The Jigsaw Puzzle

by Pink Panther

Chapter 15

July 2008

The summer holiday is finally here. After a week pottering around at home, we're on our way to St Ives, in Cornwall. It takes, like, forever! But we finally make it. The holiday cottage is pretty neat, and I could see from the places we drove through that there will be lots of stuff for me to sketch. All I need is for the weather to stay fine, like it's been today.

Claire's not with us, of course. She's in Portugal with Natasha and her family. It's just as well. We're about half a mile outside the town. She'd have got bored out of her brain. It's great for me though. It looks like there'll be some fantastic places to run. I'm looking forward to that too.

Of course, I'm going to miss my get-togethers with Dean, but in a couple of days' time, he and his family are flying out to California for a month, so I'd have been as badly off if we'd stayed at home.

But if we do get good weather, I know what's going to happen. There'll be lots of hot boys around, and here I'll be with little or no chance of hooking up with any of them, even if they were up for it, which most of them wouldn't be, of course. It could get seriously frustrating. Worse than that, I'll have to hide it. The last thing I need is for Mum and Dad to start asking why I'm getting myself in such a twist.

It's ten o'clock on a warm sunny morning. Having had breakfast, we're just about to head into town. I wanted to go out running first thing, but Mum wouldn't let me. She said we needed to spend a day here to get our bearings; said she didn't want me getting lost. I guess she does have a point.

Slinging my bag across my shoulder, I pick up my sketch pad and folding chair and we're on our way. It takes twenty-five minutes to walk through the town and down to the harbour. The place is amazing! I can hardly wait to start drawing it. After taking a moment to pick my spot, I quickly set up my chair.

"Right," Dad says. "You've got everything you need. Mum and I are going for a wander around the town; stop off for a cup of coffee somewhere, so we'll leave our chairs with you. We'll be back in a couple of hours. Okay?"

"Yeah," I confirm.

"Good," he says, smiling. "We'll leave you to it. Just make sure you're here when we get back."

They stroll away, arm in arm. That is so cool. With Dad always working away from home, they don't get to spend much time together. So right now they're having their time and I'm having mine. I settle down to work. Some of the greatest British artists of the past hundred years or so must have sat where I am, doing exactly what I'm doing. That's both scary and inspiring at the same time.

It's nearly one o'clock when Mum and Dad get back; I'm still totally engrossed in it. I did find time to eat an apple and a Mars Bar, and to drink a flask of cold orange squash, but apart from that I've worked right through.

"That's excellent," Dad says, admiring my work. "You've come a long way over the past year."

"Think of all the artists that must have sat here," I say excitedly, packing my things away.

"Oh yes," Dad responds. "You're following in some illustrious footsteps, no doubt about it."

We head off for lunch. By the time we've finished, it's quarter past two. It's now very warm, the sun beating down. We stroll down to the beach and put up our chairs, with Dad in the middle, Mum and I on either side. It's time to relax for a while, or that's what Dad says. He takes out the morning paper. Mum retrieves her book. They both begin reading.

I sit back and look around. OMG! There are hot boys all over the place! Most of them are in board shorts or water shorts. Some are in wetsuits. A few are even wearing Speedos. Wow! Double wow! I hardly know where to put myself.

"I need the loo," I announce, getting to my feet.

I stride up the beach, climbing the stairs to the public conveniences. I step up to the urinal, positioning myself right in the corner. Of course, it's not a pee I need. I soon discover that unlike the toilets by the Art Gallery back home, this is not a place you can hang around. It's way too busy, little kids, old men, all sorts.

I have to turn right into the corner to make sure they can't see anything. I'd have done better to go into one of the stalls. At least I could have had a wank. But I can't do that now. It'd look weird. I step back out into the sunshine feeling hornier than ever. There's only one thing for it. I head back to Mum and Dad. It's just as well that my shorts are quite baggy.

"I'm going for a paddle," I say firmly, pulling off my tee-shirt.

"Well make sure it is just a paddle," Dad says. "I know you've learned to swim, but the currents are very strong here. Even experienced swimmers can get into trouble."

"No problem," I say, grinning at him. "I won't do anything stupid."

Fortunately, he doesn't seem to have noticed anything. Mum doesn't even look up. I trot down to the water's edge. It might be a warm afternoon, hot even, but the water isn't. Within a few seconds it's done what I needed it to.

I stay there a while longer, but a few minutes is all I can manage. The water is seriously cold! I run back up the beach to stop myself shivering. After quickly towelling my chest, I put on my tee-shirt. I sit down, leaving my shorts dripping wet. That should stop the problem recurring for a while.

It works pretty well, and when things do start stirring again, another quick paddle deals with it.

"Time we were getting back," Mum announces.

I can't disagree. It's just gone five o'clock and I'm getting hungry. We ate out at lunchtime so Mum's cooking dinner at the cottage.

"I'm just going to the loo to change my shorts," I respond.

My water shorts are still soaking wet. Wearing them for the walk back would be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, I packed some cargo shorts and a pair of boxers. I pick up my bag and stride up the beach. Moments later I'm in the loo again. I step into one of the stalls, bolting the door behind me.

I strip off my wet shorts and quickly rub myself dry. That's when I notice it, the small hole in the wall between my stall and the next one. It's about an inch in diameter and at just the right height. You don't need to be a genius to work out why it's there. I mean, it didn't get there by accident, did it? There's nobody in the next stall at the moment. Mum and Dad are waiting for me in any case. But on another day, that little hole might prove very interesting!

I step out of the cottage and head towards the sea. It's quarter to eight. Here I am, running through spectacular countryside in the pale morning sunshine, dew still on the grass. I pull the sea air into my nostrils, the light breeze ruffling my hair. It's amazing, exhilarating. Twelve months ago I'd never have dreamed I'd be able to do something like this, much less that I'd enjoy it.

After a few minutes, I turn onto the path along the headland, running towards the beach. To my right, the ground is covered in thick, coarse bracken. I pause for a moment and push my way into it. As I move away from the path, knee-deep quickly becomes waist deep. I flop down. The bracken closes over me, hiding me completely from anyone on the path.

Wow! I've made another interesting discovery. The beach is only a few minutes' walk away, but very few people seem to come up here. So if I did happen to meet someone – and I still don't think I will – but if I did, this is where we'd go. As long as the weather's dry, it'd be just about perfect.

We've been here for a few days and I'm really getting into it, running and sketching in the morning, chilling out on the beach in the afternoon, well, as much as I can chill out with so many fit, semi-naked boys around.

I've tried going back to the toilets and going into one of the stalls. I got interest alright, but not the sort I was looking for. Some fat, ugly, old guy wanted to see my dick. Major turn off! A bit scary too. I stuffed bog-paper in the hole and left as fast as I could. I haven't felt like going back since.

The weather's been great. We had one morning of overcast skies with occasional light drizzle. We took the opportunity to visit the Tate Gallery. It's a real top place, with lots of stuff by artists who worked in the area. If I needed inspiration, I found it right there. Apart from that one morning, it's been warm and sunny all the way. And, it seems, it's going to get even better.

"We're in for a scorcher tomorrow," Dad says. "I thought we might drive up to Newquay. It'd give you something different to draw."

"Is that the surfing place?" I query.

"That's the one!" Dad says, grinning.

I've just discovered an unexpected benefit of having a large sketch pad in my lap. It's very useful for hiding the fact that I've got a raging hard-on. It needs to be. I thought the beach at St. Ives was pretty amazing. On a baking hot day like today, Newquay is paradise. I've never seen so many über-fit boys crammed into such a small area.

Of course, in a totally strange town, there's absolutely no chance of me actually doing anything, but . . . well, I can dream! What I am doing is drawing what I see. Nobody turns a hair. Why should they? This is Britain's surfing capital. It's what people come here for. So that's what I'm drawing, surfer boys doing what they do.

It's lunchtime. Instead of going out somewhere, Dad brings me a snack so I can continue working.

"D'you want to carry on this afternoon?" he asks. "We won't be coming back tomorrow, so you can if you want."

"Yeah, thanks!" I say, smiling at him.

It's four o'clock before I finish. I'm pleased with it. It's definitely one of the best things I've done. When I get home, I'm going to frame it, put it up in my room. Let's say it'll bring back some interesting memories.

I love Cornwall. Yeah, we've been very lucky with the weather, but even so, it's an amazing place, with one stunning view after another. Best of all was the Lizard. I spent an entire morning sketching it. We visited the Eden Project too. That is seriously cool. I learned stuff I hadn't even guessed at.

It's Thursday. Tomorrow will be our last full day. Dad says we'll go out somewhere, maybe Newquay again. Saturday morning we'll set off for home. So my time in St. Ives is almost over. I'm going to miss it. It's made a huge impression on me. We're chilling out on the beach. Mum and Dad are reading again. I'm not just horny, I'm bored too.

"I'm going for a walk," I say, standing up and stretching.

They barely acknowledge me. I know the place so well now, they've stopped worrying about me getting lost. I head up the beach, climbing the stairs to the road above. On nothing more than a whim I make my way into the toilets, a small tube of gel hidden in my pocket. I think that's what Dad might call the triumph of hope over expectation. I've not had the slightest success at hooking up with anyone, and I can't think of any reason for things to change now.

Both stalls are empty. I don't fancy it. I remember what happened the last time I went in there. I take my usual place at the urinal, right in the corner pretending to have a pee. After a minute or so with people coming and going, I'm getting paranoid. It's time to go. I pull up the front of my shorts and turn towards the exit.

That's when I see him, a couple of years older than me I'd guess, not stunning, but well on the fit side of average. Our eyes meet. He grins and heads into one of the stalls. I want to go into the other one, but there are other guys around. They'd see me and might clock what I was up to. Shit!

I make my way outside, park myself against the wall and wait. One by one, the other guys I saw by the urinal come out and disappear. The boy who went into the stall is still in there. I swallow hard. This is it. Of course, a few guys have gone in too. One of them might have gone into the second stall, but unless I go in I won't know.

I take a look around. As far as I can tell, nobody's paying me the slightest attention. I head back inside, my heart pounding. I'm in luck. The second stall's still vacant. I go in and bolt the door. I drop my shorts and sit down. Very gingerly, I move my head towards the hole. An eye is looking back at me.

As I move closer, the eye moves away. A second later the boy's hard cock comes into view, a little thicker than Dean's but not quite as long. Wow! I've finally met someone! The boy's cock disappears, his eye moving back to the hole. I know what he wants. I stand up and show him what I've got, waiting a few seconds before sitting down again.

So what happens now? A pencil and a piece of paper appear from beneath the partition. I take them. I look at the paper. There's a message on it. "Nice! Meet me outside!" I take a deep breath. I shouldn't be doing this, but in nearly two weeks it's the only worthwhile offer I've had. I scrawl "OK" on the paper and pass it back.

A moment later, the toilet in the next stall flushes. The door opens, followed by the sound of footsteps. I resist the temptation to follow straight away. Somebody might notice. I study the second hand of my watch until thirty seconds have passed. That's long enough. I flush the toilet, pull up my shorts and make my way out.

The boy is standing about ten yards away, facing the entrance to the toilets. He smiles. He's very cute when he smiles. I saunter across to him, my heart thumping even harder than it was before. We move away. It seems that nobody's noticed us. Phew! That's the first part over with.

"Have you got somewhere to go?" he asks.

"I know somewhere," I say.

"Where?" he asks.

"Up there," I say, pointing to the headland beyond the beach.

"Is it safe?" he asks.

"Very," I assure him, "for one thing, hardly anyone goes there."

We increase our pace, walking with greater purpose. We turn onto the path, heading uphill, the bustle of the seafront disappearing behind us.

"What's your name?" he asks.


"Hi," he responds. "I'm Danny. Have you done this before?"


"Who with?"

"A friend from school."

"How old?"

"Fourteen, the same as me."

"You're fourteen?" he queries. "When I first saw you, I thought you were about twelve. I've seen you sketching down by the harbour, yeah? Then just now when I saw your cock I thought probably thirteen."

"Yeah," I say a little sourly. "That's what most people think. So how old are you?"


That's pretty much what I thought. I can't place his accent though. It sounds sort of countrified.

"Where are you from?" I ask.

"Bristol. You?"

"Near Birmingham."

It doesn't matter. We live a long way apart, too far for us to meet up again.

"Have you done this before?" I go on.

"Yeah," he admits. "Back home, I do it with my cousin."

"So how old's he?"

"Gavin's thirteen. He's taller than you though."

That figures. Half the boys in Year Eight are taller than I am.

"So what d'you do?" I ask.

"We suck each other off."

"Cool!" I say, giving him my most mischievous grin.

"Do you like that?" he asks.

"Yeah, it's wicked!"

We walk on. I am so up for this! Danny seems really nice, and from what he's said, he's had less experience than I have. We reach my chosen place. I stop and look around. I can't see anybody.

"Is this it?" he asks, looking a bit worried.

"Yeah," I say, smiling. "I'll show you."

I lead the way into the bracken. Close to the path, it's not that high, but as we head further in, it gets taller with every step. By the time we've gone twenty yards it's up to our armpits. I make a final check. There's nobody else up here, not a soul.

"No-one's going to find us," I whisper. "Anyone coming along the path won't even know we're here."

He nods and grins. We sit down, completely hidden in the bracken. Clothes are quickly removed. We snuggle up, arms wrapped round each other, hands roaming everywhere. I lean forwards, pressing my mouth to his. He hesitates for a second then totally goes for it, our tongues dancing together. After a couple of minutes, he gently pulls away.

"Wow!" he breathes. "I never did that before!"

We don't talk much, there's no need. We kiss, we fondle, we suck. Somehow, we work our way into a sixty-nine. He's good at this, very good. I wish we could stay here forever. His hand runs over my bum, gently massaging it. He might not have even meant to do it, but he's telling me what he really wants. I guess he's too polite to ask straight out, or too nervous, maybe.

My brain's saying 'You've only just met this guy; you'll never see him again, and you're going to let him do that?' You bet I am! After two weeks without anything, I'm gagging for it. I release Danny's cock, twisting around so we're lying face to face again.

"You can go all the way if you want," I whisper.

"Really?" he queries, his brown eyes locked onto my blue ones.

"You wanna?" I ask.

"Yeah, man!" he says excitedly. "I've never done that with Gavin. I wasn't sure he'd be up for it."

I quickly retrieve the gel I stashed in my shorts. I flip open the tube, smearing some over his penis. Hope over expectation? Well, this time hope has paid off. I roll onto my back, pulling my legs up so that my knees are close to my shoulders.

"Come on," I say. "Let's do it!"

Danny gets up onto his knees, the head of his prong probing my boy-hole. As he thrusts it in, it stings a little, probably because it's a bit thicker than I'm used to. I let out a quiet gasp.

"Are you okay?" he asks.

"Sure," I tell him, relaxing again.

As he pushes it in deeper, I'm consumed by a wonderfully warm, full feeling. His teen cock slides over my prostate, making my penis twitch and tingle like it's been stuffed into the electric. Within a few seconds, I've got the whole thing, Danny's pubic bone pressed tight against my bum.

"Fuck!" he breathes. "You're so tight! Is it okay if I cum inside you?"

"Yes!" I tell him. "Do it!"

After pulling back a few inches, he begins to fuck. After just a few strokes, he's really going for it, pounding into me like that world's about to end. So here I am, lying naked in the bracken, Danny's beautiful dick fucking me senseless. It feels so amazing, I hardly know where I am.

"Play with my cock!" I demand.

He reaches down, his fingers wrapping themselves around my throbbing prick. Almost before I know it, I'm there, my penis jerking into action. As my spunk shoots all over me, my bum-hole clamps tight around Danny's prong.

"Oh fuck!" he groans. "Oh yes! Yes! Yesss!"

Moments later, his hot cream is spurting over and over into my bum. After a few seconds, he slowly pulls out. Messy doesn't come close. Pushing myself up into a crouch position, I allow his spunk to run out.

"Man" he gasps. "That was awesome, like, totally!" He pauses, still struggling for breath. "I've never cum that much before. I thought, like, it wasn't going to stop!"

I smile up at him, my persistence having finally been rewarded. That was everything I'd hoped for and then some. "Mmmm!" I murmur contentedly, "That was incredible!"

"You were really into it, man!" he continues excitedly. "I hardly touched your cock; you spunked all over the place! Do you usually cum while you're taking it?"

"Yeah," I tell him, "especially when the guy's fucking me like you just did."

"Wow!" he breathes. "That's amazing! I'll have to do it with Gavin when I get home!"

"You'll need to take your time," I warn, pulling a tissue from the pocket of my shorts to wipe the spunk off my body. "Get him used to your fingers first; otherwise you'll hurt him."

"I'll need some of that gel too," he says.

I show him the tube. "You can get it in Boots," I tell him. "They keep it by the condoms. Just don't rush things, yeah?"

"Why so serious all of a sudden?" he queries.

"Last summer," I say quietly, "I met this kid in a park near where we live. He was a year older than me. Anyway, he looked okay so we went back to his place. I'd never been with anyone before. So we started messing about and that. Suddenly he flipped me onto my tummy. I didn't even know what he was going to do. It hurt like hell."

"Fuck!" he says, looking concerned. "That's bad!"

"So you need to be patient, yeah?"

"Sure!" he agrees.

"And the first few times, have him on all-fours, with his bum pushed right back. It'll make it easier for him."

"Okay, I'll do that."

I give him a wry smile. I may have persuaded him to slow down a bit, but he will fuck the lad. I can see it in his eyes. I can picture him, filling his cousin's bum. I draw him into a final kiss. At last, we pull on our clothes. Even though I got rid of as much spunk as I could, I know I'm going to mess my boxers. That's just how it is. After wading through the bracken, we reach the path.

"Can I see you again?" he asks expectantly.

"Sorry," I say. "We're going somewhere tomorrow, Newquay probably. We'll be gone all day. And first thing Saturday morning, we'll be off home."

"Shit, man!" he says with obvious frustration. "I spend all week looking for someone, and when it finally happens, we only get to see each other once."

"You're lucky," I counter, "I was looking for almost a fortnight! So you're going to be here next week then?"


"You may meet someone else," I say. "You never know."

"They won't be a nice as you," he says, smiling.

I smile back. Hearing him say that gives me a warm glow. The headland's still deserted. He carefully hooks his fingers through mine. We walk steadily back towards the beach. We don't really talk. There's nothing much to say.

"I'm going to be wanking myself stupid" he says finally, "thinking about . . . , you know, what we just did."

I'm guessing that at least some of the time, he'll wank off thinking about doing it with Gavin. I hope he remembers what we said. We come to a stop. From here, the path descends sharply to the road that leads to the seafront.

"I'm going now," I say quietly, gently disengaging my fingers. "Have fun!"

"Thanks!" he says, smiling warmly. "Take care!"

Reaching the bottom of the path, I turn towards the beach.

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