Losing Tim

by Nigel Gordon


Terry did go to the States with Arthur and they lived together for over forty years. Terry went to college and got a degree then went on to get a doctorate. He went on to teach at a University on the West Coast. He is still alive and enjoying his retirement, his only regret is that Arthur is not with him, he was killed in a car crash in 2007.

I'm still in touch with Terry and get a letter now and then, though in the last few years it has been an email.

Chris worked his way through a series of sugar daddies none of whom lasted very long. He never got in contact with his family or anybody else so far as I know but we did hear about him from time to time. Eventually he got too old to find a sugar daddy and ended up working on the now legalised gay scene in London. I ran into him a couple of times during the 70s when I was down in London and on the scene. Then about 75 he vanished totally.

One day I walked into a gay bar in Amsterdam in 1985 and found Chris serving behind the bar, he looked like hell, it turned out he was HIV positive and he died shortly after.

James is still alive, though these days not very well. It was twenty-five years before he inherited the title from his grandfather and in those years, he made himself a successful name as research scientist. His marriage of convenience has worked, and he is still married, though he and his wife lead very separate lives. I'm still in contact with him though I have not seen him now for nearly twenty years. We keep saying that we really do need to meet up some time, but somehow, we never seem to get it together.

Raj I lost track of when he went to university. It was many years later that I literally bumped into him in the First-Class Lounge at Johannesburg airport. He was fairly evasive about what he was doing, except to say he was working for part of the United Nations. He also let out that he was living with a male partner in Switzerland and they had two adopted daughters.

Mike is still around in one way or another, though not under any name I knew him by. The last I heard he is still involved in boy prostitution and pornography, though now he is taking sex tourists out to Eastern Europe and the Far East. He is a particularly nasty character and one I have a particular dislike for but the reason for that is another story.

The twins, well they ended up serving long prison sentences and are now both dead.

Steve, about five months after he raped Tim and me, he was found naked in the middle of winter face down in his swimming pool. The coroner found that he had been involved in intensive and violent unnatural sexual activity combined with the use of prohibited drugs and had suffered a heart attack, probably brought on by sudden immersion in cold water. It was recorded as accidental death.

As for me, well I met somebody in Holland and we had a relationship, which lasted for fifteen years. In the end though it fizzled out, though we are still friends. It is only now looking back at it that I realise how much he looked like Tim.

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