Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Nick Brady and this is my story.

This story is about growing up in Tulsa and discovering myself. Part of my story involves sex between boys so you should be 18 to read it

© 2014-2016, Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

The Tulsa YMCA is a six story building of yellow brick and red granite at the corner of 6th and Denver. In 1973 the big downtown YMCA had everything; basketball and handball courts, weight rooms, even a massage facility. There was a game room with pinball machines, pool tables, and ping pong tables. Down on the lower floor was a huge pool. There were several dressing areas, one for men and another for boys, and a third nicer area with wooden lockers and carpeted floors that were reserved for members of the health club.

The athletic facilities occupied the first and second floors and the pool below. From the 3rd to the 6th floors were rooms for rent -- small rooms with a single bed and a little closet. Mostly these rooms were used by men as a clean cheap place to stay when they were in town for a few days on business. Since the use of the facilities were included in the cost of the room, it was a popular place for men to stay, mostly younger men who were on a budget, and were of an athletic bent.

My family lived in the Ambassador Apartments just 4 blocks South. It had been almost an elegant place when it was built back in the boom days of the early 1920's but was now showing its age. It contained 3 floors of apartments, with our family 3 bedroom unit on the ground floor, and a couple of 2 and 3 bedroom units on the top. In between, most of the rooms were one bedroom efficiencies and a lot of these were rented to men whose visits to the YMCA became so frequent that they preferred a more comfortable place to stay while in town. Father used to joke that we were the South Annex to the YMCA. My father and mother ran the apartment in exchange for their own living unit. I lived there from age 3 until I graduated from Central High School.

Naturally my father bought a family membership to the Y so my younger brother Kevin and I would have a safe place to hang out. At this time I was 11 and he was 9 and not much interested in the Y, so I usually hung out there by myself.

There was a little game room with some pin ball machines. I either played these or watched other boys play and sometimes shot pool or played table tennis (ping pong) with some guys I knew. But the real attraction for me was the swimming pool.

The downtown Tulsa YMCA had a huge Olympic sized swimming pool most of which was about 4 feet deep for swimming laps, but deeper at one end with a diving board. There were certain times set aside for free swim and other times set aside for instruction.

I enjoyed playing around in the pool during free time but could not go beyond the rope to the deep end because I was not a swimmer. Wanting to be able to do it all, I asked my parents to enroll me in swimming lessons.

I started taking swimming lessons when I was 11. Several times we were asked not to wear swim suits because there was something wrong with the filter and they didn't want any lint to get into the water. That was the first time I had gone "skinny dipping" and it was fun.

After I learned to swim I got a youth membership at the Y and went swimming there whenever I had the chance. I think it is coed now, but at that time the YMCA was males only. During free swim times suits were optional and a lot of the men and boys swam naked. I always swam naked, and most of the others did too.

At that time I had just turned 13 years old and was about 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 130 pounds. I had (and still have) curly red hair. Not auburn, reddish brown or reddish blonde, but red-orange. The color of a nice fresh carrot and wavy enough that it was useless to try and comb it. I had a slender body which was totally hairless except for a very fine sprinkling of new red hairs just around the top of my dick. My skin was smooth and milky white and sprinkled with a light dusting of freckles. In the summer the freckles on the part of me that was exposed to the sun grew larger and larger until I was a nice golden brown.

Although I was just entering puberty my dick hung a respectable 3 inches when soft. Since I am uncut, the long foreskin made my soft dick look a little longer than it really was. I measured my dick when it was hard by laying a ruler on top and measuring from my belly to the tip with the foreskin pulled back. Recently it had grown to almost 6 inches. I measured it almost every time I jerked off which was often enough to keep good track of its progress.

My passion was for baseball and I played first base with a little league team. I was a good catcher and while not a home run hitter, was fast enough to have a good chance of scoring once I got on base. I had a bike which I rode incessantly and now I was swimming regularly. So I was both in shape, very lean, and quick. Top this picture with curly orange hair, hazel eyes, and the grin that was usually on my face and you will see me. I wasn't ashamed to be seen naked.

There was something very pleasant about being naked in the pool and feeling the cold water flowing between my legs. I found that I could dive under the water with my eyes open and see the other boys naked and touching themselves sometimes. They really weren't doing anything but it was exciting to observe them without their knowing it.

There was always a lot of horse play that resulted in some touching of bare butts or an "accidental" brush of the hand across a dick. Nothing obvious, but it was kind of exciting because it was invisible under the water. One time another boy and I were wrestling in the water and really rubbed ourselves together. We both got hard and each reached under the water and felt of the other's hard dick. It all happened very quickly and we swam away out of fear of being discovered.

Not long after I turned 13, I made friends with Jack, one of the attendants who was about 17. I admired Jack a lot because he was tall and muscular, maybe 6 foot 2 inches tall and very solidly built. He had dark brown hair cut short and a good tan, but the thing I liked most about him was the fine dark hair that spread across his chest and ran down the center of his stomach to under his swim suit. His legs were tan and hairy too. He looked like he spent a good deal of time in a weight room and to my young eyes was manhood in perfection. I talked to him whenever he wasn't busy and he seemed to like me. I know I certainly admired him.

I began to notice that several times a day Jack would say something to the other attendant and leave the pool for 10 or 15 minutes. One afternoon when we were talking I asked him where he went. He just said he was checking on something.

One afternoon Jack told me that he would show me something neat if I would come with him. I was naked but he had on the swim suit with the YMCA patch sewn on it. I grabbed a towel to wrap around me and followed him outside the pool area and down a little flight of stairs into a basement room where the pumps and filter tanks were. There against the wall was a window that looked under water into the deep end of the pool. It was about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide and made of very thick glass. It was there so that an attendant could watch the bottom of the pool and spot someone who was having difficulty. It was also a wonderful place to watch boys and men swimming around naked without their knowing about it. We laughed about it and made jokes about some of the swimmers as we leaned over and looked through the green glass.

He was behind me a little, and rather casually put his hand on my hip as if to steady himself. He would adjust his position and his hand would slide around my waist and over my stomach a little. We were talking and laughing and he changed positions so that his hand was moving over my ass through the wet towel.. I knew he was feeling me up, but I didn't say anything because I wanted to stay there and watch. Also, I kind of liked it.

After about 5 or 10 minutes of this he said that he had to get back to the pool and we had to go. As we walked out, I could see that he had a boner pushing up against the front of his suit.. He told me that I was not to go down there by myself, as that was against the rules. Of course I promised I wouldn't, and of course I did anyway when ever I got the chance.

That window was really fun. When you were in the pool, it was not obvious that it was there unless you knew where to look. From under the water it was just a shiny place, and if you looked close it looked like a mirror. But from the other side you could see from one end of the pool to the other. Lots of times I watched boys feeling of each other's dicks, or rubbing their hard cocks together while they appeared from above to be wrestling.

One time a pair of boys were right in front of the glass treading water like crazy. They were just under the diving board and only a foot or so from my face. One got behind the other and started sliding his hard dick up and down the crack of the boy's ass. The boy in back reached around from behind and held the front boy's balls in one hand while he jacked him off with the other. They were maybe 15, and had big dicks and plenty of hair.

I was standing very close to the window with my towel around my ankles and my forehead pressed against the glass stroking myself as I watched the boys in the water. After a few minutes, I could see the boy in front begin to shoot his wad through his friend's tight fist. The white sperm floated up like long white worms that wiggled and swirled in the moving water. I think the boy in the back shot too by the way he hugged his friend around the waist and hunched rapidly. I could not see their faces, just their naked bodies from the neck down.

By this time, it was all over for me and I spooged on the glass and watched the gobs of cum ooze slowly down onto the wall. Then I came out of my trance and got worried about being discovered. I found a rag and wiped off the glass and wrapped my towel around me and slipped back up the stairs to the pool. The two boys were now swimming back and forth waiting for their erections to go away.

For most of the time I was at the pool I was in the water swimming or playing around with the other kids. But as often as I could I would sneak away and creep down to the pump room. One afternoon I was standing guard at the window when a young hispanic boy was playing with his hard dick not far from the glass. He was a pretty brown color and very smooth and muscular with a shock of straight black pubic hair. He was also uncut and had a nice long slender dick. He was not really jacking off as much as just stroking himself and enjoying the feel of being hard and naked in the water. His ball sack was smooth and brown and hung low despite the cool water. I could see them bounce gently up and down as he treaded water.

I watched him for a little while and then slipped back up to the pool and got into the water. I swam around a little and worked my way over to where he was still floating in about the same place with his hands under the water. He was a nice looking kid, tight and muscular with the good chest, shoulders, and biceps that often go with a young hispanic guy. He also had a nice face, long straight nose, high cheekbones and large dark eyes with long wet eyelashes. His wet hair was straight, black, and shiny, and long enough to lie on top of his shoulders.

I eased over to him and spoke to him in a friendly way. He replied and we struck up a conversation about nothing in particular. I could see that he was checking out my white skin and red curly hair and I knew that I had a pretty good looking body. He had an easy manner about him and we made some jokes. When he laughed I could see he had beautiful white teeth that flashed out of his dark face. We kept paddling around and getting closer to each other.

Of course I had the advantage in that I already knew that he was hard and horny so I let our bodies brush together a little and he did not move back an inch. I started brushing my hand across his butt and "accidentally" ran the back of my hand up the length of his hardon. He had one arm hanging down at his side between us and I pushed myself into it a little. I was good and hard then too.

As soon as he felt my dick touch his hand, he wrapped his fingers around it and began to squeeze it gently. I took him into my hand and did the same. I kept looking around and there were not many others in the pool, and none very near us, so we proceeded to give each other a hand job.

He was very hard, and his long slender dick stood up flat against his belly rather than standing out at an angle. I had to pull it away from him to be able to stroke it. His foreskin was loose like mine, and rolled back and forth over the head. He was doing mine the same way, and the cool water of the pool felt good as it poured over my cock head on the down stroke and was covered by the warmer skin on the up stroke.

Several times first one of us and then the other would drop down under the water to take a look at close range. I put my hand on the back of his head and tried to encourage him to suck me, but he held back. I looked him over closely and really wanted to suck his dick. I had not done that before and wanted to know what it felt like both to be sucked and to take a dick into my mouth. But since he would not suck me, I would not suck him. Some kind of code of the west I guess.

After several minutes of this, we both got pretty serious about getting off, and proceeded to jack each other off while facing each other. I felt him stiffen and he closed those big dark eyes and started to shoot at the same time I did. For some reason I remember that when his eyes were closed I could see how long his black eyelashes were, and I could see the tip of his pink tongue between his lips.

When we finally quit twitching in each other's hands, we relaxed and continued to stroke each other nice and easy. By this time we had stopped trying to make small talk and just let ourselves float in the water. It occurred to me to ask him his name and he told me Carlos. I told him I was Nick and we began to talk to each other about where we lived, where we went to school, and when we came to the YMCA. Actually, Carlos was pretty cool and after that we saw each other fairly often.

I went to the pool at the YMCA almost every day, and found Carlos there quite often. He was a cool guy with those dark eyes and flashing white teeth. We always swam naked and found a lot of ways to play with each other in the water. A couple of times we left at the same time and showered together in the boys locker room.

The warm water felt great after soaking in the cool water of the swimming pool for so long, and it relaxed our cocks and balls that had shrunk from the cold. We were familiar enough with each other to comment on our relaxed state and felt of each others soft loose ball sacks. This resulted in a matched pair of hooded erections, his a nice dark brown, and mine a milky white. We held them together in our hands and laughed at the contrast in color.

We eased to the door of the shower to look around and the only person in sight was an older boy who was walking out. We grinned at each other and stepped back under the warm water. We started to play with each other's cock and balls, stroking up and down, squeezing our balls and fingering ass holes. I slipped my finger up Carlos' ass a little and he pulled back and shook his head from side to side. He wasn't mad, he was just letting me know he didn't like that.

We stood face to face very close together and pumped each others cocks for a couple of minutes. It felt good and I leaned in closer so our chests touched and slid around a little. I began to feel very aroused and on impulse I knelt down in front of him and pulled his foreskin back tight and looked closely at his dick. Smooth and round, with a dark brown shaft and pink head, I wanted very much to know what it would feel like to take it in my mouth and suck it. I stuck my tongue out and licked it over the piss slit making Carlos jump. He laughed but pulled back a little.

I stood up and smiled nervously and put my hands on his shoulders to encourage him to kneel down before me. Carlos gave me a wry smile and shook his head again. "Let's just jerk off" he said.

So we took hold of each other and began to stroke in earnest. his hand felt so good on my dick and he was pulling down a little on my loose ball sack. I really liked the feel of his dick in my hand, it was hard as a rock and I could feel the little grove that runs down the top and the rubbery piss tube on the bottom. Yet his long loose skin was velvety soft and I could feel the ridge of his cock head between my thumb and fingers as I stroked up and down. His balls were so soft and smooth and absolutely hairless and I lifted them up and down with my fingers as if testing their weight.

Carlos began to tense and his breathing got a little heavier and I knew he was getting close. I leaned my head forward and pressed the side of my face against his and he leaned into me lightly and I felt his cock start to stiffen in my hand. I increased my grip and stroked a little faster and heard Carlos sigh and felt his cock start to twitch. I felt a blast of hot cum hit my belly and then another and another.

I let go of his dick and held him in my arms, pressing him against the length of me. His long strings of cum were coating my stomach and made it slippery under our dicks squeezed together. I bucked my hips up and down and from side to side and began to have a ferocious orgasm, filling the tight space between us with even more hot spunk.

I held him close as I shot and Carlos pressed his mouth into the crook of my neck and hugged me back. He didn't open his mouth, just pressed his lips into my neck and shivered. After a moment I caught my breath and Carlos stepped back, smiling rather shyly. He grabbed a bar of soap and started washing the cum off of himself and I took his cue and did the same. He was kind of quiet as we dressed and walked out. All he said when we parted was "see you later" with just a hint of his usual smile.

I walked the 4 blocks to my apartment house with the uneasy feeling that maybe I had gone too far with Carlos, done too much. I thought about our concern that someone would see us and about his reluctance to do more than jerk off, and about his shyness when we parted. I realized that while Carlos and I were both horny and liked to jerk off, there was a difference between us. I was a little different from most guys.

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