Lucas, a 'Boys on Trains' Rubaiyat

by Pedro

In my first ever story 'The Tourist', a character called Peter is touring the USA indulging his interest in railways and meets a character called Lukas. Recently I made my own tour in the States and, with a sense of déjà vu, met someone called Lucas. The following rubaiyat is a reflection on our meeting. (Click 'The Tourist' for the original story which is hosted elsewhere.)


A boyhood interest the same,
In the railroad car you came
Sat opposite to share the ride,
It was foretold I'd meet your name.

Not shy, no wanting face to hide
Along the seat made impish slide
And 'til closed on safety grounds
Too far through window leaning tried.

Delight at all the railroad sounds
Your curiosity knows no bounds
And as you ate your picnic food
Emotion in my heart compounds

Because your table manners crude,
Which really could be said most rude,
Amuse me so that we both smile
As I drink my coffee stewed.

At times the other watch awhile
And find no sign of risk or guile
And times we look and watch the view
So bond with every passing mile.

And then you touch me with your shoe
So footsie I would play with you
But romance is not the game
For you, my friend, are only two.

© copyright pedro October 2018

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