Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 35

Sunday's services at Trinity Episcopal were very sparsely attended. This was what was known as 'low Sunday'. After the mob of people for the Christmas services, attendance was very minimal the Sunday following. Joseph and I attended, mostly out of habit, although the choir did not sing.

Instead, our organist played something very cool I had never heard before. It was part of a Nativity Suite by a French composer named Messiaen. Joseph knew all about the piece and the composer, of course. He tried to explain some things about it but it was way over my head. He said it was very modern and used a different system of harmonics.

I didn't understand it at all, but I really liked it. It was wild, constantly moving, and somewhat discordant, but had an exciting feel about it. I couldn't imagine any one person being able to play all those notes by himself. It was my turn to have a new experience.

We had ridden to church with Jack and after church he dropped us off at the apartment, then went to see Pablo. We went inside and found Kevin holding down the sofa.

"Hey backslider," I teased him. "Too cold to ride your bike to First Methodist?"

"I guess I could have, but I figured they could get along without me for one Sunday," he replied. "Did you have a big crowd at Trinity?"

"Not really," I chuckled. "It was a graveyard, but the organist played some cool music so I'm glad we went. Actually it is not bad outside. The snow is melting off and it is kind of a nice day."

"What would you think about going for a bicycle ride?" Joseph suggested.

"I would be up for that. Would you like to join us?" I asked Kevin.

"Nah, I want to watch a football game with Dad," he replied.

"That's cool. Let's get something to eat first. What's for lunch Mom?"

"Left over fried chicken from yesterday and leftover casserole from the day before," she answered from the kitchen. "Leftover buffet."

"Sounds good to me," I said. Joseph nodded in agreement. "Sounds like cook's day off."

Soon the kitchen table was covered with plates of food, which included some leftover pie.

"We could do this every day. Your leftovers are better than most people's first run stuff," I complimented her.

"If it was good yesterday it is still good today," Dad chimed in. "Let's eat."

By the time we stood from the table we had no more leftovers. Joseph and I gathered up our coats, gloves and caps and headed out.

"Is your father going to visit your mom again this afternoon?" I wondered.

"I think so. I have not spoken to him about it but that was the plan the last time we spoke."

"I hope she is doing OK," I said.

"So do I," he answered. "I suspect she will tough it out. The test will be when she comes back home," he did not sound particularly optimistic.

We pulled our bikes out of the shed and got ready to ride. "Where are we going?" I asked.

Joseph shrugged. "It doesn't matter to me. You lead and I will follow."

I pulled off on Denver and we headed downhill towards Riverside, caught the light green at the bottom and sailed south. It was cold, but not bitterly so. The wind was calm and the sky was blue. It as a nice day for a ride. Joseph caught up with me and took the lead as we switched over to the paved trail that ran along the river.

I looked ahead at Joseph pumping along ahead of me. He looked so much stronger than when we first began riding together. He was lean and strong as I admired him from the rear. There was so much more to my friend than met the eye. He led us at a swift pace, not stopping until we came to the little park at 41st Street, then slowed to a stop.

"I have worked up a sweat," I declared, and pulled off my cap and gloves, my shock of red hair standing up in an unruly tangle.

We went into the public toilet to relieve ourselves then took a drink from the water tap at the side of the building. Looking around I saw a young guy sitting in the parking area in a bright yellow Mustang.

"Nice car," I motioned to Joseph. The driver seemed to be staring at us.

He gave us a smirk and waved us over. "Kind of cold to be riding bicycles," he said.

We walked our bikes over to get a better look at the Mustang. "Nice ride." I said with admiration.

"Beats hell out of a bicycle," he said with the same smirk.

"They get us where we are going," I answered and stepped up to get a better look at the car. Joseph hung back a little.

"You are looking good, kid," he was directing his remarks at me, not at Joseph. "You like a ride?"

"I'm OK," I said. "We just stopped for a break."

"Where are you going? I can get you there faster than that two wheeler," he was checking me out in an obvious way.

He was a tough looking guy, dark skinned, with black hair slicked back on the sides. He was good looking but was making me uncomfortable. Sort of a James Dean wannabe I thought.

"I can take you wherever you want to go, kid." I had unbuttoned my coat before we came out of the toilet and he was running his eyes up and down my torso, paying special attention to the front of my jeans.

I began to get the message and was very sure I was not interested. In the first place he was not very subtle, and was not old enough to be calling me 'kid'. I guessed him to be in his early twenties.

Before I could say anything he opened his jacket and let me see that he had a hard cock standing up out of his pants. "Ditch the geek and I will take you for a real ride. I like redheads. What have you got in those jeans?"

"What is the matter with you?" I said with a flush of anger. "Are you crazy or something?"

"Don't mouth off to me. I know a queer when I see one," he said in a venomous way. "You know you want this," he shook his cock at me. "I bet you boys were in there blowing each other."

Joseph had stepped back. I turned to walk away when the young man jerked open his car door. "Get back here. I'm not through talking to you," he lunged forward and caught the sleeve of my coat. He was a lot bigger than I was.

I pulled away and stumbled just as I saw the thug fall to the ground. I looked quickly to see Joseph standing over him with his bicycle frame pump in his hand. It was bent at an odd angle. "Leave my friend alone," he said in a voice I had not heard before.

The bully looked up from where he was sprawled on the ground. He had a gash on his forehead and it was dripping blood into his eye. "You son of a bitch!" he yelled in frustration.

He started to get to his feet then saw that Joseph had cocked the pump back for another blow. "You cock sucking bastards!" he screamed, almost sobbing.

"That's enough!" Joseph said in a commanding voice. "Get in your car and leave."

He cursed us and threatened us, then he got in his fancy yellow Mustang and roared out of the parking lot.

"Damn, Joseph. Where did you come from?" I gushed.

Joseph smiled and said calmly. "You were right about bullies, Nicky. They fold pretty quickly."

"That guy was nuts! I think he would really have hurt me. You saved my ass, Joseph."

"You did the same for me that time at school, Nicky. And I'm sure you would do it again," Joseph reminded me. "I'm just glad I had the tire pump."

"So am I, although I may owe you a new pump," I laughed. "What the hell was the matter with that guy, anyway?"

"I would like to say that he was simply overcome by your beauty, but I suspect that he was on some kind of drug. I didn't smell alcohol."

"You had that all scoped out, didn't you?" I marveled.

"I wasn't sure where that situation was going, but it I thought you might need some assistance," he explained.

"Well, you were totally cool, Joseph. Thank you."

Joseph looked serious. "We need to look after each other. That's the way these things work, am I correct?"

"You got it," I hugged him tight and did not care who might be watching.

"Are you ready to start back?" he asked.

I nodded my head. "I have had about all the excitement I need for one bike ride. Let's go."

As we started north on the Rivertrail, Joseph asked me. "It is much closer from here to my house than to yours. What do you say we stop there for awhile?"

"Great idea. Lead on," I said, and fell in behind him.

It was very quiet when we entered through his side door. Alice was out and we assumed his father was visiting his mom at the rehab center. We went up to his room, closed the door, and sat down on the edge of his bed.

"I hate to say this, but I'm really horny," I admitted.

"Actually, so am I. That was what you might call a 'sexually charged situation'," he agreed.

"What do you think we should do about that?" I asked.

"There are a number of options," he observed with a smile.

"You are the hero today. Why don't you pick one," I suggested.

He stroked my hand. "You know what I like, Nicky."

I gave him an evil grin. "Assume the position."

We shucked our clothes and got up on the bed. Joseph stretched out on his stomach with his butt tipped up in the air. I knew exactly what he wanted.

Then he turned and said. "Wait, I am not clean. I want a quick shower."

He jumped off the bed and was in the shower before I could offer to join him, returning in a few moments with his butt smelling of soap.

"Don't you want me to wash up too?" I asked.

"No, I don't want to wait. Besides, I like you moderately stinky," he giggled.

He flipped over on the bed with his butt in the air, resuming his position. "Now, where were we?"

I knelt behind him, ran my hands over his back and caressed his buttocks. My fingers ran down his crack and stroked his anus. He tipped his ass a little higher and made a soft humming sound.

I put my face in the crack of his ass and was grateful for the clean smell of soap. I licked and pressed the tip of my tongue into his hole and then began to lick him like a cat. He purred.

I stroked his ass from top to bottom with my tongue, licking his crack and attempting to stick the tip of my tongue in his hole. I was getting him very wet.

I liked rimming him. He was clean and smooth, the few dark hairs around his ass feeling nice and a little scratchy against my mouth. Six months ago I would have thought such a thing was disgusting, but now it gave me almost as much pleasure as it gave him.

This was my lover Joseph, and I was giving him pleasure. There was no one else I could imagine doing this to and with, and it thrilled me to feel him react to my touch.

"Oh Nicky, that feels so good," he sighed softly and moved slightly against my touch. "That is wonderful, but I really need you inside me."

I was very hard, and could feel precum dripping from the end of my dick. His ass was wet with my slobber and I rubbed the end of my cock across his hole. "Do you want your lube?" I asked.

"I don't think you will need it," he whispered, and pushed back against me.

He was right, I slid in easily and began to push in, then out a little, then back in a little deeper, then all the way in, as far as my modest dimensions would allow, until my bush of orange hair was rubbing on his ass cheeks.

"I wish I was bigger. It might feel better for you if I had a bigger one," I suggested.

He moaned softly. "Oh no, you are perfect. If it was bigger it might hurt. You feel so wonderful inside me. Oh, I love every part of you Nicky. You are perfect for me. Just perfect. Ohh, ohh."

I reached between his legs and grasped his dick. He was very hard and the end of his cock was wet and slippery. I rubbed the slick fluid over his shaft and began to stroke him with one hand while I steadied myself by placing the other on his hip.

We were tuned up now and making lovely music together. It felt so good to be inside him, moving up and down, in and out, trying to press against that special spot that made him jump when I touched it just right.

I leaned over and kissed him between the shoulder blades, rubbing my face against his smooth skin, nibbling at the back of his neck and whispering that I loved him.

He shivered as I fucked him and moved his knees back so that he was flat against the bed on his belly. It felt so good to have his butt tucked against my groin, my chest to his back, the inside of my legs against the sides of his. I slid my arms under his shoulders and pulled him tight.

"Faster Nicky! Please do it harder. Oh that feels so good!" he began to moan in ecstasy.

I needed little encouragement and was now pounding his ass for all I was worth, gasping, snorting and blowing snot and slobber all over his back. It didn't take much of this for me to be at the edge of orgasm.

"Damn, I am really close," I gasped into his ear.

To my surprise, Joseph jerked away and flipped over onto his back.

"I want it!" he twisted himself so that he could take me into his mouth and sucked me deep. I had little choice but to give him a mouthful of cum.

"Oh shit! Ahhh!" I cried as he cupped my balls in his hand and pulled down on them while I emptied myself into his throat. It felt like my belly had collapsed from the inside.

After a moment I gasped, "Wow, that was intense. I didn't expect you to do that," I was breathing hard.

"Neither did I," Joseph admitted. "It just seemed like the thing to do. I'm sure you think me quite perverse, but perhaps I am finding you an acquired taste."

"Nothing we do between us is perverse," I assured him. "Anyway, it sure worked for me. I was almost ready when you went down on me, then you took it to another level," I looked at his very erect penis, wet with precum. "You need to get off."

"Yes, I really do. My balls are aching," he admitted. "Could you please give me a hand?"

"Sure, do you want me to suck you?"

Joseph leaned back and smiled. "No, I want you to sit astride my thighs and masturbate me, so I can look at your beautiful body."

Unsure just how to respond to such a gracious remark, I simply did as he asked, straddled his long legs and took his cock in both hands. I didn't apply much pressure but ran my fingers over the length of him, touching his cock and balls lightly and passing my fingers over his pubic hair. His cock stiffened a little more.

He whispered with his eyes closed. "That's it Nicky. That's the way to do it. I love your gentle touch."

He pulled a pillow behind his head so he could inspect me while I touched him.

"Nicky, I think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and here you are, pleasuring me. If there is a God, he is most gracious to me."

"I think you are beautiful too. You are very beautiful to me," I answered.

Joseph sighed. "Whatever beauty I might have is not apparent to me. I can only see yours. You have such a lovely body, slender and firm, muscular without being bulky. It is a very natural and perfect form."

I teared up a little. "I never think of myself as beautiful, but you make me feel beautiful when you say things like that."

"But you really are," he assured me. "If I was a photographer I would take a million pictures of your lovely body, all in color. Your beauty would be wasted on black and white.

"You have such fantastic orange-red hair which arranges itself according to its own design. Your skin is like milk, so pure and smooth. When you take in the sun it appears as a mass of freckles that grow larger until you become a golden color. Yes, you are quite beautiful Nicky. Sometimes the idea that you love me seems rather unbelievable."

I was beginning to choke up and tears had begun to run down my cheeks.n"Oh Joseph, I do love you. How could I not love you? You are everything I am not, everything I could wish to be, talented, brilliant and so kind, so wonderfully kind to me."

My hands were passing over his long legs, across his hips and over his chest and stomach, then touching his stiff penis and over his balls. I was trying to make my touch as gentle as his words.

I bent over to lick the clear fluid that was dripping from the end of his cock, enjoying the faintly salty taste of him and increasing the pressure of my touch.

Joseph closed his eyes and sighed. "I think I am ready now, please release me."

He was quite slick now with the precum that was dripping from him. I used it to make him slippery and began to stroke him in earnest. His sweet words were part of the eroticism that ran between us. I dripped some saliva on his cock and began to stroke him faster and a little firmer, but still gently. One hand was working on his long penis, the other was stroking his lovely slender body.

He began to stiffen and he held my waist with his eyes closed tightly. "Oh yes, yes, that's it." he moaned.

His hips raised slightly and he began to eject long strings of white semen. I put my free hand over the end of his dick and directed it back down over his cock, coating him with the slippery fluid as I stroked him faster and faster until he cried out in ecstasy.

"Oh my God, oh, that is so intense!" he stiffened and froze with his hips raised from the bed.

I stopped my movement and held him firmly in my hands. Then I bent over and took the length of him in my mouth, slurping the sticky fluid from his crotch. His pleasure was my pleasure and we made music together.

Finally I had licked him clean and raised up with my hands on his hips.

"Was that good for you baby?" I asked with a smile.

Joseph finally opened his eyes and returned my smile. I stretched out on top of him and smothered him with a long sweet kiss. The time for words had passed. Now was the time for a gentle embrace. When I looked at Joseph's face, it was covered with tears, as was mine.

Joseph expected his father to return from the Valley of Hope rehab facility later Sunday afternoon and he wanted to know how his mom was doing. After our time in the bedroom, we went downstairs to see what Alice had left for us to forage in the kitchen. Sure enough, there was a container of chicken salad in the refrigerator and a bag of nice buns on the counter. Two each of those and a glass of cold milk and the inner boy was satisfied.

"I really need to stay, Nicky. I want to be here when Father returns," Joseph explained. "I have really imposed on your hospitality long enough."

"I hate to see you go," I admitted. "Mom keeps saying that we spend so much time together that we are going to get tired of each other. Seems to me that the more we are together the closer we get. I wish you could move in with us."

Joseph laughed. "It seems that I have. I haven't spent a night at home in a week. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed it."

"I will miss you. I mean we will be back in school on Wednesday and back to the old routine, but it has been cool to be together all the time," I assured him.

"Well, there is always tomorrow night. I suppose if we are desperate enough for something to do we could go to the watch party at Trinity," Joseph suggested.

"That's not exactly a wild thing, but I guess it beats sitting at home with the parents," I agreed.

"If you like I can get permission from Father when he returns. I'm sure Alice will give us a ride. You are on our way to the church."

"The party won't be over until after midnight. That is kind of late to ask Alice to come and fetch us," I reminded him.

"You know good old Alice," Joseph smiled then asked. "Since we will be so late, do you suppose your parents would let you stay over? Why don't you check and I will call you later."

"Sure! That's a great idea, I will ask when I get home but I think it will be OK," I was reluctant to part. "Well, I guess I better get going."

We embraced for a long tender hug, and kissed each other gently.

"Do you get tired of hearing me say I love you?" I asked.

"Never," we held on to each other for a long moment.

He walked me out to where we had parked the bikes and watched as I rode off towards home. With Joseph there were never any regrets. I rode home smiling.

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