Juggling the Pieces

by Pink Panther

Chapter 22

June 2011

I open my eyes to find light poking into the bedroom. Finally, more than eighteen hours on, I'm feeling more like myself again. Last night, we went out for dinner a bit later than usual. It was okay, but I didn't have much of an appetite.

"How are we this morning?" Scott enquires.

"Much better, thanks. I'm sorry I've been such a pain. I should have listened."

"Don't worry about it. It's probably something you needed to go through. It's hard to explain to someone who's not used to drinking alcohol, how stuff like that can creep up on you. Well, now you know! And it's better for you to go through it when there's someone with you to make sure you're okay."

"That sounds like the voice of experience!"

"I'm afraid so," he admits. "It was a couple of years ago. I was with Mum and Dad. Mum ordered a jug of sangria. I asked if I could have some. Well, I was seventeen, so Mum said it was fine but told me to be careful. Well, it was there, and even though it was really a bit too sweet for me, for some reason I just kept drinking it, the same as you did."

"And ended up in much the same state, presumably?"

"Absolutely! Dad wasn't very pleased. Mum wasn't bothered though. She said that's how you learn."

"You're not going to say anything about this, are you?" I ask.

"Of course not!" he assures me. "What happens in Spain stays in Spain. So, what would you like to do today?"

"Something fairly easy."

"Well, we haven't been to the Picasso Museum yet. I thought we should go to the supermarket first, to top up on things. Once we've done that, if you like, we could stroll into town and have a look at the museum."

"Cool! If there's time, we might be able to wander up to Gibralfaro as well."

"Sure! Let's see how the time goes."

Having done what shopping we need to do, at half past ten, we set off for the museum. It's both fascinating and extensive, containing a great many works that I'm not familiar with.

Scott is very attentive and asks lots of questions, but with the time approaching half past twelve, it's obvious that he's had enough. Actually, that's pretty good. Ninety minutes in an art gallery is more than most people can manage.

As it's a longish climb to get from there to Gibalfaro, we return to the apartment. From my point of view, we've had a very pleasant morning. It was exactly what I needed. After a light lunch and a siesta, I'll be back to my usual self.

When we eventually wake up, it's quarter past five. I was right; I'm ready for action and then some!

"Hi babe!" Scott greets, turning to face me. "D'you fancy going out somewhere?"

"Sure! Let's get out there and make the most of the sunset."

"Would you like to go back to our local gay beach?"

"Yeah, why not? I hope we don't run into Marcus though."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," he says, smiling. "Even if he's there, he won't come anywhere near us. He was hoping he'd be able to get you on your own. Now he knows that's not going to happen, he'll be looking for other fish to fry."

"If he had got me on my own, I'm sure he'd have raped me," I say, suddenly feeling rather vulnerable.

"Oh, I don't doubt it for a moment," Scott responds. "What was it that Harry said? 'Find 'em, fuck 'em and forget 'em!' He'd have claimed it was consensual, of course, simply on the basis that anyone who turns up there in the middle of the night must be up for whatever."

"I'm glad we didn't go!"

"Me too! If we had gone, I'd have needed to hang onto you all the time we were there. I wouldn't have fancied that very much!"

In a very subtle way, he's just spelt out how far he'd been prepared to go to in order to keep me safe, even if I'd wanted to do something really stupid. How special is that? Fortunately, I'd sensed how dangerous it could have been.

"Shall we get ready, then?" I ask, brightening up again.

"Sure!" he says, smiling.

Twenty minutes later, we're strolling along the boardwalk and onto the beach. Once again, there aren't many people around. Settling in our usual spot, we quickly pull off our tops and our shorts before trotting into the sea.

Swimming and splashing around in the lovely warm water, with nobody to disturb us; it's like a little slice of heaven. Eventually, we return to the beach. I don't think I've ever been happier than I am now. Having towelled ourselves off, we slap on some more sunscreen.

"Frisbee?" Scott suggests.

"Sure!" I respond.

It's weird. It's not that long ago that I'd have rejected the idea of spending my time running around. But now, it's become an essential part of my life. I haven't done any actual running since we've been here, mainly because it's been too hot, so playing a few games of frisbee helps to keep my legs moving.

It's the best game we've had. I'm throwing more consistently, staying relaxed and bringing my arm through from down by my left hip. But more important than that, I've got much better at anticipating where Scott's throws are going to go. Frisbees don't fly straight; they travel in an arc. Having got used to it, the moment Scott releases the frisbee, I'm able to move into the right position to catch it.

We have a great time! It's still tiring though. After twenty minutes, we wander back to our clothes. I take a long swig from the flask of iced water we brought.

"Hey!" Scott says quietly. "Look over there!"

About thirty yards away, two young guys – like about our age – are lying on the sand, looking across at us. They seem to be smiling.

"The natives look friendly!" Scott comments.

"You mean unlike the last pair we encountered?"

"They weren't natives," he reminds me.

"Oh, you think these guys are Spanish?"

"I'd guess so. Judging by how dark the smaller one is, I reckon they're probably locals. Even I don't tan like that!"

"Right! Shall we go and introduce ourselves?"

"Not just yet," he suggests. "Let's just snuggle up for a while and see what happens."

After smiling back at them, we stretch out on our towels. Without a moment's hesitation, Scott draws me into a full-on lip-lock, spicing it up with an exquisite tongue-tango. We're making out al fresco, both of us as naked as jaybirds. It's wonderful!

After ten minutes or so, Scott gently pulls away, looking back across to where the other two guys were parked. They're still there. Looking across at us, they smile again. The smaller one waves at us.

"Hmmm!" Scott comments. "That looked like an invitation to me! Do you think we should take it up?"

"Well," I reply, "it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?"

Getting to our feet, we stroll across to them, our cocks leading the way.

"It's strange, isn't it?" I say quietly. "We were only talking about this yesterday morning."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Scott cautions. "They might just want to know who we are."

We reach where they're lying.

"Hola!" Scott greets.

"Hola!" they respond.

"You are English?" the smaller one asks.

"Si," Scott responds, seeming determined to use Spanish as much as he can.

"We thought you must be English or German," he says. "Te lo dije," he adds, turning to his friend. "No hay Alemanes aqui, esta semana."

(" I told you; there are no Germans here this week.")

"In England," Scott says in carefully enunciated English, "this week is a holiday."

"Si!" the lad says, smiling. "And you are gay, yes?"

"Si!" Scott confirms. "And you?"

"Si!" the boy says. "I am Diego!"

"Luis!" his bigger friend adds.

We introduce ourselves. Although he has European features, Diego is very dark, with deep brown eyes and jet-black hair. He's an inch or two taller than me, but very scrawny. His smallish uncut cock is topped by a crop of jet-black pubes. Other than that, he's as smooth as I am. He says he's sixteen. He looks younger to me, but I'm in no position to comment about that! I guess he's quite cute in his own way. It certainly looks as though Scott thinks he is.

By contrast, Luis, who says he's eighteen, is a few inches taller than Scott, and of very similar colouring. Physically, he's not in the same league, of course, but then, few guys are. He's quite good-looking though; nice cock too! I wouldn't mind giving it some attention if we do invite them back.

By this point, we've begun conversing in English. Mum would hate it! We're in Spain. According to her, we should be speaking Spanish; we shouldn't expect Diego and Luis to speak English. But the fact is that their English is better than our Spanish. Diego's is really good!

They tell us that they live with their families about ten minutes' walk from the beach. Although they've been boyfriends for a couple of years, they only have sex occasionally. Most of the time, they don't have anywhere safe that they can do it. Scott and I look at each other, smile and nod.

"We're staying in an apartment," Scott says quietly, "just the two of us. It's not far away. Would you like to come back there for a bit?"

"What would we do?"

"We can do whatever you like, more or less," Scott says casually.

"We wouldn't expect you to do anything you're not happy about," I add.

Diego quickly translates for his friend.

"There's only one thing," Scott continues. "If we fuck, I'll be with Ian and he'll be with me. Apart from that, we'll just do what you guys feel like doing."

Diego translates that too.

"How would we get there?" he asks.

"We've hired a car," Scott says. "It's parked near the boardwalk."

Diego and Luis grin at each other.

"Si!" Diego says, looking like all his Christmases have come at once. "We'll come with you!"

"Cool!" Scott answers, smiling. "Let's get our clothes on and we'll be on our way!"

Fifteen minutes later, we're back at the apartment.

"This is very nice!" Diego says, smiling approvingly.

"Anyone want a glass of coke?" Scott asks.

Unsurprisingly, we all do, downing them in a matter of seconds. It's time to get things going. Scott immediately pairs off with Diego, guiding him onto one of the sofas. It's not a surprise. It's been clear from the get-go that he wanted to get into the sixteen-year old's pants.

On the other sofa, I'm with Luis. I'm not objecting. Although he's not in Scott's league, he's a good-looking guy, and he's got a beautiful cock, around an inch longer than Scott's and a little thicker.

As soon as we've undressed each other, I lean over. Resting my head on Luis's stomach, I go down on him, gradually sucking deeper and deeper until I'm taking him right down my throat. He likes this alright, moaning appreciatively while gently stroking my hair.

"Uuhhhh!" he warns. "Very soon I will shoot!"

I quickly pull away. He beckons for me to stand up. As I do so, he leans forward, taking me into his mouth. With his hand between my legs, he sucks me steadily, his fingers stroking my perineum. He's good at this! Much sooner than I'd have liked, I feel the beginnings of an orgasm.

"You need to stop," I tell him. "I'm nearly ready to cum!"

As he lets me go, I glance across at the other two. Scott is now lying on the floor. Kneeling over him, Diego is taking my boyfriend's cock right down his throat. Wow! That is hot!

"Very soon, we will fuck," Luis whispers, "you with Scott, me with Diego?"

"Sure," I say, grinning. "Not here though; we'll go into the bedroom."

I guide him through.

"This is very good!" he says, licking his lips. "What will we do?"

"I'll show you!" I say nonchalantly. "I'll just go and get the others."

I head back to the lounge. The only experience I have to draw on is what Anthony and I did last summer, when we were in France, only this time, I'll be a bottom rather than a top.

I'm pleased that we're not swapping partners. With Luis being a bit bigger than I'm used to, he'd leave me with a sore bum for at least a day or two. As I'm hoping that Scott will want to fuck me tomorrow morning, that wouldn't be a good idea.

"We're ready when you are!" I announce to Scott and Diego.

As they get to their feet and start to make their way through, I grab a quiet word with the younger boy. Although he hasn't ridden Luis's cock before, he gets what I want him to do, and seems more than happy with the idea.

"Okay, guys!" I say as we enter the bedroom. "Time to get us ready!"

I motion for Diego to get down on all fours with his feet at the foot of the bed. Moving around to the side, I get into the same position, but at right-angles to Diego so that my head is close to his. Immediately, Scott kneels on the floor behind me and begins to lick me out.

Standing behind Diego, Luis looks a bit shocked, but after hesitating for a moment, he follows suit. Quite right too! If you want to get your boyfriend totally up for being fucked, licking him out has to be the best way to do it. It seems that Diego agrees with me. He's purring!

After a few minutes, Scott gets to his feet. After working some K-Y into my bum and slathering some over his dick, he hands it to Luis, who follows my boyfriend's example.

"Okay," Scott says. "Now what?"

I get Luis to lie on his back with his head down at the foot of the bed. He looks completely perplexed. Diego, however, knows exactly what to do. Kneeling astride Luis's chest, he reaches back to take hold of the eighteen-year old's penis, carefully lowering himself onto it until he's fully impaled.

"When Scott tells you," I say, looking down at Luis, "reach up and play with my cock." I turn to Scott. "As soon as you're getting close, yeah?"

"Sure!" he acknowledges, grinning.

Moving to the foot of the bed, I stand with my knees on either side of Luis's head. Bending right over, I rest my hands on the mattress, my lips closing over Diego's slim, four-and-a-half-inch dick.

There's no need to tell Scott what to do. Within seconds he's right behind me, his cock advancing steadily into my boy-hole.

"Okay!" he says, his hands grasping the tops of my thighs. "Let's do this!"

He begins to fuck. A moment later, Diego holds my head and starts to thrust his prick into my mouth. Fuck! For the first time ever, I'm being spit-roasted, just like Anthony and I did with those two French boys last year. Within a few minutes, I'll have Scott's creamy spunk up my bum and Diego's boy-juice in my mouth. Man! That's, like, totally out there!

Already, the sensations are unbelievable, my penis tingling like crazy. Beneath me, Luis is moaning with pleasure as Diego rides his rampant prong.

"Luis," Scott orders. "Play with Ian's cock!"

The eighteen-year old's long, bony fingers wrap themselves around my throbbing prick. There's no turning back now. I try to hold off, but I've got no chance. Within a few seconds, I'm bucking and shaking, my muscles going into uncontrollable spasms. It's all I can do to stop myself biting Diego's prick.

My balls churn into action, several ropes of teen spunk spurting powerfully out of my dick. They splatter all over Luis's stomach, some even hitting Diego. As my orgasm begins to subside, I'm aware of Scott's man-cream filling my bum, while the sixteen-year old's tangy boy-cum coats my tongue. Fuck! I've never done anything as wild as that!

After we've cleaned up and dressed, Scott drives us back to the area where Diego and Luis live. Apart from an agreement to meet tomorrow evening, there's no conversation. I guess we're all too shell-shocked. Having dropped off our new friends, we watch them stroll away.

"Where on earth did you get that idea?" Scott demands, grinning at me.

"From watching Anthony's porn collection," I say nonchalantly.


"It's all perfectly legal," I add. "Twinks mainly, plus some older guys. You enjoyed this evening, didn't you?"

"Oh, of course! And you must have done; you shot all over the place! For fuck sake, Diego caught some of it! That's amazing!"

"Yeah! Luis commented on how much spunk I produced. Actually, it wasn't a total surprise. Because of my faux pas with the sangria, I hadn't cum since yesterday morning."

"Ah!" Scott says, smiling back at me. "I hadn't thought of that. Now what we did just now has to stay in Spain, right? We can't tell anyone!"

"Sure," I agree. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself with Diego," I add, changing the subject.

"Absolutely!" he agrees. "He's a great kid; cute little body!"

"I bet you'd have liked to fuck him," I challenge, grinning.

"That's not up for discussion, is it?" he counters. "We made an agreement that I'm happy to stick to. Anyway, I prefer your bum. He's a bit too skinny."

I settle back into my seat. I've just had it confirmed. Scott isn't simply gay; he likes boys. Now that will stay in Spain. I'll never breathe a word of it to anyone. As it goes, it doesn't bother me. I believe that the relationship that Scott and I have transcends that. In any case, he's been incredibly careful up to now. Until we got together, he'd never even made a move on anyone, let alone had sex with them. I'm confident that he'll be just as careful as we move into the future.

It's the start of another bright, sunny day. As we had seriously wild sex last night, I'd thought that this morning, Scott would want to make love the way we usually do. Not a bit of it! With a good night's sleep behind him, he's as horny as I am.

So here I am, lying face-down, a pillow under my hips, with him on top, fucking me into the middle of next week. It seems that the more often he does this, the more into hit he gets. Of course, I'm loving every second of it. I always do.

A little before ten o'clock, we arrive at the beach that we came to on Tuesday, only this time, I'll be staying off the sangria. Having been here before, we know what to expect. As soon as we're actually on the beach, we strip off our tops and shorts before strolling along, hand in hand, looking for somewhere to park ourselves.

We select our spot. On one side are four guys that I'd guess to be in their late thirties. They appear to be two couples. On the other side are two somewhat younger guys who are probably still in their twenties.

Even though we've arrived half an hour earlier, it's mind-bendingly hot. Playing frisbee is out of the question. We divide our time between splashing around in the sea, and short periods of sunbathing.

I love it! We're attracting lots of admiring looks, which I like, but no unwelcome approaches. It suits us perfectly. There's a naturist family a little further along, but their kids are too young even for Scott to pay them any attention.

To my surprise, I'm actually getting quite a decent tan. Of course, I'm nowhere like as dark as Scott, but considerably more tanned than I usually get. To be fair, the last time I spent lots of time on the beach was three years ago, when we went to Cornwall. The sun is so much stronger here, you can't really compare the two.

At quarter to eleven, I head to the café to buy us some ice-cold drinks. As I hand a can to Scott and settle down again, a naturist family strolls past. Among them is a slim boy of around my height, with a neat crop of golden-brown pubes above his uncut cock.

I guess he's thirteen or fourteen, but unlike most boys of that age, he's totally unselfconscious. That must be because walking around naked is what he's always done. Scott watches him intently, surreptitiously licking his lips.

"Naughty, naughty!" I whisper, leaning across as the family moves away.

"Strictly look, but don't touch," he counters. "There's no harm in taking in the eye-candy!"

I'm not going to argue. He won't be the only guy here who's doing that.

At half past eleven, it's Scott's turn to visit the café, returning with drinks and ice creams. Even so, by twelve o'clock, we've had enough. Although it's been a wonderfully relaxing morning, by this point, it's simply too hot.

With the car's air-con working overtime, we drive back to the apartment. After our usual light lunch, we bed down for a much-needed siesta. With further adventures planned for this evening, we need to make sure we're in tip-top shape.

We're already on the beach when Luis and Diego arrive, just about to undress. They, on the other hand, are eager to get back to the apartment as soon as possible. Understandable, I guess!

"What's the rush?" I ask. "When do you guys have to be back?"

"Nine o'clock," Luis tells me.

"Then let's hang out here for a bit," I suggest. "We've got loads of time!"

Fortunately, they've brought towels, so there'll be no problem with them getting dry afterwards. Within a few seconds, we're out of our clothes and trotting into the sea. It's wonderful!

We discover straightaway that while Diego is absolutely fine, Luis can't swim more than a few strokes without needing to put his feet down. As a result, he has to stay very close to the shore. It's a bit disappointing, but there's nothing we can do about it. After a while, we return to where we've left our clothes and quickly towel ourselves dry.

"Quick game of frisbee?" Scott suggests.

"We don't know how to play," Luis says, looking reluctant.

"Not a problem!" Scott says, grinning. "It's easy! I'll show you!"

Throwing a frisbee is easy. It must be, because I can do it. Scott demonstrates, showing them how to get sideways-on, and to bring their arm through smoothly before opening their hand to release the frisbee.

Diego picks it up immediately. Luis doesn't. He looks clumsy and awkward, snatching at it rather than moving his arm smoothly. Just as he was with Luuk, Scott is very patient. After a few more attempts, Luis is beginning to get the hang of it. He still looks uncomfortable though.

We arrange ourselves into a square. Scott throws to Diego, who scampers a short distance to his right, takes it neatly, and throws it to me. Realising that it's going to drop short, I trot forward a few paces and take the catch.

Turning my right shoulder towards Luis, I throw it to him, taking care not to throw it too hard. Even though it's within easy reach, he stands and watches it fly past, making no attempt to catch it. Having retrieved it from the sand, he throws it in Scott's general direction, my boyfriend having to sprint more than ten yards in order to catch it.

We continue for a few minutes longer, but eventually Scott calls a halt. Luis is so totally not into it, it's pointless. Of course, it's only a few years ago that I was like him. I'm glad that I took Mr Broadhurst's advice and did something about it.

As we stroll into the apartment, Luis finally looks relaxed again, like he's back in his natural environment. After we've all had a cold drink, we get down to some serious foreplay. Having become comfortable with our temporary partners, we go further than we did yesterday. Seeing Scott going to work on Diego's bum, I allow Luis to play with mine. He stops short of licking me out – it seems he's still not totally into that – but it's still very enjoyable.

Finally, we move to the bedroom and back to our usual pairings. After we've completed our preparations, we get into position. This time, Scott and I take the bed, while Diego and Luis will be standing up.

With Scott lying on his back, his head down at the foot of the bed, I kneel astride his chest. Reaching back, I take hold of his penis. Realising that I'm too far forward, I shuffle back a few inches before carefully lowering myself onto it.

Diego is facing me. As soon as I'm fully impaled, he leans forwards, his forearms resting on the bed, his lips closing over my dick. A couple of seconds later, he's got Luis's cock up his bum.

"Okay!" Luis says, grinning.

With nowhere else to put my hands, I gently hold Diego's head and we get to work. For me, this is two firsts in one. Not only is it the first time I've ridden Scott's cock, it's the first time I've been fucked and sucked off at the same time. I love it! The sensations are unbelievable!

I wonder what Scott's thinking. When it's just the two of us, he likes to be in charge. Doing it like this, I'm in charge. Still, it is what it is. I've no doubt he'll tell me afterwards.

"Now!" Luis growls, indicating that he's getting close.

With the sixteen-year old's body in the way, I can't actually see, but I assume that Scott's reached up to play with Diego's prick. Within a few seconds, the younger lad is shuddering from head to toe.

That sets everyone else off. Almost immediately, I spurt in his mouth, not as much as I produced yesterday, but still a very respectable load. Sucking and slurping, Diego swallows every drop. And just as I see Luis pumping his spunk into Diego's bum, I become aware that Scott's hot cream is filling mine. Wow! Just like yesterday, that was totally out there!

As soon as we separate, I follow Diego to the bathroom.

"I love your spunk!" he whispers, smiling at me. "Really sweet and creamy!"

"Thanks!" I respond. "Yours is pretty good too!"

His isn't creamy though. I didn't actually see it, but yesterday, when I had it in my mouth, it seemed quite watery. Of course, I'm not going to say that!

Twenty minutes later, Scott stops the car close to where Luis and Diego live.

"Would you like to meet us again tomorrow?" Scott asks, smiling. "It's our last day."

"Yeah, that'd be great!" they enthuse, grinning back at us.

"Same time, same place?" Scott enquires. "We'll forget the frisbee, but we'll still want to go into the sea. We love it there, and it'll be out last chance."

"Sure!" they agree.

Getting out of the car, they stroll away.

"So how did you like today's variation?" I ask, giving Scott a cheeky grin.

"Very much!"

"I thought you might not be that keen. You usually like being in charge."

"Well, there was that," he concedes. "But it did have its compensations. Watching Diego taking Luis's cock was unbelievable! And he was loving it!"

I remember having that view. Last year, while Anthony and I were in France, I was in the same position as Scott just was, while Ant was fucking fourteen-year old Lucas. Now that was pretty special, but Diego is smaller and slimmer than Lucas, and Luis's cock is bigger than Anthony's. I reckon that what Scott just saw must have been a real mind-fuck!

"While we were in the bathroom, Diego congratulated me on how tasty my spunk was," I say, grinning. "He said it was sweet and creamy."

"That's certainly how I remember it," Scott says. "It's been ages since I've had the pleasure. We really ought to revisit it, but you always seem to cum while I'm fucking you."

"Tomorrow morning," I tell him. "You can do me while I'm on all fours. Just don't touch my cock. Then afterwards, you can suck me off."

"Sounds good to me!"

"Diego did cum, didn't he?"

"Sure! Not all that much, and only watery stuff, but he got good distance on it. The horny little bugger squirted all over my stomach!"

"I know that in some ways Diego and I look quite similar," I say thoughtfully. "But actually, we're completely different. He's a late bloomer. I wasn't; I could cum before I was thirteen."

"And now you make lots of thick, creamy spunk!" Scott tells me, licking his lips. "I love it!"

The next morning, we're up a little earlier than usual. After a pee, a freshen-up and around twenty minutes foreplay, it's time to prepare for the main event. I get into position, down on all fours, my knees well forward, my bum pushed right back, my head and shoulders down low.

I recall that the first time Anthony fucked me, this was the position that I was in. On that occasion, he knelt behind me on the bed. This time, my feet are just over the foot of the bed, so Scott's standing on the floor behind me. This is better; it's more stable. When the time comes, he'll be able to fuck me harder.

As always, he starts by licking me out. I love this! The more he does it, the more desperate I become to have his cock inside me. By the time he pulls away, I'm gagging for it.

Standing up, he carefully works some K-Y into my hole before slathering some over his dick. Finally, he moves in close, his cockhead probing at my starfish. As he thrusts forwards, I relax and push out, allowing his rampant prong to slide right into me.

Oh, yes! Of all the positions in which I've been fucked, this is the one that allows the deepest penetration. Right now, I've got the whole of Scott's prick inside me, every last millimetre of it! This is what I was born for!

With his hands around the tops of my thighs, he pulls back a few inches and begins to fuck. It's strong, rhythmic, powerful; his pubic bone colliding repeatedly with my bum. If he wasn't in charge last night, he certainly is now.

The thing is that when we fuck face-to-face, as we usually do, the stimulation of my prostate is so intense that I cum without either of us touching my cock. With him fucking me from behind, it's different.

When we've done it before, I've been wearing my footy shorts so my dick rubs against them, or I'm lying face-down with a pillow under me and my dick rubbing against it.

Today, with none of that additional stimulation, he's taking me right to the edge, but I know he'll never actually push me over it. It's mind-bending! I'm desperate to cum, but it's just not going to happen, even if he fucks me all day! By this point, he's totally going for it, pounding my arse like it's the last chance he'll ever get.

"Here it comes, babe!" he rasps.

Tightening his grip on my thighs, he thrusts right in, his hot cream spurting over and over into my bum. Oh yes! What a fuck that was!

After a few seconds, he carefully pulls out. Kneeling up on the bed, I turn around. Scott's kneeling on the floor, facing me. As I shuffle towards him, he goes down on me, hungrily sucking my dick.

I'm so horny, it takes, like, five seconds. Holding his head to steady myself, I shoot several ropes of teen spunk into his mouth and down his throat. Eventually, he eases himself away.

"Mmmm!" he purrs, licking his lips. "Sweet and creamy, just like Diego said! Nectar of the gods!"

"You're mad!" I say, laughing. "Both of you!"

At nine o'clock, we set off to walk up to Castillo Gibralfaro. 'Gibralfaro' means 'the rock of the lighthouse', which is what it originally was. It's actually above the Alcazaba, and it's even older, having been built by Caliph Abd al Rahman III in 929 A.D.

After a long, steady climb, we finally get there. The ramparts have been completely restored. With nobody else up here, we stroll around them, hand-in-hand, soaking in the magnificent views. I feel so fortunate; fortunate to be here, fortunate to have a boyfriend like Scott. Life is never perfect, but I know that I've got a great deal to be thankful for.

After stopping at a café for a drink and an ice-cream, we return to the apartment.

"I'm just going to pop to the supermarket," Scott says as we make our way inside. "We need to buy some snack food. Because there's no school tomorrow, Luis and Diego don't have to be back till ten. That will give us lots of time, which is good, but it's going to be very late by the time we have dinner. Are you coming?"

"Sure!" I say, grinning.

As arranged, we meet Diego and Luis on the beach at quarter past six. For me and Scott, it's our last opportunity to enjoy this magical spot. As we've agreed that we won't play frisbee, we spend most of our time in the water. Having Diego here simply adds to the fun, the two of us splashing around like a couple of ten-year olds.

Eventually, having tired each other out, we head back towards the beach. Along the way, Diego strikes the water with both hands, splashing it all over me. I retaliate immediately, doing the same to him.

Not to be outdone, he has a second go. This time he catches the water perfectly, soaking me from head to toe. Before I can react, he's off and running, as naked as the day he was born, out of the water and across the beach.

In an instant, I'm after him. With my competitive instinct kicking in, I close him down. I make a grab for him, but he squirms away from me. Undaunted, I try again. This time I get him. As we struggle, we topple over, landing in a heap on the sand.

Suddenly, I've got Diego all over me, his lips locking onto mine, his tongue pushing into my mouth. Holy shit! This wasn't supposed to happen! Within a couple of seconds, I'm as hard as a chocolate frog. Fuck! He is too!

"I love your cock!" he whispers, running his hand down my front and wrapping his fingers round it.

Suddenly, he twists himself around so that he's facing the other way. Opening his mouth, he goes right down on me. Oh, wow! This is unreal! 'Now what happens?' I wonder. Well, his dick's right in front of my face. Letting my instincts take over, I return the favour.

"Look at these two!" Scott's voice says from somewhere above us.

Pulling off Diego's cock, I look up like I've just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Scott's looking down at us, grinning like the Cheshire Cat and sporting a semi. Turning my head, I see can see that Luis's in much the same state.

"Runners!" Scott announces.

"What?" I question.

"It seems that you and Diego are both runners," he explains.

Well, at least that makes sense. Diego's got really long legs, and probably weighs less than I do. He must have thought he'd be able to get away from me. Only he didn't.

Scott and Luis help us to our feet. Returning to our clothes, we towel ourselves dry. After pulling on tops and shorts, we make our way over the beach and along the boardwalk, back to the road.

When we reach the car, Luis takes the front passenger seat, leaving me and Diego to sit in the back. I don't mind. I like Diego. He's not just cute and sexy; he's really nice, and great fun to be with.

Back at the apartment, we head straight to the kitchen where Scott pours each of us a glass of coke. Almost immediately, I sense that something odd is going on. As I finish my drink, Scott comes over to me.

"Would you and Diego like to finish what you started?" he asks quietly. "You know, back on the beach?"

"What will you and Luis be doing?" I query.

"Oh, we'll just watch. We'll join in later."

I'm transported back to France. Last summer, Anthony and I watched the two French lads getting it on, before joining them in a foursome. The big difference this time is that I'll be one of the ones being watched. I swallow hard. While this wouldn't have been my idea, if Scott's asking, I'm not going to say no.

"Sure," I whisper, smiling nervously, "as long as Diego's up for it."

"Oh, he will be," Scott assures me. "Just let it go where it takes you."

With Scott and Luis bringing through chairs to sit on, we head to the bedroom. Diego and I undress each other. As soon as we're both naked, we snuggle up on the bed. Diego draws me into a passionate kiss, our hands roaming everywhere. He is seriously good at this, getting me hornier by the second. I don't think I've ever met anyone who can do it better than he does.

After a while, we move seamlessly into a sixty-nine. This is extraordinary! We fit together perfectly, and with Diego's penis being relatively small, I can suck it right down to the root, no problem at all. I can't quite do that with Scott's. With Luis, I couldn't even get close!

I love it! Diego's prick is wonderfully hard, like a piece of sprung steel. I can sense the pent-up energy in my mouth. Fabulous! And as for the way he's sucking me, all I can say is that he's right up there with the best I've ever encountered.

I'm thinking that this is how we'll end it, but Diego has other ideas. Taking my hand, he places it on his bum. Wow! Is this for real? Does he want me to fuck him?

Before I get carried away, I need to check this a bit further. Pulling out of the sixty-nine, I get him on all-fours. Kneeling down behind, I begin to lick him out. Diego moans and gurgles, pretty well begging for more.

Well, I guess that's answered that question. I glance across at Scott. He grins and gives me the thumbs-up. That's clear enough too. Afterwards, he won't be able to tell me I shouldn't have done it.

Picking up the K-Y, I work some into Diego's hole and smear some over my dick. This is it! Judging that we're okay where we are, I shuffle in close, guiding my dick onto his rosebud. Holding it around the base, I stuff it in.

"Ooooh!" Diego moans.

Gripping him around the tops of his thighs, I steadily give him the rest until I'm tight up against him. After pausing for a moment to steady myself, I begin to fuck. Despite all the action Luis's been giving him, Diego's still beautifully tight; his anal ring making my cock twitch and tingle.

I give another glance in Scott's direction. His tongue's almost hanging out, his eyes glued to the action. I get back on task, Diego's moans and squeaks spurring me on. Barely a minute later, I feel myself getting close, my balls starting to churn.

Holding Diego a little more firmly, I thrust right in. With the whole room shaking, my cock jerks violently, several ropes of teen-spunk spurting into my younger friend's bum. It feels amazing, like he's sucking it right out of me.

Finally, it stops. I'm so light-headed, I scarcely know where I am. I must have cum gallons; my balls feel like they've been squeezed flat. Having begun to recover, I carefully withdraw, my prick so sensitive I can't bear to touch it.

Diego immediately rolls onto his back.

"Suck me off!" he begs.

I look across at Luis, not sure if he'll want me to do that.

"Go on!" he says, grinning.

I don't need to be asked twice, eagerly plunging down on Diego's throbbing cock. That's all it takes.

"Si! Si! Si!" he gasps, his little jets of boy-juice spurting onto my tongue.

After a few seconds, I swallow it down before gently letting him go. Wow! That was special!

"Are you okay?" Scott whispers, helping me off the bed. I smile and nod. "That was amazing!" he adds, his enthusiasm very obvious. "It's the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

He looks up. "Okay!" he announces. "Let's take a break; give these guys time to recover."

As Diego makes his way to the bathroom, the rest of us head to the kitchen and break out the snack food. I tuck in hungrily. After my exertions over the past hour, I'm starving!

A couple of minutes later, Diego's back with us. He looks like the cat that swallowed the cream. I love him; he's amazing! Before too long, I start feeling horny again, but there's a problem; my dick and balls are still well out of commission.

I've noticed this before. Diego doesn't cum very much, so after a few minutes rest, he can do it again. But as I shoot lots, it takes me hours to recover. I go across to Scott.

"What are we doing now?" I ask quietly.

"A foursome, the same as we did on Wednesday, if that's okay."

"Sure, but I don't want anyone touching my cock. It's still really sensitive!"

"You're not going to cum again, then?"

"Nah!" I say quietly. "Diego's bum's really tight. I shot loads!"

"Understandable," he says, grinning. "Just tell Luis; it'll be fine."

I go over to him. "While Scott's fucking me," I whisper, "please don't touch my cock. It's . . . you know."

"So you're not going to shoot spunk all over me tonight?" he queries.

"No, sorry!" I tell him. "Diego's had it all!"

"I guess when you squirt as much as you do," he says thoughtfully, "it takes a while for it to build up again."

A few minutes later, we stroll back into the bedroom. As Luis and Diego are ready to go, Scott doesn't bother with licking me out. With me bent over the foot of the bed, he works K-Y into my bum and smears some over his cock.

"Okay, babe!" he prompts.

As I go down on Diego's prick, Scott stuffs his hard prong up my bum.

"Nice one!" he says. "Let's do it!"

A moment later, I'm being spit-roasted again. The sensations are incredible. Considering I emptied my balls barely half an hour ago, I can hardly believe how into it I am. Diego is totally going for it, fucking my mouth as hard as he can go.

Suddenly, he grabs my hair. His dick jabs against the roof of my mouth, more little jets of boy-cum squirting onto my tongue. Just as we begin to recover, the two older guys shoot their spunk up our bums. Fuck! That was wild!

As soon as we've disengaged, Diego and I head to the bathroom. After we've cleaned up, he draws me into a delightful kiss.

"Would it be okay if we swapped contact details?" he asks.

"Sure!" I tell him. "No problem!"

Back in the bedroom, we pull on our clothes before exchanging phone numbers and email addresses. I'm delighted. It'll be great to maintain a connection to the wonderful holiday we've just had.

We drop off Luis and Diego at quarter to ten.

"I was surprised that you were happy for me to do that," I say as Scott drives us towards the restaurant.

"It was fine!" Scott assures me. "You still kept up your side of the bargain. In any case, by this time tomorrow, we'll be back at home, so it's not going to make any difference, is it? Okay, we pushed things further than we normally would, but that's what holidays are about."

"I guess. You didn't mind me and Diego swapping contact details, did you?"

"Not at all! Luis told me last night that Diego had the hots for you. I thought, 'Why not let him follow through on it?' You enjoyed it, didn't you?"

"Oh, yeah! It was amazing!"

"There you go, then!" he says, flashing me a smile. "And we definitely enjoyed watching you. Two gorgeous boys, really getting into it; that was fantastic!" He pauses for a moment. "Talking about our 'ground-rules'," he goes on, sounding more serious. "There's a second one I think we should add. We only do stuff like that when we're both there, so there can't be any misunderstandings."

"Sure!" I agree. "That works for me!"

The next morning, it's gone eight o'clock when we wake up.

"Not a problem!" Scott says casually. "The flight's not till two. The agent's coming at eleven to check that everything's as it should be. We've got loads of time!"

Sliding out of bed, I head for the bathroom for a pee and a wash. As soon as I get back, it's Scott's turn. While he gets washed and shaved, I lie there, wondering what sort of sex we'll be having this morning. Will it be gentle love-making, or something more energetic? After yesterday evening's exertions, the gentler the better as far as I'm concerned.

When Scott returns, he's carrying a hand-towel. I know what that means: he's planning to give me a pretty severe pounding. I really can't complain; I'm the one who got him into that. It's okay. It may not be exactly what I want, but it's not going to kill me.

Our foreplay is as gentle and affectionate as it always is. After around twenty minutes, I'm on all fours being sensuously licked out. Having worked some lube into my bum and over his cock, Scott pulls a pillow into the middle of the bed, spreading the towel on top.

"Okay, babe!" he says.

For just a moment, I hesitate.

"Is this alright?" he asks.

"Yeah, sure."

"No, it isn't," he insists, leaning right over to put his face next to mine. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I guess I'm just a bit tired. Last night did get pretty wild."

"So what would you rather do?"

"I was hoping for something, you know, a bit gentler, maybe?"

"Babe!" he whispers, lovingly turning me onto my back. "If that's what you want; that's what it's going to be."

Moments later, he's inside me, our mouths meeting in a passionate kiss. It's wonderful! The intensity builds so gradually until it goes right off the scale. I love this guy! How he can do that while being so gentle is a complete mystery. It's exactly what I needed.

It doesn't matter what I do to pass the time, flights home from holiday are always tedious. This one's no different. But two and a half hours after take-off, we're back at Birmingham International. It's half past three, UK time. Thirty minutes later, having got through passport control and collected our bags, we stroll out into the arrivals' hall. We're back!

Scott's dad is waiting for us. It's smiles all round. He seems really pleased to see us, and I guess we're glad that the last leg of the journey has been taken care of. Just before five o'clock, he drops us at the flat.

"What's the plan now?" I ask as Scott and I make our way inside.

"I thought we could chill out for an hour or so," Scott says. "Then we can go out for a meal. Afterwards, I'll take you home."

"Can't I stay here tonight?"

"Uh-huh! For a start, your mum and dad will want to see you. And what will you be doing tomorrow morning?"

"Going out running with the guys."

"Precisely! And that's going to work much better if you've slept in your own bed! But it's no problem. Tomorrow, I'm going to have lunch with Mum and Dad. Afterwards, I'll pick you up, and we can come back here for a couple of hours. How does that sound?"


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