Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 21

We stepped into the shower to wash off the spunk. Joseph washed my hair with the nice shampoo and soaped me off with a washcloth. I took my turn and did the same for him. We had just gotten off with each other and were hungry besides so did not engage in any extracurricular activities. We dried off and put on our same clothes then ran downstairs to see what was for dinner.

Alice had fried up a chicken and made potato salad and garlic toast. It smelled great.

"Maybe this is not such a healthy dinner but I know what boys like and it is just you boys tonight," She told us.

Joseph smiled at her. "Yes, you know what we like and I will tell you what I would like. I would like for the three of us to eat here in the kitchen."

"No, I can't eat with you. Your mother would not like that Joseph."

"My mother isn't here tonight and I would really like for you to join us," he said. "It's just us boys," When Alice hesitated he opened a cabinet and took out 3 plates and started to put them on the kitchen table.

"No Joseph, let me do that," She took the plates and quickly set 3 places. "You're gonna get me in trouble," she said but looked pleased.

Soon the food was on the small kitchen table and we sat down together. It was delicious, fresh and hot. Alice was a terrific cook.

"I don't suppose you know any more than you did this afternoon do you?" Joseph asked.

Alice shook her head. "No, your father is not come home and only he knows I think."

Joseph looked at me and asked, "How is your chicken?"

"Great!" I said, licking my fingers. "You are a terrific cook Alice."

"Thank you Nick," She smiled.

"This is not the first time I have eaten your cooking," I added.

"Yes, of course I know that. Joseph talks about you all the time."

There was some chicken left but I had eaten more than my share. "I think I better get home pretty soon or my mother will worry about me."

"Yes, Joseph tells me about how nice is your family. He says you are a lucky boy."

I laughed, "He tells me that too, and he's right. I am lucky to have a nice family," I wasn't sure that sounded right under the circumstances.

Joseph rescued me, "It is getting late and I think we should take Nicky home so he doesn't have to ride his bicycle in the dark. Do you mind, Alice?"

"No of course not. But don't you want some more chicken before you go Nick?" She insisted.

"Thank you, but I am about to bust," I protested.

We all stood and Alice quickly cleared the table. We walked out to the garage, opened the electric door and Joseph slid my bike into the back seat. oth of us easily sat in front with Alice. I thought of sitting three abreast in the front seat of Jack's old truck and laughed to myself.

Joseph gave directions to my apartment and had her pull around to the back so I could stash my bike in our shed. I locked the door then turned to Joseph who had helped me unload the bike.

"Thanks for dinner," I said.

"Thank you Nicky, for everything. I don't think I could have made it through today without you."

"I imagine you could have. You're tougher than you let on to be," I told him. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight Joseph. I love you."

"Goodnight Nicky, I love you too," he slipped into the Lincoln and they drove away.

I went in through the back door and decided it was not too late to check on Jack. I ran up the stairs and saw that there was some light coming out from under his door so I knocked. I heard his feet hit the floor and the door swung open.

"Hey!" I said.

"Come in kiddo. What brings you here?"

"I had to check to see why you weren't in church this morning," I teased.

"What, are you taking attendance?" he bantered. "Come in and sit down."

"No, but I kind of wanted to talk to you. Me and Joseph had a hell of a day."

I told him about Joseph being upset at church, how his mother got arrested for drunk driving and never came home, how his father tried to bail her out and was very angry, how Alice had to tell him about his mom and everything that happened. I tried to keep it short but there was a lot to tell.

Jack listened patiently and looked concerned. "You guys did have a rough day. How is Joseph?"

"I think he is OK. He was upset at first but sort of recovered after a little while. I think it helped that he had a friend there with him."

"That would be you?" Jack asked.

"Yup. I kinda helped him through it."

Jack nodded. "That's what friends are for."

"So what we were wondering was what is going to happen to his mother? I mean his father will get her out of jail tomorrow but then what? I guess she is a real alcoholic. What will they do with her?"

Jack asked, "Was this the first time she got stopped for driving drunk?"

"No, I think she had been caught like 5 times before this."

"Wow, no wonder they put her in jail. She is in serious trouble. Money and social status will only get you so many free passes. Five DUIs is a felony offense"

"So what's going to happen to her?" I asked.

"That's up to the court. She could do some serious jail time, but with a good lawyer she may do some sort of court ordered rehab program followed by mandatory AA meetings."

"Uh, like, what is rehab, what is AA?"

"Sorry. Rehab is rehabilitation, a treatment facility where they help you recover from addiction - drugs, alcohol, whatever. AA is Alcoholics Anonymous where people meet together to help each other with recovery. Some people volunteer to get help and some are ordered by the court. Maybe there are other ways to get sober but that's how most people go about it."

"OK then, I guess we have to wait and see," I stood up to leave. "It is getting late. I better get back."

"By the way, Tony and Carlos are in the Tulsa Boys Home and already back in school. That's the best place for them I think," Jack said. "Actually I spent the morning talking to their brother Pablo."

I nodded, "Kevin told me that he had seen them at school. He said that the kids were glad to see them. The word was that their father was making them do sex stuff. He said most kids felt bad for them and were sympathetic."

Jack nodded and walked me to the door. "Joseph needs a friend right now. Help him through this thing with his mother, OK?. Goodnight Nicky."

I went downstairs to our apartment and let myself in the door. It was not that late but quiet in the house. I went into our bedroom and found Kevin stretched out on his bed in his briefs and a t-shirt reading a paperback. I wasn't sure I would know him without a book in his hand.

"Hey, what's new?" I asked, sitting on my bed to kick off my shoes and socks.

Kevin laid the book upside down on his chest. "Nothing new that I haven't already told you. What's new with you. How is Joseph's mother?"

"Man, that's messed up," I told him about her getting arrested and will likely have to go to a treatment center. Plus, I told him what Jack said about rehab places and AA. We agreed that it would be best for all of Joseph's family in the long run.

Kevin took that all in and considered it. "What if she doesn't want to agree to that stuff?"

I told him, "I think it is an alternative to going to jail."

"Oh," he said. "That could be an incentive."

I laughed. "It would be for me."

"That's going to be tough on Joseph," Kevin conjectured. "I guess it depends on how she takes it."

"Well, excuse me," he said and went into the bathroom, closed the door and I could hear him peeing and brushing his teeth. In a minute or two he came in, stretched out on his bed and picked up his book again. I was ready for bed myself so said good night and grabbed some clean underwear, went in and did my own peeing and brushing. I decided I wanted another shower.

After adjusting the temperature to suit myself I stepped in and let the warm water pour over my head and shoulders, and down over my body. It felt good to run my hands over my face, neck, body, down under my balls and rubbing my crack and asshole, letting the tip of my finger slip inside. My dick began to swell so I pulled back on my foreskin and let the warm water splash on the head. That felt good so I turned up the hot side a little and it felt even better.

The shower head was attached to the tub spout with a hose which could be unhooked from the wall and held in the hand. Using this I directed the spray to my dick and balls, then spreading my legs and squatting a bit, to my crack and ass, then standing again to over my head and shoulders and back down to my crotch. It occurred to me that with enough time and hot water I could probably get off this way. Unfortunately I could feel the water begin to cool off and decided to make it fast before I ended up with a cold shower.

I grabbed the soap and washed and rinsed quickly then wrapped my hand around my hard dick and began to stroke vigorously. The water was now a little lower than the temperature of my skin, so that every time my foreskin slid back from the head of my dick I felt a splash of cool water followed immediately by a layer of warmer skin. It took only a minute of this and my white spunk was circling the drain. I pulled a clean towel from the shelf and dried off while standing in the tub. It felt good to rub the rough towel briskly over my skin. Ours were not like the fluffy soft towels in Joseph's bathroom, but in a way I liked these better, just because they were rough.

When I stepped out of the tub I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a lean boy with red-orange hair and pubes, and bright pink skin with little brown freckles dotted around. I was not in the habit of staring at myself in the mirror so took a good look and noticed a few changes.

My hair was as bright and unruly as ever but my pubic hair had progressed from an orange fringe to a small but respectable bush. My cock which was covered with an overhang of loose puckered foreskin was a bit longer and thicker, perhaps from the exercise I had just given it. My chest, arms, and shoulders were noticeably thicker, not NFL style massive, but fuller than when I last checked. The abs were flat, firming to a nice little 6-pack when I tensed them. Looking down at my legs I saw thick thighs and well-defined calves as a result of a lot of bicycle riding.

Not bad, I thought, respectable you might say. Jack had told me it was important to like yourself. I realized I could be a little thick headed sometimes, but at least I looked OK.

By the time I came back into the bedroom, Kevin had turned out his light, pulled up the covers and appeared to be asleep. It only took a minute for me to do the same.

School on Monday was the same as every other day except that we got mid term grade slips to take home to parents for their signatures. I had all A's and B's even bring up my English grade from a C to a B. I was golden, not as good as straight A Kevin but good enough to keep me out of trouble. I was held up in 6th hour PE and made it to the flag pole too late to speak to Joseph but rode on over to see what was new with him, if anything.

When I pulled into his driveway there was a small blue Mercedes coupe parked in front of the garage. I recognized it as his father's car and from what Joseph had told me about him I decided that this might not be a good time to visit, so I rode on. I didn't want to call his house because I couldn't be sure who would answer so would have to wait until Tuesday to find out anything.

I rode back to our apartment and noticed that Jack's truck was not in the parking lot so I couldn't bug him. There was nothing else to do but join Kevin on the sofa. We exchanged the usual greeting and I joined him in watching a rerun of Gunsmoke. I showed him my grade slips and he grinned and gave me a thumbs up. I leaned back and wondered how Tony was doing. I knew he was trouble, but he was still my friend.

I went to school in high spirits on Tuesday. Mom and Dad had been very pleased with my grades and I pointed out that the time I spent with my friend Joseph had not caused my grades to suffer, in fact they had improved because while he practiced his piano I did my schoolwork.

When classes ended I rushed to the flagpole to see Joseph and was pleased to find that he was there waiting for me. "Hey, how are things?" I asked, prepared for more bad news.

I was pleasantly surprised that he was smiling. "I am fine thank you, Nicky."

"So how is your mom?"

"She is home," he replied, "and rather penitent."

"What happened?" I asked.

"She was very quiet and has not really talked to me about her adventure, but from what Alice has told me she will have a court date in about 3 weeks and will find out then what is to come of all this. We think she will be enrolled in some program to help her with her problem."

"How does Alice know these things?"

"I'm not exactly sure Nicky, but Alice knows everything."

"So is your mom angry? Is it OK if I come over again when she is there?"

"Yes, I think so. As I said, she is just unusually quiet. Which I think means she has been unusually sober for several days. It occurs to me that I may not have seen her completely sober for some time."

"Have you talked to your father?" I asked.

"No more than usual. But I take it he has talked with Alice about a few things. I believe that the household routine will be changing a little."

"So he doesn't talk to you but he talks to Alice"

"Nicky, it is Alice who keeps the place going I do believe. But he has been home a bit more lately and is talking with Mother more than usual," Joseph looked hopeful. "It seems that perhaps they are working together on this."

"So that's a good thing?"

"Yes, I think that's a very good thing. Do come over if you can and we can talk some more. The weather is mild today and it might be nice to take a bike ride."

"Sure, I can do that," I looked to the curb and saw that Alice had pulled up. She saw me talking to Joseph, and gave me a little wave and a smile.

I rode over to his house and found him waiting outside of the garage with his bicycle. He had put on a warmer jacket and was wearing a wool cap. I had never seen him with a hat before.

"Hey, you look spiffy," I smiled.

"Yes, these are my riding clothes," he laughed out loud. He was as cheerful as I had seen him in several days. "It may turn chilly before we get back. Will you be warm enough?"

"Sure. I have a hoody under my jacket and I am used to being outside,"

"Good, let's go," and we were off.

We were in no hurry but sort of cruised along side by side talking as we rode.

"You know, I have enjoyed our rides and want to do more when the weather permits," He told me. "Besides the good company, it is good exercise for me. I am rather sedentary I'm afraid."

"It is good exercise," I agreed. "I can tell my legs are stronger since I have been riding to school every day."

"Oh, before I forget, my next recital will be November 17th, that is the Saturday before Thanksgiving week. Please invite your family, especially Kevin."

"I will tell them, and Jack too. Gee, that's getting close. You better get to practicing," I teased.

We chattered away as we rode. He talked about the music planned for the recital. There were several things for the quartet, a string quintet actually since it included his piano. He would play something by himself as well. He was happiest when he was into his music, and I was his biggest fan.

I shared the good news about my grades and gave him credit for providing me with the time to study while he practiced. We wandered around the old mansions near his neighborhood and ended up at Weber's which had become our special place. Today however, we decided on hot chocolate rather than a frosted root beer and sat on the bench on the west side, grateful for the late afternoon sun.

By the time we were back at his house it was time for me to be getting home so I didn't go inside. "Good luck with your mom," I said. "I hope that works out."

"Yes, so do I," he answered. "Say a prayer" and I was off to our apartment.

When I got home Kevin hailed me and made room on the sofa. "How are things Master Nick?" he asked.

"Good," I replied. "Joseph and I went for a bike ride and he is optimistic about his mom. I think she is going to get some treatment for her problem."

"Ah, that is good. I hope that works out," he gave me a nod and said. "I have some news," and got up and went to our bedroom.

I followed him in and he quietly closed the door and we sat down on my bed. "What's up?" I asked.

"I hope this is OK with you, but I talked to Tony at school today."

"I thought you didn't know him."

"I know who he is but haven't talked to him before," he explained. "We were in the cafeteria at noon and I spoke to him. I told him I was your brother and that you were worried about him and hoped he was OK."

"Really? What did he say? Does he remember me?"

"Oh sure. He was really pleased and thanked me. He said you were a true friend. I don't know that he has many decent friends."

"Tony is an OK guy. I mean he is pretty messed up but that's not surprising considering what he as been through."

"I understand. He really lit up when I told him you were concerned about him. Talking to him I saw he was different than I thought he would be. I guess maybe he is a good guy in a bad situation."

"Thanks Kevin. I'm glad you spoke to him."

"OK. I just wanted to tell you that," we got up and went back in the living room to wait for Dad to come home and eat dinner."

I was feeling relieved about several things. At dinner I talked about riding bikes with Joseph and what he said about getting exercise. I passed on his invitation to the recital and Dad said we would all be there. It had been a good day.

Joseph and I fell back into our pattern of hanging out at his house after school until time for me to go home for supper. If the weather was nice we might take a bike ride, then he worked on his music while I did my school work. I know that he made excellent grades but don't recall ever seeing him do homework. I suppose if you are a genius, stuff sort of seeps in during class. Thursday evening was choir practice and Sunday morning was church.

Mrs. Anderson was home now, and a little more visible than before but very quiet. I had not been around her that much but she always seemed to have her nose in the air as if she detected a bad smell that might be coming from my direction. I asked Joseph one time if I had done something to offend her but he told me she was always like that and it wasn't personal. Since her visit to jail for drunk driving she seemed less pretentious. She even greeted me pleasantly if she was around when I arrived. Of course I still tried to use my best manners when at their house but I would have done that anyway. Her court hearing was still several weeks away so the rest of that story was yet to come.

Edison High School got out at 3:30 and after I rode over to see Joseph I was generally home by 5:30 to clean up and be ready to eat when Dad came back from work at 6:00. On Thursdays I took off again after supper to go to choir practice and was back from that by 9:00 or 9:30 at the latest. It was a pretty regular routine.

On Wednesday it was cold and threatening rain so I told Joseph I was going to pass on my usual visit and go straight home. I snugged my hoody over my ears and headed for the apartment. I quickly stashed my bike in the shed and slipped in the apartment just before 4:00. Kevin was not in his usual spot on the sofa so I opened the door and stepped into our bedroom.

To my surprise Kevin was stretched out on his bed with his T-shirt pulled up under his chin and his pants pushed down to his knees. His eyes were tightly closed and he was giving himself a vigorous hand job. It took us both a moment to react to my unexpected entry. He gave a little cry and tugged his pants up as quickly as he could but not before I got a good look at him. Like me, Kevin was uncircumcised but very well endowed for 12. I suppose I expected him to still have the same little pencil that I remember from the last time I saw him naked at about 8 or 9 years old. Now he was probably as big as me but with a sparse fringe of brown hair across the top of his penis. His balls were hanging loose and full. On his face was an expression of extreme embarrassment.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed.

I threw up both my hands in apology. "Hey! sorry Kevin, you're cool, no problem!"

I jumped back out of the room and closed the door behind me, went back into the living room and turned on the TV. Knowing how modest Kevin was I felt really bad about intruding on him.

On the other hand it turned me on seeing him naked and pounding his pud. He was a nice looking kid and I had wondered what sort of equipment he had now that he was easing into puberty. He looked better than I had expected. Joining him for sex play was not likely to happen, both because he would not be interested and because I couldn't imagine doing anything with my brother. We had been sharing a bedroom for as long as I could remember and had long ago staked out the ground rules regarding mutual respect for privacy. I turned that over in my mind while I pretended to watch TV and waited for dinner time.

Dad came home about 6:00 and Kevin returned to the living room when Mom called him for dinner. We all sat down at the kitchen table and things proceeded as normal, although Kevin was even less talkative than usual. After we ate, Kevin and I cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher then returned to the sofa and talked with Dad while Mom straightened up the kitchen. When it started getting close to bed time I excused myself and went into the bedroom to give Kevin a little space. About 9:30 he came in and sat on his bed.

I busied myself with brushing my teeth, taking my shower, and the usual bedtime routine. When I came back to the room he took his turn and came in wearing clean underwear and T-shirt. I was in my bed with the covers up over my waist. Neither of us had spoken but now we looked at each other in awkward silence.

"Sorry about busting in on you Kevin, I should have knocked," I apologized.

"I didn't expect you to be home so early," he explained.

"It looked like rain so I skipped going over to see Joseph," I offered. "I sure didn't mean to embarrass you."

"We don't ever knock before entering. It wasn't your fault," he said quietly. "I shouldn't have been doing that."

I shook my head. "You weren't doing anything wrong. I just came in at a bad time. You weren't doing anything I haven't done a million times."

"Yeah, I know. You aren't always too subtle about it. But at least you wait until the lights are out."

I chuckled. "At least you are polite enough to pretend not to notice when my bed is bouncing."

He sighed, "I guess everybody jerks off. It's just embarrassing to get caught with your pants down."

"I guess that's where that expression came from," I laughed. "Hey, don't worry about it. It was bound to happen eventually with us sharing a room. Actually I was kind of impressed. You are as big as I am for whatever its worth."

Kevin frowned a little. "Actually, I'm not sure I want to know that."

"Hey, I wasn't suggesting we do it together or anything. Take it as a compliment."

Kevin started laughing. "I guess it was pretty funny. You looked weird, like you had stepped into some dog poop or something."

"Well, you looked more than a little surprised yourself."

"You scared the crap out of me. I was thinking that it could have been Mom."

"No, she would have knocked," then we both started laughing. "Maybe we need to get one of those little 'Do Not Disturb' signs to hang off the doorknob, so we can jerk off in peace."

"Maybe it should say 'Caution, Masturbation in Progress'," Kevin grinned.

"Something like that," I said. "Since it is not a secret that we both jerk off, should we talk about how to share the room and not get up tight about this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, do we just do it and try to ignore each other, or is it OK to watch, or what? I mean some brothers do stuff together I guess."

Kevin thought about that a minute. "I don't know about that. I know you are a horn dog and like that kind of thing but for me, not so much. To me, jerking off is kind of like taking a dump. Everybody does it but I think I would rather do it by myself."

"So what do you think about while you do it?" I asked.

"Not another guy, certainly not my brother."

I pretended to look hurt. "You don't? So what then?"

"I don't know, this is getting personal. Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just curious."

"Well boobs mostly. Nice soft ones. What do you think about?"

Now it was my turn to be a little embarrassed. "Not boobs. Joseph maybe."

"We aren't in the same mind about this," Kevin observed. "Which is OK with me but I'm not geared that way."

"I know. I'm not really suggesting that we do stuff together, I just wondered."

Kevin laughed. "This is a strange conversation. Tell you what, if the door is closed, how about we knock a couple of times then count to three. That gives enough time to cover up. After we've gone to bed and the lights are out then kind of turn your back or something. Or go in the bathroom," He suggested. "I know you do it in the shower."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"I figure that after 20 minutes and the hot water is gone you are doing more than washing your butt in there."

I had to grin. "You got me there."

"I do it in there too, I just don't take as long," he admitted.

"OK, I got the idea. But just for what it's worth, you are looking pretty good for a twelve year old."

"Thanks, I think," he said. "So now can we turn out the lights and go to bed?"

"You got some unfinished business?" I laughed.

Kevin looked a little exasperated but smiled and pulled up his covers. "Good night brother."

"Good night," I turned out the light. It had been an interesting conversation and I was having a new appreciation for my younger brother.

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