There's Always One

by Pedro

A Scene from Life.

There is always one that is not paying attention.

The group is gathered in the forecourt of the stately pile. They are big on culture here, so this must be the school trip for the term.

The guide speaks, but not all are listening.

It might have been the class braggart, not interested in learning anything, and leading a few hangers-on astray, or just being egged on by them.

It could have been the shy one just trying to keep out of the way of the bullies either by hiding in the middle of the group, or standing off at the back, alone.

This time it was a young man looking around, as if interested in the whereabouts of anyone but the speaker. Good looking, he keeps our interest in the group a moment longer than would be usual.

And the motive for his inattention?

He half turns towards us and lowers his gaze. We follow that look to his colleague sitting on the ground, tying a shoelace. There are mutual smiles between the two.

Ah! Distracted in the cause of young love!

Copyright © Pedro 2015

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