Tony's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 6

Bobby had talked Tony into attending the Sunday morning chapel service at the Tulsa Boys Home. Church didn't mean anything to Tony because he had never gone to church before. to Bobby it was a memory of his father who liked to go to a little Baptist church near their home when Bobby was younger and his father was alive.

The service at the Home was conducted by a variety of pastors who volunteered to lead the services. Most of the pastors were older men who had retired from their vocation and now were willing to fill in as needed. As a result the services were never quite the same from week to week and often were rather short and informal.

Bobby liked the quiet times when prayers were offered, and he liked the music and the hymn singing. He enjoyed music and had a sweet soprano voice, much to Tony's surprise. While Bobby did not intentionally sing loud, his clear high voice carried well and was noticed by those around him. He was also familiar with many of the common hymns and enjoyed singing them.

This morning the service was being led by a retired Methodist minister who had been a Navy chaplain for many years. He was a short round friendly gentleman with white hair and a pleasant manner. He had a good voice and helped to lead the singing, and his homily was sprinkled with funny stories. His name was Mr. McNab, and Bobby liked him.

After the service Mr. McNab stood by the door and greeted the boys as they walked out. Most passed him by without speaking but Bobby stuck out his hand.

"I liked your service," he said as the old gentleman shook his hand.

"Well thank you young man, and what might your name be?" Mr. McNab asked.

"My name is Bobby, and I enjoyed your music," he replied. "This is my friend Tony."

"Good morning Tony. Nice to meet you," Tony shyly shook his extended hand but did not speak.

"I will be here for Christmas Eve service," the pastor said. "I hope I will see you again."

"Thank you," Bobby replied, and moved on to let those behind him pass by.

"He is nice," Bobby said to Tony as they walked back to their dorm.

Tony shrugged. "I guess. Hey man, I didn't know you could sing so good."

Bobby brightened. "I like to sing. My daddy was a good singer."

Tony nodded. "You're a good singer, you're a good runner. Maybe you will be a good basketball player too," he smiled.

"School is out until after New Year. What do we do here when school is out?"

"I don't really know. I haven't been here a long time either. When it was Thanksgiving, school was out a little. They made us help clean stuff up. You know like rake leaves and stuff."

"That doesn't sound too tough I used to have to do things like that at home." Bobby remembered. "This place isn't so bad. Nobody is beating me up, and I have you for a friend here. That's a good thing."

When they got upstairs they each went into their own rooms.

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you," Danny said.

Tony looked surprised. "Me and Bobby went to church. We thought you would be there."

"That is the last place I would have looked for you. You need to talk to the superintendent. I think maybe you are in trouble," Danny warned him. "He wants to talk to Bobby too. Peter has been looking for him."

"Hey man, we been in church. What's the matter with that?" Tony protested.

"I'm sorry Tony. I don't know what the deal is, I'm just supposed to find you. I think it has something to do with Jase."

When they went out in the hall, Peter was waiting with Bobby. The four of them walked back over to the Administration building to meet with the superintendent Mr. Johnson.

His office door was open and he was waiting for them. "Come in," he told them, and pointed to a row of chairs. "You boys can stay too," he said to Danny and Peter. "My secretary will take notes," he pointed to a lady with a note pad.

They all sat down. Tony and Bobby felt scared.

"They were in church," Danny told him, hoping that would be helpful.

"I see" Mr. Johnson nodded his head. "I just want to ask you boys a few questions. It seems we had a boy injured last night and I understand you might know something about it. I believe you know a boy called Jase?"

"Yes Sir," Bobby answered. Tony nodded his head.

"He was injured in the shower last night and I want to know what you boys can tell me about that," Mr. Johnson asked.

Tony began to think how he could convince the superintendent that Jase hurt himself by accident but before he could say anything, Bobby spoke up.

"Yes Sir, I can tell you what happened. I was alone in the shower with Jase and he was bothering me."

"Bothering you how?" Mr. Johnson wanted to know.

"He was trying to rape me Sir," Bobby said directly.

"Rape you?" Johnson looked shocked. "What makes you say that?"

"He grabbed at me and tried to touch my privates, Sir. He told me he wanted to fuck my little ass. Excuse my language, but that is what he said."

"Go on."

"My friend Tony came in and saw what he was doing, and he came to help me. He stepped in front of Jase and told him to stop. Then Jase cursed at him and threatened to beat us up, 'kick both our asses' he said. Tony told him I was his friend and Jase should leave me alone"

The superintendent looked very surprised. "And then what happened?"

"Then Jase spit in Tony's face and shoved him down. But Tony got up and defended me."

"How did he do that?

"He kicked Jase in the balls Sir, and hit him in the face so he would leave me alone."

"That is a remarkable story young man. Was it necessary to be so violent?" He asked.

Bobby did not flinch. "Do you know Jase, Sir?"

He answered. "Actually I have not met the boy, but he has been pointed out to me."

"Jase is 16 and much larger than either of us. Tony was afraid that Jase would carry out his threat. As you can see, we are not large boys, and there was no one else to call to for help, so Tony protected me as best he could," Bobby's eyes did not leave Mr. Johnson. "That is exactly what happened Sir."

Mr. Johnson sat for a minute then asked Tony. "Is that what happened son?"

Tony was almost speechless, but nodded his head and said. "Yes Sir. That is what happened. Every word he says is true Sir."

Johnson said to Tony. "If what your friend says is true, what you did was rather courageous. Would you agree with that?

Tony hesitated. "I don't know about that. Bobby is the one who is brave. But I promise him I no let anybody hurt him and I was afraid for him, Sir. I think if I make Jase leave us alone I got to do something quick because I can no whip Jase. He is too big."

Mr. Johnson leaned back in his chair. "Do you have anything else to say Tony?"

Tony hesitated. "Yes Sir. I am sorry if I injure Jase. I don't mean to really hurt him. I just want him to leave Bobby alone. Bobby is my friend."

The room was quiet. Mr. Johnson looked at Peter and Danny. "Do you boys have anything to add to this?"

They shook their heads. "We didn't see any of this Sir," Danny said. "But I know Jase to be a bully, so I can believe this happened. I also know that Tony has been trying to look after Bobby, and they are both pretty good guys," Peter nodded in agreement.

Mr. Johnson took a deep breath then exhaled. "Thank you boys," he looked at his watch. "I think I may have made you boys miss your lunch. I will call the dining room and ask them to feed you something. I will let you know if I have any more questions. You may go now."

They all walked back to their dorm somewhat in awe of Bobby.

Finally Tony said. "You know Bobby, for a little kid you got real big balls."

"I just told the truth," Bobby explained.

"Sometimes that takes more courage than making up a story," Danny told him.

"I was really proud of you Bobby," Peter said. "You weren't afraid to speak up to Mr. Johnson."

Bobby held his head up. "My daddy told me never to be afraid to tell the truth."

Tony put his hand on Bobby's shoulder. "You father was a good man. I know you proud of him."

"And he would be proud of you," Peter added.

"I hope so," Bobby said in a quiet voice."

The came to the dining hall and saw that it was empty except for the kitchen workers. They did as Mr. Johnson told them and went up to the counter.

A large black lady who was the head cook looked up and saw them. "Did Mr. Johnson send you boys?"

"Yes Ma'am," Danny spoke for them.

"Which one of you boys is Bobby?"

"I am," Bobby volunteered.

"Well, I'm supposed to fix you anything you want. How about a big old cheeseburger? I don't have time to fry you a chicken."

Bobby grinned. "That would be great. Can you make four of them?"

"I sure can," she laughed. "You boys just sit down there and I will fix it right up."

Peter grinned. "From now on I'm going to say I'm with you, Bobby."

In a few minutes the lady brought over a tray with four oversized cheeseburgers, a whole bag of potato chips, and four large glasses of milk.

"Here, this ought to hold you boys for a little while," she laughed.

"Thank you!" They said in chorus.

Danny raised his glass of milk. "Here is to Bobby!"

They all echoed. "To Bobby!"

"It was Tony who rescued me," he pointed out. "We should toast him too."

"To Tony!" they all raised their glasses again.

They devoted themselves to some excellent cheeseburgers. Before they finished the cook lady brought over four pieces of chocolate cake and a extra pitcher of milk.

"I guess it pays to tell the truth," Bobby grinned.

They ate their fill and bussed their plates and glasses over to the counter.

"Thank you!" they called back to the kitchen, and started back up to the their floor.

"I wonder what will happen to Jase now?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't want to be him," Peter replied.

"Well, I think he deserves whatever he gets," Danny said. He looked in their room and saw it was empty. "We can sit in here if you guys want to talk."

They went in and sat on the bottom bunks, Danny and Peter on one, Bobby and Tony on the other.

"You're kind of quiet, Tony," Danny noticed.

"I guess I am thinking," Tony said. "When Mr. Johnson ask about what happened I was trying to think up a story. I figure if I tell him I kicked Jase in his balls I would get in trouble. Then Bobby tells him the whole story and that's the right thing."

"I just didn't think there was any reason not to tell the truth," Bobby explained. "What you did was right, Tony. You did protect me. I don't know what would have happened to me if you hadn't come in when you did."

Tony shrugged. "I guess you're right Bobby."

Peter chuckled. "Tony, you and Bobby make a pretty good team."

Tony looked over at Bobby. "I never know anybody like you. You so smart and you are really brave. I mean it, you my true friend Bobby. I'll never have another friend like you."

Danny said to Peter. "Why don't we go get a coke or something. Maybe these guys would like to talk to each other."

The two room captains left and closed the door.

Bobby hesitated for a moment then turned and put his arms around Tony. "I love you Tony. You are the best friend I ever had."

Tony held Bobby close. "I love you too man. You're so special for me. You make me feel so happy to be with you it scares me kind of. I am afraid I will hurt you."

"I know," Bobby whispered. "I understand."

Tony struggled for the right words. "No, maybe I don't just love you like a brother. I don't know how I feel, really."

"I know Tony. It's OK if you love me like that. I never had a friend like you either," Bobby turned his face to Tony and kissed him gently on the cheek. "I love you too."

Tony felt tears in is eyes. "No, Bobby. You're not like that. You're not like me."

"I don't know how I am Tony. I just know I want you to hold me, and it feels right when you tell me you love me."

Tony stifled a sob. "I don't want to hurt you Bobby."

"I know. You won't hurt me. I trust you Tony. I know you won't hurt me. Just hold me, OK?"

Tony held him tight and kissed him in the crook of his neck. "I love you Bobby. I love you better than anybody in my whole life. I just want you to be happy."

Bobby closed his eyes. "Maybe that's what love is. I think you're the first person who's ever really wanted me to be happy. If that's what love is then I love you too," Bobby pressed his face into Tony's chest and held him close.

There was a tap on the door. Both boys sat up straight and wiped their faces on their shirt sleeves.

Danny and Peter came in looking excited. "We just saw two Tulsa Police officers walking Jase to a black and white," Peter announced.

"And he was handcuffed," Danny added.

"No shit?" Tony exclaimed. "I guess Mr. Johnson believed your story Bobby."

"Well it was true. Why wouldn't he?" Bobby retorted.

"Tony supported you. I guess we all did," Danny pointed out.

Peter laughed. "I guess honesty really is the best policy, like they say."

"This calls for a celebration. Cokes on me," Danny pulled a sock full of coins out of his desk drawer.

They trooped down to the lounge where there were pop and vending machines. Danny fed them quarters until they all had a can of soda and a bag of chips. They sat at a table and enjoyed their snack.

"I am kind of surprised that the police took Jase so soon," Bobby said thoughtfully.

"My guess is that Mr. Johnson called Jase in to confront him, then Jase cracked and 'fessed up," Danny guessed.

"You know, Mr. Johnson was pretty fair about that. I don't think he had decided anything until he talked to us, then he talked to Jase," Peter observed.

"I don't know that he would have believed me if you guys hadn't backed me up" Bobby acknowledged. "That felt pretty good. Thanks."

Tony nodded. "Like you say, that was the truth. And you were so strong, man. You talk to Mr. Johnson and you never even blink. I could not do that I think."

Bobby drank his soda but didn't say anything.

"You were strong, Bobby. Where did you get that?" Peter asked.

Bobby kept looking at his can of soda. "My Daddy was like that. He was brave. He never lied and he never backed down."

"What happened to your father?" Danny asked.

Tony answered. "He got killed in Vietnam, right Bobby?"

Bobby just nodded his head. They all got quiet.

"Well, I think Jermaine is over at the gym. You want to see what he is doing?" Danny suggested.

Bobby shook his head. "I am kind of tired. Would it be OK if I took a nap?"

"You didn't sleep very well last night. I think that's probably a good idea." Peter said.

"Can Tony come with me?" Bobby asked quietly.

Danny and Peter looked at each other and nodded. "That would be OK," they agreed.

"Thanks for the soda," Bobby said to Danny. He walked out and Tony followed him.

"Can I sleep in your bed?" Bobby asked.

"Sure man. You want me to lie down with you?"

Bobby nodded and stretched out on Tony's bed, facing the wall. Tony lay down behind him and wrapped his arm around his shoulders, and kissed him on the back of his neck. Bobby sighed once and fell asleep.

Tony held him and tried to ignore his erection. He closed his eyes and told himself to relax. In a few minutes they were both asleep.

It only seemed like a few minutes when Danny tapped on the door. He looked in and saw them in the same position, Tony holding Bobby while he slept.

"Hey you guys. Supper is in about 20 minutes," Danny told them.

"OK man, we'll be there," Tony answered. Then he rubbed Bobby's shoulder. "Hey man, you gonna sleep through supper?"

"I'm not hungry," Bobby mumbled.

"Come on Bobby. You can keep me company, OK?"

Bobby took a deep breath, sighed, and said. "OK."

They went into the bathroom to pee. Bobby stepped to a urinal and Tony started to stand next to him, then thought better of it and put a space between them. They went to the sinks, washed their hands, splashed some water on their faces and dried off with paper towels.

"Maybe I'm a little hungry," Bobby said.

"Yeah, me too. I am always ready to eat," Tony led them out and down to the dining room.

Danny and Jermaine had saved two spaces between them. "There you are, come sit down," Danny motioned to the empty chairs.

On the table were big bowls of chicken and dumplings, sweet peas, and yeast rolls. "That smells good," Bobby smiled. "Maybe I'm hungry after all."

The boys ate as only hungry boys can eat, and the food disappeared quickly. Tony looked over at the next table and saw Thomas looking at him. They nodded to each other. Tony realized that he was terribly horny and remembered that Thomas had been nice. Not just good to have sex with, but he had been thoughtful and friendly. He wanted to see Thomas again.

After supper Jermaine invited Bobby to the gym. "You coming?" Bobby asked Tony.

"Yeah man. I will be there in a little while."

Thomas was waiting for him. "Where you been Tony? I haven't seen much of you lately."

"Yeah, I been kind of busy."

"I heard about you and Jase. Everybody is talking about that."

"Yeah? What you hear?"

"It's all good. The story is that you rescued Bobby and kicked the shit out of Jase. Nobody liked that guy," Thomas told him.

"Yeah, I guess that's pretty much what happened." Tony agreed.

Thomas lowered his voice. "I have kind of missed seeing you."

"Yeah man, me too. We should maybe do something."

Thomas leaned close. "Classroom?"

Tony grinned. "That would be OK."

They walked out together, crossed over to the other end of the hall and went to the classroom they had used before. Thomas looked around, jiggled the doorknob and let them in, closing the door behind them. They leaned toward each other, rubbing themselves together.

"I got something for us," Thomas said. He went to the cloak room and pulled out some foam pads. "Ready for a nap?"

Tony laughed and stretched out on the mats. "Come on," he motioned to Thomas, who joined him.

Tony stripped off all his clothes. "I want to be naked."

"Sounds good," Thomas took off all his clothes and both boys were naked as the day they were born.

They wrapped their arms around each other and pressed themselves together, rubbing their hard cocks back and forth. "That feels good, man," Tony murmured. "I like it when we're naked."

Thomas put his face close to Tony's. "You care if we kiss? I like to kiss. I especially would like to kiss you."

Tony was a little surprised, but the idea appealed to him. "Sure," their lips came together. Thomas was a good kisser.

They put some effort into their kissing and Tony liked it better than he thought he would. "You good, man."

"That's because I like you Tony. You are a real sexy guy," Thomas said quietly.

"Yeah?" Tony liked to be told that. He had not heard it very often. "Hey man, you sexy too," they kissed some more.

Tony knew what he was doing in this situation. There was no conflict about having sex with another boy who liked to have sex with him. Thomas wanted the same thing that he did, and there was no advantage either way. This was just good sex, and he didn't give it a second thought. He ran his hand down Thomas' belly and began to play with his cock and balls. After a minute he turned around and started to suck his friend.

"Oh shit, that feels so good Tony."

Tony liked it too, and he moved his head from side to side, sucking and licking Thomas' dick, enjoying the feel of the thick bush in his face. He rubbed his balls and stroked his belly, making him moan with pleasure.

After a few minutes Tony stopped and told Thomas. "I want to fuck you, OK?"

Thomas pulled Tony's face to his and kissed him again, this time sticking his tongue in the boy's mouth and pushing their lips together. "OK, but I want to do it on my back so I can watch you fuck me."

"Yeah, cool man. That's hot. Lean back," Tony spit on his fingers and rubbed it on Thomas' hole, sticking first one and then two fingers inside.

Thomas grimaced but pushed back on Tony's hand, raising his feet in the air and spreading his legs wide for him. Tony spit again on his hand and this time rubbed his cock, mixing the saliva with the precum that was oozing out from under his brown foreskin. He held Thomas' legs behind the knees and pushed back, raising his ass off the mat. He pressed the head of his dick against his asshole and began to push. Thomas wiggled from side to side and tried to make it easier. In a moment, Tony popped inside and began to sink deep.

"Yeah, oh yeah, that feels good Tony."

Tony began to pump in and out, enjoying the hot tight feel of the boy's insides. "Oh that's good man. You're a good fuck baby."

Thomas leaned his head back and gazed at Tony as the slender brown Mexican boy fucked his ass. "You are a beautiful guy, Tony. I really like seeing you naked. I really like you Tony."

Tony was focused on driving his cock deep in his friend's ass, but it did not escape him that Thomas was sincere. "Hey man, I like you too. You are a cool guy, OK?"

Tony was stroking Thomas while he fucked him. He had a big thick cock and it felt good in Tony's hand. The pace of both the fucking and the stroking picked up and finally Thomas began to spurt long strings of cum over his face and chest, getting some even on Tony's belly.

The sight of all that cum pushed Tony over the edge. "I am gonna cum, man." He pulled out at the last minute and sprayed his lighter shade of crude over Thomas' belly and shoulders.

Tony cried. "Oh shit man, That was so good. I been wanting that so bad!"

"Me too!" Thomas pulled Tony on top of himself, smearing their cum between them. Pressing their lips together and kissing Tony passionately, he wrapped his legs around Tony's waist and squeezed him tight.

They panted together and tried to catch their breath for several minutes. "Damn, man. You are a good fucker," Tony told him. "You not the first, but maybe you are the best I ever had."

Thomas laughed. "You aren't my first either, but you are definitely the best," he gave Tony a quick kiss on the lips. "Let's do this again, OK?"

"Yeah, for sure. I like that. Hey, it was better this time. This was really hot."

"Maybe we just need to practice," Thomas suggested.

"Yeah, practice make perfect, right? Hey, you OK?" Tony asked. "I got to fuck you real good but, I just jack you off. You OK?"

"Sure, I'm OK. Like you said, you fucked me real good. You did me proud, Tony. I like it either way."

"Yeah, me too, really," Tony admitted. "Next time is your turn, OK?"

"I'll remember that," Thomas smiled. "Hey, we better get back before somebody misses us," they wiped the cum off themselves with Tony's briefs and Tony shoved them in his pocket.

"Right," they started putting their clothes back on. "Hey, you know, it's nice to do stuff on a bed, even a little one," Tony said.

Thomas looked at Tony. "Someday I want to make love to you on a nice big soft bed, when we have all night, and nobody to knock on the door."

"Yeah," Tony said. "Yeah, that'd be real nice. I never done that before, not like that."

"Me either. But I would like to. Maybe someday. huh?"

"Yeah, maybe someday. You know, I really like you Thomas."

Thomas grinned. "We need to get out of here," he eased the door open and they slipped out the side door and over to the gym where basketball was happening.

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