Big Bro, Little Bro

by Rob Warr

Chapter 2

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living or dead is purely coincidental. This story is about teenage boys in love and all that that entails. If such is offensive to you then please look elsewhere. All others please enjoy and let me know how much you've enjoyed my story. Please click my name to reveal my email address for comments.

This story is the sole property of the author Rob Warr and should not be reproduced or reposted without his consent. Copyright © 2019 by Rob Warr. All rights reserved.


Carlos stashed his books in his locker and looked around quickly to make sure no one was watching him. He'd had some trouble lately with a few of the older boys, especially the jocks, and he was constantly aware of his surroundings. He wasn't exactly paranoid, nor was he scared of them, but he liked to be prepared for any contingency that might occur.

"Hey Carlos, what's for lunch...tacos?" a familiar voice called out from behind him.

"I don't know Slater, whatever they're having in the cafeteria today." Carlos said trying to keep his cool. Slater was the captain of the football team and had a following, both male and female, and he was capable of making his life a living hell if he wanted to.

"Sure you don't have any tacos in your locker Carlos?" the big jock said pulling Carlos' locker door open and digging through his things, knocking his books and papers on the floor.

"Hey, what are you doing man? Leave my stuff alone," Carlos said stepping in and grabbing Slater's hand.

"Hey, fag...I don't hold hands," Slater said loud enough to attract the attention of a dozen or so other students.

"Man, why you gotta be such a jerk? Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Awww...poor baby, are you gonna cry? Weve me awone," he sassed in a baby voice.

"What's going on here?" a deep male voice said from behind them.

"Uh, nothing Mr. Thompson," Slater said stepping back, all the while giving Carlos a warning look.

"Well, move along Slater, class is about to begin and I'm sure Coach Miller wouldn't want you to be late for class...again."

"Yes sir, going sir," Slater said giving him a little salute, then turning to Carlos he mouthed the word, "Later."

"You okay Carlos?" Mr. Thompson said when Slater was gone.

"Yes sir, fine. Thank you sir," he said bending down to pick up his books.

Mr. Thompson knew that he wasn't, that he was the brunt of quite a bit of teasing and bullying, but unless he actually witnessed it, or the boy reported it, he was helpless to intervene. He knew Bob Slater and his buddies were behind most of it, and actually inciting others to follow his lead, but the kid was golden in the eyes of the other faculty members simply because of his athletic abilities. But no one was invincible and Mr. Thompson knew that if he had proof he could put a stop to it. Unfortunately getting the proof had not been easy.

"If you ever need to talk..."

"I'm fine sir, he's a jerk, but I can handle it," Carlos said smiling.

Mr. Thompson nodded, but he could see the pain and uncertainty in the boy's eyes and that made him even more determined to put an end to the bullying.

"Okay, well...if you ever do, feel free to come to me. Meanwhile, you'd better get to class."

"Yes sir, on my way."

Fortunately Carlos didn't share any classes with Slater, but he did share English Lit with one of his closest buddies, Mike Miller, the coach's son. Carlos sat on the front row and Mike in the back and when Mike passed by Carlos' desk he pretended to stumble and in the process planted a fist in Carlos ribs.

"Ow, watch it," Carlos said loudly, but the teacher was still standing in the hall and hadn't witnessed the assault.

"No, you watch it beaner, and you better not be snitching or you'll really get it."

Carlos fumed for a couple of minutes as he waited for the teacher to start class and then he forgot about the incident as he delved into the lesson. He loved English Lit and aspired to be a writer some day. He'd won an essay contest the previous year and rose all the way to State before being shut out by a girl from the state capital.

"I want all of you to be thinking about a story idea. You may choose the story subject, as long as it's not obscene," she said eliciting a laugh from the students, "It can be fiction or fact, but must conform to certain guidelines," she said as she began to pass out the list of guidelines, "I will give you two weeks to finish it and... the best five will be read aloud in class and the class will decided one winner from those five."

"What do we get if we win?" Mike Miller said raising his hand.

"The satisfaction of a job well done and the respect and envy of your peers."


"Mr. Miller is there anything else you would like to share with us?"

"No...uh ma'am," he said turning red. As the coach's son he got away with a lot of stuff and took advantage of that fact every chance he got. Still he knew his dad would kill him if he caused too much trouble.

The bell rang then and Carlos went to his next class hurrying out and hoping to avoid Mike Miller and any further altercation. Fortunately one of his best friends John Phillips was waiting for him outside the door.

"Hey Carlos, we still on for tonight?"

"Absolutely, it cool if Zak comes with us?"

"Hey, the more the merrier. Zak's cool."

"Good, cause I know he wants to come even though he said he'd have to think about it," Carlos laughed.

"Okay, can you pick me up then? My mom is working and has the car."

"No problem, I'll pick you up about six thirty."

Carlos made it through the rest of the day without any further trouble, that is until he got to his pickup in the student parking lot. Someone had written "Wet Back" in shaving cream all over the front windshield and back glass and "Beaner" and a few other ethnic slurs on the hood and sides.

Carlos was livid with rage. His Ranger was his baby, his pride and joy, and he and his dad had made a project of fixing it up. It had brought them closer together and he'd been proud that he could do something with his dad, something that turned out so well.

A small crowd had gathered around, including John who took one look, whipped out his phone and began taking pictures all around.

"This is enough of this shit," John said shaking with anger, "If you don't report this, I will. It has Slater's name written all over it, but he probably had some of his toadies do it for him so he wouldn't get in trouble."

"It's just shaving cream," Carlos said trying to calm John down. The last thing he wanted was to get the school involved, because he knew if his dad got wind of this he would make a big deal out of it.

"Doesn't matter, it's bullying and a...a...hate crime," John said turning bright red with anger.

"Come on, it's just a joke..."

"A Joke? Carlos wake up! These guys gotta be stopped before they do something worse, something permanent."

"Please John, let me handle this. I don't want my folks getting involved with this. I've caused them enough trouble."

"What trouble? Man, you're practically golden. You even treat your little brother like he was your best friend. Your folks know what a good kid you are and they wouldn't want you going through this shit."

"Please, if you're my friend you'll let this go and let me handle it."

John sighed, "You know I'm your friend. Okay, for now...but if it gets worse the promise is off."

"Thanks, now can you help me clean some of this off. I got a roll of paper towels in the truck."

"Okay, but can I bum a ride home?"

"You know you can amigo."

They cleaned up the windows enough so Carlos could see to drive to a nearby carwash and there he hosed off the evidence of his tagging and then drove John home.

"Thanks man, I'll see ya at 6:30 okay?"

"Sure...and thanks know, letting me handle this."

"For now," John said shaking his head, "You sure are stubborn."

As Carlos drove home he thought about all that had happened and he frowned. Why did some people have to be such jerks? He couldn't help it because his skin was brown or where his parents were born. His blood was red just like the white boys and he had the same feelings, only he didn't hate people because they were different. He accepted people as they were and usually got along well with everyone.

He knew his little brother Zak had his share of problems too, and that if he ever came out it would be even worse. But he also knew that if anyone ever did anything to his little bro, they'd have to answer to him. He could take it for himself, but they had better leave his bro alone.

The Movie was Gardians of the Galaxy and the boys had a wonderful time, laughing and filling up on popcorn and watered down sodas, and candy bars they'd smuggled in. The movie was over by 9:15 and they decided to drive around a while since their curfew wasn't until 11.

The main drag of their town was six miles along Oakwood drive and eventually came to the mall at the south end and at the other end was the state highway leading out of town. On the weekends the street was packed end to end with cars filled with teens and young college age kids, meeting friends at the mall or at one of the dozens of food places or other hang outs, but on this weekday night the traffic was light.

"Can we get ice cream?" Zak asked, "I'm buying since you sprung for the movie."

"Sure, DQ or Sonic?"

"Umm..Sonic...I want a cream pie shake."

The Sonic was located about a mile from the mall, and even though it was a weeknight the place was busy. They pulled up in a slot across from the restaurant and Carlos ordered for them. The carhop brought the order and they were surprised to see that it was one of the girls from school.

"Hi Brenda," John said smiling. He thought Brenda was cute and from what little contact he'd had with her she seemed nice.

"Hi John, hi Carlos," she said giving Carlos a big smile and practically ignoring John after her greeting, "Is this your little brother?"

"Yes, this is Zak, the famous baseball player," Carlos said proudly.

"Oh yeah, you guys won the league championship...right?"

"Uh, yeah," Zak said blushing, "but it was a team effort...and we got a great coach."

Zak paid for the order and told Brenda to keep the change.

"Thank you cutie, that's really sweet of you. Well, goodnight boys, enjoy your ice cream. See you at school tomorrow Carlos...and John."

When she was gone Zak laughed, "Wow, she was all over you big brother."

"Yeah, and she treated me like I had the plague," John sighed.

"What? No she was just being nice. I've never even so much as talked to her before."

"Well, maybe you should. She seemed to light up when she saw you," John said. "If I gotta lose to someone I guess I'd rather it be you."

"You guys are just imagining it. Anyway...I'm not looking for a girlfriend right now."

"Oh, are you looking for a boyfriend then?" John teased. Although he had his suspicions about Zak he didn't know for sure that he was gay, so teasing Carlos didn't seem inappropriate.

"No, of course not...I have you for that," Carlos teased.

"Oh, are we that way?" John joked, pretending to be interested.

"Only when you're asleep," Carlos teased, "shouldn't sleep on your stomach amigo."

"Ouch, no wonder I have rhoids."

"But seriously guys, I'm not looking for a girlfriend...or a boyfriend right now."

"So you're open to either," John teased.

"Who knows? Love is not a choice," Carlos said smiling mysteriously as he gently and unobtrusively nudged Zak.

After they ate their ice cream they drove around a while longer then dropped John off and headed home. It was almost 10:30 by the time they got there and both of their parents were already in bed. Some parents might have waited up, but the Mason's trusted their boys, especially Carlos, and though they might worry about them being in an accident, they never worried they'd abuse their privileges. To be fair they both woke when they heard the boys come in, and then content that everything was fine, they went right back to sleep.

"I'm beat," Carlos said stripping off his shirt as he reached his door, "Goodnight bro."

"Night Carlos. Thanks for letting me go with you guys, I had fun."

"Me too bro, we should do that more often."

"Yeah, definitely. Well, goodnight. See ya' in the morning."

Since they'd showered before the movie both boys stripped down and fell into bed. Zak thought about the movie theater and how he and Jake used to go there at least once a month. He'd had fun tonight, but he supposed he would always feel that way. He wondered what Jake was doing right now. Was he dreaming of Rebecca or jerking off picturing her body? He wondered how far they'd gone. Had they felt each other up yet, or worse had they done the deed? He frowned when he thought about his handsome and sexy Jake getting all sweaty laying on a girl, but he had to admit it would be sort of sexy to watch.

He supposed he would eventually get over Jake, but he just couldn't see that happening any time soon. He wished he had someone to make him forget, but he supposed that wasn't going to happen either. He was too tired to jerk off so he turned over on his stomach and positioned his pillow so he could breath. This was his favorite way of going to sleep and it didn't take long.

A short distance away in his room, Carlos thought about the trouble at school and how best to handle it. He knew John was probably right, that something had to be done soon before things got worse, but he just couldn't bring himself to get any adults involved at this point. He'd always handled his own problems growing up, not that there were that many problems when he was younger, and he wasn't about to change that now if he could help it. He worried about Zak though. He didn't want Zak to have to go through the same thing he was going through. Being gay was just another way of being different, even if it wasn't as obvious from just looking at someone. But to be Hispanic and gay would be even worse. He was thankful he didn't have to face that, but the truth was he didn't know exactly what he was when it came to sex.

Sure he'd done his share of messing around with his buddies when he was younger, especially with John, but that had ended when they'd turned 14 or so, and while he sort of missed it, he didn't dwell on it. He guessed he liked girls all right. He thought some of them were pretty and he especially liked how their butts looked, but most of them were so stuck up that he never got close to any.

He smiled when he thought about how friendly Brenda had been. Was it just an act or was she really into him? He was too shy to persue her, but it was flattering to think someone might be interested in him. He tried to remember if he had any classes with her and vaguely remembered seeing her in some class, but he couldn't remember which one. Well, next time he saw her he'd be sure to say hello and just see what she did. Maybe in school she wouldn't be as friendly. After all most kids answered to peer pressure and if it wasn't cool to be seen with the Spanish kid then she would probably be as cold as all the rest.

Despite being tired he was fully awake now and his hand crept down to his cock and soon he was hard. Usually he didn't think about anyone, female or male, as he masturbated, but tonight he kept picturing Brenda in her Sonic uniform and wondering what was beneath it. He came hard and as he recovered he felt a little weird about what had just happened. He fell asleep thinking about Brenda and wondering if he was finally starting to figure out his sexuality. He wasn't stressed over it though. He'd been so cool about Zak being gay because he understood some of the things he was feeling. He knew what it was like to be different and he admired Zak for accepting his differences and sharing his secret with him. He loved his little brother and he was committed to making sure he was safe, and that included coming to his defense if he was ever subject to the kind of bullying he had gone through. He supposed the kid would have to learn to do some of his own fighting, but as long as Carlos was around no one had better mess with his little bro.

"Two flats? Come on man, that's no accident. Someone either punctured your tires or let the air out," John said as he and Carlos stood beside his pickup truck.

Carlos squatted down and inspected the nearest tire for damage, but finding none he removed the valve cover and discovered the valve core was missing. "They took the valve cores. At least they didn't ruin my tires. I have a couple of replacements in the garage at home."

"How will you get home on two flats?"

Carlos looked panicky, "I...guess I could walk home and get them..."

"Carlos, need to get help on this before it gets worse. Call your folks and tell them what happened. Tell them it was a prank or something, but don't go this alone...please."

Carlos bit his lip and stood up just in time to see a red BMW convertible headed their way. The driver was none other than Bob Slater, the cause of all Carlos' troubles.

"What's wrong Carlos, did the donkey cart break down?" he smirked as he came to a stop beside them.

"You know what's wrong," John fumed, "you and your buddies let the air out of his tires."

"Shut up Phillips, this is none of your business. Maybe you oughta' think about hanging out with your own kind."

"Carlos is my friend you fucktard and I'll hang out with whoever I want."

"Watch it asswipe, if I didn't have to be a football practice in ten minutes, I'd wipe that shit eating grin off your face."

"Bring it on," John said, prepared to fight and die if necessary. He was no coward, not like this bunch, but he knew Slater could chew him up and spit him out without any trouble. The guy was huge and it was all muscle. Rumor had it he was hung like a horse too, not that John cared, but it seemed like the guy had everything, so why was he such an asshole?

Carlos moved closer to John and puffed himself up trying to look taller than his 5'8" but he was no match for the behemoth in his little red convertible. "Lay off Slater. Look I've been a pretty good sport about all this...this...harrassment, but it's gone far enough."

"What are you gonna do, rat us out? Ha, I'm the fucking football Captain and my old man practically owns this fucking town. You think anyone cares about a wet back like you?"

"I'm not a wet back, my parents were US Citizens. Do you even know what that term means?"

"Yeah, it means you need to go back to fucking Mexico. We don't need any more beaners to mow our lawns. We got plenty."

"I'm not going anywhere. This is my home, so you're just gonna have to get used to it. I've lived here almost all my life and I never had any trouble until I met you and your bunch. Why does it bother you so much that I'm different than you?"

"My dad says people like you are what's wrong with our country today. Most of your people are criminals and you'll be just like them."

"I'm not a criminal, but can you say the same?"

Slater had no quick comeback for that one, so instead he just snarled up his nose and revved his engine, "I don't have time for this shit. I gotta get to practice. Just watch out...both of you, this isn't over yet."

He squealed his tires as he pulled away, earning him a dirty look from one of the teachers who was just getting in her car.

"Man, that guy is a real asshole. I can't believe he has a fucking BMW convertible. Just because his old man owns half the town he thinks he's hot shit. Boy is he in for a shock when he gets out on his own."

"Hey, you guys okay?" It was Kenny Evans, another of Carlos' friends and he was driving his mom's mini van today.

"Don't suppose you could give me a ride to get some valve cores. Someone took two of mine."

"Three guesses as to who it was, and two don't count," Kenny said frowning. "I saw him driving off in a cloud of dust. Yeah, come on jump in."

Instead of going home to get the valve cores and risk running into his mom, they went to a nearby tire shop and picked a couple up for a little of nothing. By the time they got back to school it was pushing 4 o'clock and Carlos was worried about being late getting home. Not that his mom didn't trust him, but she would be worried if he didn't call.

"Hi mom, it's me Carlos. No...I'm okay. Just running late. Just didn't want you to worry. Yeah, love you too...bye."

"You are so cool," John said as Carlos hung up.

"Just don't want them to worry, that's all."

Once the valve cores were installed they used a hand pump to air the tires up enough to get to a gas station where Carlos finished filling them, checking the other two in the process. Then dropping John off at last he headed home.

As soon as he stepped in the front door Zak bounced in to greet him. "Hey bro, are ya' hungry? I made ya' a PB&J."

"Sounds great, with a glass of milk," Carlos said ruffling his younger brother's hair affectionately.

Zak had already eaten but he kept Carlos company while he ate his sandwich and sipped his milk.

" you have to work today?"

"I'm not scheduled, and so far no one has called asking me to come in, so I think I'm free."

"Cool, if you don't have any plans....maybe we could play some video games."

"Sure, but first I need to shower and change. I'm all sweaty...I had to change a flat." It was a little white lie, but in a way he did change a tire, or at least the valve core and the air.

"Okay, I'll go up and start the game, just come on in when you're done."

"Should I dress first?" Carlos teased.

"I don't care. We're both guys," Zak said grinning, "If you want to play naked, I'll lose my clothes too."

"You wish," Carlos laughed.

While Zak set up the game he thought about what it would be like to see Carlos naked. Would he pop a boner? Would Carlos? What would it mean if they did? Would it mean they were attracted to each other, or would it be just an automatic response? After all they were both teens, and their hormones were raging, and boners were a way of life.

He was shaken out of his thoughts by the arrival of Carlos, but much to his disappointment, Carlos was dressed.

" aren't naked," Zak teased.

"I didn't think you could stand the excitement," Carlos teased back.

"Is it that big?"

"Well, how big is big? I'm 6" if that helps."

Zak was surprised that Carlos was so candid, and it took him a minute to reply. "Bigger than me, I'm only 5 inches.

"And I'm two years older. You'll grow. You might be bigger than me some day."

"Really, you think so? 7 inches would be cool...when I'm older I mean."

"Enough dick talk," Carlos laughed, "Let's play the game."

"Oh sure...yeah, no problem." Zak said blushing.

They played till dinner time and after dinner they joined their parents and watched TV till around nine. Zak took a shower and dressed for bed, but he wasn't sleepy. Knocking on Carlos' door he smiled when his older brother granted him permission to enter.

"What's up bro?"

"Nothin', just not sleepy yet. Can we talk a minute?"

"Sure, come lay by me," Carlos said patting a place beside him on the bed. He was stretched out in his boxers and shirtless and Zak thought he looked extra sexy tonight.

As Zak stretched out he made sure to keep a reasonable distance between them, but he still managed to touch Carlos' foot with his causing an electric shock to run through both of them.

"Sorry..." Zak muttered.

"No problem. So...what did you want to talk about."

"I was wondering. Does John know, about me?"

"Well, if he does he didn't hear it from me. He might have figured it out on his own though, but don't worry, John is totally cool with stuff like that. Look how he takes up for me..." Carlos said without thinking.

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"Nothing, just that some guys at school give me a hard time cause I'm Hispanic, and John and some of the other guys take up for me, that's all."

Zak frowned, he'd suspected for a while now that things weren't as easy for Carlos as he let on. He knew some kids could be real jerks when it come to anyone that was different, and that was why he was so careful to hide his own differences. For a while he'd feared that Jake would spread the word and he'd be ruined, but to Jake's credit he had never told anyone what had happened that night of Zak's 13th birthday.

"What do they do? I mean do they just say stuff or do know, actually pick on you or do mean stuff to you?" Zak asked worriedly.

"Naw, it's no big deal. You know how some guys are, especially jocks. They just have to run their mouths and try to make other kids think they're better or something."

"Do mom and dad know about this stuff?"

"Naw, nothing to tell really. I'm not a baby, I can handle my own problems," Carlos said stiffly.

"I know. Sorry, I just worry about you, that's all."

"It's okay, I promise little brother...everything will be fine. It's no big deal." But he knew it was a big deal and if something didn't happen soon he'd have to get someone in authority involved.

"Okay, good."

"So, did you see that boy you like today. What's his name...Luke?"

"Actually...yeah, I said hi to him and he said hi back," Zak said smiling.

"That's a start. Maybe tomorrow you can think of something else to say," Carlos chuckled.

"So, what about you and that girl from the Sonic? Did you talk to her today?"

"Actually yes, but just to say hello. She was very friendly though," Carlos said blushing.

"Way to go bro," Zak said giving Carlos a little shove with his shoulder, "are you gonna ask her out?"

"I think it's a little too early for that, but we'll see how it goes."

"Okay, well...I'm gonna go to bed now I guess."

"Gonna jerk it?" Carlos laughed.

"Prolly, are you?"

"If I said yes would it excite you?"

"I dunno, maybe. Maybe if we're both gonna do it, we should know, do it together and then we wouldn't have to wonder if the other guy is doin' it."

"Who says I wonder if you're jerking off?" Carlos laughed.

" you?"

"I...refuse to answer that," Carlos chuckled, "but it's one thing to know you do it, and another to actually do it with you. That borders on incest and that's pretty weird stuff."

"We're not really related...I mean, not that that matters in most ways, so it's not really incest, is it?"

"I guess it feels that way cause I just think of you as my little brother. Sometimes I forget that we're not blood brothers."

"Me too, sorry...just forget I said it, cause' I think of you as my brother too."

"Just so you know, yeah...I'm gonna beat it. I been thinking about it all day long."

"Cool, me too. Well, I bettter get out of here so you can get at it. Give me time to pee and get in bed then start, okay?" Zak giggled.

"Five minutes, I can't wait any longer..."

"Five minutes is good, see ya tomorrow. Have fun." Zak said jumping up and running toward the bathroom.

After brushing his teeth and peeing Zak jumped into bed purposely leaving the door to his room open. Carlos' door was open as well and even though it was impossible to see into each other's room, it was exciting to think that Carlos was in there laying on his bed and jerking his hard teenage cock. Zak was already hard as he pushed his sleep shorts and boxer briefs down and began, straining his ears for any sound from Carlos' room.

In his room Carlos was slowly stroking his six inches of hard cock trying hard not to think about what was going on just beyond the open doors of the bathroom they shared. It wasn't that he was bothered by the thought of jerking off with another boy, but the incest thing still bothered him even if they weren't blood kin. He supposed it was silly to think that way, considering the fact that Zak was gay and they were so open with each other, but he didn't want to do anything that might cause Zak any more problems than he already had. The fact that Zak had been the one to start it was of no consequence, Carlos knew he was older and that he had to make the right decision.

As hard as he tried though he couldn't keep his thoughts from wandering to Zak, and pretty soon images of his younger brother's body popped into his mind. As far as other boys went, Carlos thought Zak was not only cute, but well built as well. Years of sports and boarding had given him a chiseled body and a baby six pack that made him a real hunk. But it was his sweet personality that really made him special.

He chastised himself for thinking of his little brother that way and forced his thoughts back to Brenda and girls in general. He'd seen a few porn videos with John before and he liked watching guys and girls having sex, but sometimes he found himself paying more attention to the guys than the gals. He played it off to the usual thinking that guys just liked watching penetration of any kind, but the truth was he liked looking at other guys.

He finally managed to finish up thinking of some of the porn videos he'd seen before, and when he came he was more relieved than satisfied. He was glad the sexual tension was over, but the release hadn't been that outstanding. It was almost like a chore that he had to do, and only when it was over could he relax.

Meanwhile in his room Zak was letting his fantasies roam free. From Jake his mind wandered on to Carlos and the action going on next door and he felt no guilt or remorse for those thoughts when he finally spilled his hot teenage seed into his cum towel. The orgasm was intense and he moaned lowly hoping Carlos could hear him and know that he had come, and come hard. Unfortunately he was asleep before he could ever find out.

Carlos heard his brother cry out and he chuckled beneath his breath. He was glad Zak had so few sexual hangups and that he was able to enjoy himself, uninhibited by the uncertainties that plagued him. He wished he could be more open minded about things, but that was just how he was, and he supposed he always would be. His last thoughts before sleep overtook him, were of John and how much fun he had had with his best friend before he'd discovered girls.

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