Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 44

Mike set his alarm to get up early enough to talk to his dad about discussing our dilemma with my dad. Dan teased him, saying that he wet his bed and that was why he was up so early, but he also thought it was a good idea and agreed to wait to hear if Dad wanted to talk to him. By the evening they each knew the other wanted to meet up to discuss it. They agreed to meet the next evening at a pub after work. Although I was itching to know what had gone on in that meeting, Dad kept me at bay and said that he needed a bit more time to think on the matter first. On Thursday Dad came home from work and told Mum that he had learned from one of the women at work that a particular film which Mum wanted to see was showing at the nearby cinema complex that weekend. He suggested to Mum that she and Michelle go out to watch it together. Knowing that Dad did not particularly want to go to watch a chick flick with anyone, Mum jumped at the suggestion. After making sure which show times were screening the film she phoned Michelle and set up a date for Saturday.

"That will leave you and me home alone, Steve," Dad said. "What say you that we head off to KFC or Pizza Hut for dinner?"

"Sure, sounds like a great idea. Can Mike join us, please?" I agreed as quickly as Mum had with Dad's suggestion.

"Uhm, I think that Dan will be wanting some time with Mike that evening," Dad said. That told me that he was ready to talk to me, but I would still have to wait till Saturday.

Shortly after Mum left with Michelle for the movie, Dad checked with me and we agreed to go to Pizza Hut. Dad sent me off to get ready and headed to his room to change. Being guys it didn't take us long. A quarter of an hour later we were sitting in the car, and Dad was backing it out of the driveway. When we reached the Pizza Hut Dad led the way inside and guided me over to a table in the corner a bit out of the way.

"Uhm, Dad, err, don't you think they would rather we sit at a table for two rather than a table for four?" I asked.

"Possibly, but this table is out of the way and we'll be able to talk more privately here. If they make a fuss I will buy a couple of extra pizzas to take away with us. That should cheer them up," Dad proposed.

We sat down and started to look at the menu to decide what we wanted. I was so engrossed in that task that I did not realise someone else had approached our table until I felt a kiss on my cheek, which made me jump. Looking up from the menu I was greeted by the smiling faces of my lover and his father. "Dad, you knew they were coming and didn't tell me. I'm going to get you for this somehow."

"Well, if it helps, I didn't know until we walked in the door and I saw you guys over here," Mike said as our fathers greeted each other with a hug.

"Yeah, we are going to have to be careful with these two. First we get those special postcards from Paris and now this trickery. What will they do next?" I said as I gave Dan a hug and then softly said, "Hi, Dad Two."

"Hi, Son Two," Dan responded as Dad and Mike greeted each other.

"Let's get our orders in and served. Then we can talk while we're eating and are less likely to be disturbed," Dad suggested. We all sat down, with Mike and me on one side of the table and Dan and Dad across from us.

We spent some time studying the menu and discussing what we thought we would like. Dan and Dad were on the side that looked out over the restaurant. Dan signalled to a waitress when we were ready, and she came and took our order. While we were waiting for the food to come we made small talk, mostly about nothing of any great importance. Then Dan said, "I'm glad you two boys found each other, because it meant that your parents got to meet, and we have become friends so easily. So thank you."

"Well, Dad!" Mike said indignantly. "Not only do I have to do chores around the house, but now I have to take on the role of a parent. The parents are supposed to help the kids find friends, not the other way round."

"Ahh, but we did help you to find friends. Who put you two guys into the same school so that you could meet?" Dad asked.

"Yes and who put you into homes close enough that you can visit with each other easily?" Dan added.

"Oh dear, now we have to explain to them who they are. I didn't realize memory loss came so early in adulthood," Mike teased.

"Don't forget, you're not that far behind us, and they say that the aging process is starting earlier with each successive generation. That means that you two will be going senile before you finish university." Dad chuckled.

"That will only be because we have been driven to it by the antics of our forefathers," I chucked in.

"Don't you mean your two fathers? Or is there something more you need to tell us?" Dan enquired.

"Dad, now you're acting as thick as this table," Mike exclaimed and knocked on the table top with his knuckles to add emphasis.

"Come in," Dan said and we all broke into laughter that we tried to keep muffled. We were not very successful.

Fortunately, the silliness of our conversation got interrupted as our pizzas were served and we began to tuck in. Once we had got a few mouthfuls down to set the stomach wolves at bay, Dan said, "Well, I'm sure you two have guessed why we got the women out of the way and you two together tonight. We thought it would be easier for you if you had each other for support, and I know Dick and I are happier being together for this to support each other. Now I know that what I have just said makes it sound ominous, but it's not. Also believe us when we say that we both love both of you very much and are very proud of both of you. I know that sounds a bit like a stuck record, but it is true. There are a few issues in what you told us that have given us much cause to think, but the first thing that we want to address tonight is your question about your own leanings. We think that is what is troubling you the most. To be totally honest, when Dick and I sat down together to first talk about this neither of us knew which way to go. We have done some research and talked to each other by email and over the phone quite a bit these past few days. That research has had us going to sites on the internet that we never dreamed we would ever look at and also making some calls to more local sources. Obviously there are no hard and fast answers, there are exceptions to every case, but our research has led us to the conclusion that the urges you two are experiencing toward younger boys are fairly common. Not just amongst gay guys either. The data shows a very small minority of gay guys who experience these urges toward minors ever act on them. Those that do for the most part only act on them with very willing partners. The percentage that actually end up as paedophiles is extremely low. One young man that I spoke to assured me very strongly that the very fact that you two are concerned about it means that you are probably not inclined that way."

Dad added, "We were also advised that there are helplines and internet sites you guys can go to if you find yourself slipping into things you don't really want to do. At home we've each got a package of leaflets and telephone numbers as well as addresses of local gay help that you can approach if you need or want to. But never ever forget, whatever happens, we will still love you both. Even if you do something that has consequences which will shame or embarrass us, that will not change the love we have for you. But you also need to remember that you are now legally adults, even though you aren't yet able to vote. If you get involved in something illegal, such as molesting minor children, you might have to suffer the penalties for that. We will still stand by you and help you where we can, but we will not break the law to keep you out of prison."

"Wow! Thank you! You guys have really worked hard. We love you too and hope that we will never do anything that will bring shame on you or make you feel embarrassed over us," I said.

"We really appreciate this, Dads, and I think I speak for both of us that we're relieved that we aren't alone with this problem and that it's something we need to be careful of but not too worried about," Mike said. I nodded my agreement.

"There's a simple rule you could apply here: 'If in doubt – cut it out'," Dan said.

"And if you think about it, that is exactly what you did last weekend," Dad added.

"It took great courage to come out to us and even greater courage to come and talk to us about your concerns, and with neither of them have we trivialised them or turned you away. We will always be here for you if you find you need to talk or ask something else, so don't be strangers," Dan said.

"We knew we could trust you," I said. "That made it easier for us."

"Again I think I speak for both of us, but unless we specifically ask you not to, we are alright with you sharing and talking with each other when we come to you with questions," Mike said. I nodded again; I had taken that opportunity to fill my mouth with more pizza.

"Now there is the problem of this ten-year-old boy being molested by his older sister and her friends," Dad began. "Dan and I have talked at length about this and also sought legal advice. Having direct knowledge of this means that by doing nothing you are guilty of aiding and abetting a criminal act. Dan and I have only heard of it through a third party, so we're not under the same obligation. When we leave here we are going to go to a gay advice centre. We have an appointment with a lawyer who is going to explain what you need to consider in this case and your options, if any. Be honest with this chap so that he can help you as best as he is able. We have been assured that doing this interview does not make you any more liable than you already might be. So the big question is, will you see this guy?" Dad asked.

"I don't really think we can say no. We're concerned for the boy too. To say no to this would be contrary to our concern," I said.

"Yes, thank you for going to all this trouble for us. We will talk to this guy. We don't really have anything to lose by talking to him, do we?" Mike concurred.

Three quarters of an hour later we found ourselves outside a rather nondescript building on the edge of the central business district. A brass plaque on the wall to the left of the door bore the number of the address, but there was no indication of its business or purpose. To the right of the door was a speaker with a push button below it. Dad pushed the button, and a little red light began to flash between the button and the grill of the speaker. A rather tinny voice asked us our business. Dad said we had an appointment with the advice lawyer, and there was a buzz by the door. The tinny voice told us to enter and we would be met shortly.

Less than a minute later a rather camp looking guy of about twenty entered the lobby. He was wearing skinny jeans that showed his bulges beautifully, with a tight t shirt that allowed his nipples to emboss the shirt and displayed nicely shaped pecs. He invited us to follow him. As soon as he spoke we knew the source of the tinny voice we had heard through the intercom.

As we walked down the passage behind him he kept up a constant stream, advising us of the help we could get there. We turned a corner and he knocked on a door. Opening it, he ushered us through the door and closed it behind us, remaining outside.

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