butt."

"I think I can keep my ego in check if that happens," Carlos assured him, "well, I'm gonna go call her and set things up."

When Carlos was gone Jake pulled Zak back down and placed his arm around him, "Any interest in coming up to my room and fooling around a little?"

"God, I'd love to, but do you think we should?"

"What good is all this freedom if we don't take advantage of it?"

"Well, when you put it like that..."

"Come on then, we don't have to get naked, we can just...kiss and see where it goes."

"Okay, Zak said jumping up, "let's go then. Mom and dad won't be coming up till the ten o'clock news is over."

In Jake's room, Jake latched the door behind them and they quickly fell into each others arms. Despite living in the same house and spending a lot of time together, there wasn't much time or opportunity for any intimacy, and they soon found themselves breathless as they continued.

"God, I love you so much," Zak said nuzzling Jake's neck, then tugging at his tee shirt he managed to get it over his head and off.

Then sliding down Jake's body he began to toy with his nipples causing him to moan lowly. Next he dropped to his knees and began nuzzling Jake's hardness through the thin material of his shorts.

"Oh, careful, I'm really close," Jake gasped.

"Don't want to waste it then," Zak said yanking down Jake's shorts with a single tug, "Umm...nice," he said looking up at Jake and grinning. Then taking Jake's cock in his mouth he proceeded to make love to it until he was finally rewarded with a tasty mouthfull of Jake's baby batter.

When Jake had recovered, he returned the favor and they quickly pulled up their clothes and sat down on Jake's bed to cuddle and cool down.

"That was nice," Jake said, "but there's something missing."


"Oh, things like laying in bed snuggling up to you, or waking up all spooned up to your cute little Buffalo butt," he sighed, "I want that more than anything. I mean the sex is good, but there is so much more I want."

"I know, me too," Zak said leaning in to kiss Jake's cheek, "any suggestions?"

"Well, I was thinking, what if you snuck up here after the rents go to sleep and sleep with me? We could set the alarm so you could go get in your bed before dad gets up."

"I don't know, I guess we could try it, but not everynight."

"Or...we could take turns. That way you wouldn't have to be the only one getting up early and leaving a warm bed."

"Okay, so when do we start?"

"Not tonight, but how about Friday night?"

"Friday night might be good, in fact it's perfect. Dad doesn't have to get up early, so I wouldn't have to get up early either."

"Okay, Friday then, and if it works out, maybe I'll slip into your room on Saturday night."

"Okay, I like it. It's sort of naughty and risky, and that makes it seem more exciting and erotic."

"Yeah, sneaking around can be fun I guess."

"As long as we don't get caught."

"Yeah, well...we'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen."

"Okay then, I guess I should go back down to my room..."

"Yeah, I'll go with you, I need to use the bathroom anyway."

After using the bathroom and brushing his teeth, Jake popped in to say goodnight to Carlos, then joined Zak who was stretched out on his bed, his phone in his hand. When Jake sat down beside him Zak laid the phone down and began rubbing Jake's back.

"Hi, that was nice in your room earlier."

"Yeah, well Friday night will be even better."

"Yeah, maybe eventually we'll have time know? Do the serious stuff."

"Like I said, no hurry as far as I'm concerned, but when it feels right it will happen."

After saying goodnight the two kissed one last time and Jake reluctantly went upstairs to his room. He wasn't quite as lonely as he'd been before, but the truth was, he missed sharing a room with Zak, and sometimes he wished he'd never spilled his guts to their rents.

Laying in his bed, Jake thought about how foolish he had been to reject Zak and waste all that time when they could have been together. Maybe if they'd become boyfriends back then things would be different now and it wouldn't be as big a problem. He smiled when he thought about Zak and all the fun times they'd shared. The sex back then had been great too, but he guessed he just wasn't ready to admit that their fooling around was more than just practice for the real thing when they met a girl.

He sighed as he thought about how much he loved Zak, and he guessed he always had, he'd just been too stubborn or too scared to admit his true feelings. But Zak had never given up on him, and for that he was grateful. Now they were together, and he couldn't wait till Friday night to have Zak right here beside him. They'd snuggle and press together and of course they'd have sex, but it wasn't the sex that Jake was looking forward to most, it was the intimacy, the sharing, the kissing, the skin on skin contact, and just the thought of it made Jake happy.

Downstairs in his own bed, Zak was thinking some similar thoughts. He knew he loved Jake more than anyone in the world and now that Jake had admitted that he loved him as well, the world was a happy place once again. He smiled when he thought about how much they's shared over the years, and even during the period that they were apart, his love for Jake had never diminished. Sometimes it was almost scary how much he loved Jake. He knew without a doubt that he would take a bullet for the boy and not blink an eye. Jake was his world, and now that they were together at last, each day was shiny and new. He giggled out loud when he thought about their plans to sleep together Friday night. He wondered if they could really keep it a secret from their mom and dad, and what they would do if they found out. Would they confront them, or just let it be one of those don't ask, don't tell things they'd discussed? Either way he was sure they wouldn't be too hard on them, after all they'd been cool with them being boyfriends, and they had to know that they were doing more than just holding hands. Yes, Friday night would be fun, and he couldn't wait to climb into bed with Jake and be a real couple.

In his room next door Carlos was thinking about a certain girl, and his feelings toward her. Sometimes it was hard to believe that he'd known Carol for so long and never thought of her as anyone but Zak's little sister. But she was so much more than than. She was a kind, sweet, loving girl, who was full of fun, but who knew how to be serious when the time came. He loved how she had taken charge and led the way, otherwise things might not have gone the way they had, and he might still be alone. But now he wasn't alone, he had Carol, and as long as it lasted he knew he'd do everything he could to make her happy. It was with thoughts of the cute brown eyed girl that he finally drifted off to sleep and his dreams were pleasant ones.

Not far away in her bed, surrounded by throw pillows and stuffed animals, that brown eyed girl was having some thoughts of her own about a certain tall handsome brown skinned boy. She had had a huge crush on Carlos for years, but all indications had been that Carlos thought she was too young for him to take her seriously. Then out of the blue she had gotten the chance to be with him and show him that there was more to her than being Zak's little sister. She smiled when she thought about how she had practically seduced him at the movie that night, and how willing he had been to be seduced. She knew he was a good guy and that he would never hurt her, and the fact that her folks already knew and liked him was a big plus. Not to mention that he was Zak's big bro, and that meant she'd be seeing a lot more of Zak and Jake as well. She loved all those boys, but right now it was Carlos who had her undivided affection and she couldn't wait till they were together again.

Joey had just put up his phone and was about to go brush his teeth when he got one last text from Kirk, it was of the smiling boy brushing his teeth with foam coming out of his mouth and a deranged look on his face. Joey burst into laughter and quickly texted him back.

Oh man, you look like a mad Don't bite me.

Aw...shucks, I was hoping to bite you on the

Yikes, not my money maker

Yeah, you could make lots of money with that

ROFLMAO *(Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off)

Well...goodnight. See ya tomorrow gotta go

K night see ya

When Joey finally climbed into bed he felt happy for a change. No, he felt more than happy, he felt ecstatic. Never in a million years would he have believed that making a new friend could pull him out of his funk so quickly and give him hope again. Even if Kirk wasn't boyfriend material he was fun to be with and a good friend was more important than a boyfriend, wasn't it? Still it would be nice to have both, but after his experience with Zak he wasn't anxious to go down that road again. No, he'd just play it safe and be Kirk's friend and if it led to more, well, that would be a ways down the road. No need to rush into things, besides, Kirk might be straight and start dating girls, but by his own admission Kirk wasn't sure about whether he liked girls or not. It was confusing, yet promising, but he wasn't going to get his hopes up for the time being. For now it was just nice to have someone to hang out with and have a few laughs, and Kirk was certainly good at making him laugh. He was smiling as he finally drifted off to sleep, and his last thought that night was of Kirk with the foam coming out his mouth.

Kirk finished brushing his teeth and piled down in his bed, eager to do what most teenage boys do when they have some time alone. Only this time instead of pulling up pictures of boys in Speedos on his smart phone, he closed his eyes and pictured Joey. He wondered what Joey would look like in a Speedo, and his hand moved faster along his hard boy spike. He was proud of his junk, and was a good six inches and rather fat, and he loved the way his balls hung low and all the spunk he could produce. At first when he'd started coming wet it was a nuisance, but he'd soon figured out how to deal with that, and taking some of his own money he'd gone to Walmart and bought two very plush and absorbent hand towels. He kept the hand towels in his night stand and when they became too stiff with his sticky boy juice he'd take them to the laundry room while his folks were at work and wash and dry them. Tonight he had a freshly laundered towel laying across his legs and suddenly he felt his orgasm creeping up on him, and grabbing the towel just in time he caught the first jet of sticky goo. Two more followed, then a fourth not so powerful before his balls were emptied and all that remained was a slight ooze out his piss slit. He shuddered with delight as the last of his orgasm washed over him, and then falling back into the pillow he muttered, "Wish that had been your hand on my dick Joey." Then wiping himself clean, he tossed the towel back in the drawer and soon was sleeping soundly.

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