Big Bro, Little Bro

by Rob Warr

Chapter 4


Why didn't you tell me your mom was dying?" Zak asked loudly. His emotions were all over the place. There was sadness and a sense of loss, but there was also confusion and a little anger.

"I guess I didn't want you to think I was only apologizing because I was going to be coming to live with you."

Zak sighed, "Did you?"

"What? No, mom is dying and yeah, that made me want to fix things, but not because I was afraid if I didn't I couldn't come live with you. I...just didn't want you to feel sorry for me. I wanted you to forgive me because you wanted to, not because I was going to loose my mom."

Zak calmed down some, "I'm really sorry about your mom, but I wish you had told me yourself. It sucked to find it out from my mom and dad."

"I fucked up again," Jake said falling down on his bed and covering his eyes with his arm, "I just can't seem to do anything right anymore."

"Look, I'm not mad. I'm just hurt, I guess. You have to start trusting me again, like you used to."

Jake sat up and Zak could see tears in his eyes, "I'm sorry."

Zak melted when he saw the look of sadness on his friend's, soon to be brother's face. Sitting on the bed beside him he put his arm around him and pulled him close. Jake melted into him, no longer afraid of accepting these little acts of intimacy.

"We'll get through this...somehow."

"I know," Jake said softly, "Thanks for understanding."

"I could never really be mad at you," Zak chuckled, "you dweeb."

"Penis wrinkle," Jake sniffed back smiling sadly.

The funeral was held on a rainy Wednesday in May. Betsy Richards had made it through the winter and for a while everyone had believed she might fool the doctors and beat her cancer. But the fact was she had held out that long for one reason, to see Jake finish his Sophomore year and become a Junior in high school. No mother or father was prouder of their son as she watched him receive his diploma, and afterwards the Masons and the Whites had gone out for dinner to celebrate. Four days later she collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital.

She held on long enough for Jake and the Masons to arrive, and after telling each of her friends goodbye, she pulled Jake to her and kissed him one last time before closing her eyes forever.

Jake had requested that there not be a wake and the Masons granted his request. Instead they all went back to the Mason's home and spent the evening reflecting on the life of this wonderful woman. Most of Jake's belongings had long since been moved to the bedroom he would be sharing with Zak, and after a quiet dinner the boys headed off to bed.

Jake was understandably quiet, and Zak was especially attentive to his needs. Carlos said goodnight, then hugged his new little brother and kissed his forehead. Jake smiled weakly and hugged back, clinging to Carlos as if he were drowning.

"I can't believe she's gone," he sobbed, "why...why did God take both of them?"

"I don't know Amigo. I asked myself that question a million times when my mama and papa died. All I can tell you is, bad things happen and you just gotta accept that. But there's good in the world too, like your new mom and dad, and me and Zak. We're your family now and we all love you."

"Yeah," Zak said moving in to hug both of them, "We're the three amigos now."

Jake managed a weak smile, "I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Thanks."

"It's what brothers are for. Why don't you try to get some sleep now. You must be beat."

"Yeah, a little. Okay...goodnight."

"Night bro. Zak take care of him, but if you need me holler, okay?"

Zak nodded, "Okay. You can have the bathroom first if you want," Zak said as Carlos disappeared to his room.

Jake nodded, "A hot shower sounds good."

"I'll turn down your bed while you shower. See ya' in a little while."

After turning down Jake's bed, Zak crossed to his own bed on the other side of the room and stripped down to his underwear. He'd had a shower earlier and was too tired for another. He'd already brushed his teeth and he was ready for bed. Grief seemed to really make him tired, and he'd had his share of it lately.

He was dozing under the covers when the bathroom door opened and Jake stepped out dressed only in a pair of boxer briefs. Through half lidded eyes Zak studied Jake's chiseled form, his strong calves and arms, his well developed chest, flat stomach, and perfect ass, and felt a fire burning inside him.

He knew it was pointless to think of Jake that way, but he just couldn't help it. Jake was his first love and he would always love him, body and soul. They had shared so much over the years, their first clumsy attempts at masturbation, their first wet come, and yes, pleasing each other by hand and mouth. The one thing they had never done was kiss, and that was the thing that had repulsed Jake so much that fateful night. Why was it that kissing was considered more gay than...than sucking a dick? Zak pondered.

Jake was under the covers now, and reaching over he switched off his bedside lamp. "Goodnight Zak, thanks again."

"Welcome bro, love ya'. Hope you sleep well. If you need anything wake me up...okay?"

"I won't, but thanks. Love ya' too."

Soon the only sound Zak heard was the steady breathing of his new brother/best friend and pretty soon he was asleep. He awoke sometime later needing to pee badly and scolded himself for not going before he went to bed. As he tiptoed to the bathroom he noticed Jake had kicked the covers off and was laying spread eagle on the bed.

He tried to look away, but even in the dim light he could see that Jake was hard, his teenage cock tenting his briefs obscenely, and Zak wondered what he was dreaming of that had caused his erection. Surely it wasn't that girl Becca who had dumped Jake once she found out he was coming to live with the Masons. Maybe it was some other girl. He sighed and made his way to the bathroom and peed and washed his hands, and when he returned Jake had rolled onto his side exposing his perky rear end. What a beautiful sight, Zak thought, flawless and so beautiful.

Shaking those thoughts from his head he was suddenly aware that his own cock was very painfully stiff. No, he groaned internally, Not now. Go down, go down. But his cock refused to obey, and as he climbed back into bed he knew there would be no sleeping until he payed homage to it. Rolling his head over to make sure Jake was still asleep and facing the other direction, he raised his legs forming a tent in the covers, then hauled out his hard cock and began to jerk it as if his life depended on it. Ten pulls brought him to a gut wrenching orgasm, and trying hard to keep from moaning he splashed his boy seed all over his chest and stomach. Scooping up as much as he could with his fingers he licked them clean, then grabbed a towel he kept under the bed and finished cleaning up the mess. He was exhausted now, and sleep came almost immediately.

Jake adjusted easily to his new circumstances, as did the rest of the Mason family, and life was good once again. He and Zak had picked up almost where they had left off, but Jake still worried about Zak's feelings for him. He knew he could trust Zak, but he also knew, by his own admission, that Zak was carrying a torch and that he had desires that he could not fulfill.

In the year that they had been apart Zak had grown a lot physically and emotionally, but deep inside he was still the beautiful and loyal friend that Jake had known for so long. He had to admit, if anything Zak was even cuter than ever now and had a killer body. Not that he was interested in those things, but he was curious how he compared to other boys and well...Zak was right there.

Carlos was great too, and since they were closer in age, he identified with his older step brother in some ways that he didn't with Zak. Zak never acted jealous though when he and Carlos did things together, but Jake suspected that he felt left out and so he tried most times to include him. It was actually great having two brothers, and he thought that if he had to loose his own family, the Masons were certainly a good replacement.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason had insisted from the beginning that he call them mom and dad, and though at first he had some reservations, now it was as natural to him as calling Carlos and Zak his brothers. Though his name hadn't officially been changed, it was only a matter of time before he was Jacob Edward Mason. J..E..M...he mused, like Gem only spelled differently. He thought that might me a cool nickname for him, but then he decided it was too much like Jim and no one would understand.

Today he was on his own and he was actually a little bored. Carlos was working and Zak was off with Carol and Sarah at the mall. He had been invited to go too, but he just didn't feel like going, and though Zak had seemed disappointed at first, he didn't press him. He had been true to his word so far and had respected his space and had yet to do anything that made him feel uncomfortable.

The Masons (mom and dad) were out shopping, and after grabbing a soft drink from the fridge Jake headed outside. As he stood in the backyard staring at the fence with it's gate that led into the backyard of the home he had known for so long, it was as if that other home was a strange place now.

He wondered what the new owners would be like. Would they have kids? Would they want to remove the gate or perhaps put a padlock on it? He felt tears run down his face as he thought, not about his mother or her loss, but about his childhood, the childhood he had shared with Zak. He was overcome with emotion as he thought about all the things they had shared and how close they had been.

Suddenly he remembered what Ryan had asked him that day at the lake. Had he ran because he had feelings for Zak too? Was it possible that he loved Zak as much as he loved him? He wasn't gay....was he? Sure they'd messed around some, but didn't most boys do that kind of stuff? It had never seemed gay or wrong, just fun, but now he realized that to Zak it had been much more than just having fun. For Zak it had been...making love.

He closed his eyes and thought about that night at the birthday party. They had been having so much fun, playing games with their friends, and stuffing their faces with pizza and cake and ice cream. Then Zak had asked him to come up to his room. He'd said he needed to tell him something, and of course Jake had followed willingly, never in a million years thinking it would be something that would rock both their worlds for a long time to come.

The look on Zak's face as he had uttered those words, the vulnerability and fear, the look of love as he had bared his soul, then the look of pain and rejection as Jake had recoiled from the attempted kiss. Sometimes he hated himself for the way he had reacted, but now he understood it was fear that had driven him away that day. Not fear of Zak or his feelings, but fear of his own feelings, the fear that he might be different too.

"Oh God, is it possible?" Jake cried to no one.

Stumbling to the fence he leaned against it heavily and let the tears fall. There were tears for the loss of his mother, the loss of his innocence, and for the knowledge that he was different and that his life would never be the same. He was still standing there when the sliding glass door opened and Zak stepped out into the sunshine.

"Jake, you okay?"

Wiping at his eyes Jake cleared his throat, "Yeah, fine. Thought you were with your girls."

"I was, but they had to cut it short. Are you sure you're all right. Is it...about your mom?"

"Yeah, just looking at the old house from here," Jake lied. It was much more than that, but he wasn't ready to share those feelings, not even with the one person who would understand.

" you want to be alone?"

"Naw, I was bored while you were gone. Let's do something."

"Okay, how about a bike ride? We could ride to 7-11 and grab a drink or something."

"Okay, sounds good. Next year though I'm gonna get a car and we won't be riding bikes anymore."

"I like riding bikes, but yeah...that will be cool. I guess you'll probably make new friends in high school and stuff...and we won't hang out as much..."

"Naw, I mean...I have other friends, but you're my bro now, and I'll take you to school every day," Jake said smiling for the first time that day.

"Yeah, that's cool. Hey you got a birthday coming up...4th of July. We can really celebrate this year."

"It will be weird not having mom there..." Jake sighed.

"Yeah, sorry. Didn't mean to make you sad."

"You can't stop talking about stuff just because of me. I'm gonna be okay, we all are. It will just take some time to get know, mom dying."

They rode the mile to the 7-11 and bought Big Gulps and sat beside the building drinking them and talking.

"You got a game this weekend?"

"Yep, two...and if we win those we play Sunday."

"Cool, think you guys will win the tourney this year?"

"Dunno, we lost some good players since last year. It doesn't really matter though, it's fun playing no matter what."

"Yeah, that's the way I feel about football. It's more about being part of a team and all that stuff that I like."

"Do you hang out with the team a lot?"

"Not a lot, but we have practices and sometimes we get together at someone's house for a little fun."

"That's cool."

"Hey, you have your friends too..."

"I know, I didn't mean anything by it."

Jake nodded, "I know, I'm sorry. You ready to go?"

"Yeah, let's ride up to the park and see if anyone we know is there."

The park was another half mile, but residential streets all the way, and they rode on the sidewalk away from the traffic. It was a beautiful day, with temps in the 80's, and just enough of a breeze to dry the sweat on their skin, keeping them cool.

As they rolled up into the park they saw a group of younger boys playing basketball, but neither boy recognized any of them. That wasn't unusual since the park bordered three different neighborhoods and there were two schools in the area.

"Wanna see if they'll let us play?"

"Not really, let's go over by the pond and watch the ducks."

Zak agreed easily, lately Jake hadn't been all that sociable when it came to anyone outside the family, and these kids were strangers which made it even worse for him.

As they neared the pond however they could see a couple of teenage boys near the edge of the water apparently feeding the ducks. Rolling up to a park bench they laid their bikes down and sat down and watched the two teens from a distance.

"You know either one of them?"

"That one kid looks familiar. I think he might have been in one of my classes last year. The other one, I'm not sure. Why? You think they're hot?" Jake teased, surprising and embarrassing Zak.

"Nooo..." Zak said blushing.

"Hey, it's okay if you do. If there was a hot girl I'd probably mention it."

"I...just don't what to make you uncomfortable...that's all."

Jake blew out a breath as if exasperated with Zak, "It won't bro. I get that you like dudes and that's cool. Just cause I like the ladies doesn't mean we can't share our feelings." Only Jake wasn't so sure that he really liked the ladies best. After all, even though he'd dated Becca for a while, he was still a virgin. In fact the only sex he'd ever had was with Zak when they were younger.

"Okay, okay...yeah...they're both hot, but I like the blond haired boy best."

"Really...yeah, I can see that. He has that surfer look."

Zak blushed hoping Jake didn't see what he did, that the blond haired boy resembled Jake in many ways.

"Doesn't matter, I could never have either one of them...even if they were gay. I'm not that cute."

"What? Oh dude, are you kidding? Even a straight boy like me can see how cute you are...and your body is cut and fit. I seem to remember you were pretty well equipped down below too," he chuckled making Zak blush even redder.

"Are you trying to embarrass me? Cause it's working."

"Sorry, just trying to keep it real and loosen things up between us. I fucked up once and I'm not gonna do it again by being a homophobic asshole."

"Thanks, I appreciate that, but I don't talk about this stuff with anyone so it's all new to me."

"Not even Carlos?"

"Well," Zak said grinning, "that's different. Carlos was the first person I ever came out to."

"And I was the second, and I didn't take it as well...did I? I know you're probably afraid I'll freak out again or be grossed out, but I won't...I promise. I mean I don't need to hear details, but if you like a dude you can tell me."

"There's really no one right now..."

"No one you even think is hot...someone at school maybe?"

"Well, there was this one boy, but he got with someone else before I could make my move," Zak said grinning.

"Slow poke, time you just gotta move faster."

"Hey, those guys are coming our way," Zak said patting Jake's arm to get his attention.

"Well, if the one you like gives off any vibes, go for it," he teased.

"Jake, it doesn't work that way. It's not like with girls and boys, it's hard when it comes to boys and boys."

"Oh, so you're hard?" Jake said cracking up.

"Jake, stop it please."

"Hey, I know you," the dark haired boy said as the two teens got closer, "you're on the football team...right?"

"Yeah, I'm Jake, this is my brother Zak."

"Hi," Zak said barely looking up for fear he'd lock eyes with the cute blond boy and embarrass himself.

"Hi," the blond haired boy said looking straight at Zak, "I'm Joey and he's Kevin."

Jake took notice and grinned, "Zak will be starting high school with us next year."

"Oh yeah, me too," Joey said, "I just moved here from California. I live next door to Kevin and we been hangin' out."

"Hear that Zak? Maybe the two of you will have some classes together," Jake said grinning.

"Yeah, maybe," Zak stuttered.

"You gonna go out for football again?" Kevin asked Jake.

"Yeah, you play?"

"Naw, actually I'm more into music. I belong to the all school Chorus."

"That's where I've seen you. You did a solo at the commencement ceremony, right? You were really good."

Kevin blushed but they could tell he was pleased to be recognized. "Yeah, I have some videos on YouTube that I made. I have like a thousand followers."

"Cool, give me the link and I'll check em' out." Jake said grabbing his phone and standing up. Zak panicked for a moment when Jake led Kevin off toward the pond leaving him and Joey alone.

Joey didn't seem at all nervous and fell down in Jake's place so close Zak could feel the heat emanating from his sexy body.

"Do you play sports?" Joey asked looking directly into Zak's green eyes.

"I..uh, yeah, I play baseball. have a game Saturday." Why did I say that? Zak wondered. It's not like he cares.

"Really, where do you play?"

"At the fields over on Oak street...near the Junior High."

"Cool, what time?"

"Uh, my first game is at 2."

"Mind if I come watch ya' play?"

"No, of course not. That would be cool," Zak said perking up a little. Was it possible Joey was really interested in him?

"Cool, I'll be there then. I can have my mom drop me off, or I can ride my bike."

"Okay, thanks." No, did I just thank him? Zak moaned in his head, "I mean for wanting to come..."

"Hey, want to go for a walk around the pond with me so we can talk?"

"Uh, yeah..sure. Just let me tell my brother."

Jake gave Zak a sly wink when he heard the news and led Kevin off in the opposite direction, talking up his music videos as they walked away.

"So, Jake is your brother...huh? You don't look that much alike."

"Well, actually his mom died and my parents had this agreement that he could come live with us. My folks are going to adopt him so he'll be my brother for real. We've known each other since we were kids and lived back to back. My dad even put a gate in between our yards," Zak said smiling as he remembered the good times they'd had.

"Wow, that's really cool. So you guys are like best friends and brothers?"

"Yeah, exactly. I have another brother...he's adopted too. His name is Carlos."

"Wow, that's so cool. Sometimes I wish I had a brother."

"Do you like sports?"

"Naw, not really...I mean I like to board."

"You do? Me too. There's a cool skate park nearby, we should go sometime."

"Yeah, definitely. Man this is so cool...meeting someone cool like you so soon."

Zak blushed but preened under the compliment, "I think you're pretty cool too."

Joey smiled. He had a good feeling about Zak and he hoped they'd become good friends.

They walked all the way around the pond getting to know each other better, and by the time they met up with Jake and Kevin they were very comfortable with one another. Jake noticed the change in Zak and smiled, but deep inside he felt a sense of loss. By pushing Zak toward another boy was he denying his own feelings?

"We need to get going you guys," Kevin said after a while, "Maybe we can get together sometime this summer. You got my number...text me sometime."

"Okay, I will...and if you post any new videos let me know."

"I'm gonna go watch Zak play baseball Friday," Joey said sounding excited, "Maybe you could come too. Will you be there Jake?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't miss it. My bro is a major player. His team won the tourney last year."

"Cool, well...see ya guys," Kevin said as he started off.

Joey walked backwards long enough to say goodbye to them and at the last minute gave Zak a big smile, "See ya' Saturday Zak. Cool meetin' ya'."

"You too," Zak said smiling just as wide.

"Well, you two sure seem to have hit it off well. Any vibes from him?" Jake said as soon as they two were out of earshot.

Zak's smile faded, "I don't know. He's just a cool dude, that's all. He likes to board too. We have a lot in common, that's all."

"Uh huh, like you both like boys," Jake teased grabbing Zak and tickling him.

"Stop fucktard," Zak giggled.

"It's okay to like him that way," Jake said letting Zak go.

"I just met him, that's not how it works..."

"I guess I have a lot to learn, don't I? I mean you knew me a long time before...well, before you liked me that way...right?"

"That was different. I always loved you, I just learned to love you more as we got to know each other better know, discovered sex and stuff."

"Yeah, I get that. I have to admit, that stuff was fun."

"Yeah." Zak said softly.

"Hey, sorry...didn't mean to bring up bad memories."

"It's okay, they aren't bad memories. I guess I just think of that stuff differently than you do."

"Yeah, I get that. Come on let's go home. I wanna show you Kevin's videos. He's actually pretty good."

Game day

Carlos managed to get the day off and took the boys to the game in his Ranger while their parents drove the family car. While their mom and dad set up their lawn chairs near the fence Zak headed to the dugout and Carlos and Jake hit the snack bar.

With all the excitement of the game to come, Zak had all but forgotten about Joey, but as he went out to start warming up he almost ran into the blond teen.

"You came," Zak said grinning.

"Yeah, I rode my bike. My mom was busy."

"I have to go warm up now, maybe later we can talk. That's my folks over there and my brothers if you want to hang out with them. Did Kevin come?"

"Naw, he had plans. I don't really know your folks, maybe I'll just hang out by the fence and we can talk when you're in the dugout."

"Sure, yeah...that's cool," Zak said happily.

Jake noticed the two talking and nudged Carlos, "That's the kid we told you about. I think Zak has a little crush on him."

"Oh my God, Jake he looks so much like you he could be your twin. No wonder Zak likes him."

"What, way," Jake said squinting as he stared at Joey, "do you really think so?"

"Bro, they say that the first person you fall in love with is the type of person you will look for for the rest of your life," Carlos laughed, "and that's you."

"Naw, that's crazy. But now that you mention it...he is blond and he does have blue eyes..."

"It's gonna take more than looks though. Is he a nice kid?"

"I dunno, Zak thinks so...and he did come to the game. That means he's interested...right?"

"Yeah, I just don't want Zak to get hurt. You spend more time with him than I do, so keep an eye on him and make sure things are going okay."

"Sure, I will." Was it already getting serious? Jake wondered. He had no experience in this area, but he knew it could happen with boys and girls, so why not boys and boys, or girls and girls?

The game was uneventful, but by the third inning the Black Hawks were two runs ahead. As he'd promised, Joey hung around the dugout fence and talked to Zak whenever he wasn't on the field or waiting to bat. They talked about baseball, and boarding, and school, and discussed their anxiety over starting in a new school, and it seemed the more they talked the closer they became.

The Black Hawks won the game 7-5 and after the boys had slapped hands with the other team and uttered the customary "Good Game" Zak came running back, not to his parents, but to Joey.

"I want you to meet my folks," Zak said excitedly, "You'll really like them, they are so cool."

"Okay," Joey said looking shy for the first time since they'd met.

"Mom, dad...this is Joey. He's new to the neighborhood and he's gonna be starting 10th grade with me this fall."

"Well, hello Joey. Welcome to our little piece of paradise," Mr. Mason said offering his fist to bump.

Joey was a little taken back by Mr. Mason's easy manner, but blushing he bumped fists and uttered a thank you.

"Where did you live before?" Mrs. Mason said then.

"We lived in Oakland California. My dad got transfered here and we moved here as soon as school was over."

"It must've been hard leaving all your friends behind. I'm glad you and Zak have made friends. It will be nice for both of you to have a friend when you start back to school."

"Yes ma'am, Zak is cool," Joey said then blushed.

"So when is your next game?" Mr. Mason asked at last.

"Six, and if we win that one then we play at three tomorrow," Zak said excitedly.

"Well, we have time to run home and eat some dinner then, or would you rather eat after the game?"

"Maybe a snack now and pizza later," Zak said grinning.

"All right, that's fine. Are you going to ride back with Carlos?"

"Yeah, Carlos is going to drop Joey off at his house. He rode his bike and we're gonna throw it in the back of the Ranger." Zak said quickly. Even though he hadn't asked Carlos, he knew he'd be cool with it, and of course he was.

"All right, well we'll see you boys at home," She said as they gathered up their chairs and empty cups.

When they were gone Joey became his excited confident self, "I was wondering...if my folks don't care, could I come back with you guys and watch the other game?"

"Do you care Carlos?" Zak said giving Carlos his puppy dog eyes.

"No, of course not. In fact if you wanna come home with us that's cool. If you want me to I'll talk to your folks. Our mom and dad won't care."

"Okay," Joey said excitedly.

On the way to Joey's house he and Zak rode in the back with the bicycle, but Carlos never drove faster than 30 on the residential streets and it was relatively safe. Still it wasn't something he'd tell his folks unless they asked.

As they sat side by side in the back of the pickup, their hips and legs pressing together, both boys felt little tingles run up and down their bodies. Zak felt light-headed and out of breath as his little heart beat fast, signaling the first signs of a major boy crush. He knew it was silly to feel this way, especially so early in their friendship, but he couldn't help how he felt, even if Joey didn't feel the same way.

Sitting next to Zak, Joey was experiencing much the same concerns and emotions. But unlike Zak, these feelings were nothing new for him. Back in California he'd had a boyfriend of sorts, though they'd never really done much beyond heavy petting and kissing. They'd wanted to do more, but the time and opportunity just never seemed to arrive. He couldn't say he was in love with the boy back in California, but they'd had feelings for each other that were far more complex than most friendships. Leaving had been hard, but they'd both managed to say goodbye without too many tears, and of course promised to stay in touch, but now that he'd met Zak, Joey wasn't so sure that was such a good idea. He was experienced enough to see that Zak had some of the same feelings he did, and he was hopeful their friendship would eventually lead them to the kind of closeness he had with his friend Braden back in California. .

As they hit a bump in the road their hands knocked together and Joey's hand was now laying atop Zak's. Zak's first impulse was to jerk it away, but one look at Joey told him he didn't mind the contact. As they talked, Joey let his hand drift a bit lower until it was completely covering Zak's hand, and when Zak didn't react negatively he actually began to run his fingers against the back of Zak's hand.

They talked quietly the whole time and somewhere along the way the accidental touching of their hands progressed to holding hands. Zak's little heart was in danger of beating out of his well defined chest, and he felt happier than he had in a long time. This was what he craved, the human touch. Emboldened by Joey's easy going attitude about what was happening, Zak gave Joey's hand a gentle squeeze, and then looking into his eyes he saw his own feelings mirrored there and he smiled.

"That's my house over there," Joey said finally, gently removing his hand from Zak's.

Zak felt a supreme loss, but he understood that hand holding was a private thing when you were a kid, though he hoped there would be a repeat of it on the way to his house.

Tapping on the rear window Zak pointed at the big white house with yellow brick on the corner, and Carlos slowed down then coasted into the driveway.

Zak helped him get his bicycle out of the truck and walked him up to the open garage door while he parked it inside.

"I'll be right back," Joey said zooming inside.

Zak walked over to the truck and stood outside Carlos' open window.

"So, things okay with you two?" Jake said grinning, "you sure were sitting close together."

"Jake, don't tease him," Carlos scolded.

"For your information...we held hands," Zak blurted out before he could stop himself. Was he annoyed by Jake's teasing, or perhaps trying to make him jealous?

"Way to go, little bro," Carlos said grinning, "you work fast."

"Naw, we just...I mean it just sort of happened," Zak said blushing.

Suddenly Jake was very quiet and the silence spoke volumes concerning his true feelings. He couldn't give Zak what he needed and wanted, so why did he care if some other boy did? He had no explanation for his feelings, but he guessed a guy's feelings were his feelings, and no one could explain or control them.

"I can come over," Joey said as he came bounding up all smiles, "but your mom needs to call mine, is that cool?"

"Yeah, that's cool. Come on let's go."

Back in the pickup bed they sat even closer now and there was no awkward fumbling this time. Their hands joined as soon as the truck began backing out of the driveway. This time they hardly spoke as they soaked up each other's soft warmth and drank in each other's exciting fragrance. It was puppy love at it's sweetest, and both boys were wallowing in the good feelings it brought.

At home Zak quickly explained to his folks what was going on, and though his mother gave his father a questioning look, she made the call to Joey's mom immediately. When she returned she was smiling and Zak relaxed.

"Your mother seems like a very sweet person, perhaps we can become friends as well...since you two seem to have already gotten close."

Both Zak and Joey blushed, and Zak quickly suggested they go get their snack. Carlos was already nuking some pizza rolls when they arrived in the kitchen, but Jake had disappeared as soon as they arrived.

"Where's Jake?"

"He said something about taking a nap. I told him he could use my bed since I figured you'd want to show Jake your room and your board and stuff."

"Oh, okay," Zak said feeling a little knot form in his stomach. Was Jake upset with him?

They snacked on pizza rolls, chips, and chocolate chip cookies, washing it down with sodas, and at some point Carlos excused himself and left them alone.

"Wanna see my room? It's okay if you don't," Zak said suddenly feeling very shy and unsure of himself.

"Yeah, I want to. If it's okay..."

"Sure come on," Zak said smiling once again as he led Joey up the stairs to the room he shared with Jake.

"It's big," Jake said looking around, "I guess it has to be so you both got enough space."

"Yeah, we sort of divided the room in half when Jake moved in. We share the desk and computer, but we have our own dresser and shelves and stuff. That's my board over there."

"Oh man, it's a nice one."

"Thanks. Hey, I gotta go use the bathroom. Be right back, just look around if you want."

Joey nodded. He wished he had the guts to suggest going with him, but it was too early for that kind of stuff and he knew it. He noticed a pair of socks by the bed Zak had claimed and with his heart nearly beating out of his chest he walked over and picked them up. They weren't dirty, dirty, but he could tell from the way they were stretched that they'd been Zak, he assumed, and that excited him. He would have preferred a worn pair of undies, but this was almost as good, and before he could stop himself he brought them to his nose and sniffed them. There was a pleasant musky odor, and the effect was immediate as Joey's cock sprang to it's full 5" length.

A noise from the bathroom spooked him and he threw the socks back down, but realizing it was only the toilet flushing he relaxed a little. I'm such a pervert, he thought frowning. Then remembering the way he and Braden used to wrestle and push their feet into each other's faces he smiled. He suspected that Braden had liked it as much as he did, and even though they were both quick to denounce it as gross, they continued to do it every chance they got.

When Zak emerged, Joey asked to use the bathroom, and after peeing he managed to get his erection under control. He looked around the bathroom and suddenly he noticed a blue wicker hamper near the door. His heart sped up again as he shook off the last few drops and stowed his mostly limp penis.

Trying to be as quiet as possible he walked over and opened the hamper lid and stared inside. On top was a striped t-shirt and sticking out from beneath it was a pair of plaid boxers. Were they Jake's or were they Zak's? He wondered. They were only a year apart in age, and very near the same size so it would be hard to tell...but he might never get a chance like this again.

Carefully pulling the boxers from beneath the tee, he held them up with shaky hands and inspected them. They were Hanes, size small, and in black marker on the tag were the initials ZM. Joey had no idea why they were marked, maybe he and Jake had trouble keeping their clothes sorted, or maybe Zak had gone to camp at one time, but for whatever reason, Joey thanked his lucky stars.

Realizing he was running out of time, he turned the boxers inside out and pressed the crotch to his nose and inhaled deeply. Oh my God, he screamed in his head, he smells so good. His cock sprang back to life as he flipped the boxers over and sniffed the backside. He tried not to moan, but he was suffering from sensual overload at this point.

He was tempted to pocket the boxers and save them for later, but coming back to his senses he took one last sniff then dropped them back into the hamper. Adjusting his hard cock as best he could, he flushed, washed his hands, and rejoined Zak. He figured he'd been gone all of five minutes, and Zak didn't look concerned so he relaxed. His little secret was safe, but he felt a little guilty now and he hated that feeling, even though it had totally been worth it.

Zak had kicked off his cleats at the door and suddenly Joey's attention was drawn to his calf length baseball socks. They were black and red and fit Zak's foot tightly, accentuating his feet nicely. He wondered if he'd ever find a boy who was interested in feet too, but he decided it was really no big deal. The most important thing was for the boy to be nice, and for them to like each other equally.

"Wanna sit down?" Zak asked patting the bed beside him.

"Oh...sure, yeah...definitely," Joey said nervously.

"Have you ever met someone and you just liked them right away?" Zak said staring straight ahead.

"Yeah, have you?" Joey replied. He thought he knew what Zak was saying, but he wasn't going to put himself out there yet.

"Duh," Zak laughed, "You silly head."

"Oh, yeah...I knew that. And the person I liked right away was you. I was said you and Jake were friends for a long time. Was it like that with you and him?"

"Well, we were pretty young, and you know how little kids are? They make friends really easy, but yeah I think it was like that. I mean we spent so much time together, how could we not get close?"

"He seems nice, but I don't think he likes me that much," Joey said frowning.

"Naw, he likes you just's just that since his mom died, he's been sort of different when it comes to other kids. I mean he's fine around family, but he hasn't seen any of his friends since school ended."

"Oh, yeah...I guess that would make you act different. I want him to like me, but as long as you do, it's okay."

"No worries there," Zak said gazing into Joey's baby blues, then as his heart began beating fast again he reached over and took Joey's hand. Holding his breath he waited for Joey's reaction.

"Your hand is bigger than mine," Joey said grinning as he laced his fingers into Zak's.

"It's probably from playing ball. It gets lots of exercise," Zak said grinning.

"I bet," Joey said grinning.

"What? Oh, that?" Zak said grinning, "I bet yours gets that kind of exercise too."

Joey just grinned wider. A soft knock on the door caused them to move apart and break their handhold, but it was only Carlos. Zak considered taking Joey's hand again, but he didn't want to embarrass him in front of his brother.

"Mom and dad said we should get going, they gotta stop by 7-11 for drinks and sunflower seeds," he said chuckling.

"My dad eats sunflower seeds like crazy when he watches my games," Zak laughed.

This time they all rode in the family SUV. Jake who had woken from his nap a bit grumpy, sat in the middle row of seats with Carlos, and Zak and Joey took the back seat. Zak considered initiating some hand holding, but he wasn't sure if he could get away with it with his folks so close by, so he settled for sitting as close to Joey as he could with their legs touching. It was almost too much for Joey, especially when Zak put his foot against his, sending electric shocks all through his body.

Zak could recognize Joey's unique scent already, and it was both comforting and exciting. He wondered what was beneath his trendy clothes, but he supposed it would be a while before they got to that stage in their relationship. For now hand holding was nice, and maybe at some point they'd progress to kissing.

Although Zak didn't have much experience kissing, except what his two girl pals had taught him, he knew he liked that kind of thing and it was important that whoever he got with liked it too. He didn't know what he would do if Joey didn't like kissing, but he supposed he'd figure that out, when and if, that time came.

Although it was still light out, the game would wind up being played under the lights, and night games were very different. This time Joey perched on the edge of the bleachers behind home plate and eventually Carlos and Jake joined him. Although he felt comfortable around Carlos, he still wasn't sure how he felt about Jake. He was cute and all, but he seemed kind of cold and distant. The weird thing was that he hadn't been that way the first day they'd met. Maybe he was just having a bad day, he decided, maybe I need to be more friendly.

"I'd like to come watch you play football sometime too," Joey said between innings.

"Sure, that'd be cool. Zak will be coming to all my games, so you two can come together," he said smirking at the double meaning of come together.

"Yeah, that'd be cool."

"We can squeeze you in," Carlos said, "since I'm gonna be Zak's wheels for a while.

"Just till I get my license," Jake said perking up, "I'll be 16 in July. Mom and dad already said I could use part of the insurance money for a good used car. I tried to talk them into a new one, but they wouldn't go for it."

"Cool, what kind of car you gonna get?"

"Dunno yet, but I like Hondas, I might get a Civic or something like that."


The game began again and Zak was third at bat. So far he'd struck out once, and hit a grounder between third and home and made it on base, but had gotten picked off trying for a steal. Carlos suspected he was trying to impress Joey, and he'd gone over to the dugout and had a little talk with him afterwards and he hoped it would help.

The first batter hit a nice one down the center and almost to the fence, and the right fielder called it and lost it in the lights, allowing the batter to make it to second. The second batter hit a line drive on his last pitch and advanced the runner to third and took first. With two men on Zak came to bat.

"Watch it close son," they heard Mr. Mason yell.

"You can do it Zak," Jake hollered.

"Yeah, you can do it," Joey yelled, and for one moment he and Zak locked eyes, then Zak nodded and turned his attention to the game, shutting everything else out.

The first pitch was garbage and Zak followed it down and laid off of it. Stepping out of the batter's box he kicked his cleats together, then shook his head and stepped back in. The second pitch was low but the ump called it a strike. Even though Zak disagreed with the call, he shook it off and prepared himself for the next pitch.

This one was a ball and Zak had it pegged from the moment it left the pitcher's hand. It was 1-2 now, plenty of room to relax and wait for the right pitch. Only the next pitch was the right pitch, but Zak misjudged it and let it pass for strike 2.

2-2 now and Zak knew he had to be careful or he'd have his first strike out for the evening. Stepping out of the box he took a few practice swings, banged his bat against both cleats to free the dust, then stepped back in. Twisting his feet, he got a good stance and bent low, locking eyes with the pitcher, a boy named Jeff that he knew from the previous year. He was good, but he wasn't perfect, and Zak was sure he could read him this time.

As soon as the ball left the pitcher's hand Zak's eyes and brain went to work tracking it. It was a good pitch and a powerful one, intended to look like a ball and then curve at the last minute, but Zak had it all figured out.

As soon as the ball reached him he stepped into it and swung as hard as he could. The resulting "thwack" of the aluminum bat was like music to Zak's ears, and he knew without looking that it was a good hit. Not even bothering to look for the ball as it flew up and away, he headed to first.

Mike was at first and he took off running as soon as Zak did, and at third Jeff wasted no time claiming home. Both of the other players saw what Zak had only felt, but hadn't seen yet, that the ball was headed over the fence. It was Zak's first triple of the season and his third home run, and as he rounded second, with his hands held high he was grinning like a madman.

Everyone in the stands were on their feet, yelling and cheering Zak on, but none as loud as The Masons and Joey. Across the field the other team's supporters were groaning and whining about their bad luck, although a few had to admit that Zak had made a spectacular play.

As Zak crossed home plate he was greeted by his fellow teammates and given back pats and hugs by the happy teens. Joey felt a little jealous of the boys hugging and bumping against Zak, and he hoped he could do some congratulating of his own once they were alone again.

The score was 6-4, and the Black Hawks were winning by two runs. It was the top of the fourth and still anyone's game, but fired up by Zak's triple, the rest of the team rallied and closed ranks and won the game 8-5. A tired but happy Zak came running up after the team was dismissed and hugged his parents.

"You did great honey," his mom said hugging him and ignoring his sweaty teen smell.

"Good job son, smell son," his dad laughed.

"I sweated a lot, especially just before I hit that homer."

"That was awesome little bro," Carlos said hugging Zak and patting him on the back.

"Yeah, you did great," Jake said giving him a bro hug.

"I never liked baseball that much before, but now that I've seen you play I love it," Joey said, then blushed.

"It's so much fun, especially when you win, but even when you don't it's fun. It's just so intense being out there and playing. The other guys are great and we really take care of each other out there."

"Well, you have a great coach and a good bunch of kids playing," Mr. Mason said, "and it shows on the field."

On the way home they stopped by Pizza Hut and picked up three large pizzas. It had already been decided that Joey could stay for Pizza, and Carlos had agreed to take him home afterwards. Once the boys had their plates full of pizza, and with sodas in hand, they went off to the family room to watch TV and chow down.

Zak and Joey sat down in the floor behind the coffee table while Jake and Carlos perched on the couch behind them. Jake couldn't help but notice how close the two were sitting, and for some reason unknown to him, it made him uncomfortable.

"This is the best day I've had since I moved here," Joey said smiling at Zak.

"I had fun too. And I get to play again tomorrow. Are you gonna come tomorrow?"

"I'll try, it depends on what my folks are doing. Sundays are usually family day for us."

"Oh,'s cool if you can't, you got to come today and that was cool."

After the pizza, Zak and Joey reluctantly piled into Carlos' pickup for the short drive to Joey's. When they arrived Zak walked Joey to the door, and though what he really wanted to do was hug Joey, he settled for a pat on the back and a fist bump.

"I'll text you tomorrow and tell you for sure if I'm coming to your game."

"Okay, cool. Uh, think you could text me later, maybe when you go to bed. Do your folks get mad if you do stuff like that?"

"They'd never know," Joey laughed, "when they go to bed they sleep like the dead."

"So...wanna text me later?" Zak almost pleaded.

"Yeah, how about at 10, will you be in bed by then?"

"I will now," Zak said happily, "Well, I better get going. Talk to ya' later."

"At 10," Joey said grinning, "I had an awesome time at your game."

"I'm glad you liked it...well...later dude."

"Yeah, later."

In the truck Carlos was grinning, but he didn't say anything right away.

"What?" Zak said finally.

"Nothing, you two just look so cute together," he said smiling warmly.

"Aww...we just met, but...I gotta say...I really, really like him."

"And he likes you too, I can tell."

"You think so?" Zak said excitedly, "I mean, yeah...I know he does. He's gonna text me 10, so we can get to know each other better."

"Okay, but no sexting," Carlos teased.

Zak blushed bright red, "I wouldn't do that. You know me better than that."

"I know, I was only teasing. But that is serious stuff. Some kids have actually been arrested for it...because it's technically child porn."

"I know, but that's stupid. I mean it's not like they're selling it to old perverts. It's just kids having fun."

"I agree, but that's the law and we have to obey it."

"I know, no worries there anyway. We just wanna talk, that's all. I mean I don't even know if he likes that stuff. I messed up once, it's not gonna happen again. I'm gonna take it slow."

"Sure you are," Carlos said grinning, "first date and holding hands already."

Zak blushed, "That was nice, but it doesn't mean anything. I mean sometimes know, touch just cause they like each other."

"Yeah, like a bromance. I think that's awesome little brother."

"But Jake doesn't think it's awesome, does he?" Zak said frowning.

"I think he's fine with it, he just...he has a lot on his mind, that's all."

"Joey said he didn't think Jake liked him, but Joey is really trying to be friendly to him."

"I know, he said he wanted to go to Jake's football games with you, and Jake seemed happy about that."

"I just hope they can be friends, cause I think Joey and I are gonna be really good friends, and I want Jake to like him."

"I'm sure he does. Don't worry so much."

As soon as they got home Zak zoomed upstairs and stripped off his clothes and hopped in the shower. He was especially dirty from playing ball and he took a long hot shower and washed his hair. As he was drying off he checked himself in the mirror and was pleased at the way he looked. He wondered if Joey was showering right now and what his body looked like naked. Did he have a lot of hair down there, or a little like himself? How big was his penis, was he cut, uncut? A million questions and no answers, and he figured it would be a long time, if ever, before he found out the answers.

After drying off, he slipped on a pair of boxers, his preferred sleeping garment, and headed off to bed. Jake hadn't been around when he came in and he wondered where he was hiding, but he was too excited to give it too much thought.

He glanced at the bedside clock, 9:40. He had 20 minutes. For once he hoped Jake would stay up later and he'd have the room to himself, but a few minutes later he heard the shower running, and ten minutes later Jake appeared dressed in shorts and a tee.

"I'm gonna go hang out with Carlos for a while, wanna come?"

"Uh, no...I'm pretty tired," Zak said hoping Jake and Carlos would watch a movie or something. Then it dawned on him, maybe Carlos was purposely keeping Jake away so he could have some privacy when he texted with Joey.

"Okay, well...goodnight. You did good today. I was proud of you," Jake said smiling.

"Thanks, that means a lot coming from you," Zak said sincerely.

Jake nodded, "Well...goodnight. I'll try not to wake you when I come to bed."

"Okay, thanks. Have fun."

By ten Zak was on pins and needles wondering if Joey would text, but his fears soon flew away as the first text came through.

Joey: Hey you awake?

Zak: Of course, I couldn't sleep till I talked to

Joey: Yeah, me too

Zak: Are you in bed?

Joey: Yeah, I'm

Zak: Oh man, you got

Joey: Are you naked?

Zak: Naw, boxers

Joey thought about the boxers he'd discovered in Zak's hamper and his cock jumped a little as he remembered Zak's spicy teen scent in them.

Joey: I wear mostly boxer briefs, but sometimes I sleep in boxers

Zak: I always wear boxers for sleeping..more ball

Joey: Is that a problem? lol, are they that big?

Zak: Naw, but I like my boys to hang

God, Zak was really turning him on with all this ball talk. His cock was rock hard now and he was rubbing it through his boxer briefs making it feel really good.

Joey: Your boys huh? A log and two

Zak: Yeah, more like a kielbasa and two

Joey: too

That was a pleasant picture for Zak to envision. Maybe they were about the same size down there. Since things were going so well he decided to get a bit more personal.

Zak: I don't have much hair though...yet.

Oh God, this was really getting good now, Joey thought as he snaked his hand down into his undies.

Joey: Me either, none on my

Zak: Me either, but I like how it looks (Zak blushed despite the privacy of the conversation)

Joey: Me too, I think too much hair is gross

Zak: Me too

Joey: Can I ask you a personal question?

Zak: Yes

Joey: Are you hard?


Joey: Good, it's not just me

Zak: Are you know?

Joey: Sort of doing it now

Zak: OMG, me too

Zak had been rubbing himself the whole time just as Joey had, and now he pushed his boxers on down and began some serious stroking.

Joey: I never thought I'd meet someone so much like me so soon

Zak: What, a horny teen? LOL, we're horny all the time.

Joey: You know what I mean, right?

Zak: Yeah, I liked holding hands

Joey: Me too. That was totally unexpected, but awesome

Zak: You started

Joey: Did you mind?

Zak: Noooo...I loved it.

Joey: Good, cause I did too.

Zak: Are you gonna...finish it off?

Joey: Maybe, are you?

Zak: If you want to, it's hard texting with one

Joey: We could skype

Zak: Better not, that's too risky.

Joey: JK...maybe I'll save it for later

Zak: Yeah, me too.

Joey: So...did you and Jake ever hold hands?

Zak: Not really. When we were little kids maybe.

Joey: It wasn't like that?

Zak: No, not for him.

Joey: liked him that way?

Zak: I shouldn't talk about this, but yeah..sort of

Joey: That explains something

Zak: What?

Joey: Why Jake doesn't like me

Zak: What do you mean?

Joey: Maybe he did like you only he was afraid to admit it

Zak: I don't think so. He ran away when I tried to tell him how I felt and we didn't talk for a long time.

Joey: So he only came back when your folks adopted him?

Zak: No, but I think his mom may have said something to him. He said she made him start thinking about what a jerk he was.

Joey: Sounds like he was a jerk.

Zak: I sort of surprised him and I guess he freaked

Joey: I don't wanna talk about him though. I wanna talk about you and me.

Zak smiled.

Zak: I wish you were here right now.

Joey: What would you do?

Zak: Can't tell

Joey: it dirty? lol

Zak: Naw, but sort of sexy.

Joey: Pleeeze...tell me.

Zak: might not like it.

Joey: I bet I would.

Zak: First I gotta know...have you ever kissed anyone?

Joey: Yes

Zak was almost afraid to ask who he'd kissed.

Zak: Did you like it?

Joey: Uh huh

Zak: So do you want to do it again?

Joey: Yessss

Zak: LOL...with who?


Zak: too

Joey: You want to kiss yourself? LOL


Joey: I am sooo hard

Zak: Me too

There was no reply for a few minutes and Zak was afraid he'd said too much.

Joey: My mom knocked on my door. I had to get under the covers real fast to hide my

Zak: LOL, what did she say?"

Joey: She said I should quit texting and go to

Zak: Awww....too bad. When will you know if you can come to my game?

Joey: I'll text you as soon as I find out tomorrow.

Zak: OK...well...goodnight

Joey: Nite...are you know...finish

Zak: Yeah, are you?

Joey: Duh...aren't you?

Zak: hope you can come my

Joey:, too

Zak: Well...goodnite...ttyl

Joey: K...

Zak laid his home down, but a minute or so later he was alerted to a text and when he opened it, it was a head shot selfie of Joey. Zak smiled and immediately took one of himself and sent it back with his thanks.

Joey: Welcome. Thanks for yours.

Zak was still staring at Joey's pic when Jake quietly opened the door. Once he saw Zak was still awake he came over and sat down on his bed.

"Whatcha' looking at?"

"Oh nothing," Zak said turning off his phone, "Movie over?"

"It was lame so we gave up on it. Did you text your bf?" he said giving Zak a playful shove.

"He's not my boyfriend," Zak grumbled, his face turning bright red.

"You like him though," Jake said quietly, "he came to your he must like you too...and (taking a deep breath) you two held hands."

"So...that doesn't mean we're in love or anything..."

"No, I guess not. Look...I just want you to know that I'm happy for you, and if this kid makes you happy then...then that's great. But...if he ever hurts you..."

"Ha, that sounds strange coming from you," Zak said glaring at Jake, "Since you sort of hurt me yourself."

Jake sighed, "I know, I know. I was stupid, I was wrong, and I am so sorry. I hope someday you will forgive me, but till then....I'm gonna watch out for you and not let anyone else do to you what I did."

"You can't protect me from stuff like that. If it happens, it happens, but I'm going slow this time. I'm being careful. I won't put myself out there unless I know he...uh, someone else feels the same way."

"Okay, okay, but I want to help. I really mean that. I promise I won't be a dick about this...this whatever. And...I've been thinking. I wasn't very nice to uh, Joey...and I'm sorry. I'll try to be nicer, okay?"

"Are you jealous?" Zak teased.

"Maybe," Jake said surprising Zak, "Not like you think though...but we just became friends again and we have a lot of catching up to do...and we're brothers now. I don't want anything to come between us again, that's all."

Zak smiled and sat up and put his arm around Jake, "Look, nothing is going to come between us. You have your friends, and I have mine, but we're still brothers and friends, and we sleep in the same room," Zak laughed, "So we're gonna see each other every day, and we'll do family stuff, and make time for each other. It's gonna be great."

"I know, I just wanted to be honest with you. I don't want shit to get like it was before. We just need to be honest with each other."

Zak looked into Jake's eyes. How can I be honest? He wondered, How can I tell you how I feel and not cause trouble between us?

"Okay, I'll try, but remember...there are still some feelings that won't go away."

Jake shook his head knowingly, "Yeah, I guess that goes for both of us. Well, goodnight little brother. Sweet dreams...of Joey," he teased prodding Zak playfully before zooming off to the bathroom.

Zak slapped at him, but he was too fast and Zak wasn't about to chase him. Instead he laid back down and gave him a dirty look.

"Just you wait till you find some girl you like, I am going to return the favor."

"Oh no!" Jake said feigning terror, "Not that. Just don't show her the picture of us peeing off the patio when we were four or five."

Zak had forgotten about that picture. The two families had been having a cookout or something and he and Jake had just whipped it out and took a piss off the patio right in front of everyone, their pants pushed to their feet and their little white butts in plain view. The adults had roared with laughter and Jake's mom had snapped a picture for posterity.

"I'm not that mean," Zak said, but Jake had already gone into the bathroom.

Zak could hear him pissing and then the sound of water running as he washed his hands and then brushed his teeth. He thought about all the times they'd pissed side by side over the years, crossing their streams and then playing sword fights with their little penises. When they were older and discovered the joys of masturbation, there were new games to play and that led to...well to trouble in the end.

Jake emerged from the bathroom about then, dressed only in his boxers and carrying his clothes. Zak tried not to stare, but Jake was just so lovely, so sexy, and half naked to boot. Pretending he didn't see Zak's furtive looks he crossed to his side of the room and neatly folded his clothes and laid them on the dresser.

Zak stared at Jake's backside the whole time, tracing the length of his perfectly straight spine to the swell of his buttocks. For a boy, Jake had an above average ass, two plump firm mounds of smooth flesh that were perfect in every way.

Zak thought about the first time he had ever touched Jake back there and he smiled. They were no more than nine or ten when it happened. They'd been wrestling in the back yard and Jake had pinned Zak. They were both wearing gym shorts, and in retaliation Zak had yanked Jake's gym shorts down and slapped his ass smartly. Jake had giggled and wiggled and rolled off, but in the process he had caused his shorts to ride even lower revealing all of his creamy white ass.

Zak had felt something at that moment that he had never felt before. His cock was hard and his stomach was full of butterflies, breathless, his heart racing, he jumped up and ran inside just to get away from the torment of those new feelings.

"Were you checking out my ass?" Jake said sounding amused.

"Huh, no....I was just spaced out, that's all," Zak said shaking his head to clear it.

"It's okay to look. Just no touching," he laughed.

"Gross, who'd wanna touch that dirty thing?" Zak said sticking out his tongue.

"So you were looking at my ass," Jake said smugly.

Zak sighed and threw a pillow at Jake, "Shut up and go to sleep. I'm tired and I got a game tomorrow."

"Okay, okay...goodnight," Jake said tossing the pillow back.

As he turned off the bedside light he frowned. He hadn't meant to embarrass Zak or put him on the defensive, but from the way he was acting he was sure Zak had been looking.

Jake lay there for awhile thinking about things, but he couldn't leave things like they were.

"You asleep?"

"Yes," Zak giggled.

"I just wanted to say...I'm sorry about teasing you."

"Hey, it's no big deal. It's what friends...and brothers do."

"Yeah, I guess so," Jake chuckled with relief.

"So we're good?"

"Yeah, we're good. Goodnight."


So much for finishing jerking off, Zak thought. He wondered if Joey was doing it, or if he'd finished, and what he was thinking about. Forgetting all about Jake, he pictured Joey's cute face and fantasized that he was kissing him. Grabbing his pillow he hugged it to him and sighed. Snuggled up to his pillow he soon drifted off to sleep.

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