Walking the Wild Side

by Nigel Gordon

Chapter 5

We arrived back at the house in Little Hamford some time after the rest of the group. Why I don't know. I got off the bike, followed by Phil, who took the helmet off me, then pointed me towards the door.

"You have to go in that way," he stated.

"Aren't you coming in?" I asked.

"Yes, I'll be there but I have to go around the back," Phil informed me. With that he gave me a push towards the door. It was open. As I got to it Master James called out from inside, "Come in Peter."

I entered. Master James was stood about halfway down the hall, he was dressed in a full length black kimono, which was embroidered with a red dragon going up one panel. On each side of him stood two of the guys, they were bare-chested, wearing only tight fitting leather trousers, which left nothing to the imagination.

"Come here Peter," he indicated a place in front of him. I approached and stood where he indicated. "Have you enjoyed this afternoon."

"Yes," I responded.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, you are learning Peter. You have a lot to learn but you do want to learn, don't you."

"Yes, Master."

"We are going to have a barbeque now and a party, would you like to join us and come to them?"

"Yes, Master," I responded.

"It will be a sex party, Peter, are you OK with that?" he asked. "You will learn a lot and you want to learn, don't you Peter?"

"Yes, Master. What sort of sex?"

"Only what you have indicated on your profile, are you OK with that." He indicated a sheet of printed paper on the table at the side of the hall. I could make out my login name at the top, so guessed it was my profile.

"Yes, Master."

"That is good, Peter," he stated. I felt good. Everything felt good. "Now, Peter, I am going to give you a safe-word. Do you know what a safe-word is?"

"No, Master."

"When you are having sex often you will feel you should say no to something, even though really you want it. You have been conditioned to say no. We know this and we know that you will say no or stop when really you want us to carry on. So how can we know when you really want us to stop. That is what your safe-word is for.

"Your safe-word is for when you really, really want us to stop what we are doing. If you use it we will stop immediately what we are doing. That is the rule, it is an absolute rule. It is one rule that can never be broken. If I broke it I would lose all credibility as a Master. So be assured if you use your safe-word we will stop, no matter what we are doing. Your safe-word is your protection. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"That is good, Peter," he said, smiling at me. He had a nice smile. It was a smile that made me want to please him. "You must understand we want you to be part of our group. Do you want that? You met them today and had a good time with them, do you want to be part of them?"

"Yes, Master."

"Right Peter, your safe-word is Tiberius. Can you repeat that for me, please?"

"Tiberius," I stated.

"That's right," he assured me. "If you say Tiberius those in the group that are with you will immediately stop what they are doing. You understand?"

"Yes, Master?" I understood, but why should I object to a bit of wanking and sucking? I was looking forward to it.

"Now, Peter, listen carefully, only wimps use their safe-words and we do not allow wimps in our group. You don't want to be a wimp Peter, do you?"

"No, Master," I replied.

"Good, you are a good boy Peter and provided you do not use your safe-word you will be part of our group, but if you use it you will be out. We will not want you. You will be a wimp. A wimp that nobody wants. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, then strip." I looked at him for a moment, surprised by the instruction, then thought, why not? I had been naked in front of them all afternoon. I kicked off my trainers — I was not wearing socks — then removed my shirt and jeans. I had left my underwear off earlier.

"Fold your clothes, Peter, and put them on the side table over there with your helmet," Master James instructed. I did, then returned to stand in front of him.

"You are learning, Peter. Remember all you have to do is obey me and you will learn, you will learn to be who you really are. You will learn to be a man, a real man, not a wimp. Now kneel." I knelt. Master James opened his kimono. He was naked beneath it, cock proud and erect sticking forward. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward towards his cock. "Now suck me."

I did. He forced his cock deep into my mouth, causing me to gag, but I took it. He kept telling me how good I was, what a good boy I was. I felt good. This is what I wanted, sex with a man. Suddenly he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. Sperm shot into my throat, I started to choke.

"Swallow, Peter, that's a good boy, swallow." I swallowed. He pulled his cock out of my mouth. Then lifted me to me feet, pulled me tight into him and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. As he did so he reached down and took my cock in his hand, playing with it. Finally he released me and let go of my manhood.

"You did well, Peter. You are a fine boy, soon you will be fully part of our group and you will make a good member. We will enjoy having you amongst us." With that he stepped back leaving the two men who had stood there, motionless, watching everything. "Prepare him."

The two men stepped up to me and took me by the arms, then guided me down the hall and off into a side room. It was like the changing room at the gym, with a large shower unit with a number of shower heads at one end. What was surprising was that there were a couple of toilets within the shower area.

As we entered the man on my right stepped away and took a bottle off a ledge at the side of the room and poured a slightly blue liquid into a shot glass. "Here," he said, handing me the glass, "take a swig of this, it'll help with the taste of the cum." Now that he mentioned it I could taste the cum in my mouth, a cloying, slightly salty taste. It was not particularly unpleasant but by the same token neither was it pleasant. I took a sip of what was in the glass. It was sweet, no unpleasantly so, but far sweeter than anything I normally drink. It also had a strong taste of alcohol. It was not much though, only one small glass, not enough to affect me riding the bike. I downed the contents of the glass in a single gulp, to be hit by a bout of coughing from the strong spirit base of the drink hitting my throat. It was clearly a lot stronger than I had thought from the sip.

The two men laughed. "Don't worry," the one on my left said. "You'll soon get used to it. We all did, didn't we, Mike." The chap on my right smiled and responded, "Yes, Dean, we all got used to it." The guided me towards the showers. I told them that I could wash myself.

"No doubt you can," Dean stated, "but we have our instructions, to make sure you are clean, inside and out." We came to a stop just in front of the shower area. Dean and Mike removed their trousers. As the Master had said they wore nothing underneath and both were well endowed. They were also tattooed with tribal patters down the whole of one side of their body, arm, chest, abdomen, thigh and calf. On the other side only the right arm held tribal tattoos. I could not help but look at them.

"Nice, aren't they?" Mike stated. "Once we become Masters we will be allowed the full set."

So, the amount of tattoos you had indicated your status in the group. I had no tattoos and in fact did not want any, so I was clearly at the bottom. I was at the bottom of the group and would be till I got tattoos. What was this group anyway? I realised that no one had actually told me who they were or what they did. I thought I should say something or ask something but found I was having difficulty putting my thoughts together. The fuzzy haze that had descended on me at the river has suddenly got a lot thicker. I knew where I was and what I was doing but somehow it seemed almost as if it was another person.

Mike and Dean guided me under the shower. I realised I was swaying slightly, having problem with my balance, as if I was drunk. They held me there between them, their bodies pressed against mine, as they started to wash my body. Their hard-erect members pushed in on my body as they did so. It was highly erotic and my own member became fully erect again, more erect than I had ever known it. It was painfully erect and there was a buzzing and a throbbing in my head. I reached down with my hands to give myself relief. Mike, who was behind me, grabbed my arms and pulled them back.

"Get the strap, Dean." Dean stepped out of the shower.

"Now, Peter, we can't have you playing with the Master's toy can we. Only he is allowed to play with that now." Dean came back into the shower. My arms were pulled back and I felt a strap being fastened about them just above the elbows, then it was pulled tight, wrenching my shoulders back. A scream of pain erupted from my lips.

"Good," Dean stated. "Now you feel pain. Pain is the path to pleasure. To give ourselves to pain is to give ourselves to pleasure. It is pain that lets us know we are alive; it is the doorway to pleasure." I was confused. Somehow, I knew what Dean was saying was important. It was important that I understood but I couldn't. The fuzziness that had descended on me by the river was now more like a fog. It was as if everything was one step removed from me. I felt giddy and there was a throbbing in my head. My cock was so hard that I thought it would burst.

Dean grabbed hold of it and bent it forward. "Nice, but we can't have you coming too soon. The master would not like that." From somewhere he produced a ring of silicon which he forced down over my cock, then he pushed my balls up through it, stretching it to accommodate them. Once he released it the ring clasped tightly around the base of my cock and my balls, forcing my balls forward.

Once he had fixed the cock ring in place he reached back to the shelf behind him and picked up a small brown bottle, which he uncapped. Placing his free hand behind my head he pulled it down, forcing me to bend over. The bottle was shoved under my nose. "Take some deep breaths," he said. I did, a strong chemical smell hit my nose. He held the bottle there forcing me to breath in the fumes. Soon I was becoming very giddy and lightheaded. Mike was doing something with my arse, I could feel him rubbing something on it and pushing on it with his fingers. Then something cold and hard went into it. That was followed by the sensation of water flowing into my bowels and filling me up.

"What the fuck…"

"Calm down, Peter, we are just cleaning you out inside. You need to be nice and clean for when the Master fucks you. He doesn't like getting shit on his dick," Mike stated. Dean pushed the bottle once more under my nose. The thing in my arse was pulled out and I was pushed back onto one of the toilet bowls. My bowels emptied.

"I don't want to be fucked," I shouted.

"But you agreed to be, we heard you," Dean stated. A hard smile forming over his face. He shoved the bottle under my nose. "Now take deep breaths, the poppers will make it easier for you."

They pulled me up from the toilet and sprayed the shower head over my arse, then I felt the nozzle being re-inserted. The process was repeated. I was filled, evacuated and filled again. Each time poppers were pushed under my nose. All the time my cock was rigidly hard, throbbing painfully. I wanted sex, I needed sex, but I did not want to be fucked. Not by the Master; I had seen how big he was. As they took me out of the shower area and dried me off I told Dean and Mike that I did not want to be fucked, that I had not agreed to that.

"But you did," Mike informed me. He went over to a shelf at the side of the room and picked up a laminated sheet of paper, which he brought back to me. "You told the Master in the hall way that you agreed to do take part in what you had on your profile." He laid the sheet on the table in front of me. I looked at it as they dried themselves off and put their leather trousers back on. It was my profile, that I could not deny, but it was my original one, the one before I changed it after what GayAuthor had told me.

"It's your profile isn't it?" Dean asked.

"Yes, but…"

"There are no buts, Peter. It was there in the hall for you to look at. You should have checked what you were committing to. We will make it as easy as we can for you but you have to go through this. The master expects it; it is your rite of passage to be part of our group. Once you are in we will teach you, we will protect you, we will take care of you. Just don't fail us, don't let yourself down. You don't want to be a wimp, you don't want to use your safe-word. Take plenty of poppers when they are offered and take some of this now." Dean pushed a different bottle below my nose, telling me to take deep breaths. I did. This one was different, it smelt sickly-sweet, I found myself going giddy and felt for a moment that I would faint.

Dean and Mike took my arms and half carried, half dragged me through a door into a room which seemed to be darkness. The moment the door closed behind us I could not see anything. Then as I was moved across the room, my eyes adjusted. There seemed to be some dim red light in the room. Ahead of me something hung from four chains which were attached to the ceiling. Mike and Dean propelled me towards it. When we got to it they spun me round and lifted me up into it. I was pushed back, my ankles grabbed and pulled up into the air to be cuffed by straps attached to the chains. My feet were spread apart, about as wide as they could go, my arse sticking up in the air. I realised it was available for anyone who wanted to take it. I started to plead with Mike and Dean to let me go, but they just pushed me up and released the strap that held my arms before pulling me back and cuffing my wrists to the chains at the opposite end of the device. A hand grabbed my hair, pulling my head back.

Behind me I could see Master James in his robe. He was smiling. A wide strap was fastened across my neck forcing my head back. With my head held upside down I felt very exposed. Dean came round and pulled my head up as far as it would go, then held a bottle of poppers to my nose, telling me to get a good hit of it. I did, he then pushed my head down.

Master James walked up to me, dropping his kimono from his shoulders. Beneath it he was wearing a studded leather harness and black leather pants, which had a hole at the front through which his cock and balls protruded. I looked up at him and told him that I did not want to do this, I did not want to be fucked.

"Stop whimpering, Peter," he instructed. There was a bite to his words that forced me to be silent. You know how some good teachers can silence a class by just telling them to be quiet. He looked down at me. "You agreed to this, Peter. You have to do this if you are going to join our group and we would really like you to join us. You are a fine boy, Peter, you have a nice body, but now you must become a man. You must experience what it is to be a man who is used by men, for that is what we do. We don't love, we use. We are the strong. We take what we want. Now we want you. Now we take you.

"You are not going to be a wimp about this Peter, are you? You are going to be a man. You are going to live up to your commitments. By doing so you will prove you are a man and you have a place in men's society, that you are worthy of joining our group. Now get this nice and wet, ready to go into you whilst Phil gets you ready to be fucked." With that forced his cock into my mouth. For a moment I gagged on it, but then he pulled it back a bit. As he did I felt Phil's tongue start to play across my arse as his fingers stretched the edges of it.

Dean held a pad up to my nose, it had the sickly-sweet smell of the stuff in the bottle. My head started to spin. I was aware at one point that something was being pushed into my arse, then something else was. Whatever this second thing was expanding inside my arse, forcing it open.

That was replaced by fingers deep inside me, pushing lube into my arse. Master James pulled his cock out of my mouth. The strap over my neck was released and my head lifted up. Dean held the poppers below my nose, telling me to take them in deep as I would need it, I did. Then I screamed. An agony of fire spread through my body as the Master forced his member into me. I screamed for him to stop but he did not. He pounded away at my arse, taking deep long strokes. As he did the experience changed. The pain was still there but there was something else. A pressure building up within me.

Then it came, the release. Shot after shot of cum ejaculated from my cock. More than I had ever experienced before. As it did I felt my arse clamp around the Master's cock, bringing him over his edge. Deep within me I felt his spunk shoot forth.

The tension that had been within me gave way. I collapsed into the harness that had been holding me. It was over, I had survived. Dean came and held the poppers below my nose. Why was he doing that? It was over. Mike took the place of the Master. I felt his cockhead pushed against my arse. He thrust forward, I screamed. I could not do this, they were all going to fuck me, all seven of them, I could not take them all, it was too much. I called on them to stop but they kept going. I had to get them to stop, I pleaded with them to stop, but they did not. Mike was replaced by Dean, who was followed by another man whose name I did not know.

Finally the fog that had been in my brain seemed to lift. They weren't giving me the poppers now. I remembered what Master James had said. He had told me about the safe-word. That they would stop if I used the safe-word but what was it. Then I remembered.

"TIBERIUS", I shouted.

"Stop, he's safe-worded," Master James commanded. Whoever was fucking me at that point stopped and pulled out. Master James came over and stood looking down at me. There was a look of disgust on his face. "You disappoint me Peter, though most youth do these days. You are nothing more than a wimp." He spat in my face. "Get him out of here and throw him and his stuff out."

Phil was standing at the side of the contraption in which I was held. He started to release the straps. "Fucking wimp," he stated, the spat on me, "you should get yourself some makeup and put on a skirt, you're no man."

Mike and Dean came and lifted me out of the contraption, then dragged me across the room and out through a door into the hall. There they grabbed my clothes and helmet, which were on the side table, and pulled me to the front door. Opening it they pushed me out. I stumbled and fell onto the gravel of the drive way. Mike looked out. "You have ten minutes to get yourself off this property, otherwise you will be treated like a trespasser. In ten minutes we will shut the gates and release the dogs." With that he shut the door. I managed to stand up, with difficulty. I pulled on my jeans, got my feet into my trainers and pushed my helmet on my head. As I stumbled across to my bike, I pulled on my shirt. Fortunately, I have my bike key on a reel pull, so it was easy to find. I sat on the bike and started it, then realised that I was in no fit state to ride it. I got off and started to push it under power towards the gate. It was hard; I barely had the strength to hold the bike up, or keep myself up. It seemed to take ages to get to the gate. I had only just got past them, a distance of not more than a hundred metres from where I started, when they started to close. I still had the length of drive to get down and it was starting to get seriously dark.

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