by Rafael Henry

Chapter 15

Feeling the heat.

Although Robbie's recovery is going well, his stamina is still poor, so he quits our jogging session as we pass the Gym for the first time. He's had enough this morning, but Otta and I are just getting into our stride. It's still early, so I've followed Otta into the Chaplain's garden and then into the Hut. It's his idea. That's fine if he wants to talk. Lying on his back on the wooden boards that make up the hard bed, he's stopped waggling his knees about in that provocative way, and turned onto his tummy. He's pretending that I've upset him, so now I'll have to go and console the silly boy. It's a game. It's all so obvious but rather endearing, this naivety. Oh well. I know what this is about, and I'm very happy to play the game.

I'm lying next to him and he's still on his tummy as I run my hand up and down his back. There's enough exposed bare skin there for me to get under his tee shirt and feel his warm skin. There's just a little muscle forming there. I can feel the development going on and he really could be a good runner in time. My father used to tell me that you only have to be good at one thing. It's actually a disadvantage to be good at everything like some boys are. Then they have hard choices. But what I'm doing, lying beside him, needs some words to go with it.

'What have I done Otta? Nothing to upset you have I?' I say quietly [with a smile] as I continue to sooth his warm skin. This is very nice, as I realize that this is the first time I've laid a hand on his body. It's a very innocent hand at this moment, but I can feel things moving inside me. Not so innocent things. I'm wondering how Otta's doing too.

When he turns over to face me, I find out. He sees me look down, then he looks back at me and gives me one of his coy smiles and turns his head into the mattress, only to look back at me again a few seconds later. He's very happy to let me know how he's feeling at this moment. Good. All's well.

'So……I see there's nothing underneath this morning?'

Something I've known since I rousted him out of bed at six thirty this morning.

'Isn't that a bit uncomfortable when you're running Otta?'

'No. But it rubs a little.'

'Oh, that must feel a little uncomfortable?'

'Not really.' He says, smiling.

'Oh dear. And you go about all day, sans knickers……do you?'

'Sans? What are they?'

'It means without . It's French. You go about your business all day without anything underneath do you? Is that normal for you?'

'The boys laugh at me. They think I ought to be a girl. They say I wear girls' pants. Panties they call them. They say I shouldn't be in this place. This is a boys' school. I don't belong here.'

'You do belong here. Do you want to look?' I ask quietly. He nods.

He looks, expressionless. I'm showing him one thing, but he's seeing two things; what I'm wearing, and a glance at what's inside, still suitably covered. Otta nods his head as if to say; yes.

'You're not alone Otta. And Robbie too. Those boys are full of it. Take no notice. Promise?'

That's easier said than done, I do know that.

He nods his head again, but still unsure.

'And they'll be copying you soon. You'll see.' I say, by way of reassurance.

It's so strange that such a small thing like that can affect a person's well-being so dramatically, but in these places it certainly can. It's all about conformity and fitting in. Pathetic. No one is allowed to be different. The fact is we are different.

The boy is angling for something. A cuddle? Worth a try, so I'm going to give that to him. There are no words from him, but he's asking me. It's the least I can do for him. It's sixty per cent affection and reassurance for him and forty per cent sexual, if we are honest about it. As I draw him into me, we touch; and there's just the hint of movement, from him, not me.

I can tell when a boy is interested. This one is.

I can almost hear Lael speaking to me in that lovely soft velvety voice of his. It was when we made love properly that first time up in my bedroom with that book fallen onto the floor. We were following the Beginners Guide to the letter I might add. We had decided on the time and place. This was to be the moment, and when it came, for both of us, it was good. All that waiting for the right time and place, all the training, all the preamble, all that was worth it in the end. We lay there in perfect peace, together, still joined, and loving each other even more.

He's fiddling with his shorts, bottom raised just enough, thumbs in the waistband and all that. Otta wants me to look at him, so I do with his help, very carefully. An inspection, all four eyes on the subject as he turns towards me. It's a perfect example. So typical. He wants to look at me too, out of curiosity I suppose. There's no harm in this. Boys do this all the time. We need to know that we are typical and not different, at least not too different. But he's curious about our differences as his long fingers gently move me from side to side, looking. That's one thing here that no one is bothered about. Who has suffered the sharp blade soon after birth and who escaped mutilation. I did not escape.

We accept that we are all different. But there's nothing wrong with what I'm looking at here, and I shall tell him so. This is when Otta's miserable and unhappy life in this place will improve, dramatically, if Robbie and I and Roger the Chaplain have anything to do with it.

Facing each other, we touch amidships. I have his head in my hands and I need answers now.

'So who is it that's being unkind to you Otta? Is it just one boy or all of them?'

'Mostly one.'

'Which one? Can you tell me who it is.'

'No I can't.'

'Fine then, don't, but let me guess. It's Teniel isn't it? Tell me that it's not Daniel Teniel.'

I don't know why his people named him Daniel. It doesn't go with his last name. Daniel Teniel. Two lots of iel ? Surely not. Perhaps it does go? Anyway he's a well-known little shit. He's also a little shit that's going to go down the toilet very soon. I'm off right now, or as soon as I can, to let Roger know what's going on. He will be extremely cross about it. I'm reasonably convinced now about one thing concerning Roger, our Chaplain, but one thing I do know is that young Daniel Teniel is about to get his bottom kicked big time. Personally I would want my boot anywhere near his hind quarters. Not at all my cup of tea, that one. Unlike some I know, or rather would like to know considerably better.

Robbie and I went back to the Hut this afternoon so I can fill him in about Otta's problems with Master Teniel. Robbie's overdue for an examination . It's been four days now and he's getting decidedly tetchy with me so I know it's time. He looks down at me and says; 'Oh that's very nice', in that husky posh way of his. I faltered slightly, amused at his words, which annoys him.

'What's the matter Jon?' He demands, lifting his head.

'Nothing Rob. You do make me smile sometimes. That's all. Sorry.' I say, resuming normal service.

Roger Manning, our Chaplain, our encourager of the faithful and would-be faithful, was in when I knocked at six thirty in the evening.

'I've found out Sir; what the problem is with Otta.'

'Oh well done Jon. What is it?'

I explained the situation with Daniel Teniel, and the reason why he had verbally set about Otta.

'Perhaps we could see if Matron has spares? Or raid lost property? There must be something in there Sir?'

'No, that's giving in to the bully. How is he managing in the meantime?'

'Going without presumably. I think he's got rid somehow, or hidden them somewhere. He's acutely embarrassed Sir. It's not right.'

'Exactly. You've spoken in the Hut haven't you? You and Otta.'

'Yes. This morning after our early morning run. Robbie came with us but gave up, so we carried on. Did you see us come into your garden Sir?'

'No. I just guessed Jon. I'll put out an all-points request for Teniel now. We'll have a little chat about this.'

I bet within ten minutes Daniel Teniel will be in The Chaplain's Office, having to explain and justify his dishonourable and very un-godly behaviour. Otta is a rose amongst thorns, the chief thorn being Teniel, who I strongly believe is about to get de-thorned big time. Oddly enough, I've always suspected Daniel as being one of us , and he's annoyed that he's attracted no interest from other parties. I can therefore understand his frustration if that's the truth of it. No excuse though for his meanness towards a lovely and gentle younger boy. No excuse at all.

There's another slightly disturbing question lurking in my consciousness. There are a couple of things the Chaplain has said recently. He appears to know exactly when we use the Hut in his garden. Ok, his son Tim saw us come through the green door on one occasion, according to Roger. But not the other time. He says it was Tim who saw us, but was it? He obviously knows we have used the Hut, but exactly how does our venerable Chaplain know? Curious indeed. I wonder? No Jon, dismiss that idea straight away.

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