Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 49

"Right. So do we deserve to have donations worth several thousands of pounds made in our name?" Mike asked.

"I don't think so. After all, what have we done? We spoke to our parents about a concern we had. They took the action further, which got us in contact with the centre, which is how we learnt of their need. The only other thing we've done is to consider asking our parents again to see what they could do to help the centre. I don't think that's enough to claim the kudos for it," I said.

"That's exactly how I feel about it. I suggest that we put it to my dad and this gay director from your dad's company that way tomorrow and see how they respond. Agreed?"


"Good. One down, now for the harder ones," Mike said.

"Okay, let's consider the possibility of Judith or her parents connecting this with the lawyer's letter. Dad said it would be a very tenuous link and they would never be able to get it to hold up in court and that their lawyer would advise them against taking any action based on that alone."

"My dad said that Judith already knows we are gay or bi, so us being involved in some donation from businesses that our parents are involved in is not, by any stretch of the imagination, grounds for supposing that we are the ones who told about what Judith and her friends are doing. I don't think we need to worry too much on that point. Also, they might think it even if we don't get named in the donations," Mike reasoned.

"Right. That leaves the biggest one of all. Us getting outed to our school mates."

"Yeah. Like you I kind of want it so that we can be a couple at school. It might also stop some of the girls from hitting on us and then getting upset when we don't take them up on their offers," Mike said. "But I am concerned that some of the guys might at the very least snub us, and we probably will come in for some hard mocking and possibly even some physical knocks."

"But you know, I think our friends for the most part already suspect that there might be something different about us. They will probably just accept it, maybe with a warning not to try and hit on them. Most of the girls will probably just think it's cute or something equally sickening." As I said this I realised that we were looking for excuses to be out of the closet.

"We would come out as somewhat famous, which might help us to be more accepted at school," Mike added.

"Okay, it seems to me like we're really trying to talk ourselves into coming out to everyone, instead of to just the select few who already know. The centre needs those donations, and if we can help it to get them then I think we should brave what lies ahead."

"Let's go to this meeting tomorrow with that in mind and see what comes of it. We may be making a mountain out of a mole hill."

"Agreed," I said. "Now another thing! I spoke to Mum and Dad about finding a way to help those who've been kicked out of their homes because they're gay, and guess what? They had already been talking about it. There's still a lot of research to do, but they're thinking of using our two spare rooms to house kids while they wait to get somewhere permanent to live. I told them I was all for it. What do you think?" I asked.

"I think your folks are some of the coolest people on this earth. I will gladly come around and help to entertain any guests, especially if I get to share your room afterwards."

"Actually I also told Mum and Dad that I would be willing to share my room with a guest if the need arose," I admitted.

"Or you could move in with me and make room for two more guests," Mike suggested, rather tongue in cheek.

"Maybe after university, but I don't think they will consider it before," I said.

Mike laughed.

"No, I don't suppose they will," he agreed. "I spoke to my folks, but they don't seem to have thought about it previously. They said they would get back to me later."

"It's still relatively early, but I feel knackered. Do you mind if we just lie here quietly and snuggle till we fall asleep?" I asked.

"Not at all, but if we're going to do that, let's kiss good night now. If we find ourselves kissing more before we fall asleep, that will become our good good-night kiss," Mike answered.

We were still facing each other, but Mike had to roll the top half of his body over a bit so that he could reach the bedside light and turn that off. He rolled back and we each held the other's head as we pulled in together to let our lips meet to seal our love once more. We did snog for a while and fought some tongue duels before our kiss simply faded away. We just lay with our faces close enough together that we could smell each other's breath and feel it as it brushed against the skin of our faces. It was dark, so there was no point in keeping our eyes open, and anyway both of us generally closed our eyes when we kissed, so we each lay there with an arm resting across the other's body, finding pleasure in our closeness as we passed into sleep.

Although unaware of moving during the night, we knew we had; when we woke up in the morning Mike was facing away from me and I was spooned up against him with my morning wood firmly planted in the cleft of his buttocks. Sliding my hand down his body over his chest and abdomen I soon came into contact with his morning hardness and began to stroke it lovingly.

"You sure make starting the new day exciting," Mike said by way of greeting.

"I aim to please. Good morning, lover."

"Talking about aiming, I desperately need to aim that item you are enjoying into a white bowl," Mike informed me.

"Actually, so do I. Let's get that out of the way and then come back to bed. I think we have a while before your parents will emerge."

We got out of bed, pulled on boxers, and headed out to the loo. As we walked along the landing I realised that our boxers were so tented they weren't really concealing anything. Not that it mattered. We were able to piss, brush our teeth, and walk back to our bedroom without anybody else seeing us. Back in the bedroom we helped each other to lose the boxers, pulled the covers back, lay down on the bed, and once again faced each other to kiss. While we were kissing we each managed to find a cock that did not belong to us and begin massaging it. We were still kissing, so we hadn't said a word when we each pulled the other's foreskin right back, moved the other's cock to bring their two heads together, and rubbed the piss eyes over each other. It's difficult to describe how this felt. It was erotic and sensuous; it elicited new sensations in our cock heads; and it was also somewhat eerie that we just did it together. We had never done it before nor even talked about it; it was as if both our minds were being controlled by one that caused us to act in unison without any command or planning. Some would say it was weird or spooky, but we preferred to think of it as confirming our love and unity as one with each other. As our kiss came to an end there still was no talking, but we continued our love making, often mirroring each other's actions, until our hands brought about the climax to our act of love. Our semen was captured between our bodies, dripping from our abdomens, our hands and our cocks onto the sheet between us. In other circumstances we might have just wallowed in it and left it to dry, but knowing that the sheets were going to be washed by Michelle we each used our dirty boxers to mop up and dry it as best as we could, making sure nothing remained to crust on the sheet.

Once the clean-up was completed we lay on our backs side by side holding hands."Mike, love, if we don't get outed by the publicity of the donations, then I'd like us to out ourselves at school, at least to our closer friends and let it spread from there. I don't want to keep our love for each other secret. What we have together is something very special. I'm very proud to be your boyfriend and have you as mine," I whispered.

"Fine, but shall we wait and see if the donation outs us first, or shall we steal a march on it and come out at school on Monday?" Mike asked.

"Let's wait and see when the donation thing is going to happen and then make a decision. As you said, it might be easier to be outed by the publicity, as it will give us something of a hero status, for a little while at least."

"Okay, but let's tell our parents as soon as we decide so they know it will be happening and it won't come as a shock if we arrive home with black eyes." Mike laughed.

"We could say we wanted to try out the Goth look," I joked, and we both laughed softly.

There was a knock on the door and Dan said, "Good morning, boys. Can I come in?"

"Yes, Dad," we chorused. He opened the door and stepped in and then just stopped. He had a surprised look on his face that slowly changed to amusement, and I suddenly realised we were both lying there completely naked and exposed; we hadn't pulled the covers up since we got back from taking our morning piss.

Mike realised at the same time as me and said, "Oh shit! Sorry, Dad. Forgot we weren't covered." He sat up and went to pull the duvet up.

"A bit late for that now! Just be thankful that it wasn't your mother, and please be careful not to give her the same show. I'm not sure she would appreciate it," Dan said as a smile grew on his face.

"Did you want something, Dad?" I asked.

"Oh, yes! Sorry, the sight made me forgetful. I just wanted to know if you guys had managed to come to some consensus and if you needed to discuss anything with me before this evening," Dan offered.

"Thanks, Dad. Yes, we have talked about it, and we agreed on all we discussed. I think all of our questions should rather wait until this evening when both businesses will be represented. Otherwise we're okay with what we've agreed," Mike told his father.

"Good. You look at ease about it, so I'm guessing you're reasonably happy with your decisions. Mum said she would have breakfast ready in about half an hour. That was just before I came to knock on your door, so you have about twenty minutes now to do whatever you need to do before you get down to breakfast. Oh, and the bathroom will be occupied for the next few minutes," Dad said with a smile.

"Don't pee long," Mike dismissed his dad with a chuckle, and we moved to get out of bed before Dan had even got out of the room. It did not make much difference now that he had seen both of us in our glory, but at least, thankfully, flaccid rather than hard.

Having already done all 'we needed to do', I suggested we get dressed and go to give Mike's mother a hand in the kitchen. It took all of two minutes to pull some clothes on and get downstairs.

"Morning, Mum," we chorused. "How can we help?" I asked.

"Good morning, boys. I guess you slept well as you seem quite cheerful this morning. Does that mean you have come to some decisions that you're happy with?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, Mum, but like Dad and Steve's parents, you are just going to have to wait until we let you know this evening. Now what do you want done?" Mike answered.

"Steve, can you do some toast for all of us, and Mike, can you get some coffee brewing and find out if anyone will want tea instead. Steve, can you also get the orange juice out the fridge and some glasses ready, please." Mum gave her orders as she whisked the eggs for some bounty omelettes. For those 'uninitiated' a bounty omelette is really a normal omelette except that the filling is made up from leftovers – or the bountiful supply we have been blessed with. Today's omelettes were enjoying the bounty of spaghetti bolognaise as their filling and were very tasty.

Dan made it down just in time to avoid a call from Michelle to get to the table, and we all sat down together to eat.

About halfway through the breakfast, Dan took a break and said, "I know we have said it a lot before, but we are very proud of you, and if your decisions have gone the way I think they might have, we want you to know that we will be even more proud of you. We will support you no matter what you have decided.

"We will also be looking at ways we can further help the centre, particularly with that problem you two are concerned about. Steve, I spoke to your father late last night after you two had gone to sleep. He told me about the plan to try and be a half-way house for young folk in need. We don't have the room here to do the same without asking Mike to move out, so what we are going to do is to pay a little visit to Simon and see what else he needs help with. There may be something there we can do. It might be that one of us spends a night or two at some hostel or something like that to help with whatever we can. We feel the plight of these young people like you do, so we will be involved in some way. We hope that this will help you to feel that, as young as you are, you have done more than most people much older than yourselves have achieved."

I looked at Mike and he looked at me. We knew we were both thinking the same thing, but we could not voice those thoughts for two reasons. It would have been very bad manners, as both of us had mouths full of omelette, but more important, we were choking up a bit because we were so proud of all our parents and loved all four of them so much.Eventually I got my mouth empty and simply said, "Thank you. I think you might have answered one of our questions for us, but we need to talk about that a bit more."

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