Living with Johnny

by Nigel Gordon


'That Woman's Son', had been released nine months ago. It did not make the March release that was planned due to all the problems around that article about Trevor. Phil and Ben were forced to find new distributors. It took some months before it all died down. The paper in the end settled out of court for an amount reputed to be well into eight figures.

Now we were at the Odeon, Leicester Square for the BAFTA Film Awards. Strangely I was not here as Ben and Phil's guest, but in my own right. With Lee's help I had produced a short documentary film that had been released just before Christmas and had been nominated for Best Documentary. It did not win, but at least it had been nominated.

Tyler had just won Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'That Woman's Son." There was a general feeling in the audience that the film would take Best Picture. It had already taken Best Original Music, Best Cinematography, Best Costume, and a host of other awards.

The TV personality making the announcements once more opened the golden envelop that he held. "The winner of Best Actor goes to Trevor Spade for 'That Woman's Son.' As you know Trevor cannot be here tonight, so to accept the award on his behalf is his partner Arthur Lee."

Arthur stood in his seat, then edged his way to the end of the row, before walking down to the front then up onto the stage. Once there he took the award and started giving the speech that we had spent the last week on crafting for him.

"Trevor said that making this film was one of the best things he ever did …"

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