Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 35

When we got upstairs to Mike's room he began to undress me once more. "I don't think I can cope with being fucked yet, but you are definitely not going home to wank because you haven't been satisfied here. You might still have a wank at home, but just because you're a randy bugger and not because you left here unfulfilled. I'm going to do the best I can, and you have a choice – wanked or sucked?"

"If you want the honest truth, I would like both, but if that's going to be too hard on you then whichever will cause you the least discomfort," I said.

"Right, both it is. I like the taste of you, so I will finish you with a blow job. Please help me get naked with you," Mike asked.

"It will be my pleasure," I said and started to undress him. I had to stop while he got my shirt off and again while he got my jeans off my feet.

Once both of us were naked, Mike had me lie down the middle of the bed so that he could easily get to me from both sides. Then he lay down with his legs hanging off the foot of the bed, putting his head at my waist level. This gave him a comfortable reach with his arm, and he started to tickle my cock. He obviously intended to drag my wank out for a while. He would roll my foreskin around my cock head for a bit, which really played with the g spot by the fraenulum, and then he would tickle up and down the shaft, not moving the foreskin. He also ran his fingers through my pubes, brushing against my hard cock or fondling my balls and running a finger lightly from them to my butt hole and back.

Each time he left my cock alone the nerves would desensitize a bit, delaying my climax. I put a hand down and tried to reach as much of Mike as I could but Mike stopped me and asked me to just lie there and take all that he could offer. "You have pampered me and taken care of my needs, even in hospital, and now it's time for me to start showing my appreciation. Please, just lie there and let me give you what pleasure I can at this stage. Please give me the opportunity to show you how much I love you."

It was almost a form of edging, except that I wasn't always just on the brink of orgasm when Mike would move his ministrations to some other erogenous zone on my body. After a while I realised that my nerves were not desensitising as much as they had been at the start and told Mike that he was approaching the point where he would push me over the edge.

"No, it's not time for that stage yet." He left my cock alone and pulled himself up the bed to where we could kiss and swap tongues. The kiss lasted a longish time before Mike broke it off and started to give me little lip suck kisses on my cheeks, nose and eyes before moving on down my neck to my chest and giving each of my nipples a good titillating tongue washing and nibble. Some more sucks, nips, and licks left a looped snail's trail down to my navel, further on to my balls, and up the length of my cock. There he engulfed the head in his mouth and began to rub the end of it with his tongue, causing exquisite sensations that defy description.

I felt myself losing control and began to thrust my hips upwards, forcing my cock into Mike's mouth. He responded by increasing the vacuum he had created with his sucking and moving his head a bit faster. Mike put his forearm across my pelvis and held me down while he moved his head and swirled his tongue around my cock head until I came hard, blasting my semen out to the back of his throat with enough force to make him gag on the first spurt. Mike pulled his head up a bit but kept massaging my cock with his tongue, forcing it to spasm more and more and eject my baby makers into his mouth where his tongue kept them swirling around and activating his taste buds.

My cock stopped pulsating, and my tensed body relaxed and sank back into the mattress. I had to pull Mike off of my still rigid cock because the intensity of the sensations I was experiencing was reaching heights I had never scaled before.

"Oh, Luv, that was sensational. I have never come like that before. Thank you so much." I really was thankful and managed to say that as I panted. I don't know why I was so out of breath; I was just lying on the bed most of the time and didn't do an awful lot to get to that orgasm.

"It was my pleasure and I got my reward in more ways than one too. I am happy that you enjoyed that. I am happy that you got some release, and I love the taste of your cum," Mike replied.

"I guess that makes us a pair, because I also like the taste of my cum, but I prefer the taste of your cum," I told Mike.

Mike and I rolled onto our sides facing each other, close enough that we could just kiss. I recognised my flavour in his saliva as we swapped it from tongue to tongue. We had not been kissing for that long when I realised there was something with a different texture on my tongue and after a bit of exploration I discovered that along with the cum and saliva mix we were swapping back and forth, there was also one of my pubes. I pulled my head back and brought my hand up to fish inside my mouth with my fingers until I found the pube and pulled it out. "Damn pubes are a pain," I said. "I noticed that when I was at Carrie's sleepover. Judith has a shaved pussy, and it was so much nicer and seemed cleaner to tongue than Carrie's, who has a full on bush covering."

"Are you saying you want to shave my pubes off?" Mike asked.

"No. Well, yes and no, I guess. I mean having it smooth is nice for giving oral, but it would make one stand out a bit in the change rooms after PE," I said.

"Well, if you want me shaved then I will go smooth, but I would like you to shave me. I will run the risk of comments at school. I could say that it was for the operation at first and then I found that I liked it," Mike offered.

"I don't want you doing it just for me and suffering what the guys at school might say. I only want you to do it if you really want it for yourself."

"Remember what you said to Tim earlier. You get more pleasure from knowing that you have given to someone else rather than doing it all just for yourself. I want to do this for your pleasure, because that will make me happy too," Mike said.

The subject was put on hold as we heard the front door closing downstairs. We had not heard the car arriving with Mike's parents. I got up and pulled on my jeans. I turned to offer help to Mike, but he was already pulling a pair of tracksuit bottoms up, so I turned back and began to put my shirt on. Mike got his shirt on while I was doing mine, and we headed out the door of his room together to go downstairs and greet his parents.

"I see there are three dirty glasses; did you two have a visitor while we were out?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, Tim came around for a bit," Mike said, and there was a definite sneer in his voice.

"I am guessing from the tone that the visit didn't go too well," Michelle observed.

"Well, it seems like numb nuts didn't learn anything during his time of incarceration at home," Mike said derisively. "When we told him a few home truths about himself he went off in a huff, which just illustrated what we had said."

"I had thought something like this might happen. After all, 'two's company; three's a crowd'," Michelle said.

"Actually it is not like that at all. Tim is so self-centred he can't see anything but what he wants. So for Tim two's a crowd," I said. "He had even forgotten that Mike had emergency surgery. All he came around for was to see if he could get something for himself from Mike."

"It was more than that though. We told him how Steve had been upset by the girls at Carrie's party. He didn't even say he was sorry to hear it – he just ignored it. When he was offered a cool drink there was no please and thank you; it was as if he thought we were both here just to tend to his needs. I was so angry! When we told him off he got in such a huff that he stormed out, slamming the door behind him."

"Perhaps it is for the better then. He is obviously very different from you two. Your friendship would probably have broken down even if you two weren't together," Michelle said.

"I think it was breaking down before he got grounded," I agreed.

"Yeah, and then when he was grounded he would wind us up, constantly whining about the injustice of his grounding. He couldn't or wouldn't look at the situation from a different perspective. He couldn't admit that he was making his situation worse by the way he was reacting," Mike added.

"Well, just keep in mind that he is different and looks at things in a different way to both of you, and we need differences in the world to make it interesting. It's just a shame that sometimes those differences aren't equal. Tim might be antagonistic towards you two for a time, but he might also come to see that his antagonism is harming himself more than you two. Hopefully that will bring a change to make his differences still different but equal," Michelle said.

"Gosh, Mum, who have you been with lately, Plato or Schweitzer?" Mike teased.

"If you're not careful, young man, I will give you some philosophy you can get to grips with physically," Michelle warned.

Mike smiled at his mother and then said, "But you love me, Mummy," and flickered his eyelashes at her, which caused Michelle to burst out laughing, and we all joined in. Mike was building a stronger and closer relationship with both his parents through this sort of banter and being open with them about his life. It still wasn't quite as strong or open a relationship as I had with my parents, but it was rapidly getting there.

Two days later, I was out with my father having my first driving lesson. It had happened rather unexpectedly. I had got my provisional in the post the day before and had very proudly shown it to my parents. Then that evening when Dad got home from work he yelled for me to meet him out by the car. When I got there he threw the keys at me and told me we were going for a drive. It was only then that I noticed the magnetic 'L' plates on the car and realised that Dad was serious. I think I nearly split my lips, my grin was so wide. I had had a little bit of driving practice before on some back roads on Saturday afternoons when Dad was feeling particularly generous and masochistic. But now I could go out legally and would hopefully soon not need to have a licenced driver with me because I would be the licenced driver. We set off, a little bit on the jerky side to start with, as it had been a while since the last time I had driven, but I soon got the hang of co-ordinating the clutch and accelerator.

"Do you think Mike would like to come and spend the weekend with you this weekend?" Dad asked while we were trundling along a fairly straight piece of road.

"Probably. Why do you ask?" I asked.

"I was thinking of surprising your mother with a little weekend break in Paris and thought you might like the company. I know you can stay by yourself, but it's nicer to have a friend with you at times," Dad answered. "There will be some rules. I don't think I really need to make them, but it would help keep your mother from worrying too much."

"I don't think we'll be partying or anything like that," I said, guessing at what Dad was alluding to with the rules.

"Yes. I don't mind if you and Mike have a beer or two, and I don't mind if you have a few friends over to watch a movie or something, but I trust you not to let us down and that we will come back to a house that is still in one piece and a son who is still free of a criminal record. My only real concern is whether or not Mike has recovered enough from his surgery and that whole ordeal."

"I think he has. The appendix side of it is good. That infection left him quite weakened, but he's strengthening up quickly now."

"Right. Then with your agreement I'll speak to Dan and Michelle and see if they're ok with it. But remember, not a word to your Mum, okay?"

"My lips are sealed, and I'll make sure that Mike knows to keep quiet," I promised. I knew Mum would be really pleased, and I was glad for the both of them. I was so happy that I had parents who were in a good relationship themselves and who clearly loved each other very much. And now I couldn't wait for the weekend to come.

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