Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 51

Surprisingly enough, Mike and I did just as we had said and went to sleep almost immediately after we got home. Of course the meeting beforehand made it a later meal than normal, but it was still early for us to be going to bed, and definitely early for us going to sleep. Being asleep before ten o'clock meant that our body clocks got a bit confused, and we found ourselves wide awake at four in the morning. Perhaps it was not getting our usual sexual release the night before, but even though it was a much different time to wake up, we still woke with the morning glory of teen years. And being naked, in the same bed, and in love, we did what comes naturally. Following a bit of foreplay to get the lube properly spread, Mike's cock was firmly rooted in my butt and my cock was dripping onto the bed sheet. I lay on my side with Mike doing most of the work. Mike was slow and gentle, so it took some time before his love flowed into me and a bit longer before he plopped out. Now I began to work my way into him. While I too was slow and gentle, having had my prostate excited as much as Mike had done to me meant it didn't take as long before I lost control and went at him in earnest. It was still very early when we got up and made our way to the bathroom to clean up. With that done we went back to bed and thankfully back to sleep, to wake up at a normal hour.

School on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was a challenge. We had two secrets to keep and also had to maintain our straight act, when we were bursting with excitement about what we were about to do. Yes, there was still a lot of nervousness too, about both coming out and the presentation, and we could talk with no one at school about it at all. One of the other guys in our year group that we were quite friendly with, Julian, did ask us during break on Wednesday what was up. He had noticed that there was something different but couldn't really say what it was. All we could do was to tell him to watch the news on the television, but that we were not sure which channel it would be on.

"What will be on?" Julian demanded somewhat exasperated by our answer.

"We can't tell you. Just watch the local channel first; that's most likely the one that will carry it," Mike told him.

"Carry what?" Julian tried again.

"The news that you need to watch," I said knowing that it was a bit of a tease as well. I did feel bad for Julian, because after Tim he was our next closest friend. Now that Tim had pulled himself away from us, Julian was our closest male friend at the school.

"You guys are talking in riddles now. Don't you trust me?" Julian asked sounding a little hurt.

"We trust you. We just aren't allowed to say anything yet. Please don't press us for it, because it's really frustrating to not be able to tell anyone yet. We've been carrying this secret all week, and it is getting heavy," Mike said.

"Okay, but if I ask one thing and I'm right, will you tell me on my promise that I won't even tell my girlfriend about this conversation?" Julian asked.

"You can ask, but we still can't say. Depending on what you ask, we might be able to agree with you, but that would be the absolute limit, and you would still have to keep it totally secret, even from Ginny, until after it's broadcast on the news tonight," I said.

"Okay, I agree with that. I don't know what the media interest in it will be for, but are you two finally going to come out publically and let everyone know you are an item?" Julian asked.

"All we can say is that might be a part of it, but please even that you must keep quiet until after the news. How long have you known or suspected that Steve and I are gay?" Mike asked.

"Ginny and I have talked about it since some time last year, but we only thought it might be a possibility. Since your party at the beach cabin, with you two staying on overnight there, we weren't one hundred percent sure, but we were more convinced than before just from the way you two seemed to know what the other was thinking and could talk for each other and be right," Julian said.

"That is amazing. We weren't even sure we were gay ourselves at that time, so how you picked up on it I don't know," I said.

"Anyway, let's put that aside for now. I want you to know that Ginny and I have discussed this at some length, and we agreed that when you come out it won't change our friendship with you. We will be supportive and help in any way we can, because we think you might take some serious flak when the news gets out. Oh shit, I am so chuffed for you two, give me a hug," Julian said and his eyes welled up at the last statement. We had a quick three-man hug and then continued chatting about all sorts of other things until it was time to go back to our last set of classes for the day.

When we came out of our last lesson we knew that we needed to get away quickly, so Mike and I headed straight for the car park, expecting to find one of our parents waiting there to whisk us away to stardom. Instead we found Derek, in a stretch limousine, and he called to us. Julian and Ginny, having been in the same lesson as us, had followed us out, and Julian gave a long low whistle. "It must be important," he called out as Derek called to us by name. There were already over a hundred other school kids in the area as our names were called and we moved over towards Derek and limo.

"I hope you don't mind, but I thought a bit more fame with a little bit of mystery would not go amiss in dealing with the bigots in your school. Also, there isn't going to be time for you to change when we get to the centre, so your clothes are in the car and you'll need to change on the way. Don't worry, the windows are tinted so dark no one will see and I will keep my eyes closed until you tell me to open them. Your parents are already at the centre," Derek advised us as we got into the limo and it quickly pulled out into the traffic.

As the car began moving, Derek said, "As you can see your clothes are hanging beside you. Please tell me when I can open my eyes again."

"You can open them now. We don't mind you seeing us change. After all, we won't be getting completely naked. We will keep our underwear and socks on," Mike said.

"And thank you for this. I thought the first time I would ride in a limo would be for our final prom," I told Derek.

"Don't mention it; it's a pleasure. Actually, there are clean socks there. Your mums thought you might not want to be seen with your school socks on, but they did think you wouldn't need to change underwear. Although personally, I think all teen boys should go commando," Derek said with a chuckle.

"Can you tell me now what it is that you discussed with my father on Monday? He's been terrible and teased me with it, always saying I will find out on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday but he wouldn't tell me before I left for school," I asked.

"No. I'm sorry. Outside of our company directorship the only people who know are your father and mother, and it has to stay that way till after the presentations. It will be announced then. But don't worry, it's good news," Derek said.

Derek had been so kind to us so far that we decided jointly, without discussion, to give him as much of a show as we could without being overt. We stripped down to just our boxers and then stayed like that while we first pulled our socks on and then our shirts and lastly our trousers. We did not have suits to wear, or ties, but did have a decent open neck sports shirt and dress trousers. We also had newly polished black shoes to go with our ensemble. As we finished tying our laces Derek said, "Thank you, that was so kind of you. I envy your ability to communicate without speaking. I wish Rupert and I had that." Whether or not we gave Derek a glimpse of our cocks or balls we will never know; he has never said a word about it, apart from thanking us in the limo.

As the limo pulled up outside the Centre we noticed that there was some decoration up. There was a small podium on the pavement with a bunch of microphones and several television cameras already set up. A couple of flashes went off as the limo came to a stop, but with the tinting on the windows I don't think they would have got much in the photographs. Derek got out first and stood to the side as we got out, then he indicated for us to go up to the podium. As we were making our way there the door of the centre opened and our parents came out, followed by Simon and his father and a small group of other adults, mostly around our parents' ages, who all moved to the side, except for Simon, Dad and Dan, who joined us on the podium. A few moments later a Mercedes arrived, and Jordan got out and joined us.

Simon held up his hand to call the small crowd to silence and get the attention of the camera crews. "Special guests, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming along to share this wonderful time with us. A few years ago a young man made the headlines because of the way he had been treated for a long time just for being suspected of being gay. This so enraged certain people that they put their own personal resources together and started this centre. The purpose of the centre is to help anyone who needs the help we can offer, but mainly to help young people who are being mistreated because they are different in some way. We have been able to get some help, but throughout its existence the centre has struggled to make ends meet. We have lacked some of the basic equipment and staff that would make our endeavours easier and more effective. A few weeks ago, two young men needed some advice and came here seeking answers. We were able to help them, and they noticed some of our needs and went away with plans to help. What they did was to speak to their fathers and ask them to approach the companies they work for to request that they help us. Two young men still in school were not prepared to sit back and have everything done for them. And because of that today we have two companies that have offered us help. I would like to introduce those two young men, Steve and Mike, and ask them to introduce our benefactors. Ladies and gentlemen, I present two very special people, Mike Ansfield and Steve Mostert." Simon stepped back as a round of applause rippled through the crowd, which had swelled into quite a large group. Mike grabbed my hand and we stepped forward together.

"Thank you, Simon," Mike began. "We are very honoured to be here today, and it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the real heroes of this occasion."

"May I present to you, Mr Derek Dougherty, director of Ainscough Enterprises," I said and held my hand out to Derek, who stepped forward with a little wave to the crowd.

"And may I present Mr Jordan Connelly and Mr Daniel Ansfield, partners of Confield Electronics," Mike said, holding his hand out to his father and Jordan. They copied Derek's little wave as they moved forward.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Jordan began, "two young guys needed some advice and went looking for it. They found their advice here. The centre is not that well known yet. It will be better known soon because two young men looking for advice found something they hadn't bargained for. They found a place doing a good work that was in serious need. Most people their age, and a lot of those who are older, would just have got their advice, said 'Thank you,' and left. But these young men didn't do that. No! They went where they knew they would be heard and got some help. Part of that help happens to be my business partner, Dan Ansfield. He came to the centre and saw that their interview and counselling rooms had no recording equipment. That lack increases the time that the professionals who volunteer here need to spend making records of the cases they get involved in, time that could be put to more productive purposes. Dan came to me, and we discussed the needs of the centre."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to announce that Confield Electronics will provide the Coldsford Community Advice Centre with digital recording equipment and the IT backup needed to run it for every room that can use it, along with a service contract to keep the equipment operating for the next five years, at which time we will review with the centre what their needs are and how we can continue to help," Dan said. There was an immediate round of applause and cheering.

As the applause started to dwindle, Derek held his hand up as he moved in front of the microphones. When the crowd had stilled he started, "But those two young men did not approach just one person. They approached a second person, and Richard Mostert came to speak to me. Richard too had come to the centre to see first-hand what was needed. After he approached me we met with Simon, the centre manager, to be sure that we would offer help that would both complement the help that Confield Electronics have so generously donated and also be what the centre needed most.

"Two young men seeking advice for themselves realised that they could at least try to do something to show their gratitude and appreciation for the help they received. In doing so they have made it possible for this centre to offer a better service to those in need. Today I am proud to announce that Ainscough Enterprises have undertaken to provide one of our employees on a part time secondment to the centre to transcribe the recordings for the next five years and to supply the centre with all its stationery and software needs for those five years, with the promise that we will review this offer after five years, sooner if the centre finds it needs something else more than what we are doing." There was another round of cheering and applause. This time Derek did not wait for it to dwindle before he raised his hand again for silence.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there is more. These two young men, in doing what they did, made the board of Ainscough Enterprises sit up and think. I am pleased to further announce that Ainscough Enterprises has decided to become more involved in the community of our fair county and in particular to use our facilities to seek funding and other assistance for all the charitable organisations who help our citizens in need in whatever way we can. Ainscough Enterprises will meet the running costs of this venture. I am very pleased today to announce that Mr Richard Mostert has agreed to join our board as the Director for Community Affairs and will head up this new department. Dick, will you please come here?" Derek paused as Dad moved forward. "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my friend Dick Mostert, a man who was willing to listen to a teenage boy and act on what he heard. This is the man who will listen to the needs of our community and act in the best way to serve the community. Please join me in congratulating Mr Richard Mostert."

There was more applause and cheering, then Simon stepped forward again. "We are grateful for the media being here today to help us become better known. I'm sure you have questions. We have a few moments before our guests will join us inside the centre for some light refreshments."

"Mike and Steve, John Davies from the Daily Record. Did you come to a gay advice centre because you are lovers?" John Davies asked.

"John, thank you for that question, because it gives us the opportunity to set the record straight. I hope you will make this clear to your readers. This is not a gay centre. It is a centre to give advice to the community as a whole. You do not need to be gay, or transgender or anything else like that to come here. If you are you are as welcome as everyone else. This centre does not discriminate. If you are in need of advice then the centre will help you if they have a professional in the right field," Mike said. As Mike stepped back I grabbed his hand and smiled at him; I was so proud of his clever answer.

"Hi, I'm Marian Saunders from the Mail. Steve and Mike, what made you try to find help for the centre?"

"We came here for advice and got good advice for free, but we saw that with some help the centre would be able to offer an even better service to the community. In our gratitude we approached our parents to see if they could help us to help the centre. We are very proud to have been a small part in this, but if you want to know the truth, ask these heroes why they have helped. You will be told that we need to work together as a community, and this is one way to do it," I said. I got a hug from Mike as I stepped back.

After that there were a number of questions that were fielded by the adults. Just as we were turning to leave the podium to go inside the centre one of the journalists shouted out, "Steve and Mike, are you gay?"

Without thinking Mike and I turned around and stepped back up to the microphones. "Yes, we are," we said together, then turned and left the podium without answering any more questions. We had outed ourselves, confident that the support of our friends and families would suffice to handle any problems that might come up at school on Thursday.

The end

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