Juggling the Pieces

by Pink Panther

Chapter 27

September 2011

It's Wednesday afternoon. We've just arrived at the venue for our first race. It's the same park where it's been held for the past two years, with the same four schools competing. I'm looking forward to it. I know we haven't been running very hard in training, but I'm feeling better than I ever have. Anyway, we'll soon find out.

This morning, I was hoping to have a quiet word with Anthony, to find out how things went yesterday afternoon. Now that he's started his A-levels, Anthony's around the art area as much as I am. The problem this morning was that we were both too busy. The opportunity for a quiet word just didn't arise.

The only indication I've got is that Jake looks okay. On the way here, he's been pretty quiet, the same as usual, but he seems quite relaxed. He certainly doesn't look like the condemned man being led to the gallows.

We begin to warm up. It's a pleasant afternoon for running, with light cloud, a gentle breeze, and a temperature of around 16˚C. With ten minutes to go, we strip off our training pants and change into our spikes. After doing a few strides to get our legs moving, we take off our training tops and trot across to the start.

At half past two, the hooter sounds and we head off on the first of three laps. After the track work that I did last term, I'm able to start quite a bit faster than I used to. As things settle down, I'm in a large leading group, and running quite easily.

Halfway around the lap, we reach the first climb, which is longer and more testing than it looks. As a result, the leading group begins to thin out. After an inviting downhill section and another, shorter climb , we begin our second lap with around ten of us still in contention. Patrick and I are still there. I'm not sure about anyone else.

It still doesn't feel all that quick, but once again the hilly part of the lap takes its toll. By the time we start our final lap, the leading group is down to three: Patrick, myself and a boy from one of the other schools. Although Patrick's leading the way, I'm still pretty comfortable.

I know what I expect to happen. At some point, Patrick will pick up the pace, and the other lad, who looks ominously easy, will go with him. They'll battle it out for the win, leaving me, completely isolated, to hang on for third place. That's going to be hard!

Only the change of pace never comes. We continue as we are, the three of us locked together, up the testing climb, onto the long, fast descent, across the brook and uphill to where we started. As we make our final turn, we've got two hundred metres left, sloping gently downhill to the finish.

Almost immediately, the other lad hits the front, sprinting for the finish line. Instinctively, I set off in pursuit, although it's clear after just a few yards that I've got no chance of catching him.

I thought Patrick would chase him too, but he doesn't. He simply runs through at the same speed he'd been going. That means I've finished second and Patrick third. There's no way I expected that!

Having taken our finishing discs, we stroll across to Mr Bentley.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

"Sure, " Patrick responds, smiling. "I might have been able to win today, but it would have meant running much harder than I wanted to. And what's the point? We'll have won the team race anyway. It's like Bentley said; it's a long season. I want to make sure I'm ready when it matters."

"Oh, right!" I respond, unable to think of anything else to say.

"You ran really well!" he says, a big grin on his face. "I knew you would! That's your best run ever!"

"Thanks!" I say, smiling back.

"Well done!" Mr Bentley says, beaming at me as I hand him my finishing disc. "It's a fitting reward for all the work you've put in!"

"Were you taking it easy today?" he asks, turning to Patrick.

"Pretty much, sir. I've raced that guy before. I can't outsprint him, and I'm not fit enough yet to get away from him. Like you said, sir; it's a long season."

"Quite so! " Mr Bentley responds, still smiling.

Patrick was right about the team race. With Nathan 6th, Niall 8th, Jon 11th and Simon 13th, we've scored 43 points, and won by a huge margin. The other lads who train with me ran pretty well too, Rhys finishing 15th, Shaun 16th and Gary 20th, while the boys who've been training with Dean were a little further back. Out of 46 finishers, Martin was 26th, Ben 31st, Brian 35th and Jake 38th.

Another positive is that Jake doesn't look in the least bit distressed.

"Are you okay?" I ask him.

"Yeah, thanks," he says. "I just did what you told me to do."

"Great! Over time, as you get used to the pace and the distance, you'll start to move up the field." I raise my voice a little, so that I can speak to the whole group. "Just for the record, two years ago, when I ran my first race, I finished thirtieth. So keep working, and keep believing in yourselves!"

"Why wasn't Dean racing today?" Brian Armstrong demands.

"Because he's coming back from quite a bad injury," I tell him.

"Oh, we could all say that!" Brian says airily.

"Well, you certainly couldn't, " I retort. "You make so little effort, your chances of injuring yourself are somewhere between negligible and zero!"

The other boys fall about laughing. Brian looks most put-out. Well, it's his own fault. He shouldn't make stupid comments.

We don't get back to school until five past four. I'd hoped to get Jake on his own, so I could ask him about how things went yesterday afternoon, but I haven't had the chance. I'd have asked him now, but he's disappeared. I guess I'll just have to be patient. In any case, I need to get to Scott's place. I arrive at quarter past.

"You're a bit late," he says breezily.

"Yeah, the journey back took forever."

"How did it go?"

"Very well! We won the team race easily."

"And what about you?"

"I was second."

"Oh, that's great; your first time in the top three! Well done! I assume Patrick must have won."

"Actually, he didn't. By the time we got to the last lap, there were three of us running together, Patrick, myself and this other guy. When we turned towards the finish, the other guy sprinted away. I tried to chase him, but got nowhere. Patrick just let us get on with it, so he was third."

"That's a surprise."

"Not really. He's only been training for three weeks. Before that, he's spent five weeks working for Bill, and never ran at all, so he's not that fit at the moment."

"That makes sense. What about Jake?"

"He got through it unscathed. He was our last finisher, but there was no distress, no tears or any of that. It's a start. "

"D'you know how he got on with Anthony?"

"No. I didn't want to call Anthony last night; I thought it would look too pushy. I thought I'd see him at school this morning, but I didn't. This afternoon, I never had a chance to speak to Jake on his own, and the moment we got back, he disappeared."

"He probably went to Anthony's again," Scott speculates.

"Yeah," I agree. "The thought did occur to me. I'll call Anthony this evening and find out."

"And what about you? Are you still up for that damn good fucking you were talking about?"


"Not too tired, then?"

"No! Bring it on!"

"You asked for it!" he says, grinning.

He shepherds me into the bedroom, where he's put everything we're likely to need. As the place we were racing doesn't have any proper changing rooms, I'm still wearing my training pants. After the race, I took off my running vest, quickly towelled myself down, and put on a clean tee-shirt and my school blazer. It was all I was able to do. The rest of my school clothes are in my bag, along with my running vest and training top.

As soon as I've taken off my blazer, shoes and socks, he begins to undress me.

"Sorry I'm a bit sweaty," I apologise as he removes my tee-shirt. "I wasn't able to have a shower."

"I don't care, " he responds. He inhales deeply. " Mmmm! " he purrs. "The smell of pleasantly ripe boy! I love it!"

My training pants quickly follow.

"I love seeing you in these shorts," he says. "They're sexy!"

"I don't think they are," I counter. "They've got sewn-in briefs. You can't get at anything!"

"They show off your legs," he argues. "And your bum!"

Within a couple of seconds, they've gone too, leaving me naked and hard, my cock throbbing with my heartbeat.

I quickly return the favour. Under his tennis shorts, Scott's wearing the shiny black trunks I bought him for Christmas. He's hard too.

"Hmmm! " I whisper, running my fingers over his shaft. "The big, bad wolf wants to come out to play!"

Hooking my fingers into the waistband, I skin them right down his legs and over his feet. From my position kneeling on the carpet, I go down on him, sucking him eagerly, working my way down until I'm taking it right down to the root, my nose diving repeatedly into his pubic hair.

"Oh, babe!" he coos, stroking my hair. "That is so good! Oh, yes!"

After a couple of minutes, I release him, running my tongue right up his glistening length as I finally let him go.

"Okay babe, " he whispers. "You know what to do!"

Climbing onto the bed, I get on all-fours, my knees forward, my bum pushed right back. With my feet hanging over the end, I lower my head and shoulders almost onto the mattress. Moments later, Scott's kneeling behind me, his tongue prodding at my starfish. After several preliminary forays, he forces it inside. The sensations are unreal.

"Ohhhh! " I gasp. "Oh, yeah! Ohhh!"

Finally, he pulls his tongue away. He replaces it with a well-lubed finger, which is soon joined by a second one. After some skilful gyrations, they slide back out.

"Okay, babe?" he prompts.

Reaching forwards, I grab one of the pillows, placing it a couple of feet in front of my knees. Getting to his feet, Scott takes the towel off the bedside cabinet, spreading it on top. Without waiting to be asked, I lie face-down, the pillow under my boy-parts.

Getting back onto the bed, Scott kneels between my legs. Spreading them a little wider, he lowers himself onto me, guiding his cock onto my rosebud. With one sharp thrust, he's inside me, exactly where I want him to be.

After a brief pause, he begins to push down. I sigh contentedly as his dick advances along my tunnel, going deeper and deeper until I've got the whole thing, his pubic bone pressed tight against my bum.

"Are you ready for this?" he whispers, his musky aroma flooding my nostrils like an erotic drug.

"Oh, yes!" I tell him. "Do it, Scott! Make me your boy!"

"Oh, you're my boy alright!" he growls, pulling well back before thrusting in again.

Within seconds, he's pounding into me like there's no tomorrow. The combination of sensations is indescribable, and becomes stronger and stronger with every thrust. All too soon, the tingling in my penis becomes almost unbearable.

Suddenly, everything goes crazy, as though the flat's been hit by a full-on earthquake. Instinctively, I grab at the bed-sheets, my muscles wracked by uncontrollable spasms.

"Ohhh! " I groan, my balls churning into action. " I'm going to cum!"

A moment later, my dick begins swelling and jerking, my teen spunk spurting over and over onto the towel. As my orgasm begins to subside, I feel Scott's hot, creamy semen filling my arse. Oh, yes! That was everything I wanted, and then some!

For a few seconds, we lie where we are, Scott's heart thumping against my spine. Finally, he lifts himself clear, his cock sliding out of me. He rolls off onto his side.

"Wow!" he breathes, gently stroking my hair. "That was amazing!"

For a while, I lie there contentedly, enjoying Scott's attention. Finally, unable to postpone it any longer, I head to the bathroom to use the loo and have a quick shower. On my return, Scott and I spend half an hour snuggled up together, affectionately kissing and cuddling like we always do.

I can't explain why sometimes we like things to get really wild. All I know is that just occasionally I like us to have sex where we hold absolutely nothing back. It works for me, and as far as I can tell, it's working for Scott.

At quarter past five, we climb back into our clothes and Scott takes me home. It's been an afternoon that I won't forget anytime soon!

After dinner, I head up to my room. Finally, I'm going to call Anthony. Taking out my phone, I find him on speed-dial and hit the call symbol. He picks up on the third ring.

"Hi man! " he greets. "I thought you might call."

"How did things go with Jake?" I ask, trying not to appear too intrusive.

"Very interesting!" he says. "At first, he seemed quite nervous. He was very quiet, didn't say a lot. When we got to my place, I wasn't sure that anything was going to happen. As you thought he probably hadn't done anything before, I wasn't going to push the boat out.

Anyway, we each had a glass of coke, and I took him up to my room. We sat on the bed. He seemed to know who I was, so I tried to get him to open up a bit. I put my arm around his shoulder, but that was all. Well, after a minute or so, he reached across and started stroking my leg. The next thing I knew, he'd got his hand on my cock! To cut a long story short, a couple of minutes later, we were both stark naked and he was all over me!"

"Really!" I say excitedly. "That's amazing!"

"That's what I thought!" Anthony responds, "especially as he told me that it was the first time he'd been with anyone. Well, he might not have done anything before, but he must have seen plenty. He knew what he wanted to do, and had a pretty reasonable idea how to do it."

"Wow! I wouldn't have expected that! So he's been watching gay porn?"

"Yeah, definitely! From what he told me, he's been reading it too. There's this website called Nifty that posts gay-sex stories. He uses them as wank-fantasies."

"So, what was it he wanted to do?"

"Kissing, fondling, sucking; I had to show him how to keep his teeth out of the way. Other than that, he was right on it."

"From the way he got a hard-on when we were talking in the changing room, I knew he was pretty horny, but I didn't expect him to be like that!"

"Oh, he's a right little horn-dog! When he came round this afternoon, he asked me if I wanted to fuck him. Well, I did have a little play around back there, but he was very tight, so I told him we'd have to wait until he was ready. I don't think it'll be that long though! As it was, he sucked me off both days. Yesterday, I warned him I was going to cum, expecting him to pull away. Not a bit of it! He kept right on going and swallowed it all."

"I seem to remember you doing that," I quip.

"Yeah," he counters. "But I cum a great deal more now than you did then!"

"Right!" I concede, grinning. "Well, the sex seems to have gone pretty well. How did you get on apart from that?"

"Oh, he's a really sweet kid, and very affectionate! He kisses beautifully. Man, he's had such a difficult life! Oh, they're not short of money, but that's where it stops. His dad walked out when Jake was four. He lives in Switzerland now. He pays Jake's school fees and a bit more on top, but that's it. Jake never sees him. Since he left, it's just been Jake and his mum. Well, I live in a one-parent family, and it's fine, but my dad's always been there for me. Jake's mum hasn't been there for him. She's a management consultant; earns decent money. Anyway, since his dad left, Jake's been palmed off on grandparents, nursery schools, playgroups, after-school clubs, summer camps, child-minders, baby sitters; you name it! For the last two years, when his mum's away on business, he's been left on his own. It's shit, man! I really feel for him. It's no wonder he's got lost!"

"Wow!" I say, feeling quite breathless. "That came out in a hurry! Do I take it that you and Jake have just become an item?"

"It's early days, man!" Anthony cautions. "I don't want to get ahead of myself, especially after what happened with Jayden. What I will say is that while I'm still at school, if Jake needs me, I'll be there for him. If we also happen to be having great sex, which I think we will, that' s a bonus. "

"Nice one!" I say appreciatively. "You're the best!"

"The weird thing is that they only live around the corner," he continues. "They're on Alexandra Square, on the opposite side from where Dean is. When I was little, there was a derelict house there. Then they knocked it down, and built a pair of high-spec maisonettes. Because this is a conservation area, they had to be made to look like they're as old as all the other buildings, but if you get up close, you can see they aren't. Jake and his mum live in the upstairs one."

"Oh, right!" I enthuse. "That's pretty handy then! It's strange that Dean never mentioned it. Right! I'll have to go; I've got some maths to do! It's been great talking to you, man!"

Putting my phone away, I'm struggling to take it all in. I thought Jake and Anthony might get on okay. I didn't expect things to move as fast as they have.

The following afternoon, as soon as classes have finished, I head to the gym changing room. I'm one of the first to arrive. As I begin to take my clothes off, Jake appears. As there aren't many other guys around, I call him over to me.

"I hear you and Anthony got on pretty well," I say quietly, smiling at him.

"Yeah!" Jake confirms, grinning mischievously. " He's awesome!"

"When are you seeing him again?"

"Tomorrow. "

"Nice one!" I tell him.

As the rest of the guys arrive, there's a buzz around the place. That's what a good performance can do. After yesterday's race, there's a new-found confidence. The guys know we're on the right lines. It's a great foundation to build on.

It's Friday. With another school week completed, I head straight to Scott's place. Two days on from my last visit, he seems especially pleased to see me.

"I've been picked for the England under-21 squad again," he says as we flop down on the sofa.

"After last time, you were pretty much bound to be, weren't you? When do you have to report?"

"A week on Sunday. I'll be away for nine days, the same as last time. Did you manage to speak to Anthony?"

"Yes, I called him on Wednesday evening."

"And? "

"It seems that after a rather hesitant beginning, things went remarkably well."

"So did Anthony say what they got up to?" Scott asks, almost salivating.

"Fondling, kissing and sucking was how he described it."

"And Jake was into all that?"

"From what Anthony told me, 'Couldn't get enough of it' might be nearer the mark."

"Wonderful! Had he been with someone before?"

"Well, he said he hadn't, but according to Anthony, other than showing him how to keep him teeth out of the way, he didn't need to teach him anything. It seems that Jake's watched as much gay porn as Anthony has."

"Really? How do these kids do it? I know I couldn't have!"

"A lack of parental supervision. Jake lives with his mum who leaves him on his own quite a bit."

"That's not great."

"No, it isn't. Apparently, she's some sort of business consultant – Anthony did tell me – and quite often she has to go away."

"So are Jake and Anthony boyfriends now?"

"I wouldn't go that far. Anthony's still on the rebound from Jayden. I don't think he's ready to commit to that at the moment. But he is expecting to be looking after Jake for the next year or two, you know, until he leaves school."

"Oh, right!"

"It suits me," I say, giving Scott a wry grin. "I get the feeling that Jake would still like to get into my pants."

"Well, that wouldn't be the end of the world, would it?" he replies, smiling.

"Do you know Reavington Common?" I ask, rapidly changing the subject.

"Well, I know where it is. Why?"

"I just wondered. We're racing there next Wednesday."

"Really? What time do you start?"

"Half past two."

"As long as it's not pissing down, I might come and watch. I'd love to see you run."

"That's fine with me," I say guardedly. "But if someone saw you, like Mr Bentley, you can't pretend that you just happened to be there."

"True! Do you travel in the school minibus?"

"Yeah, one of them."

"Which has the school's name on both sides?"


"Now if I've got it right, as you drive along the road, there's a car park and a sort of pavilion, with a café and changing rooms."

"That's right. We can use the changing rooms if we want to, but if it's a nice day, we don't bother."

"Okay then! As I'm driving back from training, I see the minibus turning in, and as I have nothing better to do, I decide to investigate."

"Sounds okay to me. We're always on the last minute when we go there. We won't arrive till at least ten past two. Bentley has to drive like the clappers to get us there for that time!"


"You're going to a lot of trouble, just to see me run."

"You've been to watch me play football," he counters, nuzzling my ear. "Now I want to watch you run."

"A football match has to be more interesting than watching forty-odd lads running around some fields!"

"I won't be watching forty-odd lads," he argues. " I'll be watching you!" He gets to his feet. "Come on, babe!" he urges, helping me up .

Heading towards the bedroom, I can't help reflecting that that's the weirdest conversation we've ever had.

Travelling to races at Reavington Common is always a rush. Having been allowed out of class five minutes early, we go straight to lunch. From there, it's down to the changing room to change from our school uniform into running kit and training pants before heading outside to the minibus. By the time we're on the road, it's almost quarter past one.

Just after ten past two, we reach our destination. Mr Bentley manoeuvres the minibus onto the car park and brings it to a halt, leaving us just under twenty minutes to prepare. We're facing another three-lap race, a little shorter than the one last week. We don't have long enough to go around the course, but it's not really necessary. It's gently undulating grassland, and quite firm underfoot. There are no tricky bits.

As we change into our spikes, there's no sign of Scott. I wonder if, for some reason, he hasn't been able to make it. It's a slight disappointment, but I can't afford to dwell on that. As team captain, I need to set an example.

Apart from the host school, King George's, the opposition is pretty average. The other two schools each has a couple of reasonable club runners, but nobody outstanding. I don't want to take anything for granted, but my guess is that, in effect, the team race will be a straight fight.

After putting our training tops into Mr Bentley's black bin-bag, we trot over to the start. Just like last week, I get up among the leaders right from the start. We've run around half a mile when I hear a familiar voice.

"Come on Patrick! Come on Ian! You're running great!"

It's Scott! I don't know where he was hiding beforehand, but he is here! I know I wasn't that enthusiastic about having him come to watch me, but hearing him shouting me on is such a buzz!

As the race progresses, Scott keeps popping up at different points around the course, shouting encouragement. That is so special! In previous seasons, I've never run very well on this type of course, but right now, it feels like I'm flying.

Even though I'm feeling quite comfortable, and I'm sure that Patrick is too, this week, there's nobody who can live with the pace we're setting. By the time we've completed our second lap, we've established a clear lead.

After what Patrick said last week, I'm not surprised when he makes no effort to get away from me. With one hundred and fifty yards to go, we make our final turn onto the one part of the course that's virtually flat.

Instinctively, I pick up the pace. I don't think you could call it sprinting, but I'm running faster than I was. Unsurprisingly, Patrick comes with me, running right on my shoulder. I'm expecting that at any moment, he'll drive past me, but instead, with just a few yards to go, he eases off, allowing me to take the win.

After collecting our finishing discs, we shake hands.

"Nice one!" Patrick says, smiling. "You deserved that!"

"I only won because you let me!" I protest, grinning back.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," he counters. "You're running great!"

We stroll across to where Scott and Mr Bentley are chatting.

"Well done!" Mr Bentley enthuses. "That was outstanding!"

"You two looked superb out there," Scott adds. "Really impressive!"

"Thanks!" we chorus.

After putting on our training pants and tops, we sit on the grass, waiting for the rest of the lads to join us. With a score of 37 points, we've easily won the team race. It seems that King George's are in a similar position to the one we were in last season. Although they packed their six scoring runners into the first 16 places, they don't have anyone who can get right up there, their first two scorers having finished 6th and 9th.

With one exception, we finished in the same order as we did last week, the exception being that Jake beat Brian Armstrong. It's the icing on the cake! I love it!

"How did you do that?" I ask quietly, squatting down next to him.

"Well, I remembered what you said to him last week about not putting in enough effort, so I thought if he doesn't try that hard, I might be able to beat him. So I stood next to him at the start and ran with him all the way round. Then when we got near the finish, I ran as hard as I could and got away from him."

"Great stuff! So who's your next target?"

"I guess it'll have to be Ben."

"Yeah, probably."

"That's going to be much harder."

"Of course it is!" I tell him, grinning. "But that's what you've got to aim for."

Mr Bentley brings Scott over to where we' re sitting.

"Well done everybody!" he says, beaming. "This afternoon, we have a guest with us. I'm sure most of you will remember Scott Paxton, who's the best footballer our school has ever had. He's now playing professionally for the club here in Reavington, where he's doing extremely well. On his way home from training, he popped in to give us a little support, which was a really nice gesture. He'd just like to say a few words.

"That was an excellent performance," Scott says warmly. " It was great to see you running so well. But don't be satisfied with that. Keep working and you'll get even better!"

There's a general murmur of appreciation.

"Hi, Scott! " Niall calls, beaming up at him.

"Hi! " Scott responds, smiling back. "Is Will still enjoying Cambridge?"

"Yeah, he loves it!" Niall confirms.

That was such a nice touch! Scott didn't need to come here. He certainly didn't need to stay behind to speak to us. Acknowledging Niall like that finished it off perfectly. It's not a surprise, of course. That's who Scott is. And he's my boyfriend; my partner. It makes me so proud!

By the time I get to Scott's place, once again, it's quarter past four.

"Hail the conquering hero!" he says, closing the door behind us. "You were superb today," he adds, drawing me into a hug. " I'm delighted for you. I know how hard you've been working."

We stroll into the lounge. "It wasn't just that you ran so well," he goes on as we flop down onto the sofa. "You looked so good! You were really smooth and efficient; I hadn't expected that. You run much more smoothly than Patrick does."


"That's a good team you've got there! Bentley was singing your praises, telling me about how you've pulled them together. I had to pretend I didn't know! I recognised a few of them. There was you and Patrick at the front. Then there was a guy who looked like he's mixed-race."

"That's Nathan Harkness."

"Yes, I remember you telling me about him. He looks very athletic."

"The girls certainly seem to think so!" I quip.

"Oh, it's like that, is it?"

"Just a bit!"

"Obviously, I recognised Will Taylor's brother," Scott goes on. "The next lad was very slim, with shortish dark hair; quite ordinary-looking."

"That' s Jon Franklyn; he's mates with Nathan. When they first joined the team, Jon and Nathan were pretty much joined at the hip. Not so much these days! I like Jon; he works really hard." I pause for a moment. "Considering that there's not that much of him," I add, lowering my voice, "he's got a surprisingly big cock!"

"Right!" Scott responds, grinning. "Maybe he's a shower rather than a grower!"

"Possibly," I concede. "I haven't seen it hard, but even if he is, he's not small!"

"Your next runner was the blond guy who plays cricket."

"Simon Heath."

"Then there was another slim lad, but really cute."

"That' s Rhys Shipley. He's in Year Twelve, like Jon and Nathan. He's improved a lot since he started."

"I lost track after that," he admits grinning. "Other than Jake, who was near the back, I don't remember any of the others."

"Jake did okay!" I say, smiling.

"He's cute, isn't he? "

"I knew you'd say that!" I quip, grinning. "Anyway, thanks for coming over to talk to us," I add, changing the subject. "You're still a celeb at school, so it meant a lot! The boys really appreciated it."

"No problem! I was happy to do it. Are you ready, then?"

As we head to the bedroom, I reflect that Scott used this afternoon's race to do some serious boy-watching. It's not exactly a surprise. I've known since we were in Spain that he likes younger lads. That's just how it is. It's not going to change anything.

I'm in the middle of writing a history essay when I get a call. I take out my phone. It's Anthony.

"Hi, man! " I greet. "I wasn't expecting you to call. What can I do for you?"

"Jake needs some help with his maths. Up till the end of last term he had Jenkins, the useless old fart! He's got Newton now, the new guy. Jake says he's really good, but he needs someone to help him catch up. We thought of you."

"Can 't you do it?" I query. "You got an A-star in Additional Maths, which is more than I did."

"Doing maths is one thing," he argues. "Explaining it to someone who's not that good at it is totally different. I wouldn't know where to start!"

"When were you thinking of?" I ask.

"Jake suggested after school on Friday. You could go round to their place before you go home."

"He's got no chance!" I say firmly. "Friday, as soon as we come out of school, I'll be off to Scott's place so we can grab an hour or so together. He's got an away match on Saturday, which means he'll have to make an early start. We'll probably manage another hour or two on Saturday evening. Then first thing on Sunday morning, he has to go and join up with the England under-21 squad, and I'll be without him for nine days."

"Point taken!" he says.

"I can give Jake an hour on Saturday morning, but he'll have to come over here."

"Okay, I'll tell him. What time?"

"Ten o 'clock would be good. You should have my address."

"Sure! "

"I'm sure Jake does need help with his maths," I say quietly. "But I'm also sure that he's still hoping he can persuade me to have sex with him. After that business with my cousin, I don't want to put myself in that position again. I'm quite happy to help him, but I don't want to go to their place. He can come here when Mum and Dad are around."

"Didn't you tell me that when you were in Spain, you had a four-way with two other guys?"

"Sure, but that was different."

"Different how?"

"The main thing was that we were both there, so there couldn't be any misunderstandings, or arguments about what happened or didn't happen."

"Well, there is that," he concedes.

October 2011

The last two weeks have simply flown past. Before Scott joined up with the England under-21 squad, Reavington got a two-all draw away at one of the stronger teams in the Championship, with Scott getting an assist for their first goal.

The trip itself went well too, with the England under-21's winning 3 – 0 away against Iceland, and 2 – 1 away against Norway. Scott got a goal and an assist in the first game, and another assist in the second one.

While he was away, Jake came to our house on both Saturday mornings so that I could help him with his maths. I have to say that he was a model student. He concentrated on what we were supposed to be doing, and seemed genuinely grateful for the help I was giving him.

Fortunately, his problems weren't too severe. Once I'd explained the topics, and we'd worked through some questions, he was fine. I guess that with Mum and Dad around, he didn't have any opportunities to manipulate the situation, but he didn't even give any hints that he wanted to. I'd be happy to work with him again.

My running's still going well. At last Wednesday's race, the guy who won our first race was there again. It went much the same way. Although Patrick and I dropped everyone else, we didn't do enough to get rid of him. The only difference was that Patrick put up more of fight on the finishing straight, and so he was second and I was third. Once again, we ran away with the team race.

Right now, we're just to the south-west of Birmingham, preparing for our fourth race of the season. The course, three laps over a mixture of heathland and woods, is probably the most testing we' ve faced.

"There are a couple of useful runners in this," Patrick says quietly. "We certainly won't have it all our own way."

Following the initial charge, the pace doesn't ease down as much as it has in our previous races, one of the other lads seeming determined to make it hard right from the start. After barely a mile, four of us have broken away. We run together for the next two miles. Although I'm not struggling, I'm having to summon up all my concentration to stay in contact.

With around a mile to go, the guy who's been leading since the start makes a determined effort to get away. Patrick, who's definitely getting fitter, immediately latches onto him. Within a few strides, they've opened up a gap, leaving myself and the other lad trailing in their wake.

By this point, I'm running from memory, concentrating on staying relaxed and maintaining my rhythm. As we approach the finish, the other lad muscles his way past, relegating me to fourth place. I don't care. That's the best I've ever run.

After collecting my finishing disc, I find Patrick waiting for me.

"Where did you finish?" I ask, still gasping for air.

"Won it," he says laconically.

"You outsprinted him?"

"Nah, I outlasted him."

We wander over to Mr Bentley, handing him our discs. I am shattered! Even so, watching the later runners coming through, I'm pleased to see Jake scrapping with Ben as they approach the finish. Ben, who's much the bigger of the two, just prevails.

"Actually, Ben's the one I don't hold out much hope for," Dean says quietly.

"Really?" I question. "Why's that?"

"He doesn't move well," Dean explains. " He's stiff and awkward. He's got a very short stride for a lad as tall as he is. That's difficult to sort out."

I'm impressed. Dean clearly knows far more about it than I do.

"Well, how did it go?" Scott asks, ushering me into the flat.

"Okay!" I say brightly. "I was fourth."

"Oh," he responds. "Not as good as your last three races then?"

"Actually, it's the best I've ever run," I say, smiling. "There were a couple of useful runners there today. Patrick's come across them before. Well, one of them decided to make it hard right from the start."

"Oh, I see! A step up in class, as the horse racing commentators say!"

"Definitely! I was knackered by the end!"

"Hmmm! I'm guessing you won't want to do anything too energetic then."

"I'd rather we didn't. Something gentle would be good!"

"No problem! It sounds like a massage might not be a bad idea. Tell me, where did Patrick finish?"

"He won it. I'm not surprised. For the last couple of weeks, he's been flying."

"Come on then, babe!" he urges, helping me to my feet. "One nice relaxing massage coming up!"

At half past five, Scott drops me at home. Hi s massage, followed by a gentle, affectionate fuck, has worked wonders. I feel fantastic! There's no way that anyone else could have done that for me.

After dinner, I head to my room. I'm just settling into my maths homework when I get a call. It's Anthony.

"Hi man!" I greet, "I wasn't expecting you to call! Is everything okay?"

"Oh, it's more than okay," he enthuses. "I called to tell you that the deed has been done."

"Wow! That's amazing! Jake ran pretty well this afternoon."

"Yes, he told me about it. I think the adrenaline was still flowing! I was going to leave things till half term, but he begged me to do it then and there. Well, we had done quite a bit of preparation, so I decided to strike while the iron was hot, as they say."

"I can't argue with that! So how did it go?"

"It was out of this world! Mind-blowing! 'Awesome' doesn't even come close! The physical side was amazing; I think that goes without saying. And knowing that I was his first made it even better. But what really set it apart it was that he was into it like you would not believe! He was a bit sore afterwards, but that was just about inevitable. In any case, he wasn't the least bit worried about it."

"Wow! How did you have him?" I ask.

"D'you remember how we did it the first time?"

"Sure! I was down on all-fours, with you kneeling behind me."

"That's the one!" he asserts. "It's the best position for relaxing your anal ring."

"Did he cum while you were doing it, or did you suck him off afterwards?"

"The latter! I hate seeing spunk go to waste! He was so horny! Sucking him off took all of ten seconds!"

"Well, I think it's great news!" I tell him. "I'm delighted for both of you!"

"Thanks! I had to tell somebody, and there isn't anyone else."

"After the way Jayden messed you about, you deserve something like that!"

"Well," he agrees. "It certainly helps!"

As we end the call, I am buzzing! I immediately call Scott to pass on the news.

It's Friday, and another school week has just ended. At five past four, I arrive at Scott's flat. Once he's welcomed me inside, we wander into the lounge, flopping down on the sofa.

"Thanks for telling me about Jake and Anthony," he says warmly. "I think that calls for a celebration!"

Wow! That came out of left-field!

"What did you have in mind?" I ask guardedly.

"The week after next is half term. I thought we could invite them over for dinner, with, you know, a little fun to follow. If you're up for it, of course."

"The problem is that Jake doesn't know that you're my boyfriend. I haven't told him, and I don't think Anthony will have."

"Then it'll be a surprise for him, won't it? He's not going to go around telling people, is he?"

"Okay then," I concede. "It can't be Tuesday though. Mum and I will be going to the parents' support group that night."

"Sure! That's not a problem. Let's go for Wednesday. I thought we could do the same meal we gave Robbie and Noah. That seemed to go down pretty well."

"Yeah! Anthony eats anything. I'd need to check that Jake doesn't have any food issues. I don't think he does."

"Obviously, I know who Anthony is; he is pretty hard to miss! But I've never actually met him. These guys are friends of yours. I'd like them to be friends of mine too."

"You mentioned 'fun to follow' , " I probe cautiously. "Were you thinking, . . . you know, the same as we did with Robbie and Noah?"

"Pretty much, only this time, when we move to the bedroom, I'd like us to have the bed."

Right! He doesn't need to explain it. He wants to watch Jake being fucked. At least he hasn't suggested abandoning our 'red lines'. That would have set the alarm bells ringing!

"In the build-up," I venture. " I'm guessing you'd like to spend some time with Jake."

"Yeah, if that' s okay. "

He's just said it. He wants to get up close and personal with Jake's boy-parts. I can't say I'm totally comfortable with it, but I'm not going to throw a spanner into the works.

"I'll need to talk to them about it," I say. "I don't want to spring it on them at the last minute."

"Sure! " Scott responds. He puts his arm around my shoulder. " Don 't look so worried," he says gently. "This an opportunity for us to have some fun with guys we know we can trust, nothing more than that. As far as I'm concerned, it's not going to affect our relationship in any way." He pauses for a moment. "Come on, babe!" he urges, helping me to my feet. "All this sex talk's made me horny!"

It's the Wednesday of our half term break. Scott and I are in his kitchen, preparing dinner for Anthony and Jake. The past twelve days have been more of the same. For me, that means working, running and spending time with Scott.

It's all good. Without getting complacent, with our mock exams coming up at the beginning of December, my schoolwork is right where I need it to be. The running's going well too. In last Wednesday's race, Patrick won, I was second and once again, we ran away with the team race. So far this term our record is five races and five wins, with two individual victories for Patrick and one for me. I'll settle for that!

For Scott, it's been a similar story. Last Saturday, Reavington recorded a one-all draw away to the team who are currently top of the Championship. It was one of those days. Scott played well and created a number of chances, but nothing ran for them. The previous Saturday, playing at home, they gave a four-nil thrashing to one of the weaker teams.

Yesterday evening, Mum and I attended the parents' support group meeting. It was a very pleasant occasion, as it always has been since Max left. I spent most of the 'social' time catching up with Robbie and Noah. They're still doing well at college, and are both hoping to go to university to do media studies. Ideally, they want to stay in Birmingham so they can live at home. I wished them all the best.

As it's a pleasant October afternoon, Anthony and Jake are going to walk here. It'll take them around fifteen minutes. At quarter to five, the doorbell rings. As arranged, I go to answer it. There they are, with Anthony carrying what looks like a bottle of wine. They're looking great!

"Come in! " I say, ushering them inside. "Good to see you!"

As I lead them into the lounge, Scott appears from the kitchen.

"Wow!" Jake exclaims, his eyes widening. "It's Scott! So that' s why you came to watch the race!"

"Could be!" Scott admits, grinning.

There's an exchange of hugs. Jake is very excited, bouncing around like an eleven-year old. It strikes me immediately. Although Jake and I look quite similar, by the time I was Jake's age, I'd grown out of that.

"I brought this," Anthony says, handing over the wine.

"Thanks!" Scott responds, taking it out of the bag. "Cabernet Sauvignon! More good stuff!"

"So you designed this place?" Anthony asks, turning to me.


"Nice one, man!" he says approvingly.

Coming from him, that is pretty special.

We spend the next few minutes sitting in the lounge, chatting about this and that. I turn to Jake.

"You know you mustn't tell anyone about coming here?" I query.

"Of course!" he confirms, giving me a conspiratorial grin. "Obviously, I know who Scott is. Everybody does. But I've never met him, I've no idea that he's your boyfriend, and I certainly haven't been here. This evening never happened!"

"You'll do!" Scott says, smiling. "I wish we could be more open about our relationship, but that's just how it is."

He's right, of course. Even though at times Jake seems much younger than he is, he understands the position we're in. He won't let us down.

Dinner is as well-received as it was the last time.

"That's the best meal I've had in ages," Anthony says appreciatively, having polished off everything we put in front of him. "Dad and James can cook, but nothing like that!"

"Yes, this was yummy!" Jake pipes up. "Mum cooks when she's at home. When she's away, I send out for a takeaway, usually pizza or Chinese."

Inwardly, I wince. I might be a bit old-school when it comes to food, but that really isn't good!

With the meal over, Scott and I spend a few minutes clearing away, leaving Jake and Anthony relaxing on the sofa. We're about to get to the interesting part. As planned, I discussed it with Anthony when I invited them. To say that he was totally relaxed about it would be a gross understatement.

In a way, that's quite strange. I referred to the proposed foursome as 'like we did in France'. Now when that happened, just over a year ago, Anthony and I were both shocked by how far things went. Now, it seems, it's not that big a deal. I know the French boys were younger, but I'm not sure that explains it.

I asked Anthony to talk to Jake about what we had in mind. He responded by telling me that Jake would be fine with it, so I'm not sure whether they've discussed it or not. I guess we'll soon find out.

Heading back into the lounge, I take Anthony to the far side of the room, leaving Scott to share the sofa with Jake.

"It's time you and I became reacquainted," I say quietly, unzipping his hoodie and easing it off his shoulders. "It's been a while."

Within a couple of minutes, we're both naked from the waist up. After we've discarded our shoes and socks, I set to work on Anthony's skinny jeans, peeling them down his legs and pulling them off over his feet. He returns the favour, my jeans coming off far more easily.

I glance across at the sofa. Scott's sitting down, dressed only in his shiny black trunks. Jake, looking very pleased with life, is standing in front of him, about to lose his skimpy white briefs. No problems there, then!

I quickly get back to the task in hand, pulling down Anthony's Sloggi tangas before allowing him to remove my Tommy Hilfiger briefs. We sit on the floor, resting our backs against one of the armchairs. While fondling each other's stiff prick, we kiss passionately. Mmmm! I must admit, there have to be worse ways of spending a Wednesday evening!

As the kiss ends, I take another look towards to sofa. Scott and Jake are both naked. Jake, sitting on Scott's lap, appears to be trying to push his tongue down my boyfriend's throat. The younger boy's uncut penis, around four and a half inches long, and on the slim side of average, is as hard as a chocolate frog.

"They seem to be enjoying themselves," Anthony whispers.

"Mmmm! " I agree, thinking to myself that they may be enjoying it a little too much.

"You worry too much!" he tells me, as if reading my thoughts. "Just enjoy it!"

Snaking around, he lowers his head into my lap. Taking my dick into his mouth, he slowly works his way down until he's sucking it right down to the root. Slipping his hand between my legs, he gently strokes my perineum. Oh, yes! He is seriously good at this! The sensations are extraordinary! Instinctively, I run my fingers through his hair to show my appreciation.

After giving me a couple of minutes of sheer bliss, he lets me go. It's time to return the favour. Although not as thick, Anthony's prick is actually longer than Scott's; a good seven inches. I love the way it feels, warm and steel-hard, as though it had a life of its own.

I'd love to be able to take it all into my mouth, but that would mean deep-throating, and I can't do that. Instead, I hold it around the base, sucking down on it until my lips reach my fingers. Anthony seems happy enough!

With my jaw starting to ache, I sit up again. Lying on the sofa, Scott and Jake are doing a sixty-nine, with Scott on the bottom and Jake on top. Horny little Jake looks as though he's trying to swallow Scott' s dick.

Involuntarily, I lick my lips. Watching them is such a turn-on! When Anthony told me how much Jake was into gay sex, he wasn' t exaggerating. And with his mouth full of hard cock, our younger friend is as cute as they come.

"That's better," Anthony whispers, reaching across to stroke my dick. "Man, this is wild!"

"Are you guys ready?" Scott enquires, lifting Jake off his dick.

"We 're ready when you are," Anthony replies nonchalantly. "There's no rush!"

"Oh, you're ready, aren't you, Jake?" Scott encourages. "Ready to take Anthony's dick up your bum!"

"Sure! " Jake replies, giving Scott another mischievous grin.

As we move towards the bedroom, we revert to our usual pairings.

"Are you okay?" Scott asks quietly.

"Yeah!" I tell him. "It's been great getting it on with Anthony again."

"That's good!" he says, grinning, "because I've had a wonderful time!"

When we get to the bedroom, Scott spends a few minutes licking me out and working K-Y into my bum, while Anthony does the same for Jake. Finally, we're ready. Scott gets into position, lying on his back with his head at the foot of the bed.

Although I've ridden other dicks – back in the day, I rode Dean's several times – this is only the second time I've done it with Scott. After making sure his prong is covered in K-Y, I kneel astride his chest. Reaching behind, I hold it upright and lower myself onto it. Once it's inside me, I gradually work my way down until I've taken the whole thing.

"Wow!" Jake enthuses. "That looks amazing!"

Standing at the foot of the bed with his knees on either side of Scott's head, he bends over, resting his hands on the mattress. Moments later, he gasps as Anthony's cock goes up his arse.

"You know what to do now, don't you?" I ask, grinning at him.

"Of course!" he says cheekily, before leaning even further forward to devour my prick.

"Are you ready?" Anthony asks.

"Totally!" I tell him.

"Okay, let's do it!" he orders.

As he sets about fucking Jake's arse, I start riding Scott's prick, which means that I'm also thrusting my dick into Jake's mouth. Being spit-roasted is yet another new experience for him, and from the way he's reacting, it's obvious he's loving every second of it.

And he's not the only one. Being fucked and sucked at the same time is an amazing experience. It's making me so horny, I can hardly remember which day it is.

Suddenly, everything goes bananas. Jake begins squirming and shuddering. It's the final straw, my balls churning into action. I hold onto Jake's head as I pump my teen spunk into his waiting mouth.

"Oh, fuck!" Scott groans.

"Ohh " Ohhh! Nnnnng! " Anthony rasps.

Within a couple of seconds, I feel Scott's hot cream filling my bum, while right in front of me, Anthony unloads up Jake's arse. Wow! How wild was that?!

For a few seconds, we stay right where we are, as though frozen in time. Eventually, Anthony slowly withdraws. Jake then releases my dick, enabling me to lift myself off Scott.

"You wasted Jake' s spunk! " Anthony says, having a good-natured dig at Scott.

"Rubbish! " Scott responds, grinning. "He sprayed it all over me! I don't call that wasting it!"

"Nah! " Anthony concedes. "I was only kidding! Actually, you did me a favour. It was Jake's bum-hole going into spasm that set me off."

"I'm surprised you don't do that more often," Scott comments. "Ian almost always cums while I'm fucking him. I love it!"

"Me too!" I add. "I cum, and Scott cums right after!"

"How was it for you, kiddo?" Scott asks, smiling at Jake.

"Fantastic! " he says, grinning back. " I'm not sure where I got more spunk; in my mouth or up my bum!"

As we head to the bathroom, there are no doubts or regrets. We're all in great spirits. It's a huge improvement on our last party. We are buzzing!

Returning to the lounge, the buoyant mood continues. Despite my earlier misgivings, this has been one of the most enjoyable occasions I've ever been to. We sit around chatting happily, mainly about where Scott and I hope to be in a year's time, and the pieces of the jigsaw that we'll have to fit together in order to make it happen.

"Sorry, guys!" Scott says eventually. "But it's time we got dressed. Unlike some people, I have to get up in the morning!"

We begin to climb back into our clothes.

"Of course, we haven't finished yet," Jake announces, looking rather smug. "Mum's away, so I'm stopping over at Anthony's."

Scott and I look at each other, like 'What did he just say?'. We look at Anthony, who just shrugs.

Pretty soon, we're all dressed.

"I'd just like to say thanks for inviting us," Anthony says warmly, turning to Scott. "It's been great. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"Definitely!" Scott responds, smiling. "It's been a blast! Thanks for coming. If you're ready, I'll drop you back."

"Nah, man!" Anthony protests. "It's not far. We can walk."

"I'm not having you walking through the city centre at this time," Scott says firmly. "There are too many idiots about. I've got to take Ian home in any case."

"Thanks, man!" Anthony concedes, smiling warmly

Having delivered the two younger lads back to Anthony's house, we drive towards Whitecroft.

"I think that went rather well," Scott suggests.

"Yeah!" I agree. "It was great; much better than last time!"

"I like Anthony a lot," Scott says. "He's a really smart guy! And despite the rather off-the-wall appearance, he's got his head very well screwed on."

"And you enjoyed your time with Jake," I comment.

"Oh, he's a sweetie!" Scott says, grinning. "And he's got such a fuckable little arse! It's the first time I've been up close and personal with someone who can give you some serious competition. Just in that one respect, let me add, but in terms of cuteness and fuckability, he's right up there!"


"Well, he's definitely not partner material. He's got too much growing up to do, so you still don't have anything to worry about! As far as I'm concerned, you never will. I'm not going to find another one like you."

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