Blessed Be the Merciful

by Rafael Henry

Chapter 6

Abel has been badgering me, as opposed to buggering me, for some time now. He will bugger me of course and quite soon I think. As soon as I made the promise, I very weirdly got more interested in the idea. I've suddenly got in the mood, which runs alongside the certainty that Peter's virginity has to remain intact. He has to remain a symbol of purity and saintliness, at least as far as I'm concerned. No doubt some other sod will get into his pants at some point, until he decides that boys are no longer his thing.

There's a rumour circulating that the school is going co-educational in a year or two. Thank goodness I won't be here. My scholarship funding runs out in just over two years as it only covers my education up to 'O' Levels and I will join the ranks of the great unwashed at the local tech college to do my A levels. My poor parents don't have the funds to keep me here another two years. The Tech courses look a lot more enterprising than what this, as Abel puts it, hell-hole offers. I've nothing against Classical Civilization, but I have no need to have a deep knowledge of it. Give me poetry and art any day. I'm left wondering if there will be any greasy haired and spotty youths interested in what I'm interested in at the college. Perhaps I've become a privileged twerp in blazer and tie. Probably. I shall no doubt know better, come a couple of years of the real world. In the meantime, I have to prepare mind and body for Abel. He's asked me to his study after tea. My guess is that he's going to set up a time and place for the great event. I'm finally going to give Abel what he's been dreaming about since I first appeared in this place three years ago in my dinky tight pants and new school short trousers and lots of brown leg on show. These things get noticed!

'Where do you want to do it Abel?'

'In one of the Music Practice Rooms. I've got my own key.'

'Really? When?'

'Tomorrow night, about eight? There will be no one around then, so………'

'We can do the deed. I'm looking forward to it.'

'Are you?'

'Yes. I've been saving myself.'

'Why? I'm the one giving it to you aren't I?'

'Yes, but according to my research, I might get some fun out of it too. I want to be fully loaded if you get my drift. What's on the floor? Is it carpet? I'd rather not be facing you if you're not offended by that notion?'

'I thought doggy if that ok?'

'Fine with me. I could be kneeling with my elbows on a chair or something? It's not a monster is it?'

'No, you're alright there. Pretty average actually.'

'What about the other issue? Are you an over the shoulder merchant?'

'Sometimes, when I'm thinking about you darling.'

'How sweet! I'll have the Kleenex handy then. One or two, or more?'

'You won't need them. I ought to use a jonny.'

'I could do without a slow burner Abel. It will take you longer with one of those things slowing you down. And I have to be reasonably mobile the next day. Anyway, I want to feel it, always assuming we succeed of course. It might not happen.'

'Oh, I think it will. It's on the rise now, just talking about it. Fancy a feel?'

I do rather. We stood together at the small window that overlooks the quadrangle me behind him as I begin to forage. A few boys are playing with a ball down there. One of them is Peter.

'There's your boyfriend down there Jamie. Would he let you? Or should I say, has he let you?'

'It's not going to come to that Abel. Can we get on now?'

Abel wears ghastly loose Y front things. He was half hard when I eventually negotiated the various layers to get at him. His balls feel soft and silky, and large . Whether that indicates a large volume of his sperm coming my way, I don't know. As for the other thing, I'm sure I can handle it. He's right, he's no monster down there. Pretty quickly, he feels nicely hard, if not rock hard, and with several ups and downs, he's hard enough to manage things.

'You had better stop Jamie. Things are moving on a bit.'

They are indeed. My fingers are all over the business end and as I gently give his old boy/man another squeeze, there's quite a lot of the clear sticky stuff oozing out. Lovely Abel. I'm getting quite excited about tomorrow night!

Peter and I went and had another look at the finished plaster cast. Mr Drew had put it high up on a shelf at the back of the room.

'Do you like it Peter?' I say, gently stroking his back.

'Yes, it's really nice Jamie. Will it stay there for ever do you think?'

'No idea. It's up to Mr Drew. Technically it belongs to the School I suppose.' I say, dropping my hand lower and running my fingers along what I can feel covering his bottom under his shorts. Normally, that's a signal from me to him that I'm interested, and not just a friendly gesture. Normally he would turn towards me and offer his lips to me. Normally I would glance down at the front of his shorts and notice a bump forming. Not this time. I instantly go cold as I realise there's been a change .

My school blazer hangs over the chair, the fancy badge staring at me. I'm kneeling in front of it with my elbows on the padded part of the seat. The chair is up against the wall in the small music practice room. The floor is carpeted for reasons of acoustics, Abel said. Apart from my jacket, I'm fully clothed. Abe told me that he wanted this kind of foreplay , as he called it. He wants to do the undoing stuff, and take his time about it. He's kneeling behind me, and finally, after lots of fiddling, smoothing and general feeling around through my trousers, they are undone and it's just my pants still in place. So far, so good, and it's working for me too. Lots more fiddling, and I'm hoping he's going to the next stage sooner rather than later. He runs both of his hands inside my shirt and jumper, up and down the sides of my chest, and then hips and legs, before slipping my pants down my thighs. I present my bottom rather ostentatiously to encourage him to mount me. I'm thinking, any minute now I'm going feel his first attempt to open the door, step through it, and take me on a journey with him to somewhere very nice indeed.

The generous application of the gel has us both gasping for air. What a feeling! He uses his middle finger and it goes in easily, and it feels like he's gone a fair way up. I'm seriously up for this. It's nothing to do with the person, I just want the experience.

Abel, it appears, can't do it, at least not this way.

'Sorry Jamie,' He says, breathing hard into my back. 'I think I need to see you……your face. It's too cold like this. Heartless.'

I lay on the floor on my back, holding my back of my legs which are bent at the knees. He must have the best view possible. I've never seen my own close up. Not like Peter. I've seen his and I can tell you, it's the sweetest thing on earth.

I'm watching Abel's face. He looks almost panic stricken. He's poised with his cock in his hand aiming at my open and slippery bottom. Come on boy, you can do it.

Actually, no he can't. The more the doubt enters his head, the worse it all got until I can see his cock completely deflated inside the latex jonny. It looks highly comical. We are both lying on the floor.

'Try it without that horrid thing Abel.' I say encouragingly. 'Would you like a wank?'

He nods, and I start playing with him. I know he'd like to start a necking session but I have no intention of getting his spit in my mouth thank you. I just wanted to know what real sex felt like, that's all.

Up on an elbow, and after a decent fiddle with his balls that feel compacted and hard, I start on the business of pleasing Abel, which is more then he deserves. I'm going nicely, and then he suddenly stops me and I know what he intends to do with me. Is this it?

Yes it is. Well, it would have been, had it lasted. Abel is making good progress getting himself through the outer door, and I'm feeling very invaded and seriously wondering if I can take him inside me. Then Abel, who has been rubbing himself amid the pushing, gasps loudly several times.

I'm looking sideways at the brown painted skirting board, and I've got the smell of old carpet in my nostrils, but I'm really rather relieved that my virtue is still intact……a bit wet, but still intact. Abel is not going to get another chance.

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