Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 33

Joseph and I woke up in the quiet room at the top of his stairs. It was very quiet there, even more so than usual.

"Are you awake?" I said quietly.

"Yes, I have been awake for a little while. I didn't want to wake you." Joseph answered.

"There isn't a sound. I can't hear cars on the street or anything," I observed. We got out of bed and went to the windows that looked out over Joseph's balcony.

We looked out in amazement at the world of white. The snow had stopped and it was a beautiful clear winter day.

"Wow, look at the snow," I exclaimed. "It looks deep."

"It is very beautiful," Joseph agreed. Then we both felt the call of our full bladders. "I think I need to pee."

We walked into the big bathroom and stood side by side, evacuating our bladders through our morning erections, sword fighting with the twin streams of yellow urine.

"You are looking pretty good this morning," I chuckled.

"You always look good to me," Joseph replied.

We shook the last drops from ourselves then returned to the windows, admiring the unmarked beauty of the snowfall.

"This is different, What do we want to do today?" I asked.

"Ride bikes?" Joseph teased.

"Maybe not today," I laughed. "What time is it?"

"You tell me."

I hesitated then remembered the new wrist watch on my arm. "Oh yeah. It is 9:42, and it is December 29."

"See, I knew you could tell time," Joseph chuckled.

"I love my new watch. I never had a wrist watch before," I said.

I stood behind Joseph, wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my face against his back. "I love you Joseph."

"I love you too," he assured me, placing his longer arms over mine and rubbing them.

"I suppose it would be a nice morning to get back in bed and play around a little," I suggested.

"That is always a good idea," Joseph said, "But as a matter of fact, I am starving. Do you think you might like some breakfast?"

As if in answer, my stomach gave out a loud grumble. Joseph laughed. "I will take that as a yes. Let's see if Alice will feed us."

We dressed and went downstairs, finding Alice in the kitchen making raisin bran muffins.

"Hello Sleepyheads," She greeted us, "Would you like some breakfast?"

"Yes," we replied in unison.

"I will have some nice muffins in about 30 minutes. What else would you like?" she asked.

"Would you make huevos rancheros? Joseph requested.

"Sure I would. We haven't had those for a long time. Lots of cheese?"

"Yes of course," Joseph replied.

"What are wavy rancheros?" I asked. Joseph laughed. "Huevos rancheros. I think it means like country eggs or something," he looked at Alice.

"That's close enough," she smiled. "I think Mr. Nicky will like them."

"If you make them I'm sure I will like them," I assured her.

We went into the piano room while Alice got busy with breakfast. Joseph sat down and began to warm up with some scales, making them sound fancy.

After a few minutes he stopped and pulled a manuscript from on top of the piano. "Here is something for my next recital in February," he explained. "This is a Mazurka by Saint Saens, the number 3 written in 1882. I'm not sure that it is my favorite but it is very nice. A Mazurka was sort of dance music for that time."

"If you don't like it why are you going to play it?" I wondered.

"Oh, it is not that I don't like it. These things are very subjective. But it is something that my teacher Blair wanted me to learn. It is very nice. Tell me what you think."

He began to play and I watched as he disappeared into his world of music. I vanished and all that was left was Joseph and his music. I was in the presence of his first love. I had no clue what I was listening to but it was very beautiful, and I leaned back in the wing back chair and listened as carefully as I could. I managed not to fall asleep this time.

Finally he stopped and I realized he had finished, "Bravo!" I clapped enthusiastically.

"Did you like it?" he asked, a little surprised.

"Yes, of course. It was great," then I confessed. "I would like anything you played."

He smiled. "Thank you dear Nicky. "You are truly my most faithful fan."

"I am," I agreed. "I like everything about you."

Then Alice call us into the kitchen, and I found a plate of eggs poached in a home made salsa and covered in melted white cheese. It smelled wonderful.

"Wavy rancheros," Joseph explained.

We sat down and consumed them with warm flour tortillas dabbed with butter. They were great. Then we enjoyed the hot muffins also spread with butter, and washed down with cold milk. Heavenly!

"You are the best Alice," I praised her.

"Oh, thank you Nicky. I love to feed boys because you enjoy eating," she said with a broad smile.

We took our plates to the sink where she snatched them away and began to rinse them off.

"I have this," she declared. "You go on to your music."

We went back to Joseph's big Steinway piano and he played for another 30 minutes or so. Then he stopped and closed the lid to the piano.

"I think that is enough for right now," he said. "I think I might like to go back upstairs to rest for a bit, if that is alright with you."

"Of course," I said with a smile. We rose and slipped up the stairs to his bedroom and he closed the door.

"Now," he smiled. "All work and no play, as they say," he took me in his arms and hugged me close. Then he went to sit on the edge of his bed and began to get undressed. I followed suit.

When we were both completely naked we slid under the covers and snuggled close. "We have other skills to practice" he said quietly and pulled me against him.

Just as things were getting interesting, there was a knock on the door and Alice's voice interrupted our bliss. "Nick? Your friend Jack is on the telephone and wants to talk to you."

We leaped out of bed and grabbed for our clothes. "Thank you Alice, I will be right down," I called through the door.

"Damn! Why don't you have a telephone up here?" I complained.

"No one ever calls me, and I am not to answer the telephone anyway," he explained. "They expect Alice to do that."

"Shit, a hundred rooms in this place and one phone in the kitchen."

"Actually there are several phones in the house, just not in my room" now dressed, we rushed downstairs to the phone in the kitchen.

I picked up the receiver. "Hello Jack? Yes. Right, it looks pretty. Eight inches, really? hat's a lot of snow. Sledding? That sounds like fun, sure. But I don't have a sled. You do? Is it big enough? OK, then you can take us home afterwards? Great! We will see you soon."

Joseph looked at me with curiosity. "Are we going sledding with Jack?"

"That's what he said. Actually he was kind of mysterious about it. He didn't say where we are going, and he didn't say where he got a sled, but he said it would be fun."

Joseph looked skeptical. "This may be one of those new experiences."

In about 20 minutes Jack pulled up with Kevin in the cab and something large and round in the bed of the truck. "Ready?" he called when we came out to meet him.

"Why not?" I answered, and we crowded into the truck with Kevin. The only way we could all fit in was for Kevin to sit on Joseph's lap. It worked.

"What do you have in the back of the truck?" Joseph asked.

"You'll see," Kevin giggled. "This is going to be cool."

Jack evaded our questions and headed out Charles Page Boulevard towards Sand Springs. Once there he turned north and got off onto some narrow little farm roads. When he was more or less out in the boonies, he stopped and pulled the mystery article from the bed of the truck. It was a rusty old car hood.

"A 1948 Chevy hood," he explained. "Help me hook it up."

He pulled a large coil of hemp rope from the bed of the truck and laid it out. One end went under the truck bumper and the other was secured to the inside of the old car hood which had been flipped upside down.

"Climb in," he commanded, and got back in the truck.

We shrugged and the three of us did as he instructed. He moved forward until he took up the slack in the rope and then shouted out the window. "Hang on!"

We began to slide along the dirt road, bouncing over the ruts and slipping from side to side as he built up speed. All we could do was crouch down and try to stay inside, screaming like little girls.

The road curved to the left and the makeshift sled bounced to the right, just managing to stay out of the ditch. As crazy as it seemed, Jack was actually being pretty careful and appeared to know what he was doing. He was right. It was a better ride than we could have imagined. We hung on to the sides of the car hood, and to each other, bouncing along at a fair rate of speed, shouting and laughing at the top of our voices.

"You guys doing OK?" Jack called back, then slowed down and pulled into an open field. "Hold on!" he shouted again.

We had no choice but to hang on for dear life and he began to drive in large circles, slinging the hood sideways, then straightened out and reversed to circle the other way. Kevin and I were laughing at the top of our voices. I looked at Joseph who was grinning broadly but with something of a worried look on his face. This was definitely a new experience for all of us. This went on for probably half and hour then jack slowed to a stop and got out of the truck to check on us.

"What do you think guys?" he inquired.

"Man, that was crazy!" I shouted breathlessly. Kevin was hoarse with screaming.

"You OK Joseph?" I asked.

Joseph was breathing hard and his face was very red. "Actually, I think this is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced," he gasped. "Can we go again?"

"Alright!" Jack yelled and jumped back in the truck, lurching forward into another wide sliding turn while we roared with laughter.

After another 20 minutes and Jack had us sliding in a wide circle. He changed directions and the sled slowed then started again with a hard jerk. Kevin and I hung on but Joseph was thrown out and lay very still, face down in the snow. Jack stopped suddenly and jumped out to see about him as did Kevin and I. Joseph rolled over on his back and wiped the snow from his face.

"Joseph! Are you OK?" Jack asked.

Joseph opened his eyes and looked around. "That was unexpected," he panted." I think I am alright."

"Did you hurt yourself?" I wanted to know.

Joseph extended his arms and flexed his fingers. "Everything seems to be working. No damage done, but I think I may be ready to quit."

Jack observed. "I think you guys are getting tired. I suspect that is about enough. What do you think?"

Kevin and I admitted that we were about worn out. Joseph looked thoughtful and said. "I think I have had about all the excitement that I can stand for one time. That's enough for me."

Jack laughed. "I thought so. You guys will be sore tomorrow. Help me load this beast back in the truck and we will call it a day."

We untied and coiled the rope and the four of us hoisted the old car hood back into the truck bed. Jack slammed the tail gate shut and we all piled in again, me in the center and Joseph on the other side with Kevin on his lap. Off we went.

We chattered and giggled all the back to Tulsa. Jack had proven himself our hero once again.

Back at the apartment Jack parked his truck and we all stumbled in to warm up. Mom looked at us with surprise. "Where have you boys been? You look pretty rough."

Kevin and I talked over each other trying to explain our 'sled' ride while Joseph collapsed on the sofa and looked weak. "You went sledding in a what?" Mom asked.

"A 1948 Chevrolet car hood," Jack admitted. "It makes a pretty good sled, or toboggan, or whatever."

Mom laughed. "Your father and I did that one time before we were married. It is dangerous but very exciting. Is everybody OK?"

We looked at Joseph who said. "It was one of Nicky's new experiences. I will recover," he smiled.

Kevin sat down next to Joseph and patted him on the shoulder. "Joseph is not used to our roughhousing, but he did great. You are a good sport," he told him.

"Thank you," Joseph said. "You are good sports in putting up with me. I guess I am a bit of a wimp."

We all denied his wimp status. "You are nothing but cool, Joseph. You are the coolest guy I know," I assured him.

Joseph leaned his head back on the sofa. "Actually, I think I might like to stretch out on your bed, Nicky."

"Sure thing. We are all pooped from Jack's adventure," I stood and gave Joseph a hand up from the sofa.

"Thank you Nicky. At least Kevin got his bed back for one night," he said.

Kevin laughed. "I slept on the sofa last night. I told you it was more comfortable than my bed."

Jack excused himself, Kevin stretched out on the sofa and Joseph and I went into the bedroom and closed the door. He lay down on my bed and groaned. "Jack was right. I am going to be sore tomorrow. I found some muscles I didn't know I had."

I sat on the edge of the bed next to him. "What hurts?" I asked.

"My back and shoulders, arms, butt, everything basically." I pulled off his sweater and T-shirt. "Let me give you a back rub," I offered.

"Oh yes," he murmured, and rolled over on his stomach and folded his arms under his chin as I began to rub his back and shoulders.

I stroked his back and neck. Starting with his shoulders I kneaded his long arms, eliciting soft moans of pleasure. I sat astride his hips and pressed the heels of my hands on each side of his spine, rocking back and forth on the long muscles in his back, up to the top of his shoulders, then back down to his hips.

Moving back to sit over the tops of his thighs, I pulled his sweatpants down to expose his bare ass and began to press down in long strokes over his butt and across his hips.

"Oh Nicky. That is simply wonderful. You could charge for this service."

"Maybe I can take it out in trade," I chuckled evilly.

"Mmm, that might be a possibility," he agreed. "We do have some unfinished business."

I bent over and kissed him in the center of his hips just above his butt crack. "All in good time."

I continued to massage him as best as I knew how, and he began to purr like a cat. We were making music again.

"Turn over," I told him and he rolled over on his back, exposing himself from just beneath his balls to the top of his head, with his arms loose at his sides.

I kneaded his chest and his sides under his arms, up over his shoulders and down the front of his arms, feeling the long muscles and rolling them under my hands. It always amazed me to realize how strong he was within his lean frame. The massage was intended to relieve his soreness, but by its very nature it was sensual, and I felt myself getting hard as I stroked him.

Looking down I saw that he was suffering from the same condition. His long circumcised penis was surrounded by straight black hair which also curled around the sides of his cock and sparsely covered his balls. His pubic hair tapered up in an inverted V and then trailed up to his navel in a narrow line. A treasure trail it was called. He would be hairier than I when he got older. Already there were a few fine hairs growing around his nipples and across the top of his chest. Joseph deprecated his own appearance, but I thought he was beautiful and I swelled with love for him. He was totally out of his element today on the makeshift sled, but was game to join us, and in his way, very brave.

I brought the palms of my hands up his arms, kneading his forearms and biceps, up across his shoulders and down over his chest and stomach until they were gathered around his very erect cock. The most natural thing in the world was to bend over and take him into my mouth. He arched his back instinctively and thrust up slightly as I took all of him as deeply as I could, and cupped his loose balls in the palm of one hand while the other stroked his flat belly. He began to hum softly.

The first time I tried to suck Joseph I gagged when I took him too deep. With careful practice I was now able to take him in my throat until my nose was firmly nestled into his pubic hair. He liked this, and moaned while I worked my tongue under his cock and sucked him in and out of my mouth, taking special care to nibble on the head at the top of the stroke.

All the time I was caressing his balls and rubbing my hands over his chest, belly, and the insides of his thighs. It was not possible to find any place on his body where there was an ounce of fat. There was only tight skin and sinewy muscle. I loved his lean, tight body. It seemed that his long muscular torso was my special secret. I doubted that anyone else had seen him naked since he was an infant, and I felt like the sole possessor of his body.

"Oh Nicky, Nicky," he whispered as I devoted myself to pleasuring him.

His long fingers caressed my face and he moved his hips from side to side trying to gain as much movement inside my mouth as possible. He may have been tired and sore from our afternoon adventure but all of this was forgotten as he concentrated on the union of my mouth and his cock.

It did not take long before I could feel him tense and approach his climax. I focused my lips and tongue on the top third of his penis while I held the rest of him tightly in my hand and stroked him rapidly.

After less than a minute of this he groaned and panted. "I am cumming, oh Nicky, I am cumming."

This was my cue not to withdraw, but to renew my efforts to run my tongue around the head of his dick as vigorously as I could. Sure enough he began to spew copious amounts of white semen into my mouth, some being swallowed and most dripping down his shaft onto my hand and his balls. He spasmed and jerked his hips while trying to muffle his cries of pleasure.

I continued until he held my face still and gasped. "Oh stop, I can't stand any more. Hold still before you kill me."

I pulled off and grinned at my lover. "How was that?"

He seemed unable to speak but made high pitched wheezing noises. Finally he whispered. "That was amazing, inspired I should say."

"How are your sore muscles?" I asked.

"My what?"

"You were complaining that you hurt all over," I reminded him. "Did that help?"

He looked up at me and smiled. "My nervous system can only focus on so many things at once. I forgot about the soreness, I suppose."

"We may have discovered a new medical pain treatment," I suggested. "Maybe you should share that discovery with your father, the doctor."

Joseph laid his head back and laughed. "Let's just keep that our little secret, don't you think so, Nicky?"

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