Twisted Tales

by Richard Campbell

Doing his Duty

"I can't do it" he whined to his closest companion.

"Of course you can."

"But it's, well, it's yucky!"

"Rubbish! It's perfectly natural. You don't hear anyone else complaining do you?"

"No, but I'm different."

"Don't be an idiot. We're all different."

"That's not what I meant."

The other sighed and remarked to their nearby companions, "He thinks he's different."

"Everyone is, he knows that. What exactly do you mean?" one of them asked the original speaker.

"Well, you know what we're supposed to do, yes?"

"Everyone knows that!"

"Well don't you think it's a bit, er, yucky? Disgusting?" he added to reinforce the point.

"Yucky? Disgusting? What are you going on about? We were desperate to do it even before we were old enough!"

He was not convinced, but understood that there was no point in arguing. They would never understand.

It was alright for them. They were dying for it and had talked and wondered about it endlessly. For them it would be the greatest thing ever. For him? Just the opposite. Perhaps if he hung around he'd come across someone who felt the same as he did? It seemed unlikely. Nevertheless, he was not going to go through with it.

He was NOT going to do it!

However, as it turned out, he had no choice. The pressure was overwhelming and as his companions wriggled in joyful anticipation of the culmination of all their dreams, despite his opposition, he was compelled to go with them.

In fact the journey, despite his revulsion at its possible conclusion, was exhilarating as they were driven rapidly on the first part of their long journey—refreshed and invigorated on the way—until, left to their own devices, they were obliged to continue under their own steam.

Finally they reached their destination which, to his way of thinking, was nothing more than a whorehouse.

And there she was! Indubitably—and revoltingly!—female.

"No!" he cried wordlessly as he was compelled against his will to do his duty. And because he was the strongest of them all, with a silent gasp of sheer horror—he did it!

There was no pleasure or satisfaction in the act, but It would have been some comfort had the tiny sperm cell known that, thanks to him, the ensuing baby boy would be gay.

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