Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 11

When I opened my eyes, the morning sun was pouring in through the big French doors and Joseph was laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand looking at me. I took a deep breath, stretched, and ran my finger down his chest. He didn't move but he smiled at me. I lightly traced around the few dark hairs that grew around his nipples with my fingertip, pressing them down against his chest and watching them spring back up when my finger passed over them. The hair was very fine and his nipples tightened up and got stiff as I traced around them. I noticed that there was another circle of tiny bumps that rose up around the center nipple and I could see his skin tense up a little with the tickling sensation.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my bed?" Joseph asked with a little smile.

"I was invited," I answered, returning his smile. "Your alarm clock says almost 7:30, when do we have to get up?"

"I have to be ready to leave for church at 10:00. We should be dressed and down stairs by 9:00."

"That means we have an hour and a half to do..., whatever."

Joseph straightened the arm that was holding up his head and laid his ear down on it. His other arm reached over to me and took a fist full of my hair and tugged on it. "My God, you have orange hair and green eyes."

"And you have a red titty," Pinching his nipple and making him jump back.

"Ouch, those are sensitive," he said and pulled my head forward by the handful of hair.

I pounced on him and tried to pin him down to the mattress as he quickly struggled to turn out from under me. We wrestled around like that for several minutes, laughing and making a mess of the bed sheets. Joseph was a lot stronger than I realized, especially his hands. He had a grip like a vise.

Eventually I managed to sit astride his waist and press his wrists down next to his head and hold him still. He laughed and struggled a little, not really trying very hard to get free then went limp, looking up at me. I was sitting across his stomach, we were both still naked from the night before, and both were hard again. We had been wrestling and laughing like little kids but now his smile faded and his face took on a more serious look.

"If it isn't too much trouble, could you possibly kiss me again please?" he asked quietly.

I tried to think of something smart to say but couldn't, so just bent forward and pressed my lips to his. Our mouths opened a bit so that our tongues could taste each other. I let go of Joseph's wrists and slid my hands under his shoulders so that he could wrap his arms around me and draw me close. I was aware of his warm body stretching under me, the skin soft and smooth over his tight lean frame. But I was more interested in the way his mouth felt, and we experimented with making our lips soft and then firm, with opening them wide so that our breathing was mixed together, or holding them close together so that we could create a suction inside our mouths. It was so interesting to try all the possibilities.

All the time our mouths were involved with these experiments our hands were searching out the shape and form of each other, the roundness of shoulders, the firmness of muscle, the stiffness of bone and sinew. Joseph was maybe 6 inches taller than I was and that translated itself into longer bones and fingers, to greater distances between shoulder and elbow and wrist, in a longer path for my hands to cover from neck to sternum to navel to cock. His shoulders were wider then mine and his waist longer but no thicker so that when I looked down on him from an altitude of 2 feet away, his body fanned out from his hips to a wide flat expanse of chest and shoulders.

Other than a spray of dark hair peeking out from under his arm pits, and the fine hairs that encircled his nipples, he was smooth and flawless. But beginning at his belly button was a thin trail leading down to a thicket of pubic hair that spread into a triangle and wrapped itself around his cock, ending at each side of his smooth scrotum.

Pointing up from his hairless balls was a long straight dick whose foreskin had been neatly removed leaving a faint ring of darker skin just beneath the head. His penis was longer than mine by almost 2 inches, and a little thicker, but straight and smooth from the base to where it joined his cock head. The piss tube ran straight up from somewhere under his balls to the grove that separated the bottom of his cock head, then emerged from the slit at the tip of his dick with a little drip proof spout at the end.

Tracing the length of the tube with my finger tip made it very hard and there were a pair of little grooves at each side of the tube that delineated it from the round shaft. The skin below the dark line was loose and relaxed as if someone had been careful not to remove too much and leave him stretched overly tight when hard. Joseph was fair but a little darker than me.

Rising up into a sitting position as if on a pony, I positioned our balls close together and brought our dicks up so that they were aligned with each other, much like two boys placing the heels of their hands together to see whose fingers were the longest. Joseph bested me in both categories, but envied my foreskin which he loved to play with, pulling it up and down and twirling it around in his fingers. In turn, I was fascinated with a cock that was eight inches long. While Joseph's long fingers and strong hands made my dick look smaller than it was, so my smaller hands could both fit around his hard cock, making it look even longer.

We played like this for some time. Not driving towards a sexual climax as much as exploring and enjoying each others bodies. It was as if I wanted to know every part of Joseph, to memorize each detail so I would have him in my mind from that time forward. I think Joseph was doing the same thing because he kept his eyes open all the time and looked at me closely. He took my hands and held the fingers apart, tracing up and down each one, testing the thickness of my fingernails and examining the palms of my hands to see how the creases ran and testing to see how much flexibility was in my fingers and my wrists. He ran his hands over my shoulders and chest and stomach as if to see where the muscles were the thickest, tracing the outline of my pecs and abs, massaging my arms and legs to find what was hidden beneath my skin. I think we both wanted to know each other as intimately as possible and were memorizing our bodies.

The night before we had held and kissed each other very tenderly and both climaxed against the other. There were many more possibilities that Joseph and I could share with each other. Even if I were the first to be with Joseph, he was not the first for me and he knew that.

"I don't know much," Joseph reflected. "About sex I mean."

"That's OK," I assured him, "It's easy to learn."

"I would need a good teacher," he said with a catch in his voice, "I'm a little afraid, Nick."

It began to dawn on me just how inexperienced Joseph really was, and how much he trusted me. Here was a boy whose whole life was made up of discipline and self control, and he was putting everything in my hands. Surely he must love me to give himself to me like this.

"Don't be afraid, Joseph," I almost whispered, "We have lots of time to learn about each other. It's OK to go slow."

I smoothed his hair back from his face and brought my hands down over his shoulders then across his chest. I turned so that my face was at his hip, and his was at mine. Leaning forward I kissed the base of his dick just where it disappeared into his scrotum, and moved my face from side to side taking in his scent. I ran my hand over his pubic hair and pressed his cock between my lips and the back of my hand, sliding my partly opened mouth up and down the length of him making a small wet trail with the tip of my tongue. I could feel him shudder and let out a long sigh.

I tipped his cock forward and slid my open mouth over it, sucking as I descended toward his belly and pulling him inside. Once I had as much of him in my mouth as I could take, I moved my tongue in a circle around his dick and nodded my head in and out a little. Joseph moaned and turned towards me. First I felt his hand on my hip, then felt it slide over to my pubes and hold my cock away from my stomach. He kissed my cock on the head, then cautiously licked it a few times. I pulled almost off of him then took him back into my throat as far as I could. At that he lost his reserve and took me in his mouth, sucking me as best as he could. I could feel him pull off and draw my foreskin back then lick my head and suck me in his mouth again. After a few minutes he seemed to relax some and we began to mimic each others movements.

I tried to figure out how to relax my throat and get all of him inside me just for a moment before I had to draw back, then take him in again. Joseph was now sucking me in earnest, using his lips to manipulate my foreskin while he rolled my balls around in his long fingers. What had begun as a cautious experiment was now full blown passion. We were inside each other, joined together as one body, pulling each other closer and tighter in breathless ecstasy.

Joseph pulled his head back and gasped, "Nick, stop before I cum in your mouth!"

My response was to grip his ass cheeks tighter, locking him into my face as I moved my head up and down on his dick as fast as I could. He took me back in his mouth and tried to duplicate my movement while I moved my hips in time with his motion. He moaned loudly and froze with his hips thrust forward and my dick gripped tightly in his mouth as he began to cum in long spurts. I could feel his dick pulse inside my mouth and felt the head grow very rigid and slippery with his sperm. The volume of his semen choked me a little and I was not able to swallow it all but let it flow out of my mouth and down the sides of his dick onto the white sheets. When I felt him shoot I began to do the same.

I could feel my spooge rip out of my piss tube and flood his mouth. Joseph tried to swallow the unfamiliar fluid and immediately choked and coughed, spraying white sperm all over my balls and thighs. He pulled back but continued to work me with one hand and grip my balls with the other. I kept working on him, milking up the long shaft until I sucked out and swallowed all his sweet load. Joseph coughed once more then held me tight, pressing his face into my hip and gasping with pleasure.

Finally I stopped for breath when I felt him begin to soften. "Joseph!" I panted, "Are you OK?" I looked down at him as he wiped my cum from his face.

"Oh!" He gasped, "Oh my God!"

I flipped over so that I was face to face with him, and wiped his face and neck with my hands. "I'm sorry, are you OK?"

"OK?" he burst out laughing, "No I'm not OK, I am fantastic! That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. Oh God Nick, thank you!" and he laughed and giggled and gasped for breath.

He made me feel like I had just given him an indescribable gift, and it filled me with a deep love for him. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close while he kissed my neck again and again. "I love you Nicky, I really love you," he cried.

I tried to answer and found I had trouble speaking. Finally I choked out, "I love you too Joseph. I don't know how to say the way I feel. I love you doesn't sound good enough."

Joseph kissed me softly then laid his head on a pillow and looked at me. "It sounds good enough to me. It sounds wonderful," Then he looked thoughtful, "Do you really mean it Nick? I mean...?"

I knew what he was asking. Maybe this was just part of the game. He hadn't played this game before and didn't know what to think.

I pulled his arm to me and took his hand in mine, "Yes Joseph, I really mean it. I never met anybody like you, I never felt this way about anybody else. I can't imagine ever feeling this way about anybody else. I'm probably too young to say anything is forever, maybe saying I love you sounds kind of dumb, but I really mean it."

Joseph sighed and relaxed and looked reassured. "I believe you Nicky. You are too open to be very good at telling lies. It's one of the few things you aren't very good at. But I know how I feel about you and it's hard to believe that you feel the same way about me. That just works out too nicely. I'm not used to it."

I had to laugh. "Really? That's the way I feel too. Maybe we should just kinda go with it."

"That works for me Nicky," he nodded, then he corrected himself, "I mean Nick, I'm sorry. You probably don't care much for Nicky."

"That's OK," I grinned, "There are two people in the world who call me Nicky. One is my Mom, and the other is Jack. Now there are three."

"Oh, then I am in good company. But I'll be careful where I say it," Then he looked at the clock, "It's after 8:30. We need to get dressed, and I think we should bathe."

"Really. We're pretty rank," Then I thought of the big tub. "That could be fun."

We padded into the bathroom and Joseph turned on the shower. There was plenty of room for both of us and we soaped up and turned the shower heads so that we each had one. Still we were close enough together that we couldn't have avoided slipping against each other even if we had tried.

Joseph picked up the bottle of shampoo and asked, "Would you like for me to wash your hair?'

"Sure," Iturned around and leaned my head back. He squeezed some shampoo into his hand and worked it into my hair, rubbing my scalp with his strong fingers. "Oh man. That feels good." I said.

"I love your red hair, your green eyes," Joseph said, "Everything about you is filled with color and light. You are so beautiful," He pointed the shower head at me and rinsed the soap out of my hair, using his hands to guide the water over my head and shoulders and back. After a minute he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back into his embrace. "I love everything about you."

I covered his arms with mine and leaned back into him as he kissed the tops of my shoulders. Then he pulled away and reminded me, "My turn."

He turned his back to me and handed me the shampoo bottle. I pointed it at the top of his head and squirted some in his brown hair and tried to scrub his head as he had mine. I looked at his wide shoulders and narrow waist. He looked so much stronger naked then when he was dressed.

"Joseph, you are really a nice looking guy, you know? Don't sell yourself short." I rinsed him off and turned him around. I ran my hands across his chest and down his stomach. "Don't you ever look at yourself? You look really good."

Joseph smiled and looked very pleased. "You are too kind. Now we had better get dressed and go downstairs or Mother will come and fetch us."

We dried off and Joseph found some khaki trousers and a dark green knit shirt that I could wear. They fit OK although the pants were a little long. The shoes were a problem. His feet were about two sizes bigger than mine and the shoes I had worn to the baseball game were filthy so I couldn't very well wear them. He found some loafers that were too small for him and with two pair of socks they flopped a little but stayed on my feet.

Joseph put on some brown dress slacks and a camel colored sweater over a white shirt. The collar showed at the neck and I thought he looked elegant. At 9:00 on the dot we clumped downstairs for breakfast.

Mrs. Anderson was in the kitchen when we walked in. There was a long counter that angled out from one wall. On it were a variety of sweet rolls and fruit on a round platter, a pitcher of milk and another of orange juice next to some nice glasses. In front of the counter was a row of tall padded stools.

"Well good morning boys, I thought I was going to have to send out a search party for you two," she said. "It's very nice to see you again Nick. I'm so glad you could visit."

"Thank you very much Mrs. Anderson. It's nice of you to have me," I replied, remembering Mom's warning that I should be on my best behavior.

"You're very welcome Nick. It's not often Joseph has friends over and I am very pleased to have you. Joseph has told us that you are rather a fine baseball player."

"Not good enough," I admitted, "We got beat last night."

"Nick played very well," Joseph said loyally.

"All you can do is your best," Mrs. Anderson said brightly. "Now please help yourselves, I know you boys are hungry. Alice left us a lovely tray of pastries."

"Yes Ma'am!" I replied, and grabbed a couple of the rolls. They looked good, like pinwheels covered with fancy toppings. "What are these?"

"Just some Danish," Mrs. Anderson answered, then she asked, "I believe school is starting tomorrow, where will you attend classes?"

"Edison High School," I said.

Joseph looked up at me quickly as his mother remarked, "Really? Joseph goes there too, how nice."

"Yes," Joseph said, "How very nice. Is this your first year at Edison? I swear I've never seen you there before."

"Yeah, it's my first year," I said, "I'll be a 9th grader, a Freshman."

"And I will be a Sophomore," Joseph's eyes brightened, "We'll be going to school together."

"Cool. Maybe we'll see each other every day."

"That would depend on our schedules," he cautioned, "Edison is a big school."

We were interrupted as Joseph's father walked into the kitchen. "Good morning darling," Mrs. Anderson said, "You remember Nick don't you?"

"Yes, you were at Joseph's recital I believe, and the picnic. How are you?" said Dr. Anderson, extending his hand.

"Fine sir, thank you," I replied, standing and shaking his hand.

"I'm sorry I can't stay, but I have to meet some gentlemen," He gave Mrs. Anderson a quick kiss on the cheek, and left.

I sat back down. "Gee, doctors are busy all the time."

Joseph smiled and looked at his mother as she said, "He is going to the golf course actually. But you're quite right, he is busy. He deserves to play on his day off."

"Well, I'll leave you boys to the Danish while I dress for church. Will you be joining us?" she asked me.

"Yes Ma'am. Jack will give me a ride home from there."

Joseph's mother left the kitchen and Joseph turned to me with a smile, "We'll be going to the same school. That's wonderful."

"Really! But is it so big we'll never see each other?" I asked.

Joseph looked thoughtful. "We might not run into each other at class but we can plan to meet somewhere."

"Maybe we can eat lunch together."

"If we have the same lunch period. They stagger the lunches. There is a flagpole out in front where I meet mother. Look for me there right after school."

"OK. I don't know how much time I'll have though. I'm riding a school bus."

"I'll get there as soon as I can, I do want to see you."

When Mrs. Anderson came back to the kitchen she was wearing a very nice dress, sort of gray with a white collar and a pearl necklace. I thought she looked really classy. We followed her out the other door of the kitchen into the garage. There was room for two cars but only one was there. I remembered that Dr. Anderson had gone to the golf course. She pressed a button on the wall and the double garage door began to open and I could see a huge black Lincoln. Joseph got into the front seat with his mother and I climbed into the back. The whole car smelled great from the gray leather seats. Fancy lights and switches were all over everywhere and a big arm rest was in the center of the back seat. There was plenty of room to stretch out my legs and I leaned back like I was in an easy chair.

"This is NICE!" I exclaimed. Mrs. Anderson glanced at me in the rear view mirror and Joseph looked back and smiled, but neither of them said anything.

I realized that they were accustomed to the big car and it wasn't a big deal to them. I remembered Jack apologizing to Joseph for his old truck and now understood why. I had the feeling that Joseph took a lot of these things for granted but didn't seem to attach much importance to them. We lived in different worlds.

We got to church a little early and went to a big room Joseph called the Parish Hall. There was coffee and juice and some cookies but I had pigged out on the sweet rolls at the Anderson's and wasn't interested in them.

"This is a nice church," commented to both of them.

"Thank you," Mrs. Anderson replied, "I've been a member here since I was a little girl. My parents attended here."

Mrs. Anderson started talking to some other people and Joseph said to me, "There aren't a great many people here our age. It's an older congregation. But there is a little youth group that does some fun things, and some of us sing in the choir."

I looked at Joseph. "Do you sing too? You do everything."

Joseph laughed, "I have to compensate for my lack of athleticism somehow. Actually, singing is very important to me as a musician. My serious interest is with the piano but it is vocal music that gives me a sense of voice. The piano has a voice too, and singing helps me to feel it."

I looked at Joseph and realized that I had very little idea what he was talking about. "Cool."

People started leaving the big room and we joined them and went into the church. Jack was where the Andersons usually sat and we joined him. Although there had been a lot of chatter in the Parish Hall, now that we were in the church it was very quiet. The walls were of some kind of gray stone and the ceiling was arched over tall columns. It was a pretty place with lots of stained glass windows. This was my third visit and I was beginning to liked it.

The organ music started and the long procession came in just like before. Just like before. I could never predict when we were going to stand or sit or kneel, but it was nice. While the ushers passed the collection plate the choir sang something really pretty. I hadn't heard it before but it sounded kind of like some of the music Joseph played at his recital. Sure enough there were several teenagers in the choir.

I leaned over and whispered to Joseph, "Didn't you say you sang in the choir?"

He whispered back, "I usually do but I wanted to sit with you," and he smiled and bumped my leg with his knee. It made me blush.

Near the end of the service everyone started going up to the front and kneeling down. When the ushers came to our row Jack, Joseph, and his mother stood to go up and Joseph motioned for me to join them but I shook my head. I didn't know what was going on and didn't want to mess up. They went up and waited until there was room at the altar rail then knelt down and the minister came and gave them something. I realized then what they were doing but at my church they passed around trays with little cups of grape juice and crackers.

Finally the service ended and the man shouted Alleluia and everybody shouted Alleluia back. I did too. I thought it was fun to yell in church. We waited in line to shake hands with the minister on the way out.

"That was neat," I said to Joseph, "and the choir was really good."

"Do you sing?" he asked.

"Who me? I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket."

"Don't you ever sing along to a song you know when it plays on the radio?" Joseph asked.

"Well yes, but that's different"

"Not really," Joseph assured me, "It's the same as singing along with a choir. It's just a matter of learning the song."

Jack was walking along next to us and laughed. "If you start singing in the choir Nick, I'll sit on the front row."

We shook hands with the preacher and I thanked Mrs. Anderson very politely and said good bye to Joseph. We looked at each other for a moment then he stuck out his hand.

"I hope we can do this again sometime. See you tomorrow at school?"

"You can bet on that. See you tomorrow," I said, shaking his hand.

Joseph gave me an odd expression and that little hint of a bow that he did sometimes. He turned and walked away with his mother and I followed Jack to his truck.

"How did it go?" asked Jack.

I opened my mouth and closed it again. "It was really great. I don't know how to describe it," I looked Jack in the eye when we got into the truck. "Thanks for introducing us. We would never have met if you hadn't. Joseph is.... really neat."

"Yeah? I thought you two would hit it off."

I gave Jack kind of a crooked smile as he started back to the apartment, "We hit it off really good!"

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