Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 28

Jack came by the apartment a little before 5:30 on Saturday evening. When we opened the door he was standing there with two young Hispanic guys whom he introduced as his friend Pablo and Pablo's brother Juan.

"You may remember Pablo from the Hideaway, and this is his brother Juan," Jack introduced them. "Pablo goes to TU with me and Juan lives with him. They are both looking forward to seeing the Globetrotters."

They came in and shook hands all around. "Pablo has a car big enough for all six of us," Jack explained.

They were both very nice looking guys, trim and fit with a dark complexion and straight black hair. Pablo was 18, Juan was 16, and I could immediately see a resemblance to Tony. We had not expected Juan to come along, but were pleased to meet him. The family greeted them both warmly. They didn't sit down because we were anxious to go.

Jack told Mom and Dad, "We will stop for something to eat and then go to the game. If we get a snack afterwards we should still make it back by midnight if that's OK."

We walked to the back parking lot to where Pablo's car was waiting. It looked like a rocket ship. "That's a cool car," I exclaimed. "What is it?"

"It is a 1960 DeSoto Adventurer," Pablo declared with pride. "It has power everything and push button transmission controls on the dash."

There was no doubt there would be enough room for us all. It was an enormous red 4 door sedan with great long fins and a grill that made me think of a whale feeding on krill. Everything was trimmed in chrome and the dash was covered with knobs and buttons. What was not chrome or brushed steel was padded. I thought it was the most exotic car I had ever seen. It looked like it was in good shape despite its age and had obviously been lovingly waxed to a high shine.

"It has everything, and everything still works," Pablo spent several minutes pointing out all of its elegant features as Juan walked around behind him observing with a wide smile.

They both looked like Tony. I remembered Carlos from the YMCA and realized that I had now met all four brothers.

We piled into the car, Pablo, Juan, and Jack in the front seat and Joseph, Kevin, and me in the back. The engine started with a great roar and we were off.

"I get a discount at the Hideaway if you would like pizza." Pablo informed us.

A chorus of voices called. "YES!" so to the Hideaway we went.

Once inside, Pablo showed us to a table and achieved a consensus on what pizza we wanted then went to the kitchen to place the order himself.

He quickly returned and told us. "It should be right out," I gathered that he was enjoying being the host for Jack's friends. He seemed like a really nice guy.

While we were waiting we talked among ourselves. Juan, who I first took to be shy, started talking to Kevin about soccer. Kevin mentioned that he was starting on a school soccer team after New Year and Juan was very interested. He said he loved to play soccer and wanted to be on some kind of a team. Jack suggested that there were some club teams for different age groups, populated largely by Spanish speaking players.

Pablo was interested in Joseph's music. Jack had told him that Joseph was a talented pianist and they talked about that. I liked these guys. It turned out that we were all very compatible. Before long the pizza arrived and the conversation dwindled to mumbles and chewing noises. Six hungry guys can make short work of three large pizzas.

Joseph demanded the check and treated us all to our feast. The discount was good and we got our drinks for free. We thanked Joseph and Pablo both. Our business at the Hideaway concluded, we piled back into the DeSoto and were off to the Mabee Center for the game.

We arrived and picked up our tickets at the will-call window. Joseph and Jack had agreed to get general admission tickets in the top section so we could be sure to sit together, plus they were cheaper. Since the Center was essential a great circle around the court, any seat was decent. The advantage of being up higher was that we could see the whole court. We decided they were great seats.

Having arrived about 30 minutes before the game started there were not many people there when we first arrived, so we sat as far down as we could above mid-court and watched people walking in. I had not been at the Mabee Center before and thought it was huge. It was the field house for ORU, Oral Roberts University, a private Christian college that was begun in Tulsa about 10 years previously.

There were a group of 6 cute girls who came in with an older lady, probably the mother of one of them. They looked all around and for some reason decided to come sit behind us. The presence of six young guys might have influenced their decision. Four of us were unimpressed by them but Juan and Kevin perked right up.

"Those are some foxy chicks," Juan said and combed his hair carefully. Kevin nodded enthusiastically.

The gaggle of girls arranged themselves behind us, trading seats several times before they were satisfied that they were in the right places. Juan and Kevin sat up straight and pretended to be unaware of the visitors who chattered and giggled.

There was a little band that played and some less than impressive local talent to provide entertainment prior to the game. We sat and talked about basketball. As usual Joseph seemed to know more about the sport than we would have guessed. Finally the opposing team was introduced. It turned out to be the ORU basketball team which was a very good college team with a winning record. They might prove a worthy opponent. They did some warm up drills as we impatiently waited for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Finally they took the court dressed in bright red and white striped shorts and blue jerseys with HARLEM on the front. They were all black men and the Globetrotters had amazed and entertained millions of people with their skillful artistry since the 1940's before any blacks were allowed to play in professional basketball. It can be truthfully said that the Harlem Globetrotters not only opened the door for black players, they changed the way the game was played.

They swarmed out on the court, passing and dribbling with a dizzying display of motion. They did all kinds of tricky things which were as comic as they were skillful. We were thrilled but this was only a preview.

When the game began we saw things we had never even dreamed of. They passed the ball behind their backs. They would palm the ball and appear to throw it directly at an opposing player only to draw it back still in their hand. They could dribble from their knees, spinning around and defying an opposing player to recover the ball. They could make a basket from outside the circle with ease, and mystified everyone with their ball handling and scoring ability. And they were funny! We laughed until our sides hurt. But throughout all this hilarious maneuvering, they scored, again and again, destroying the ORU team who themselves dissolved in laughter. It was fantastic. Whatever had been paid for the tickets, it was a bargain. We saw Meadowlark Lemon, even the great Marques Haynes who had played in the early days during the 1950's, had come back as a player-coach, and could still out-dazzle the opposition with his amazing dribbling. We had just never seen anything like it.

As the game progressed we chattered among ourselves about what we were seeing. The girls behind us seemed to enjoy themselves, but at least part of their attention was directed at us. Although the appeal of a cute girl might have been lost on Joseph and me, Juan and Kevin were anxious to include them in the conversation.

"Wow, they are so good!" Kevin exclaimed.

A little brown haired girl leaned forward and asked Kevin. "Is the ORU team just letting them win?"

"Not at all," Kevin replied. "They have beaten the Lakers and all kinds of great teams."

"But isn't all that stuff they do illegal?" she asked.

Kevin shook his head. "No, unorthodox for sure, but not illegal. Well, most of it's not."

She giggled. "Gee, you know a lot about basketball."

Kevin's natural honesty almost kicked in but he recovered in time to say, "Well, I try to keep up with the game."

Seeing her flashing a winning smile, he asked, "My name is Kevin, what's yours?"

"My name is Angela, but you can call me Angie," she said coyly. "That's what my friends call me."

Kevin returned her smile. "Hi Angie. How old are you?"

"I'm twelve," she said cautiously. "How old are you?"

"Cool, I'm twelve too," he reassured her.

"Oh, I thought you were older," Angie told him.

Flattered, Kevin remarked. "Really? I guess a lot of girls think that."

Overhearing the conversation Jack and Pablo were rolling their eyes at each other.

At the same time the perky blonde asked me. "Do you play basketball?"

"Not really," I answered her. "I guess I'm more of a baseball player."

"Oh, I just love baseball. It's my favorite sport," She brightened up. "I play softball in the summer. That's kind of like baseball."

"Yes, it's a lot the same but with a different ball and different rules," I said. Then remembering my manners I asked her, "What's your name? I'm Nick."

"I'm Katy," she giggled.

"Hi Katy. Nice to meet you," I stuck out my hand and offered to shake with her.

Katy took my hand and held it for a little too long. "Ooo, you have red hair. I just love red hair," she gave out a wide eyed smile.

"Uhh, right. I sure do. Umm, how old are you?"

"I'm thirteen. How old are you?" she asked.

"I just turned fourteen," I told her.

"You're cute." She giggled, still holding my hand.

"Thanks," I replied, withdrawing my hand and placing both of my hands between my knees.

A rather slender girl with a blonde ponytail was trying to engage Joseph in conversation. "Hi, I'm Linda and I'm thirteen," she said. "You seem to know a lot about basketball."

"Not really, I do watch some games on TV," he replied shyly. "My name is Joseph and I just turned fifteen.

"But you are sort of tall. I thought you might play."

He smiled. "I'm not very athletic. I don't play basketball, I play the piano."

"Oh really? I love music. I think I am going to learn to play the clarinet," Linda confided.

"Wonderful," Joseph tried to sound interested.

Meanwhile, Juan had zeroed in on a short slightly plump girl with big brown eyes.

"Hi, my name is Juan, what's yours?" he asked her.

She laughed. "My name is Juanita. That's almost the same name as yours."

"That's right. Maybe we are related," he joked lamely.

"So do you like basketball?" she asked.

"It's OK. Maybe I like soccer better. But I really like the Globetrotters. They are amazing," he replied honestly.

"Yes they are. I don't really know much about sports but they are good, and so funny!" she said with equal candor.

"Yeah, they make me laugh," he liked this girl. "I am sixteen. How old are you?"

"Oh, I'm fifteen. Angie is my sister."

"That's cool. It's nice you are here with your sister. I am here with my brother." He told her.

She looked at him. "If you don't mind my asking, are you maybe from Mexico?"

"Yes, I was born there but now I live here with my brother Pablo," he pointed to Pablo who was talking with Jack. "You don't care?"

"Oh no. My grandparents are from Mexico, but I was born here in Tulsa."

"Hey, that's cool," Juan was very pleased.

"Are your parents here?" she asked.

"No, well, my mother she is in Mexico and my father is here but I don't live with him," he told her rather hesitantly.

"OK, I see," she said, sensing that she should not press him further.

Jack and Pablo were sitting on the end of the group talking between themselves.

"I think the boys are being seduced," Pablo confided.

Jack laughed. "Looks like Juan and Kevin are willing victims. Fortunately, I think we might be too old for any of them to be interested in us."

"It will be interesting to see how Nick and Joseph handle this," Pablo observed.

The game ended with a great cheer and long applause. There was a snack bar on the campus and several of the girls suggested that we go there after the game. We had agreed to go somewhere so that seemed to be as good as anyplace.

It took several minutes for the big crowd to file out of the arena, during which time the four girls who had introduced themselves paired up with us as if we were all together. When we got to the snack bar they maneuvered us into a pair of booths, Joseph, Linda, Kevin, and Angie in one, and Juan, Juanita, Katy and me in the other. Jack, Pablo, the other two girls and the mom were at a nearby table.

"I'm Linda's mother. Those girls are awful flirts," The mom laughed. "I hope those boys are safe."

"They will be OK," Jack assured her.

We ordered cokes and some fries, agreeing to all pay for our own. I couldn't see sticking Joseph with all this. Had we guys sat together as we had planned, the conversation would have been about the game. As it was, it was about the girls and their social activities. They all went to the same school and it seems that they were planning a Christmas party at Linda's home and they were telling us all about it. As it turned out the party was the next night, and we were all invited.

Looking over at Joseph in the other booth and Jack at the table, I could see that the same topic of conversation was being discussed all around. Joseph had a look of controlled panic and I was not particularly interested in this thing myself. Kevin and Juan however, were nodding vigorously and looked like they were ready to roll.

"You guys are all invited," Katy told me. "It is going to be a great party. All the cool kids will be there."

"But we won't know anybody," I protested.

"You will know us," Katy insisted, her hand finding its way under the table to the inside of my thigh.

"Hey, that sounds like fun!" Juan said, assuming he was speaking for all of us. "My brother can give us a ride. He has a really cool car, wait until you see it."

"Uh, we will have to ask our parents. They are really strict," I answered, hoping that we would be denied permission.

I looked to the other booth seeing Joseph's head shaking from side to side and Kevin's nodding up and down. When I looked over at Jack, he was smiling and laughing. I was starting to sweat.

After about 30 minutes of chatter Jack and Pablo stood and announced that it was time for us to go. Joseph and I stood and tried to excuse ourselves while Juan and Kevin looked reluctant to leave. They had the time and place particulars on the party and insisted that we would be there. On the way back to the car we compared notes.

Juan was excited. "That Juanita is nice," he told us. "She was so friendly and her grandparents are from Mexico. She can even speak Spanish pretty good."

"Did you talk to her in Spanish?" Pablo asked him.

"Yes, a little. Just so I knew she could do it. I think her Spanish is not real good but it is as good as my English I think," he went on. "I think she is a nice person. I got a good feeling about her."

"I got a good feeling about her sister," Kevin told us. "She was feeling my leg with her foot under the table."

"Really?" I asked. "That Katy kept putting her hand on my leg, and rubbing around on me."

"Are you bragging or complaining?" Jack asked.

"Come on, I thought that was pretty rude," I answered.

"You like it when I do that," Joseph said.

"Well that's different," I objected.

"This might be a pretty good party tomorrow night," Kevin predicted.

"You don't really want to go, do you?" I wanted to know.

"I told them we would be coming," Juan reminded us.

Jack laughed, "Hey you boys might be in for a life changing experience."

"I hope so," Kevin exclaimed.

"Yeah, those girls are hot," said Juan.

"You can't be serious Kevin," I wondered. "What happened to my shy little brother wanting the safety of home."

"That girl ran her foot up my leg is what happened," he explained.

"She gave him a boner" Joseph was guessing.

"Damn right she did," Kevin agreed.

"Yeah, I got one too," Juan admitted.

"Man I can't believe you horn dogs," I said.

Pablo laughed. "You should ask if she has a brother for you."

"Excuse me?" Joseph objected.

"Hey Pablo, will you take us?" Juan asked.

"Yeah, I will take you guys if you can get permission," Pablo agreed.

"I bet Mom and Dad will let us go" Kevin guessed.

"Not me!" I replied.

"You going to let your innocent little brother go to that party without you?" Kevin wanted to know. "I might be raped and it would be your fault."

Joseph laughed and said. "He has a point Nicky. Maybe I should go to protect you both."

"Nobody needs to protect me," Juan said. "I like girls."

"I think this might be an educational experience for all of you," Jack laughed. "I think you should go. Those poor little girls will think you stood them up."

"Hey, I think that Juanita is real nice. I want to see her again." Juan insisted.

"What about Linda?" Jack asked Joseph. "Did she put the make on you?"

"Actually, I didn't give her the opportunity," Joseph responded. "I suppose she was nice enough. Maybe if she had red hair," he winked at me.

We got in the car and started back up to the apartment.

Jack laid it out for us. "OK guys. Juan wants to go and Pablo will give you a ride. Nicky, the three of you need to come to an agreement and get permission if you decide to do this. I have to go back to Pablo's tonight because my truck is there. It is 11:30 and I told your folks I would have you back at a decent hour, so you can talk about it when you get home. I will see you at church tomorrow and you can tell me what you decide."

"So what do you really think Jack? You know where Joseph and I are coming from. Do you really think we should go?" I asked him honestly.

Jack gave me a straight look. "Ask yourself why not? I don't think you are going to have to do anything you don't want to. I imagine her parents will be there. Kevin wants to go and your folks probably won't let him go without you. It might be fun. If it sucks you can call us and Pablo will come and get you. What else do you have planned for tomorrow night? You are out of school all next week."

"Yeah!" Kevin said.

"Oh shut up!" I told him.

Kevin gave me a hurt look. "Hey, you just gave me a big lecture about getting out and taking a little risk and now you are throwing cold water on me. You will have Joseph there to look after you. So what's the big deal?"

I shut up and thought about what he had said. "OK, I guess you're right. If you can talk the folks into letting us then I will go. What about you Joseph?"

Joseph smiled. "I don't think I would miss this for the world. As Jack has pointed out, my social calendar is empty for tomorrow night. I would go."

I shook my head and laughed. "OK, it looks like it is up to Mom and Dad. If they say yes then I guess we are on for a party."

Cheers went up from Juan and Kevin.

Pablo let Joseph, Kevin and me off at the apartment then drove off with Jack and his brother Juan. We went in to find Dad still up and reading a magazine.

"Well hello boys. How was the game?" He asked.

"It was good," I said. "Maybe better than we expected."

"Right," Kevin added. Joseph just smiled.

Dad smiled back. "Did the Globetrotters put on a good show?"

We all nodded. "They were fantastic," I said.

We all told about some of the antics and how skillful they were. Dad had seen some things about them on TV and so knew what we were talking about. He was interested and enjoyed hearing about it.

When the conversation lagged, Kevin said. "There were these neat girls our age sitting behind us and we got to talking with them. We went to the snack bar after the game and talked some more. They were really nice Dad. They are having a Christmas party at this one girl's house tomorrow night and they invited us."

"Oh really?" Dad seemed very interested in Kevin's unexpected display of enthusiasm. "Who is invited, just you?"

"Oh no, Nick and Joseph and Pablo's brother Juan," Kevin explained.

Dad looked puzzled. "Juan? Pablo?"

"Right, Pablo is Jack's friend, I mean they go to college together, and Juan is Pablo's brother and they live together. Remember, they stepped in for a minute when Jack came by to pick us up this afternoon."

"Oh sure," Dad said. "I remember now. The older one works at Hideaway."

"Right. They are really nice guys. Anyway, Pablo has this cool old DeSoto and he gave us all a ride to the game," Kevin tried to explain everything. Joseph and I just watched and listened.

Kevin looked at me. "You tell him," he said to me.

"You're doing fine Kevin. Go on."

"Yes?" Dad said.

"Well it is all real simple. Juan has the address and Pablo will give us a ride then come back for us when it is time to go. If we don't like the party we can call and he will come get us any time. We will be together, the four of us and it will all be good. OK?" Kevin looked at Dad hopefully.

"Kevin?" Dad looked at him. "I can't remember when I have ever heard you say that much all at one time. I think you really want to do this."

"Yes sir," Kevin responded.

"You say there will be some girls there?" Dad asked.

"Yes sir, the girls we met at the game," Kevin spoke a little quieter.

Dad chuckled and looked at me. "Has Kevin discovered girls?" he asked.

"I think so," I smiled.

"What about you two. Do you and Joseph want to go to this shindig?"

I nodded. "Yes, it should be fun."

Joseph agreed. "We have nothing else planned for tomorrow night and we are out of school all of next week. It would be nice to go."

Dad looked thoughtful. "Do you know these people? Where do they live? Will there be adults supervising? You know I would prefer to speak to the parents."

Kevin and I gave each other a blank look. "Well, uh, we don't actually have that information," I said.

"I do," said Joseph and pulled a slip of paper from his pocket. Looking at us he explained. "I took the liberty of asking Linda for that information when we were in the snack bar. It is at her home," he handed Dad the paper with the parents name, address and phone number.

Dad took the paper from Joseph looking rather impressed. "I see. I will give them a call tomorrow. If you boys manage to get me to agree to this I think I would like for Joseph to be in charge of you."

Kevin and I nodded together. "Yes sir. No problem. Joseph is in charge," we agreed.

"Alright, now if you don't mind, it is past my bedtime. Goodnight gentlemen." Dad passed through the bathroom then went into his bedroom and closed the door.

Kevin began to silently jump and down with pleasure. "This is so cool!"

I looked at Joseph. "Wow, I'm impressed. Once again you have saved the day."

Joseph smiled and gave his trademark little bow, "I am pleased to have been of service to you gentlemen."

Kevin and I looked at each other, nodded, and Kevin gave Joseph a high five.. "Thanks Joseph. You are awesome," Joseph just grinned.

"Shall we retire?" he suggested.

Kevin tossed his blanket and pillow on the sofa and said. "Dibs on the bathroom."

Joseph and I went into the bedroom, closed the door, and sat on my bed.

"It has been an interesting day," he said.

"It has for sure," I agreed. "You did a nice thing for Kevin. Neither of us care anything about that party, but it meant a lot to Kevin. Thanks for making that happen."

"Maybe the nicest thing for me was that I had a grand time with my friends, both old and new, and I don't believe I have thought about Mother or her problems all day. I don't know whether to feel relieved or guilty."

"You mom's problems are hers to work out. Don't feel guilty," I told him.

"I know," he said simply. "You make me happy, Nicky. I do love you."

"What I think," I said. "Is that you deserve a special treat."

"Oh?" he raised his eyebrows.

"Yep," I leaned over and began to work his zipper down and unbuckled his belt. He smiled and leaned back on the bed, raising his hips expectantly.

I slid his pants off while he unbuttoned his shirt and was very quickly naked. Kneeling down in front of him I began to give him the best blow job I knew how, tonguing and sucking him deep in my throat. I had developed the ability to take the length of him without choking and he responded with a long sigh.

I paused for a moment and said with a smile. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"Hmmm, I think you are doing that rather well," he murmured.

I wet my finger in my mouth and slid it up his ass, moving it in and out. Then I rolled his balls around in one hand while I rubbed his smooth belly with the other, and went back to sucking his long white cock. I probably derived as much pleasure out of the process as he did. He took my head in his hands and moved his hips from side to side while I gave him the best I had. After a few minutes he hooked his long legs over my shoulders and devoted himself to enjoying my efforts. No apologies, no explanations, no discussion, just an exchange of pleasure between us.

I tried to make it last for as long as I could, pausing to lick his balls and run my tongue down his crack, licking his hole in the way I knew he liked so much, then returning his cock to my mouth. After about ten minutes he began to shiver and buck and I knew he was close. I began to hum loudly, sending the vibrations through him, making music in the only way I knew how.

Finally he whispered. "I am cumming dear Nicky," not a warning, just an announcement that the time had come.

He filled my mouth with his sweet sperm. I swallowed it all, not a drop was wasted. How could I reject this gift of his seed. I loved him and I wanted all that he had to give me.

When he stopped convulsing I licked his root and his balls, kissing his sensitive secret places while he sighed with satisfaction. Then I kissed him as gently as I could, letting him taste himself in my mouth. He relaxed completely and I held him for a time, then stood and covered him with my blanket.

"Are you OK Nicky? Do I need to pleasure you?" He asked.

"You already have," I whispered, then left him to sleep.

I went to my brother's bed and undressed. I lay back, found my own hard cock and stroked myself until I emptied my balls in a sock I found lying on the floor. I reflected a moment on how fortunate I was to have a friend and lover like Joseph. If I could be this happy at fourteen then I was a lucky boy for sure. I sighed, covered myself, and slept very peacefully.

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